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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 22, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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at the counter. took him a few tries but he got it. >> that is scary. have a great day folks fox and friends stae starts right now. >> thank you ladies. good morning to you at home. it is thursday august 22nd filling in for gretchen carlson. the girlfriend of the baseball star murdered in a thrill kill is now speaking out. >> such an amazing person. i am going to miss him forever. >> this incredibly brutal crime has been covered every where. the white house hasn't heard about it apparently. wait until you see what happens when our reporter tried to ask. >> and this christian school has
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a message for the bad guys. try to hurt the kids and be prepared to meet your maker. is this a good idea? we are going to report you are going to once again we here in studio "d" as they fix up the new digs. look who's hear. >> very pretty. >> this is like sleeping in for you. >> that's right. >> what are we going to do with the extra time? no nap in the afternoon. >> i know, this morning the alarm went off at 3:00 a.m. i got an extra hour. >> like you're on vacation. >> yeah, we have a lot of news today. >> we'll start with your headlines.
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brand new 911 calls taken from this week's frightening school shooting near atlanta. you can lear one of the hostages saying the shooter is not afraid to die. >> he is telling him to back off. he don't want the kids, he wants the police. to back off and -- what else, sir? he said he don't care if he die, he don't have nothing to live for. he said he's not mentally stable. >> well, in the end, nobody thankfully was injured. instead, that hostage was hailed as a hero for talking 20-year-old michael brandon hill off the edge. police are also revealing new details on hill's disturbing cache of weapons. he was reportedly carrying an ak-47 with nearly 500 rounds of ammunition. him faces several felony charges including making terrorist threats. police haven't said why he stormed that school, determined to die.
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the british tourist hit by a cab while in new york city now vowing to carry on with her life, despite the fact she might lose both of her legs. doctors had to amputate more of the left leg and are trying to save her right leg which was mangled. authorities blamed the horrific it on a road rage fight between a taxi and a bicycle messenger with a lengthy rap sheet. the cabbie has since lost his license. as 51 wildfires burn out of control in the midwest including this one near yosemite national park, a dire warning from the u.s. forest service. we are running out of cash to fight the fires. the agency down to $50 million after spending a whopping $967 million so far this year. that $50 million that's left, only enough for a few more days of firefighting. the agency has put in a temporary fix though.
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they diverted cash to build that gap. a war hero refused service at kentucky fried chicken because of his service dog. charles hernandez now suing the company. he says when he and valor went in to a new york kfc, an employee told him no dogs were allowed. instead of taking his order. well, even after he offered to show the proper paperwork he was asked to leave. he said valor wasn't wearing the right service dog identification but that's something that hernandez is denying. steve? >> there's an item in one of the tabloids here in new york city today that says if the colonel was still alive, there would be a court-martial regarding that. meanwhile, four minutes after the top of the hour. the girlfriend of the 22-year-old man killed in a thrill of it kind of killing is speaking out as this sparks a national debate. where are the civil rights leaders on this? and the president this time around?
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>> elizabeth is live in washington. >> reporter: good morning. a makeshift memorial where 22-year-old christopher lane was gunned down in broad daylight last wean. we are hearing from his girlfriend for first time. >> he's such an amazing person and i'm going to miss him forever. but i'm really glad i got the four years with him. >> reporter: the australian student was on a baseball scholarship in oklahoma when police say three self-described bored teenagers decided that they wanted to kill him. it's been making headlines across the globe and on the heels of the acquittal of george zimmerman still fresh in folks' minds during a press conference yesterday, white house spokesman josh ernst said the remarks from the president said he hadn't heard of christopher lane.
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>> do you have any reaction to the christopher lane case? >> i'm not familiar with it, actually. >> in oklahoma, the 22-year-old australian, baseball player, came from australia, he was targeted apparently by three african-american young men who the australian was out on a jog, and these young men apparently told the police they were bored and they thought it would be fun to kill him. any reaction to that? >> well, that this sounds like a pretty tragic case. i don't want to get ahead of the legal process here. >> we are starting to see some reaction. the reverend jesse jackson, sr., sending a release. the recent incidents of violence in america calls each of us to collectively resist all forms of violence in our society. in particular, black on black violence that disproportionately affects every facet of black life in america. we must learn to live together in peace or we will most surely die apart in our own neglect. on the other hand, reaction on
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twitter. allen west tweeted, who will the president of the united states identify with this time? so we're starting to see more reaction on both sides of the aisle. ainsley, steve, brian, back to you. >> about time. thank you very much. let's talk about the nsa. another revelation came out yesterday afternoon and it turns out that they have -- they have released additional information over the past -- since 2008 on things that have gone wrong in the nsa collection. for example, there was a redacted page which is unredacted and classified yesterday that revealed that we have collected 56,000 wholly domestic communications each year. so this is done, nothing was necessarily done with it. nothing was exposed by it. but these were collected and the fisa court judge did not know about it and he rebuked the nsa for doing that and they said they were unintentional errors. >> we have been talking for a while about the nsa, how they're
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saying trust us, we're not doing anything illegal. the stuff that was declassified yesterday said they didn't break some laws. they violated -- the nsa violated the constitution three times in three years. violated the constitution because they did as brian said go through our e-mails, domestic e-mails, rather than just the foreign stuff. remember, it was original i will supposed to be the foreign -- it was supposed to be the foreign stuff. and plus they say that the government made a substantial misrepresentation regarding the scope of the collection program. in other words, this is coming from fisa itself, the court, where fisa says they couldn't trust the nsa. how extraordinary is that? >> what is interesting in addition to that, the court is saying they can't trust the nsa. this is definitely happening. it's unconstitutional and then the white house is speaking out about this, saying they stand by the president, that they continued to say they are not
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spying on americans. they're not going through these e-mails and it's not happening. >> yeah, they're being collected. here's what t said sai day.eryest the nsa does not sift through and have unfettered access to 75% of the united states' online communication. the collection is for the disruption of the terrorist threats to the u.s. and around the world. and a senior intelligence official said it's not an egregious oversight, by an agency seeking to spy on americans. this is a technological problem. >> it's a big problem. you can't break the constitution. that's what they're doing. so the nsa is out there saying we didn't do anything wrong. you can trust us. look at recently how many claims we have heard that as it turns out are absolutely false. for instance, officials claim no data was being collected on americans. that absolutely false. officials claimed the spying was limited simply to people
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overseas. remember the "f" if fisa, foreign, that's false. the president has said the more americans learn about it, the more comfortable they will be. that's false as well. can you really trust the government to tell us what's going on? so far, according to the judge and the court, no. >> two things i'd like to point out. i talked to somebody who is involved with the nsa and yesterday because i wanted to get some clarification on this. and who hasn't been involved since 2008 but was involved in the summer in july when george bush was president, when the fisa amendment was passed to enhance the collection ability of the nsa and the senate approved it 97-0. so he said, i have not been involved in it since, but what they're doing is collecting, not looking. so i get all this e-mail, doesn't mean they're looking at it. they have it. if i go adam gadan, i can go and
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look it up and see who he's been talking to and maybe connect the dots. but they have no interest in mr. and mrs. sally johnson in iowa and arkansas. >> but it does look like they're spying on with us the metadata. they have phone calls and the internet stuff. brian, your source who you talked to in the beginning during the bush year, it started off as one thing. and james sensenbrenner he says this thing has morphed into something not legal so they have to change the law. >> if you want to go through my e-mails, fine, i'm not doing anything wrong, but we don't trust -- we don't trust you with the information now. because they're saying they're not doing anything wrong. the courts are saying they are. the courts, they're saying this is unconstitutional. tell us what you think. do you even care anymore? do you enjoy this topic? send us an e-mail.
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>> right. or you can use twitter and just for the record, ainsley, i don't mind if you go through my e-mail, but steve back off. don't pretend like you don't know. meanwhile, listen to this -- >> who told you? what the password was. at the arkansas christian academy in bryant, arkansas, they have that sign outside. it said staff is armed and trained and any attempt to harm children will be met with deadly force. they feel it's their obligation after what happened in newtown, connecticut, to protect the children. so a number of staff members have gone through training. if somebody comes on campus and tries to do anything, they could be met with deadly force. >> you know, i'm not a parent yet, but i have always said when i become a parent it is my duty, my job, to protect my children. that's what a parent does. when i take my child to school and i put them in a classroom with a teacher, i would hope and pray that he or she would protect my child and love my
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child as much as i do. so we saw this in newtown. we saw the teachers putting themselves as barricades in front of the kids. that's exactly what they were doing. willing to risk their lives and many of them did for the kids. and the teachers are saying we're warning you. you come in, you're going to meet your maker. >> apparently, a number of the parents are happy they'll do it. >> they're going to pray with them before they pull the trigger? >> let's see if that's going to become mass produced or if it's a single school. tell us what you think about that. would you send your kid to the school knowing that sign out this? three teens admit they killed for the thrill of it, so where's the white house? there's a reason they're silent, the next guest said. check out this. imagine your day at the beach interrupted by -- what is that? >> it's not a whale. >> no, it's not. it's a super hover craft. what is it doing landing there on the beach? >> no one is running. >> danger zone. stiffness...
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three teenagers admit they killed this baseball star for the thrill of it. so where are civil rights leaders and the white house on this? let's talk to author of "backlash" danine bareally. despite the fact that the white house said they haven't heard about this, we have heard about this. it's a lot of outrage because when you look at what happened for instance the last big case down in florida with trayvon martin, you saw al sharpton and jesse jackson, our president comment on this. this horrific thing that happened down in oklahoma on friday, nary a word. >> yeah, my heart goes out to the family of this young man, but this is absolute moral selective outrage. when you look at the black liberal establishment, president obama, al sharpton, jesse jackson, leaders of the naacp, their message is about victimization.
6:18 am
and this incident as tragic as it is, this incident does not fit into their narrative. so they're going to try to ignore it, pretend it didn't happen. they also tried to ignore the black on black crime that happened, because that highlights the failures of their big government policies in these communiti communities. >> are you saying that unless it's helpful to them politically, sharpton and jack subject and the president it's not helping them politically they're not going to talk about it. >> look at the trayvon martin case, it was made a national news headline on a daily basis. look at the school bus beating in florida. no mention of it except from jesse jackson, he happened to issue a press release just last night. how many phone calls did that take to get that. >> i'm glad you brought that up. we talked about where they were yesterday and jesse jackson put out this tweet that angered a lot of people. praying for the family of chris lane. the senseless violence is frowned upon.
6:19 am
frowned upon? and the justice system will prevail. then he wound out putting out a statement later that said this. because frowned upon simply not enough. the recent incidents of violence in america calls each of us to a collectively resist all forms of violence in our society, in particular black on black violence. disproportionately affects every facet of black life in america. we must learn to live together to -- in peace. it goes on. >> imagine if this was flipped around. three white kids shot a black person in the back. and imagine if this this was flipped around. >> absolutely. >> they would be in the streets already in oklahoma marching. >> in this particular case, it was two black teenagers and one white kid shot this 22-year-old white kid from australia. is this racial? >> well, some of the tweets that were -- from social media from one of the black individuals had
6:20 am
some hate tweets, racist tweets before and after this event. so this does indicate this was a racial incident. >> man. all right, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it is horrible, thank you. what do you think about it? e-mail us about it. meanwhile, another day, another blow to obama care. now, your spouse won't be covered. wait, i thought they could keep their health insurance. so why is the president kicking off a tour today highlighting all the things he's done for the middle class? stuart varney, wake up, you're next. should you be paying for medical marijuana for people who can't afford it? the brand new plan that wants you to fund pot for the poor. what makes your family smile?
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former nfl star aaron hernandez due in court today. he faces first degree murder charges in the shooting death of odin lloyd. last month, the prosecutors were granted more time to present evidence. he has not pleaded not guilty -- he has pleaded not guilty i should say and he is being held without bail. and pot for the poor? dispensaries are putting aside 2% and someone wake up stuart varney. it would give poor patients a 20% discount. marijuana goes for $400 an ounce as steve knows. meanwhile, more trouble for obama care. another employer dropping health benefits because of the rising health care costs. the university of virginia, uva, announcing yesterday it's cutting coverage for some employee spouses if they have
6:25 am
got coverage through their own jobs citing fears that the president's plan could add more than $7 million to their health care costs. uva next year alone. >> this comes as the u.p.s. revealed that it would be doing the same for thousands of its employees. our guest, stuart varney, is here to weigh in on this? >> you want me to weigh in on this one? you remember the promises that were made when we got into obama care in the first case, oh, if you like your plan, you can keep it. and reform of the health care system will lower the cost. wrong on both counts, as university of virginia clearly shows. point number one, they have dropped spousal coverage. okay, so if you work for the university of virginia, your spouse has coverage elsewhere. your policy drops that spousal coverage. number two, next year, 2014, university of virginia has to pay an extra $7.3 million because of obama care for health care. number three, in the future, if
6:26 am
you've got a generous plan from the university of virginia, you're going to be heavily taxed on it. it's going to cost you a lot more money. on three counts, all those promises broken at the university of virginia. >> okay. so if you're a uva employee and your spouse works elsewhere and has health care available to them elsewhere, you have to cut them off from that particular policy. what's interesting though, i would imagine u.p.s. and uva both have pretty good health insurance. so if the spouse is working for a company that provides minimal coverage, you know, their coverage is going in the dumper. >> that's true. it applies to 15,000 people at u.p.s. now, that's a lot of people who are going to lose the coverage that they like. >> and the university of virginia, a big proponent of passing obama care. they were very much in support of it. and now they are actually paying the price for it. but ultimately it's their employees that do. >> it's ironic, isn't it? that universities all across the country -- >> we had a professor from penn state.
6:27 am
>> they're essentially left of center, almost all universities left of center, big proponents of president obama and obama care. now when it comes to the crunch and obama care is imposed on those people, oh, they don't like it. they're dropping coverage left, right and center because it will cost them a ton more money. >> you get everybody together for varney and company. that's coming up on the fox business network. >> a-rod, i would like some input on that if you're free for 30 seconds or so. >> i think if you want a franchise, he's a good guy to trade for. >> take the yankees into the playoffs and they're going to rely on him to win the playoffs for them. >> we just did sports. varney on baseball. watch out. thank you. >> thank you. all right, coming up, an american couple said they were just abandoned by a cruise line in turkey. wait till you hear their story. then, do you hate hearing crying babies when on an airplane? yes. one airline has a plan.
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right on to the shore, sending waves crashing into them. the whole thing caught on camera. the russian navy confirms it was just practicing beach landings. >> i think it's supposed to be a military beach too. they weren't really allowed to be there on the beach. >> all right. it doesn't seem as though the people, number one, are going to get ticketed, nor were they concerned. >> no one is moving or running. >> do you notice there seems to be a lot of crazy video coming out of russia, the former soviet union? >> i did notice that. >> you did notice? >> let's look back at the great moments that we have experienced here on "fox & friends" thanks to the russians. for example, who doesn't have an oversized -- they forget there was an underpass coming up. nothing like -- >> a giraffe? >> it looks like a giraffe. but it's a deer. next how about a car hits a bear and then the bear -- watch this, the car is going to hit the bear. oh, right there.
6:33 am
you would think that behind the banner, you'll have to trust us, the bear gets up and just walks away. >> right. it turns out it was big foot. and then here -- here he is. >> come on. >> you just hit a bear. >> poor thing. >> i think he hit the ucla mascot. but the bear is fine. >> don't we have a half naked man on the run? you'll want to watch this. >> no, you'll want to watch this. >> why are you watching this? whoa. >> he's half naked. >> there you go. >> get off my car! >> he gets punched in the face. >> he was watching too many movies. he was trying to escape. >> so the guy hit a bear, a giant deer hit an overpass. we have a naked guy on top of a car. right here, a meteor hits russia. >> remember this? exactly. just lit up the sky. we used it as -- it's been a
6:34 am
little while. but that was really stunning. >> remember it wiped out all the dinosaurs? >> i do remember that. >> right. >> of course if a meteor wasn't enough, there's a water ride. >> well, kind of improvised -- >> i love this one. >> one of your favorites. >> yeah. this is awesome. >> so being from the south, i can say we were taking bets on the show this is probably out of south carolina. this is how we grew up down there. then we heard it was from russia. >> what you do on space mountain, hop in a crane and go in a dirty pond. >> you have to admit this looks like fun. >> how many kids do they lose? >> we did so many things like this. >> i know -- >> well, we did. >> the crane operator is water park certified. so we want to know what's your favorite outstanding russian video. i haven't made a choice yet. chris chulo, he's working the camera, he'll make a choice. what about you?
6:35 am
tweet us if you can do it in under 140 characters. >> the deer thing, was that a real deer? >> no, no, it's a statue. >> oh, good. >> it was extending too high and the driver -- >> that makes me feel a lot better. >> because we are -- >> if we killed that deer, we are fresh out. >> that would be terrible. gosh. now for your headlines this morning. a dream cruise turns into a medical nightmare for an american couple after the ship leaves them in turkey. jill and dodge melconian were on board a ship when dodge, the husband, fell and broke his hip. they say that the ship dropped them off at a hospital and then took off. the couple claims that hospital was dirty and that no one in the hospital spoke english, making it difficult obviously. they eventually got in touch with the u.s. embassy there. dodge is now recovering at an american hospital in istanbul. there are renewed calls after another reported chemical
6:36 am
attack in syria. watch this. >> kids are dying and you're to blame. >> kids are dying and you're the oblame. >> dozens of protesters observed a moment of silence for the innocent victims. it is believed that bashar al assad's regime launched a poisonous gas attack while many were sleeping. reports vary, with some saying more than 1,300 people are killed. you have to see the pictures -- in fact, don't see the pictures. but just know many of them were children. remember the red line put down by the president a year ago last summer and at least two times now syria has crossed it. it happened at the same time that a team was there to investigate a previous attack site. al gore comparing critics of global warming to racists. the sit down interview with "the washington post," gore was asked why he's optimistic his claims will be accepted as fact.
6:37 am
and new aggressive climate change policies will be enacted. he says eventually it will be socially unacceptable to question global warming. saying, quote, the most important part of it is winning the conversation. i remember a time when one of my friends made a racist joke and another said, hey, man, we don't go for that anymore. same thing happened on apartheid. several scientists have released reports contradicting al gore's claims on global warming. the science is not settled. we made a ton of money off it. >> he has. >> well, if you ever got stuck on a plane with crying children, it's probably one of the worst experiences. don't get on a plane going to orlando, disney world. imagine if you can avoid them on your next flight. scoot bans kids under the age of
6:38 am
12. passengers flying the budget asian airline can upgrade to the 41-seat cabin for just $18. a new section offers additional leg room as well. >> that's a good question. what would you rather have, a kid not crying or extra leg room? >> does it occur to you that the kid is crying for a reason, his head hurts or he has an ear infection? >> because he's a kid. scary moment at the braves/mets game. watch this. >> oh! hayward hit on the helmet. >> jason hayward could be out four to six weeks after taking this jon niese hit to the jaw. he'll be operated on today. the braves win it, 4-1. maria sharapova will not compete at the u.s. open. she is pulling out because of a right shoulder injury. sharapova has only played one
6:39 am
match this summer. a shocking loss to sloan stevens in the western and southern open. she fired her coach, jimmy connors, soon after. maria sharapova a lot of people in new york would have rubbed her shoulder until it felt better. show your team spirit on a bun. sonic rolling out the newest creation, burgers with college logos. steamed right on. right now it only has the deals with university of oklahoma, texas and louisiana. coming up on "kilmeade & friends", we're bragging, we have maria molina to preview the day. >> we should be eating cheeseburgers with the "fox & friends" logo on top of the buns. let's look at the weather conditions quickly, because we have some extreme weather out west. we have more than 50 wildfires right now burning from states like parts of nevada and parts
6:40 am
of california and even up into sections of montana. so very widespread out there. one of the reasons is because we do have severe to even extreme drought out here. we have dry brush in place that can help to fuel the many wildfires and the weather conditions is not helping the situation. we have low humidity, strong winds in excess of 35 miles per hour and possible thunderstorms that are of the dry type. so that rain would evaporate before reaching the ground and also, they can produce lightning strikes which themselves can actually strike up some new wildfires. so that's something we're keeping an eye on. fire weather watches in effect out there. isolated showers and storms in the northeast today. we could see some delays because of that. temperature wise in the 80s. let's head back inside. >> it's still august. coming up straight ahead, undefeated miami dolphins team finally getting a salute at the white house, but three players
6:41 am
chose to skip the ceremony because of their differences with the president's policies. one of those men is here to explain why. and the partridge family star david cassidy is in trouble with the law once again. wait until you hear what happened this time. >> he was arrested? uh-oh. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ a quarter million tweeters is beare tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less.
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so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up...
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♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. some quick headlines on this thursday morning. convicted army private bradley manning now asking president obama for a presidential pardon. saying he acted in love of his country. he was sentenced yesterday to 35 years for leaking thousands of documents to wikileaks. his defense team is set to make a formal request next week. and former teen idol david
6:45 am
cassidy in trouble with the law again. police arrested the partridge family star in upstate new york for apparently drunk driving. the charge is a felony because he has a 2011 conviction for driving under the influence in another state. down in florida. all right. brian, speaking of florida -- >> hey, the history making 1972 undefeated miami dolphins team finally getting a long overdue salute at the white house and it happened this week. but three members of the championship team choosing to skip the ceremony over differences of opinion with president obama. among those bob kuchenberg who played guard is one of the best in the business. bob, as great as you guys were and as special as it is to get invited to the white house, you decided to skip it. why? >> well, brian, i just don't really agree with hardly anything that this administration has done and it was just a choice. i didn't want to be hypocritical and it would have been just that had i attended. and, you know, my teammates that
6:46 am
went, certainly i hope they had a good time and it looks like they did, but for me, it would have been -- i didn't belong there. >> but what exactly is your problem with the president's 4 1/2 years in office? >> well, you know, everything that -- the results. i mean, from foreign relations to failed policies, to just about everything that he's attempted. i think that great damage has been done to our country, and unfortunately, i fear that by 2016 the damage may be irreparable. >> do you consider yourself a republican, a democrat wins so c you didn't go? is that one of the reasons? >> no, i'm not a republican, i'm not registered. i'm an independent. just an old stubborn kraut, i guess.
6:47 am
so i kind of -- i'm a lone wolf and i'm a registered contrarian. >> i understand. if bill clinton or george bush asked you to go to the white house, would you have gone to the white house? >> i would have, yes. or carter or any past president that i am -- i'm old enough to remember. but it's just because of the failed policies and failed results and whether they be deliberate or unwitting, it's just that our country is in grave danger and i didn't want to be up there with people who were not -- you know, i didn't belong there. >> well, bob, first off, i guess we should get your definition, what do you think a good president is? i mean, not everything you do is going to go right. not everything you do is right. but are you saying that there's something different about this administration? >> i think there's something different, yes. i believe that a lot of the policies that this president has
6:48 am
had thus far i question. i think that if you heard of the professors clouward and pivens, the columbia university professors that were far left radicals and the president was a student of theirs and they studied sal alinsky's community organizer mantra. all of this adds up to things that i don't really care for. >> and bob, at this point being a leader all your life, doing the things you're supposed to do and achieving excellence especially with the '72 team, you can make your own choices and that's what you did. it was fun watching you play and you beat the jets twice, and i
6:49 am
always enjoyed that. good to see and thank you for sharing your views. >> i have to apologize for my commander in chief, don shula, for all of my football career. he was the one -- if you saw the clip, he was the one in the wheelchair. but 347 wins, all-time nfl champion. coach, i'm sorry, don't make me run any more gassers, please. >> i'm sure he won't. but you can make it up by going to one of his steak houses across the country. you can't go wrong. thanks so much. and don shula, please don't make him run. he doesn't want to. all right. have a good day, bob. >> thank you, brian. straight ahead, bank of america intern drops dead after working three straight days. we'll be here live. our nation's heroes returning from war suffer from wounds no one else can see. now three young hollywood actors are trying to bring awareness about ptsd to the forefront. how you can help, next.
6:50 am
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>> ainsley: it's a different battle that many soldiers are facing. posttraumatic stress disorder. it impacts more than 18% of troops returning home. now three young hollywood actors want to do something about it. they're raising money to make a film that will bring awareness to this crippling problem. those actors, matt dallas and steven graham. they're joining us here now live. hi, guys. nice to see you. >> thanks for having us. >> ainsley: whose idea was this? >> we started with steven. >> yeah. it started with me. my grandfather was a pow in the second world war. i grew up with his stories of survival from that period. >> ainsley: i understand you were drinking a case of guiness beer and came up with this idea
6:54 am
to make a movie? >> yeah. we were reading the headlines and seeing this growing epidemic, how it was taking 22 lives, veterans' lives every day. every 25 hours, one active duty soldier or marine commits suicide. we felt a call to action to do something about it. so we pooled our talents together, spent two years writing "thunder road," that's the film. and that's what we're fundraising for. >> ainsley: why do you have to fund raise for this? you have so many connections in hollywood. all three of you are actors, charlie couldn't be here. you have so many connection. is hollywood not interested in this? >> yeah. we've been taking meetings all over town with producers, but everybody says nobody wants to see a believe about ptsd, it's not something the general public cares about. we felt that wasn't the case. we think this is a story that needs to be told and that people
6:55 am
do want to see because you have millions of people coming home, men and women coming home from war and it affects millions of people in this country. so we felt that was not the case, so we put the power in the people's hands. >> ainsley: what's the goal here? you have like a month to raise a million dollars. >> right. as of today, we have it 21 days to raise the balance. our goal is $750,000. i believe as of this morning, we're at 142. >> ainsley: what do our viewers need to do? they support the military. fox news loves all veterans. >> which we really appreciate. the easiest thing to do is to go on to you can watch a short video that was put together that it's very informative. it explains our message, what we're trying to accomplish. and then you can pledge. it's not just that you're just pledging. you're actually getting something for your money aside from the cause. you can be in the film.
6:56 am
you can attend any of the premieres. we have a new york premiere. premieres all across the country. >> ainsley: if you want to be in the film, what do you do? >> the pledge is $10,000. i will say, this is 100% -- this has been researched 100% all on real accounts. we've spent two years sitting in front of -- >> ainsley: traveling the country, interviewing all these people and still staying in touch with them. i'm very impressed. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> ainsley: if you want to donate, go to our web site, you can donate on the web site and go see this believe when it comes out if you want to support the troops and these young men. thank you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: coming up at the top of the hour, this is the twist no one saw coming. shocking new questions about hannah anderson's relationship with her kidnapper. was he her real biological father? and one man sneaks into jlo's
6:57 am
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too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. >> ainsley: good thursday morning to you. it is august 22. it's payday in these parts. >> steve: yahoo. >> ainsley: i'm ainsley earhart filling in for gretchen this morning. >> brian: right to the track. >> ainsley: three teen-agers admitting that they hunted down a promising young athlete and killed him just for the fun of it. now some are saying this wasn't about race, but one of the suspects tweets may have them thinking twice this morning. >> brian: remember the white house said if you like your insurance, you can keep it? put an asterisk next to that campaign promise because while you might be able to keep it, your family may be dropped. we'll explain. >> steve: and i hope this guy has apple care.
7:01 am
>> you got a brand-new imac. [ laughter ] >> steve: we're going to tell you the story behind that crazy video. "fox & friends" hour two for thursday -- >> ainsley: please say that's a prank. >> steve: i hope so. starts right now. >> steve: having had a number of those big boxes carried from the apple store, i'd say that sounded like it was empty. listen -- [ laughter ] >> ainsley: you're right. >> steve: there is kind of a thud. >> ainsley: it might have been the mac book air! >> steve: then it would have floated. find out what that's all about in just a minute. ainsley is in for gretchen
7:02 am
today. >> ainsley: yes. where is she, by the way? >> steve: on vacation. she'll be back on monday. >> ainsley: all right, good. let me tell you about the headlines this morning. were you saying something, brian? did i interrupt you? >> brian: no, i'll tell you on the break. >> ainsley: here are some of your headlines. with brand-new 911 calls taken from this week's frightening school shooting near atlanta, you can hear one of the hostages saying that the shooter is not afraid to die. >> he said to tell them to back off. he doesn't want the kids. he wants the police. so back off and what else, sir? he said he don't care if he die. he don't have nothing to live for and he said he's not mentally stable. >> ainsley: she went on to say, i love you. that everyone has problems in their lives. this lady is being called a hero this morning. nobody was injured. in part thanks to one hostage being hailed as a hero for talk 20-year-old michael brandon hill off the edge. that was the lady you heard. police are also revealing new details on hill's disturbing carb of weapons.
7:03 am
he was carrying an ak 47. he faces several felony charges, including making trystic threats -- terroristic threats. british tourist hit by a cab on vacation here in new york is now vowing to carry on with her life despite the fact that she might be losing both of her legs. doctors did have to amputate a little more of that left leg and they're trying to save the right leg which was mangled. authorities are blaming the horrific accident on road rage between a cabby with a checkered driving record and a bicycle messenger with a lengthy wrap sheet. >> brian: he admits he's a bad driver. >> ainsley: the cabby has since lost his license and he could be slapped with criminal charges. a young tourist attacked by a shark in hawaii a week ago has now died. 20-year-old janna from germany was snorkeling in maui when a shark bit off her right arm.
7:04 am
she had to be on life support and this is the fourth shark attack in maui this year. i hope this guy has apple care. >> yes, we got a brand-new imac! [ laughter ] >> ainsley: look at the horror on the shoppers' faces. don't worry, though. it is a prank. they dropped the box full of broken glass. >> brian: i hope they were smart enough to clear out the bottom. >> ainsley: exactly. always smart to know nobody is below. that glass could shatter, though. >> brian: you don't want to be walking out and suddenly get hit by a tv. >> steve: gertz? never heard of it. >> ainsley: gertz berry.
7:05 am
>> brian: maze, you never heard of it? >> steve: macy's. >> ainsley: this is the twist that no one saw coming. shocking new questions about hannah anderson's relationship with her kidnapper. was he her real biological father? heather nauert is here with that story. good morning. >> good morning to you. they called him uncle jim, but could hannah anderson's kidnapper actually have been her father? that's what james dimaggio's family is now saying and they want a paternity test done. this question came up when it was revealed that dimaggio left a $112,000 life insurance policy to hannah's grandmother. a spokesperson for dimaggio's family says they won't seek any of the money. they just want to know the nature of his relationship with the anderson family. hannah's father, who lives in ten continue, calls this speculation, quote, disgusting. and it's easy to see why he says that. in the meantime, a new interview
7:06 am
with the teen-ager, she says she now considers herself to be a survivor. listen. >> in the beginning, i was a victim. but now knowing everyone out there is helping me, i consider myself a survivor instead. my mom raised me to be strong. >> that's hannah speak out about two weeks after she was rescued by f.b.i. agents who had shot and killed dimaggio. no word whether or not she'll submit to this paternity test. but we'll keep looking into it. can you imagine how upset that father must be about this? back to you. >> brian: that's a twist i wasn't expecting. >> i know. bizarre. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about this once again. one thing that's got people upset all across the country. we're talking about -- >> brian: i would say around the world. >> steve: that's accurate because this fellow was from australia. we're talking about the senseless random murder of 22-year-old baseball player chris lane. he was murdered by two black teen-agers, one white teen-ager down in duncan, oklahoma.
7:07 am
there is the guy, chris lane. he was shot in the back with a .22. down there, members of the families of a couple of the accused murderers are saying oh, you know what? we blame the community. other people are blaming guns and the availability of guns. but check out one of the tweets from one of the suspects. we're talking about james edwards. here is one of his tweets. take a look at this. it says, quote, 90% of white people are nasty, hash tag hate them. does that sound racist to you? >> brian: we know he tracked him. we know he hunted him and we know he shot this guy. he was random in the fact they were chosen. why they were chosen, we still don't know. but these guys are talking and here is the scary thing, they have no qualms about doing it. they laughed after doing it and said it was because they were bored. let's see what also comes out because there was a facebook site was one of these guys
7:08 am
wearing gang colors. so was this part of gun initiation, which is disturbing if you're proud of america is the reputation we're getting. now in australia, the prime minister says if you're thinking of going to america for business or pleasure, think twice. he said another example of murder on main street. it seems like it's the wild west, especially two days before you have a guy -- woman from britain get run over by a cabby right on 49th. >> steve: you were talking about the international outrage. yesterday on this program we were talking about why haven't we heard from al sharpton or jesse jackton or even our president given that they were so vocal during the trayvon martin problems and the trial down there? jesse jackson yesterday, 11:02 did a tweet where he said he frowned upon the killing by bored teen-agers and the fact that he simply said frowned upon it. that was outrageous. later he issued a press statement.
7:09 am
>> ainsley: it says, the recent incidents of violence in america calls each of us to collectively resist all forms of violence in our society. in particular, black on black violence that disproportion athlete affects every facet of black life in america. we must learn to live together in peace or we will most assuredly die apart in our own neglect. >> brian: with this happening, i thought it was at least good of jesse jackson to step up because that's what people were saying. >> steve: he was forced to after he said frowned upon. >> brian: i haven't heard anything from al sharpton. so let's find out how the administration feels because they did weigh in on a case in florida and weighed in on the verdict, as you know. ed henry asked josh ernest as press secretary. let's listen. >> what is your reaction to the christopher lane case? >> i'm not familiar with that actually. >> the 22-year-old australian, or 23, i've seen different reports, baseball player, came
7:10 am
from australia, was targeted by three african-american young men who the australian was out on a jog and these young men apparently told the police they were bored and they thought it would be fun to kill him. any reaction to that? >> just that this sounds like a tragic case. i wouldn't want to get ahead of the legal process here. the president i think himself has spoken eloquently about violence in our communities. >> why hasn't he spoken out on this, in this case? >> well -- >> there was one in the trayvon martin case, he spoke out extensively on that one. >> i think he -- >> he is in the rose garden? >> he got asked a question about it. >> he didn't have to answer, but he did. >> at the conclusion of the legal process, he shared some thoughts. >> for several minutes. >> sure. that i think are -- where he expressed his concerns about the impact of violence in communities all across the country. >> steve: that's extraordinary for him to say, i'm not familiar with that actually. it was in big headlines on drudge for like a day or two.
7:11 am
then for him to say, well, i don't want to get ahead of the legal process, well, the president certainly did that when he weighed in on trayvon martin way ahead. >> brian: and the professor in cambridge acted stupidly. >> ainsley: here is the problem, many people say the president shouldn't have talked about one case because if he speaks on one case, now it opens the door that he has to speak on all the other cases after that, such as this one. you might disagree that the president -- bill o'reilly, i'm watching his show last night and he says, in i were the president, i wouldn't have spoken about it, but this is the problem. you speak once, you got to speak on all of them. then the left is making it a gun control issue. the right is saying it's behavioral, it's gang related. but you know, bill o'reilly last night made a great point. he said that 95% of gun owners do not commit crimes. there are 100 million guns on the streets in america. most people do the right thing. most people aren't committing crimes with their guns. so it goes back to the right feeling like it is a gang or behavioral problem. i grew up in a household where
7:12 am
my father, he hunts. my brother hunts. there were guns, they were locked up. >> steve: responsible gun owners. >> ainsley: we were taught not to go near those lockers. they're locked up. they keep them safe. we were taught control. >> steve: exactly right. so was i growing up. but there is no suggestion at this point that these guys were involved in gangs. we had a guest on an hour ago and she said when jesse jackson and al sharpton and barak obama all used race occasionally when it is helpful to them politically, but two of the three have not spoken out on it at all. it's not helpful politically to any of them this time around. >> brian: 12 minutes after the hour. bank of america intern drops dead from pulling all nighters? charles gasparino knows what it's like on wall street. he's got some shocking truths about life as an intern, or breaking into wall street. >> steve: what did ashton kucher say that has sarah palin coming out to support him? find out.
7:13 am
kudos to kucher. >> brian: love that backdrop. is that his house? so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up... ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good.
7:14 am
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7:16 am
>> steve: this morning we're awaiting autopsy results for the bank of america intern who suddenly dropped dead. co-workers say 21-year-old man of germany may have worked himself to death in london after pulling three all nighters in a row. was he killed by the culture of wall street? charles gasparino is the senior correspondent for the "fox business" network and author of "circle of friends," a terrific book. there it is. he joins us live. charlie, we know how wall street works. >> right. >> steve: during the summer, they hire these kids from the top universities, these major houses, and they work them -- i got a friend, works from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. six days
7:17 am
a week. >> but he does take a break every now and then. my brother is a doctor, did his residency, stayed up long hours, but he took cat naps. we've all pulled all nighters. what's interesting about this, and the autopsy results haven't come in yet, so we really don't know the exact cause. but what's interesting about this is three consecutive all nighters. if you talk to dr. siegle, he'll tell you when that starts happening, at the very least, you start hallucinating. who knows what kept him up. the autopsy results will be interesting. >> steve: there is the young man who passed away. interestingly enough, apparently he was quoted as saying he wanted to be like gordon gecco, the wall street greedy guy portrayed by michael douglas. >> if that's true, that will tell you he had no problem pushing himself to the brink, if that's what he said. i know we're quoting him. we haven't confirmed that quote. but if that's what he said, he clearly is someone with ambition that would push himself to the
7:18 am
brink. then you have to ask yourself, what made him push himself to the brink? was he taking any sort of substance, aderol, something to keep him up? that will put a lot of pressure on the heart. >> steve: sure. at the very least, it could be five-hour energy or 25 cups of coffee or something like that. ultimately what pushes these kids -- i say kids, even though they're in their early 20s -- is the fact that after their intern year, many of them -- what they're work for is that phone call where goldman sachs or merrill lynch calls them up and says congratulations, you're going to get a job for starting at $150,000 a year. >> that's what he was vying for, like a lot of them. the culture of wall street is interesting. in some ways it's great. it's a brutal area, everybody pushing hard. but it also pushes people to go beyond that. it pushes people sometimes to do illegal things, as i talk about in my book. it also pushes people, maybe in this case, to do something that would kill you. >> steve: terrible story. >> absolutely.
7:19 am
>> steve: autopsy probably coming out later today. thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, it seemed like an ordinary bug bite until this teenage boy collapsed and died. what happened and how common is that? dr. mark siegle has the answers coming up. and how valuable is your car to thieves? a lot of cars on that street right now. we're going to tell you the one model that crooks are going after right now and millions of americans will drive one to work today. there is probably one on that street. what is it? find out too big.
7:20 am
too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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7:22 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. i'll read them out loud.
7:23 am
196.6 million. that's how many people visited yahoo last month. that includes me. allowing it to beat out google as the most visited site. google has just over 192 million visitors. next, number one. honda earning the title of the cars stolen most often. the accord and civic took the top spots for 2012. if you see someone in a honda, make them pull over and give up the keys. two. that's how many bull sharks were pulled from the potomac river in maryland. they were caught 200 yards away from a swimming area. bull sharks are the deadliest. that's enough said. >> ainsley: yes. moving on. thank you, brian. a new york teen-ager collapses and he dies. now doctors say a recent bug bite could be to blame for this. right now they're testing a very rare virus. it's carried by ticks. it attacks the brain. most cases are deadly and there is no treatment that will work when you are diagnosed with this. dr. mark siegle is here from the fox medical a team to explain
7:24 am
this disease. you can get this through ticks. we hear a lot about lyme disease. >> it's extremely rare. it's carried by the same tick, that blagg legged tick. it carries it. it's a virus. it affects the brain p t self and can cause headaches, fever, and unfortunately can be deadly. there is no treatment 'cause it's a virus. but that's not what we're really concerned about with deer ticks 'cause there is 300,000 cases of lyme disease every year. that's the real headline this week. >> ainsley: let's go through some myths and facts about lyme disease. can you get lyme disease anywhere -- well, you can get lyme disease anywhere in the u.s. is that a fact? >> i'm calling that a myth because 96% of the lyme disease is in just ten states. in the northeast, in the mid-atlantic states, and in the upper midwest, wisconsin, minnesota, michigan, where you're from. those are the only places where you're really going to get it
7:25 am
'cause that's where the deer tick is. >> ainsley: west coast really doesn't have to worry about it. >> not going to get this in los angeles. >> ainsley: if you live in one of the regions, if you are bitten by a tick, you may not have lyme disease. >> that's absolutely true. did you know that only one out of 100 tick bites lead to lyme disease? and also, that tick has to be on for two toly days. a tick lands on you, it doesn't even bite you for the first day. second or third day, it's been on for more than 24, 48 hours, then you can get lyme disease. but they hide. they could be in your scalp. >> ainsley: so creepy. >> you got to be look for them if you're in the woods. >> ainsley: you pull them off? >> you don't just pull them off. you have to make sure to get the whole thing out. >> ainsley: go to a doctor. call dr. siegle. it's possible to have lyme disease even with a negative blood test. >> that's absolutely true. you can get lyme disease with a negative blood test. the blood test is sensitive about 60% of the time. but actually if the blood test
7:26 am
is positive, you probably do have lyme disease. >> ainsley: so if that's -- how do you test it then? >> you do a blood test, but it's not positive for about a month afterwards. do you it as a days line and then recheck it. what i want people to know is even if the test is negative, you could still have lyme disease. it's a clinical diagnosis. does the person have a rash? do they have symptoms? are they feeling ill? do they have joint a i -- aches? i find the number one symptom is fatigue. if you're very tired and don't know why, see a physician. >> ainsley: so the treatment for lyme disease usually works? >> absolutely. it's a very short treatment. you take an antibiotic for about two to three weeks, which is why i sometimes overtreat lyme disease, even though i told you at the beginning one in 100 tick bites cause lyme disease. nevertheless, if i have any suspicion at all, i'll probably give that you antibiotic. >> ainsley: and check your pets. >> that's right.
7:27 am
and rodents and birds can carry ticks. so it's not just deer. >> ainsley: oh, my goodness. >> i spray my lawn and have deer fencing up around my house. it's another thing you can do. the bull's eye rash is found in about 60 to 70% of the time. you may not have the rash. you may not see the rash. the rash doesn't cause itchiness or hurt. so look for that rash. but if you don't have the rash, you still could have it. >> ainsley: great information. not a topic we love to discuss, but something we need to. >> especially now. especially this time of year, especially in these ten states. >> ainsley: thanks. good to sigh. if you had a choice, would you save a person that you've never met or your own family pet? the results are in and you might be surprised. one man sneaks into j-lo's hampton mansion and lives there for six days before anyone even noticed he was there. how did this happen? at chico's we're famous for our so slimming jeans.
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7:32 am
during that particular incident. >> brian: take that, russia. we have outstanding video, too. okay? we have trees falling. >> ainsley: thank goodness it didn't happen in a neighborhood again. >> steve: oh, man. a lot of those sinkholes in florida, which is the home state of maria molina. she joins us with the weather. hey, maria. >> good morning. yeah, that's right. from florida. we do tend to see a lot of sinkholes across florida. unfortunately when that limestone weakens and the foundation of homes sometimes gives way, we've seen videos of other stories of homes caving in to these sinkholes. across the northeast, that's not a big occurrence. in new york city, it's on the muggy side today. we have a couple of clouds and we do have also that chance for showers and storms across our area. we could be seeing some delays at the airport. but enjoy the storms because we're actually going to be seeing nicer weather once this system moves through. we're expecting a beautiful weekend. that's good news coming up for us shortly over the weekend, saturday, sunday, sunny. temperatures in the low 80s.
7:33 am
i want to take you out west because out west, we've had a number of wildfires and we still do have an elevated fire danger in place. the number of fire watches and red flag warnings in effect from california to parts of montana due to low humidity, strong winds and even a chance to see lightning from several isolated thunderstorms. otherwise again, rain across parts of the northeast. also isolated downpours in sections of the southeast. temperatures will be very close to average across pretty much most of the country. feeling like summer across parts of the plains. let's head back inside. >> steve: thank you very much. yesterday we told but ups and today we're telling you about the university of virginia. uva. apparently what they have decided is that if you are a uva employee and your spouse has insurance through their job, health insurance through their job, they get cut from the uva policy. they're going to have to take their health care from the
7:34 am
spouse's employer. >> ainsley: how are they going to know? >> steve: they'll know. >> ainsley: if you work alt fox, how do they know if your wife is working? >> steve: they're probably going to put out a questionnaire, do you have a family member who works elsewhere covered under the uva policy? if so, you'll have to, going forward, be covered by them. >> ainsley: if you have a stay at home mom or dad -- >> steve: then that's different. >> brian: i'm so glad you spent those years as an insurance officer, you're able to answer her question. >> ainsley: i have more. how many professor also go elsewhere and look for jobs at other universities because they want -- >> brian: the benefits. >> steve: probably not that many. >> brian: i don't blame the university of virginia. look at the price tag. >> steve: i blame them because they supported obamacare. in the runup, it will cost them -- obamacare is an additional $7.3 million. here is the thing that's going to bug every one of those families whose spouse will have to go ahead to their other employer to get their health benefits, and that is we were
7:35 am
promised if you like your health coverage, you can keep it. but in this case, it looks like if you work at uva or ups, that is not the case if your spouse has insurance elsewhere. >> brian: right. that's why the reaction to dr. sabato, he is lifeguarding overt summer to get extra money. >> steve: i heard painting houses. >> brian: is he? he told me lifeguarding. ainsley, tell us what's happening in the news. >> ainsley: there is a nurse that is spending the next 12 years behind bars as punishment for a failed murder for hire plot. andrew martin admits offering a to pay $10,000 to a patient to kill an 80-year-old ohio woman. martin and the woman were fighting over ownership of her late brother's house. the patient eventually tipped off police. brian? >> brian: thanks. he managed to sneak into j-lo's hampton's mansion and live there for six days before anyone noticed.
7:36 am
♪ >> brian: that's what she sounds like when she sings. now the story, 49-year-old man took time to post vacation photos at her property. this picture of himself with the caption, jenny always sending me love. his neighbors said they saw him, but thought he was an employee. when a guard confronted him, he tried to claim he was j-lo's ex-husband. >> steve: life is not like that box of chocolates. meanwhile, god told him to do it. former pope benedict revealing why he decided to resign. the pope telling a friend he had a type of mystical experience over the course of a few months where he had a, quote, direct report with the lord. that's our new pope right there. in the end, the pope says god
7:37 am
wanted him to devote the rest of his life to prayer. benedict also saying he sees more charisma in pope francis in those pictures, his successor. >> ainsley: do you remember when ashton kucher said this about jobs? >> and i've never had a job in my life that i was better than. i was always just lucky to have a job and every job i had was a stepping stone to my next job. and i never quit my job until i had my next job. so opportunity looks a lot like work. >> ainsley: video of that speech going viral. more than 3 million hits. now conservatives are singing its praises, calling it remarkable. on facebook the former alaska governor, sarah palin, she calls it a heartfelt speech and says, quote, good to see his iowa roots shining through all that hood glitter. on our trips to iowa, our families always admire the strong work ethic and dedication
7:38 am
to freedom to those who live there in the heartland hold dear. as they say, you can take the boy out of iowa, but you can't take iowa out of the boy. those are your headlines. that is great advice. don't quit your job until you have another job. i've never understood why people do this. >> steve: they do it every day. we say it to brian all the time. >> brian: i'm wondering why you keep saying that. i don't know. enough is enough. alex rodriguez says he's done talk being his possible 200-plus game suspension. this after a wild week of wild accusations, including a-rod's lawyer accusing the yankees of trying to botch his hip surgery and getting beaned by a pitch from red sox pitcher ryan dempster. he says he wants everything to be 100% on baseball and don't keep making headlines by suing them.
7:39 am
>> hit on the helmet. >> brian: wow. hit on the jaw. heyward out four to six weeks taking that pitch to the face. x-rays positive. surgery today. braves went on to win 4-1. really the u.s. open, right shoulder hurts this player. she will not be hitting balls at other people. i can't out of the u.s. -- maria sharapova is out of the u.s. open. she's blond. >> steve: that was crazy. she's out because she's blond? >> brian: no. she's out. her shoulder bothers her. >> steve: okay. thank you. this is kind of one of those sophie's choice things. if you were given the choice, let's say there is a car traveling head on at your dog and a foreign tourist, who would you save? you can only save one. who would you save? survey says, according to this
7:40 am
survey, 40% of participants faced with this hypothetical would save their dog's life rather than the foreigner's life. according to researchers. that number is higher for women. 45% say they would save their dog. >> brian: your answer? do you have a dog? >> ainsley: i have two. >> brian: two dogs are there. let's say hypothetically steve doocy from sweden here on tour, would you save your dog -- >> ainsley: don't put me on the hot seat. instinctively you're probably going to go after your loved one, right? many people think their pets are like their babies. i love you, steve. >> brian: unlike steve, if you would have saved the dogs, they'd lick you. steve would not. [ laughter ] right? am i right? >> ainsley: oh, my gosh, brian. >> steve: it is a dilemma. but when you look at the practicality of it, it was two days ago one block away from us that a cab driver jumped the
7:41 am
curb, hit that foreign tourist, cut off her foot. what do you have? you have all these people rushing to her aid. when it's hypothetical, it's one thing. but reality -- >> brian: but there was no choice. you save the tourist, but there was no dog to save. >> ainsley: you know what? my dogs are fast. they would get out of the way. i'd save you. >> brian: good point. sorry to bring you two apart. >> steve: what would you do? e-mail us. >> brian: doesn't matter what country the tourist is from. next up, this boy is punished for turning his pop tart into a gun. would a girl be disciplined the same way? are schools singling out boys? is it a war on boys now? >> ainsley: it's art imitating life. a new movie looking at the reach of government surveillance, but is closed circuit really worth your money? that's coming up next. ♪ turn around
7:42 am
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>> steve: the fate of nidal hasan could be in the hands of the jury as early as later today. in about two hours, closing arguments are set to begin. ford is live in texas. good morning to you. what are we expecting? >> good morning. final arguments beginning in a couple of hours, a little more than that, with the prosecution yesterday telling the judge that after two weeks of testimony, they're going to need about an hour and a half to two hours to present their final arguments this morning. we have no idea how long nidal hasan is going to take. he may take a few minutes. he may just tell the judge he doesn't have a final argument. we just don't know. of course, in his opening statement, he essentially admitted that he was the shooter back in 2009 who killed 13 people here at fort hood and wounded some 30 others.
7:46 am
it's impossible for us to know. only hasan knows how long he is going to take in giving a closing final argument. he may take minutes or an hour or two. it's going to be up to the judge to decide just how long he and both the prosecutors have. by this afternoon, it looks like the jury will finally get the case. we'll have to deliberate -- they'll have to deliberate all of these counts of murder and attempted murder and then the penalty phase will begin if not late tomorrow, probably early monday. steve, that's how it is right here in fort hood right now. >> steve: ford, thank you very much. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley? >> ainsley: thank you. coming soon to a theater near you, an international thriller where terrorists unleash a truck bomb on london streets. >> people approach from the west entrance. >> you can't cross here!
7:47 am
>> don't do anything about it. >> ainsley: for more on the new movie "closed circuit," we're stepping into the fox light with michael tamaro to learn more. tell bus it. >> this is a good time of year to go see a movie knew that the kids are going back to school. all the mega movies have gone away and it's more adult movies. this focuses on the british legal system, which is steeped in tradition and some controversy with the closed sessions where a defendant could have two attorneys, two paris ster. if the government is presenting evidence, it could be something the defendant doesn't know. they're defending the person accused and uncover a government conspiracy and surveil -- >> steve: we got that going in our country. >> it takes center stage.
7:48 am
we sat down with actors over the weekend to talk about it. >> it's a dilemma, which is do you fight fair or not? >> the whole notion of privacy and government intervention and how much we're being watched or monitored and how that information is used is very much central to our story. >> i hope that they will think to ask questions and not accept this. >> ainsley: and there is a love story involved. they used to date. they were ex-lovers and then joined the defense -- >> they don't talk in the beginning of the movie. >> steve: they got a legal thriller, but got to throw in the love component, but got to throw that in for the people who are bored by that. >> brian: do you think we should shell out the money and go? >> it's worth it. buy popcorn and buy a coke. good escape. >> steve: brian needs a diet coke. that's nice. >> don't take it personally. >> brian: i am. even though i'm hurt, you
7:49 am
shouldn't be so hurt, too, to not go watch the interviews on the fox light, in the am i right? >> there you go. you can follow me at twitter. >> steve: thank you. all right. next up, this boy sent home for turning his pop tart into the shape of a gun. remember that? he's not the only one being punished for something silly. but would girls be disciplined the same way or are our schools simply unfairly targeting boys? that's coming up. >> ainsley: first on this date in 1999, christina aguilera had the number one song "genie in a bottle." that seems like a long time ago good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ]
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7:53 am
>> brian: debate brewing over a gender gap in our he indication system. some say schools are being too nice to girls and harsh with boys. here are the facts. preschool boys are five times more likely to be expelled than girls. in grade k through 12, boys account for nearly 70% of all suspensions. zero tolerance policies to blame? or is something else going on? christina thought about that and wrote a book. she's a scholar and author of this book "the war against boys." you say the boys are the have notes in our education system. when did that happen? >> well, boys have always struggled with school, but there has never been a time where it was more difficult for them because when they start as early as kindergarten or first grade, it's almost as if they exist in under a cloud of disapproval. that's where you get these high suspension rates because there is just very little tolerance for male rambunctiousness.
7:54 am
>> brian: you got this boy who used a pencil as a gun, got suspended. another cut his pop tart into a gun, he got in trouble. these are boys being boys. now it's too much trouble. >> too much trouble. i understand there was a reason for zero tolerance policies. we wanted to rid our school of violent children or children dealing with drugs. that's understandable. but this policy has been misapplied. boys are paying a very high price. >> brian: what is that price? >> for example, little boys -- this is true cross culturally. their character to play is rough and tumble. there's a lot of mock fighting, sound effects. it's a critical part of their socialization. yet in many schools, boys are not allowed to play that way. they will even be punished. narratives of fantasies of vanquishing bad guys, this kind of fantasy play is typical.
7:55 am
yet boys should be ashamed, they're punished. this is harming them in every possible way. >> brian: what's interesting, you just told me some countries notice it, recognize it and take action and those countries are? >> well, canada, australia, great britain. they're about ten years ahead of us addressing what's known as the boy gap. today girls are far more likely to go to college. they get better grades. they're winning the honors. they're leading boys in -- leaving boys in the dust when it comes to literacy. these other countries are addressing it and trying to make their classrooms friendslier to boys. >> brian: all right. if you agree with what she's concluded and studied, it's all in her new book. tweet us right now or write us. christina, congratulations on your book. thanks for talking to us. >> thank you. >> brian: meanwhile, straight ahead, in the final hour of our show, three teens admit killing a young athlete for fun. so is it the gun's fault? that's what the left is saying. wait until you see what one of
7:56 am
the suspects tweets. michelle malkin weighs in. and we get the inside scoop on a brand-new sport show on fox sports one. it will be great to see the legend with us in our new studio. sit up straight, ainsley. ♪ [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. ♪ catering to the conveniently lated has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. we get to see everyone in america almost every day.
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that's powerful. verizon. get the nokia lumia 928 for free. ♪ ♪ (vo) purina cat chow. 50 years of feeding great relationship >> ainsley: good morning to you. it's thursday, august 22. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for gretchen carlson. we begin with a fox news alert. just call him chelsea manning? a bizarre declaration from the army private who gave u.s. secrets to wikileaks. he wants to live the rest of his life now as a woman.
8:00 am
but what this might actually have to do with the part? we'll tell you about it. >> steve: okay. and three teen-agers admit they hunted down a promising young athlete and killed him for fun. one of the suspects tweeted about hating white people. so why are some people saying this is not about race, but all about guns? michelle malkin weighs in on this in moments. >> brian: and now one fast food chain is refusing to serve him, the disabled vet, all because of his service dog. "fox & friends," according to my watch's final hour will really get started now. the chorus girls sound great today. >> steve: they do. thank you very much. brian will come over with tip money shortly. and ainsley is in for gretch. good to have you. >> ainsley: thanks. good to be here. >> steve: this first story we
8:01 am
got, this is kind of a shocker. >> brian: right. you got to take it slow because it confuses people. one minute we thought that bradley manning was just getting 35 years in prison. if he was in good behavior, he would get nine. is good behavior changing your name? >> ainsley: we begin with your headlines, fox news alert to tell you about this morning. brand-new information that convicted army private bradley manning wants to live the rest of his life as a woman named chelsea. he reportedly said he is a female. you might remember this photo that surfaced recently of manning dressed as a woman. his lawyer speaking out just moments ago. listen to this. >> chelsea didn't want to have this be something that overshadowed the case. he wanted to wait until the case was done to move forward to the next stage. >> ainsley: this news comes as his lawyers -- her lawyers, whatever you say here, i don't know, say that president obama will pardon him for leaking
8:02 am
thousands of documents to wikileaks. he was sentenced to 35 years. also new information this morning, hannah anderson setting the record straight about her relationship with her kidnapper, james dimaggio. according to search warrants, she exchanged about 13 phone calls with dimaggio before he snatched her from cheerleading practice. >> the phone calls weren't phone calls. they were texts because he was picking me up from cheer camp and he didn't know the address or like where i was. so i had to tell him the address and tell him that i was going to be in the gym and not in front of the school. >> ainsley: dimaggio's family now wants a paternity test done to see if he is hannah's real father. the question came up when it was revealed that he left a $112,000 life insurance policy for hannah's grandmother. she lives with the grandmother. incredible new video of a raging wildfire near yosemite national park. this as 51 wildfires burn out of
8:03 am
control throughout the midwest. a dire warning from the u.s. farm service, we're running out of cash. the agency down to just $50 million after spending a whopping $967 million so far this year. that 50 million that's left over, only enough for a few more days of fire fighting. the agency has put in a temporary fix. they have diverted cash from other areas to help fill that gap. iraq war hero refused service at kentucky fried chicken because of that little guy, his service dog. charles hernandez is now suing the company. he says when he and his dog went to the new york city kfc in february, an employee told him no dogs were allowed. instead of taking his order. when hernandez offered to show him the proper paperwork, he was still told to leave the restaurant. the worker says the dog wasn't wearing the right service dog identification, but that's something that hernandez was denying. those are your headlines. >> steve: let's go to colorado springs. joining us on this thursday, as
8:04 am
she does every thursday, michelle malkin. how are you? >> good. how are you doing? goof. a. >> steve: the story the whole world is talking about is the senseless murder of chris lane. what's interesting is some members of the family of a couple of those young men say it's the community to blame. some are blaming guns. some are questioning, was it racially motivated? take a look at one of the tweets that james edwards, one of the young men accused of murder tweeted recently. 90% of white people are nasty. hash tag, hate them. what do you think? >> hash tag hate them, you know, i don't think you could be any more explicit about the racial nature, the racial animus of at least one of these alleged perps
8:05 am
and of course, it's not enough for all of the leftists who would usually be jumping out of their seats to play the race card when these kind of crimes occur. i think in general, the reaction to this compared to other politically expedient crimes shows the lack of moral gravity on the part of so many people in this country. it's distressing to me. i'm sick to my stomach thinking about this case. particularly when you look at the social media foot print of these thugs, more is going to come out. >> brian: it's inexcusable, too, that our press secretary didn't even know about it. this is australia, the whole country and prime minister has weighed in about it. they're shocked, they're stunned. it's the number one story and australia has been our chief ally fighting by our side every single conflict, you could always count on them. at the very least be tapped into the point where you can comment on this senseless murder. >> yeah, that's right. it is literally an international
8:06 am
incident and the white house has nothing to say about it, although -- >> steve: hadn't heard about it. >> that's right. hadn't heard about it. although they always have something to say about the most trivial things if it serves their political agenda. the thing about the left is, they're always so quick to talk about quote, unquote, root causes of crime. we're only allowed to talk about the root causes -- again, that benefit them electorally and the one thing they don't want to talk about here are the cultural and moral issues that create the kind of animals that are involved in this case. the total lack of regard not only for the rule of law, but their total callus disregard for the sanctity of life. these cowards -- and i don't care what their race is -- the color that's involved here is yellow. they were all cowards, shooting an innocent, peaceful man in the back as he was on a jog in middle america. what is going on in this
8:07 am
country? >> ainsley: michelle, we've heard from jesse jackson. he did release a statement. but nothing so far from the reverend al sharpton, nothing from the president, as we were saying. what do you expect will happen? do you expect the president or reverend sharpton will come out? i want to get that answer. but let me first read this. this is the statement from jesse jackson. the recent incidents of violence in america call each of us to collectively resist all forms of violence in our society. in particular black on black violence that disproportion athlete affects every facet of black life in america. we must learn to live together in peace or we will most assuredly die apart in our own neglect. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, that was a rather underwhelming statement and as many people responded and reacted yesterday, the particularly phrase that he used was tepid and passive. he said that this kind of violence is, quote, is frowned upon. what? this is an atrocity that everyone should be condemning
8:08 am
from the top of their lungs and this guy can't even get it up with his finger, to wag it with any sort of conviction! and it shows you that these race hustlers have absolutely no commitment to principle and cannot transcend their own racial narrow agenda. >> steve: at least jesse jackson did put out a statement. he put out that statement after he got beat up on the internet after he said it was frowned upon. >> exactly, steve. >> steve: we have not heard from al sharpton. you know, in the trayvon martin case, if this were similar -- >> brian: he would be down there. >> steve: there would be a rally. people would have t-shirts. there would be live shots. all different. >> yeah, well, now we know how to shut him up. [ laughter ] i say many times that in this morally deranged culture with these race hustlers having such
8:09 am
prominence that some crimes are more equal than others. and that's what this textbook case is showing right now. it's horrifying. >> brian: tell you one thing, you really got to study this nsa thing, it's number one scope of the program. how is it supposed to work? what exactly is going on? the "wall street journal" had a major story a couple days ago and yesterday afternoon, more information about breaches that the fisa court is releasing that james clapper unredacted and unclassified. here it is. they essentially say that we've gone through -- that the nsa -- they say the nsa has gone through 75% of all the e-mails in this country and have admitted to taking thousands of intercepts from americans. not necessarily reading them, but they are harvesting them. here is what the nsa says in response. >> steve: essentially, the bombshell was that the "wall street journal" had released the fact that they're spying and can
8:10 am
reach into 75% of our computers and our internet. apparently yesterday the obama administration revealed that the nsa has violated not just the law, but has violated the constitution three times. also apparently the fisa court has revealed that they can't trust the nsa. you know what? when you look at the things that the administration has put out there, michelle, it's hard to argue with it. for instance, the white house said in the past that no data was being collected on americans. that is false. just like that. in the past officials have claimed the spying was limited to people overseas. foreign, as in fisa. that is false. and the president himself has claimed more americans learn about the programs, the more comfortable we'll all be about that. and that is false. i can't trust them. can you? >> you need to put one of those red stamps across the white house. false. it's a shame. there was a time in this country
8:11 am
when the nsa did have america's trust and when they were doing the right things to keep our country safe. i would say that when history looks back on the obama administration, it will be determined and agreed upon that this administration, more than any other in american history, even the nixon administration, did more to undermine trust in the integrity of all of our government institutions, from fast and furious, to benghazi, to the spying on the press and the american people, and they've made us less safer, not more not only from terrorists, but in our own home. >> brian: the same people that were working in the nsa, there is a lot of great people there. >> yes, there are. >> brian: the senior intelligence official said this about the report. it's not an egregious overreach by a greedy agency seeking to spy on americans. this is a technological problem resulting in a inadvertent
8:12 am
problem. >> steve: the nsa saying trust us. michelle, you kind of sound like you've done a 180. in the beginning of this, you were like, i trust them. i believe they're working in our best interest. but now you don't trust them so much. >> well, i'm not saying that i don't trust the rank and file analysts and people who are veterans of the nsa. i'm talking about the spinners and the fraud committers and the people in the white house who have lied to the american people. to me, that's the tragedy. we need to be fighting a war on terror. we need to have an aggressive stance. we need to be collecting intelligence. we need to be collecting the dots and connecting the dots. i said that after 9-11. nothing has changed. i have not done a 180 all in any of that and i certainly have not done a 180 on talking about the excesses of this administration and their lies. >> brian: what's interesting is when it comes to the nsa, people like you, michael hayden, others say listen, this is what they
8:13 am
do. they got to work behind the scenes. if they expose too much t destroys the work. the president should be doing that, john brennan should be doing that. the chief of staff should be on every show and be making the effort. but there is no effort there. they let these stories go cycle out and put helpless press secretary there in over his head from the minute he walks in the room! >> right. they've undermined confidence in america's ability to defend itself from people who will stop at nothing to kill us. that's the tragedy in all of this. >> ainsley: senator corker wants a new round of briefings. we'll see if that happens. thank you very much. we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, finally bankruptcy used to blacklist you from getting another loan. but it's about to get easier. bob massi explains this major change. >> ainsley: it brings a whole new meaning to compact car. look at this one. it actually folds in half.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
wow, you cleaned up a lot! you did too, pal! [ laughs ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? >> ainsley: we have major news this morning for anyone forced to file bankruptcy. the federal housing administration is now making it a lot easier for you to get another loan and get back on your feet. fox news legal analyst bob massi is here to explain how this all works. good morning to you, bob. >> nice to work with you. thank you. >> ainsley: nice to work with you, too. tell us about the new fha guideline. >> i'm very excited for our viewers. first of all, remember fha insures loans. what they did last week is came out with new guidelines. basically says that if you were a victim of what they call an economic event, foreclosure, a bankruptcy, a short sale loan modification, if during that time your household income went
8:18 am
down 20% for six months, if you basically earn are in a good recovery where you're current on installment loans and go to counseling, housing counseling, you then could be eligible for them to insure a new loan and that is very, very significant in the scheme of what we've been going through for the last four or five years in america. >> ainsley: is this in your opinion, going to be helpful for our country going forward or is there a down side to this? >> here is the big change that i'm excited about. most of the viewers that i've had the opportunity to talk to and read their e-mails are very educated. it used to be that if you had a bankruptcy, the fha would not insure a loan for two years. if you had a short sale or foreclosure, it was three years. if you fall within that grid that i just talked about and many people do, it's a one-year waiting time, which is huge for
8:19 am
people because the bottom line is, it means if you filed bankruptcy a year and a half ago, you generally have to wait two years. a foreclosure three years. now as a result, if you fit within that grid, it's a one-year waiting period where fha is saying, listen, we will insure your loan. if you are current for the last 12 months on your installment payments, if you go to counseling, if you go through these things that -- and these, by the way, this criteria is not overburdensome. it really is not. it's very reasonable what they're doing. they're going to insure the loan. here is the down side, to be candid. the lenders still have the final say. so if you're going to bank of america hype thetically to get a loan for a house, the lender still could say, not really. we're not ready to deal yet. but the deal is since they know the loan will be insured with fha, there is more of an opportunity for these lenders to do it. so i'm very excited about it. i talked to several lenders this last week when i heard it came
8:20 am
out. that's why i wanted to share with the viewers today because it's part of rebuilding their dreams. it's a good thing. it's wonderful that at least now they're seeing the problems that people have gone through. >> ainsley: we'll see how that affects the country, in addition to possibly interest rates going occupy and new fed chair possibly in january. we'll continue to follow this. thanks so much. nice to see you again this morning. >> thanks, ainsley. >> ainsley: disturbing new details on what happened in benghazi leaving even more unanswered questions. now one of the victims' moms has a message for america. >> people of the united states, hillary doesn't give a damn about you! >> ainsley: that woman, pat smith, she's going to join us for more heated reaction. and this christian school has a message for the bad guy. try to harm our kids and be prepared to meet your maker. is this a good idea? we're going to speak to an official from that school coming up next too big. too small. too soft.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> steve: right to the headlines. al gore comparing critics of global warming to racists. in an interview, al gore said it will eventually be socially unacceptable to question global warming, which he believes. saying, quote, the most important part of it is winning the conversation. i remember a day, a time when one of my friends made a racist joke and another said, hey, man, we don't go for that anymore. several scientists released reports contradicting gore's claim that the science is settled. and pot for the poor? a brand-new proposal would require medical marijuana dispenserries in washington, d.c. put aside about 2% of their profits to subsidize pot for low income patients. the program would also give poor
8:25 am
patients 20% pot discount on medical marijuana. typically goes for $400 for an ounce. all right. brian over to you. >> brian: it's a no nonsense warning to any attacker. thinking about targeting this arkansas private school. our staff is armed and trained and any attempt to harm children will be met with deadly force. joining us right now is arkansas christian academy administrator terry black. what prommed you and -- prompted you and the others to put that sign up? >> well, probably the most impacting thing, brian, was the newtown, connecticut, shootings and of course, just a couple of weeks ago right on the interstate, less than a few hundred feet from our school there was another police shooting with a perpetrator. didn't have anything to do with the school, but we just live in a dangerous world and we own our moral obligation to protect the kids in our care. >> brian: are you saying that
8:26 am
most of your teachers and administrators got training? >> no. we have a security force, volunteer security force in our church and so we orchestrated a volunteer security force in our school. >> brian: so you say as shepherds, it's our responsibility to provide the protection until we can get the law enforcement here to take care of matters. you're saying it's not against god's will to be able to armed to protect children? >> that's what we hope. we look at it from david who was in the bible, obviously, old testament. he was the shepherd. he killed a lion and he killed a bear and unfortunately, at one point he had to kill a giant. so if a giant steps on to our campus, he better be able to read because if he can't read, i'm afraid he's gog -- going to have to bleed. >> brian: what's the reaction from the parents? >> so far the parents' reaction has been very, very positive because i think every parent watching today knows their children's safety is of number
8:27 am
one priority. we own that moral and scriptural responsibility at arkansas christian academy. >> brian: whose idea was this? >> well, i'm the founder and the administrator of the school, so i called the meeting and determined that it would be important that we would orchestrate and train volunteer security staff. >> brian: and what do you say to people who go, i don't want an armed security staff even if he or she is trained, i don't want guns in the school where my kid goes. what's your reaction? >> that's unfortunate because i don't think you're going to find very many people like that. but if you do, they can go to any number of other schools. if a student is in our care, we own our responsibility to forget them from perpetrators and predators. >> brian: all right. if you're going to the arkansas christian academy, you're going to be protected by people trained just there to protect you. perry black, thanks so much. i look forward to our listeners and viewers' response to what you guys are doing. have a great school year.
8:28 am
>> thank you. >> brian: 27 minutes after the hour. imagine relaxing on the sand when this happens. real military hovercraft storming the beach. we'll tell you what happened. and nicole petallides live on the floor of the stock exchange. what's going on with the economy, nicole? >> that's what we'll be watching. we'll get our weekly jobless numbers. we'll take a look at that. we'll talk about why the dow is down 800 points in the last two weeks. and another story about yahoo versus google. that's coming up hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves.
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8:32 am
>> steve: back with a fox business alert. brand-new jobless numbers just released. brian, you know who we go to for >> brian: she will tell america as soon as i ask her to. nicole petallides has the breaking news about the job numbers, but she will not make eye contact with the camera. >> you know why? because i'm trying to see if there is more breaking news on this. what i'm really looking at is -- the fewest workers in more than five years actually applied for unemployment benefits over the past month. so that means that is some good news there ultimately. i'm trying to keep an eye on the futures for you as well because over the last three weeks or so -- this is another losing week on wall street -- we're down almost 800 points on wall street.
8:33 am
there is the back and forth action we see on wall street, it's earning season. it's the lull of august. but if you're a bull out there, you want to see 15,000, 16,000. we had one guy who walks around with his dow 20,000 cap. so that's good for all those bulls out there. >> steve: sure. so that's the weekly jobless number once again is? >> you know what? i have to say, i got to be honest. 336,000 versus the estimate of 330,000. so looks like claims rose a little bill. that's why i was looking, because i really don't like to see -- i don't understand how they could rise a little bit and still be the lowest in five years. >> ainsley: this is interesting news, for the first time in two years, yahoo is topping google for the amount of web traffic in july. >> right. that's a big deal. so marissa myer came on to yahoo. we focused on her so much, remember when she told the women at home to get back to work. she's done a lot of tough changes for yahoo.
8:34 am
what's interesting, this is great news for yahoo ultimately ultimately -- these are unique visitors. you know what it doesn't take into account? mogul. come on. everybody uses smart phones, tablets, there is going to be another report coming out from camp store again -- comp store again and i'll be interested to see whether or not google will regain that top spot. seems sort of interesting to me. >> brian: unless it happens in the next 20 minutes. >> steve: nicole, thank you very much. we'll see you later. >> thank you. >> brian: nothing about me. >> ainsley: now for your headlines. we start with a fox news alert. brand-new information a short time ago about bradley manning. he wants apparently to live the rest of his life as a woman and has chosen the name chelsea. and is going to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible, he says.
8:35 am
you might remember this photo, the one you're seeing here that surfaced recently of him dressed as a woman. his lawyer is speaking out, or did just moments ago. take a listen. >> chelsea didn't want to have this be something that overshadowed the case. wanted to wait until the case was done to move forward the next stage of her life. >> ainsley: this news comes as his lawyers also believe president obama will pardon him for leaking thousands of documents to wikileaks. he was sentenced to 35 years for the crime. >> steve: okay. next up, a dream cruise turns into a medical nightmare for an american couple after the ship they were on left them stranded in turkey. jill and dodge from florida were on board a ship owned by royal caribbean when dodge fell and broke his hip. they say the ship dropped them off at a hospital and then took off. the couple claims that hospital he was dropped off at was dirty, nobody spoke english. eventually got this touch with the u.s. embassy. he is now recovering at an
8:36 am
american hospital in istanbul. >> brian: the history making 1972 undefeated miami goal finishes getting a -- o dolphins getting a long overdue inveigh taking to the white house. three members of the team choosing to skip the ceremony over differences of opinion with president obama. among them, bob kuechenberg. he spoke to us earlier. >> it was just a choice i didn't want to be hypocritical and it would have been just that had i attended. my teammates had went. certainly i hope they had a good time and it looks like they did. but for me, it would have been -- i didn't belong there. >> brian: he said if he was invited by clinton or bush or even jimmy carter, he would have gone. >> ainsley: this vehicle giving a whole new meaning to the term compact car. designed by engineers in south korea, it folds in half. yeah, look at that.
8:37 am
it's a way that drivers can always fit in those tight parking spots. once you find a spot, the driver gets out, sends the car into so-called transformer mode, using a smart phone app. no word on when it's going to be for sale here in the united states. >> steve: that would be good in new york city where we have limited space to begin with and maria molina knows that 'cause she's out on the street right now. >> good morning. it's about to start raining any minute now here in new york city. we're expecting it to arrive at 9:00 o'clock this morning. if you're traveling in new york city or across other areas in the northeast, do plan to see areas of rain. you can see that breeze just picking up ahead of the storm system. we want to look at the weather conditions out west because out west, we have other types of issues where we could actually use a lot of rainfall. we've had a number of wildfires that continue to burn out here. the drought conditions are in place. so that means we have enough dry brush in place here to provide fuel for those wildfires and red flag warnings, fire weather watches are in effect because
8:38 am
low humidity and strong winds are in the forecast for today. otherwise we're expecting rain not just in the northeast, but also parts of the southeast and temperatures very close to normal for pretty much most of the country. the exception is parts of new england or a little above average a for this time of year. feeling like summer in the plains. >> brian: do you have a monitor? are you able to watch the show out there at all? >> i see prompter and then it switches to program. >> brian: so you see us. i don't know if you noticed, we're trembling with excitement and don't adjust your set, it's because regis philbin is now in the building. >> i heard he was going to be here. >> steve: just talked to him. >> ainsley: i put cream in his coffee cup this morning. i can go to my grave saying that. >> brian: regis does not add anything to his coffee, he has people do it? >> ainsley: he's already a diva, first day on the job. >> steve: thank you. all right, take a look at this. tourist he's packed beach in russia shocked as an enormous
8:39 am
hovercraft from the military slid onto the shore. it was caught on camera. the russian navy confirms it was practicing beach landings. meanwhile, have you noticed how many instances we've got these days of russian dash cam video? the reason is a lot of people over there apparently sky high insurance, a lot of people don't trust traffic cops. >> brian: it's good for our show. deer, for example. you have an oversized deer and truck and then go to this overpass and say, am i in trouble? you bet your bottom dollar you're in trouble. down goes the deer. >> ainsley: the plastic deer. >> brian: it's nothing better than russians giggling. >> ainsley: this one, the car hits a bear and then watch this. >> brian: a russian bear. >> ainsley: the russian bear tumbles and there he goes. >> steve: don't worry, though. >> ainsley: he's okay. >> steve: the bear was fine. meanwhile -- one more time. there goes the bear again. >> brian: like a gymnast. >> steve: let's go to -- we've
8:40 am
that car in front. up, over it comes. >> ainsley: whoa! >> steve: a half naked guy. and the people inside the car then beat him up a little bit. >> brian: a lot of people saying, where are the meteors? look in russia. hi found a meteor and somebody is rolling on a camera. a meteor hits. we're not done yet. who needs water parks when russians have blue collar workers in cranes. >> steve: or at least kids in the scoop bucket. >> brian: why go to a clean pond when you can have one that's contaminated? >> steve: it looks like a youry. [ laughter ] >> brian: there you go. honey, isn't this where they put the gators? >> steve: we asked you what you thought was your favorite. and here is one fellow who weighed in, says my favorite would be the hover craft because putin is on there with his shirt off. [ laughter ] >> ainsley: thank you for tweeting us. >> steve: 19 minutes before the top of the hour. >> ainsley: hillary clinton moving past benghazi and looking
8:41 am
toward 2016 and the mom of one of the victims now has a warning. >> people of the united states, hillary doesn't give a damn about you! >> ainsley: that woman, pat smith, she joins us next so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up... ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what?
8:42 am
what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good. ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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8:44 am
>> steve: it has been nearly a year since the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, that killed four americans. now four state department employees who were originally suspended for their involvement are headed back to work. didn't miss a day of pay. it's disturbing news to the victims' families who say the whole controversy is being swept under the rug so hillary clinton can run for president. pat smith is the mother of slain officer sean smith. thank you for being with us.
8:45 am
>> thank you. >> steve: four dead americans and nobody at the department of state where there were calls for more security there, nobody held responsible. your feeling? >> my feeling on this? it's hillary, it's her department. she should have been on top of it. if she wasn't, why not? >> steve: when she was testifying -- back in december, these images are from january where she said, what difference does it make. in december, they did suspend these four mid-level people. do you feel that they were simply scapegoats, because they had to blame somebody? >> i don't know what they're reasons were. all i do know is that hillary was responsible, it was her department. and if it wasn't her, then it was obama who left on vacation as soon as it happened. >> steve: you got to remember, it was the run up to the election and the president of the united states, you know, he
8:46 am
had been telling people that we have al-qaeda on the run and terrorism, don't really worry about it and boom, this goes on over there and they knew right at the get-go that it was terrorism. but they had that story about how it was a video thing. >> i know. they told me the same thing, too, at the ceremony, that the casket -- at the casket ceremony. all of them told me the same thing. >> steve: i heard new a sound bite with the local affiliate out there just say hillary doesn't give a damn about you. what are you talking about? >> you're right. she doesn't. all she cares about is her own self. she promised me face-to-face at the casket ceremony that she would check on this thing and call me back, 'cause i said i wanted to know what happened. and hillary never called back. she never checked on anything and not only that, but she knew at the time that it was wrong what she was telling me. she lied to my face. i want the whole world to know
8:47 am
that she lied to my face. you don't want this person to be president. >> steve: the main stream media, pat, is giving her a pass on benghazi. they for the most part have forgotten all about benghazi. it was unfortunate, but we've moved on. >> i don't think so. i don't think all of the main stream media has done that. >> steve: we haven't. >> i get calls from cnn and several from fox. it's not going away. it's still there. it just hasn't been resolved yet. i'm here to say that i don't want it resolved until somebody gets up and takes responsibility for what they did. >> steve: i don't blame you. pat smith, joining us from san diego. thank you very much. you can trust fox. we're going to be on this story 'til something happens with it. >> oh, i hope so. i hope so. 'cause i'm here even early in the morning like this. i'm here to say so. >> steve: we all have a heavy heart about what happened there. thank you very much.
8:48 am
>> thank you. >> steve: all right. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. we'll switch gears. coming up next, look who brian found in the hallway. regis philbin is back with a new sports show. how much does he know about sports? we're going to put him to the test right there. that's great that he's found part-time work working in catering. first let's check in with greg jarrett who started as a bellhop at a sonic drive-in. >> and a busboy as well. i cleaned a lot of those things. >> steve: as we all have. >> violence in egypt may get worse as former president mubarak released from prison. al gore, did you hear this -- comparing climate skeptics to homophobes and drunks. really? we'll debate it and the incredible courage of a school bookkeeper who saved the lives of children. her dramatic conversation. all coming up at the top of the hour. see you then.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> hollywood boulevard, look down! there is regis again! you want an emmy? take one of mine. i'm regis philbin. all american, no preservatives. i'm back, baby! i'm back! [ laughter ] >> brian: the king of talk tv, regis philbin returning with a new great show on fox sports 1. how do you describe your show, regis? >> steve: where are you going? [ laughter ] >> we try to get fun and entertainment mixed with sports. >> brian: the crowd goes wild. >> the crowd goes wild, yeah. it's not just intense sports. >> brian: right. you get enough of that. >> of course you too. so we're including funny people. we've got tennis pro who wants to be a comedian. michael cost a. he's very funny. then we got this great big --
8:53 am
>> brian: very talented. who else do i have? >> i haven't seen him in an hour. [ laughter ] >> brian: you're on every day at 5:00 o'clock on fox sports 1. you're off to a great start. and basically due to you. >> not me really. it's the network. >> steve: you guys beat espn. you know what? we're going to put regis philbin's knowledge to the test with who wants to be a millionaire sports edition! >> brian: playing a game? >> steve: that's right. we should keep in mind, regis, you are america's number one sports -- indiana sports fan. >> yeah. >> steve: right across the street from notre dame, saint mary's college. that's right. so how much do you know about saint mary's college sports?
8:54 am
>> ainsley: not a lot, right. >> steve: you are his life line. >> ainsley: you need a hand. >> that's what i like, a little help. >> steve: question number one, saint mary's college mascot is a, the eagle, b, the friars orle bells? >> the bell. >> steve: that's right! he doesn't need a second life line. >> brian: where is that music? >> steve: just make the sound. >> how do you like this so far? >> brian: going good. >> steve: question number two, saint mary's college colors are, white and blue, black and blue, marine and navy or red, white and blue. >> is this notre dame or saint mary? >> saint mary's. >> steve: white and blue, black and blue, maroon and navy or white and blue. >> i believe they're blue, blue.
8:55 am
>> steve: partial credit, that's right. a. >> brian: do you want to use us? >> yes, i do. >> ainsley: it's blue and white. >> i thought it was blue and white. >> steve: that's right! >> ainsley: it's not black and blue. does anyone have black and blue with their colors? >> isn't this a great show? keep it coming! >> steve: question, the fighting irish have won 11 national championships. how many football championships has saint mary's won? two, three, 0 or one. >> let's talk about it. >> ainsley: i would say three. the girls' football team i think won three. >> really? i heard they won a couple. all right. three (buzzer). >> steve: zero. >> thanks a lot! [ laughter ]
8:56 am
>> ainsley: i thought seriously he's not going to buy that. >> brian: you didn't use me at all. you didn't even talk to me! >> she jumped in. >> steve: which celebrity is the fighting irish alum? >> notre dame alum? >> ainsley: one of the sheens. >> charlie sheen? >> brian: he went to college? >> steve: martin sheen. >> brian: you had it right. >> he's a big notre dame fan, i know that. >> brian: that's 'cause he we know there. >> is that right? >> brian: i think so. >> steve: and he's sticking around. >> brian: he fired his agent now. who booked me on this show . . here, try this. mm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
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