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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 22, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> bret: that's pretty cool. you know who was really happy? his parents. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online welcome to "red eye." i'm dana filling in for greg gutfeld. that little monster will be back tomorrow. now to tv's andy levy for our pre game report. andy, what do you have for tonight's show? >> our top story, bradley manning is sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of documents. and our panel will update golly locks and the three bears and decide if the panel was too harsh, to soft or just right. and sentenced to 2350*eu6 years of not being allowed to use social media. and a high school spirit shows double stuffed oreos are not double stuffed. welcome to owe bough uh mays
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ark m. -- welcome to obama's america. i am here with meteorologist janice dean, the weather machine. she has a children's book coming out on monday. it is called freddy the forecaster -- broadcaster. sorry. and the editor-in-chief of "maxim magazine" and bill schulz who is as lovely to be around as he is talented. and next to me, gavin mcguinness. i pretend i haven't met him before, but he is nice. his book "the death of cool" is available in paperback. a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> did the court come up short? bradley manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison forgiving hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. it is the stiffest punishment ever involving leaks, but short of the 90 years he could have received. manning's lawyer stunned by the severity telling "the daily beast" that there is a
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good young man who did what he thought was morally right and for the right reasons and we sentenced somebody the way we would sentence somebody for murder. others think they were too lenient. they wrote, this sentence risks seoding the wrong message for leaking information that threatens our national security and frays relations with our allies. for more let's go live to this dog. >> that little dog added very little to the story. let me start on the bradley manning case. gavin, you have had any -- an
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epiphany of sorts. you thought the sentence was too lenient and now you are on the side of bradley n making. what happened? >> i called a friend who was smarter than me and i said how do you feel about this? he pointed out that we can't have the american military leaking secrets to our enemies. when john walker lynn was discovered to be a muslim terrorist we didn't execute him. we should have. that was treason. and then, i am not totally convinced, on the other hand i don't trust the government, especially this administration. these leaks taught us so much about the stupid crap they are up to and how incompetent they are and how be fud delled their meddling is in everything from afghanistan to beirut and what a mess it is. that's a good wake up call to anyone who has faith in the government. it is possible to be patriotic which i am as an immigrant and also be totally dubious of
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anything the government does. >> dan, if the government is doing secret crap isn't it better to leave it a secret? or are you glad we had the information out there? >> i read every page of the 700,000 documents that were leaked. there is not that much in there really. there are lunch menus and stuff like that. what i want to know is will bradley be able to wear his wig in prison? i think that is the big question. >> it is really the issue. >> if he is able to dress in drag it will be a huge pain in the ass. >> that's true. >> orange is the new black television show. >> you haven't been on "red eye" for two and a half years. i am glad i was the guest host who could bring you back. report you glad to be here? what do you think? hero or villain, bradley manning? >> i walk the fine line too. but they couldn't get him on treason. it is so 16th century tudors. looking at hundreds of thousands of classified documents and wikileaks call
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it the greatest journalistic score in history. they think he will get out in nine years. what does that say? it sets a dangerous precedent that you too can leak documents and be famous with these wikileaks folks with julian assange as your leader. it is scary, but at the same time, 35 years, you know, they were trying to walk the fine line of saying this should set a precedence. it is dangerous to leak documents of the also, he is going to a military prison. >> there is no fine line for me. there is a line, and it was too lenient. bill, what do you think? >> when ever you walk a line, it is always fine. any questions for me? >> would you ever give anything to julian assange? >> maybe some just for men because it is beat. as for the lame stream media they forgot to talk to the number one source on this story and that is ms. fierce
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herself, lady gaga. what do we know? in order to get this information, use a cd that on the cover said lady gaga and in fact was blank and put his messages on there. thank god for twitter. can you put up the twitter she released in the news and she said the news of bradley manning sentencing is devastating and if one can't speak up on injustice who will? how will we ever move forward? truer words. the only way i can move forward is the released of her new album, "art pop" that will have a bunch of popping fresh hits rest assured. >> i am resting assured. let me ask you something, gavin, is the government allowed to have any secrets at all? how can we operate -- >> a competent government can have secrets. we have this kis sigh nger-esque idea of killing saddam hussein secretly and baby hitler -- >> i wasn't aware there was a
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baby hitler threat out there. >> no, but there was way before before -- like 1945. >> he was a baby hitler. gite point is the government is not able to do this clandestined activity. remember the dna tests? that guy is in jail. we threw him to the wolves. the argument on behalf of this anti-leaking is we are jeprodizing our sources. we have seen what you do to your sources. you let them rot in jail. >> not only that, look at the youtube video -- the video maker that was blamed for the benghazi attacks who is still in jail. does it matter if the government has secrets or not? it does bad things. >> the government should have secrets, don't you think? >> i am for the government having secrets. >> can we get back to the hitler baby? >> somebody is setting up a website right now. >> i am thinking muppet babies and dancing along with
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kermit. >> if you do get in a time machine and kill him, he was adorable and it will be very hard. >> the mustache is a dead give away though. >> you have to get out of there or you have a lot of splaining to do. >> back then you could do anything to babies you wanted to do. drop kick him out of the hospital. be done with it. >> i am glad i had the jello shots. >> they were necessary. bradley manning gets to have -- whatever time he served, three years i guess that is applied to his sentence. by the time he is done he will have a book deal and probably be pitching stories. >> even if it is eight years. eight years in jail. >> not enough. you are not going to be learning tennis at leavenworth. >> apparently he is a tortured soul. so be it. >> we are going to change subjects. from jerks to jobs are times
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more lean for american teens? that's the rhyme. new labor department data reveals less than a third of 16 to 19-year-olds were employed. before the recession more than 40% of teen inning aers were -- teenagers were working according to the "wall street journal." retailers and fast-food have increased hiring, but better qualified candidates they don't need to hire inexperienced youth. said one expert, kids are at the bottom of the labor cue, so if you don't get a strong recovery it does president reach down to kids. one of the only jobs available to teens these days is duck cleaner. >> that is actually a real
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job. janice, you have freddy the frog there, but have you heard of a duck cleaner? >> i have not, but it looked fun. do they have that for adults? i will sign up. >> before we started the show, it was discovered that you and gavin actually were born in the same area, grew up in the same area. >> from canada no doubt. >> when you were teenagers, janice, did you work through high school? >> it is a bigger issue, not just teenagers, but adults can't get a job. i know people who are juggling three jobs just to make ends meet. so the fact that the teenagers aren't getting work is not surprising. in general teenagers these days -- i will sound like a grandmother -- are lazy. when i was a kid growing up in ottawa my parents said you are not spending the sum -- the summer on the couch. you will mow lawns and watch kids and if you don't find work you will volunteer. i think even if you volunteer you are getting some kind of
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work experience that will lead up to a resume when you get out of college. >> i had a lot of jobs. not as a baby citer, but do you find it hard to find a baby-sitter? teenagers willing to baby-sit? >> extremely hard. it makes you feel weird that you are begging somebody to take care of your kids. you don't even have to pay attention to them. >> are you available to baby-sit? they said nope. you go it is $1,000 an hourment hourment -- an hour. are you serious? >> what inned could of jobs -- what kind of jobs did you have as a teen? >> in california they have this thing like a day without mexicans and they imagine what it is like without mexicans, eh? over in ottawa we had a thing called no mexicans. it was called canada. the people who did the landscaping,eh, they were teenagers. we would go down there and mow the lawns and plant the trees. we would go over there and
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baby-sit. >> what about dogs? >> we woo -- we would do dog walking. you just give her all day until you get like 80 bucks. then you get wasted. >> listen, i have worked so hard to get rid of the canadian accident. >> let's get looterred with the money we made. >> and listen to bob. >> or kim mitchell. ♪ patio lantern >> we are the only ones that are finding this funny. >> that was beautiful. >> ♪ might as well go for a soda ♪ >> two can play at this game. >> the man with the tv. >> rock and roll.
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>> more channels. >> bill, do you blame president obama for all of the teens not having any jobs? >> i do because i have a review coming up. so i am blaming them a lot tonight, fyi. i think this study focuses on the wrong problem. these parents have kids that can provide for them so they don't have to have a job. i have three i will legitimate daughters who i need for them to provide for me. hence me and obama for the rest of the night. shanayna has not had a job for months. lavitra, i can't remember the last time she was paid. and geranimo, who knows. >> it sounds like a
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medication. >> you are welcome. he has been at mammary land for awhile now and apparently she sogly so daddy doesn't get the extra dollars that come from her mammaries. >> dan, last question, when you are hiring people at the magazine, do you find that people that didn't have jobs at 16 -- help me. >> he has a daughter named after a pharmaceutical and can dance for loose change. >> i have a niece named lunestra. i think that is something. >> can i say something? baby boomers enfantacized their children and gave the jobs to illegals. and then they say what are you doing? get out of the basement. get out of my house. you took away the building blocks and so of course they
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were perpetual children. >> that was very insightful. >> thank you. >> i was waiting for the punch line. >> and then farts. >> now that's a gavin we can understand. i don't know what that other stuff was. >> my world was off its axis. from jobs to jokes. caleb clemens posted a fake threat on his blog about shooting up his school. on tuesday the 20-year-old pled guilty to making terroristic threats and was sentenced to a five-year social media ban. it sounds more like a reward. clemens was picked up by police in february after his posting on tumbler that said "i plan on shooting up gorming george southern. up georgia southern. pass this around to see if i guess arrested." cops didn't find evidence of any weapons. a judge set the bail at $20,000 which his family could not afford. the psych major said the whole
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thing was a, quote, experimental art project. that's what greg says about his purple jean shorts. who doesn't need social media? this cat. >> that is like bill schulz pushing paper around his desk before his review. >> his eyes were glowing like the devil. >> let me ask you, dan, do you think it would be more -- do you wish somebody would put a ban on social media for you? you didn't have to do it for 5 years? >> yes, i was just on vea location -- on vacation in bill's basement and there was terrible reception. i was on vacation and i just forgot to check twitter for a week. i was like why am i happy? why am i annoyed.
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i came back and followed a ton of people. >> do you think the punishment fits the no crime? >> it is showing that people are less happy when they use facebook. i understand as old people we understand that, but young people are so obsessed with the social media this is one of the cruelest things i ever heard. five years in young person social media time is like 500,000. >> it is like dog years? >> how will they enforce that? >> it is such a december connect with children too. such a disconnect with children too. the tragic story of the football player being murdered by the kids and then going line saying saying -- what they said on facebook like two down or something like that. >> this it is like they don't know the difference between reality and walk around with the phone in their hands like this and talk to people like that. >> or at dinner. >> it is like a seal of approval of some sort.
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the other thing that scares me is that this is becoming a reality for them. this is their friends and their peeps and they don't go and socialize with real people. the other thing is it is taking police work from off the streets and getting real bad guys and now they have to police the internet to find these -- >> they did use the internet to get the bad guys who killed the australian dude. >> this is what worries me, bill, we are the old people. we actually dabble in the social media. we only understand 1%. if kids growing up today, they are going to be in charge of all businesses and things like that. how are we supposed to adapt to that? >> we won't. that just really depressed me. we are all going to be unemployed and working for a bunch of add spoiled little brats who never worked when they were kids. this is a horrible sentence because studies have shown if you are not on social media you are not going to get a job. you are not going to learn anything for school. you are not going to do your
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home twork and much less have friends. he also said he will have to have regular drinking and drug tests and now he won't go on social media and he will not be able to get f-ed up. this is not part of being a team. >> and there is no job. >> there is no job. >> he shouldn't have threatened the school. >> what part was a vague threat? >> they said it was an art project. bill, are you thirsty? >> i am. >> are you poling a -- pulling a marco rubio over there. >> my leg is shaking a little bit. is bill schulz a big hearted person who likes to help others? after the break we will talk about bill schulz who is a big hearted warm fuzzy who likes helping others.
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so was boone a bain? daniel boone has been dismissed as offensive. they say they will not reinstate boone despite a movement to bring him back. after listening to a huck cuss, they are -- ruckus, they are looking for a new mascot. as the chancellor wrote, boone was a polarizing figure that did not reflect the growing diversity of the ud community. but it was rather an image that women, persons of color and international students and faculty members found difficult to relate to as defining the pioneering spirit. last week they additioned a
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llama for the mascot. take a look. >> the llama is no longer being considered. can a team go without a mascot? >> no. >> what are they going to do? >> the giants don't have a mascot? >> isn't it a giant? >> the pituitary giant and it was very dry. >> the new york giants don't have a mascot and nor do they have cheerleaders. >> fascinating. >> the bears don't have cheerleaders. >> i do think it is an over reach. plus daniel boone -- i get it that we need help in the settlement of america and everybody is upset and think america is terrible. at what point do we stop the
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madness? >> i know. and i did some research on offensive mascots. did you know rhode island school of art has a design for a mascot named scrotie? >> that is great. >> what does it look like? >> their hockey team is known as the nads and the basketball team is called balls. >> that's creative. >> their costume is remarkably well designed. >> i can imagine. what kind of sports team does the rhode island school of art have? >> go ahead and laugh with your [bleep]. some of us have strange genetilia. some have elephant man between our legs. >> we are about to promote a children's book. >> would you ever thought daniel boone -- maybe you were named after daniel boone. >> yes, i was, actually. i was conceived in his birthplace, actually.
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>> i don't know how that got in there, but it did? >> where there is a will, there is a way. >> i didn't think denver boone was that offensive, but he looked cute. i turned around and i swear he called me a dirty [bleep]. so i think denver boone -- >> he is so cute. >> i have a confession. since you are going down memory lane, i was on the university of denver gymnastics team when i was a kid. i think i was a daniel boone, denver boone -- i think i was on that team. at some point i must have been. >> it shows how powerful the mascot was if you are not sure. >> the colors don't look familiar. >> i think all emerson had was tay women's softball team. >> it was a leotard. >> you didn't think of denver before you did a somersault.
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>> no, boone did not offend me at all jie. he sums up what the american pioneers looked like. >> let me ask you something. knowing a native american as you do, are they offended by daniel boone. >> my experience with native americans, and made three from scratch they don't care about this crap. >> we are making it up jie. they like -- >> they like wal-mart and booze. it is like what is this thing? some indians will say, yes, we are offended by the cleaveland indian logo. i can tell they are faking it because i say why and they go -- ah, i don't know. it is offensive. why? it is a cartoon. so are cartoons. and this guy is like -- we used to have hate facts where you can say a true thing and it would make people mad and now we have hate history. a lot of people who founded america look like that. that is hateful.
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>> i'm sorry. that's what happens. >> i am more interested in your impression of native americans. >> the native american voice is more canadian of the it is like how is it going? did you know maggie long claw is pregnant? >> the purpose of that joke makes them look crazy. i had to do the crazy. >> bill, do you have any thoughts on daniel boone? >> daniel boone was adopted into the pawnee tribe. did he kill other indians in between that and afterwards? sure he did. but the reason they should not be the denver boonsboro is because this man -- denver boones is because he never stepped foot in colorado. >> it doesn't make sense. >> a logical mascot is banned. >> even bugs bunny is offensive to watch. >> we have to get out of
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here. coming up, whether greece will need another bailout has been intensified. kidding. we are not doing that story. have they been promoting a double stuffed lie? the story the lame stream media does -- doesn't want you to hear.
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are they full of cream or full of crap? well double stuff claims are
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dubious. a high school teacher in new york had students measure oreos to see if the double stuffed really had double. the class made the shocking discovery that the double stuffed were 1.86 times the size of regular oreos. the mega stuffed were 2.68, the size of the regular oreo. after this bombshell dropped a gnaw business -- a gnaw business scow spokesperson says, i can confirm our recipe for the oreo double stuffed cookie has double the stuff. she wouldn't say that, would she? she wouldn't just say it. it is not like they put a gun to her head and she had to say it about the double stuffed oreos. you love this as a science and math kind of gal. you think this is a great test. >> as women we are always lied to about size. >> i told you i was inverted. >> i'm sorry. i do love the fact that they use this in math class to get
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kids interested in math and science. as they get older the jobs out there are see yens, mathematics and technology. they need to have teachers who are engaged and make science and math fun. this is exactly what the teacher did. he should -- he deserves a pulitzer prize for his experiment. >> does anyone want one? >> kind of. >> i think dan said yes. >> the stuff is spelled with one "f." >> i used to love the double stuff oreos. you dip them in milk. but i can't eat any of that right now or maybe for the rest of my life. it goes straight to your you know what. >> hips? >> do you ever take the double stuff and make a quad quadruple stuff? >> would anyone like bill to eat one? >> i am still recovering from our white castle segment last night. i am still corked up. let's put it at that. >> if you were kids would you think this is a good experiment? >> this is a great experiment. with the obesity in america it
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is the only way to get kids to care about math and science is to put candy in front of it. another great lesson is terms are misleading and hyperbolic [bleep] talk about double stuffed all the time. it just eludes to that and it is never the literal double stuffing. >> wow. >> he likes it! >> that's not the oreo. >> did you used to make these, or is this a new thing for you? >> we would get like nor of these bad boys going. >> it is like a marshmellow stuff in there. it is transmogriphied marshmellow. >> did they have these in canada?
3:36 am
>> no. >> you had joe luiss. >> oh, joe luiss! >> we need to blur that. that is just -- good lord. you look like you just got back from columbia. >> i think it would be a perfect time to go to the next segment which is more straightlaced. according to a new study, the more sex you have the more money you make. researchers looked at data from the greek population in 2008 and determined that a certain increase in sexual activity corresponded with a 5% increase in earnings. they did this in greece? i thought greece was broke. apparently they have a lot of sex. >> what do you think? >> i think the survey is wrong. you haven't asked parents with small children who all they do is work and take care of kids and have no time for that. i think my youngest was
3:37 am
immaculate conception. i never had time. >> just joking! >> it is true what they say about firefighters, then. >> gavin, can you weigh in on this? >> it is the chicken or the egg. people talk to their plants have better plants. no, people talk to plants care about their plants more. so rich people get laid more because we are just better. sorry, we do everything more. we get hole in one's more. we dance more. we ride more motor bikes. sorry, we are rich because we rule. >> has "maxim" ever done a study on this? >> yes, on bill. >> you talked to virgin mcgee over here. what did the rich guy say? >> bill wasn't lying. he is quite inverted. it is just how inveered.
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>> the poor inverted bill gets the last word. >> janice is absolutely right. married men have no sex and receive lower wages by 1.3%. and there is no difference in the wage returns for sex for gay and straight people. this was done in greece. there is no such thing as gay and straight people. if the gods taught us anything, they are hour knee. >> when was the last time you were there? >> i don't go there. i am too boyish looking. i come back with a walker. >> you mean like a walker? >> it is time to take a break. more stuff is on the way. most have janice dean's upcoming book. go to fox eye.
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has the weather machine gone green? chief meteorologist janice dean has written her first
3:42 am
book called freddy the frog castor. it is a tale of a tadpole who uses a love of clouds to help save the annual picnic. i should have said spoiler alert. i have a fear of amphibians. i had fox news' most cold blooded mammal read it for me and now a bill schulz's book report. >> thanks, greg. my first inned cation that this was not your typical children's book was within the dedication which read, quote, to my beautiful boys, matthew and theodore. i am not sure if they are aware of this fact, but they happen to be married to a man named sean. shame on you for subjecting your alternative. and if you ask me, immoral private life on the mind of our nation's youth. edfreddy's hero is a frog
3:43 am
castor. everybody knows a lady frog's place is on the lily pad. it is not in a pond office. they are predicting weather or collecting a paycheck. or voting. welcome to obama swamp. but perhaps most disturbing is the author's very own vindictiveness. when sally has babies and is out to, quote, tad pole leave, her replacement is too busy making celebrity appearances and cultivating fans to accurately predict the weather. could this be a subtle jab during her own maternity leave 1234 i am not saying the celebrated meteorologist would stoop so low as to take a topic as important as children's education and turn it into a red herring so she
3:44 am
may settle old scores. in conclusion, if you are teaching about traditional values like revenge and deceitfulness and consuming large quantities of fried cricket sandwiches, well this would make one great stocking stuffer. as for me i will read my three daughters the classics like bill o'reilly's killing lincoln. or bill o'reilly's killing kennedy. or bill o'reilly's killing jesus. or bill o'reilly's akaannikin skywalker. back to you. >> janice, as an author, the book comes out on monday. that must mean so much to you. >> i wonder what the age level of the people who watch "red eye" are. >> five years ole. >> go on amazon.
3:45 am
>> isn't it quite an accomplishment? what gave you the inspiration? >> it was a four-year process. i thought i wanted to write a book that encourages kids -- you know the age-group is 5 to 8. but kids in all age groups can take an interest in weather. it is a great way to introduce it. i i did a lot of homework. there is not a lot of weather boobs for there is not a lot of whra -- of weather kits for kids. >> i am impressed that they can read. >> you do learn a lot about clouds. it is a great book. >> and do you blame obama for global warming in the book? >> how much time do we have? >> very well done. >> thank you. thanks for adding to my work. >> freddy the frog castor is available in stores on monday. coming up, the post game weren't report from andy levy.
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greg is back tomorrow, thank god. guests include jim norton and remi spencer.
3:50 am
time to go back to tv's wonderful andy levy for the post game report. >> thanks, dana. manning sentenced to 35 years. you called a friend who was smarter than you. i actually did a similar thing. i messaged michael moynahan to get his take. his opinion matched with mine. >> i called john karr knee -- carney over at nbc. is it is one of those things where you say what did the information do? has it damaged our sources? i have seen what we do to our sources. i don't think we can damage them any worse. >> i'm curious what you think about this. people compare manning to snowden. i think what manning did was he dumped a bunch of documents and gave them to wikileaks which is basically anti-american. as opposed poo snowden who had >> as opposed to snowden who had a targeted thing he had a problem with.
3:51 am
he released documents regarding that. >> but i think the key is to separate patriotism from facing government. everything they do is a catastrophe. no matter where you shine the spotlight you will see corruption. it is that one tiny part that shows and are sources helping us fight prism. fight terrorism. the other part 1* oh well we went over and said you should be the guy. and then we stumbled over to of afghanistan to get the russians out or not. i don't know. >> the source should be your native american friends. that would be an amazing conversation. >> native americans are more placid like i don't know if we should do that. >> you claim to have read all 700,000 pages of documents that manning leaked. >> yes. >> you don't see this often on cable news, but i am flat out calling you a liar. >> whoa. well during the break i read every page of this.
3:52 am
>> i don't believe that either. >> freddy wins. >> sorry, kids. >> janice, you said they couldn't get manning on trees and more specifically because it was a military court they couldn't get him on aiding the enemy because the prosecutors couldn't prove he intended to give information to the enemy. >> did i say that? that sounds good. >> no, i just said that. >> i agree with everything you said. >> teens not finding summer jobs. nothing you talked about had anything to do with this story. former student given five years social media ban. gavin you said this is one of the cruelest things you have ever heard. i just think it is dumb. he did make a terroristic threat. he clearly had no intention of shooting up the school. >> if something like this happens and they didn't act on it, they have to live with that. what they are trying to do is
3:53 am
prevent future things. we have to put ourselves in the mind of a young person and know that even if you take away their phone for one hour is like ripping their eyeballs out and putting them in their butts. >> by the way, he definitely needs to be punished. if for nothing else he cost taxpayers money. this needed to be investigated. he needed to get in trouble, but what he got was a little much. >> i just thought getting his legs sawed off. it is possible. you said how do they make sure he doesn't use social media? he probably can. but are considering he is violating his probation and going to jail if he was caught you would think it is not worth it. >> you would assume that, but he tweeted or tumbled that i am going to shoot everybody. >> very good point. the university of denver mascot. the new york giants don't have a mascot.
3:54 am
the new york jets don't either and nor do the green bay packers and the raiders or the chargers or washington, d.c.'s football team, whatever their name is. >> you are a wimp. >> i stand correct. >> you are correct. >> good point, andy. >> thank you, bill. >> the washington redskins? >> he is afraid to say it. >> no, i am not. >> redskins, redskins, nah, nah, nah, nah. >> thank you for pointing out boone. double stuffed oreos. the high school kids found the double stuffed have 1.86 times the stuff of the regular stuff. the nabisco rep says they use double the stuff. where is the missing stuff going? >> probably rogue employees are stealing it. >> that's the easy thing to say. you have m theory that has seven extra space time
3:55 am
dimensions. is this a mini world situation. is there another universe? >> maybe it is gravity. >> it is called the stay puff marshmellow man. >> there is a chance it is leaking into another universe and they are trying to figure out where this stuff is spontaneously materializing from. >> you are just asking questions. >> thank you, bill. >> i just don't think we heard the end of the story. somebody asked what the oreo cream is made of. way back in the day they used lard and then it was partially hydrogonated oil. and in 2006 they switched to using the tears of belgian orphans. >> might as well eat a hydroxe. >> it is a flushed culture. it is amazing they even have orphans. they must be turks. were you a hydrox?
3:56 am
>> no. it is a pale i'm -- a pale imitation of an oreo. >> i am not for thoughs. nutter butters though. >> in the mid1990s gnaw business scow took two years to make oreos kosher. that's when they stopped using the lard. lard is made from pig fat. >> and then they have been cheating us ever since. >> trying to get the money back. >> really? >> i think you are the only one who got that. >> i bet media matters will get it. >> finally study shows the more sex you have, the more money you make. i think this study was done on porn stars. >> in greece? >> it was a joke. porn stars do get more money -- >> no, grease. >> i am going out on that strong note. >> it was used to make double stuffed oreos and then we pull it altogether. >> wonderful. wonderful.
3:57 am
>> special thanks to janice dean and bill schulz and gavin mcguinness. that does it for me for probably the rest of my career. until next time. please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app.
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