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tv   Mark Steyn Replay  GB News  December 20, 2022 2:00am-3:00am GMT

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a welcome along everybody hates me patrick christys once again filling in for the great man himself mark steyn. i'll be here all this week. and tonight we have one hell of a show for you. we will get. to today's rwanda ruling from the high court and what that means for rishi sunak's and his government joining will be mp and joining will be tory mp and founder favour air on jp news. it is of course jonathan gullet the man who tabled the bill suggesting that we simply ignore the eci , the one institution the eci, the one institution that now stands in the way of rwanda , do you think will they rwanda, do you think will they make it to rwanda. i had the weather is great the champagne socialist islamist apologist former football player and future labour mp gary nevertheless lashed out to his majesty's in a propagandistic rant on itv news. maybe best course of action is actually sending to rwanda if he hates this country so much. qpr fanatic toby young will joining
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me on that very shortly. speaking of qatar , you'd think a speaking of qatar, you'd think a country whose rights record could compare it best to the likes of zimbabwe might show a little bit of humility on the international stage? well you'd be wrong. after being alleged to have paid hefty bribes eu officials you to see it by the way you love see eu corruption cases in exchange for favours . cases in exchange for favours. all that kind of favours a lot kind of country instead of perhaps knowing when to keep quiet are in fact threatening to turn gas. shocking turn off the gas. shocking stuff. well all of that and much more with our very own dutch correspondent. it is day wonderful. eva flor dinga broke. plus just around all of the legendary history in the man himself. of the fans favourites here on gb news dr. david joins us to that terrifying controversial phrasing enlightening question where are you really from . all that coming you really from. all that coming up on plenty with our beautiful
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selection of guest handpicked cherry picked by my world class production team. they write the scripts, by the way. and don't forget most important parts of the show and sees you in place of stumping stars. you have the pleasure of pummelling the patrick oh yeah . i'm only patrick oh yeah. i'm only joking. the pleasure . all mine. joking. the pleasure. all mine. all us to look forward to after is even more beautiful. the wonderful, limitless . wonderful, limitless. patrick thank you and good evening to you.the thank you and good evening to you. the prime minister has praised the selfless dedication and bravery of british troops currently deployed in estonia . currently deployed in estonia. rishi sunak has been serving lunch to troops alongside . his lunch to troops alongside. his estonian counterpart, the prime of estonia, as they chatted uk servicemen and women . the uk has servicemen and women. the uk has doubled its military presence in estonia. in response to the build up of troops on ukraine's borders . mr. sunak's trip comes borders. mr. sunak's trip comes as he calls on european leaders
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to stand firm in their support for . ukraine meanwhile, the home for. ukraine meanwhile, the home secretary has said she's fully committed to the one day plan after the high court it is lawful. speaking in the house of commons earlier on today, suella braverman said the plan humane and a practical alternative for those who've come to the uk through dangerous illegal routes. the royal courts of justice ruled the policy is with the international refugee . the international refugee. charities, however have vowed to appeal today's decision. the home secretary says we cannot tolerate coming here illegally , tolerate coming here illegally, being relocated . london is not a being relocated. london is not a punishment but an innovative way of addressing a major problem to redress the imbalance between and legal migration routes. it will also ensure that those in genuine need of international protection are provided with it . in rwanda , in the united . in rwanda, in the united states, the committee
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investigating the january six capitol hill riots has referred the form of president donald for prosecution in its final public meeting. it said trump should be charged with four crimes, including conspiracy to defraud the us insurrection. the unanimous decision is down now to the justice department, which can criminal charges. mr. trump has dismissed the allegation as he faces as politically motivated and says the committee which is dominated by democrats, is biased against him . here 23 is biased against him. here 23 year old gary hutchinson become the second woman to die. following the crowd crush outside the o2 academy brixton last thursday , the met police last thursday, the met police said she was working part of the security team at the venue . the security team at the venue. the force also said three women who were critically injured all in the foyer of the building at the time of the crash. third woman, aged 21, remains in hospital . a aged 21, remains in hospital. a critical condition . and lastly,
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critical condition. and lastly, a student has been with threatening behaviour after. eggs were thrown at the king dunng eggs were thrown at the king during a trip to york last month. the king and queen consort were on a trip to unveil a statue in honour of the late queen when . four eggs were queen when. four eggs were thrown near to the royals, all of which just. 23 year old patrick thelwell has been charged with threatening behaviour under the public order act and will appear at york magistrates court next month you up to date on tv and dab+ radio . you with gb news. now it's time for with patrick christys christys . christys. well, before we get on with the mark steyn show this evening, i just wanted to bring you a little bit of an update on mark's situation now covered in for a couple of days. last week i'll be covering for him this
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week and a lot of you rightly, i've asking where is. so i've been asking where he is. so obviously been here. and i've been asking where he is. so obthe sly been here. and i've been asking where he is. so obthe weekend, been here. and i've been asking where he is. so obthe weekend, mark here. and i've been asking where he is. so obthe weekend, mark releasedj i've been asking where he is. so obthe weekend, mark released an at the weekend, mark released an update on website , revealing update on his website, revealing that he suffered that unfortunately, he suffered two attacks, just a couple two heart attacks, just a couple weeks ago. so we just thought let you know that in case you didn't know already. and obviously we all wish obviously we all really wish mark. well, an absolute mark. well, he's an absolute titan broadcasting, a titan titan of broadcasting, a titan of a really guy as of gb news, a really good guy as well, what it's worth. well, for what it's worth. so really, hope he really, really hope that he makes a recovery. makes a full recovery. fortunately mark actually fortunately mark is actually feeling but for feeling a lot better, but for now, course, is doctors now, of course, is doctors advice. and i think i think we'll let him off without two heart for goodness heart attacks, for goodness sake. it's time to rest and recover and come all guns recover and come back, all guns blazing very, very soon. all of us here from gb news wants to send our very best wishes to mark and intel is back. we're going to do best. i will never be mark steyn, i'll do my be mark steyn, but i'll do my best to try to do him proud . best to try to do him proud. well, gary neville a decent right back but he is an absolute
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terrible left winger and frankly comes across like a bit of a wozzeck there is a special type of narcissist and reserve for gary neville who treated us all to a party political broadcast a world final like kind of world cup final like kind of weirdo i that he thinks he's doing the lord's work but actually it sounds a bit thick now . cup actually it sounds a bit thick now. cup final was one of the best games of football that the world has ever seen. it non—stop gripping a rollercoaster emotions one player getting a hat trick and ending up on the losing side, another being as the best player of all time. it was impeccably refereed . adrian was impeccably refereed. adrian didn't need to get involved . of didn't need to get involved. of all the times that could have pumped up with his party political broadcasts that was putting the most and irrelevant visits up to the prince harry's about gary. isn't that think he genuinely feels as though he's tapped into a higher of intellect and is james on this planet to pass that wisdom down on mere mortals watching a world cup final with a fray bentos pie and a kind of brew, but like
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prince harry appears to be totally unaware his own hypocrisy. gary neville worth millions , has a huge profile in millions, has a huge profile in the footballing world, and he could have easily sat out the world if he wanted to , if he had world if he wanted to, if he had any moral compass at all. yeah. you study soccer bag full of cash from a murderous, gay hating woman , hating, slave, hating woman, hating, slave, labour loving regime in the shape of qatar . it's like shape of qatar. it's like climate activists , private jets climate activists, private jets to attend a demonstration . tell to attend a demonstration. tell me more, gary. tell me more about good morals while you are lining your own pockets sitting in a country , gay people are in a country, gay people are killed , have no rights and slave killed, have no rights and slave died building the very stadium that the final played in and he to link all of that to a nurse strike those things are not the same gary . oh and gary are you same gary. oh and gary are you aware the labour party, which you're a member of, doesn't actually support giving them a pay actually support giving them a pay either? i think nurses
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should be paid more. let me just say again, gary clips this up and puts out. i do think nurses be paid more, but i just don't think that the man who is taking millions from murderous sharia millions from a murderous sharia law infused should be the one to tell me that i mind. but if gary is as good at politics as he is football management and the tory candidate stance against it must gotten him to worry about. gary only the valencia job only got the valencia job because his mate on the club is thin manager had thin as valencia manager had more than just a whiff. the old stale white men boardroom jobs for the boys about it didn't say and after around 28 games i think it wasn't a shocking win rate of about 35. he was out on his backs side when he was england coach. we got booted out of the euros . we lost to of the euros. we lost to iceland. look in case you missed it, okay , here's what gary it, okay, here's what gary actually said . the current actually said. the current government in our country were demonising male workers , demonising male workers, ambulance workers, and terrifyingly nurses. so in our
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country, we've got to look at workers rights. well, certainly when football now we have to make sure we pick up worker's rights wherever it goes, because have got to be equal. rights wherever it goes, because have got to be equal . they've have got to be equal. they've got to be treated. we can't have people an absolute pittance people paid an absolute pittance work. the kind of people in accommodation which unsavoury accommodation which is unsavoury and disgusting can't have that shouldn't happen with the shouldn't happen here with the wealth but it shouldn't wealth exists but it shouldn't happen couldn't with our happen and i couldn't with our nurses to fight for an nurses having to fight for an extra pound or an extr a £2, extra pound or an extra £2, either checks for that. either write checks for that. gary if you work for gary neville , any one of his many neville, any one of his many business interests , make sure business interests, make sure that you get in touch with him because he now has a moral duty , give you a whopping great big pay , give you a whopping great big pay line inflation pay rise in line with inflation backdated you like backdated to whenever you like and like the rail workers that he claims to care about. why doesn't gary give you a better job security a couple of years as well? look like most idiotic pound shop trots. gary neville is a tub thumping when he's the only one making a point because he's actually talking to intelligent people . his views
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intelligent people. his views this happens to the room is still there mean you're you're commentating on. yeah i'm commentating on. yeah i'm commentating on. yeah i'm commentating on what's the defence football the commentating that well you've got a choice i think haven't you. what. going or not going well my view always has been that you either highlight the issues and challenges in these countries and speak about them, or you basically don't anything you stay back home and don't go . and i've always said we should challenge there's another you stay and highlight the stay at home and highlight the abuses have to go and abuses you don't have to go and take qataris . oh yeah. it's take the qataris. oh yeah. it's pretty much a hysaj isn't it. well did he do anything to highlight the issues over really because he was on the state broadcaster doing analysis. what did discuss. human rights did you discuss. human rights worker's abuses. it's all on consolidated . no, of course he consolidated. no, of course he didn't . no way. course. no, didn't. no way. course. no, he'll just that money and keep quiet like a good little boy but then the viewers on british telly have to sit through his little manifesto pledge don't they look i don't disagree with
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gary neville sentiments not and i am actually a manchester united i just thought the execu was wrong having said you can get execution lessons from his new best mates, the multi guitarist who actually would definitely have killed him , his definitely have killed him, his political views if he lived that country . those are my views. country. those are my views. joining me now is associate of the spectator and fanatical fan. it's toby young toby. thank you very much. should gary neville just up about politics? yeah, i feel like gary doesn't have a great deal . contribute to the great deal. contribute to the pubuc great deal. contribute to the public discussion in this country about, you public discussion in this country about , you know public discussion in this country about, you know , it was country about, you know, it was it was really quite unbelievable that he should have embarked this rent or guattari to be particular after, you know, making the excuse he did to ian hislop in that clip we've just seen , you know, we all expected seen, you know, we all expected gary, when he arrived in qatar to criticising the qatari authorities for ignoring workers
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rights, for using people who were virtual slaves to build the stadium, for ignoring women's rights, for still make sexuality illegal. none which she seemed to do. on the contrary he made actually a glossy tourist for qatar which i think mentioned any of the shortcomings. no so he's actually he's actually people to come and spend money i'm both the economy of that human cesspit in the middle east. do you think that gary neville be dare i say it's gone to his head now. i'm not slagging off a load of footballers here, but what i am saying is a lot of footballers, especially a modern day footballer, is not necessarily known sitting through known for sitting through that. you know, picking their political a of them political theory. a lot of them are what let's be honest with you, you know, scantily clad women right. so women and instagram. right. so do gary neville do you think gary neville actually though he got actually as though he has got sage wisdom dan i say david sage wisdom that dan i say david beckham didn't have? i think the point i'm trying to make is,
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does as he's does feel as though he's intellectually superior is he used to being the most articulate man in room. he articulate man in the room. he just spent a lot of time with jamie. i like many celebs critics who become passionate advocates , liberal causes , it's advocates, liberal causes, it's not because he's a particularly thoughtful or intelligent or educated , it's because he really educated, it's because he really is. is that that's a way to his credibility to make it seem as though he has a bit gravitas. he's a thinking . he's someone he's a thinking. he's someone who's concerned about the woman. i think that's what's underpinning it, i don't think it's any great. but is he too thick to? actually really have any conviction in that ? i'm not any conviction in that? i'm not sure . in convention, you know , sure. in convention, you know, it was almost as if gary lineker , he saw the trouble that gary lineker had got into for describing on emily maitlis, his show on lbc america as an exclusion narrowly racist
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country in, reference to the next world cup being in north america. when we know that america. when we know that america is one of the least racist countries, the world, and it was as though gary neville saw that and said if okay you think that the most stupid obnoxious pretentious politicos in football commentating called gary is gary hold my beer. yeah yeah exactly . and the thing is yeah exactly. and the thing is as well, it would just just aside from look gary, neville's got the right to say to me and i'm glad i am really glad that he is the freedom of speech that we allowed in this country to make like a dunce make himself like such a dunce on national. but the fact is, as this was toby the best of football i have jen ever watched and i as a manchester united fan, i'm including the 99 champions league final nra. it was epic the only thing missing was epic the only thing missing was england. okay it was just phenomenal of all of the football matches that gary
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neville whose job it is to be a pundh neville whose job it is to be a pundit to give us a policy political broker on that was just the most pointless occasion to do it wasn't it ? i have some to do it wasn't it? i have some sympathy for me, patrick, because i was at a family lunch and my sister wouldn't let me kind of sneak. i couldn't even watch the world cup final on my phone. watch the world cup final on my phone . when the lunch ended, phone. when the lunch ended, i finally to get away, by which time was all overjust finally to get away, by which time was all over just to finally to get away, by which time was all overjust to see time was all over just to see the. first real thing i saw was karen neville talking about workers being ignored by the that was it for me. that was my world cup final. that was world cup final. yeah yeah . do you cup final. yeah yeah. do you think that gary neville should just remove himself from the footballing situation and just go run to be a labour mp because, you know, i'm wondering if he's scarred, be a little bit scarred by the last time. he properly stuck his head above the parapet a you know, proper job in football, not just talking about the rule actually going manage on that was going to manage on that was actually think it toby
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actually no i think it toby because oh is it because he's best mate one of his best mates and business partner multi—millionaire if not billionaire owned a football club and gave a job the kind of to go back under all jobs. club and gave a job the kind of to go back under all jobs . the to go back under all jobs. the boys saying that if the tories did it with a member of the house of lords over gary neville, i'd probably be livid about wouldn't see but no, absolutely no. and he was rubbish . wasn't so rubbish. it wasn't he. so i suspect he might be a rubbish politician as well. yes, sounds perfect to stand as a labour mp . yeah, i, i mean, does he actually entertain ambitions. i expect that he's for other kinds of when keir starmer if keir starmer our next prime minister i imagine he'll want invited to downing street and to chequers is and to be given a, a knighthood or, or a peerage know and i expect further his business interests by becoming close confidant of one of the most powerful politicians in the country rather than actually enter the political fray
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himself. i can't see him doing constituency surgery on a little bit like when he used to play and he'd be near village gym phone and on to patrice evra and you know, have peter schmeichel there and have roy keane just in front of him and david beckham just right in front of him. now world class players really. and then, he'd good then, you know, he'd look good a result of toby, thank you result of that. toby, thank you very, much. young , who very, very much. toby young, who is the fantastic associate editor of the spectator and fanatical qpr fan. right coming up, we've got eva surname. joining me to discuss the perennial problem of eu corruption . right. you won't corruption. right. you won't want to miss it. people bags full of cash in qatar yet. welcome to the european. but next, jonathan mp is here. i love this guy look at me as he's loving it already right the money table two bills to ignore the easy age are on the issue of rwanda. we will hear his thoughts on today's ruling . we thoughts on today's ruling. we all it was it's a all thought it was it's a terrible for leftie terrible for the old leftie lawyers and those charitable
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groups, isn't it it's a fantastic day for people who actually care about british borders don't dad got dial .
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let's get your thoughts now people we asked you should gary be using itv as a platform for his political views and william beenin his political views and william been in touch william says political rhetoric should not be allowed on a sports programme. get rid of him. yeah. i mean, it would be like me sitting here. we're doing sports . i wouldn't we're doing sports. i wouldn't say it's not what you want. it's not what you expect. but there we go. i know sean has been on. no, no, jamie first. there you go. lesley, there's so of you. there's so of you. jamie's there's so many of you. jamie's been he says, i'm not sure been on. he says, i'm not sure he itv sport as a he was using itv sport as a platform for his political views. it clearly like views. i think it clearly like something and just lets his mouth get slightly in the way of
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highly lucrative job. he should, because if it's a slot for total to make a habit of. to be honest, either you don't know he's going alone. he really does what he's on safe territory, right? he only it when right? so he only does it when he's roy keane though let's he's got roy keane though let's be honest you does not give a hoot about gary neville to hoot about gary neville has to say give a about in when say he can give a about in when he was he's not going to he was playing he's not going to give now he's got to is paid give one now he's got to is paid to sit in a punditry to sit next to in a punditry thing he's got someone else there he's just there the football you've got an who just want what been the want you to what has been the best football arguably best game of football arguably arguably played right arguably ever played right and he does doesn't he just does it that doesn't doesn't actually any time doesn't actually move any time he gets any pushback knock on torfaen news you. he torfaen got news for you. he retreats his shot , realises retreats into his shot, realises what the takeaway is right now. sean, time for sean? sean, is it now time for sean? sean, is it now time for sean? sean says no? gary neville should know easily sports should know why easily sports and politics should never mix . and politics should never mix. well, you know what, gary neville? help mix sport and politics by dragging politics into sport. but the whole time it while sitting in a stadium and was slaves died building goodness only knows what else happened probably buried a
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couple underneath couple of gay people underneath and woman off the top and lobbed a woman off the top of daring to go out on of it for daring to go out on company by male chaperone leslie says he only gets away with because his views are left wing if he advocated trump it's so . if he advocated trump it's so. leslie if he advocated trump would condemn the public sector's drugs be off the telly so quick. yes, but you wouldn't. there's a god. can imagine there's a god. can you imagine gary just go . well, you gary neville, just go. well, you know, actually, i did think that france francis back for were pretty solid but they're talking strong borders. i would really like to see people come over here illegally in the channel on a plane to rwanda and deported. well almost like we play on that level psycho because jonathan gillies mp for stoke trent gillies mp for stoke on trent nonh gillies mp for stoke on trent north tabled a bill that proposed the uk to deport those who illegally the uk from who had illegally in the uk from safe countries or whose asylum claims have been rejected , claims have been rejected, regardless of what foreign legislators or european court of human rights. yes, a judge from san marino or wherever else. our great fantasy we've got to bail
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down. listen to what a bloke from san marino that we should do with our legal system. anyway, this way been a twist in the story because the high court all, high court, the court, british high court has ruled that rule one to asylum plan is actually legal . what does this actually legal. what does this mean for the migrant . will we mean for the migrant. will we still be overruled abroad? with channel migration continuing, unabated net migration at half million. is the rwanda plan just just a minuscule just a minuscule thing in a much bigger picture? with me now is the man himself, jonathan gullet . that himself, jonathan gullet. that very mp is here . me? yes, very mp is here. me? yes, jonathan, we've kept you waiting a little while, but i thought you the crescendo that you needed the crescendo that your deserves. right? your status deserves. right? look pleased, first and look are you pleased, first and foremost, that the rwanda is indeed lawful ? i am pleased indeed lawful? i am pleased because . it just a well, it just because. it just a well, it just reinstates reinforces exactly . reinstates reinforces exactly. priti patel when she brought this policy and what people like me who've been calling for this as well as great, you know, colleagues like liam neeson who
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i know a regular on gb news i've been saying for a long, long time now, which is that we are democrats legal rights to protect our borders, to enforce our laws and. the people who come here illegally should be following highly . following that very highly. australian is ultimately australian model is ultimately will help in part to deter people from choosing to get into small boats and break apart the operation of operation model of these smuggling gangs. but my fear is that the optics of a plane taking off to rwanda and all of thatis taking off to rwanda and all of that is we know is optics. he makes it look as though the tories are really dealing with what's going on in channel that sort of an outlook is better than nothing don't get me wrong but if people not deterred by the of drowning in the possibility of drowning in the possibility of drowning in the channel like we've seen sadly if people are not deterred by that possibility are they going be deterred by the going to be deterred by the chance that what? no point 5% of them might be sent to rwanda? do you think we need more . well, i you think we need more. well, i certainly think we need to go further and do more deals, more safe. third countries, i think albania flights are going to be
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the short thing the key. the short term thing that we know a third of the 44,000, 12,000 albanians, 10,000 young single men coming over to our country illegally . because, our country illegally. because, as you know, patrick, they're already coming here like that because they don't want our border to know who hell they border to know who the hell they are, they're to get are, which means they're to get sucked into criminality, take sucked up into criminality, take advantage take advantage of our system take advantage of our system take advantage people. and advantage of our people. and quite sooner we can quite frankly, the sooner we can get off get those flights off the ground, that precedent ground, set, that precedent again, those economic migrants back better for back to our the better for further, let me go to rwanda but you right brian this should be the only country to with the only country to deal with this many, many more that we this and many, many more that we continue to go further with. and we go further. we we need to go further. we legislate and i if she legislate and i hope if she delivers that promise, to say delivers on that promise, to say that come to this country that if you come to this country illegally, you will not be allowed to claim asylum if we deliver the massive win for deliver that the massive win for the i think, the prime minister. and i think, that be a real step in the that will be a real step in the right direction and the british pubuc right direction and the british public start the results of public will start the results of faith. party is faith. the conservative party is serious control serious taking back control of our and borders. know our laws and borders. you know what? a very bold thing what? it was a very bold thing for to i mean, i think
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for him to say. i mean, i think it's common sense and frankly, something most people something that most people would want. if don't want. right. and if they don't want. right. and if they don't want certainly no want it, then certainly no friend but i thought friend of mine, but i thought was very bold in as well to say that he wants to clear asylum backlog and pretty much put date on it which is basically time next clearly where next year. i mean, clearly where credit out and credit is due he's come out and said know lot of people feel said i know lot of people feel like been a of like there's been a lot of hot air before in and air before in the and precipitate i think probably meant well but couldn't really do anything people get a bit wary of stuff. wary about that kind of stuff. but thing, jonathan, but one thing, jonathan, that i was pleased about ruling is was pleased with about ruling is that like that gone that for groups like that gone up kick, mean, it turns out up to kick, i mean, it turns out they've got no standing now, which basically the next which basically means the next time a person i time some wholly a now person i never a tory refugees never kissed a tory refugees welcome shirt pops up welcome rainbow shirt pops up outside asylum out outside an asylum boats out telling who they are telling them to lie who they are and where they're we can and where they're from. we can go you are basically go actually you are basically not a court not recognised by a court of law. you think. well it law. what do you think. well it was an obviously really if you've got to be frightened, these organisations continue to block of system. sadly block of our legal system. sadly they're take this they're going to take this courts of appeal, they take this the going the supreme court, they're going to tooth nail. we'll
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to fight the tooth nail. we'll go through those appeals. i personally that the supreme court will end up backing up the high court. i said reason high court. i said any reason why but let me be very why it's not but let me be very clear. if they end up going to the european court of human and we have foreign judges we try and have foreign judges in us how to in foreign courts tell us how to enact sovereign, our enact our sovereign, our sovereignty, how defend sovereignty, how to defend our borders in borders. i said it in parliament, as you said last, patrick, we should simply ignore them guess what? will them because guess what? will come it. so we shall have come of it. so we shall have nothing to of it. and worst nothing to fear of it. and worst comes the and the way comes the worst. and the way they x, y and z then we they threaten x, y and z then we should alright chaps, we're should say, alright chaps, we're and something and we'll write something ourself for our country and i bet other countries to that because actually have a more because we actually have a more common approach to common modern day approach to how to deal with 100 how we're going to deal with 100 million displaced people around the i just lastly, the world. yeah, i just lastly, jonathan, you've been jonathan, i mean, you've been amazed taken much amazed that it's taken much of a battle to just people to battle to just get people to stand up for border security. i mean, i find it absolutely really that people are willing to accept the you know, if and i wanted to go to spain . right. we wanted to go to spain. right. we have to go through passport checks. we have to do whatever
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we have to do, scan bags and yeah, people are completely willing, completely to accept that some bloke in his forties composes child get in a dinghy goodness knows how these dinghies are getting to by the way just hop across channel and spend their days on a taxpayer funded star hotel. meanwhile by the way, jonathan, we've got veterans the streets and we are going to see and is something i would really and i'm sure that you are against, but i would hope maybe you could say something about it in parliament. don't know. but parliament. i don't know. but i think the of these military barracks are being used to house these you know, these people. you know, the terrible would of terrible picture would be of a military doing up military veteran doing up a sleeping and ended sleeping outside and ended up sleeping outside and ended up sleeping pavement i mean, sleeping on the pavement i mean, do think we do bit do you think we should do bit more care for our own. oh i more to care for our own. oh i person only want to see i think it was on the tv. the bbc did do something right. s.o.s. when prince i think prince harry did that. prince i think prince harry did that . it's prince i think prince harry did that. it's harry prince i think prince harry did that . it's harry street in that. it's harry street in manchester and turned it into a veterans with mental veterans community with mental health people
2:31 am
health housing for those people and made them disabled, friendly for those who may lost lives, literally defending our great nation. that's why i to see our housing stock be useful . that's housing stock be useful. that's why i want to see our disused army barracks. so army sorry. housing useful brought in to fit and repair and looking after those your , brady went bravely those your, brady went bravely willing to sacrifice lives for our freedoms. today rather than, like you say, putting up people who've come here illegally. a massive expense the taxpayer. and then as i told you before in stoke on having people complaining about the ofsted rating. so these people come here illegally moaning about the local that send their local that they want send their kids the audacity of it is kids to the audacity of it is unbelievable yeah well well it is yeah 100% and as well i mean it's another whopping loss actually for case because it's a bloke who prides himself on being forensic with the law all this stuff. i mean some would argue it wasn't to forensic one there are few fugazi characters around the bbc, but we'll leave that one there. but yeah, forensic with law and all of forensic with the law and all of this and then a sudden it
2:32 am
this and then all a sudden it turns out one, game turns out this one, this game they said, this not unlawful they said, was this not unlawful at all? it's now they've got to go about whether or not it's cost effective. anyway, jonathan, thank you very much really making the really appreciate you making the time i having good time for us i was having my good man the good work man keep up the good work jonathan gillies there is mp jonathan gillies there who is mp for stoke rise. okay we've got loads away, loads loads more away, loads more people don't. so david starkey will hand and we'll be asking will be hand and we'll be asking him the great offensive question of our time. strap yourselves in, people. ready where are you from ? but before that, even for from? but before that, even for dinga is here to explain as he is we'll explain why she wants her country of the netherlands to follow britain's example and get the hell out of the european union. drama is unfolding. it's not just about corruption it's not just about corruption it's not just about corruption it's not just bags full of cutlery , not just bags full of cutlery, cash. no, no, no, no it's also about something a lot more things like carbon credits . things like carbon credits. right. which basically traps people into doing what the eu wants. don't worry, it's interesting than it sounds. don't go anywhere. not. coming
2:33 am
up on tom watson tonight as rwanda flights get the green from the high court. could this the turning point in the migrant crisis . or will leftie saboteurs crisis. or will leftie saboteurs strike ? plus, one of the world's strike? plus, one of the world's most fearless commentator , most fearless commentator, andrew tate, gives his unmissable verdict on the harry and meghan saga. plus there's unfiltered opinion from fox. letizia tackles world cup signal. gary neville . that's dan signal. gary neville. that's dan wootton tonight 9 pm. to 11 pm. on .
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gb news. welcome back, everybody. right. don't mess with the doha eu officials been warned amidst a bribery . why is it remarkable
2:37 am
bribery. why is it remarkable isn't it that everything involving qatar since revoked something rather nefarious anyway? so qatar reminded the european who they get their from now that they are decoupling from russia . well, this all from russia. well, this all sounds very democratic doesn't the eu are being held to ransom by qatar admits to bribery scandal which on the face of it seems to go right the very top over gas rather british say. who would thought that bunch of other officials who were essentially political pariahs in their own country would like to crack off political work, up to tax funded cars grazing , favour tax funded cars grazing, favour apartments seems a constant if be swilling their mouths out with red like is cheap mouthwash anyway , who would have thought anyway, who would have thought that they might be utterly utterly corrupt ? the cronk utterly corrupt? the cronk system nothing to show . the system nothing to show. the european union is looking weaker by the day. this seems to confirm our suspicions about the eu and how corrupt they are just hiding in plain sight. eu and how corrupt they are just hiding in plain sight . they if hiding in plain sight. they if it looks corrupt, it probably is
2:38 am
the uninformed british public felt there was something fishy first and now we can say . we first and now we can say. we told you so. the act is up . told you so. the act is up. looks like they've been caught in bad with qatar. allegedly boatloads of cash in order to get deals done. the european union is trying save itself by investigating scandal, the kind itself. but instead of qatar to dodge the limelight, they've come out with a very stern warning to europe. remember that the emirates is an important source of energy supplies for europe . if you throw them to the europe. if you throw them to the bus, we'll taps anyway, bus, we'll the taps off. anyway, here's me is legal philosopher commentator. it's the wonderful of dingle broke eva thank you so , so much. and there's a lot to talk about when it comes to the union. it isn't that it is looking increasingly as though britain was right to leave. and i to know when and your i want to know when and your friends are going to get your backside leave as backside in gear and leave as well. oh, man, i hope you well. oh, man, i hope soon. you guys really have got a nigel farage to thank for and i'm so jealous. what is there not you
2:39 am
would say right to leave eu would say right to leave the eu right ? i mean, the only thing right? i mean, the only thing that we're getting from them is mass migration can't mass migration that we can't seem to be stopping climate and digital enslavement really honestly do not see . why not? honestly do not see. why not? more people, especially in my country are not saying leave now , but i mean, obviously the reason is that we the same horrible mainstream media here that you guys have there that have, you know, basically our entire country that if we were , entire country that if we were, we would never financially and that lies seems to be a prominent one now indeed . the prominent one now indeed. the thing is i mean iowa felt slightly more detached in union probably than on the continent do because that little body of water that is increasingly being filled up by people in dinghies. these but i do wonder whether or not you have more a handle on the eu . me just always seem like the eu. me just always seem like a kind of washed up kind of gentlemen's club where everyone's on the take and actually now is looking that's the case isn't it . oh absolutely
2:40 am
the case isn't it. oh absolutely and i mean the fact that they're now besides being completely on democrat stick, which is something that we all know , of something that we all know, of course they've now proven to also be corrupt, which is something that we thought something that we all thought was and now we know is was true and now we know it is true. and just some people, true. and not just some people, but, know, the vice but, you know, the vice president of the european parliament and parliament herself. and it's just so funny to me. i just have to get this in there. everyone in was used to be involved in in it was used to be involved in this scandal . in it was used to be involved in this scandal. he seems to this guitar scandal. he seems to have are have been taking money. are members the european members of the european parliament from the group parliament coming from the group of elves, the of the progressive elves, the people are are constantly people who are are constantly talking about riots and you our government has just said, i just apologised for slavery , for apologised for slavery, for example. those people are the ones that are taking money from assembly when they get chance. it's not funny . you couldn't you it's not funny. you couldn't you couldn't make it up. you literally couldn't make it up. but these are always opposite of what they say they are. it's not just in idea. and meghan and harry are just doing thing. on jacinda ardern about being
2:41 am
progressive and all of this stuff she's one of the most totalitarian people ever totalitarian people i've ever known. of cigarettes known. the banning of cigarettes for a certain age for people of a certain age based around do with based around nothing to do with the that, you know, the fact that, you know, children too to make children are too young to make the decision. this is now the right decision. this is now going create a situation going to create a situation where a 49 year old man can be in a service station car park asking 50 year old man to go and get him some. but a talking head totalitarian stuff, what's going on with carbon over there? i think know a thing or two about this and you can fill me in. what's happening, right? yeah, that's serious part where of course laughing about course we're laughing about these because they are these people because they are despicable and there are a laughable. problem is laughable. but the problem is that a lot of control that do have a lot of control over lives they seem to over our lives and they seem to be grasping more control be grasping ever more control over lives in this case, the over our lives in this case, the eu just agreed on a plan to start taxing every eu citizen for their carbon emissions. oh, that was a concept currency theory, right. well, it turns out. it's not it's here right now . the european out. it's not it's here right now. the european union will start to tax everyone for how much co2, how much carbon they
2:42 am
they're heating their houses , they're heating their houses, filling up their tanks. and so what's going to happen, will? they're energy bills are energy bills that are already through the roof are going to become much more expensive as a result of this. and of course, it's all, you know, the name of the climate and saving world. but the interest old is always that we have to paying and get more control over our private lives. i for global health all have to lock ourselves and become loads poorer. oh for the global climate we have to become a lot poorer . oh, you'll never leave poorer. oh, you'll never leave the european union. because if you do, you'll become poorer, despite the fact that you actually won't even you very, very much ever writing a book. the legal philosopher, political commentator that the european union going to start taxing some of its citizens on their carbon emissions . it's of its citizens on their carbon emissions. it's a of its citizens on their carbon emissions . it's a good job we've emissions. it's a good job we've left because otherwise gary would get done every single time he opened his mouth, because every time he talks, it sounds like a cow farting. right? okay.
2:43 am
coming up finally, have coming up finally, we have legendary historian david starkey to help understand areas to help understand the controversy around the question where are you from? and i'm just going to dare to ask a little bit of a question as well, which is whether or not we really think that sometimes just sometimes people do play the card on the moment. you've all been waiting for someone. patrick it's certainly not a moment i've been waiting for, spent a lot of my time trying to avoid being pummelled, but we go. promo bound truck is heading your way. stay tuned. won't your way. stay tuned. you won't want it .
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yeah. so welcome back, everybody now tell me what our lord and the times took issue today with ngozi fulani otherwise known as marlin marlin hadley. of course or perhaps insensitive
2:47 am
appropriation of african identity . we made similar points identity. we made similar points on the show last week and go easy on marlin is a british woman with heritage but the name she chose to give herself a slack mish mash of two separate and distinct african peoples blue is a conflation of the two. could someone say actually just be a little bit offensive, a little more than the question of are you from now ? look, as are you from now? look, as a northerner, that's a question i get asked a lot down. i even sometimes get mistaken god's own chosen people, the men and women of yorkshire, i would love to claim association with might even change my name happily to that most commonly given to baby boys up there right now in a heartbeat. but i last. i don't want to offend the natives . york want to offend the natives. york leeds bradford i shall not unfortunately be here after known as mohammed christie's all jokes aside reduction of complex identity two superficial
2:48 am
qualities very common among progressives . and it was said in progressives. and it was said in a recent netflix harry and meghan documents , i don't know. meghan documents, i don't know. i mean, you may recognise this voice from that documentary. i was in it twice that i lied to start going about it anyway for. it is though she is an icon for black around the world. meghan markle actually, for black people around the world but people all around the world but she an american from , she is an american woman from, california, through , california, l.a. through, through. he has no language , through. he has no language, common culture with many of those she is claim to be an icon for . how can anybody claim that? for. how can anybody claim that? miss markle previously a deal or no deal fame can relate or no deal fame can relate to or represent the struggles of oh, did i say the tall red berber people of the of the i don't know. anyway, one man who knows much about identity and how it forms among human history is dr. david starkey. thank you very very much is legend. david rice. but how do want to progress? you want a progressive steak? this way when ? what? where do they
2:49 am
way when? what? where do they what do they come from? you know, i don't quite understand all this stuff. why they try and think way way . well, you're think this way way. well, you're deaung think this way way. well, you're dealing with conflict of two dealing with a conflict of two completely different ideas of nationhood. one is which is actually very much entrenched in western european thought , which western european thought, which is the idea that it comes from race until recently germany that wonderfully progressive country you were a german if you spoke german which is the identifier of being german we in britain for long time have had a very different view. it your identity is where you're born. it's a matter of legal. is where you're born. it's a matter of legal . you can have matter of legal. you can have parents that come from anywhere in the world. you have still british or as it used to be english. now what is extraordinary about racial theory? well, it's not extraordinary, is it? it embraced the idea of race , in embraced the idea of race, in other words, progressive theory,
2:50 am
critical race theory is another racist doctrine. until we actually understand that we, do not understand anything . you not understand anything. you know exactly . but it's also the know exactly. but it's also the navy seal. so far back. do you take it, david? this is the thing. how far back do you take, father? is greek cypriot. do you want to and campaign outside the turkish embassy? what can i have my countrymen to buying ? i mean, my countrymen to buying? i mean, how many generations back is it is one of his assets came ireland although the great bulk of them are currently in america . yet he chooses to identify find you to people do very often take this as a signal. now what i think is i think there are two big issues in this debate here . big issues in this debate here. one is the clash in buckingham palace, this clash between a woman who remember , is woman who remember, is deliberately shifting identity in the course of a conversation, as you said , she turns up i mean as you said, she turns up i mean you were very polite about it. i
2:51 am
put it a little more vigorously . she actually turns up dressed like a figure out of a 19th century travelling circus, doesn't she? i mean, that's what she looks like. she's playing an african queen in a century african queen in a 19th century travelling circus . she has this travelling circus. she has this confected name , and yet the confected name, and yet the moment she's asked the question about identity and by the way, she claims to be hugely proud of her african identity , which of her african identity, which of course, is an invented thing for the moment. she's asked about it. i'm british you call me. she deliberately playing between two games? yes. and leads me david. this leads me this is me perfectly onto the next point, which actually a question that i think far too many people shy away it because of things like what the palace do where essentially they've got or she's done herself whatever done it herself whatever apologise right people flagellate themselves the altar of woke dem do people play the race card force and this woman was undoubtedly playing it david
2:52 am
olusoga the person you quoted from from the meghan and harry plays it. meghan plays it on harry poor boy has been forced , harry poor boy has been forced, acknowledge it, swallowed it and but you see don't really care about that. i don't care remotely about nkosi . i do care remotely about nkosi. i do care profoundly about the monarchy. the thing that is terrifying is the king and the prince wales seem to swallow this stuff hook line absolutely we're being told that the king in diversity and inclusion the prince of wales spokesman immediately pounced on lady hussey and the language . lady hussey and the language. you remember there was a famous meeting in which they both looked very, very odd indeed. and it goes it, by the way, was almost dressed as somebody that you would wouldn't wouldn't raise an eyebrow . the street raise an eyebrow. the street they were seated on either side of grand regency in the of a grand regency in the regency room at palace. but the
2:53 am
statement that was issued afterwards did let me just read it, because it's fascinating lady susan has pledged to do to deepen her awareness of the sensitive but is involved and is grateful the opportunity to learn more about the issues in the pure human rights speech. now is the palace swallowing this ? i think the answer is that this? i think the answer is that it is. but what about david all the saga in the documentary , in the saga in the documentary, in the saga in the documentary, in the harry and meghan documentary , what he is actually saying is that the commonwealth is a racist is and he is saying that. yeah, exactly. exactly that's the thing. and david just having to because i've got to throw off the wonderful dan watson a second. i know you would to stop. i do find it absolutely astonishing, david, if you take it all the way back to our monarchy's history of all the people and all of the worldly and all of the dignitaries and all of the a woman who basically changed her name to sound like a
2:54 am
mishmash of two african tribes decided to come in from a charity that may or may not be about to be investigated by the charity commission . she's the charity commission. she's the one who gets an apology. buckingham palace david starkey one who gets an apology. bthankjham palace david starkey one who gets an apology. bthankjhanveryace david starkey one who gets an apology. bthankjhanvery much.yid starkey one who gets an apology. bthankjhanvery much. mystarkey one who gets an apology. bthankjhanvery much. my is rkey , thank you very much. my is historian extraordinaire. right. is fact? i think i'm is that time fact? i think i'm actually a bit late. so we don't almost to make your monday as almost is to make your monday as magnificent ever be magnificent it could ever be done the crack our patrick done was the crack our patrick good just to share good evening and i just to share your sentiments at the top of the send all of our best the show send all of our best wishes to it was horrible news to receive over the weekend . a to receive over the weekend. a very strong monologue from you tonight on a certain mr. neville and we're going to be picking up baton with matt letitia who has some strong things to say. baton with matt letitia who has some strong things to say . plus some strong things to say. plus andrew tate live in the studio today. patrick been cancelled numerous times but not here. no absolutely not. yes. i'm looking forward to . see him? he'll be forward to. see him? he'll be a good laugh. i doubt. thank you very, very much. dan watson . he very, very much. dan watson. he will be taking it away. don't very much. and as stone good
2:55 am
evening i'm, alex deakin and this is your latest weather update from the met office after a pretty monday brighter skies for most on tuesday fairly breezy a little cooler but still temperatures are going to be above average and way above where they were this time last week when indeed spells coming courtesy of this area . low courtesy of this area. low pressure sending weather from way, bringing quite heavy rain through the evening and overnight across southern england we do have a met england where we do have a met office place office rain warning in place rain at times affecting south up towards the midlands and across towards the midlands and across to the east towards much of northern britain , looking northern britain, looking largely dry through the night, although more showers to although will be more showers to come the highlands and come across the highlands and the isles where stays the western isles where it stays pretty three it's going to pretty b+ three it's going to stay the and stay very across the south and the east elsewhere. well, we could see some pockets of frost with some skies, but with some clearer skies, but generally day tomorrow generally a bright day tomorrow will start a bit grey and dank. east anglia in the southeast . east anglia in the southeast. the rain here should be gone by mid—morning showers mid—morning. plenty of showers for the west of northern ireland
2:56 am
and northwest of scotland where there'll be snow the hills, one or two showers for western parts of england and wales, but for many it's dry in a bright tuesday sunny temperatures. tuesday with sunny temperatures. as high as monday as i say not as high as monday still above average at 9 to 11 celsius. temperatures deploy a little bit on tuesday evening, the largely clear skies, but then look at another chunk of rain coming in, turning things pretty soggy as we head through the early hours , of course, much the early hours, of course, much of england and wales some uncertainty about . the of england and wales some uncertainty about. the timing of when this will come in and clear away from the east on wednesday it'll be followed by brighter skies and showers plenty of showers north—west england, showers, north—west england, wales, of showers for wales, lots of showers for western scotland northern western scotland and northern ireland here as ireland. pretty gusty here as well . just dropped down a little well. just dropped down a little but still double digits across . but still double digits across. the south is a little above average for the time of year. temperatures, as you say, not as as monday, but still reasonably mild signs of things turning cold, the run up to christmas, at least across the north by now .
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no censorship dan wootton tonight christmas has come early for superwoman. similar women who put the revival of the scheme at the very top . her list scheme at the very top. her list would love to be having a front page of the telegraph flyer play in taking off to rwanda . my in taking off to rwanda. my dream . so off to the high court dream. so off to the high court gives the green will sending migrants to rwanda be a turning point in the battle for britain's borders. all leftie saboteurs strike again. i'll give my in the digest before i open the floor to my superstar panel open the floor to my superstar panel. carol malone. benjamin butterworth and suzanne evans and 935, the ever outspoken laurence breaks down a new bombshell reports suggesting that 1 million bombshell reports suggesting that1 million migrants bombshell reports suggesting that 1 million migrants could soon be arriving in britain
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