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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 14, 2013 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: ♪ i'm in the back u.s.a. ♪ know how lucky you are ♪ back in the ussr. >> bill: how can a villain like putin who admires stalin humiliate the u.s.a. we will tell it you and it's not a pretty picture. >> what this story is really about is voter suppression. >> nonsense, that woman colorado state senator angela thrown out of office by the voters because of her antigun posture. are the folks finally rising up? [shouting]
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return of pinheads of the week. gutfeld mcguirk and i have our selections. >> golly. >> bill: you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. are the voters finally wising up and rising up? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in the state of colorado two senators kicked out of office this week for their antigun votes. angie marone supported a new gun control measure. because of that voters in their district recalled them so they are out o. have the folks finally had enough. new colorado gun law requires background checks on all sales and magazines be limited to 15 rounds. colorado has become a very
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liberal state legalizing pot. with the two senators being booted out, change may be in the air. misgirone recently and on cnn. >> what this story is really about is about voter suppression. when colorado has voted by mail 70% of coloradoens vote by mail. and we didn't have access to that mail ballot. i mean. >> forgive me but i'm going to cut you off right there if we talk voter suppression i have read reports of lack of popularity. let's get to the meat of the story. >> bill: congratulations brook. voter non-suppression nonsense. you didn't reflect their values. period. there is no doubt this country is changing and many americans are fed up with it. you the voter can change things. folks got the recall in motion and repealed the harming them.
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will americans wise up -- will they see the dramatic changes taking place in their country? and assess them? look, if you watch the factor, you know i'm not an idealogue. i want the best problem solvers to be elected and i don't care what party they are in. this country is becoming far too depend own on the government and state capitols initiative and achieving things. social front nation of zombies, addicted to high tech, drugs, alcohol, whatever. anything to escape reality. we are quickly approaching critical mass. what happened in colorado should is be encouraging to those who value freedom and self-reliance but we may be outnumbered. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. we are hoping to have something to report from switzerland where secretary of state kerry meeting with the russians to try to get a deal on taking chemical weapons away from syria and assad. but, nothing is happening as far as we know. but they are going out to dinner, having a little
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fondue. now, let's take another route. punishing killers like assad can stop astros industry atrocities. 1999 bombed yugoslavia enabling mass murder in a region known as kosovo. you may remember ethnic cleansing. the bombing went on for 78 days. when it stopped the man behind the bombing slow very much halted the extermination. that would not have happened had nato not bombed. that's what i go back to when analyzing syria. with us now fox news analyst colonel david hunt who spent some time in the balkans although he was not there when nato was bombing lois my hilosevic. greatest regret not stopping the rwanda massacre that killed a half million to three quarters of a million people. when we can, we should, no?
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>> might stop what's happening in syria. the problem with syria is that there -- the side we would be going on has al qaeda, al sharia and muslim brotherhood whether it's 10% to 25%. we cannot bomb one side and, in fact, we're now supplying the rebels, which apart of al qaeda. >> let me -- look, okay. there is no doubt that there are islamists in there causing trouble, on the other side you have assad, hezbollah, and iran and putin the cia is in sir yanchts true. >> they're trying to isolate groups that aren't al qaeda affiliated to arm them i'm trying to have enough confidence in my government that they dual what is necessary to remove assad, all right, and not
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enable al qaeda. i don't think i'm being unreasonable in thinking that could happen. i don't think it's worth the risk. it's amazing to me that our government is doing. this within 12 years of what al qaeda did to us that we have the potential of arming and supplying organization. >> bill: you don't have enough confidence in the cia that they wouldn't do that. >> you cannot trace where the gun goes what's you put it. in we are doing a lot more than just giving them arms and helping train them. so my problem is it is not in our national interest, i feel terrible kids were killed but i do not see the difference whether a child killed by a bullet or gas. i do. i don't think there is a moral equivalency there at all. weapons of mass destruction potentially can harm the world a lot more than machetes and machine guns. let's just move the story ahead. all right? if-bama and he has already lost. would you admit -- would you agree with me that he has already lost, the president of the united
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states already lost this controversy. >> political disaster. >> right. he looks weak and putin has taken the whole thing over. if assad isn't punished. if he is not punished and i don't believe is he going to be bombed now, switzerland thing they are going to find some kind of face saving measure. if is he not punished. don't you believe that emboldens putin in iran? >> of course. >> all right. so you believe that? >> of course it does. >> don't you see when this kind of arrogance that there is going to be more and bigger problems than maybe giving a few al qaeda guys some arms? don't you see that? >> i think you are minimizing the al qaeda and muslim brotherhood involvement. we do not know the exact number. we know between 15,000 rebels. >> i don't see it at the same level as iran and hezbollah and syria. and putin. i don't see it on the same level. >> the reason we are involved because of what al qaeda did to us.
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how is it possible to be involved in supplying them? i don't think it's in our national interest. >> if you are going to get involved in the middle east it's a murky soup. remove qaddafi as a villain and then we have nobody. >> then we have got chaos. >> is chaos better than qaddafi. i am glad is he out of there libya has a chance now. >> right now no one can get on that. the point i'm making is assad to me, it's not separate when you have got the terrorists not jihadists, tears on the other side who we are now supplying and if we bomb we are not supplying them. >> supply the rebels supplying al qaeda. >> not supplying. this week they announced that some groups are going to get it. >> last two weeks. they assure us that the groups that are getting the guns are not going to be al qaeda. >> and w.m.d. in iraq. >> >> bill: if i come over to your side and a lot of people agree to you are watching tonight then i become an isolationist. i become a person who says whatever they do in syria i'm going to let them do.
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i'm not comfortable with that but convince me that i should be. >> first of all, i don't think we are being isolationists. i think we are selective. it has to be after this amount of time in war and consider going at a third war. >> if assad used gas again, would you change? three times or five times? what's the red line for colonel hunt. >> i don't have that kind of red line and i would never announce it what if china or russia used gas? we wouldn't have this conversation. >> i think we would have to do something. we couldn't do military but we could certainly do trade and sanctions. >> you and i both know that putin has been in support of gassing people for years. >> putin is a monster. >> i think it's very difficult. i don't think we should go to another war in 12 years in the middle east over this. >> bill: it wouldn't be a war though you know that it would be boom, boom, boom and try to knock him down so he couldn't wage war. wouldn't be are a wavment. >> bill: all right, colonel. thanks very much as always. how has it possible that a vicious tyrant like putin can be hammering the u.s.a.? we will tell you.
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then lou dobbs on new information about the irs targeting conservatives. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight. imagine a world leader saying he or she admires adolf hitler. there would be worldwide outrage, right? yet the russian leader putin openly admires joseph stalin who committed murder on the level that hitler did. putin is outsmarting president obama. >> the chutzpah of admiring that invade georgia, detach two of its provinces and declare them independent. and who, for the last decade, has been supplying assad, whom we are essentially calling a war criminal.
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with huge amounts of weaponry, including the elements of poison gas. this, what we are seeing here is putin so confident of himself after obama had to acquiesce to this face-saving negotiation that he could actually engage in this. it's an index of how sort obama has been played and continues to be right now in geneva. >> bill: joining us now from washington to react dr. michael waller. author of the book secret empire the kgb in russia today. first all, a general question, how does putin get away with it. you know, we know he is a tyrant. everybody knows, i mean, the guy now he is denying gay rights. he puts rock girls in jail. the phi is the worse. the kgb agent for 15 years, likes stalin. how does he get away with
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it? >> he get away with it for two reasons. he controls the former kgb apparatus at home and we let him do it on the international stage. we don't stand up to him. >> do you believe that putin is actively trying to embarrass the u.s.a. to get favor at home so the more he makes obama look weak and the more he spits in the face of america the more popular he gets at moment? >> yes. is he getting a lot of popularity by standing up to the united states. because russians as as a whole have superiority at this complex. power retention that putin plays into. >> do the russians know enough to say iran might not be good country to have a nuclear weapon. he has we might object to that aren't their enough russian people to say we are backing the bad guys? >> first, russians are accustomed to backing the bad guys of the we like to be reminded of -- we kind
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of like to remind ourselves they were our allies in world war ii. putin's buddy, stalin started world war ii as ally of hitler. one thing we don't do is don't teach history back to the russians and certainly don't call russia out on misbehavior that. >> do you feel that russia is an enemy of the united states or is it just playing a game? well, if one had a gun to your head be an enemy or playing a game? >> they don't have a gun to your head as far as influencing what we do in the united states. they are supporting with nukes now, i understand, iran going to build a nuclear reactor in iran doesn't impact the folks in america far away. >> not really he has embarked on missile modernization program unparalleled since the 1970s soviet union. a series of icb it's.
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the ss 29's they are putting on. he has sis sixth. laying a kiehl this fall for the submarine. about. >> bill: he is upping his nuclear capability while president obama at least outwardly says he wants to diminish ours? do you think president obama is afraid of putin? >> yes. he is if you look at his body language in the meeting they last had. putin was sitting back with his knees wide open and obama was laying into him as a plaintiff little boy it was sad. >> are you saying that because you don't like obama's policy or do you really believe the president of the united states is afraid of this guy. >> i think he is afraid of him. >> bill: really. >> he is afraid of him. he can stand up to domestic critics at home. can't stand up to people on the international scene who push at him. won't stand up to the chinese. talk tough but won't stand up to him. >> we have the most powerful military in the world and most powerful economy in the world. why can't he stand up to that. >> he makes empty threats and doesn't back them up because he doesn't have the courage to do. he doesn't want to be
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another george bush. >> do you think it's a courage thing or stalin? confrontational guy. shrinks from confrontation. very confrontational as a politician. if you bring -- you have to bring those tickets in as a world leader and he is he not doing that not standing up for america the same way he would stand up for a chicago community organizing group. >> i just asked hunt this question and he disagrees with me. i think that the -- whatever happens, the president has been diminished over syria. and i think that putin and iran are gonna cause more trouble down the road because of this diminishment. >> yes. putin -- obama drew a red line. did not do anything about it. that's a green light for putin and the iranians to go ahead and really give us hard time. >> bill: all right. doctor, thanks very much. roux dobbs on new information about the irs targeting conservative americans. later, gutfeld and mcguirk bringing back the pinheads of the week for the new season. we are coming right back.
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>> bill: two hot topics beginning with new information about the irs targeting conservative americans. here with us is lou dobbs. what's the new information. >> new information and emails disclosed dave camp chairman of ways and means letting these emails move out in which lois lerner to who took the fifth amendment saying lay it out before it was generally known that they were targeting saying that this is going to be problematic. we have got to be careful. >> bill: about the tea party? >> the tea party and other conservative groups. >> bill: lerner says she didn't know anything about this targeting of the tea party until june. but these emails are february? >> and may. she specifically lays out the fact that they could be extraordinarily dangerous. >> bill: so now we have lerner lying in -- lying.
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>> lying. >> bill: that's why she took the fifth because she didn't want to lie under oath put her in jail. >> exactly. >> bill: why doesn't the republican party go after this woman? because this is the whole case. lerner is the whole case. >> you are exactly right. and darrell issa, dave camp, all of these chairman have to decide that this will be carried out. this investigation, to a conclusion. this has to be accountability. >> bill: right now we don't know where it is sand syria is knocking off the consciousness. >> all sorts of dispractions, reflections and reality of this administration isn't being held accountable for what is outright political corruption. >> bill: we still don't know who in the white house was the liaison on all of. this correct. >> we know that the white house visited the white house way too many times it. unemployment rate in this country has dropped to 7.3%. but then they tell us that people aren't looking for jobs in a record number. that if everybody who is eligible to work, i guess that's under age 65 was looking for jobs.
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the unemployment rate would be 11%. not 7.3%. but, there is always a but. that's why these business pinheads, your head will blow off. but, one of the reasons why they are not looking for jobs. many baby boomers like me are retiring. >> right. >> right? >> at a rate of about 10,000 a day. they there is 77 million baby boomers born between the years 19 -- after 1946. and as we watched them retiring at a rate of about 3.5 million a year, replacing them are the so-called millennials. they nor not getting jobs. >> bill: not fair to blame obama for a soft job market when so many people are retiring. >> actually, i wouldn't blame just obama. there are a most of factors that go into why we are not creating jobs. >> i think the more important stat is the underemployed people. the people who can't get full-time work who want it and need it that's the real
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key. >> when we go to that level, we are talking about 23 million americans either out of work, under employed or simply given up working. >> when they give up working they get 40 ground in entitlements. did you see the poverty piece we did last night. everybody has colored tvs and air conditioners and washer and dryers. >> god bless. what the left has got to do is accommodate their own thinking to new circumstances. they talk about joblessness or poverty as if it were analogous to 1965 it's nonsense, it's quite a different thing, what they should be focusing is on is public education that's the great equalizeer this can't do that reason admit poor. no parent pushing the kids to learn and dump it on the teachers the republic party has not come to terms.
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>> they will not we are doing this campaign that the family dissolution, particularly in the poorer precincts, vote black and white and hispanic. doesn't matter what color you are. don't have a dad and mother standing around four kids and no skills. >> always turn that discussion into a racial discussion. or racial. anti-poor. against poor people. >> bad people. >> bill: lou dobbs, everybody. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. college in alabama spelling out the name trayvon on the football field. what should we think about that? then gutfeld and mcguirk on another controversy. should the washington redskins be forced to change their nickname? we hope you stay tuned to
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment treatment. the -- tonight. roobilityly put on a marching band show. please rise as we celebrate the life of trayvon martin. and join us in the hornets -- >> the university issuing a statement saying in part that the performance was a, quote, symbolic recognition that far too many young men die of senseless gun violence. joining us from washington is allen west.
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are you buying that? >> no, bill, i will tell you i'm not going to buy into it. the death of trayvon martin was a tragic case this is a small ball distraction. last week of zimmerman case there was a young man by the name of darryl green, an honor student in chicago shot dead, his body was found because he refused to join a gang. you know, maybe perhaps alabama state should have put the number 13 out there and done 13 talk about 13% unemployment. 40% unemployment for black teenagers or maybe as you continue to talk about put the number 712 out of wedlock. we have issues in the black community no one seems to want to confront. i would say to the president of alabama state university how about inviting bill o'reilly, juan williams and allen west down to your campus. let us have a forum talking
4:32 am
about pressing issues in the you are environment. >> bill: do you think the display from the band was an attempt of raising consciousness of young black men being killed, which would be a good thing in my opinion or was it a grandstand pc play? >> well, i cannot talk to the intent of the banned director and, of course, the university president. but i think in the long run, it does seem more to be a little bit of a pc play than really talking about what the true nexus of the issue of these young black men who are killing each other in the inner city. >> it's a bit complicated. because the reason trayvon martin died was because he looked a certain way it wasn't based on skin color. if trayvon martin had been
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wearing a jacket and tie like you are mr. west this evening. i don't think george zimmerman would have had any problem with him. he was wearing a hoody and looked a certain way. and that way is how gangstas look. and therefore he got attention. and the reason that culture has risen is because there are a lot of gangs. and they are violent and they dress a certain way and when people see that, they associate that kind of bad conduct. so, martin was innocent of anything he didn't do anything wrong, trayvon marpt, because he looked a certain way, he lost his life. it's all interconnected to this violent crime that as you stated and i stated is driven by the dissolution of the family. and no supervision and nobody really caring about what happens in those precincts. go ahead. >> you are absolutely right. there is that gangster culture being promoted and promulgated and what we have to understand is that trayvon martin was up there to be with his father
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because he had been suspended and kicked out of school when he was living with his more. the three young men went out and decided to shoot christopher lane. part of a gangster culture and crypts gang and they really did not have parental environment. it's a different environment growing up in the inner city than what i experienced growing up in the inner city of atlanta, georgia, we need to get back to those fundamentals, i think that's what the bands and the university presidents and the black community and black community leadership need to stress. >> bill: it would be nice if they did extend the story into the why of it rather than the what of it. you know. >> the cause and effect. >> yes, you know, if we want to stop these things then you have to solve the problem. and the problem isn't, you know, white people hunting down black people. that's not what's happening in this country.
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all right, mr. west. >> that's the easier thing to discuss. >> bill: that's the easier thing and that's what the racial hustlers ceased upon and i had to go after them. the washington redskins under fire for team name. pin medicines of the week. i will join in on that.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the what the heck just happened tonight segment. controversy in the national football league doesn't have to do with violence or drugs. it has to do with with the team nickname. the washington redskins and i have been using that name and logo since 1933. now there is a move to force the skins as they are called to come up with a new nickname. here to talk about it bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. gutfeld, i understand on the little show you do the five? yeah, small. >> you are offended by the redskins name. >> i'm not offended by anything. it's a strange name. i will tell you this what bugs me is roger goodell if one person is offended we have listen to. that's physically impossible. if i listen to every person i offended then i would have no time to offend them. >> bill: i understand that
4:40 am
the cleveland indians, the brafs. the warriors. >> the patriots. >> bill: all of these things are to can he kenote warrior. strength. win the game. this is such touchy feely. are we going to have the washington sushis? is that what they are going to change their name to a raw fish on the side of the helmet? >> i like that. >> i like it too because that's where we are going here. technique kels of the grievance industry spread far and wide this is no exception. based on my exhaustive research. this was not organic movement by offended native americans. it was guilty white 'p.c. minded liberals. no better feeling than to be self-righteously indignant. this is where this came from. i may be the wrong guy to
4:41 am
ask because i thought the indian on f group. >> bill: you are the wrong guy to ask. we are not in the business of stereo typing or offended anyone. when you have a legacy play like the washington redskins that has been around since 1933. if there is no lal his attashed to the helmet or logo. lee lax and' enjoy the name. >> the drunk be lebanon cowan that they use. >> they were going to change the name a few years ago to the drunken irish and they didn't do it. that would have probably been over the top. >> trojans. >> that's a greek reference to the warriors. >> promise execute, is are promiscuity. >> greek warriors. >> 21 states. come into work the first week of school get your textbooks and whip you on a scale. and the reason they do that is if you are chubby,
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overweight they send a note home to your parents like your parents don't know the kid is chubby? this is he to promote better health and say. >> let me draw a little charles krauthammer. the fact that this country is worried about the feelings of overweight kids as opposed to kids going to bed hungry. we live in a great country god bless america. i think the program is well intentioned. what is a bad report card but a stupid letter? this is a fat letter and you can't sugar coat reality. get the pun? make a kid feel bad here is my fat letter when everybody knows that. >> how what the if the parents is fat how does that make them feel? congratulations? by the way i like obese kids because they can't chase you? >> >> that's a good point. we live in a society. >> you probably taunted them, didn't you? >> no, no. i'm terrified of little
4:43 am
kids. they want to stop bullying in the schools. they go out of their way to weigh the kid and point out he is fat. does that make any sense? this is stupid. with a capital s. if you believe the kid has a medical problem that his weight or her weight is now infringing on the health, then you send a medical letter home. to the parents directly perhaps. don't line them up in the. want to waiting disorders weigh all the kids. this is dumb. >> somebody should inform some ignorant people lay off the french fries and the funions. >> hurting them. a lot of stalky kids who are very healthy. >> weight is a very temporary thing when you are growing up.
4:44 am
>> bill: i was a little chub guy. and i'm perfect now. >> why do celebrities do in this. fat or homely and then suddenly they become all. >> are you finished? i think you beat up the kids. >> i didn't beat up anybody. i was their defender. i hated that bullying stuff. >> i'm going to do more research. >> knocked a couple of bullies right on their butts. >> same sure. did you i tried to reeive with them first. going to hold gutfeld and mcquirk over for the new pinhead of the week segment. we'll be back after these
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the pinheads of the week. we put the segment on high eighth actus for the summer. but now that summer is over. it's back, so are gutfeld
4:48 am
and mcguirk. gutfeld has chosen dennis rodman who has recently returned from yet another trip to north korea. >> people think this is a gimmick. i would love to make this a gimmick and make a [bleep] of money. i would above to make -- love to make a [bleep] of money. it's not about the money. it's try to open obama and everyone's mind. >> bill: all right. so why is rodman is pin pinhead? it was actually mcguirk who picked him as a pinhead, correct? >> yes, sir. is he more than a pinhead. he said it's not about the money. set mercenary idiot. it's all about the money. president obama. he also president obama to talk to him about kim jong un. if president obama wanted to talk to butt ugly talk about foreign policy he would get senator schiewrm on the phone. is he not going to talk to this nitwit. someone drag him to guantanamo bay and fire him
4:49 am
and put in front of a firing squad. >> bill: bowing to this guy. >> this guy is bad dude. he is no better than bashar assad. >> bill: what is interesting is that he picks rodman as his liaison. why don't you just go with miley sirus. >> by the way, that's not a big leap. because most celebrities are the easiest for dictators. james fonda with a jump shot. william hellman with tattoos. cire and obama making him look like a diplomatic, actually. >> gutfeld has chosen the muslim march? is that right? >> yes. >> tell me about this. >> supposed to be a million moderate muslims going to march on 9/11. what happened is the only people that showed up. >> bill: he is not even a muslim brother west. >> is he just a self-promoting jerk and 9/11 truthers. changed their names to million americans march against fear. >> not a million. looks like scores. >> it was a handful.
4:50 am
a handful at most. >> bill: they are not even muslims. look at these guys. that's bernie my accountant in the corner. that's it's bernie. he's not a muslim. >> they are not even marching. it's a dozen scattered people. they proved the point. there are millions of moderate muslims because they didn't fall for it. they didn't show up. it's reassuring nobody showed up. that's pretty good. great lesson. >> looked like a picnic in february. >> we have plenty of room and food. >> cornell west. he's not a muslim. bernie isn't a muslim. >> he's a phony. >> lives in long island. does my taxes. what's he doing there? my pinheads of the week are the idiots -- i use the word very precisely -- who chased general petraeus down the streets of new york city this week.
4:51 am
go. >> you are nothing but a -- [ shouting ] >> you're a murderer. >> petraeus! he's a war criminal. >> the general made the mistake of teaching at a liberal college in new york city. now he can't walk down the street. it's ridiculous. >> that video should be kept forever. when one of those tools applies for a job it has to be shown and say, are you sure you want to hire this jerk? this probably got them into gad school. this is the behavior that's lauded on campus. to persecute somebody who served your country and defended your right to act like a jerk. >> just a bunch of punk ingrates. he's a war hero, served his country. it's a disgrace. pinheads doesn't cover what these jackasses are. >> i would like to talk to petraeus. i don't think he e'll come on.
4:52 am
why go to this university? it's not cornell or columbia. it's a little university. you know you will be abused and disrespected. >> more hostile than iraq. >> it is. >> you can't give up the campuses. you have to go in there. >> that campus means nothing. >> you will lose the culture war over time. >> even the ivies. i don't get a lot of college invitations. once in a while, not many. i don't do anything if it's going to be hostile. i won't go there. >> hostility will be there. it's academia, reality. >> you have to go. talk to the students. >> no, i don't. you talk to them. >> you may take a pie in the face. might be worth the money. >> it's not. believe me. to recap the pinheads, gutfeld's pinheads are the very few, scant crowd that showed up for the march. you say rodman is a pinhead. i think it's personal between
4:53 am
you and dennis. >> kim jong-un executed his ex-girlfriend for making a sex tape. >> i didn't know that. where did you read it? main stream publication? >> you were on your yacht in the caribbean. in st. tropez in august. >> i didn't see it in the new york times. idiots on the street are the pinheads for me. also gary sinise and michelle obama teaming up.
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delivered by me just for them. in addition there is the weekly backstage conversation where you ask me questions directly. nobody else in the world gets that. you can get ak seccess to a spe message board and grade the factor each evening. premium membership is a great program. check it out. now the fail. david in connecticut. when you talk about president obama's accomplishments you forget he's cut the budget deficit in half. factor viewers should know that. >> i agree. it was done by raising taxes and the sequester. the national debt continues to rise as well because the president will not cut spending. that's dangerous. it's a mixed bag. >> martin in illinois. o'reilly, you are a nebbish because you don't mention bush chain when citing problems. you are not used to brains in the white house. jim morgan in california.
4:57 am
the president's biggest accomplishment is the expansion of the entitlement state increasing the voting base for the democrats. james from wisconsin. as a cop and police chief for nearly 40 years i'm outraged the newark police department is not cooperating with the factor in the murder of young jesus torres. law enforcement administrators in some places are politically correct and afraid of telling the truth. jeffrey in long valley, new jersey. i believe cory booker was running for the u.s. senate is the reason the cops won't cooperate. beth from ontario, canada. my daughter started university at one of canada's elite schools. during her first philosophy class her professor told the students that fox news corrupts people. here is a tip of the day for your family. if your daughter can drop the class, she should. a guy who would go out of his
4:58 am
way in the first class to mention us in that context, no. it's trouble. sean robinson, lake tahoe. i'm 16 and my grandparents are flying me to jacksonville, florida, with them to see you and miller on october 12. that should be a great time, sean. glad you'll be there. 50 tickets re main. see everybody in montgomery, alabama, faulkner university on september 26 to talk about "killing jesus." the tip of the day, gary sinise holding concerts around the country to raise money for wounded veterans. wednesday he was joined by the first lady. >> gary and i are so proud of you guys. do you realize you are heroes? do you know that? we're so proud of what you do because your parents, your moms, dads and grandparents, uncles, aunts, everybody in your family serving, you guys help them help our country. >> all right.
4:59 am
very cute. gary sinise and his band will a peer tonight at festival park in fayetteville, north carolina. tomorrow in charleston, south carolina. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from spout off. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day. do not be a varlet when writing to the factor. i have an interesting newspaper column. it's about drug pushers. drug pushers. that's it. i think you will enjoy the column and what's going on behind the scenes in our oh society. all right. again, thanks for watching tonight. i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely


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