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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 14, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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weirdest plil ad you've ever seen? watch it again and tell us. thank you for being with us tonight. go to hello everyone i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, eric bolling, dana perino, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." new comments from president obama this afternoon on syria. >> any agreement needs to are verifiable and enforceable. ultimately, what's needed for the underlying conflict is a political settlement that allows ordinary syrian sto get back to their homes, to rebuild, and to relieve the enormous suffering that's taking place. >> remarks come as trust there the government to solve america's problems hits a new
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low. a brand-new gallup poll shows less than half the country now has confidence in the obama administration's ability to handle international and domestic issues. commentators certainly feel that's true this week after the president mishandling of the syria situation. >> whether there's a developing idea that the president is not so good at foreign policy, number one. and number two, whether this whole syrian crisis will just take more air out of whatever leverage he has for the future of his administration. >> these are the fruits of a completely incompetent, epically incompetent foreign policy diplomacy by obama. >> i think if you're a supporter of the president you should be critical of him. you're not doing him any favors by just sitting silently when he's screwing things up. >> most americans are finally realizing, and i mean that finally realizing that this country is losing power on almost all fronts. and if that trend is not arrested and soon, that will be barack obama's legacy. >> ominous words from a great
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leader. bill o'reilly. >> oh, my gosh. >> greg can't handle it. >> i'm going to flow up. >> please not till after 6:00. bolling what do you make of this? >> the poll you put up there was gallup poll and they call it america's trust i guess in president obama. we call it leadership. you know, remember when president reagan, a real leader, said mr. gorbachev, tear down that wall. that signaled the end of the cold war. russia went through years, decades, on their heels, high unemployment, their economy struggled, their military starved, they're, you know, in the doghouse. enter vladimir putin, who brings them back, meanwhile we get president obama, who puts us in a with usification redistribution economy, and one economy growing, one people's getting stronger and the other one doing the opposite. leadership, i should just stop, because a picture says a thousand words. here's -- >> oh, my goodness. >> which one? which one do you want leading
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your country? >> i'm going with the bike. i'm going to go with the bike. >> you like the shirtless guy? >> you like the shirtless guy in the woods? >> holding the rifle. i mean which one is more -- which one would you -- >> you're like the -- >> you like the made-up photo. you like the pretend photo. >> greg is going to be wandering in the wilderness, in case you're interested. oh, my goodness. all right so dana, first talk about this. if this is a concern for many americans because they're worried about how we are looking in the world. are people worried about our president taking some action? no, are they going to say listen the guy who's actually making moves, that's determining the course of events here and in the middle east, is putin. >> well, i think that america looks at this more in sadness than in anger. in a lot of ways. because it's just -- it has been embarrassing. but you also kind of, it's one of those things where you don't want to admit that it's embarrassing and you want to say, yes, absolutely this is the plan, this is the diplomatic route we are going to take and the president, we're right behind you.
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and that's, a lot of people would like to be able to get to that place. but unfortunately, the administration continues to give you reasons, even if you want to help them, they have to say, ridiculous things about their opponents on every issue, right after they've caused an international embarrassment for the last two weeks. >> all right. greg, comments? i want to play -- >> i think it's a mistake, however, to think this is unintended. this is president obama's greatest achievement, which he predicted to bring america down a notch. remember, america as an exceptional being was the problem. and wait, president obama was like babe ruth. he got up and he pointed to the fence and he said we're going to strike out. and he did. the problem,his failure is now ours. he has spread failure around just like our wealth. we've all had our fair share of failure. it sucks. now we have the axis of al qaeda, iran, north korea, syria, it reveals a truth that the absence of good is consent to evil. >> profound.
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>> only four minutes into the show. >> i -- >> did he point to center field and say we're going to strike out or did he say we're going to tie? >> we're going to walk. >> let's get juan williams in here. i hope you can bring some amazing points to this discussion. i know you -- >> well, i was just listening in wonder, i mean to me the american people have been very clear. they don't want military action here. you know. i mean, so -- >> as opposed to conflict. >> if you have a president who says oh, let's go do it anyway. i think people would say i didn't feel that was the right -- okay. but to greg's point i think that the president has meandered, he hasn't had a clear policy. it borders on incoherent to the casual viewer, people following the news here on the tv fn and i think that's why it opens him to his critics. but do i think it's evidence of some kind of malfeasance or evidence that america is losing power? no. america is the most powerful country in the world. imagine -- >> but -- only your commander in chief. >> let me just finish this.
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what if putin said oh, yeah i'm going to take you guys on. >> he did. >> he would be a bigger -- >> he's taken us on. >> come on. >> he's taken us on. >> he's not taking us on. >> he has stepped into a leadership vacuum unfortunately. barack obama is my president. i want him to do well. i don't want this to be an embarrassment where it's completely mishandled. then i'm looking at carney to see what he has to say. he's a carnival. >> caryn-evil. >> the commander in chief i think that the american people, at least in my assessment, appreciate commander in chief who takes in new information, and doesn't, you know, celebrate decisiveness for the sake of decisiveness. >> goodness. is there a vitamin? this is what they do best. swipes at the former president. even if the former president's entire national security apparatus is trying to help them
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last week, they can't -- they can't stop just for the sake of take little swipes. what they're referring to is at one time in the rose garden president bush was asked a question by a reporter, he used to take questions from reporters, and in the white house, and somebody asked him about well why haven't you done this, why haven't you done that? and he said, because i'm the decider. and you know, that's -- so that's what the swipe is. they don't like decisiveness because we actually are -- they want us to look smaller than we are. >> oh, stop. >> yes they do. yes -- >> if you're taking a swipe -- >> let me just say you, my friend, are taking now a swipe at obama. but i want to take a moment of praise for president bush. >> i have been backing up obama for the last two weeks. >> wait, wait, let me just say. i think that president obama and his team have -- i'm sorry, president bush and his team have been very supportive of what is the right action here, which is defending the united states in terms of saying no to the use of chemical weapons and signaling no to iran, north korea, and to al qaeda. >> why? because they want america to be
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strong. i don't think america get's stronger when you have from the white house podium that's supposed to represent all americans, swipes at a former president who actually is trying to help you. >> i know it's your former boss. let's rise above the pettiness. >> oh, boy. >> did anybody ever actually have the decency to say something like that when we were there? >> it was all partisan politics all the time from the other side. and from the white house that was -- >> i don't know about all the other side but i am not anti-bush so that's just not clear to say. >> i didn't say you were. >> oh. >> i know you are. >> you kids fighting as always. >> you have a quick comment? because i want you to take a cruise with me next. >> i have no idea what that means. >> have reason to fear when americans focus on our principles and focus on exceptionalism because it's been american exceptionalism that stood up to the nazis and stopped the murder from the nazis and it was american exceptionalism that stood up to the soviet union and freed hundreds of millions from behind
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the iron curtain so putin is right to be concerned about american exceptionalism. >> the fact is there's a pernicious ideology that comes from the teacher's lounge that says goliath must be defeated by david. the united states is goliath. we must be defeated or become david without the sling shot. what i believe is right now president obama is building a case for republican presidency that the republicans never could have done on their own. it's as if calf rove is wearing an obama mask and doing it himself. the shrinking stature is making way for the need for a scary adult. the reagan that came after carter. right? >> yes. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> look, look, for decades, the grown-ups were running the gop. we're running washington, but, and the people like me, the far righties were called fringe. i guess we're still considered fringe. but the grown-ups have grown old. they're clinging to the notion that you can just kind of carpet bomb people in believing your
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way of -- the way the world should be. what we really need to do is recognize globalization is happening. economic globalization is happening. ask china ask brazil. ask singapore while we're looking at who we're going to bomb next they're figuring out who they're going to sell stuff to next and they're starting to eat our lunch and we need to refocus our efforts on the economy. when we do that, when we stop worrying about whether or not we should be going into syria, which we shouldn't, create some jobs instead, that's what we really need. >> you just want to give hugs and jobs. >> well, you know what? >> jobs are going to cure -- >> you look at ted cruz and go look here's a smart guy, harvard educated young, conservative, far right guy, who probably doesn't want to go to war either, that's the new blood in the gop. i love that. i embrace that. >> wait, wait, wait. you can embrace rand paul or saying i have a libertarian posse i think the united states shouldn't be all over the world. i think there are lots of young people by the way, the obama base, who are attracted to that
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kind of message coming from a republican. but when you hear ted cruz going after the president in this way, i just think you know, if it's the far right now has become so isolationist because they hurt obama so much they're going to hurt america's vital interests? >> it's not a personal hate. >> i think it's- >> how is it fair for ted cruz to be saying these things? >> i think the far right hates the government, they hate taxing and spending and redistributing wealth. they like to see smaller government, smaller base, get out of the bedroom, get out of our businesses. let us thrive and prosper the way we have for 230 years. >> that's fine. but you can't ignore an international crisis. >> i think the, you know, i think there's a middle ground here between you two, the right has to be able to exert might. or the wrong will sing the song. made that up. the point is, america is a good force in the world and when that force goes away, there are people that will fill that void and they're not going to be as good as we are.
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as afters i would like to be on libertarian island and i often am, the only way you can be on libertarian island and have these freedoms is be able to kill for it. >> right. you have to stand up at some point, don't you eric? >> greg is taking the establishment out for a spin. when you go back out to libertarian island. come on back on board. no, i don't -- i think the world is, look, trying to -- >> this is schoolyard bullying by eric bolling. >> look at how big china is getting, brazil are getting. you don't hear about their armies growing and lining up their tanks and looking to attack anyone. they're doing it -- >> in china. >> yes. >> they're doing it economically. >> china certainly is building up its military. >> it ends but -- >> we have a military -- >> i think we should build up our military even more. i want more military. i also think -- >> do you think it works? >> i think that reality is that the world will come to us. even if we don't want to be out there. and so, if you look at the front page of "the washington post" today, india, pakistan renew border might.
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many fear u.s. pullout from afghanistan will encourage militants. maybe we're comfortable with all of this. and the domino theory around the world, maybe we're going to be okay with that. but if we're going to do that we had better figure out a way to become energy independent and quickly. >> real quick i want to bring this up, u.s. enemies are they emboldened by all of this? what we're talking about here today when you look at who's going on across the world, al qaeda chief calls for new attacks on the u.s. u.s. consulate in afghanistan attacked. north korea restarts their nuclear reactor. iran, threatens retaliation if the u.s. strikes syria, and assad demands u.s. stop arming rebels. or he won't turn over the chemical weapons. doesn't sound like anybody's very afraid. >> okay. what -- when you put those things all together you sense that america is missing a sense of strength and will that somehow we've fallen into a slumber in the government crib because we're getting the baby is being fed and the baby doesn't care. that's what i worry about is that the american public has become satisfied with the free stuff that they get, not to care about what's happening overseas,
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and pretty soon we're going to be devoured by these young aggressive countries and the only things that are going to be left are these frigid eyeballs on our skeleton who saw it coming but didn't care. >> can i push back? who's going to devour it? terrorism? >> we always need to be diligent about that. if iran gets a nuclear reactor -- nuclear arms, that's a problem. russia, arming syria, and-mile-per-houring -- >> i'm not sure iran likes us any more or less than kim jong-un. >> that's true. >> he looks rodman. >> there's biological weapons out there, there's chemical weapons out there. >> are we or are we not -- >> every president, every president has these crises. you go back, reaganasas a strong leader. he was a strong leader. but guess what happened to the marine barracks in beirut? >> but he was. >> these things happened. >> and feared. a healthy amount of fear is a good thing. >> you could fear, he had the peacekeeper, you can talk in those terms but you act as if
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just because obama is in office these things are happening, america is weaker. america is as strong as ever. >> juan the point is, this is what president obama wanted. he had a fundamental disdain for exceptionalism and he felt it was time for america to pull back not because he was worried he you know thought we were being too angry. he just doesn't like a large, successful country. he wants a europe yarn-style democracy. am i right? >> no. >> no? >> juan, eric? >> look, i think i could just leave it there. we absolutely have to have a strong military. but not one that -- >> amen. >> is aggressive in seeking conflicts that fwrangly aren't ours. >> well, there's -- again, the reality is our commitment to israel. and do we keep it or not? >> mm-hmm. >> and i say we keep it. i would think a lot of people say we keep it. okay then you have to get to the practical reality of how do you do that going forward? >> strengthening israel. >> no. we have to protect israel. >> what are you talking about?
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>> i said strengthening israel. >> you can be supportive of israel. you can supply technology, arms to israel without attacking iran or syria. >> let me for a second, if somebody attacked israel you think we're just going to sit here? >> no. and that's the point. syria hasn't attacked any of our allies or american interests. >> juan just got hands-on. >> okay. directly ahead, who's doing better in obama's economy? rich people or poor people? some surprising new statistics you probably won't hear about in the mainstream media. that's next. ccccccccc
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2008 soon-to-be president barack obama promised to fundamentally transform america. and as promised, he's overseen the largest redistribution of american wealth in american history, entitlement programs have exploded. welfare, food stamps, obama phones and more. yet poverty in america sits at a decades-high 15.9%. in fact, under predent o. the
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rich have gotten richer and the middle class is now home to the fastest growing sector of the economy when it comes to poverty. but remember the class warfare lectures he delivered ad nauseam? >> top-down economics never works. the country doesn't succeed when only the rich get richer. we succeed when the middle class gets bigger. when more people have a chance to get ahead. more people have a chance to live up to their god-given potential. >> obama-nomics has failed, folks, has failed the middle class. check out these numbers. the ap says best times for the 1% since the 20s. "the wall street journal" says some 95% of 2009 to 2012 income gains went to the wealthiest 1%. why does president bush dislike the middle class so much? >> i don't know. back the way we tried. not a good relationship. counseling can't save it. listen, the problem is, he feels
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like he has to, i think, to people he feels are supporting him. he doesn't understad that he's ultimately hurting all of us, all americans when he engages in this kind of, you know, i guess practice, a business where he's not worried about creating the jobs, he's putting forward, for example, look obamacare. this is going to get much worse because now we're going to have a nation of part-time, low-income workers with very little job security. how is that going to stabilize the economy? how is that going to bring new cash flow and stimulate the economy like we need it to? i don't think it's going to. it's a problem. >> they point out a lot of the gains over the last four years went to the top 1%. so the people in the lowest level, the poverty people, aren't really getting out of poverty. the middle class is moving into the poverty area and the only one benefiting under the obama economy are the top 1%. >> right. so i guess if i were in the white house i think that the national economic council people are probably asking themselves, okay, what is the root cause of the problem?
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>> i think with all good intentions they believe that their policies are actually working. they want a green economy and they think that that's going to work. but i think greater economic freedom is really the only answer time and men america learns this lesson the best way to do it is to let people spend the money that they earn to invest it back into the economy. education also, when it comes to the jobs that needs to be competitive in the world, that is also another huge problem. and john taylor at stanford university institute when he wrote about it this week opened my eyes. you know, i don't know what i would tell a young person today, except i would say you need to be a person of the world, a lot of math and science, and you also have to be willing to take risk. peel are getting more and more risk averse because they have the government to fall back on. >> they don't need to take it. >> that's very true. >> craig, the -- the occupy wall street remember the one% and they hated the one percenters.
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look at what's going on under president obama. >> truly is the best friend of the one percenter. it's not just the rich that got richer. it's the government that got richer thanks to the rich the government has collected i guess more taxes in history, they're greedier than kimberly at a shoe store. i mean it is nuts. nobody oh, my grod the rich got richer but the government is swelling and getting larger. and by the way i don't think it's going to get any better because we can still sink lower as long as president obama rejects keystone and demonizes fracking our demise will keep going. take the nutri/system of politicians, he's cut our economy by like 40%. >> i've got to say this is the most amazing conversation. i feel like this is alice in wonderland. i mean i don't know how you guys managed to turn this on its head. >> who am i? >> it seems to me, mad hatter? but it seems to me unbelievable that you ignore the reality the rich have gotten much richer and guess what? there was a terrible economic collapse when this president came in, and guess what? the president is the one who's
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been standing up and saying, you know what? the rich should pay more in terms of taxes in this society in -- >> that's the point. >> and so what's the great -- and wall street, is wall street out there protesting against president obama? >> 15.9% in america, poverty in america, the highest in four decades. >> and that's all because of the president's policies? >> you really think that that's -- you really think that -- do you honestly believe that that would change if all of a sudden there were higher taxes? >> no, i think it would change if there were more mobility if young people had the opportunity to succeed in this country. instead the rich are taking all the money. >> we need to go ahead. obama care goes live in a couple of weeks and big labor has joined the rebellion to stop its rollout. president obama meeting behind closed doors with union leaders just moments ago at the white house, will he cut them yet another sweetheart deal? next in "the five."
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losing control. is the real threat against our power right here at home? eric
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in just over two weeks the most pivotal portion of obama care kicks in when the insurance exchange is opened. labor unions, some of the most vocal proponents of the law back in march of 2010, they're now seeking exemptions to the very law they once championed. the big players in organized labor met with obama at the white house earlier today where the health care law was the topic. take a look at how the views of one of those leaders afl-cio head has changed since the law passed. >> we made a difference in this fight, and because of that, we're about to take an historic step towards our goal of providing quality health care to
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every american. this deal is a great step forward. it's going to give us long-term security. >> we've been working with the administration to find solutions to what i think are inadvertent holes in the act. when the act was put together, it wasn't thought completely through. >> inadvertent? i don't think so. so what i found out today, eric in looking into this, apparently the unions were told early on they continued to support it and that this would be fixed for them. they just left the white house and they declined to even make a statement. you never met a labor guy who declined to get in front of a camera. >> you've got to love richy trumka. the earlier sound bite where he's pushing obama care. they literally spent millions of dollars to make sure obama care got through. and today the last couple days he made that comment, but he also said today that he's highly troubled by the obama care. are you kidding me? they pushed it, they got it through, they spent the money to get it and now they don't like it. like the rest of us. >> what do you think, greg, about the turn about? >> turnabout is fair play, dana.
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>> i've heard that before. >> you know what's interesting about the administration? to ensure survival of the landmark achievement of obama care you have to promise everybody that they don't have to have it. it's like a defense attorney telling its client to take the deal because you won't actually do the time. what does it say about obama care? it's like the only people who support it are the people who don't have to endure it while the rest of us go through hell with it. it's just unfair. dana. unfair. >> one of the things -- >> it's unfair. >> it's unfair. turnabout is fair play. juan, one of the things that the unions basically said they want to do is they want to double dip. they want the employer contribution and they want to get the subsidies and looks like the white house, i think, they are going to be hard-pressed to try to carve out unions from this. but what do you think? >> i agree with you. >> you really think that they're not going to? >> i don't think they can do it. i think it's too big a carve out and i think it feeds in to the kind of opposition to obama care that is so rampant on the right. >> and on the rise. >> what the -- >> by the way. >> what the unions have said is
2:33 am
they're not interested in the right wing agenda, which is repeal obama care. they just want to fix this so that they get benefits. because what they're worried about, to get back to our last segment with eric is, they're worried that they're losing out in terms of benefit packages and the like in the mid is of this recession, the middle class is shrinking and what the unions, people who do have jobs are getting less in terms of health care benefits and now they want to take advantage of the subsidies that exist for poor people -- >> but what makes them so special. >> because let me tell you something the more they're able to squeeze out of obama by telling him how upset they are with him it's going to be out of the pockets of middle-class americans. that's what i find -- what makes them so special that they should be treated differently thanned rest of americans? >> i hear my pal greg over here -- >> we're going to end up having to pay more. >> obama care isn't going to make one iota difference in your luxurious life. >> that doesn't matter because i'm a self-less person juan and i care about the little people. why can't all of us do this? why can't we all exempt ourselves from specific parts of
2:34 am
the administration's disasters? why can't i say you know what? i don't want to have anything -- >> giving insurance to people who don't have smoorns? >> here's what -- >> that's not what the unions are arguing. >> they don't want to pass the tax on the cadillac benefits that they were getting. guess what? we pointed this out that this is what was going to happen. a year, two years ago, three years -- it's been three years now, right? >> they weren't listening. >> but no. they were listening. they knew this. they pushed it through because they wanted to push it through because they were told to push it through. >> and they were told they would get it fixed. >> now they're coming back and saying remember when you promised us this fix. >> and it's getting late. i do think that there is a possible legislative solution to this. and congressman marsha blackburn of tennessee has been pushing for a delay for one year and it seems that was gaining a little bit of steam. but now the unions are think are ready for the delay because they want the mfix so maybe we'll hae a reprieve where everybody has breathing room. there's pros and cons. >> it's like a rain delay,
2:35 am
though. eventually it's going to stop and then what? obama care is still going to suck. >> isn't this completely, juan -- >> i don't know. >> i'm going to pile on -- >> this is such a liberal maneuver. such a liberal maneuver. i support abortion but don't abort me. >> don't abort you? >> wow. okay. >> i want to love you up not abort you. >> ahead on "the five" actor tom harngs reports for jury duty but the trial came to an abrupt end after one of the prosecutors tried to talk to him. and that led to a miscarriage of justice. we're going to tell you why coming up.
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tuesday i told you about the disgusting murder of jeffrey bob bit, decked by a racist coward looking for a white person to bunch. i asked if the press would cover this story the same way they had for other race tinged stories. i should have kept my mouth should. "the new york times" devoted 1,000 words. the "times" author cites reddick's troubled background and trouble with mental illness. when a white man acts racist he's obviously racist but a black racist mentally ill. totally double standard the "times" at its best. how was this guy on the street with his long history of violence?
2:41 am
he's been in and out of jail many times been a threat to citizens with 20 run-ins with cops and still there he was free to kill on union square. why is that? his last punch is about race but also a cowardly culture that's given up its will to punish by refusing to hear akbar before a jihadist killed 13 people we block out the actual message the killer delivered because it's so damn uncomfortable. so here's what the killer said after he killed poor jeffrey babbitt and left jeffrey's mother suffering from alzheimer's without a caregiver. he said you think i'm afraid of these charges. i punched a police officer in front of a crowd of people and all his colleague and i was out of jail in 168 hours. he said that. how come when evil speaks we don't listen? >> "the new york times" listens. >> yes, i will give eric "the new york times" they did a long piece on the victim. but then they ruined it by the next day they felt like oh, well, their version of fair and balanced is to do something on
2:42 am
the victim and then do the same amount on the killer, and blame his crimes on mental illness. >> well, he is schizophrenic. >> he says he doesn't like -- he doesn't like white people? >> no, no, no. he said that -- >> where is that? >> he's punched black people. he's punched white people. he's punched hispanic people. he was just arrested in harlem for not only hitting a woman but spitting in her face. >> so this -- this is a defense? >> no, no, no. >> year saying he hates everybody. >> yeah. >> equal opportunity hater. >> i grew up in brooklyn. black people hit black people. what are you talking. >> does that make you racist? >> no but this is -- >> look i don't know if all the white people at the table are fearful of black people. i'm not going to hit anyone. exactly what is going on here? >> you be careful. >> this is nutty. but look, i think you have to ignore history if you're going to say oh, gee you know the history of racial crime is mostly black on white in this country? come on. >> well, lately, what -- what's
2:43 am
the biggest it's black on black. correct? >> by far, white on white, black on black, hispanic on hispanic. >> how does the media treat those factions of crimes in the media? how do you -- >> i wish they paid more attention to black on black i tell you that, because right now they pay, you know, one of my head teams pay a lot of attention to trayvon martin when they think it's white on black. but when it's black on black which is far more of a threat to my daily existence, it's like oh, doesn't exist. not news. >> can you make that point and i think you're accurate about that. but we can also make this point to say that it's a shame because these type of stories are treated much differently in the media. that is also true. >> it should be treated differently. there's a history a pattern of racial crime that's not black on white in america. if you want it to look at the historical record i think it's the other way around. >> report the facts, then. >> the ratio is much higher for black and white, than white on black. >> you know what? you're talking about i think in all honesty what you're talking about is poor people, and people who are more often in jail, and have criminal backgrounds,
2:44 am
there's more likely to be black and hispanic in this era. >> so bolling has the answer. >> got to roll, dana, i had a question for you. >> i'm good. >> you're good? >> it was a very interesting discussion, i was happy to listen. >> eric, were you happy to listen? >> no, i'm good. >> we're good. >> how is the guy on the street, k.g.? tell me that. he's been in and out of jail. >> why are you screaming? >> that drives you nuts. >> he shouldn't be. the problem is it's a revolving door. you have people that are recidivists who aren't treated appropriately, they go back out and reoffend and he's mocking the whole system by saying i punched a cop i did 168 hours i was out come on give me more people to punch or spit on or whatever he does. he's a predator. he should be behind bars. >> there is a fund to help the mother and if people want to look that up, they could maybe give to her. >> yeah, we've got to find out if that fund is real. >> oh, well there should be a fund. >> there should be. >> you should administer it. >> i will. all right coming up, how actor
2:45 am
tom hanks managed to screw up a trial by just showing up for jury duty this week. i loved him in "stripes." wasn't he great, dana? you want more red eye? you got it. >> slippery lope, people. guys let it happen. >> saturday at 11:00. locked and loaded behind an arkansas plan to use teachers as armed guards. plus who wears short shorts? one dad's le um... where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles. [ all ] whoa. yeah. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles
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academy award winner tom hanks reported for jury duty this week in los angeles. he was supposed to help decide a domestic violence case. but he ended up bringing it to a screeching halt instead. the defense alleged misconduct after a female prosecutor apparently got a little starstruck and went to talk to hanks during a break. here's attorney andrew flyer describing what happened to tmz. >> she made contact with mr. hanks in the stairwell of the building, and she came up to him and said that she thanked
2:50 am
him and that how impressed everyone is that such a celebrity would still be here serving jury duty. so she in essence was maybe a lk and nice, but as i already heard, two minutes ago, it's an absolute 100% no-no, and should never have happened. >> no, i mean, that comes down to, kimberly, jury taering. this guy up for this domestic violence charge could have gone to jail for a year. now all of a sudden he gets a fine of 150 bucks and is on the street. >> they had to do that because when the allegation was made and in fact confirmed she went up to tom hanks, she didn't mean anything by it. this is part of the volunteer program at the city attorney's office. there have been criticism over it because they don't have the experience to be handling these kind of criminal cases, domestic violence, special victims involved. they need appropriate handling.
2:51 am
that is a pretty basic thing. you do not go up and talk to the jurors. that would be a no-no in every way, shape or form. now, for example, in manhattan, tom hanks wouldn't have to go to jury duty because if you sign up for jury appreciation day and go talk to people, do a special program, you don't have to actually go and serve because it causes a problem, causes commotion, interference with the administration of justice is all i have to say. >> what law school did you go to? >> just out of law school. >> fresh out of law school. let me ask you, when you go on jury duty, do the lawyers take you? >> can i pass on that question? >> why? >> i haven't been called for jury -- >> i get called for jury duty regularly and i'm going to tell you, though, the lawyers never take me. they say you're going to be too influenti influential, you'll influence the jury. >> because why? >> they think i'm well known. >> soft on crime. >> no, no, those -- >> are you going to say you're big-time? >> no.
2:52 am
>> are you -- >> all right. all right. i give up. >> what about you? >> i always thought jury duty was something you found in a courthouse bathroom. >> oh my -- >> i -- the only time i went to jury duty that they dismissed me when they found out i worked at fox news. the guy goes, i know you. it was, like, i was getting up to leave, he just said, don't come back. i just sat outside for a couple hours. >> sold some copies of your book. >> exactly. >> i served once on a jury, a domestic violence case actually and the lawyer, young prosecutor, she screwed up the case and he didn't get -- >> that's kimberly's point. you should know what you're doing, especially in domestic violence. >> domestic violence or child abuse. all right. one more thing up next. stay with us. >> so dignified.
2:53 am
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
it's time now for one more thing. happy friday. all right. we're going to begin with this. >> thank you, kimberly. so if you read buzz feed, a great website, take a look what they put up today. pull up the full screen if you don't mind. called rand paul on the warpath. it's a fantastic piece. it's a great interview with rand paul. buzz feed's mckay coppins is a must read, if you're like me, interested in new gop changing
2:57 am
guard, happening, folks. i like the way rand paul, ted cruz, the way they think. >> there's a cover story by ferguson about ted cruz this week. "weekly standard." >> there's a cover story about how to make collages. >> all right. dana? >> okay. so yesterday was greg's birthday and you all answered the call so well on twitter. we appreciated it so much because we asked if you could send a picture of your dog for greg's first birthday. we have one here from dk87. greg said, why don't you send a picture of a cat? this is a fan of the show, pepper, the cat. we upped the ante and said what if you got a picture of the dog and cat together with a sunset? and look at this. shana barnhart comes through. the very best, our old friend, we done know who he was, five fan photo shots who does this mosaic of craig's face and all
2:58 am
made out of -- >> wrong. >> i thought it was fabulous. >> that person must go to jail forever. in north korea. >> you don't mean that. i heard early you thought you looked handsome in that. >> i always look handsome. that's not up for debate. >> i can't. i have to finish. as soon as i can leave. >> this one is going to be an eye catcher. miss kansas was on stage in the bikini con testitest on tuesday revealed a tattoo. she has the entire serenity prayer going down her side and has the army medical dental insignia on our shoulder blade. this is the first time in miss america history anybody has ever shown off their tattoo. >> why do people get tattoos they can't see? >> that they can't see? it's supposed to be private, for you and your lover. >> if you get a tattoo back here, why do you have it? >> hold on. 24 years this year since one of our colleagues, gretchen carlson, won miss america.
2:59 am
and so congratulations to gretchen. >> congratulations. >> absolutely. >> a tattoo? >> i wish i could see her tattoo. >> one other thing i wanted to say -- >> it must be that chair. >> -- that miss new york is now in a big fuss because she has called the current holder, miss -- she called her a fat something. let me just say that. >> not nice. >> i have a tattoo of a belly button on my back just to freak people out. and i walk backwards. >> by the way, yeah, you have a particular, i guess, affection for miss americas or knowledge all about it. that was really interesting. okay. i can't hear anything from the control room. so i have no idea. we're out of time. my ear piece went out. can we talk about the royals just to make greg mad? prince williams is going to swap armed forces duty for royal duty. he served faithfu


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