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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 21, 2013 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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english language, but it is a legitimate word for you scrabble users. all right. again, thanks for watching us tonight. please remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." tonight, they are getting desperate. the 0 bam many administration stoops to a new low when it comes to how they are trying to sell obama care to you, the american people. in just a moment, mark levin will join me live from his bunker, but first, here's the back story. yesterday, health and human services inspector kathleen sebelius announced it is partners with the young invincibles for a healthy young america contest. let's listen to her explain it. >> it's a new, exciting, online video contest that we've got $30,000 in prizes that are up for grabs in a contest that
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showcases the law's benefits and importance of health insurance for young people. we're encouraging folks to create a song or a graphic or a video about the law's benefits, like staying on their parents plan until they are 26, not being denied coverage of a preexisting health condition. or staying healthy with free preventive services. >> let me get this straight. the administration is willing to giveaway $30,000 to try and have young people convince their peers that obama care is good for them. this is nuts. all right, joining me now, the author of, number one on amazon for over a week, "the liberty amendments," mark levin from his bunker. sir, how are you? >> i'm good, how are you, sean? >> i guess next they'll be singing songs to castro after this, mark. >> yeah, why not? i mean, we're adopting the castro agenda, aren't we? obama care is a -- not only is it a complete disaster, but i'm afraid, sean, we're never going
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to get rid of it. because the republicans don't want to get rid of it. and instead of taking on obama and taking on the left, they're taking on the conservatives and the constitutionalists and attacking them, telling us to wait until tomorrow and the next day. these french republicans, they are always surrendering. and the fact of the matter is, if they're not going to aleast attack the discretionary funding or use the power of the purse in the house to pass a continuing resolution that funds part of the government, but not this part of the government, what's left? once this thing is instituted, it's not going to implode. i hear this, oh, the law is going to implode. have you ever heard of an imploding law? >> no, never. >> you have to repeal a law. you have to defund a law. laws don't implode. >> for me -- >> they say -- >> yeah. >> this is a line in the sand. every one of these guys ran on repealing obama care and replacing, every one of them. i know the house, they had all these, i guess symbolic votes to repeal it, but never of them had
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teeth in it. now is the moment of truth and if they don't do it, as far as i'm concerned, they're not any better than the democrats, because they're not even fighting. they don't respepresent anythin different. >> and they won't even fight. i mean, you got to give this to the left. they never give up. they fought for 100 years for government-run health care. these guys can't even fight for two weeks. all the government might shut down, we'll get blamed for it. see this list here -- sorry, i left my third grade white board at home. i garage waited high school and i used what is called paper. see this list here? these are all the times the federal government has been shut down. republican presidents, democrat presidents, republican houses and senate, democrat houses and senate. they talk about a political catastrophe if we shut down the government like we did in '95 and '96 for three weeks. sean, we gained two seats in the senate, lost nine in the house after a big house win. these were soft house seats. we kept a huge majority in the house, picked up two seats in
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the senate, moved toward a balanced budget, got work fair in the welfare program and the republicans today are claiming that that's the political disaster if we stand strong. >> all right, let's cut through the clutter. let's walk through. all right, so, they come back from their august recess and vacation, and let's say they fund the military, they fund social security and medicare, every aspect of the government, our debt, our obligations, they fund it all. except for obama care. then they send it over to the senate. the majority, they have the power of the purse in the house. let's walk through this. so, the government is fully funded but for obama care. then it goes the senate. say they don't pick it up. who is responsible? >> well, they're afraid that they don't have the intelligence, the confidence, the knowledge, or the ability to articulate who is actually shutting down the government. now, i don't speak for the republican party, hardly. but do you realize every weekend, the government is shut down? do you realize every holiday, the government is shut down? i like the weekends, i like my
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holidays when the government is shut down. >> me, too. >> and these essential personnel, they never go home. whether it's the epa, department of agriculture. there are federal laws in place for so-called essential personnel. so, i mean, we've been through this. let me ask you a question. do you ever play poker and show the other side your hand? >> never. >> you show the other side your hand, they are running around, saying, don't shut down the government, don't shut down the government. so, what does obama say? they're going to shut down the government. i have never seen such incompetent politics. >> it's cowardly. >> well -- >> there was a report back that you and governor pay lylin talk about maybe having a third party. reagan aggressed this. you worked in the reagan administration. and he said, no, we need a revitalized second party. if this isn't the issue to revitalize the republican party, then they are letting this opportunity go. and i would argue that
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conservatives like myself and like yourself, i'm done with the republicans, if they don't fight here. i don't -- i will not support, i will not endorse, i will not -- anybody that doesn't have the courage to stand up on this issue. because it's devastating to the country, we'll never be able to sustain it. do you think that movement will be big? >> i think so. i think it's certainly possible. here's the thing. the american people don't even like this law. the more they learn about it, more of it that's implemented and obama is trying to hide parts of it until after the mid-term elections, the worse it's going to be. can you imagine, the republicans are being handed an issue of a generation. the 0 b-- obama is destroying health care. he's driving up costs. he's creating dislocation. they can lay that all at his feet. it's been handed to them. and there's such mush heads and marble mouth, they can't articulate the case against it. >> let me talk about the legal
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aspects of obama care. you are a constitutional lawyer. by the way, congratulations, your book has been number one for over a week on obama's missed now half the deadlines for implementing obama care. now, this was not even passed, as far as i'm concerned, in a legal fashion. from a legal point of view, if that's the law, and the deadlines are not met, does the president unilaterally have the authority to say he's not going to implement, for example, the employer mandate or the other areas they put in delays? >> if you are asking me if this president violating federal law repeatedly, the answer is yes. if you are asking me if this president violating the constitution rerepeatedly, including the separation of powers doctrine, the answer is yes. if you are asking me if anybody is going to do anything about it, not a single person. >> why? >> why, well, look at john boehner and mitch mcconnell.
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the supreme court rewrote the constitution and rewrote the law to put it in place. this is the point. if we think we're going to have some kind of liberty reformation or revitalization of our constitution with a federal government that has created its own design with democrats that keep dragging us over the cliff and republicans who keep standing there watching, we're not. which is the reason i wrote the book in the first place. >> what do you make of the challenges now that exist for incumbent senators like lindsey graham and lamar alexander, these tea party candidates now stepping up and they're challenging them. do you think that they're viable alternatives and these guys may pay a price for not fighting? >> i don't know every candidate in every case, but i say more power to them. we need as many capable, articulate, to the extent we can get them well funded candidates, to challenge these french republicans as possible. lindsey graham is a disaster.
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i mean -- i can pick almost any issue in which he's a disaster. lamar alexander is one of the most liberal republicans in the united states senate. i don't even know what this guy stands for. >> let me play devil's advocate. what do you say to the people that say, those moderates, they are the ones that can get elected. republicans need to be more m moderate. i don't believe that. you hear it said on this network. >> you mean -- >> what? >> right. we can only elect moderates from south carolina, tennessee and kentucky? i don't think that's accurate at all. we can elect solid conservatives from those states and in the past, we have. what happens is, these guys, they get to washington, d.c., and immediately, boom. rather than them representing us in washington, they represent the federal government to us and they try to convince us to go along. i've had it. you've had it. millions of us have had it. >> going to take a break. more with the great one, mark levin. his new book is in bookstores everywhere. later tonight, a new controversial psa is going after
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the stand your ground laws. it re-enacts the night trayvon martin was killed. we're going to play that for you. you get to pick tonight's video of the day. one, a video put out by louisiana senate senator elbert gilroy. >> only capitalism can break the shackles of poverty and rise into the middle class. this is what we call the american dream. >> want to see the rest of that message? logon to more with the great one as we continue. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar, for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how're they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing out, and yes, especially dollars.
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welcome back to "hannity." we continue with the author of the book "the liberty amendme amendments" the great one, mark levin. one last question before i move onto some other topics. your call you're calling the republicans the french republicans. if they don't wage a fight on obama care, your opinion, time for a third party? >> you know, that's not a decision i can make. >> for yourself? for yourself? >> well, i mean, you know, i vote the way i want to vote anyway, write in people and so forth. it's not a question of a third party, fourth party or fifth party or whatever party. what i'm trying to express in this book and so forth is why we should continue to fight at the national level, fight the republican party within the republican party, fight the democrats, we have a systemic
12:15 am
problem in a post-constitutional period and what i'm arguing for is an addition to all of that, if we think washington is going to redesign itself and breathe life back into the constitution, it's not. the constitution provides the salvation for the constitution in article five, with the state convention process, where we the people, working from the bottom up, through our states, over a period of time, even those of us in dark, dark blue states, you never know, events are going to change the politics of a given state and so forth. we have to seize back what is ours. and what is ours is a constitutional republic and right now, i don't know what we have, but it's becoming increasingly authoritarian. >> there seems to be this divide, there's the tea party movement, i kind of consider myself part of, and there's a more establishment wing. every time we have a primary election, it ends up, you got dole, mccain, romney. more moderate republicans.
12:16 am
>> lose, lose, lose. >> okay. point. you worked under ronald reagan. as you look -- >> win, win. >> okay. you look into the horizon and i'm looking at ted cruz and mike lee and rand paul and others and i'm wondering, are they the future? scott walker, maybe a governor? you've been outspoken against christie. explain the difference. >> well, let's hope for the future of the republican party, the republican party has no future. i'm convinced that a lot of these people who have been around washington for 20, 30, 40 years are very comfortable with their environment. they have no intention of breathing life back into the constitution. they put out their press releases, they spew their platitudes. they have their phony votes about repeal, rather than using the power of the purse. i'm fed up with it. those tricks don't work anymore. if you're not in washington to help save this country, then get out. >> all right. >> that's why i support these challenges in the republican primaries. that said, i really believe that
12:17 am
even the most politically muscular and intelligent conservative as president and so forth cannot really reverse the trajectory of the nation for the past 100 years, and that we the people have to take matters, constituti constitutionally and civilly, into our own hands under the constitution. >> it seems there's got to be a revitalization here. you are raising a lot of good points and i think their unwillingness to fight on obama care is just a symptom of a larger problem -- >> what are they willing to fight on in anything? just name one thing. >> but the point i'm trying to make here, it seems to be for america, and you point out that we now have unfunded liabilit s liabilities, record debt deficits to the tune of $90 trillion, so, the question is, are we going to have people that are going to fight, really change the system to limited government, or the next republican president just manages the decline and it just takes a little longer to get there? >> i'm afraid at this point, we have these respites, you know,
12:18 am
we had the great ronald reagan for eight years who really fought hard and began to turn the ship of state back and what happened? we get another republican, he immediately lurches into this compassionate conservatism, kindler and gentler, which really is just mealy mouthed for, let's launch back into big government. and prior to obama, w's administration, six years of republican rule in the house and the senate. i just have concluded after 40 years of looking at this and studying this and participating in it that our answers are less at the federal level, although we ought to fight them and more at the grass roots, bottom up -- >> agree with all of that. what about ted cruz? what about rand? what about rubio, all these guys that are, for example, fighting to defund obama care? i mean, any of them? i know you've always liked ted cruz. it appears his citizenship is
12:19 am
real. he's gone to iowa, new hampshire. >> well, people ought to look at the 1790 naturalization act. ted cruz is as much a citizen as anybody else in this country. his mother was, and is, an american citizen and so is he. enough of that nonsense. and he's going to give up his canadian citizenship and he didn't even know he had it. i went back and looked, said, hell, do i have canadian citi n citizenship? i don't. that's just nonsense. but that said, obviously, i was one of the first to endorse him at the republican primary in texas, and what happened? the establishment rose up. they spent millions of dollars to defeat him. but the people beat them back. same with mike lee. mick le mike lee had to beat the establishment and he did in utah. but you know, we can pick, rand paul, among others, rubio and so forth, but these are four. or three. or two. and, you know, and it's -- it's
12:20 am
a very slow and daunting process. >> if the people support any of those guy, they'll debt the nomination. last question. there seems to be a coronation of hillary clinton. what do you make of her? do you think she's a formidable candidate? >> i said before and i'll say it again, she's barack obama in a dress. i was wrong. she's barack obama in a penalty suit. look, none of these elections are inevitable. they tried to codo this before d then barack obama, with his extensive accomplishments as a back bencher in the state of illinois, whipped her. so, her presidency is not inevitable, unless, of course, we nominate another french republican from the northeast or some other partal of the coun y country, we will lose. >> all right. you're going to be at tyson's corner, barnes and noble -- >> tyson's corner, virginia, this saturday. >> great one. mark, good to see you in the bunker. i mean, come out and see us once
12:21 am
in awhile. >> i will. god bless you, my friend. >> all right, buddy, thank you very much. coming up here next on "hannity" -- >> the chicken is representative of a new breed of republicans in washington. they tend to say one thing -- >> obama care should be repealed root and branch. >> but when confronted with an opportunity to act, they often run. far away. >> tea party groups coming together to call out gop senators who do not support the growing effort to defund obama care. one of the women leading that charge will join me next. you get to select tonight's video of the day. option number two, something you have to see it to believe it. want to know what record these people are trying to break? just logon to or you can vote on twitter. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is.
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welcome back to "hannity." as the push to defend obama care heats up on capitol hill. two groups are coming together to call out republican senators that have opposed defunding or have not taken a public position on the movement. the tea party patriots along with a group called for america are taking a two-pronged approach. leaders from both groups will embark on a six-state quote
12:26 am
exempt america tour. this ad is targeted at mitch mcconnell. take a look. >> the chicken is common domestic foul. in american slang, the chicken represents a coward. the chicken is also representative of a new breed of republicans in washington. they tend to say one thing. >> obama care should be repealed, root and branch. >> but when confronted with an opportunity to act, they often run. far away. without a sense of direction. take mitch mcconnell. on the issue of obama care, he said -- >> this law is a disaster. and i want you to know, we're not backing down from this fight. >> but when he has the chance to defund obama care, some say he is chickening out. senator mcconnell, conservatives don't need a chicken when it comes to obama care. leaders lead. but if you fund it, you own it.
12:27 am
>> joining me now, the co-founder of the tea party patriots and the co-founder of third way. jenny, let's start with you. very clear in saying that he doesn't support it, but you say if he defunds it, you own it. have you gotten any reaction? >> if he funds it, if he votes to pay for this law, it's the same thing as voting for the law. either you are against the law and you don't think it's the right thing for america and our tax money shouldn't be going for it, or you're spending our tax money on it and you must be okay with the law. if it's not good enough for big business, who has had a delay, it's not good enough for big government, who has been -- it's not going good enough for america. >> now, matt, you are quoted as saying that obama care is working. did you really say that? >> i really did and i believe it. >> you believe that? >> you know, i bet you don't agree with me on this, but look, my view is that this is kind of nuts. in mark levin was saying that
12:28 am
some republicans are like the french, i think tea party republicans like jenny beth are like the japanese. they don't know that the war is over. they are still fighting -- >> you can say that, but here's the news, though. and the news is that obama -- the law you say is working has missed half the deadlines. it's not working that way. issue number two, 100,000 new jersey residents are going to lose their health care, remember, obama promised they could keep it, the cost in california going up, as much as 164%. 80% in ohio. 30% to 40% in florida. there's only three states that might see a reduction. the president didn't promise that, now did he? >> well, of course not. but those numbers -- >> of course not, he didn't. >> those numbers are cherry picked. >> not cherry picked. 47 states are seeing their prices increase. the president said they would be reduced by $2,500. that's not cherry picked. >> right. if you are looking -- for this year. if you are looking into the future, which is what matters,
12:29 am
it is without question -- >> he said the cost would go down. what part of this does your liberal mind not understand? it's going up, in some cases, 100%. >> only briefly and then it's going to come down. >> only briefly, then it will go down. just like social security money is put in a lock box? jenny beth, you respond. >> look, the president also said you'd be able to keep your health care and three unions have said that that promise is hollow. they said that this health care law will destroy their workers benefits and it will shatter the 40-hour work week. that is not what we need for america. >> why do you think that 90% of federal workers don't want obama care? what does that tell you? >> it tells me that the people who are going to have to administer this law don't think it's good enough for them. if it's not good enough for them, it eel's not good enough the rest of america. >> matt, what does it tell you that 90% of the people don't want it and when they vote to
12:30 am
exempt themselves. what does it tell you? >> it tells me the federal workers have health insurance and they don't need to go through the exchanges to get health care. >> they don't want to be burdened with the crap they're putting on us. >> it isn't. sean, look. i have health insurance. i'm not going to enter the exchange. i don't need to. what i'm very happy about is if i ever change jobs and i'm sick, that i can't be denied coverage because i have a pre-existing condition. >> 100,000 new jersey residents that have health care are going to lose their health care service. different the president promise us that wouldn't happen. >> he said that on balance more people -- >> he different say on balance. he said -- >> sure he did. >> you can keep your plan if you want to keep their plan. they can't keep their plan. stop lying. >> their employers are throwing them off their plan. the employers are putting them in the exchange. >> that's not what it says. it says their plan that they have, low income people, they're not allowed to keep it.
12:31 am
isn't that a broken promise? doesn't your word mean something, the president says it's going to cost less, you can keep your care and it's not true. doesn't that bother you? >> it doesn't bother me because i just don't agree. i think if you look at the totality of the law, you are going to see costs coming down, you're going to see people -- >> you are brainwashed. you are brain dead, because you believe your own talking points at this point. nobody believes this. not even big labor believes it. >> look. the bottom line is, more people, millions of people are going to have -- >> 30 million americans still will be uninsured according to the cbo. did you know that? >> i did know that. >> didn't president say that every american will be insured? that's another broken promise. >> he said this would expand coverage and provide opportunity. >> no, he said every american will be insured. you're wrong. jenny beth, weigh in. >> he said that -- every american would be insured, we know 30 million americans are not going to be, as you just said, he said people would be be able to keep their health
12:32 am
insurance that they currently have. we are seeing across the country that that's not the case. just like you cited, in new jersey. we can not -- it's time to delay this law for the rest of america. the only way to delay it is to stop spending money on it. >> but sean, here's the thing. this question is over with. we had an election after obama care was passed and the election re-elected the president. we have answered the question. >> let me educate you. our constitution has literally checks and balances. they have separation of powers. and the funding of the government and the funding of programs, that actually starts in the congress. right now, the congress is run by the republicans. if they choose to defund it, guess what? it's not going to be funded. and that's -- >> the house is run by the republicans, not the senate. >> the house has the right -- >> vote earls that voted for them to be able to do that. >> we'll see. >> i want that fight. i want republicans to step up and, including mitch mcconnell,
12:33 am
including john boehner and all these republicans, they all ran on defunding, they all ran on eliminating this and jenny beth, i think you're right in this fight. last word. >> thank, sean. >> appreciate it, guys. as the national debt inches closer to $17 trillion, when you add unfunded liabilities, $90 trilli trillion, did you know the government spent 2$300,000 to find out the first bird on earth had black feathers? i'm not making that up. log only vote for tonight's video of the day. option number three, this not so high speed chase between a police and a motorist riding a moped. what was he thinking? you want to vet for that video, ♪
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welcome back. it's no secret that the obama administration blatantly wastes
12:38 am
your tax dollars. the heritage foundation put together some of the most outrageous examples that makes the lavish white house parties and the president's luxurious vacations look like nothing. di did you know that you funded a study on birds? that's right, birds. it cost you 300 grand to figure out the first bird on planet earth had black feathers. moving right along, thanks to your donation to the fed, the office of naval research spent 4950 grand to determine that roe bolts cannot maintain a baby's attention. important information. and if that's not infuriating enough, the u.s. air force spent more than $680,000 on a study confirming that men look stronger when they are carrying a firearm. last but not least, you're footing a $500,000 bill for a video game that simulating a high school prom. if you didn't get to go, maybe that's as close as you get. here with reaction to the insanity, benjamin --
12:39 am
>> domenich. >> what are you laughing at? what is with the leather jacket tonight? >> this is the funniest -- >> what are you -- >> honestly, okay. you republicans -- >> you republicans. i'm not a republican. >> you are so bananas, okay. these are 15 pictures. 15 pictures that are supposed to make you mad. was this like a school book? i'm sorry, wine. wine really makes me so angry that i just -- >> why do i have to pay for this? >> hot guys make me so mad. and caviar. i'm really upset about caviar. actually, i'll tell you what i'm upset about. the scale. i would be upset if i put on a freshman 15, 20, 30, like, you know -- >> why do we have to pay for this? we're broke. >> i would be upset about -- >> we're robbing our kids to pay for this garbage. >> it's science. oh, that's right. republicans don't believe in science. they don't believe in science. they don't believe in preserving forests. they don't believe in any of that. >> you don't think that there's
12:40 am
a little bit of this cgetting ot of hand? you really needed a study to -- >> a federal study. >> of american taxpayers and put it towards that? >> no, the point ises that you're upset about studies. any kind of study that is science that goes to human behavior, because the conservatives, they actually all believe the same anyway. you all believe that gay marriage, you know, is bad, guns are good, so, why spend money on any science? >> so, what's the scientific application in policy terms of that study on the freshman 15? >> ah, i don't know, considering that i put on my own 15 and lost it. >> what about the simulated prom? really? does the government need to spend money on that? >> yes. it had to do with communication between people who are playing games and in this world of communicating over social media, yes. >> you are willing to rob your kids blind, because we're putting the debt on them, to pay
12:41 am
for all this crap and we're spending hundreds of millions of dollars. and you -- you are just laughing about it. >> robs kids blind? half a million dollars. one tire on air force one is a half a million dollars. >> who is paying that? this is not a new trend within government. it's one that's been going on forever. you can go back to calvin coolidge and he talks about, every dollar that we carelessly waste makes the life of an american that much more meager. i think that what you have to understand is, this money isn't just growing on trees. it comes from somewhere. in this case, from the american people. >> right. and isn't there a deficit of, i don't know, sean, you know the number because you quote it every night. what's the number of the deficit? >> well, unfunded liabilities, $90 trillion. obama is giving up $7 trillion. that makes it $17 trillion and going higher. >> okay, so, of that $17 trillion you are angry about $23 million of science -- >> you're missing the point. it's not about the size of it.
12:42 am
it's the principle of the thing. the idea that maybe there are some things that government shouldn't do. and that these are some of those things. >> did you -- you are a lawyer. have you read the constitution? >> of course. >> why are you so willing to just dismiss hundreds of millions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse that -- we really are to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on promoting cave your piar produc idaho? can't the people that make the caviar in idaho promote their own caviar? >> i'll tell you what is waste, the private donors who are giving money to the heritage foundation and some chick is writing about a picturebook. a picturebook, to be mad about this. >> why should the government pay for a study to determine that kids gain pounds in college? what benefit is that to the average person? >> because it goes to social science behavior and we should absolutely invest in understanding other humans. >> why don't you and all your
12:43 am
liberal scientific friends, geniuses of yours, why don't you all put your own money into this and you can fund all the studies you want and believe the contractor and the carpenter and the plumber and the receptionist and the legal aid, the people that pay taxes, alone, so they can have more money in their pocket. how is that? >> in an economy, when people are having to work harder and harder to make ends meet, they are taking on more and more part time jobs because of the warping effects that this administration has had to it, to try to make ends meet and to feed your family, you want to take money out of their pockets and put it towards these points? >> no, i'd really like the conservatives to come up with an answer. >> an answer to the problem to the freshman 15? >> i'm not in support of all of the spending. but you're so mad, sean. you're so, so mad. >> i read your website tonight. you had up there about a kid that wasn't able to go to high school because his mother was in trouble, okay? and he needed money to stay in this really good private high
12:44 am
school in chicago. i'd rather see the money go there than studying it on the freshman 15. >> right. >> that's prioritizing. that money could be spent to help a kid like that. >> or how about all the kids in chicago public schools who don't have a chance at all? >> but the point is, you are still running shrimps on treadmills. this is ridiculous. >> the conservatives have no answers. what are your answers besides getting mad? >> my answers are, that there's some things that the government shouldn't be doing. that they shouldn't be taking american people's tax dollars -- >> what should they do? what do conservatives have as an answer? >> defend the country. limit the tax liability of the american people and leave us the hell alone. how is that? >> we haven't had a terrorist attack besides ft. hood -- >> boston wasn't a terrorist attack? >> it was. but he wasn't a typical terrorist. he wasn't part of a cell. >> you are going to reason your kids blind to play for caviar studies. great. you're going to rob your kids
12:45 am
blind to study why kids pay 15 -- >> you are such a fear monger. you are a fear monger. robbing the blind? >> what you're actually defending is an existence of cronyism. that's all you're doing. >> good thing i don't see you but once a week because you're really ticking me off tonight. >> i'm going to go drink some wine, find a hot guy and eat some caviar, so, hey. >> have a great time. we'll pay for it all. up next on "hannity" -- >> who shot who? >> a guy is raising his hands up, he's saying he shot a person. oh, my god. >> an officer is there. >> an anti-gun group released that re-enactment of the trayvon martin shooting. we're going to play the ad in full and explain the outrage. still time for you to vote for tonight's video of the day. tonight's video of the day. cast your vote on ♪
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welcome back to "hannity." anti-gun group has released a controversial psa, calling for the end of stand your ground laws in 26 states. the kroup called the coalition to stop gun vie laens re-enacts the trayvon martin shooting, using actual 911 calls. >> which entrance is that that he's headed towards? >> the back entrance.
12:50 am
>> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay, we don't need you to do that. >> okay. >> all right, sir, what is your name? >> george. all right. sir, what is your name. >> george. >> i think they're yelling help. i don't know. they stopped. >> does he look hurt to you? >> i can't see him. i don't want to go out there. i don't know what's going on. >> they're -- >> he keeps yelling help? >> yes. >> there's gunshots. >> get down. >> saying they shot who? >> a guy is raising his hands up. he's saying he shot a person. oh, my god, why. >> the officer is there. he has somebody at gunpoint. they're going to handle the
12:51 am
situation from here. >> oh, my god. young boys. my god. >> somebody killed. and here with the reaction from the new york civil rights coalition, mike myers, jason riley, fox news contributor. >> reaction? >> my reaction is that this video is a high tech untruth. it's hysterical, it's primitive. it's just forced. the narrative is forced. everything about it is exploit tiff. it's to me, i cannot be shocked anymore. it is shocking. >> what do you think, stand-your-ground law is interesting. benefited black floridians. >> sure. >> more than anybody else. >> you're absolutely right. that's the problem. on the one level the problem is george zimmerman didn't use a stand your ground defense. using this trial to go after these laws is a little off-base. secondly, on the substance, to your point, the implication here
12:52 am
is that stand your ground laws increase gun violence, sean. the evidence does not support that. gun deaths in this country are down 40% since 1993. 40%. so if the left wants to claim that there's a connection between stand your ground laws and gun violence, it would seem to be that we need more stand your ground laws. >> you guys disagree on stop and frisk. >> easy. i'm a liberal, i'm a member of the left. i have told your audience many times. and i will tell you this. that i believe in the second amendment. i believe in the bill of rights. i believe in the second amendment. i believe in stand your ground laws. >> right. >> in new york city, i can't even get a gun if i wanted a gun. the police commissioner won't give me one. i can't carry mace or pepper spray. >> true. >> because new york city is anti-gun and anti-self-defense. that's why i believe in stand your ground because it's
12:53 am
self-defense. what's wrong with that? >> that's right. it's law abiding citizens who need the protection of the law. >> it benefits poor blacks. the same group that the liberals claim to care so much about. as you said, in florida, florida blacks are about 17% of the population. but they're 31% of stand your ground defendants, sean. these are the people using this law -- >> successfully. >> to defend themselves. to the extent that we're limiting the ability of poor blacks to defend themselves, i mean, these efforts are actually resulting in people's lives being taken. >> it's worse than that. it's a -- this video is an example of emotionalism and his tear i can't. they don't address the facts. they distort the facts. the trayvon martin or the george zimmerman case to make an anti-gunpoint. whatever the case. it's hysteria. i must say, that we must address this lobby. i'm not going to call his name.
12:54 am
i don't want them getting funds. i find it reprehensible that they think that law abiding citizens don't have a right to self-defense. it fits a pattern. whether we're talking about eric holder, stop and frisk policies like the aclu is doing. >> easy. >> helping poor blacks. in fact, they make life more difficult for law-abiding blacks in the ghetto. ♪ [ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has come to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for this trip. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent travel expense. i just pick a charge, like my flight with a few taps, it's taken care of. impressive baldwin. does it work for hotels? absolutely thank goodness. mrs. villain and i are planning our... you scare me. and i like it. let's go what's in your wallet?
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12:59 am
this is what we call the american dream and republicans have always been the champions of capitalism. truth is undeniable. evil may attack it, ignorance may deride it. but in the end, th it is. i promise you that one day, it will be impossible for black americans to deny the truth about this liberal -- a government that spends $3 for every $2 it takes in will go bankrupt and the grocery store will say no thank you to the food stamps. the medicaid cart won't work at the emergency room and those welfare checks won't cash. it is my solemn hope and the hope of millions just like me that the black community can come to grips with the truth now before it's too late. liberalism has nearly destroyed black america and now it's time for black america to return the favor. the bible says, you will know the truth and the truth will set


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