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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 12, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it matters to my colleagues at the department of state. >> i love that. great ad. now they have to if they do it. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta van susteren standing by live for "on the record." >> okay. what was he thinking? you know photographers don't have an open door to take pictures of the president any time they want. it's staged and choreographed with secret service standing by. this was not spontaneous. why would the president do this for the cameras. it's one thing to take a vacation but is this pose shoving it down the throats of the american people. many are out of work. they can't afford to spend the day working on their golf game in one of the most expenses places to vacation. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> i would have a stroke if the
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president's picture went out to the american people. >> that's bad optics. you talk about the critical things going on. we're close to $17 trillion in debt. you look at what's happening funding the government. you look at what's happening funding the government you have obama care changes about to kick in. they are suffering. we found out as you know, steams you about exemptions congress got because of the obama care ruling. you're right. most americans can't take a vacation. most americans are working part time trying to make ends meet. a lot of americans are pushed onto food stamps. to see that type of picture, that's a horrible optic. >> what i don't get. it's hard to get access to the president, hard to get pictures. i post on greta wire, most the president out at the golf course here but they never see him. they are holding someplace. it's hard when the president is having private time with his family or golfing we get pictures. this would have to have been
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worked out so they could get it. wouldn't you think they would think the last thing he wants is for the american people to see him doing this. of course he's playing golf but to get caught on camera. >> that's what leadership is. when i was a leader, "it was always how do you want your soldiers to see you? you don't want soldiers when they are about to go out on a late night patrol, you want to be talking to them. you don't go into the chow line first, you go into the chow line last. this cannot be the face of leadership for the united states of america now. to think now we've got back and forth going between our president and vladimir putin because he called them the kid that's slouching in the back of the roochl room, yet that's the the picture that now will be shown all over the world of our president. >> can you blame his staff? i'm thinking to myself if i got caught on camera doing that, i would want to blame someone other than myself. do you think his staff should have run interference on that one.
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>> one of the things, you're always supposed to set your boss up for success. i think this was failing in them doing that. so again, if you're going to have the press corps out there on the links while you're playing golf, you should be a little more circumspect and retrospective about what the second and third order effect of a picture like that could be. >> they did release one where it's me -- the national security adviser susan rice, they did release that one to the media, which was, you know - >> which one is going to get the most air play. >> yes, look. when the american people are looking for jobs, and when they know that sitting on the horizon is a continuing resolution and the debt ceiling and they all went on vacation rather than dealing with it, although they did take care of the exemption for themselves on health care with the president participating with the issuing the rule, opm issuing at the president's direction, you would think this would not be the message. >> again, i don't know there's a
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rule that says everyone has to leave washington, d.c. for five weeks in august. before i was even sworn in, i wrote a letter to the majority leader, eric cantor saying my evaluation of your calendar says we will not be able to get our work accomplished. sure as all get out we didn't. here we are again, they did not get all the appropriations bills passed, so they have to do another stopgap continuing resolution measure. this is the type of stuff that really doesn't the american people. >> 1791 when it was so hot here in town members of congress were dropping over dead. they did it because of the heat here in washington. >> we've got air conditioning now. >> 1950, i actually researched that. 1950 we got air conditioning in the capital. so for almost 60 years. >> greta, let me tell you something. it's like 133 degrees in southern afghanistan and guys have on all of their gear, helmets and what have you. they don't get to take a
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five-week vacation. >> point well taken. do you think the president likes this job? >> i don't know. i think that he is enjoying this job. as far as is he able to properly execute the duties he's been appointed to do, i've got some questions about that the policies are failing in this country and i think the president and members of congress need to be in washington, d.c. taking care of the business of governing this great nation. >> stand by, i want to talk about one other topic with you. brutal school bus beating caught on camera. three 15-year-old african-american boys attacking a white student, breaking his arm, giving him black eyes. the victim was 13, and he was defenseless. >> now, the bus driver was suspending for doing very little, if anything, to help.
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congressman allen west pointing a finger at those need to do more. al sharpton, jesse jackson said you make me sick. >> absolutely. i have to use southern vernacular. what we saw in that videotape was indefensible. a young fellow who reported these three gentlemen for selling drugs on school property. >> that's what led to the beating. >> my first question is who told these three young boys this is the person that reported them for the drugs being sold on that campus? another thing, this is not their authorized bus to be on. how were they able to get on that bus. there's some adult responsibility that was lacking with the school administration. and now think about this, if
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you're a young kid in this school and you say some criminal behavior are you going to report it? >> probably not. we all look at this tape and we're all scannedlized at the brutality. his arm was broken, two black eyes. three against one, the racial implications. look at the adult behavior. take reverend sharpton and reverend jackson, particularly reverend sharpton, he was really out there in front when it was trayvon martin, where there was a death. his silence speaks loudly for this. assuming there's any racial connotation with this, we don't know there is but you can't miss three african-americans on one. >> the failure in the plaque community, why do you have 15 years old selling drugs and why turn to this type of behavior for someone that turned them in. jesse jackson called the state of florida an apartheid state. he's been leading a sit-in in the state capital. where is his voice on this.
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al sharpton led marshes. where is his voice on this? there's a greater issue people in the black community are not dealing with. i guarantee you if you look at the background of those three african-american teenagers, i guarantee you they come from some failed homes. >> where do we go from here? reverend jackson, reverend sharpton, those are important voices. whether we think they should be out talking about something, not talking about something, they are important voices. we should be able to coral them so we can get on the same page. >> i don't think they are important voices. i think they are voices that cherry pick the issue they -- >> people listen to them. i totally agree with you. they rev up a segment of the population. >> they need to rev up the segment of the population that is concerned about what's happening in chicago. they need to rev up the segment of the population concerned with the two black teenagers that shot a 13-month-old white baby in the face with a .22 caliber
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pistol. they can't thought do the things they think elevates them and really cause them to be seen as the hustlers they are. they need to start understanding we have serious problems in the black community. unemployment is rampant. the family breakdown, only 28% have mothers and fathers in the home. the education is horrible happening in the black community. that's where they need to start standing up. >> i don't disagree. how do we get them to do that. >> got to keep shaming them. >> it has not so far been very effective. they have been dreadfully silent this go-round. how do we get them to do that? >> i think that ends up showing their hypocrisy. that will affect the relevance they can have with those masses they go out and stir up. eventually the liberal media, hollywood and mp will start to separate themselves from gentlemen such as this and see we need to get to the core
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issues that need to be discussed in this community or you'll have more cases of this in detroit and chicago, my inner city home of atlanta, georgia, all over the place. now is the time we have to start making them stand up and not just stand out when they feel like they want to. >> and we do that how, just shaming them? >> you've got to call them out. if you don't call them out. if you don't say we're watching you, paying attention to what you're doing, they are going to continue to skate free. hopefully we can bring them to the table on this issue. and the next time they try to cherry pick an issue, we should see them as irrelevant. >> reverend jesse jackson was confronted by this. he said the difference in the zimmerman case, there was a death? >> these young men probably would have killed this young fellow as well. again, the deaths are in chicago. >> why isn't he in chicago. >> you've got to ask him. the thing is as we're having the discussion, maybe jesse jackson
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is listening. >> maybe reverend sharpton. hold your breath. >> not for long. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you. your health care is important. you take it seriously, we take it seriously on "on the record." why do some people seem obsessed with politics. >> obama care is destroying the health system. >> we will run on obama care in 2014. >> my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy grail, their number one priority, the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people do not have health care. >> so in a press conference, there's obama saying the republican party doesn't want you to have health care. not health insurance. the republican party doesn't want you to get treated. it is absurd. >> we fully expect to run on it
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and we expect to win on it. the american people will be the winners. that's what my republican colleagues are getting in these town hall meetings in the month of august. >> people know what obama care is. it's european socialist style health care and people don't want it. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> there's nothing to back that up that is an absolutely irresponsible allegation. >> no one in the press core challenges him on it. the information voters pick up on, republicans hate people. they don't want them to get well. if you get sick, die. that's what republicans want. >> this is what people end up thinking. >> you heard congressman clyburn, said democrats structured it for the election. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> before we go after the democrats where they have structured this as a political issue, how about republicans.
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have they done this? >> i think what we all need to remember, greta, when we play politics with the american people, everyone loses. especially on an issue as important as this one. look, the fact is that nobody wants anyone's health care getting taken away. in fact, that's one of the reasons why i oppose obama care. it's one of the reasons why i'm so strongly opposing funding for obama care. it's going to make health care more expensive and more difficult for many americans to obtain and to keep if we like the current plan. >> it's much easier to oppose something you say it won't work. i suspect many american people want to hold your feet to the fire and say what's your alternative if you defund it, that puts us in one position. do you have an alternative to meet our growing health crisis? >> sure, look, i presented alternatives, paul ryan presented alternatives. we've got a lot of republican alternatives to it. the fact is, in connection with the continuing resolution, the
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spending bill, we've got to stop funding for obama care and then we can figure out where to go from there. we do have to stop funding for it. we know it's going to make health care more expensive, not less. we know that many people are getting pushed off of health plans that they like and that work for them and their families. >> you know what i don't get is a couple of things. one, there are many americans going to the exchange on october 1 will get subsidies. senator clyburn -- not senator congressman clyburn said many small businesses don't like obama care because they are not familiar with the tax subsidies will get. then you go to capitol hill where opm and obama, members on capitol hill have extended federal subsidies so people on capitol hill, staffers and members of congress will get up to 75% subsidy. where do we get money for subsidies? an awful lot of people are getting subsidies. i can't imagine how this work
10:15 pm
out mathematically if so many people are getting subsidies? >> that's part of the problem, greta, when you add that many subsidies into the equation. a new entitlement program, these programs become difficult to stop once they are implemented. that's why we need to stop these because we don't have the money. we need to stop them before they open, before the process starts. our last chance to defund the program before it kicks in january 1st is in connection with the continuing resolution. we've got between now and september 30th to make sure we don't fund it. >> are you going to let the government shut down at the expense of the defunding of obama care? >> greta, i don't want to shut down. i don't think we need to shut down. >> are you willing to let that happen? if push comes to shove if that's your choice. >> if push comes to shove, house of representatives adopts a resolution that funds everything in government, everything including programs i and other republicans don't like and the democrats at that point want to
10:16 pm
go to the american people and they want to say because we're not getting everything we want, because you funded everything else in government except obama care, we're going to shut down the government, they are going to have a tough fight on their hands. i don't think they are going to do that. we certainly shouldn't be doing that. my solution, lets fund everything else in government, just not obama care. >> all right. i know you voted against obama care, so this may not be the exact right question for you. how is it justified on capitol hill by colleagues, people across the aisle, the fact that obama care originated in congress and the house and senate passed and president obama signed it and now the house and the senate and their staff are exempted from it, it's specifically going to the president, last week rushes off for vacation. you all are exempted from obama care but the rest of the country is not. first of all, do you agree that's hypocritical and number two, how is that justified? >> i disagree with every single
10:17 pm
decision by this administration to end or to amend obama care. so we need amendments to be brought about by congress not the executive branch. we've got the situation you mentioned, also the president's decision to hold hardworking americans to the fire by making them comply with the individual mandate while telling big businesses they don't have to comply. these are examples of amendments by the executive branch and i'm against that. when you want to change a law, you need to go back to congress to change it. >> do you see a sense of like, wait a second -- not you. i realize you're opposed to it. washington, the american people, such a great thing. oh, not for us. you have the power, not you specifically but washington has the power, washington carves itself out of it. yet the rest of the country just sort of sits and watches and takes whatever you dish out. >> yeah, that is a problem. it's yet another reason why we
10:18 pm
need to just stop funding for the bill. it's not fair. so we knew already, we've known for a few months that obama care was going to make health care unaffordable. we also know for multiple reasons it's going to be unfair. the problem we've got is, we've got democrats who are saying you have to vote to fund obama care, you've got to vote to fund government with obama care. you can't have multiple votes. it's got to be one vote. what i'm saying is, no, we've got to have multiple votes. members ought to have the opportunity to say i want to vote for everything else in government except obama care and that's all i'm proposing. >> senator, thank you, sir. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> time for tonight's issue, does it make you angry congress is exempting itself from parts of obama care which they, themselves, passed. a, yes. how convenient? what relationship crites? or b, i don't see a problem. they have special considerations.
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go to greta and vote in our poll. straight ahead americans grow dependent on government at a record rate. what does it do to the country and how do we turn it around? former governor rick santorum is here. some say they are being crushed by the white house, some say obama care is the problem, some say regulations are crushing them to death. what do they need? several small business owners will tell you on a panel. kris jenner takes on obama. how the president got under the talk show host's skin. wait until you hear what she says to president obama now. president obama may think twice before making this mistake again. blan
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. are americans becoming too dependent on the government? >> the question is, are
10:23 pm
americans too dependent on government? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> i believe not enough people go out and earn their way and depend on the government. >> people should go out and work and make their own living and not depend on the government, per se, for everything. >> i wouldn't say so. i think american people on the whole are very dependent. >> i think they depend on government but mostly independent. >> i would say 50/50. you've got people that need government and other people that don't need it as much. >> some are more dependent than others of it depends. >> a strong government is framework. they felt that way. >> i was raised to go out and make your own. you grew up on your own, you make your own way. to me that seems like the best way to do it. work hard, earn what you get. quit depending on somebody else
10:24 pm
to help out. >> americans depending so much on the government, rick santorum joins us. good evening, sir. >> how are you? >> good. 74% in this poll say americans are too dependent on government. what does that mean to you? >> it doesn't surprise me at all. i think we all know people across the country are hurting. we know people in some cases are receiving a lot of benefits. i think most americans as you heard from the conversation believe the american way is to go out there and to try to do it yourself. we have a president who is out there expanding these programs, food stamps, medicaid, all these other programs. that's not popular in america. i know people think it is but it's not popular. what's popular is to get the economy growing so we aren't having to be dependent on these programs. >> i see people on tv -- someone will stick a camera in someone's face, let me have food stamps, give me a program. my experience over the years,
10:25 pm
i've worked in a lot of these communities, people want to get out and work, have opportunities, want their kids to have something, they want a chance. those for some reason don't make tv at all. it's sort of -- it's really tragic if we can't at least afford that opportunity so people can achieve dreams. >> look, i campaigned in over 30 states last year. i can tell you there's still a tremendous amount of fraud out there in america. it's not just provide for yourself. they want to provide for themselves and their families. we understand we're all interconnected in the community and family. the idea of the federal government coming in and doing things for people, i tell you it's not popular. even in tough times it's not popular. they very much are looking for someone who cares about them and cares about the problems they have. they are serious problems. people in many cases on the border of poverty and slipping back in standard of living. what they are looking for is opportunities to help themselves
10:26 pm
more than they are for the government to help them. >> president obama is going to do a swing through your former state -- not your state but pennsylvania talking about the plan for the middle class. what do you think about that? >> he's going to pennsylvania, new york, areas of upstate new york. i was reading a lot of articles about this, that are really struggling in the upstate. it's interesting. if he went to places across the border in pennsylvania, those places aren't struggling of the reason is, again, the president giving people the opportunity to provide for themselves. in pennsylvania we're allowed to drill for oil and gas in pennsylvania and the economy in these rural areas in the state, which for a long time in pennsylvania were struggling, were the highest rates of unemployment in the state, are now booming and providing clean gas and oil into the economy. in new york, the governor has a moratorium, they are in the
10:27 pm
doldrums. guess what, big government is there to bail them out. that's not what they want. they want jobs like in pennsylvania. >> i know talk about social conservatives, are social conservatives losing to pop culture or not? >> i think the answer is clearly yes. the popular culture, as you know, greta, is very popular. politics is downstream from culture. what we've seen going on, all the votes and wringing of hands from republicans, we have to change issues, moral culture issues, a result of hard and arduous work, a structure all supported by hollywood and mainstream media. what my call was in iowa over the weekend, we've got to engage in that. we've got to go out and fight back and make good cultural contact and make a difference. >> you talk about iowa. let me ask you about this quote in "time" magazine in reference to iowa and you running for president. here is your quote, tell me if it's correct. i'm not doing anything
10:28 pm
inconsistent with running. how is that. that is what you said. is that a yes, or certainly moving more in the yes category? >> i think what it says, at some point down the road you're going to make a decision, you have to put yourself in a decision where you have a choice to make. if you're just sitting back and not paying any attention or not doing anything to put yourself in a position where you have a viable opportunity, then you foreclose that decision. >> is it 50/50, 51/49? where do you put yourself on this? >> like i said, right now i'm making sure i'm staying out there and staying engaged. i'm involved, as i think i announced the other day, with a movie company that's going to be traveling around the country trying to develop this positive content and rally folks to get involved in the popular culture. i've got a lot of things i'm going to stay busy with between now and having to make that
10:29 pm
decision. >> senator, thank you. it's always nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. small businesses trying to figure out obama care. what's the verdict? is obama care good or bad? three small businesses owners say they know. you'll hear from them in a few minutes. to take action. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can helpeduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta inot for children under 18. people taking maois, linezolid or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes.
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after a few months max's "speal powers" returned... and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight. is obama care bad for small business? depends who you ask. joining us three small business owners across america, in florida, melissa mcqueeny, general manager and ceo of palm beach grieves. st. louis, dave mcarthur, owner of a bakery. william march, owner of american farm products. let me go first to you, david. you've got 43 employees with your bakery. obama care, good or bad for your business and why? >> for us it's an experience. 43 people full time we're covering on insurance and we've watched our plan skyrocket the last couple of years. not only have they skyrocketed, what's bad for business, it's
10:34 pm
bad for people with the policies. the policies so expensive our employees even though they pay for the policies they can't afford to use them, the deductibles are so high and scattered. that's the one thing people aren't talking about. >> tell me if obama care is good or bad for your business and tell me briefly what kind of business you have. >> citrus gift shipping business. we ship gift citrus all over the united states in the season. obama care has been good for our business. it has lowered our health care cost in 2011 by about $9600. i feel better about it because it ge-oives us protection for premiums and loss ratio. >> louisa, why have they gone down? i hear some have gone up, what is the explanation yours have gone down. >> in 2011, it's the lowest it has been since 2000. i've seen increases from 15 to
10:35 pm
30% with no reason whatsoever. in 2011 with the medical loss ratio there, it did not go up. >> william, what kind of business do you have and has obama care been good or bad for your business? >> i'm a co-owner of a company, american bar products. we produce steel bars used in manufacturing all across the country and canada and mexico. obama care is going to be a disaster for us. i received the new updated plan for us in 2013. our rates are up 33% this year. i was advised last week by my health insurance agent that under obama care our rates would go up another 40 to 50%. she recommended to me that our company is going to have to look at self-in insuring. now not only do i have to be in the steel business but due to osh care i have to be in the health care business. >> what do you make of the fact
10:36 pm
louisa's has gone down? what do you make of that? >> in the soviet union, bread and cheese was inexpensive but the problem was the shelves are empty. under obama care the prices may come down. but when they reduce the prices the availability of health care will go down dramatically. because the federal government is printing money and has the ability to fund obama care for as long as china buys our debt, the true effect won't be felt for years. for some businesses in the meantime obama care might feel like a good thing. the problem is when the u.s. government runs out of money for subsidizing our health care we run into trouble. >> louisa, how do you respond to william? is it completely different kind of business, different size, more faith in the government? what's your response? >> my response is that health care is provided by employers in this country and health care cost has been out of control for many, many years.
10:37 pm
there is provisions in the law that try to keep these costs under control. i feel much more protected as a small business than i did three or four years ago. i got a check back from our health insurance company two years ago because i didn't spend enough money on health care. i don't know why other companies don't have similar experiences. >> let me put david in this. listen to both these small business owners. >> all i've seen in the last couple of years, we were -- prior to obama care we were seeing escalation in rates somewhere 7, 12, 13% a year for the last 5, 6, 7 years prior to that. now what we've had to do, not only to keep our policies to where they are affordable, the health care we have currently is almost unusable. that's what's coming back. my policy is one in the same. i'm liable for up to $6500 in deductibles. that's what i keep talking
10:38 pm
about. i said the cost of our policies have gone up but the costs of end users have skyrocketed. you can no longer use cafeteria plans to buy aspirin or to buy cold medicine, things like this. there's so many changes happening that the cost of the policy for the individual is -- i believe it's in the design of the system so that, one, either the employer is not going to be able to afford it. or two, the employee is not going to be able to use the policy. they are going to revert back to everybody has to go to a single payer system. we're not hearing that anymore. that was obama care in the first place. obama care is the first step to singer payer system. lets drive everybody broke, employers can't afford the policy so we're all on a federal plan. that's the way i feel. >> stand by, another issue coming up. our businesses, some of them drowning in regulations. our new obama administration
10:39 pm
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does a judge have a right to tell you what to name your son or daughter? one couple does. a tennessee couple naming their son messiah. it is judge ordering they drop it and use another. insisting it's a title earned by only one person, jesus christ. >> the word messiah is a title. it's a title that has only been earned by one person. that one person is jesus christ. >> the judge said the parents ditch the name from the birth certificate. the mother is appealing. she says people can believe whatever they want.
10:42 pm
she can name her child whatever she wants. does a judge have a right to decide what is or isn't an acceptable baby name. got to and vote. we're back in 2:00. bl blan.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
are we overregulating businesses squeezing them to death. back to the small business panel. david mccarthy, owner of mcarthur's bakery and william march, president. first to you, are you overregulated in your business? >> absolutely, we're over regulated. >> let me start with louisa. yes or no? >> no, i have not seen any increase in regulation, no. >> move to william. overregulated, yes or no. if yes, tell me how? >> greta, how long is your show tonight? i'm not sure if we have enough time to talk beauty all of that. the most important regulatory impact we'll face is obama care.
10:45 pm
the fact is, it will be unaffordable. there's a more important point. that point is it's changing the relationship between me and my government. i had always understood the government to be there to protect me and my rights and pursuit of happiness. that's changed. now the government is looking to me as a means to its purposes. the president and those who would support obama care consider me a financial support for their dream of obama care. it is antithetical, i think, to the american constitution and certainly to the relationship that i understood i had with my government to force me to act in a way contrary to my own moral beliefs. >> david, to you. are you being overregulated by the obama administration or not? >> i think where i feel is not any one particular thing coming from big government. not necessarily the obama administration, i call it big government. i'm one of these guys that say
10:46 pm
it's the republicans fault as well as the democrats. the international fuel tax that goes on trucks that drives my cost of doing business. fda tells suppliers i have to put in a clean room for peanuts to be separated from flour yet it comes on the same truck. all these little things that come in from the fda and usda and all the local regulations increase because federal regulations increase. we work on small margins. i don't know about your guests. my goal is 2% a year. it doesn't take much to pick that away. government as it grows, so does paperwork nightmare and everything involved with it. big government means more regulation. >> david, a ten-year window for you. has it changed in 10 years? i know your family has owned that business for a long time. the 10 years, i know it's spanned two administrations. >> yes, on the paperwork side of
10:47 pm
it. my younger brother does nothing but paperwork. we've got one person in a small business like ours, a bakery, does nothing but paperwork, taking care of it. if an employee leaves, you're taking care of 11, 12 pages of paperwork for them going away, them leaving. just the constant barrage from government from tax issues. now you don't report your inventory once a year, now you have to report it four times a year. who has time to do that in small business? it's all this constant stuff that separates big business from small business. when you throw that onto small business that's going directly against your workforce. >> thank you very much, panel. i hope you come back. so much to talk about but never enough time. thank you all. >> thank you. straight ahead. we know where senator john mccain is spending his vacation. you might be stunned.
10:48 pm
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hash it out. tonight's winner in what were they thinking category goes to
10:52 pm
las vegas police department investigating use of a helicopter for a marriage proposal stunt by guns and roses guitarist. the guitarist knows nem high places so, high he's taking pictures and sending them out. check out this photo. normally a helicopter ride won't capture headlines but this was a private chopper ride by las vegas police department. really, what were they thinking? and what is senator john mccain doing during five week recess. golf? no. he has to go to court. is he in trouble? not exactly. tweeting reporting for jury duty dh morning in phoenix. let's see if i'm picked. he wasn't. maybe next time. and what happens when you get locked in a chapel with twitter and holly wine? ask saira. i'm locked inside st. andrews church in private chapel. when i came out, everyone was
10:53 pm
gone, doors locked. did she call for help? not exactly. she kept tweeting. locked inside st. andrews plymouth. will be drunk on holy wine s next step drunk dialing police? we report, you decide. and if this doesn't freak you out before you fly we don't know what will. check out this shot, dear delta airlines i know we've been through hard times together but is it really my confirmation number? check out that picture. woah. yes, it reads goner five. well, delta saw that snafu and tweeted the numbers are randomly generated. we guess it could have been worse. koit been crash. right?
10:54 pm
coming up, the president made a powerful new enemy but not who you you'll find out who it is, next. being active. and being with this guy. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best for you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health, so you can keep doing the things that are imptant to you. taking care of our customers. taking care of her. and the next thing on our list is bungee jumping. [ male announcer ] helping you... now that's what's important to us.
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it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> greta: time for last call. the president may want to think twice before bashing the first family of reality tv, the president slamming kim kardashian and boyfriend kanye west. kris jenner is outraged. >> i wasn't aware you can only set the barre so high and we can only dream so big. i was taught dream big, work hard, and you can have whatever you wanted. right? and another thing... i thought was wow. i bet the president has some friends with 10,000 square foot houses and you probably won't mind going over there mr. president while asking to have a party for you when you're campaigning for you
10:59 pm
know, dollars to run for president. i just, i don't, i find it is to odd he's picking on kim kardashian and kanye west. >> her job affords her to flif a 10,000 square foot house. i think if i'm not mistaken mr. president's job affords him to live in a 55,000 square foot house so. basically... i am like, i just, you know with all that have add aside you poke at someone and criticize someone for living a life style that i'm sure that when he was growing up his dream was one day, i want to become president of the united states. and have this wonderful fabulous live that. was his dream. you know? and i just didn't think we should put a cap on you know bruce jenner's thing is dream big, work hard and i just don't think it's a bad thick


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