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tv   Headliners  GB News  December 28, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am GMT

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sunday good evening on radisson . here's good evening on radisson. here's the latest from the gb newsroom. merseyside police say a 28 year old man remains in critical condition following the fatal shooting of a woman in wirral on christmas eve. 26 year old ella edwards was shot celebrating with family the lighthouse in a further . men with family the lighthouse in a further. men were also injured . further. men were also injured. a man and a woman have been arrested in connection that incident. police say , they're incident. police say, they're trying to find the weapon used in the shooting . two men have in the shooting. two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with the stabbing of a 23 old man in a birmingham nightclub semi—pro footballer . fisher was stabbed footballer. fisher was stabbed to death on the dance floor of the crane on boxing day.
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hundreds people were there at the time. his say their hearts are broken following , his death. are broken following, his death. west midlands police say a 22 year old was arrested in birmingham city centre and a 21 year old man was arrested in london . border force staff and london. border force staff and driving examiners staged industrial action today. members of the pc union working multiple uk airports continued their strike over pay jobs and conditions. examiners began a five day walkout affecting more than 70 testing centres in the of england and the midlands pope has asked for prayers for his predecessor former pope benedict saying he's very sick . the saying he's very sick. the vatican says the 95 year old had a sudden worsening of his health but is receiving constant medical care. former head of the catholic church became the first p0pe catholic church became the first popein catholic church became the first pope in 600 years to resign when he stepped down in 2013. and the deadly storm that's sweeping across north america killing
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least 60 people is now wet and windy weather to the united kingdom. the met says the knock on effect america's bomb cyclone will be spells of unsettled over the next 7 to 10 days. they've issued a yellow alert for heavy rain for of scotland on friday and warning of flooding and travel disruption . we're on tv travel disruption. we're on tv onune travel disruption. we're on tv online and on dab plus radio watching gb news and listening . watching gb news and listening. time now for those headlines . time now for those headlines. hello. welcome back to headliners with me, simon evans. i say welcome back. that's assuming you've been out there for the last 23 hours without it. joining me tonight, two top comedians and headliners as indeed headliners. stalwarts we have leo kearse and jonathan kogan. so let's a look at
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tomorrow's front pages . we will tomorrow's front pages. we will start with thursday's mail . have start with thursday's mail. have the tories given up on cutting tax .7 they seem to have taken tax.7 they seem to have taken some time to notice that. that's been happening. thursday's extremist groups, funded by taxpayer. picture of andy murray there not illustrating that story . the thursday's guardian story. the thursday's guardian has the news that dementia patients warn of horrific crisis care homes. same picture of andy murray and thursday's times labour vow to combat anti—social . thursday's has rishi's pledge to make britain's streets sounds like labour and tories are fighting it out for the right to control the streets. thursday's sun sneak in and those allegations of shenanigans going on there with buying influence and so on. i believe thursday star finally puss in boots over a car and find a tiger hidden
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behind suitcase is everyone's stroke nightmare. well those are the front pages. let's take a look at them in some more detail. so the times now . so the times the times now. so the times leads with a story that groups are being funded by our taxes, which is the lovely thing here. i mean, i'm glad to see that the government is finding new inventive ways to waste the money, give them as part of prevent de—radicalization , which prevent de—radicalization, which started after 911 when people thought maybe islamic terrorism isn't so great after all. so groups and charities have appued groups and charities have applied for funding and just, you know, they've obviously just been sparse in the money hand over fist. so they've given some of these groups and charities, tax payers money. the aim is to steer young muslims away from terrorism. but some of these organisations have promoting extremist extremist eating. they knew that they just didn't check. are they giving to .7 money
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check. are they giving to.7 money they just like no. i mean, if they i, they probably didn't know. but i don't know. it's of the is part of the sort of, you know, just shows the rubbish of government. know, this is government. you know, this is this is something they want to put money into to prevent something is called prevent and they end encouraging they end up encouraging encourage should call it encourage they should call it encourage they should call it encourage this, nurture this, these useless this these call it useless this useless list. well, it's good do worse than useless if they're actually funding things, actually funding these things, they developing presumably they developing and presumably come with a sort of air of legitimacy if it's government funded as well you're probably saying they must saying well presumably they must want do that. well do you want me to do that. well do you think that was, you know, a ruse? they've done a purpose. they to it to they would try to set it up to look like they were anti spreading ideology. spreading terrorist ideology. and as and then anti—imperialist as well, is, you know, well, possibly. i is, you know, just like kind of anti everything that anti—everything anti anti because my idea with prevent the general impression i've got with prevent is that it's a sort of network of informants, isn't it? essentially, if you notice somebody is behaving, it's a bit like an expansion. the it
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like an expansion. the see it say sort of just like say assaulted sort of just like that in your schools and in your churches and your mosque in churches and yeah your mosque in madrid similarly useless of course if we see anything if we see a suspicious bag on the tube we're not going to see anything. nobody see anything i just get i go on tube now go to the pictures on tube now of what you do. oh no actually nothing suspicious about this for six there is it. so if somebody is staring, you know in like a way just in a sort like a sexy way just in a sort of just like i could be planning. yeah, it just. might planning. yeah, it just. i might be. a of a strange musical be. a bit of a strange musical genius so would like that? genius. so you would like that? it was. was interest. is this review prevent revealed review of prevent has revealed it terrorists as victims it treats terrorists as victims more is . because more than is. yeah because obviously really scared obviously they're really scared of appearing you know at all islamophobic or offending anybody sensibilities but it's pretty hard avoid looking a bit islamophobic. pretty hard avoid looking a bit islamophobic . you know most of islamophobic. you know most of the most of the serious terror threat comes from islamists . and threat comes from islamists. and because of that, because of this fear of looking islamophobic, there are also focusing on right wing threats , which, you wing terror threats, which, you know, i'm sure there's plenty of
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horrible people out horrible right wing people out there but we haven't really there. but we haven't really seen the scale know there's not that right wing people that many right wing people going into concerts and going into pop concerts and blowing up children. they say it's about 25% very it's about 25% to 75. very broadly speaking, right wing and islamist of course, the islamist and of course, the right right wing. right what they call right wing. these never terror groups these are never terror groups that to taxes brought that want to see taxes brought down control over that. down or more control over that. basically that's basically stuff. yeah, that's what is . they're basically what it is. they're basically racist because these days apply. if could just get together if they could just get together if they could just get together i don't like to do them, but they have some sort of battle royale going on. i'm sure that's going to happen. i can going to happen. can i can i just call your attention to the photograph which does photograph as well, which does appear majority of front appear on the majority of front pages though pages this morning, even though seems quite photo seems to be quite a photo shot. his smiling yeah. andy his smiling now. yeah. andy murray there towering over nazanin zakari, who remember nazanin zakari, who i remember were a bit of a fanboy over the summer. you when she. oh i thought it was delightful when she off billion pounds she paid off billion pounds to get iranian prison where she'd been apparently unjustly imprisoned. i thought it was quite fair, but then. then she came she blamed britain came back and she blamed britain for it instead of iran. so now she's standing next to a tall
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scot and they're claiming some sort of a collegiate affinity. i don't the early you've don't know. the early you've been for goes on teeth. been playing for goes on teeth. yeah, that's a lot of teeth. very true . jonathan you have the very true. jonathan you have the daily mail with have tories given up on cutting taxes. yeah. well that was that was fairly wasn't it. when they kicked out liz truss. i think. i think so when . they you know they tried when. they you know they tried to do that, they did a mini budget and nobody was having any of it. they did the thing that's whole thing. right. that's the thing. if you're a conservative government, main, so government, one of your main, so to is to cut tax. that's to speak, is to cut tax. that's a stick cut, put money back into the pockets . those who've the pockets. those who've earned it them . spend it. what's it trust them. spend it. what's what's the one way you to what's the one way you have to have property because have property vote because that's what. that's that's that's what. yes, that's that's conservativism. been conservativism. yeah. we've been drifting since. that it. and drifting since. that was it. and that's women weren't allowed that's why women weren't allowed to because usually to vote because they usually lived so the house, lived in the same. so the house, that was the theory. so essentially the house had a vote. okay, well then you've got a that the and the a problem that the man and the woman would which way the house
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was going to and would just have to it. yeah. that's it was fairly. i'll put fairly. yes darling i'll put that floor. yeah. yeah that on the floor. yeah. yeah hey, this is most handsome. let's no, no , there are some let's no, no, there are some women there represent it in pictorial manner on the front page.the pictorial manner on the front page. the daily mail. yes, with a song here and store. yeah. a song in here and store. yeah. is denise outen in is that denise van outen in dubai . apparently she was on dubai. apparently she was on tinder. allegedly maybe it wasn't her. maybe. as you recap, jonathan tinder or jonathan found her on tinder or something. makes sense? something. so that makes sense? yeah, in my mind yeah, i would say in my mind i go out with the chap with the multicoloured gym, the, the jason the multicolour jason and the multicolour switch. remember that switch. i remember that joseph o'neill's went got he o'neill's with she went got he got no . when she was got a glitter no. when she was i think when she was 15 or something she's visiting with me now she was 12 but she's earned a weekend dubai to wash those a weekend in dubai to wash those memories anyway so there's memories away. anyway so there's nothing to about . the nothing really to say about. the tories on the tax bit of a nonsense. the front page there. what got. the daily what have we got. the daily telegraph. got telegraph. they've usually got story going way or another . story going one way or another. you're back with this one, leo, is that right? so this is that right? oh, yes. so this is that right? oh, yes. so this is extremist groups funded by a
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taxpayer that's got got mixed up. so did the tone of the telegraph a bit on the time on the title two times now. so labour vote to be fair they have got the exact same photograph on the front page . yeah, it's one the front page. yeah, it's one of a number of these. so but yeah. labour vote to combat anti social behaviour so you know the tories have dropped the ball crime and anti—social behaviour focussed on a really surprisingly woke agenda of, arresting people for making social media and things like that and you know, last year we had you know a million unsolved burgle trees and thefts . so the burgle trees and thefts. so the laboun burgle trees and thefts. so the labour, labour have sort of tacked to the take to the right on this. yeah. and said they're going to have nearly so there's been nearly 2 million reports of anti—social behaviour over the past three years have gone unattended so they're going to unattended. so they're going to target antisocial behaviour and also put the victim of antisocial behaviour , the victim antisocial behaviour, the victim of crime in the driving seat when actually handing out when it to actually handing out the . so they've
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the sentence. so they've got this community, to be this community, it's going to be real unusual real cruel and unusual punishment they sort of punishment is they are sort of constrained false the need to constrained on false the need to look someone's head , a cage with look someone's head, a cage with , can i say in his own back yard and they're not getting told i think they will. it's interesting when you call it anti—social behaviour , of anti—social behaviour, of course, my hackles go . oh, yeah, course, my hackles go. oh, yeah, that's right. that's what they should clamp down. and i remember when we first moved from london to hove we encountered anti—social encountered worse anti—social behaviour. yeah. which is exactly what we thought were exactly what we thought we were moving is miserable moving away from is miserable when it. but suppose when you get it. but i suppose people might say that includes being tweets and bad facebook posts it's going to mean posts. think it's going to mean it's it's is it's going to be. it's it is still quite a sort of hazy area is it i think crime the police and as a whole needs to focus on things that have a you know, an actual real world. yeah. strangely so if you're stabbed and it pierces your liver. yeah, that's an actual real world impact on your liver. somebody tweets something nasty. it doesn't really have this. how about if your next door neighbour is in a back
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neighbour is out in a back garden after midnight screaming abuse through your own abuse at you through your own back window, where would that fall i asking for it? fall in? was i asking for it? did extending play music did i like extending play music till know that was never till was you know that was never that it started . it that was where it started. it was it was very upsetting i but i do you're right. and i don't know whether the tories have deliberately supported a woke agenda or whether they've just not been active they've not been on their toes enough. they've allowed the college of policing to take control the agenda to drive a lot of the changes and they have completely to, you know, to restrain the long march through the institution and just as we're now all quite comfortably agreeing hasn't happened so yeah think it is happened so yeah i think it is very that starmer would be more effective. what do you think. well let's us all talk this to something he's saying win votes in things to happen. they're in the things to happen. they're all know, up. yeah, all just, you know, up. yeah, yeah, . now let's show up. yeah, yeah. now let's show up. can we a look back at the daily telegraph here because is one of the stories that we going the stories that we were going to talk when you made the to talk about when you made the bbc's going for work in
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rewriting british this is an interesting so the bbc is apparently guilty of rewriting british history to promote a walker bias documentary . so this walker bias documentary. so this lord, lord roberts is has accused the bbc of pursuing a fatwah against winston churchill. so yeah . so should churchill. so yeah. so should give this full, full title . so give this full, full title. so they're doing all these documentaries on on slavery. slavery, colonial ism the irish famine and you see in there actually even though, you know britain did have you could see rule in some of these you know with an irish wife what we did we that we had a good role and then a bad we had a bad role and a good role that was always the thing, isn't it? they always look for balance. yes, we did some slavery, but we were also the first people to abolish slavery at enormous. it, slavery at enormous. we did it, but then stopped doing it. but then we stopped doing it. nobody ever for stop. exactly but and again, know we're the but and again, we know we're the only we eventually only thing we eventually starving them. yeah. so yeah. but mean i'm being, i'm being but i mean i'm being, i'm being facetious, you know , the british facetious, you know, the british know we've got this in previously history, you know, 20
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years documentaries previously history, you know, 20 years maybe documentaries previously history, you know, 20 yearsmaybe the documentaries previously history, you know, 20 years maybe the british nentaries previously history, you know, 20 yearsmaybe the british inntaries previously history, you know, 20 yearsmaybe the british in aaries were maybe the british in a better light . no, we've gone the better light. no, we've gone the other way and now we're just self and saying, weren't we awful? i think perhaps like to maybe even 40 years ago i mean i dispute fact that we were never taught about the british empire its aspects. knew quite its worst aspects. i knew quite a a few of the bad things a bad of a few of the bad things in o—level history, but british history little bit of history did have a little bit of a trust of wander a national trust of wander around stately home and sort around a stately home and sort of, know, just appealed to of, you know, just appealed to the aesthetics of it all we've got a lot of ships are digging into it more but. it is interesting. this is not just a bunch of old fogeys. there's some some genuine academics. this board, robert tombs, whose book the history of the english and their history was very, very good. niall ferguson, who's pretty respected . it seems pretty well respected. it seems like some genuine like there's some genuine criticism coming here. this criticism coming in here. this is a sort of vous is not just a sort of vous complain saying, no, i agree with also a story here with that. but also a story here on of telegraph. on the front page of telegraph. not long covid for some, but menopause. oh would come as a shock a lot of people who shock to a lot of people who thought okay, so
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thought they were. okay, so you're tying that in with you're not tying that in with the chain, but is that the history chain, but is that that part of that's part the that part of that's part of the if telegraph's right . if the telegraph's okay right. so women think they have so women may think they have long when actually long covid when they're actually going thing going through there's a thing called perimenopause which i think which is ease up into. yeah, yeah, yes. but that's peri. peri made a pact to be the guy to his wife who's like, i don't think you've got long—covid. think you're just don't think you've got long-menopausal.< you're just don't think you've got long-menopausal. iyou're just don't think you've got long-menopausal. i wouldn't,: a bit menopausal. i wouldn't, i wouldn't. that happened. and so it's interesting. this is just one like taking know one way of like taking the know little dipstick into little little dipstick into british mindset. british culture, the mindset. i do little routine on stage at do a little routine on stage at the moment i absolutely the moment saying i absolutely believe long covid believe that long covid is a real thing, it's never very real thing, but it's never very to who's going to get it to guess who's going to get it is is a type gets a big is there is a type gets a big laugh all i'm saying, is there is a type gets a big laugh all i'm saying , though, is laugh all i'm saying, though, is that, you know, no smoke without fire. so on to the sun. the sneaky nando's goes with the perimenopausal. sneaky nando's goes with the perimenopausal . that's cool. perimenopausal. that's cool. that who's got this one? is this you? this is . i believe so. you? this is. i believe so. yeah. fury over from home. working from home freebies sneaky nando's so there were 30
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million in gift tokens paid to civil servants. now, this has caused quite a bit of fury, especially with . people are especially with. people are striking because the civil servants have been gifted all the stuff. it wasn't a pay rise were just essentially paid in vouchers , which is kind of a bit vouchers, which is kind of a bit like my bar mitzvah. i wanted money, but i got vouchers. i never spent them. you know, i'm 13. what am i going to do with like mate, funnily enough, who is and used to go out on is also and we used to go out on new year's he would always new year's eve, he would always have given marks and have been given marks and spencers voucher christmas spencers voucher for christmas and always trying and he would always be trying to barter as the boxes. barter to drinking as the boxes. right. yeah. give us . yeah, i right. yeah. give us. yeah, i mean , you know, i was 13, i went mean, you know, i was 13, i went to still got the vouchers. i mean it's not that this is the me, but it is speaking an attempt by the first who doesn't know what you want, but doesn't want you to think that they just shut off site and shove somebody straight from the wallet do some wallet and we will do some thought. but all they've done narrow your options. yeah, yeah . it is the worst of both . it really is the worst of both . it's the world's worst money. it's than, like, real it's worse than, like, real
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money. better be given money. is it better be given something from shop that something from a shop that accept yeah. so you can accept return? yeah. so you can just it back. yeah. oh had a thing to open on christmas day. lovely yeah. take it back the next day and go shopping. sales. you feel guilty. spending, you don't feel guilty. spending, vouchers them. vouchers have to spend them. fantastic old nando's fantastic good old nando's coming after the we go be on coming up after the we go be on the pages we'll be the front pages we'll be into putin's sperm bank you trump's tax returns w and the board of all strikes may have plumbing debt so we will be back in a couple of minutes stick around. so usually usually .
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welcome back headliners so you've seen what is on the front pages let us take a look at what else there is inside the papers to do this i have our comedians leo kearse and jonathan cogan with jonathan let's start with thursday's telegraph the border
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force have been on strike to paraphrase parker. my first question is how could they tell ? oh, they couldn't. i mean, we'll out, but okay. so the headuneis we'll out, but okay. so the headline is force strikes fail to leave them as passengers pass customs in minutes so they can't even cause delays in that. so is this completely insane? so more 1000 members of union at six airports are holding a second on airports are holding a second on air strikes in disputes, pay peaks, presumably for passport code. peaks, presumably for passport code . so yeah, i think so. these code. so yeah, i think so. these not the same people who you might hope would be standing on the border ourselves. what we picture is the border. this is true. mean, it's done by true. yeah. i mean, it's done by it's basically a turnstile these days, but they keep the turnstiles. yeah fans who who turnstiles. yeah fans who do who like direct you a machine that will your face. yeah, will look at your face. yeah, yeah, yeah . i think they just yeah, yeah. i think they just proved themselves to not be completely necessary. well, okay, so these border post off the that they held had the strikes that they held had little effect on airports with many passengers clearing possible control in less than 5
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minutes to the one of them said that airports are operating as normal. the immigration halls are free, flowing freely with border force and the military contingency providing . yeah, a contingency providing. yeah, a good of service for arriving is fine is absolutely fine. i went through heathrow yesterday and yeah it was fine. yeah i mean, it was easier. i mean, i think this is a dangerous game that a lot of these striking workers are because the company the country can can work fine without them driver examiners are going on strike it's are also going on strike it's like they're always the country going a halt with going to grind to a halt with a learner new driver i suppose eventually although perhaps he'll in new where he'll be like in new where they're phasing out smoking year by year phase out driving as make year older. yeah yeah make it a year older. yeah yeah there's driverless cars coming there's a driverless cars coming . mean feel a bit sorry for . i mean i feel a bit sorry for these these border patrol people that they all they ever do is like people up, don't they like hold people up, don't they . yeah. one is going to miss . yeah. no one is going to miss that. like i mean like that. you know, like i mean like they a better threat would they chose a better threat would have been like we're going to go to work and do it. we're going
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go really slowly. we'll be , but go really slowly. we'll be, but we'll go , where's that stamp we'll go, where's that stamp i had here a minute ago. oh have you seen this ? i'm on the rmt as you seen this? i'm on the rmt as well because they're the ones, aren't they, who are fearful of being taken over by machines. yeah. if they strike for three or four days in a row, it has to be in. yeah. yeah. who they can the us to rail you drive it. they're the ones who work in the stations ticket machine right. they the union they are the union for everything being replaced they are the union for evemachines. being replaced they are the union for evemachines. b
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struggle for them to be legally recognised as women . yes, recognised as women. yes, i think there should be some hard orindeed think there should be some hard or indeed because some of these. but nobody ever complains about those . but yeah, i think i think those. but yeah, i think i think there should be some of there should be some sort of some a hurdle to get some sort of a hurdle to get over to be regarded as a woman, because otherwise people can just self—identify you're just self—identify so if you're convicted six crime, not convicted of a six crime, not i'm saying you will be you might just in the way with it. but like if you're convicted of a sex crime in scotland and you then you're convicted. then you can just oh, wait a minute, can just say, oh, wait a minute, i'm when you get into i'm a woman. when you get into women's obvious. women's prison, it's obvious. you obviously, you know, that's obviously, you know, element know, maybe there's an element allowed this gentleman to do the issue. he believes that this similar to the apartheid . well, similar to the apartheid. well, he fought against the sort of reform a reform would have protected women's rights. yeah take to the female prisoners and things like that. and he wrote in his column and edinburgh evening news this that compared in his column and edinburgh evto ing news this that compared in his column and edinburgh evto nelson s this that compared in his column and edinburgh evto nelson mandelat compared in his column and edinburgh evto nelson mandela he)mpared in his column and edinburgh evto nelson mandela he compared it to nelson mandela he compared you know this this thing that would allow somebody like me to just that i'm a woman and just say that i'm a woman and then automatic you know
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then automatic legally you know be woman without being be a woman without being verified know, doctor verified by, you know, a doctor or a panel or anything like that. compared to how that. he's compared it to how crew tied to two crew members are tied to two parts. he thinks that parts. basically, he thinks that scheme, the existing situation just insane. he's been accused of risible pomposity risible never never a man mispronouncing word it means he learned it by reading him read every day . that reading him read every day. that i think is quite telling . i i think is quite telling. i mean, you can we can obviously just you know yet mock his pomposity. but it is quite telling because i think that is part of what's going on here. i these people genuinely do wish they something of the of the they had something of the of the monstrous of monstrous dimensions of apartheid to be to be grappling with. and they haven't the scottish party need to scottish national party need to learn yeah, they're not they learn and yeah, they're not they are the scots basically a one party state. there's viable party state. there's no viable opposition scottish opposition in the scottish national party railroad . all national party railroad. all this legislation , the this terrible legislation, the gender reform bill isn't the first one. there's the offensive behaviour of football act, which was repealed and there's the name persons which actually
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name persons bill which actually made property of the made children property of the state rather ban , right? state rather than ban, right? absolutely. see, there's the absolutely. and see, there's the hate crime bill obviously, which you gone through, you know, has gone through, hasn't like the hasn't been repealed like the other but you know, other two. but but you know, hopefully at some point hopefully will be at some point and i mean this just is so and this i mean this just is so badly worded. the gender reform andifs badly worded. the gender reform and it's got so many loopholes that would allow, you know, bad men when face it, you know men when let's face it, you know bizarre but explore to commit bizarre but to explore to commit or to cover up crimes. bizarre but to explore to commit or to cover up crimes . horrific. or to cover up crimes. horrific. it's interesting it that in a country which has at times been been wracked by sectarian christianity, you know, you're starting see what happens when one side wins. yeah, it's quite jonathan climate news now from the independent why climate because that's a paradise see it so yeah this is this is pure goodnessi so yeah this is this is pure goodness i think 2022 will be the warmest year on record for the warmest year on record for the says met office. isn't that fantastic we've had a lovely warm year. well you know rather like i suppose it were to keep
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on the present trajectory son on the present trajectory my son might some , but i can't might inherit some, but i can't say i love amazing that much over just a slight and when you actually look at what the average temperature was did you see was? oh, it's pretty see what it was? oh, it's pretty high it almost ten degrees. high it was almost ten degrees. it was exactly less than ten degrees centigrade. this is quite the firestorm that they quite the of firestorm that they have. still. it is have. but still. i suppose it is significant . well, i mean, i significant. well, i mean, i don't know . i significant. well, i mean, i don't know. i think significant. well, i mean, i don't know . i think with all don't know. i think with all this climate stuff like don't threaten me with a good time. yeah it's yeah there's no saying it's going doom and gloom, going to be doom and gloom, actually climate as actually climate change as a benefits that nobody looks at. so increased carbon so there's increased carbon dioxide atmosphere. dioxide in the atmosphere. so grow some greening grow more easily some greening of previously arid areas, especially since we're being encouraged to eat a plant based diet. now, this is not just justin's. yeah but most of the warming, it doesn't happen . the warming, it doesn't happen. the equator or places where it's already very hot. most of the warming is in temperate climate or polar climates, which is bad for melting ice. but it's good because means basically cold weather . a lot because means basically cold weather. a lot more people than
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hot weather. yeah so the way it looks at the moment, change could actually save lives millions of lives. and climate change, which are going to make food and energy and everything more expensive actually going food and energy and everything m
11:28 pm
perspective so russian men have been called up to fight in ukraine will be able to have their sperm frozen and stored a cryobank without charge. a state media has said in russia. this is so that when the russian man inevitably killed . yeah inevitably get killed. yeah because more than hundred because more than a hundred thousand russian have thousand russian soldiers have been killed since the start of the invasion and will still the invasion and the will still be have babies , have be able to have babies, have their babies. so this will encourage women send them encourage the women to send them off war. essentially going off to war. essentially going don't worry, if he dies, you'll still be to raise hell. you still be able to raise hell. you they want it. yeah, they want to stop it. yeah, well, yeah. yeah. well, basically, yeah. yeah. i mean i they're relying mean, i think they're relying a lot on the women. yeah. for through this. but you really trust but i'm not sure it sends the message that you should be trying to send as much faith . trying to send as much faith. yeah. just in case the adverts that i've seen the recruitment adverts for the russian military are crazies. there's, there's a dad who can't afford a mobile phone for his daughter , so he phone for his daughter, so he signs up to fight because he has enough money to buy out. it's
11:29 pm
not even an iphone, it's a rubbish phone. and another one has a granddad wants to, you know, has to sell car accident enough money. so the grandson signs up to fight. so he can give the money to the ground. it's grandad, brother, it's like, man grandad, brother, you alive. not you were alive. yeah. not killing children in ukraine now you need new i it's rare you need a brand new i it's rare i say this you know but they do need to invest in marketing bit. yeah don't they. the russian they've same we've they've got the same guys, we've got been working got but they've been working a long time. i mean they have a reputation being very devious don't with the propaganda, don't they, with the propaganda, the sort of. yeah, i wouldn't trust with my so. yeah trust them with my firm so. yeah they be going crazy once they seem to be going crazy once saw condom on the way and saw a condom on the way and i didn't the girl. i yeah. didn't trust the girl. i yeah. that's another story i didn't wanna get sperm jack to see it's it happens i know i have a dog in this fight but i'm not going any jonathan over to thursday's express it sounds like revelations are imminent now . revelations are imminent now. yes, this is very exciting . yes, this is very exciting. people who like tax returns. so the democrats announced donald trump's tax returns to be made fairly public on friday. finally
11:30 pm
so the house of representatives ways and means committee has confirmed that former president donald trump's tax will be donald trump's full tax will be made public this friday. the democrat controlled committee a limited amount of time to decide what to do with. the returns once released as a public released republicans are set released as republicans are set to you mean like a to take. oh, you mean like a hardback or an audio book? hardback book or an audio book? yeah. maybe a big yeah. then it may maybe a big poster for everyone. maybe just them times this is what them in the times this is what i really want to see is what his expenses what hilarious things as put expenses wig way as he put on expenses wig way n yeah yeah yeah i see that with that of stuff i bet he's resources covered. i bet it'll be quite disappointing i mean they'll kind of go oh i can't believe man who's worth billions nobody's. but it's all your favourite democrat, all big favourite democrat, all the big tech you know, facebook, tech apple. you know, facebook, google, these companies, google, none of these companies, they off a shilling tax . they pay off a shilling in tax. it was all known, isn't it. this is. up to and from is. yeah, they're up to and from trump accountant to same trump pay accountant to the same system they all work to make sure that doesn't pay much tax i mean just is this logical mean it just is this logical thing why it's a bit like the laffer curve across the society
11:31 pm
you know laffer curve proof you know the laffer curve proof that a certain at that there's a certain point at which tax raising taxes counterproductive because tax revenues it's revenues fall because it's exactly the same on a personal level, you more more tax as level, you pay more more tax as you more, earn enough you earn more, you earn enough to able to afford to be able to afford an accountant and suddenly it accountant and then suddenly it falls so you have to falls away again. so you have to basically class, get basically keep middle class, get punished. exactly punished. yeah. yeah, exactly i think coming up in part through social scraps with greta social media scraps with greta thunberg or , possibly her thunberg or, possibly her father's social media mistress with innate trump steps and social media in corporate media with elon musk. we'll see you in a couple of minutes .
11:32 pm
11:33 pm
welcome back to headline is with leo jonathan leo the most film of the now and it's not even because director is called makes
11:34 pm
makeup which does sound to me like somebody has made up a name with a sort of sexual slur implied in this speaker it seems that the person in the clinic when you spell russia but the most cancelled movie of the year has been accepted as a contender for a bafta after small british independent cinema agreed to show it . so the documentary show it. so the documentary follows yemeni men, a saudi deradicalisation centre, which aims to confront violent interpretations . islam and in interpretations. islam and in one glowing reviews, the early one glowing reviews, the early on before people start , somebody on before people start, somebody called it racist on twitter . it called it racist on twitter. it wasn't it wasn't amazing reviews . the guardian said it was eye opening, offered empathy and context variety, said it was courageous , enlightening, courageous, enlightening, provoking and a sharp quest to understand the other eyes. because following these radical, the yemeni made to sound interesting , it's rare for it to interesting, it's rare for it to break in. it's quite rare you see a centre , a prison or see a centre, a prison or whatever, whatever it is, a
11:35 pm
hospital or whatever where they are. two different islamic society is like clashing rather than guantanamo bay or something. what i mean, where you see the mayor of manchester madrassa where you can go, no, this is saudis. yemenis. yeah. you know would be you know that would be interesting yeah, but we interesting to see. yeah, but we don't don't see , don't often we don't often see, you know, see, you know, you know, we see, you know, clips isis or whatever clips of isis or whatever committing horrible atrocities, clips of isis or whatever comwe ting horrible atrocities, clips of isis or whatever comwe ting hget)le atrocities, clips of isis or whatever comwe ting hget)le a'usually get but we don't get how usually get to know the people get to to know the people and get to know people who know know the people who are you know there's it's not a the people like moazzam begg example you know quite thin evidence know it's quite thin evidence people are to guantanamo people are sent to guantanamo bay whatever know, bay or whatever you know, wherever into. so we'll wherever they're into. so we'll see if it always what is the speech in the phone book or whatever. so there's no real evidence that islamophobic apart from is looking at muslim terrorists, but that's you need i mean there have been various criticisms levelled against that. there's been a bit of a sort of social media storm. people oh, it's made people have said oh, it's made by white people, which is by all white people, which is bad days make but it bad these days make but it turned out not to be and it's made by all the white makes
11:36 pm
maker is makes make a white she is way from california and fleet and is a 42 year old firefighter but i noticed that one of the people against it is from cage which is the organised nation that sort of dedicated to undermine and prevent and so on isn't it. yeah, that's they're, they are a very cajun province and they'd go all together yeah, you would think so, but no, in fact cage is like it's counter trying to get people of cages in fear. yeah so cage was i, it was founded by moazzam begg who was at guantanamo bay. so people are tortured, killed and all the rest of it. yeah. and he you know, he has been sort of involved and some training and things like that. right no, you know there's no real hardcore passed down evidence these these are terrorist. so the thing that really, really struck as interesting here is the only place agreed to show the film was arthouse end in north london. so we all know who that
11:37 pm
was josh how a fairly intimate i like the fact we'll have to move on but i do like the fact that what they described as atheist podcast to sam harris is a bit more than an atheist. oh yeah. sam harris has been into it and has done a big interview and knows to raise money. how knows how to raise money. how much go see this much you should all go see this film. i turn 60 next time downwards on holiday. let's nick 2000. just play jonathan the guardian and pope francis has been complimenting his predecessor on his skateboarding skills. he has vignettes that the pope benedict the roman numerals 1616 is very good dick andifs numerals 1616 is very good dick and it's a meretricious rather than an emeritus. i think i know what the pope's you edit from reading he did i can't read but very sick yeah so a francis has said his retired predecessor p0pe said his retired predecessor pope emeritus benedict the 16th is very sick and asked for god to come for him until the end so the pontiff did not reveal the nature of the illness affecting
11:38 pm
benedict towards the end of his audience wednesday he said i would like ask a special would like to ask a special prayer for pope emeritus benedict when silence is supporting church. and i think he's also started a go fund me for him which he is 95. to be fair, benedict this queen too because obviously he was the first pope to retire this century and yet sort of he was like the queen mum was he sort of held on to a degree of his dignity. well well there's new and coming. nobody knew you could do that before i been under impression the under the impression that the reason it was because he reason he did it was because he sensed coming. sensed alzheimer's was coming. right. that that right. and he thought that that would be a catastrophe, understandably, the bidens. but fact. well, turns out that fact. well, it turns out that they body deteriorated, they say body had deteriorated, but it would at the age of but as it would at the age of 95. but but his mind is still sharp. so i'm rather unclear as a junior meeting. think a junior meeting. i think i misunderstood the entire issue. but been a bit of a but there's been a bit of a power battle in the vatican between because he stayed in the vatican. did his and vatican. he did his old name and his old is amazing joseph his old name is amazing joseph ratzinger. sounds like that. so like gang when, like in 1950s street gang when,
11:39 pm
you know was a was. yeah, yeah you know, was a was. yeah, yeah . he was a young lad. i mean, he didn't in it at the didn't much choice in it at the time, but was one of the time, but that was one of the but been linked the but he's been linked to the catholic church. yes he is. he's quite concerned , you know, and quite concerned, you know, and the other one is quite liberal. they made a very good of it with jonathan pryce and the to it jonathan pryce and the two to it is watching . in all is worth watching. in all seriousness, best wishes for a for you know, whatever is the best outcome here leo fuse news now and thursday's independent has has news of a sick burn yeah a twitter spat between tate who's the son of the king of lads against you led and sell king and friend of the channel incidentally he goes and he's i how i don't agree with pretty anything he says love who winds the right people so he was he was beating greta thunberg who's the little goblin woman who you know keeps banging on about climate change. it was winding up climate change. it was winding ”p by
11:40 pm
climate change. it was winding up by saying, listen, i've got 33 cars. we started listed as the details of his ferrari's bentleys and all the rest of it. and just to just to sort of wind it up and he said please provide email address so i can send a complete list of my car collection. there and she replied , yes, please do replied, yes, please do enlighten me . me at small dick enlighten me. me at small dick energy ghetto life .com which is an empress like obviously liberal twitter are falling over themselves below mcgeoch with a slip and it's like no that's the most basic . as you know , she's most basic. as you know, she's only 12 years old, but that is most basic kid and also most basic school kid and also the other people see and this is a wonderful that she said this and all the people who would normally just do the public gallows criticise gallows for anybody to criticise them shape or them on their body shape or anything that. it kind anything like that. it kind of sounds like self burn as well sounds like a self burn as well because saying email because you saying her email address is small. yes, exactly. that's all used by she's saying her believe that. her email. i could believe that. yeah, maybe is. mean, maybe yeah, maybe is. i mean, maybe she maybe it's a she does have maybe it's a serious that is her problem. they of just they released a list of just serious dialogue. apparently there has been some substantive
11:41 pm
evidence on facebook to demonstrate that. her demonstrate that. it's her father that's the father that's running the twitter now twitter account anyway right now that makes sense to that that makes sense to me. that makes more sense . yeah. thwarted makes more sense. yeah. thwarted middle who shows in a middle aged man who shows in a passage of path . life is good. passage of path. life is good. annoying child . i just realise annoying child. i just realise for the price it's cost him to raise . he could by now at least raise. he could by now at least be driving . second import of be driving. second import of note is the regret is comments have been very sort partisan and divisive and really if you want if you if she's serious about tackling climate change or winning people over, can't winning people over, you can't alienate people like andrew tate and you know i risk massive influencer yeah absolutely massive and you know everybody if you can convince him that having 33 cars is a bad idea they maybe mix them up. keen to come via the bmw, sports cars and impressive. i think that's probably where they overlap. jonathan staying with twitter news, thursday's mail has , the news, thursday's mail has, the latest in the h—bomb so they do yes so just to clarify the beginning this is story about ian watkins, but not the convicted musician hits the us
11:42 pm
swans much worse . yeah this is swans much worse. yeah this is the not as of yet baby steps no like it so i said okay so the headune like it so i said okay so the headline busy day at the office steps in watkins continues to poke fun , hilarious social media poke fun, hilarious social media gaffe, which thousands of fans blocked by him. so this eight from steps famously named after drug his parents were using when he was conceived and after of fans were blocked from seeing his tweets . he took to twitter his tweets. he took to twitter to make fun of this whole situation. so he used kind of algorithm or company or app to kind of clear his tweet. algorithm or company or app to kind of clear his tweet . yeah, i kind of clear his tweet. yeah, i was on it. i was blocked. your block. right . yeah. but block. yeah, right. yeah. but yes. because of what you said to him. i did a good joke about him though, on twitter several years ago. it was something like ago. yeah, it was something like i when i was i remember when i was doing secure at the brits awards few years ago, it all kicked off between sticks and jamiroquai . between sticks and jamiroquai. why i was the only thing between h and jake simpson alphabet
11:43 pm
jokes? yeah, there's more of a crossword clue than kind of, you know, i wouldn't close with it, but yeah. so maybe block me for a bit. i think he's maybe he's really good friends with jake and he just felt that was i don't know, that was kind trying to stir is very possible . i mean to stir is very possible. i mean this isn't so much of a news story as it's filler. instead so let's move on. leo thursday is independent corporate media that elon musk complains that corporate media isn't doing its job. so elon , who's recently job. so elon, who's recently bought twitter and released the twitter files that show , you twitter files that show, you know, insane government collusion. no not so much government collusion. political party collusion with the social media giant to silence certain stories and ai and the fbi . the stories and ai and the fbi. the democrat party is using arms of the government to stories in the media which you damaging and dangerous. i mean, this is this something that goes on in russia but ? they're not so you know, but? they're not so you know, the is horrific and you know if
11:44 pm
it was the democrat party going down to summits and ripping newspapers off the shelves , newspapers off the shelves, people would be up in arms because it's done with al algorithms and programming and nerds and stuff. people aren't so aren't , upset. elon so aren't, so upset. now, elon musk has complained corporate journalism story, journalism isn't showing story, isn't reporting on the story. and obviously , because they're isn't reporting on the story. anthe)viously , because they're isn't reporting on the story. anthe pocket' , because they're isn't reporting on the story. anthe pocket of 3ecause they're isn't reporting on the story. anthe pocket of the use they're isn't reporting on the story. anthe pocket of the democrats in the pocket of the democrats companies you know, companies like the, you know, newspapers like the washington post, bust , by post, which is going bust, by the lost their half a the way, they lost their half a million subscribers the million subscribers for the washington running washington post. isn't running it use the same it because they use the same thing. excuse to get of all thing. excuse to get rid of all of twitter followers. they of his twitter followers. they had blacklist had yeah. they used a blacklist for subscribers they had for the subscribers they had better donald trump for the subscribers they had betteelected donald trump for the subscribers they had betteelected or donald trump for the subscribers they had betteelected or at�*onald trump for the subscribers they had betteelected or at least trump for the subscribers they had betteelected or at least is'ump for the subscribers they had betteelected or at least is imp gets elected or at least is in the next year because the running next year because that basically fuels people buying left newspapers. now that basically fuels people buyiknowft newspapers. now that basically fuels people buyiknow the newspapers. now that basically fuels people buyiknow the it newspapers. now that basically fuels people buyiknow the it hasn't)apers. now that basically fuels people buyiknow the it hasn't been;. now you know the it hasn't been covered at all in this country and don't whether that's and i don't know whether that's equally or whether just equally sinister or whether just don't think it's interesting. but massively important but i think massively important and pretty much and it is still pretty much i think said this, but pretty think elon said this, but pretty much every conspiracy people have twitter has has have heard about twitter has has to true. yeah, exactly . they to be true. yeah, exactly. they came of that came squealing out of that building demon eyes. building like demon eyes. i mean, it extraordinary. mean, it was extraordinary.
11:45 pm
just, have to see just, you know, we have to see some people some of the people they interviewed afterwards. i him well that's it for part three. coming up, we'll have what could be the cure for old age. we have white water. sir walter scott me should a trigger should come with a trigger warning why? up as warning. and why? dressing up as a dog be weird. we'll see a dog be a bit weird. we'll see you in a couple of minutes.
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
yeah. and welcome to headline news with me, simon . our final news with me, simon. our final section now where there is usually a little bit more colour and juice than in some of the earlier stories. let's kick this final off with thursday's i and it looks like we're getting closer to achieving man's most daily cherished fantasy. this is presumably about x specs indeed yes. well this is good news for our facebook's last few users. so a cure for old age scientists
11:48 pm
to trial new drug which could increase life expectancy to 120. they've been talking about this kind thing for all, but this looks like an interesting development. researchers are developing a treatment that could significantly increase a person person's healthy person and person's healthy lifespan their lifespan and in turn, their longevity by boosting their immune has been immune system. so this has been made after they found a made possible after they found a way to slow down potentially made possible after they found a waytpreventiown potentially made possible after they found a way tpreventiowrnaturalntially made possible after they found a way tpreventiowr natural ageing even prevent the natural ageing of key part of immune of t cells a key part of immune defences is although they've advisor . defences is although they've advisor. it's going to be many years before we actually get this ground. we live this the ground. will we live long enough we get it we're , long enough if we get it we're, we're in grey zone. these we're in the grey zone. these are the are they is this right. it might seem like i've yes. so i've been hearing these for the last couple of years. there's is if you do want to enhance your body's ability to look after its telomeres fasting apparently the best right. yeah yeah not calorie restriction but just long periods without any food whatsoever. i've currently been doing intermittent fasting between paycheques. oh well, that's yeah, i mean what i mean, joking aside, is of course the best way of imposing. why the
11:49 pm
poor used to be the healthiest in nation. but these days, in the nation. but these days, of course, with the welfare is really even that benefit. really not even that benefit. the great thing about is that actually increase your healthy lifespan yeah. opposed to just making you live well. yes exactly you and dribbling into cardiac for the last 20 years which is no good at all but this would actually increase healthy i mean i do think we are going to get there it is interesting how most news that hits the front pages is usually miserable and depressing isn't it. supposedly things supposedly but you know, things like fusion and longevity, you know , and also the ability of know, and also the ability of artificial intelligence to take all sorts jobs off our hands. i mean , that could easily be the mean, that could easily be the final , you mean, that could easily be the final, you know, mean, that could easily be the final , you know, the mean, that could easily be the final, you know, the singularity is keeping around . yeah, i am is keeping around. yeah, i am fascinated by this sort of stuff. i will keep an eye on it. but yes, you want to experience the telomeres. they're a little bit like this. was this i think this of a youtube video, but if you want to understand it, if you want to understand it, if you chromosomes as you
11:50 pm
you think of chromosomes as you know, those long double helix strings, telomeres the strings, telomeres are like the bit goes around the bit of tape that goes around the end a battle rope in a gym or end of a battle rope in a gym or round stop some round shoelaces to stop some fraying undone . okay. fraying and coming undone. okay. so it's basically you need to keep renewing that and that will allow you the way that . exactly. allow you the way that. exactly. and that stops you getting cancen and that stops you getting cancer. and our of cancer. and our sort of obsolescence feature, not obsolescence is a feature, not a bug when we're having kids, but not many kids, we not having too many kids, we sort more. we need sort of need more. we need people around to. yeah not just to until 120, but to work to live until 120, but to work hard is 115. so thursday may on our leo and as a proud scot imagine you'll be outraged by the latest target for the trigger happy academics boring university. yeah so descendant of legendary novelist walter scott slammed the university of warwick their decision to slap trigger warnings on his historic works and his branded them covertly as well . so he's covertly as well. so he's written so he's written a bunch of books . i haven't read written so he's written a bunch of books. i haven't read . i even of books. i haven't read. i even who am, which is about a pimp
11:51 pm
and i've and i know that that's worthy of one so we have an exclusive very good excuse. but his critics have said his historical which bear in mind were ivanhoe written in 1819. so it's not going to be right up to date with intersectional feminism. but it was was feminism. but it was it was a very influential book. i just i haven't read either, but haven't read it either, but i had look at the wikipedia had a look at the wikipedia page. apparently, basically page. apparently, it basically us we have of us the modern idea we have of robin hood here it was set robin hood here but it was set in mid england. he went south of the border, write it and it is very apparently, very exciting book apparently, but about and normans but it is all about and normans still for 150 years still clashing for 150 years after the normans invasion. and so obviously there's a lot, you know, clashing ethnicities, creeds and so on. you would expect that, right. well, the authentic stuff the authentic this stuff the university warwick are upset university of warwick are upset about isn't isn't the normans the saxons. right. it may be surprise friends the way the french speak . so finally this surprise friends the way the french speak. so finally this is made marion me seriously . so made marion me seriously. so maybe they're wrong. i mean, we
11:52 pm
were fighting at the time when were fighting at the time when we were just during the time of the crusades right . of richard the crusades right. of richard the crusades right. of richard the lionheart. well, that the lionheart. well, maybe that maybe there's maybe that's it was. so there's a slaves and muslim who a black slaves and muslim who are in the book the prejudice against jews , which of course against jews, which of course never happened really . i'll tell never happened really. i'll tell you what, i'm going to read it. they're saying a picture sales case i've ever so they're saying there's a depiction of anti—semitism is racist because it shows people in a bad light. yeah, yeah. oh goodness. that is extraordinary. think he may have just carefully snagged this one, though, and he might be able to use it to, you know, improve sales improve . the legacy of sales and improve. the legacy of course is mainly a walter scott memorial on british just above waverley station that sort of looks like thunderbird three. yes. yeah, it's fantastic . so yes. yeah, it's fantastic. so it's about time i've enjoyed that monument long enough. i must read the book. jonathan thursday's mirror barely a day goes by when we don't at least one story about a man who wants to become a lassie. this one, isn't it a bit different? lovely yeah. so here's a classic story
11:53 pm
from our friends over in japan. so a man who became a dog for £12,480 worries his friends will think he's they don't think he's where they think he's a very good boy. he's very good. but did he's not allowed in the couch, though. no i think in a funny way, he doesn't to be what's going on. he does. we haven't got any pictures of it . haven't got any pictures of it. it is quite it genuinely doesn't get do that section of the it it is a good it's a good costume it sounds. oh that's amazing. yeah. yeah, yeah he can quite i don't know whether he's had bones or . know whether he's had bones or. not so i saw a picture somebody at pride parade dressed as a dog and a kid was patting the dog was real dog. and i just was a real dog. and i just thought you know, thought that was, you know, we've too far. it wasn't we've gone too far. it wasn't something some the kids something that some of the kids like. he doesn't look like a leather dog, like a fetish. leather dog, like like a fetish. this really does look like this one really does look like a. really? yeah, yeah, it a. really? okay. yeah, yeah, it is. it is. it's proper. you can double take. yeah, yeah, yeah. i don't double take. yeah, yeah, yeah. i dont be double take. yeah, yeah, yeah. i don't be he spent don't mean to be fair. he spent 12 grand on his fancy. tate spends more than on the
11:54 pm
spends more than that on the tiniest disney. i mean, probably would with him with the real would be with him with the real dog food this eats fake dog food. at least the part food. i mean, at least the part you eat dog is in worms you can eat dog food is in worms because my used to tell me you mustn't eat dog food because it would worms . you know, would give you worms. you know, when you want to when you're young, you want to eat the dog she was so the eat well. the dog she was so the problem here is this man has entered and he's winning all that dog event to understand all the best of any of the dogs that were taught is not so good at assessment . what do they call assessment. what do they call them? see three. you can that thursday's metro think we can just get through this one iphone jerked are being set off by skiers that sounds about right i said get off of the apple watch what is going there? there's a fall over and they deliver accident. is that right? basically have got this new thing them that if you fall oven thing them that if you fall over, you have a sudden impact or something like that it's my watch has it. yeah, it's a the
11:55 pm
emergency services the rushed to wherever you are will send a location and they'll they'll save. the only problem is skiers you know have the sudden impulse. yeah so they're always falling always get falling over but you always get asked maybe they don't have it, but always get us. it looks but you always get us. it looks like had a fall. you like you've had a fall. have you had fall? are you okay? and had a fall? are you okay? and you so you go you have. yeah. and so you go know, as good as it seems. so, so last week, just in week, an emergency response centre in a ski in colorado had, 71 ski tone in colorado had, 71 automated notifications automated crash notifications and all the none of them involved a real emergency. that was me learning just them link all of them. yeah i mean that's was me learning just them link all thingm. yeah i mean that's was me learning just them link all thing you'reh i mean that's was me learning just them link all thing you're always|n that's was me learning just them link all thing you're always fallings the thing you're always falling over so they did to have dispatchers deputies the ski patrollers out to patrollers all going out to these people. they've got to have where either voice have a thing where either voice activated or the default assumption live in flat, assumption if you live in flat, people fall over. yeah that's a much like in old days much better like in the old days say are the bombs go out say why are the bombs go out steps broken hip that steps with a broken hip that should thought due to global warming time? warming in 2000 years time? finally jonathan, we're going to do the stories. i can't do all the stories. i can't believe with metro. we believe it, with the metro. we
11:56 pm
stay for metro for stay actual tale for metro for a change. this is insomnia amersham. that is quite right. so a man who moved near train tracks complains to train companies about train . why companies about train. why wasn't this front pages ? i feel wasn't this front pages? i feel for him. no, he's he's. he's not as stupid or as ridiculous as it sounds, he's moved near train tracks . but now due to the train tracks. but now due to the train strike, trains are being like parked there and running all night or something is he and so he's kept up by these things he says of course you're lying in bed now with rage and there's nothing you can and you can't go back to sleep because you're so angry. that sounds like a good night. that's like a normal night. that's like a normal night. hey, everything ? yeah, night. hey, everything? yeah, that's but he's certainly that's right. but he's certainly sounds like me. it's a sign of intelligence. that noise infuriates schopenhauer . infuriates you, schopenhauer. great that. about great essay about that. about how it was an absolutely perfect test for him , about his test for him, about his intelligent friends . that is all intelligent friends. that is all we have time for. intelligent friends. that is all we have time for . thank you to we have time for. thank you to my guest, leo kearse and kogan join us tomorrow. we will have andrew doyle hosting the doyenne
11:57 pm
of with paul cox and leo kearse joining him. it's been an absolute pleasure . i'll see you absolute pleasure. i'll see you again very soon. goodnight.
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sunday tonight on barrage , all the tonight on barrage, all the energy companies literally robbing that customer. energy companies literally robbing that customer . as we'll robbing that customer. as we'll talk about the tax situation and what are the tories thinking , what are the tories thinking, we'll look at a worsening situation in ukraine and joining me on talking points , former me on talking points, former chelsea owner ken bates , a man chelsea owner ken bates, a man never shy of giving an opinion. all of that comes out after the news headlines with ray addison . tha
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news headlines with ray addison. tha latest from


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