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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 13, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning. today is friday september 13th. we begin with a fox news alert. an american consulate under attack overseas as terrorists storm the gates wearing suicide vests. a live report with the latest. >> millions of dollars of damage and dozens of businesses burn to the ground. a fire breaking out on the new jersey boardwalk. we are live on the coast with new developments overnight. >> and entire neighborhoods waking up under water this morning. three people are dead dozens hurt as intense rain and flash floods in colorado only get worse. "fox & friends first" starts
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right now. >> we are following several fox news alerts breaking at this hour. good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. we begin with this one breaking news overnight terrorists in afghanistan. two afghans were killed after two-car bombs went off. the taliban is taking responsibility. >> elizabeth pran is live for us with the latest. >> good morning heather and patti ann. an suv and a van carrying militants drove up to the front gate of the consulate in the early morning hours. state department officials say they initiated an attack with possible grenades and rifles which triggered a gun battle with security forces. some militants were wearing suicide vests. in the footage we are seeing
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overnight you can see debris and twisted metal near the consulate's gate. it doesn't appear any attackers demanded to breech the front gates. two afghans were killed and several wounded. 7 attackers were also killed including the two drivers of the car bombs. american consulate personnel inside did take the proper shelter and they as we know now were not harmed. overnight we received a statement from the u.s. ambassador dave cunningham. he writes the united states government condemns the terrorist attack in herat. the consulate staff performed superbly. we are reminded again of the human tole exactedly terrorism. they have shed afghan blood on afghan soil. reports are a taliban spokesperson has taken responsibility for the attack in a phone call with media reporters. heather, patti ann, back to you. >> elizabeth prann live for us.
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now to another fox news alert a massive fire that destroyed at least 6 blocks of the iconic boardwalk in sea side park jersey. the blaze broke out in an ice cream shop and quickly spread to about 50 businesses. ainsley earhardt is live in sea side park with the latest. good morning, ainsley. >> good morning to you, patti ann and heather. we are in sea side park. it is raining could not come soon enough to help them out. the fire trucks are still spraying water down on the boardwalk at seaside heights to make sure it is under control there aren't any hot spots it doesn't flair back up again. the governor is saying hey residents keep away stay away from this area. i talked to local firefighters and land law enforcement. they grew up here. just devastating. last october, not even a year ago super storm sandy rolled through this area, residents
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were on a mission to rebuild this area. they did just that and not even a year later in september just yesterday, last night a huge super fire hit the boardwalk again. at 2:30 yesterday afternoon it hit the custard shop the soft serve ice cream shop which is behind the arcade behind me on the boardwalk at sea side park it spread north two blocks to seaside heights it barreled through the boardwalk where the mtv reality show jersey shore was filmed. taking out 50 businesses in its path. firefighters brought in heavy equipment creating fire breaks by destroying the newly freshly rebuilt boardwalk. they had to destroy about 70 feet of that. built a fire break packed it with sand and that helped control some of the flames. the governor was out here last night at 7:00 declaring a state of emergency. here's what he had to say. >> i said to my staff i feel
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like i want to throw up. that's me. after all of the effort and time and resources put in to help the folks at seaside heights to rebuild it is unthinkable. >> 12 firefighters were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation but we are being told no serious injuries and no deaths to report this morning. i talked to one individual he owns one of the arcades here the care sol arcades. he's also a firefighter. he said last year we saw the perfect storms yesterday. >> ain'tly air heart live on the jersey shore. >> we have a weather lart for you. officials watching residents in boulder evacuated.
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the creeks began rising to dangerous levels. the overnight alert causing water backing up by the boulder canyon with debris and mud. three people are dead another missing in the colorado flooding. the rain still falling and the flood risk still real as they struggled to reach dozens trapped by the high rising water. another caught on camera a woman trying to cross flood waters gets swept away a good samaritan steps in and is able to pull her to sift. >> the national guard began trucking people out of lions last night. the town has been isolated by flooding and without power or telephone service since all that began. >> president owe back ma signed -- president obama signed an emergency decoration with t-- d.
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>> the latest on where the storm is going. maria molina has been tracking it for us. good morning maria. >> good morning patti ann and heather. it is heartbreaking what's going on. you have the topography across western parts of colorado so when all of that rainfalls on the mountains it runs down into the streets that's what produces the wall of water, that rise in water levels among many of the streets and streams up here making the flooding situation much worse. you can see the radar the past 48 hours more than 4 inches of rain in boulder and denver and across areas east of denver. there are reports that as much as 11 inches of rain have fallen out here. all kinds of reports but the issue is really that we have again the runoff. other sections of parts of new
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mexico and as far east as sections of februanebraska and picking up a lot of heavy rain over the next 48-hours. we have flash flood warnings it has helped pump up parts of new mexico keeping the rain chance in place. friday, saturday into sunday we are talking a significant hint for more heavy rain and more flash flooding possible through sunday. but we are talking 3 more days at least of heavy rain. a newlywed accused of pushing her husband off a cliff a week after tieing the knot is free so the kayes goes to trial. she will be under house arrest and will have to undergo a
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mental health administration. one of her friends said she was having second thoughts about marrying cody johnson. that might be what they were arguing if. >> a teen accused of beating a world war ii vet teran to death pled not guilty. they said little else during their brief court appearances. the two beat and robbed delbert belton at eagle's lodge last month. the teens go on trial in november and they are being cared as adults. both face life in prison if convicted. they will meet in geneva to discuss syria getting rid of chemical weapons. syrian president bashar al-assad isn't promising anything until at least a month after signing a deal. good morning, doug. >> the white house is trying to
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move quickly here. syria and russia trying to slow it down. they wouldn't say much yesterday about the issue that is now consuming the administration. >> i am hopeful that the discussions the secretary has with some of the players in this can yield a concrete result. >> secretary of state john kerry is butting heads with the counter part arriving in syria to talk. syrian dictator bish char al-assad has been moving the stockpile in an effort to make it more difficult to find and eventually remove. the white how thes may have widened the political gulf in
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washington. it shows how desperate the president is to reach out to any one to find help now which he has no support on capitol hill. he lost support for the american people and he is isolating himself more and more. >> they are aware of the political problems he faces here at home. threatening the use of force while facing a congress and a public that is deeply skeptical. herter and pat-- heather and pa ann. al qaeda's number one man issuing new threats against the united states the day after the 12th anniversary of 9-11 released a new video calling for attacks on the soil aiming at collapsing our economy. they also claimed victory against the u.s. in iraq afghanistan and yemen.
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>> this story may have only come out of california. first a legislator passing the bill that would raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour making it one of the highest rates in the country. it will happen gradually over the next year. if you are an illegal immigrants in california you get your own drivers license now. california the 11th state to apply for licenses. a new social media development is underway. twitter, have you heard of it? it has officially taken the first step toward a public debut. >> good friday morning. it was appropriate twitter would announce the intentions to become a public company on twitter. we have confidentially committed f1 to the planned ipo. this will tweet does not
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constitute an offer of any securities for sale. a twitter idea would be the most anticipated wall street debut since april. last spring we know how that went down. it took facebook over a year to trade above the ipo. it should not be afraid to go public. the site is already valued at $10 billion a lot of investors want to get in on this one. they will be duking it out over who gets the listing. preorders for the apple iphone 5 c started on-line at apple sprint at&t, t mobile and verizon. you can head into a best buy or radio shack or wal-mart to oprdr today. >> a major seat for women. they have recovered all of the
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doub jobs they lost in the great recession. wech makeup in what they are hiring like healthcare. i call it cheap recovery. >> did you come up with that? >> i might have stolen it from something i read this morning. >> i like it. coming up next bad news for billionaires. they are no longer getting a free ride on your dime. how they have been milking money. >> you have seen it in movies will it work this time in real life? a man attempts flight using nothing more than helium balloons. flurn flush is this the bacon and cheese diet?
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>> it is a beautiful morning wherever you are in the united states this morning. thank you for joining us on "fox & friends first". it is friday after all. we have this story for you. nasa was hacked. nearly a dozen web sites were broken into on tuesday. some are still shut down. these sites were run out of the ames center in california. a hacker group said they did this to froes the nsa surveillance program. >> google founder larry paige may have to tighten their purse strings. the company will not be getting any more discounted jet fuel. they had been paying a dollar below average per gallon because they agreed to run special flights for nasa but that secret
5:19 am
deal was canceled when they found out the google was using the fuel for nongovernment flights. despite the high rate of violence chicago doesn't have to register their guns for the city. they ended the registration policy because of the new state law allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons in public. there have been 295 homicides in chicago. they rely on the gun regular see to track how guns are moving. >> casey anthony won't be able to plead the 5th. a woman anthony told detectives kidnapped her 2-year-old. her body was not found far from her grandparent's home. she was found not guilty of her
5:20 am
death in 2011. she has been in hiding ever since. >> image getting fined for parking in your very own driveway. it is actually happening. we will have details straight ahead. >> airplanes are safer than ever in the sky. even more likely to get involved we will explain.
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>> friday the 13th no less. good morning, folks. in the news right now while you were sleeping a big announcement from the fbi that could leave our country vulnerable. the bureau plans to close all of the office doors for ten-days a year in order to help cut costs. no set dates are in place for the furloughs. they would return to work if a serious crime took place. a startling study by the faa. airplanes flew too close to each other nearly 4,000 times last year. that's more than double the previous year. in addition to the close calls there were 18 on runways. what's to blame? the higher numbers are using the guidelines to report the incidents paired with better radar equipment. the faa gets a report any time they get closer. up physical nuntil now they
5:25 am
relied on pilots. none the incidents ended in a crash. the government offering free lesson plans on climate change. want to teach climate change at your schools? check out the lesson plan. they filed a web site with interactive lesson plans aimed at primarily middle school students topics like this weather and climate what's the difference? getting to the core, climate change over time and sea level on the rise. residents in one pennsylvania -- one of pennsylvania's biggest cities fined for parking in their very own driveways. it is actually happening in pittsburgh because of a law that dates back to the 1950s. but the city has just decided to start enforcing it. it states that ohomeowners must
5:26 am
park 30 feet away from the street but many driveways aren't long enough. that is a problem. continuing coverage of the fox news alert. an american consulate under attack overseas. we are live with the breaking details. a brand new study on headaches this morning. what is causing them and more importantly how to get rid of them without medication. >> also on this day in history in 1986 "stand by me" was the number one movie in america. >> an update on the 12-year-old missing ray brower. >> they are not going to find him. >> not where they are looking. ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear!
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>> today is friday september 15th. we begin with a fox news lart. an american consulate under attack overseas. ter riverses storming the gates where a suiciwearing a suicide . millions of dollars of damage and dozens of businesses burn to the ground after a fire breaks out on the new jersey boardwalk. >> an entire neighborhood waking up under water tonight. three people dead dozens hurt and flash floods in colorado only get worse. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
5:31 am
>> breaking at this hour we have several news alerts for you. >> a fox news alert overnight terrorists attacking a u.s. consulate in afghanistan. all american personnel are safe but at least two afghans were killed after two-car bombs went off. >> the taliban taking responsibility. amy kellogg is live for us in london with the latest. >> heather and patti ann complex attacks two-car bombs followed by armed fire. this is a stark example it needs to be said of how much trouble the taliban can still cause in afghanistan 12 years after the attack. two suicide car bombs exploded outside of the u.s. consulate in afghanistan and militants got into gun battles with security
5:32 am
forces possibly firing rpg's. security personnel addressed any attackers who managed to attack the compound. the outer gates were badly damaged. another car bomb blew occupy arou -- up. it is close to iran with heavy iranian influence. it is well developed and up until now it has been generally calm. the trouble had been in the eastern and southern parts of the country. it seems now it is all over as the taliban step up their attacks ahead of the u.s. withdrawal next year. this attack took place at 6:00 this morning so those attackers would have or should have known they would likely be killing their own adds it would be unlikely american personnel would have been at their desks
5:33 am
working at that hour and likely it would have been afghan security patrolling the site. >> a noose i have fire destroys 6 blocks of the iconic sea side park in emergennew jersey. another blow for the community hit hard by super storm sandy and still struggling to recover. ainsley earhardt is live with more. good morning ainsley. >> good morning heather and patti ann. you can see fire crews are still out here trying to fight the fire. we are being told it is under control. let me move out of the way so you can see it. they are spraying to see that there aren't any hot spots that it doesn't flare-up again. the fire chief saying there were a few fires overinto the caused by the flying embers. four blocks were total dlis troyed by the fire that started yesterday.
5:34 am
the governor was out here saying to residents to stay away. local law enforcement many of them have memories of growing up coming to this boardwalk playing games at the arcades and eating at the restaurants with family members. it started behind this blig building you are seeing. it happened at 12:30 yesterday afternoon at the custard shop. a big family owns them. it it spread north to where the famous film was filmed jersey shore. it was flooded by sandy next year and it would have been nice if it was one block away that way i wouldn't have lost everything god left me. he said we got the perfect storm last year and this year we got the perfect fire. the governor was out here last night about 7:00 with a press conference declaring a state of
5:35 am
the emergency saying he felt physically sick when he heard the news from his staff members. there were 12 firefighters creted for inhalation. there were no injuries and this reported after the six alarm fire. last year we saw the perfect storm that happened last october, october 30th the night before halloween and patti ann and heather it looks like this community will be faced with rebuilding again this halloween. >> we know that they can do it and will. thank you so much ainsley. >> thank you. >> while you were sleeping colorado emergency officials asking thousands more residents in boulder to evacuate as a nearby creek began rising to dangerous levels. the overnewt alert was caused by water backing up at the mouth of boulder canyon debris and mud coming off the mown tavenlt at looet three people are dead and another is missing in the
5:36 am
colorado flooding. the rain is still falling and not expected to let up any time soon. rescuers are working nonstop to reach those stranded. one of those amazing rescues is caught on camera. you can see it here a woman trying to cross flood waters gets swept away. a good samaritan swept in and was able to pull her to safety. freeing federal aid allowing the emergency management agency to coordinate disaster relief effort in colorado. >> we bring in maria molina to see if anything will dry out any time. >> not expecting drying conditions not until at least next week. we are talking rainfall rates over an inch per hour from some of these thunderstorms. they ton to move over similar areas. across boulder colorado you had storm after storm day after day chroming through some of these
5:37 am
areas. through boulder and to the east of that across parts of colorado. generally speaking we are talking 3-4 inches of rain. there have been reports as much as 11 inches of rain have fallen in the past 48-hours. the other issue is that you have the higher elevations so some of that water becomes runoff and you have been hearing reports called wall of water coming into the mountains. parts of new mexico taking in significant rain as well. a number of warnings and watches are in effect. area of low pressure continuing to slowly move eastward. that is why we expect more heavy rain today, saturday and also into sunday. flooding a concern in sections of colorado. >> tensions are high as the u.s. and russia meet in geneva to discuss having syria get rid of chemical weapons.
5:38 am
secretary of state john kerry says america's patience for russia's plan is limited. but bashar al-assad, is he dragging his feet? hi, doug. >> good morning. for starters this morning there is a report in the wall street journal that syrians are trying to hide the arsenal of chemical weapons ahead of any agreement. that is another sign of trouble as u.s. secretary of state john kerry has been running into resistance during the talks. >> expectations are high. they are high for the united states perhaps even more so for russia to deliver on the promise of this moment. >> this is not a game. >> not a game but russian president vladmir putin and bashar al-assad it may be a game of intentional foot dragging talking about a slow deliberate
5:39 am
brat process for syria demanding to turn over chemical weapons. the white house is commanding support in congress>> president obama himself didn't take part. >> if you are trying to make a hard sell which you would have expected the president said himself you would expect something more. all of this as a civil war rages in syria making any kind of enforcement difficult if not impossible. but those are the challenges ahead. we are hearing the u.s. and russia did reach an agreement to continue talks at the end of the month in new york. heather and patti ann. >> at the end of the month. thank you, doug. >> thanks. a montana newlywed accused of pushing her husband off a cliff a week after tieing the knot is free until the case goes
5:40 am
to trial. 22-year-old jordan graham will be under house arrest and will have to undergo a hmental healt evaluation. one of her friend shafdz having second thoughts about marrying cody johnson and that's what they may have been arguing about. >> beating a world war ii veteran to death, the teens pled not guilty to the charges. demetrius flynn and keenan k kinard said little else during the appearances. they beat and robbed delbert belton at an eagle's lodge last month. they are being charged as adults and face life in prison if convicted. in california two big rulings in the same night. first a legislature passing a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour making it one of the heist rates in the country. the change would happen gradually over the next three years. if you are an illegal immigrants in california you get your own
5:41 am
driver's license now. that's the big ruling to come out of california last night. california the 11th state to allow for illegal immigrants to allow for licenses. >> a senate panel approved legislation to assign a journalist to protect reporters and news media have having to rae veal confidential sources. under the measure a covered journalist is an employee an independent contractor or agent of an entity that disseminates the news or information. the change comes after the justijust disdepartment use add warrant to obtain e-mails of fox's own james rosen and associated press staffers. the bhildz to the full senate for a vote. >> could pope frances be ready to throw out the celibacy laws. the vatican says the long debated policy is up for debate under pope francis who is taking a different tone.
5:42 am
celibacy has been a long discussion within church leadership. >> a north carolina man taking a page from the script of the movie "up" and trying to become the first person to cross the trabs trans-atlantic with the help of 300 helium filled balloons. he took off from maine early in the morning. he said last night he landed in a remote location for the night. the journey is expected to take anywhere from 3-6 days depending on the wind. hope he makes it. >> all right, sports now. thursday night football. the jets visiting the new england patriots. jo they need 7-0. in the 4th quarter jets trying to make a comeback down 3 under a minute to play. smith's pass intercepted. the patriots win an ugly one
5:43 am
13-10. from the international olympic committee lance armstrong finally returned the bronze medal he won during the sydney games. they demanded it back after he confessed to using performance enhancing drugs. a vep dorr fir-- vendor fir for refusing to choose ketchup. the singing hot dog vendor was fired because customers complained he got combative any time someone asked for ketchup. chicago style hot dogs traditionally served in the u.s. do not come with ketchup. the vendors have a union and filed a grievance. >> i like mine with sauerkraut and chili. >> plain. >> an air glooivening aw-- airle giving away flights for $5 but it was not planned. >> harry potter, perhaps the
5:44 am
sear res is not over after all. [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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>> it is staying in your head for stwrjust a moment. we are going to talk about migraines. maybe it is because you are packing on too many pounds. a study has found a link between periodic migraines and obesity. over weight people have an 81 percent higher risk of getting them than people who weigh less. it is especially true in women and people under the age of 50. >> disturbing new study to tell you about every parent naedz to hair. more and more high schoolers are
5:48 am
driving high or riding in a car sw someone w-- with someone who. driving while high or riding in a car with a driver who used drugs or alcohol in the last two weeks. the twist here is the number of teenagers drinking and driving that apparently is down. >> republicans and democrats are fighting for a budget solution before the end of the month. political waters are getting dropped a government shut down is looking fore likely. here on this story is diane macedo from fox business network. >> house speaker john boehner is caught in the middle of a show down between tea party republicans and democrats that could leave the government without funding come september 30th. tea party measurements want funding tied directly to the budget measure and rejected a plan earlier this week to allow it to be separated from the budget vote. even after meeting with bipartisan congressional
5:49 am
meetings yesterday they gave no hint of what the next step might be. it may be a mistake as democrats are eager to pin the blame on the gop if congress can't reach a deal in time. ryan prooef srvoss told greta v susteren the democrats could point a fishing the other way. >> i am sure they would like to point the finger at us. nobody who wants to shut the government down. we want to save the country from obama care and get debt under control there's a lot of things we are going to try to work hard to do. we presented budget after budget after budget to cut the ten-year debt window. they are the ones who haven't passed a budget since obama became president. >> law americas are trying to come up with an alternative plan. they told them to prepare to skip a recess. you know when politicians are
5:50 am
planning to cancel vacations it's serious. >> diane macedo, thanks. a freak buicycle accident leaves actress nicole kidman hurt. >> the video you will be talking about all day, a sneaky cat figures out a way to snag some extra food. >> right now steve doocy, let's see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning do you, girls. coming up the latest on the cons lant attack in afghanistan. this story is changing by the hour. we have the late er-- latest. is the correction of gross feet really worth the hype? is it safe? we have the top movies hitting theaters this friday the 13th. geraldo rivera joins us live. and a live performance from that woman standing across from me right now doing the sound check
5:51 am
gloria estefan, she sounds great. you're not going to want to miss her. "fox & friends" starts ten minutes from now right here on your channel pore news.ñi -- channel for news. [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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>> six till the top of the hour. dogs are a man's best friend and that hold true for babies too. a loyal pooch in south carolina helps to save his tiny owner from an abusive baby sitter. >> about five months into her being our baby sitter, we started to notice our dog was very defensive of our son whenever she would come in the door. he was very aggressive towards her and a few times we had to physically
5:55 am
restrain our dog from going towards her. >> so the parents hid an iphone in the couch and caught the sitter cursing and slapping the baby. the 21-year-old pleading guilty to assault and battery. >> goodness. an incredible fight caught on camera. take a look at these twin water spouts that popped up out of nowhere yesterday over lake michigan. as the two later merged into one giant water spout before splitting into two again. fortunately, no damage or injuries. >> actress nicole kidman pressing charges against the paparazzi who crashed into her on a bicycle. she was knocked on the ground last night after leaving the calvin klein show. witnesses say she did not have any serious injuries. >> harry potter fans rejoice. j.k.rawling says she is taking us back to hog warts, writing a screenplay for a series of movies set
5:56 am
in the same fantasy world as the harry potter books. the movie will take place 70 years before harry potter was born. >> an airline giving away flights for only five bucks. not what they planned. d ♪ ♪ turn around barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ hey, travis... get some friends, loser! so, are you all right, man? yeah. let me help you out. thanks. ♪ lean on me, ♪ when you're not strong, and i'll be your friend. ♪
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>> before you leave the house here's what's happening, we're expecting more information on the attack on the u.s. consolate in afghanistan. no americans were hurt. fire crews will remain on the scene in seaside park, new jersey, where a massive fire destroyed at least six blocks of the boardwalk. colorado dealing with record-breaking flooding and experts fear it could get worse today. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. this dog alive thanks to google. a woman saw the abandoned animal on its map street view. she then called a shelter that found sonya and she has been taken in by a family. the bad.


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