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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 16, 2013 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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powerful name in news. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [chanting] [the system has failed us] >> bill: sporadic street glims oakland, los angeles, and new york city in reaction to the zimmerman verdict. but it could have been worse. we will analyze the fallout with a member of the family of trayvon martin. bernie goldberg and karl rove, among others. >> trayvon. >> trayvon. >> this is the america that we know all too well. yesterday, we watched the justice system fail miserably again. >> bill: far left running
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wild with the zimmerman verdict. we will tell you what's going on in those precincts. >> we don't get democracy we get capitalism and white supremacy. >> bill: also tonight is america really biased against black people. >> i think this is for many americans another piece of the evidence of the inconvertible contempt that this nation often shows for black men. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. reaction to the acquittal of george zimmerman, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as predicted, the verdict caused some distress. [chanting] justice for trayvon martin.
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[chanting. [no justice. >> no peace. >> it could have been worse dozens of arrests los angeles, oakland city. nobody was hurt, thank god. now for the truth behind the reaction. there are two groups of people exploiting the zimmerman verdict. the first are folks who simply hate america. >> we got to -- we got to let a new society grow. a people society. no more wells fargo, the federal reserve, or these big banks, the whole damn system. >> shut it down. >> democracy in this country for a group of people, for the 1% and the rest of us, the working class, black and brown people, lbgtq people we don't get democracy.
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we get white supremacy. >> bill: using the traive martin -- at had nothing to do with the death of trayvon martin it was calamity not a product of policy. you can't convince the radical left of that because they don't want to be convinced listen to michael pfleger who consistently opines that the u.s.a. is a racist country. >> and we are tired of race being the foundation of injustice in america. i refuse to ignore the race in this issue. we are not in a post racial era. in fact, racism has a second press in america today and last night it got new oxygen. >> bill: father pfleger believing historical injustice is the basis for a present criminal conviction. astounding. now, the second group of americans emotionally invested in the demise of
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george zimmerman are those who believe their country is flat out racist. that blacks and other minorities do not get fair play from the justice system, the economic system, or the social system. many of these americans are nursing personal grievances. others are victims of the victim mentality. so what we have here are a variety of agendas all coming together to protest the zimmerman verdict. fair minded americans should consider a few things. first, george zimmerman locked in on trayvon martin because of the way mr. martin looked. zimmerman was a neighborhood watch person there had been some burglaries in the area and so zimmerman focused on martin who wasn't doing anything other than walking to his father's house. zimmerman also made a mistake by not following the advice of the 911 operator to back off. talking points understands the anger towards george zimmerman. he initiated the fracas. but you you don't convict someone of murder because he shows poor judgment or
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because he racially profiles. to believe that, the verdict was racist, you have to believe that six women jurors want to harm blacks. you also have to believe that the state of florida did not do everything it could to convict zimmerman. rational people know florida threw everything it had at zimmerman. and while our jury system is fallible, we saw that in the o.j. simpson case, you simply cannot brand a jury racist without visible proof. that's grossly unfair. the cold truth is, nobody on earth knows what happened on the night trayvon martin was killed except george zimmerman. he is the only one. you may not like the verdict and you are entitled to your opinion. but you are not entitled to undermine the justice system or impugn the basic decency of the united states. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, attorney general holder says the justice department will reenter the zimmerman martin case
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investigating possible civil rights violations. here now is our is it legal team least gill foreign oil and kimberly. what would they have to do to indict him on civil rights beef. >> they have to show grand jury, preponderance of the evidence probable cause that george zimmerman went out that night and targeted travon martin and went after him and shot him because of race. that was the sole motivating thing. race. that's the definition of a hate crime it is incredibly high burden to meet. >> bill: all right. so it goes it to state of mind, guilfoyle. they would have to say that mr. zimmerman wanted to hurt mr. martin. >> willful there caused injury. >> because he was a black man. >> right. >> in the testimony of the trial is there anything to back that up. anything the federal government can take from the criminal proceeding and use in that quest? >> well, there was nothing specific that mr. zimmerman said or did that was presented during the trial
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or in the transcript. the one thing they can try to point to is the 911 call where he asked to give a description but after being prompted from the 911 operator who inquires as to the race is the person white? hispanic? or black and then he said he looked like is he black. that's it. >> bill: there isn't anything on the record, do you concur. >> i agree. >> there is nothing on the record presented by the state of florida. >> goes beyond that. >> bill: to show -- now, would the state of florida if they had it had presented it. >> of course. they presented everything. you both believe that if the state of florida in their investigation of the case. >> yes. >> had had a racist element that zimmerman was, they would have presented to the jury? that wasn't presented. >> no not at all. >> you know why? because part of the burden of proof on the second degree implied malice murder to show ill will or hatred. same requirements for hate crime. you would show that to say that george zimmerman specifically targeted, profiled trayvon martin because of his race and
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then willfully caused him great bodily injury. >> bill: do you adisagree with me though that zimmerman got involved initially because of the way traive martin looked? do you agree with that? >> yes. i agree with that pressroom then things changed. >> do you agree with the premises. >> what the evidence showed in the trial he noticed trayvon martin. he stood out because he had a hoody on was walking slowly in the rain trying to get out of it. >> that's not the way he looked. >> he didn't say i'm looking at this guy because is he black and is he in this area. >> it was the way mr. martin was presenting himself to mr. zimmerman. >> you could make an arguments that it was racial profiling in order to make that argument you would have to have evidence to show the grand jury that it was just based on skin color. not on attire? >> no. and you also have to also look at that moment what was going on. zimmerman is down on his
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back. he is getting his head bashed. in he then -- that's when the gunshot. that's when he shoots. nothing to do with race. >> i don't think that they have to go into that area to bring a charge. they have to only -- they can bring a charge if they believe that the reason the confrontation began was because. >> why he targeted him. >> he was black. >> guess what, the fbi and the department of justice went and interviewed 36 people to determine if there was racial bias or moat motivation on the part of george zimmerman. >> who did that? >> the fbi said there was no racial profiling. >> on the record there is an fbi investigation. >> um-huh. >> to see if zimmerman had a racist past. >> because the fbi looked at this from the very beginning. >> >> bill: again, i want to be very precise, what was the fbi's conclusion. >> they concluded there was no racial basis or motivation in what occurred between george zimmerman and travon martin and that preceded. the 302. how are they going to go back after their own investigation concluded then and file a hate crime
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violations civil rights. >> i don't know. you would assume that holder knows that 302. >> you would think so. wait a second. >> bill: i only have 30 seconds so i can't go too far back last word. >> first declined in case in the state of florida. then they brought the special prosecutor in to bring the second degree murder charge. fbi declined charging once. now are they going to go back and. >> bill: that's what holder wants to look at. >> grand jury though -- >> this won't get filed. >> this won't get filed. the grand jury is not going to. >> bill: you think it's a political move by holder. >> political implication extend. >> bill: got it next on the run down, attorney for martin family will be here it to respond to talking points. discussion we had with the ladies. later, bernie goldberg outraged over some the media coverage. he will be here as well. factor will be right back. >> rca: a name you can trust for the latest innovation in hearing better: the rca's symphonix personal sound amplifier. >> the rca symphonix. >> symphonix!
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>> bill: in the impact signaturement tonight, after a court verdict emotion rules the day. now we are 48 hours after the jury came to their decision. joining us from orlando one of the attorneys forth family darryl parks. first of all, counselor, do you believe this was a fair trial? >> well, bill, i don't want to second-guess this jury. however, i believe that their decision is not socially logical, to be honest with you. that's why we see the outcry that we're seeing today. >> bill: what about the evidence though? i don't know if decisions of this magnitude should be based on social perceptions. the evidence according to the jury and one of the jurors spoke out today and said it was the 911 tape that five out of the six jurors believed on the 911 call it was zimmerman's voice asking for help fee out of the six believed that and one didn't know. let's keep it in the evidence schaeffer --
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evidentiary area. do you believe the evidence was present to the jury fairly. >> i believe most of the presentation was fair. i really don't want to second guess the prosecution team i don't think that's proper to do at least from my position. the main part was the self-defense of the who is yelling is immaterial in terms of the voice. the fact that he said that the main witness, mr. osuerman and mr. roe talked about personal tops legs being up by the arm pits. mr. zimmerman said that the gun was back here and so it was really physically impossible for him to reach back there and get the gun. we believe ♪ telling the truth. and in order what happened in this case though that this jury decided they wanted to believe george zimmerman, his team did a fairly good job of making him this nice model citizen who protect your neighborhood he defined trayvon as a thug. showed a picture trayvon
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shirtless as some young 17-year-old thug black man. this jury probably never could identify with trayvon but certainly could identify far more with the image that was portrayed of george zimmerman. besides, we all like that one neighbor who tries to make our neighborhood nice and safe. think about the last witness who had no relevancy whatsoever to the case in chief. she was -- talking about some past crime of some black man who had bron broke into her house and that witness probably should have never been allowed that witness was allowed to testify. went on to program in this jury's mind that george zimmerman was the guy who worked to make your neighborhood safe the issue is whether he was justified in the killing of travon marcht. >> bill: i don't want to retry it you heard our attorneys who followed the case closely said the fbi's initial investigation turned up no evidence of racism vis-a-vis george
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zimmerman. i don't know mr. zimmerman i don't know what was in his mind you don't know what his in his mind. i want to get back to the fairness. in order to say that the jury didn't convict zimmerman on racial lines you would have to believe that six women in their hearts wanted to do harm to a black man and i don't think that that can be even remotely put forth with any credibility. do you? >> i'm not putting forth that they made the decision based on race. when you try a case, i know you are not a lawyer, bill. but when you try a case, lawyers work to help the jury identify one w. one side or the other. >> that's part of the advocacy that we do. when they see a whole case probability. probably too much character evidence that came into this case. >> bill: state of florida impeach that but they weren't successful. one of the reasons they weren't successful is because of the federal investigation. anyway, look. i understand what you are saying there is a lot of
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subtleties involved. i just hope that you and the martin family will accept the verdict as part of our justice system. you know. >> we accept the verdict but we disagree with it it, sir. >> bill: that's fine. we respect your opinion on that and we appreciate you coming on tonight. directly ahe had as i said in the talking points memo in order to call racist you have to jurors racist. we will explore that
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>> bill: acquittal of george zimmerman being discussed among african-americans, joining us now from los angeles, attorney and radio talk show host ebony williams. here in the studio jack degraph fox news analyst. i will ask you the same question i asked counselor parks. do you believe the trial
4:22 am
was fair? >> i believe it was fair and i accept their verdict. verdicts have consequences. short of rioting and demonstrating in the street, the african-american community and other communities have options also to effect change. >> bill: why would african-americans assume that zimmerman is guilty. why would they assume that? >> if you start from the premise that you accept the verdict, it doesn't matter, you have to not be prepared to accept that as the final word. >> bill: why not. >> because i don't accept that if it isn't the jury what is the final word. >> travon martin is the latest victim. we have seen other verdicts. what we have to do is put pressure on to change the system. >> bill: what system? what would you change? i would tell anyone to skip florida if your national
4:23 am
convention is there. skip disney world. >> bill: why florida. >> state of florida vs. zimmerman. state of florida created a climate where black children are in danger. >> bill: because they didn't win the verdict. >> enough is enough. and enemies and until we take some action to change the climate. >> bill: i don't understand what you want to change. let me get to. >> african-americans do. >> bill: well, maybe that's true. i want you to tell me what you want to change. ms. williams, go you agree with the reverend that something in the system has to change and, if so, what is it? >> i agree with the reverend that something in the system needs to change i also agree with you, bill, that noun with -- no one knows exactly what happened on the night this young man lost his life. what do i fault for us not knowing that and this unsettling verdict? i fault the florida statute stand your ground. problematic and highly controversial. undermines the legal system as we know it. >> we understand it. that's up to the state of
4:24 am
florida to revoke. you say all right. so you want the stand your ground law to be abolished or changed. all right. i understand that i got that okay. what else in the system do you want changed, ebony? >> well, that's pretty much where i'm starting right now. >> stand your ground, you don't like it, it led to this chaos and and now it's up to the state of florida to do that. first of all, bill your minimum miss was and others race had nothing to do with it there wasn't anyone in america who couldn't see a black man standing over with a pistol in his and when a dead black boy that that would go home. do you believe that? >> those are hypotheticals. all i know is this. the fbi investigated this guy zimmerman, all right? pretty thoroughry. >> i'm not. >> background that would have said he would have gone after a black man, all right? >> bill, i'm saying that blacks represent a trillion-dollar economy in this country.
4:25 am
we have the muscle to change this situation. >> bill: what do you want to change? >> first of what you will ebony said, i want to change that law. more power of attorneyly open season on black young men across the country. >> bill: by other black young men. >> buyer the criminal justice system and educational system. >> bill: that's not true. >> disparity. how do you explain the disparity. >> gentlemen, gentlemen. >> bill: i have to explain that because he asked me. the disparity comes in high crime districts. okay? where police flood in to protect the citizens and make more arrests than they would make in low crime districts. that's how the disparity comes. and you know as well as i do because we talked about it last week that most black men are killed by other black men. >> the disparity -- there is disparity in sentencing. there is disparity in education gap. and it is disparity in income. those things effect the system that you are talking about. they don't exist in a vacuum. >> i don't mind you and other people who agree with you wanting to change the system for the better. but you have got to get specific about it now, what did you want to say, ebony?
4:26 am
>> yeah, i wanted to address your issue of fairness. right? one thing we have to keep in mind this jury's verdict which by the way for the record i think was completely fair. i think george zimmerman got the best defense money could buy and we certainly sought that with mark o'mara and don west. however, a not guilty verdict is not the same as declaring george zimmerman innocent. let's be clear about that what those six women did and did i not envy their position at all because they had a lot of evidence to consider and a lot of questions. you know, that went unanswered in my opinion, due to the state's lack of theory of the case. what they did is give us a not guilty verdict which shows us the state did not meet the burden of proof. >> bill: that's the system. you can't change it because that's the -- the justice system's burden is the prosecution must prove the case yard. >> we can change the system in america over the years. there were different premises that blacks three 50s of a man.
4:27 am
>> bill: you are talking macroand i'm talking micro. >> i'm talking american history. >> bill: i have got to go guys. the point of the matter is i agree with you that things need to be improved in race area. but this case should not be the poster boy. it shouldn't. plenty more as the factor moves along. bernie goldberg is upset by some the media coverage by the zimmerman verdict. he will be here to explain. karl rove on the media stuff. especially the democratic party's reaction to the zimmerman verdict. we hope you stay tuned
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>> bill: continuing now with our coverage of the george zimmerman verdict. joining us now from washington, mary katharine ham and juan williams. juan, you heard my talking points. heard the discussions. am i making any mistakes in your opinion. >> it's very interesting to me. i know why i watch this show. your source of constant amazement to me. you said you believe zimmerman initiated the fracas and you said that as far as you are concerned he profiled traive martin but then when reverend did he graph said well, if a white guy, a black guy had been stalking a white guy amend the white guy reacted out of fear, why would you then say it's okay for the black man to shoot him dead and don't you imagine that the police immediately would have arrested that black man and that there would have been a trial? i mean, zimmerman wasn't arrested. nobody even thought to prosecute him until the governor of florida rick scott appointed a special
4:32 am
prosecutor. so i think -- i'm just listening to you and thinking wow, you know, you are taking a strong stand here and it's not all pro-zimmerman. >> look, number one i'm not going to deal with hypotheticals on this program. we have too many important things to deal with. number two, you are right. zimmerman started the fracas. there is no doubt about it that's beyond a reasonable doubt. any sane person knows that. all right? and the reason he did so is because you saw somebody he didn't know in the neighborhood dressed in a certain way. i'm not sure color entered into it but he was dressed in a certain way and zimmerman thought that this might be somebody doing up to no good. okay. but you can't convict -- you can't convict manslaughter murder on those mistakes. mary katharine and that's the crux of the whole case. you can't. >> i mean, that's the thing is that you can simultaneously believe that what zimmerman did was probably problematic or morally objectionable and it can also not be criminal because they did not meet that burden.
4:33 am
i think the prosecution frankly went a little too far overcharged and was -- they were not able to get that conviction you could tell because they added the manslaughter charge right at the end because they were afraid they weren't going to get it i'm not sure that the correct answer to any of this to anybody's emotions about this is to have another charge on a federal level that is also going to be hard to meet. >> bill: i'm with is it legal ladies. it's not going to happen. it's a political play. go ahead, mary katharine. >> a myth being propagated by a lot of people. this is not stand your ground case. if you have an issue with that law change it. >> bill: get a gun in florida. it's easier to do the things. >> stand your ground law had nothing to do with his defense. >> in order to think this was racist verdict with pfleger and other people were putting forth, you would have to say that these six women wanted to hurt blacks or blacks are not as good as whites.
4:34 am
how could any responsible person put that forth, juan? >> i agree with you. i don't think those people are racist. we heard the attorney for the family earlier in the show say that he thought the jurors identified with zimmerman. one, no black people on the jury. but, two, i think that there is an important point to be made here that, you know, you look at that jury and you look at the case that was presented, and how could you not think that, you know, something is lacking in this verdict. yes, technically, you are exactly right. they did not meet the bar of proof. the prosecution for second degree murder. but, truly, to deliver justice, there has to be a measure of wisdom or compassion for the loss of life and for the family. that grieving mother. >> you cannot think reasonable doubt. >> any reason of justice for this case. >> bill: maybe that's true. maybe the family of trayvon martin didn't get justice. athens not the system. it's not the system. >> it's a bad system. >> bill: the system says
4:35 am
beyond a reasonable doubt. and the state of florida did not prove its case. last word, mary katharine. >> there is civil avenues for that which i'm sure they are exploring. going forward with this and having only a discussion about trayvon around and zimmerman misses the fact there are grievances with the justice system like cops not being held accountable when they go overboard or drug war or problems with sentencing that are problems in the black community we are not addressing those. >> bill: 320 million you are going to have some chaos in the justice system. >> let me say one last thing, bill. >> this case is not helping to fix this. >> let me say biggest problem is black kids kill black kids like they do in chicago, d.c. >> bill: we made that point last week. >> i don't see anybody raising hell like they are about zimmerman. >> bill: you know why. mary katharine and juan, thanks. media coverage of the verdict. bernie goldberg says some of it is disgraceful. bernie is next.
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>> thanks for staying with i'm bernie with the weekdays with bernie segment. many people have said many things. >> i think this is for many americans, george, another pete's of evidence of the inconvertible contempt that this nation often shows and displays for black men.
4:40 am
something is wrong when adults can racially profile children, trayvon martin was a child, racially profiled and gunned down. >> joining us now from north carolina our pal bernard goldberg has been watching. that exchange caught your attention, bernie, why? >> i wrote about it on my web site. what caught my attention and what bothers me as a journalist not as a common territory with opinions but as a news man is that george stephanopoulos sat there like a potted plant and didn't do anything to even -- that even resembles challenging what tavis smiley said. you know, stephanopoulos who was practicing good racial manners could have easily said, you know, every weekend in chicago those people aren't getting killed by the ku klux klan, they are getting killed by other black people if you want to talk about contempt that people have for black men, you know, the most contempt that people have
4:41 am
for black men are other black men who have contempt. the other thing is os. on face the nation with bob schieffer the head of the naacp ben said too many people in our country use color as grounds for suspicion. he is he absolutely right. but bob schieffer, who is also practicing good racial manners isn't it possible, mr. that the suspicion based on color is because, i'm sorry to say this, black men commit a disproportionate amount of crime in this country? but, no, he couldn't say it because if you are white, you don't say anything like that to a black person because you might get called names. reverend jacques degraph says black children are in danger. you are the only one who said, yeah, they are in danger, they are in danger because other black children are hurting them and killing them.
4:42 am
92% of all the black people in this country getting killed are killed by other black people. we are being led to believe that it's hunting season on black people and i think the way journalists, most of them have been treating this is a soft kind of liberal racism. >> bill: they are just afraid. they are afraid, bernie. >> they are afraid. you know what that amounts to? a we can't -- we have to treat black civil rights leaders like hot house flowers. >> bill: but it's always been that way. it's always been that way. the race hursters, the people who exploit it it? >> it's a kind of liberal racism. >> bill: it's more than that, i want people to understand. this it's bad business for a establishment journalists to get on the wrong side of the minority community. it is simply bad for them to do it. so they are not going to do it. that's what the no spin zone is all about. >> then fine then i'm going
4:43 am
to say things that you are not supposed to say outloud and that you are not supposed to say in public. you want -- you know, they paint this picture of white people hunting black people. here is an inconvenient fact. any time there is interracial crime, there is an overwhelming chance that the victim is going to be white and that the criminal is going to be black. but you are not going to hear jacques degraph say that you are not going to hear all sharpton say that. >> bill: do you have a stat on that, bernie? we'll have it tomorrow. i mean, i'm catching you off guard. >> what i said is absolutely correct. talking points tomorrow i will address what bernie just said. >> can i make one other quick point, bill? >> sure. >> this is the most despicable headline i have ever seen it. it was in today's daily news in new york city. it says it's a picture of a
4:44 am
hood, a hoody with nobody in it and as you can see and it says when will it end? feeding into the narrative, feeding into the damn narrative that white people are out there hunting down black people, that it is still 1955 in mississippi. and then they have a whole list of innocent black people who are killed by white people. the first name is emit till. he was 14 years old and got shot in the head. >> bill: i have got to go. i'm going to give everybody, emit till was written about. >> what does he have to do with george zimmerman? what are the people who killed emit have to do with george zimmerman. >> bill: to illustrate your point i write extensively about imette till in killing kennedy. one of the motivating factors for bobby kennedy to do what he did. i have got to go. if you want to learn more pick up "killing kennedy" big chapter on killing till.
4:45 am
>> young actor cory monteith dead in canada. we will tell w
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. politics intruding on the criminal justice system. president obama issued a statement after the zimmerman verdict calling for calm. says he will stay out of the situation even as the justice department investigates. but majority senate leader harry reid is not staying out of it. >> and the president, does he have a role in speaking about it as he did after the shooting? >> yeah, of course. and i think the justice department is going to take a look at this. this isn't over with i think that's good. it's our system. it's gotten better, not worse. >> bill: joining us now from washington to react fox news analyst karl rove. i want to take you somewhere that we haven't
4:49 am
been trying to make the point to bernie goldberg anchors, commentators to community. particularly on the liberal networks. bad for business. so they're not going to do it. all right? he they will let whatever said go if it means challenging whatever minority concern is in play. it's the same thing in the democratic party i believe. their base is heavily minority and they're never ever going to go against it that's why president obama said trayvon martin could be my son because is he speaking to his folks. and he wants to be sympathetic to them. am i wrong? >> no. look, i think the president made a huge mistake with those comments. he plited sized a local criminal justice matter and elevated it and put himself in a no-win position. and, he is in the worst possible situation today after the verdict when the verdict came down and six
4:50 am
women and a florida jury found george zimmerman not guilty. that's why i think the president was more restrained in his remarks afterwards calling for for calm, agreeing -- you know, supporting the decision of the jury, calling for acceptance, but he couldn't help himself. he tried to use the whole incident as a reason to call for more gun control laws. now what would his, you know, closing the gun show loophole, what would that have done to stop this instance? his call for increased gun registration, what would that have done to stop this? you know, he couldn't help himself, but it is a mindset of if something like this happens, let's find a political reason, a political purpose in this. >> but everybody is doing that. everybody is doing it. you know, i'm trying not to, i'm trying not to. >> not everybody. not everybody but a lot of people. >> that might be a little bit of an overstatement. let me make my case and you can
4:51 am
shoot it down. you have the liberal media, it doesn't happen and they have to show outrage. it's an injustice, whatever, this and that. then you have the conservative media that is invested in zimmerman's acquittal. some conservatives, not all, but some, are happy and they're using this as i told you. i told you so. i told you so. to attack their liberal opponents. then you have the political parties, the democratic party in particular, congressional black caucus saying this is an outrage, we have to change the whole system as reverend degraff said earlier. the whole system is corrupt. we have to change everything because of this case. everybody is exploiting it, mr. rove. >> exploiting it, you said the media was doing it for business. i think it's an ideological agreement. a couple oyears ago you may have remembered the famous eric holder speech that got him into
4:52 am
trouble in 2009. i went back and revisited it, the congressmen who today held a news conference in new york calling for investigation sort of is like this. in 2009 the attorney general of the united states said america in the year 2009 does not in some ways differ significantly from the country that existed 50 years ago. we're talking about racial injustice that was routinely visited particularly on the african-americans and himself. >> and he believes it. he believes it himself. >> and a lot of things haven't changed. >> and i'm confident that the same isn't true for jeff reese, meeks, rangle. they believe it. >> they believe it. >> absolutely. >> it's a natural instinct out of this sense of resentment to say something needs to be done differently. the difficulty is this. you had an expert panel with two former prosecutors who both said this is not going to be charged. so the justice department is now the focal point of all of this anger and certain elements of the black community saying
4:53 am
you've got to now find a way to get zimmerman. i don't think at the end of the day it's going to happen. and what happens inside of the african-american community? they say our black president, our black attorney general and our black congressional leaders all let us down. >> they'll spread it out so long that it will be at the end of the term if ever and hope everybody will forget. mr. rove, thank you very much. tonight some thoughts about the death of young actor cory monteith. test test
4:54 am
the tip today, another young actor dies suddenly. bill owe real' i was overruled to mark these down. please check this out right now. carolyn darny, gaitersberg, maryland. o'reilly, first you convict the boston bomber, then you argue hernandez is innocent. then you say o.j. simpson is guilty of murder. do you support our legal system or not? i support it. the boston terrorist killed three terrorists. the case against aaron hernandez is not yet presented. the simpson case was presented and he's guilty as hell, period. david, roy a noek, virginia. proclaiming the guy guilty in boston is the same as the networks convicting george
4:55 am
zimmerman. not even close, there were no witnesses in the zimmerman case, millions in the boston bombings. what is wrong with securing the southern border before passing an immigration bill? what is wrong with that? nothing, but the money will only be allocated by congress under a new law that deals with all aspects of the problem. jeremiah barber, mr. o'reilly, do you pick and choose the laws you want to enforce. illegal aliens are criminals. crossing into the u.s.a. illegally or overstaying a visa is a civil beast, jieremiah, no criminal. if congress wanted to toughen the bill, they'd make crossing an illegal. my challenge of no high tech for a day doesn't apply to you guys, charlie, or the amish, either. come to think of it, the amish
4:56 am
can't watch us because they don't have tvs. phillip, staten island. killing kennedy, killing lincoln are two of the best books i've ever read. i've told my family, killing jesus would make a great gift for my birthday. it comes out september 24th. become a bill o'reilly premium member, you get killing jesus first and free. pam, crest view, florida. my husband and i look forward to meeting you on october 12th. we have premium tickets. careful what you wish for, pam. i'll get miller to behave. we'll be in nashville the day before jacksonville, caesar's palace. sold out in portland, oregon, and spokane but we just found seven tickets for the spokane mat na on saturday. get them if you want them. see you guys out west. the tip of the day, 31-year-old cory monteith, one of the stars of "glee" died suddenly over the weekend. ♪
4:57 am
♪ ♪ just a small town girl living in a lonely world ♪ ♪ she took the midnight train going anywhere ♪ >> mr. monteith was a good guy. i met him on a few occasions. he was very kind to his young fans. his death was likely caused by drugs. he had been in rehab and was candid about his addiction problems. mr. monteith joins a long line of young celebrities who have lost their lives to substance abuse. we in america have become far too casual of our acceptance of inebriation. young people should be taught that if they intoxicate themselves, bad things are likely to happen. if they become addicted to a substance, their life will be hell. that message is not, not being promoted. the tip of the day, if you have children or grandchildren, make sure you tell them that any drug and alcohol abuse will hurt them and hurt their families.
4:58 am
don't lecture, just state. always be open to conversations on the subject. that's your tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is totally different from bill o' like to spout off about the factor. do not be pug nash shus. we want to know if our coverage this evening was fair. we're trying to be fair in the face of a lot of emotion, a lot of craziness, a lot of irrationality. again, thank you for watching the factor tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> it's july 16th.
4:59 am
a fox news lart. breaking their silence for the first time a juror speaking out about the george zimmerman verdict. >> it's just hard thinking that somebody lost their life and there's nothing else could be done about it. >> details on what happened during deliberations. >> potentially deadly heat blanketing millions of americans. how high will those temperatures go today, and when will we see relief. >> image pulling up to your house only to find that it has been torn down. it happened in texas and who is to blame. fox and friends first starts right now. >> good morning everyone. you are watching "fox & friends first" this tuesday morning. i am patti anne brown. >> let's get


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