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tv   Headliners  GB News  January 2, 2023 11:00pm-12:01am GMT

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next i'm rowland jones in gb newsroom. the office has confirmed two brits are among
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four people killed after two helicopters collide mid—air and the australian state of queensland, three others, four critically injured in the collision, took place near the seaworld theme park is around 2 pm. local time. queensland police says initial information suggests one of the helicopters had been taking off and the other had been landing . they other had been landing. they collided . the first channel collided. the first channel migrants off the new year arrived at dover harbour today. gb news can reveal dozens of young men were picked up from a small boat around nine miles off the kent coast. it's understood there were more than 40 people on board. it comes as and french authorities start beaches together for the first time in a bid to stop migrants from making the crossing . health bosses are the crossing. health bosses are calling for the government to declare a major incident within . the nhs over mounting pressure on the service. the royal college of emergency medicine claims as many as hundred people could be dying week because of
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delays . critical care. the delays. critical care. the government says it recognises the pressure faced by the nhs. these the king told gb news her husband, would have survived if . he'd been treated in time . 500 . he'd been treated in time. 500 people a week dying in nhs hospitals because they were denied the treatment and appointments that they needed. well, my husband died from is a very it was very treatable. he did not need to die. he should never died. and for every one of those 500 a week that are dying, there is a family behind them . there is a family behind them. there is a husband, a wife , there is a husband, a wife, partner, a son or a daughter. so thousands of rail passengers will face more travel disruption this week of the rmt and 14 train operators will stage 248 hour walkouts from tuesday and friday. aslef drivers will on thursday. it's in an ongoing
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dispute over. thursday. it's in an ongoing dispute over . pay thursday. it's in an ongoing dispute over. pay and working conditions. more than 100 national highway workers in england will also stage a 48 hour strike from tomorrow and thousands of mourners are paying their respects to pele at the grounds of his former football club santo , the brazilian club santo, the brazilian football legend . last thursday, football legend. last thursday, he was undergoing treatment for colon cancer. he was undergoing treatment for colon cancer . the three he was undergoing treatment for colon cancer. the three time world cup winner died aged 82. the will continue through the streets of his hometown tomorrow , followed by a private family burial tv online. andy abbey plus radio. this is gb news is now it's time for headliners headliners . headliners. hello and welcome to headliners. hello and welcome to headliners. i'm simon evans. tonight we'll be taking a look at tuesday's tonight i'm joined
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by two staggering archetype of modern masculinity leo the paisley prince curse and the big dog dixon. that's a reference to your clothing. i have no idea why. think i'm not sure i want to know. let's take a at tomorrow's front pages. first of all, we with the daily mail. as is traditional on this channel and harry i like father and brother . and the and harry i like father and brother. and the bad and harry i like father and brother . and the bad news from brother. and the bad news from martina navratilova that she's fighting not one, but two cancers. tuesday's telegraph also has prince harry. i want my father and brother back . he has father and brother back. he has an appropriately rueful there. also farewell to the world's greatest footballer tuesday i as the nhs facing three months of turmoil . the guardian also leads turmoil. the guardian also leads with the intolerable crisis which will last until easter we're told . and indeed health we're told. and indeed health leaders are . and there is leaders are. and there is martina navratilova with a health crisis of her own .
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health crisis of her own. tuesday's financial times uk recession will be deepest and longest to say economists. i don't know whether that means in europe in britain's history , but europe in britain's history, but it's not good news either way. tuesday's mirror future of nhs on a knife edge with an ekg graph there and prince harry featured tuesday's times . featured tuesday's times. millions will shun trains forever . they are losing the forever. they are losing the habit , being forever. they are losing the habit, being able to rely on the service obviously at a pinch. once again prince monday star latest health advice is bone putting dining. latest health advice is bone putting dining . yes well we may putting dining. yes well we may get a chance to dig into that, but those were your front pages pages. but those were your front pages pages . so let but those were your front pages pages. so let us start but those were your front pages pages . so let us start with the pages. so let us start with the front page. the millions will shun trains forever . yes. the shun trains forever. yes. the government has warned unions are pitting themselves over because nobody's going to go by train
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after all this hassle. so they're doing more strikes on they're doing more strikes on the on the train network this week . and 16 million journeys week. and 16 million journeys could be affected with 88,000 trains cancelled . this is going trains cancelled. this is going to a huge impact on people going have a huge impact on the hospitality and the economy . 60 hospitality and the economy. 60 million journeys 16 million fell their individual passenger so 80,000 80,000 trains and but even we've even when the trains are running it's still a horrible experience nobody wants to do it anyway so i think people will find alternative ways of transport and stick to them rather than coming back to them rather than coming back to the trains i mean expand i went to to leicester by train. to went to leicester by train. it was like just over an hour. a return ticket was 110 quid and the train was empty because it's a ten quid. who's to mean a ten quid. who's going to mean you drive 430 you could drive there for 430 leicester well , as well at leicester as well, as well at the end of that's all you get the end of it that's all you get . nobody's doing it because the one thing great cost structures on, the trains which encourage people if you go people to book, if you go online, very better online, get very much better
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prices. course that isn't prices. but of course that isn't always consequently always possible and consequently they of punish people who they sort of punish people who do become a day and you just get fed with it. also buying fed up with it. also buying a ticket is like doing ticket online is like doing a mortgage . it's insane. the mortgage. it's insane. the amount of options on the ticket is like, you want a first is like, do you want a first single door stand or do a return to a peak joint? if there's one supen to a peak joint? if there's one super, shopping midweek, super, super shopping midweek, super, super shopping midweek, super midweek super off peak midweek advance, super off peak midweek advance, super family and super super. any time family and senior i don't know . super super. any time family and senior i don't know. i senior civil i don't know. i don't know. i just want to go at last.i don't know. i just want to go at last. i don't even to go last. and like you said, it's rubbish. i would drive there wanted book a nicked the there's one a car get nicked the there's one i trainline combines i use called trainline combines all services, but all the different services, but the seem the services themselves seem to be train line. so if you be hostile train line. so if you go train line, you go my only go on train line, you go my only priority is to good facing. i just like to forward facing. just like to be forward facing. i a bit sick if i'm i feel a bit sick if i'm travelling backwards. yeah. every time book that every single time i book that line turns around just a line it turns it around just a matter of delivery. the only person train force, you person on the train force, you know, belted in i do think they can have to do something. i saw a piece simon jenkins a of a piece by simon jenkins a of weeks people regard him weeks ago some people regard him as i don't know not the most
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as a i don't know not the most reliable source so i don't say this is absolutely factual but he we massively he says we will massively overestimate the amount of journeys degree which the journeys the degree to which the british people rely on on the trains , he says. i think trains, he says. i think something like % of journeys. in something like% of journeys. in fact, that's that it takes and most people do rely on private most people do rely on private most well if you're in any area that's not a major say you can't get by without an especially i'm from company which balance from company which on balance in and of london here and out of london is here anyway. yeah but we have like a bus every hour and things like you to have a car, trains you have to have a car, trains are buses rubbish is are rubbish buses rubbish is impossible. the threat impossible. and just the threat of i cancelled of strikes if i am i cancelled one thing i said it was one thing because i said it was going to be a strike and it wasn't it then they didn't even statement just it's like mutually destruction, mutually assured destruction, just but just the threat enough. but i think strike people are think these strike people are going the rail going to get sick of the rail strike. mean, we have strike. i mean, we have the military taking everything military taking over everything they've taken over the border patrol. taken over patrol. they've taken over flytipping. is flytipping. the isis is flytipping. the isis is flytipping. hopefully be flytipping. the isis is flytimilitary. hopefully be flytipping. the isis is flytimilitary. but hopefully be flytipping. the isis is flytimilitary. but i hopefully be flytipping. the isis is flytimilitary. but i thinkfully be flytipping. the isis is flytimilitary. but i think people the military. but i think people have because do have limited sympathy because do get reasonable amount get paid a reasonable amount compared people. the nurses compared to people. the nurses for where people have for example where people have
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more sympathy and also mick lynch news wing lynch called gb news wing bigots. he happens to bigots. you know he happens to be everyone around be right about everyone around this that's just shan's this table that's just shan's do many staff are many the stuff the staff are often lefties. there is a often nice lefties. there is a sense i add a bit of respect for mick lynch when he started because quite because he seemed to be quite old school quite old left, you know as a progressive left and it a bit of breath of it was a bit of a breath of fresh and respects. but he fresh air and respects. but he has become quite militant. i do also think a lot people think also think a lot of people think that trying to jobs that the rmt are trying to jobs that the rmt are trying to jobs that simply obsolete. yeah, that are simply obsolete. yeah, you are trying get you know, they are trying to get in the way of progress and we all understand it's going to be difficult if you're your difficult if you're in your fifties but we fifties to for a new job but we cannot wait, you know, until people lose jobs are no longer needed. lynch is vladimir needed. mick lynch is vladimir putin. this putin. he thought he had this lever i can use the lever over us. oh, i can use the as a weapon. and his train strikes as a weapon. it turns out we don't need you. we don't need stupid trains. don't need your stupid trains. don't even trains their bus replacement services the replacement services most of the time not going time that comparison not going to his view of gb news is to help. his view of gb news is he's like brexit like these hitlers have record. did you want to mention the harry the prince interview prince harry interview this morning not to
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morning but they're not going to do that later. so let's go over to guardian nick and to the guardian then nick and yeah the front well yeah got on the front well leslie is intolerable nhs leslie morgan is intolerable nhs crisis until easter crisis will last until easter health and i would health leaders warn and i would say optimus stick because say that's optimus stick because the the nhs the idea of the nhs is ever going be fixed, know, going to be fixed, you know, it's going to in my system is it because it's a flawed idea that doesn't to extent the doesn't mean to the extent the stop getting when it's not stop getting ill when it's not it doesn't extend that an it doesn't extend that to an extent in a macro sense, the nhs never a bit like never will work. it's a bit like socialism. the real nhs has never been tried, it's never never been tried, but it's never going but yes, on the, going to work. but yes, on the, on the short term scale we've got delaying got the people delaying appointments. covid, appointments. of course, covid, they the they didn't go in due to the fear to lockdowns. and fear due to lockdowns. and that's a big problem. that's become a big problem. we've got massive pressure services to services already due to immigration other immigration in many other reason, vaccine. maybe reason, we got vaccine. maybe the vaccine coming in. reason, we got vaccine. maybe tidon't cine coming in. reason, we got vaccine. maybe tidon't know coming in. reason, we got vaccine. maybe tidon't know what coming in. reason, we got vaccine. maybe tidon't know what allowedin. reason, we got vaccine. maybe tidon't know what allowed to i don't know what i'm allowed to say on the actual virus. as you said, winter, the twin said, the winter, the twin demick, they're it, demick, as they're calling it, all pressure, of dry all these pressure, a lot of dry as they refer to it. and when people have been kept indoors and from viruses just and kept from viruses is just been yeah. and been knocked by them. yeah. and with a lot people with a lot of people who complained really complained about some really nasty. yeah, yeah. it's what's
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happening china on an extreme happening in china on an extreme level. we've, level. yeah yeah. and we've, we've sure there's we've all had, i'm sure there's 300 500 people week 300 to 500 people a week possibly dying to delays in a&e care and that's absolutely shocking failed state type of stuff. but i mean, i think stuff. yeah, but i mean, i think a lot of this is i mean, if you keep people alive for long enough, eventually enough, they're eventually going to what's to die and. that's what's happened. people we happened. we can't people we locked made locked everything down. we made sure every kid gloves. sure we treat every kid gloves. everybody wear mask. everybody had to wear a mask. everybody had to wear a mask. everybody vaccinated and everybody got vaccinated and stuff. eventually people are going die. there's there's going to die. there's no there's no against we no vaccine against mortality. we flatten the curve and then we're getting the end of that. we're getting the end of that. we're getting the end of that. we're getting the goods is going to happen. make happen. yeah, we didn't make fun. told it we were getting fun. i told it we were getting it was like tidal it was more like a tidal wave now then didn't. yeah. now and then we didn't. yeah. yeah. another, there's anything very to say of them to very much to say of them to express regret and sympathy. but martina battling, martina navratilova battling, two time. two cancers at the same time. she's beeper, so she's on beeper, though, so she'll if will have she'll be ready if she will have the best of care. i'm doubt the very best of care. i'm doubt about all. but we need her about it at all. but we need her to survive. she's not only obviously the great icons obviously one of the great icons of can't lose two in of sport, we can't lose two in brief succession, but also she's she's a vocal spokesman for sex
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based gender. same sex tennis? no, she well, i suppose for sex based tennis, you know, that she she is she's strongly gender critical. she she's one of the bravest voices in that for everybody else. but she's she's too big to cancel. but anyway , too big to cancel. but anyway, we wish her all the best and admits big losses after missile hit that's got to annoy mick lynch . so we go back to the lynch. so we go back to the independent now leo and this is where we've got martina there again and also china arrival cropped out of covid tests. those tracers. there's been some talk recently of the government introducing covid for people arriving from china . they're arriving from china. they're having this explosion in covid after they've been so used light. but anyway, yeah, they really the curve i mean, they're totally flattened up and no like you see that tidal is arriving. yeah. and up to a million and a half people are expected die in china from, from covid over the next couple of months. but so
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they were, they were going to mind tests and this country apparently they're saying you have to get before you get on the and trust the plane. and i don't trust those tests i don't trust the tests that are done in china before before people come here. other countries are them get tested they arrive on tested when they arrive on arrival, which makes more sense to me , know. the way why to me, you know. so the way why are they doing it? they're saying, you know, from from the fifth, arrive you're fifth, if you arrive you're going to have to show proof of a test. but china's not the same sort of places as the uk you know, uk had very bad know, the uk had a very bad dunng know, the uk had a very bad during the first outbreak and the second outbreak of not taking airport security. seriously i don't know what we have. have the have. we don't have the facilities sort facilities whether we sort of sentimentalism, struggle to sentimentalism, we struggle to close borders don't we, when close our borders don't we, when it comes to just anything. and i had the same question. is it too annoying china and annoying to upset china and in terms economy do we just terms of the economy do we just have a globalist outlook? have such a globalist outlook? are we just incompetent? why can't but the good can't we close? but the good news this it news is, in this case it wouldn't really work anyway. i'm sure, don't it sure, you know, i don't think it would work this stage. and as
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would work at this stage. and as leo says, we couldn't trust these tests anyway, they come from china who claim had from china who claim they've had 5200 covid. so you 5200 deaths from covid. so you know salt whatever the know pinch of salt whatever the variant we know of. variant is as far as we know of. so think point is a part so i think the point is a part of the problem china has is that their vaccinations not very good. know we have issues, we good. i know we have issues, we have here, but but have concerns over here, but but but they but broadly speaking, they massively likelihood massively reduce the likelihood you you die. there's three you if you die. there's three issues. three issues with the chinese vaccine. number one, it's sinovac's it's not very good. sinovac's isn't effective vaccine. isn't a very effective vaccine. number they don't have high number two, they don't have high uptake, not anywhere near the same as in the uk where it is ishiba three and number three, the people who are taking the vaccine the least are the ones that are most at risk. so basically the vaccine isn't good andifs basically the vaccine isn't good and it's even worse. people aren't even taking it. it's kind of the old woody allen joke is life is so should the food never go to that restaurant? the food's terrible the portions food's terrible and the portions are really small. yeah, exactly. so mail , are really small. yeah, exactly. so mail, you've are really small. yeah, exactly. so mail , you've got so the daily mail, you've got this one live now. i think i. i'm doing this. doing this? yeah it's harry. i was desperate on this one because it's my friend
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harry. so, harry, i like my father brother back. this father and brother back. so this all star wars and all sounds bit star wars and this a is just a one man this is a this is just a one man tennis. this is a this is just a one man tennis . yeah, this one man tennis. yeah, this one man standing done well and son had this interesting phrase in explosive tell all interview and. i thought how many times can you tell all i mean because it's not really all if you keep it's not really all if you keep it i suspect he only told half at best because he keeps telling us harris out another couple of yards of open he's like tell simon if tell a bit this simon if you tell a bit this week and for someone you know it doesn't seem to want any of this he's spoken to itv and cbs 60 minutes and now he says the leaking the planting which sort of a mixed plumbing and gardening metaphor. he said, i want a family, not institution. of course, famously the royal family is both. and that's whole thing. you have to negotiate. it's a firm yes and but you know, i sympathise course he wants father and but about wants his father and but about the his don't the problem his actions don't really with his words. really match up with his words. if keep doing this, you're if you keep doing this, you're never going them back. if never going get them back. if you not just smearing them you keep not just smearing them on down the institution,
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on tv down the institution, i mean, by family standards, on tv down the institution, i meaia by family standards, on tv down the institution, i meaia ijis�*nily standards, on tv down the institution, i meaia ijis name andards, on tv down the institution, i meaia ijis name we'veis, he's a traitor. his name we've all this, these sort all know this, these sort of families. is only families. this is not only a thing that happens to royals right. somebody new comes along doesn't really on with doesn't really get on with everyone suggests the spouse that you've that they it is but as you've been that's the only been on netflix that's the only difference the only thing i difference and the only thing i have somewhat sympathy is, have somewhat sympathy for is, he time i've tried he says. every time i've tried to it privately, there have to do it privately, there have been briefings leaking been briefings and leaking and planting and been briefings and leaking and plaiwife. and been briefings and leaking and plaiwife. the and been briefings and leaking and plaiwife. the family and been briefings and leaking and plaiwife. the family motto and been briefings and leaking and plaiwife. the family motto is nd my wife. the family motto is never complain, never explain. but really hold. so but it doesn't really hold. so because all leaks. so if because of all the leaks. so if that's and i say, you that's correct, and i say, you know, there's know, that maybe there's something in that tried to something in that he's tried to do it privately if i'm very, very generous really we all very generous but really we all know been brainwashed an know he's been brainwashed by an evil take the evil woman. i won't take the money. that's true. money. yeah, that's true. i wouldn't say never complain. never conflicts with leaks. oh, i see mean. never never i see what you mean. never never explained the league. right? explained the league. you right? yes. mean i think all yes. so you mean i think it all moves together finally , we get moves together finally, we get some of sense how the star. some kind of sense how the star. what they talk? so daily what do they talk? so daily star. see that , we should be star. see that, we should be eating our christmas trees instead it away. so instead of throwing it away. so if you make the christmas trees part of your christmas meal,
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it'll give a vitamin it'll give you a vitamin c boost. good for the planet. boost. it's good for the planet. maybe on your colon , maybe bit tough on your colon, eating with the they reckon we can eat the whole thing but it's got to be an organic tree yeah so not a plastic one and a few berries either. they're very dangerous. yeah. i mean i think this advice to eat a christmas tree is actually dangerous and it's the standard of health it's not the standard of health advice used to from mind advice i'm used to from mind you, the daily star, maybe what they're named after having your they're named after having your the day that's all you want to go to be the yearly star. i'm suggesting they call it very dry january it's like i mean it's a cost of living it shouldn't if you resort to eating tree. yeah andisnt you resort to eating tree. yeah and isn't this the kind of thing that wef wants us to do simon? you'll you'll eat your tree and you'll be happy. be happy you'll be happy. you'll be happy with least put it in with at least put it in a liquidator, reduce the rules. yeah. don't think i want yeah. no, i don't think i want to be reminded of the to be reminded me of the american indians with the buffaloes. can eat every buffaloes. you can eat every part it. can use every part of it. you can use every part of it. you can use every part of it. you can use every part of the tree except squeak. that's no squeak. is that's it. that's no squeak. is that's it. that's no squeak. is that. is this the part where i'm joining us after the for. break
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china crisis, the nhs crisis, china in crisis, the nhs crisis, the you guessed the global economy you guessed it crisis, but it's not it is in crisis, but it's not all news. you could be all bad news. you could be married meghan and married to meghan markle and you're supplement you're not seeing a supplement unless .
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welcome back to headline as i'm your host simon evans joining me tonight we have headline favourites leo kearse and nick the new top g dixon there is a nickname coming so let's get into tuesday's headlines and it looks like the daily mail got a story about tyrannical policies tyrannical government that haven't worked out quite as planned. so i think that back was a bad idea and it yeah they're going president xi finally , the mistakes of china's finally, the mistakes of china's disastrous policy, which is quite something. you know, it's bad when china made mistakes. i wonder when we're going to admit ours. but he said some fascinating things. said, fascinating things. he said, since covid struck, we have put
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the people first, which just thought was love . he says. with thought was love. he says. with extraordinary efforts, we prevailed over unprecedented difficulties. i mean, you haven't because got all of haven't because you got all of these you got to in 48 these mass, you got to in 48 million deaths. now, does sound to like he's admitting to me like he's admitting mistakes i wonder that's the mistakes i wonder if that's the daily editorialised. yeah. daily mail editorialised. yeah. yeah, me. they're yeah, that wasn't me. they're making says making mistakes, but he says we've phase of we've now entered a new phase of covid response, where tough challenges know, challenges remain. so, you know, that's closest that's perhaps the closest he got but yeah , funny. got to it. but yeah, funny. almost sounds like hillary clinton something . it's like almost sounds like hillary clintnot something . it's like almost sounds like hillary clintnot answering,g . it's like almost sounds like hillary clintnot answering, isn't s like almost sounds like hillary clint not answering, isn't it? ke he's not answering, isn't it? yeah, i'm not into that. yeah, yeah. i'm not into that. but yeah, i mean the fact that they've only officially claimed, as before, 5250 deaths as i said before, 5250 deaths versus real figure is pretty amazing . but yeah, you know, amazing. but yeah, you know, they're in trouble because they have this unprecedented huge protest know even you protest so you know even you know seems take lot the know it seems take a lot the chinese to protest but it chinese people to protest but it was brutal lockdown were was so brutal lockdown they were eventually done something and they this stuff they proved none of this stuff works. covid lockdowns none works. zero covid lockdowns none of the protests, not in of the protests, not even in china, equipment china, has got all the equipment needed to make work protesting in a serious thing. you in china is a serious thing. you know, shut the tiananmen know, you shut the tiananmen square got and
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square protesters got shot. and i apologies watching i apologies to anybody watching on the internet in china. you will have knock the door will have a knock on the door in 3 but they got shot and 3 minutes. but they got shot and killed, whereas over here you you protest , the worst you protest, the worst thing that's to happen is you that's going to happen is you look selfie. look bad. instead selfie. yeah, well, independent you a name well, an independent you a name of closure. anti—vaxxer . of closure. an anti—vaxxer. yeah. it was interesting, of closure. an anti—vaxxer. yeah. it was interesting , wasn't yeah. it was interesting, wasn't it, they had the protests it, when they had the protests in of people who in china. a lot of people who have been very critical of anti vaccines in this country saw them. how dare you? them. easier said. how dare you? praise you've got praise it? i suppose you've got to . what's against the to. what's going against the government is it you know, it always takes a lot more guts in countries that there is some truth to that. i suppose it was you know, there was some people who just enjoying the day who were just enjoying the day out. bit of a feeling. out. it was a bit of a feeling. i think the thing is in china we do recognise obviously is i think still world's most think still the world's most country india may be country although india may be influencing it in about a decade i think. yeah yeah. but they have a people and they have a lot of people and they did rise up. it could get did all rise up. it could get very sticky very quickly. they'll stop at once. yeah they come out with their saucepans kill you. that's why they have
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those drones give your those drones saying give up your thirst freedom . this seems thirst for freedom. this seems quite . that would stop quite effective. that would stop me. thirst for i've been me. a thirst for i've been wondering it was i in the wondering what it was i in the guardian now and there's a huge shortage of care . it's not me shortage of care. it's not me watching the women's euros , it's watching the women's euros, it's the nhs in crisis. it's all too human trying to get me sacked . human trying to get me sacked. so still britain doesn't not the medical association has condemned the political choice not to tackle the intolerable on the nhs. they're not saying that this is an unavoidable crisis caused lockdown and then the build of people with weakened systems because of lockdown and the, you know, the flu death and the, you know, the flu death and the covid deaths and all those people in the system, they're saying is the government is basically a political choice. i'm not i'm not sure i agree with that. but they've had with that. but yet they've had to. he said the government's decision negotiate medics decision not to negotiate medics is political . that's the is a political. that's the choice, right? there's a leading , yeah, yeah. leading to patients dying unnecessarily. around 300 to 500 a week that
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they see dying unnecessarily . they see dying unnecessarily. but i mean, we had you know, as i've said , had the end of i've said, had the end of lockdown . people are coming out lockdown. people are coming out of lockdown. do what we can do immune systems. more people are to be dying. so are they just those people as the sort of the excess unacceptable deaths although to me that suggests lockdown which obviously the nhs was all for and it was it was a terrible idea but what we are having in this country as well is a two tier system where everybody for the nhs but . everybody pays for the nhs but. if afford it you then if you can afford it you then buy medical, private medical treatment as . well because treatment as. well because otherwise know you're not otherwise you know you're not going to seen. i don't know going to be seen. i don't know where private medical where the private medical treatment know, treatment comes, you know, things flu. so i don't things like flu. and so i don't it many people, it it helps many people, but it does be obviously , as does seem to be obviously, as i said earlier, certainly , but not said earlier, certainly, but not entirely. if you flatten curve. part of that is that the reappears later on right the whole point it's not like you get of death's revenge of the first immediately across three years instead of having an onrush with three months you
11:25 pm
know this is part of that kick but and it's not entirely dissimilar the forces that created inflation, i see all sorts of distortions , the sorts of distortions, the economy. and so it's a macro problem. i mean, this idea of a political choice they presumably mean , you know, this mean funding, you know, this disease taxation. lib dems disease taxation. the lib dems are poisoning of funding, are saying poisoning of funding, this how this is not true no matter. how much put in the nhs? much funding you put in the nhs? it doesn't work. it's not the funding issue and just just funding issue and just it just doesn't opinion. and doesn't work in my opinion. and it interesting, political it is interesting, the political choice fact that choice though is the fact that no one can campaign on the idea that we need to change the system, though it's not if system, even though it's not if it europe. even it falls way behind europe. even though javid just though sajid javid has just admitted unsustainable admitted it's unsustainable when he's out, he knows he's on the way out, he knows he's on the way out, he knows he's no election. when he's leaving. no election. when there are certain things in this which seem sacrosanct. the other one i think one is the bbc, which i think people sort of starting to people are sort of starting to understand is going to have understand now is going to have to sort of funding to confront some sort of funding issue. yeah, obviously we're biased, is clearly, you biased, but this is clearly, you know, to be warmed know, it's starting to be warmed up the nhs remains and up that. the nhs remains and talk and all newspapers are no commentators is the commentators ever discuss is the fear going to be so to fear that it's going to be so to private lives and much more private lives and how much more money put into this is .
11:26 pm
money can be put into this is. but look at china how but if you look at china and how china transition from from having centrally communist having a centrally communist economy to having a basically almost privately owned capitalist fascist economy is mark have no market. we have the of we do but then they've got a market economy and the nhs basically doing the same thing. no you know anybody that can afford it if you really need the treatment you're going to you're going pay for. i mean i've going to pay for. i mean i've doneit going to pay for. i mean i've done it myself. i'm not i'm not rich but you know, because i'm a comedian i travel to get treatment on a&e chase, treatment on the a&e chase, you've to be near your you've got to be near your to. gp go your gp. if you're gp go and see your gp. if you're if you're outside home if you're outside your home town, you know, you're you can't you've got to you've got to pay for funny thing is think it for funny thing is i think it a funny the infuriating thing funny but the infuriating thing actually is that only ever compared american system, compared to the american system, the americans do pay nearly double we do into the double what we do into the health it is health care system. and it is and does lead to. there and it does lead to. but there dozens of countries which dozens of other countries which have which have alternative systems which never discussed. places like never get discussed. places like switzerland and sweden places that left wing or that are quite left wing or right successful, you right wing or successful, you know, not,
11:27 pm
know, well, wealthy or not, people more in america people pay more in america because have because people in america have got more yeah. i mean, got more money. yeah. i mean, there's there are some outliers. the a lot of the rich people have a lot of like just regarding health as like of just regarding health as like of just regarding health as like good and they will like a luxury good and they will pay like a luxury good and they will pay almost to the you pay for it almost to the you know, to the degree anyway tuesdays times now rishi sunak's bonfire inanities bonfire of the inanities may be delayed snip yes lords will delayed snip yes lords will delay rishi sunak's bonfire of laws, which sounds a fun thing , laws, which sounds a fun thing, but then you realise this actually involves reading for thousand eu derived thousand pieces of eu derived laws you think that is laws and you just think that is great. i mean deciding case by case. yeah oh, we allowed light bulbs on which cars can happen. it's in. sounds like it's all in. it sounds like a nightmare. and this is probably why to have to why it's been going to have to be delayed. a senior government source not named it's source not named says it's inevitable government will inevitable the government will have plans. and have abandon its plans. and it was arbitrary deadline. it was an arbitrary deadline. it doesn't sound politicians doesn't sound like politicians have an deadline. three departments are expected to expect the business expect it to extend the business transport and environment departments . and of course, it's departments. and of course, it's impossible do anything now because people say things like this. it says likely to be strong opposition in the lords where one liberal democrat peer
11:28 pm
referred to the plans as a product the ideological product of the ideological right. i love the idea that trying seven years after trying to look seven years after brexit, get of brexit, trying to get rid of some of the laws is like, right, he was and jacob has made this point. says no reason point. he says there's no reason to in to unelected to give in to the unelected remainers in the house of lords who have consistently want to thwart and it is not thwart brexit. and it is not unreasonable seven years unreasonable after seven years to some sort of to try and this some sort of legislative change would legislative change that would reflect was the reflect the vote that was the painfully slow brexit. suppose painfully slow brexit. i suppose if can hold on for if the lords can hold on for another year, lib dems will another year, the lib dems will win vote yes . thomas says win power. vote yes. thomas says he's going to get rid of the house of lords and then by then there's nothing. but i mean it does to be creating a new does seem to be creating a new so you know, we've got so people you know, we've got pay so people you know, we've got pay consultants and pay all these consultants and lawyers to pore over these laws and see what we can get rid of and see what we can get rid of and also creates trade issues and also it creates trade issues with eu. if get rid of with the eu. if we get rid of all these laws that ensure our compliance with our trade rules. i all it's pretty i mean, it's all it's all pretty bonng i mean, it's all it's all pretty boring doesn't much to boring stuff. it doesn't much to do sovereignty, know, do with sovereignty, you know, to another country, to trade with another country, you've got to make sure that, you've got to make sure that, you know, chickens aren't you know, your chickens aren't inject a red inject it with, you know, a red
11:29 pm
bull whatever as and that's bull or whatever as and that's it. so this is this is just stuff that enables you to trade and yeah, i mean think we and so yeah, i mean i think we we've we seem to able to we've just we seem to be able to do anything in this country i think tape cutting think cutting red tape cutting laws a good thing. in laws can be a good thing. but in this instance, think a lot of this instance, i think a lot of this instance, i think a lot of this is going to more red tape. yeah well, red tape is its own industry. 4000 laws and industry. it's 4000 laws and there's 25 detailed questions and . i mean, just and multiple. i mean, just imagine the of that. yeah. well for the boys the times next and the huge part of the global economy could soon in recession and the rest of it is under water. so what global turmoil this is due to brexit is what i imagine is it. yeah well that's the thing. i mean, the imf, the head of the international monetary fund, says a third of the world economy will be in this i'm always seeing this year. and i'm always seeing on twitter these leftists on twitter all these leftists are you know, look, you are saying, you know, look, you mentioned brexit, that we're not making seem completely making any money seem completely ignore had ignore the fact that we've had covid the fact covid lockdowns and the fact that the whole world is in recession . and to be fair, it's recession. and to be fair, it's a slightly cyclical . i mean, the
11:30 pm
a slightly cyclical. i mean, the last big one was 2008. that's quite a long ago. the fact that we had a feel we haven't really had a feel factor then, is factor since then, i think is a bit annoying. there was never a boom year and are actually healthy for the in the long run. i mean, terrible at the i mean, it's terrible at the time lose your job but it time if you lose yourjob but it means the labour can be means that the labour can be repurposed poorly repurposed from poorly businesses unproductive businesses unproductive businesses better perform creative destruction yeah yeah yeah it should be should be a good thing but apparently yeah the three big economies, the us, the three big economies, the us, the eu, china are all slowing down. similar tenuously, but not britain . they might. down. similar tenuously, but not britain . they might . we're not britain. they might. we're not one of the big ones anymore , but one of the big ones anymore, but we don't mention china. china's slowing down and china used to up. i couldn't believe this. 40% of global economic growth . yeah. of global economic growth. yeah. wow. it's just insane. of global economic growth. yeah. wow. it'sjust insane. it of global economic growth. yeah. wow. it's just insane. it had like double, double digit growth for well over , ten years. but for well over, ten years. but this is from a very low base. this is the thing. if you if you start this, it's like stalin's russia and china were russia and china textbooks were written and, written in the fifties and, sixties. russian sixties. but the russian economic miracle was a miracle. they just have machines for the
11:31 pm
first you know, to first time. well, you know, to see, could 100% see, it was one could feel 100% healer. yeah but i think the key point is, i don't know if you said it for the first time in 40 years, china's growth is likely to be or below global so to be or below global growth. so that's china worse that's key to china doing worse than that i get than the growth that is i get very i get quite depressed that britain is estimated to be have a gdp per capita by a lower gdp per capita poland by 2030 now have a lower 2030 when we now have a lower wage in every state in wage in every single state in the states. so i get very the united states. so i get very depressed look at it and depressed and i look at it and 90, depressed and i look at it and go, but at least china's in trouble as well because, i mean, you think china doing well. what you think china doing well. what you oh the whole you actually oh the whole world in massive then you calm in massive and then you calm down i wouldn't moving down and i wouldn't mind moving poland on in the poland if it carries on in the current. think that'll current. oh yeah i think that'll be know we'll have be fine. you know we'll have people building people going to the building will build. that's exactly it. yeah. we'll how yeah. anyway we'll see how that pans that's it for two. in pans out. that's it for two. in part three, we have wage inequality, home medicines and cat my cat catcalling. reminds me of my days scaffold. every joke days on the scaffold. every joke we pick someone else to do that coming .
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11:33 pm
11:34 pm
welcome back to headline as we kick off this section with tuesday's telegraph it looks like hospitals sponge balls are going to get a lot less sexy. leo is that right or a lot more sexy or long pants when your parade elections. but according to a letter seen by a think tank policy exchange north bristol nhs trust, the results are replicated across the trusts but it won't be able to guarantee will receive treatment by a clinician of the same sex. if requested. so if you want if you're having an intimate you know body exam or something like that and you request, you know you're a woman, say, i want you're a woman, you say, i want a yeah, a female class a female. yeah, a female class in doctor. yeah come inside me. i've got particularly vagina and i've got particularly vagina and i don't think a man's fingers can get up there too bad. too bad getting doctor i encourage . bad getting doctor i encourage. that but is true. you know what i mean? this is nuts. i mean there's a lot they can't
11:35 pm
guarantee it would include. well, they're basically implying that any any women, the ones i seem sex same sex doctor examining as is a transphobic bigot and you know so training with that they will get a trans doctor and that will be they won't get a male identifying doctor they'll get to yeah they can get a trans a doctor but then, you know trans, doesn't really mean anything anymore. it used to mean somebody who identified and lived and looked like a woman and know it just like a woman and know it just like me could be a you see, i'm a woman myself and you know, bingo, i'm a woman. what about men who want be only ? i don't men who want to be only? i don't think you can request a trans if that's not your you can be like a one it's not menu inside and. ineed a one it's not menu inside and. i need a particular size fish you know maybe could raise money like that but i don't know. i think more men actually do i mean i occasionally a massage i'll be absolutely honest and i
11:36 pm
said do you mine male or i said i should prefer to have a female paying paying i should prefer to have a female paying paying top dollar for this. i'd like to be a little free. so yeah, that was thailand . you can't do that in the nhs, can a private only. so can you, as a private only. so this is. yeah, it's no fun for either sex. is it really . if you either sex. is it really. if you want, if you want someone of the same there's many reasons same sex there's many reasons why might obviously that why you might and obviously that extra issue for women, extra safety issue for women, it's very depressing and the excessive is but it excessive exceptions is but it doesn't what are and it doesn't say what they are and it says very rare plus it says they're very rare plus it won't if you've fully won't apply if you've fully transitioned anyway. so it's kind of you know, there's nothing do just saying nothing you do is just saying look if you fully look exempt apply if you fully know they have they have know if they have so they have to it said it that the to look it said it said that the same be rare whether same will be rare whether a staff member has their gender back admission certificate back in an admission certificate and transitioned to the and is fully transitioned to the preferred gender. will not preferred gender. this will not apply it doesn't define apply so, but it doesn't define fully legally fully transition, which legally speaking right . it speaking is not really right. it says that there's no requirement for clinicians to disclose their gender identity. so there's no, you know , tick, box in you know, tick, tick the box in the that there are women, the form that there are women, then women according
11:37 pm
then there are women according to nhs, the daily mail now to the nhs, the daily mail now and following the death of the queen, yet another smiths proves prophetic with the church of england's first vicar in a two to wow still. but i like to yeah so this is a church being this first non—being the vicar they're called bingo and i've said i didn't have this on my bingo card. the 2023 simon alison it almost feels like a name create to like it will live the comic by the end of the league of the league of gentlemen or something yeah yes exactly. so bingo has three children and a wife who were apparently at a bit of a challenge with this, as you can imagine. but it's all those bigots. yeah, i know and it's a bit of a schofield moment i suppose to celebrate this very beautiful jane. whereas really you've destroyed you've just destroyed your wife's and the daily wife's life. yeah. and the daily mail it using mail sort of buys into it using they instead i would say he threw out quite sure the daily mail doing this be mail is doing this be deliberately provoked really readership. the daily readership. i think the daily mail just left the i think mail it just left the i think left you know i don't buying
11:38 pm
this idea he's right i think they need to try anymore i think they need to try anymore i think they just report no. yeah. yeah. so it's of tock style. so it's sort of tick tock style. alison genderqueer . yeah. so alison is genderqueer. yeah. so there that isn't that even in there is that isn't that even in itself that's a yeah. it's like a new limerick newly minted. i'm looking to say nothing because quickly what is the main point, which is the of the church of england. i mean bingo is said things like jesus love sparkly eyeshadow, which seems sort of deliberately yeah deliberately provocative to yeah i just of the and i mean it's just part of the and i mean it's just part of the and i a video where this bingo i saw a video where this bingo person introducing themselves and saying like i'm non—binary this you this and i was thinking why you even say that really you even need to say that really you know vicars know me like most vicars wouldn't necessarily stop it was some sort of trans day of something to it seemed to something but to me it seemed to lovely, provocative and i just think it's part of the ongoing sort ridiculous decline they sort of ridiculous decline they say that they inspired say that they they were inspired a of the very a close reading of the very first chapters of the book first few chapters of the book of yes radical reading. of genesis. yes radical reading. possibly seen it do nothing possibly have seen it do nothing . it does seem to me open to interpretation what above anything else that belongs to
11:39 pm
the i mean that belongs to the talmud that sort of disquisition doesn't it. it's for the church of england to discuss whether. yeah. it's that's like you know you're going back deep into the hebrew past to the church of england this fundamental concern of the teachings of christ . of the teachings of christ. yeah, not not but adam and eve you know what , whatever you know you know what, whatever you know i think that bizarre the church has got very little to do with bible or anybody who actually sticks fairly closely to the bible. and gb news is calvin. yeah. people accuse him. they say you're you see, you're unchristian. they you're cosplaying as a as a as a vicar or a priest or whatever what is this big or big? ellison american. there is a popular meme on where people post it to somebody who's doing that? well, they say, i don't believe in jesus, but think if i did believe in jesus would definitely be pro—gay vicars . definitely be pro—gay vicars. yeah. yeah. and if i say that to you, i can make you do what i want. even those who know know
11:40 pm
that. and the other thing you . that. and the other thing you. see the ideological capture. bingo christianity had historically been guilty . historically been guilty. prioritising the views of rich white, straight, cisgender, able bodied neurotypical men. those rich decide pols, you know. and it all started off great, absolutely ludicrous. i mean, what like nigeria or what about like nigeria or egypt? these men? is egypt? are these white men? is it nonsense? well some it just pure nonsense? well some great of the great i mean, some of the world's literature has, world's great literature has, you church kind of you know, the church kind of intersect. a fabulous intersect. there's a fabulous passage in moby dick where passage on in moby dick where ishmael goes to hear a priest preaching about jonah in the whale you know, it's quite whale you know, and it's quite clear , like like a congregation clear, like like a congregation full of magic centric, crazed whalers, you know, it it wasn't a religion for rich white men at that point are absolutely desperate men who will probably not return alive. and i've read moby dick. but i don't recall it because i read it ages. yes. very early on. you should get back to it as you can read it in evenin back to it as you can read it in even in an attempt that fails. ultimately, it's one of the ways you get to that name sharing a bed with queequeg, we go to the
11:41 pm
daily next and woman says daily star next and a woman says catcalling should be as catcalling should be taken as complimentary certainly not the things cat leo i see things i call our cat leo i see leo that's your cat sorts as well. yeah. lion yeah. lion made it stars in the sky, but yeah. only fun star sophie filomena is identified as a real name, but she . she loves the attention she she. she loves the attention she gets from wolf whistling and in the daily star here i am . she. the daily star here i am. she. she thinks cat calling is a compliment and thinks other other women should too. good girl am . but there are plans the girl am. but there are plans the government's plans to make it illegal . they say that it's been illegal. they say that it's been in because it is potentially going to be outlawed. yeah assuming that's why the daily star is writing about it. but apart from an excuse show this woman's breasts, which you know, we don't get . this is just the we don't get. this is just the text. unfortunately but with the emphasis on the film . yeah, emphasis on the film. yeah, i think the problem with catcalling is that some can ruin it. so some men get restive when
11:42 pm
a woman doesn't respond and can i just get clarification wolf whistling is that she ? yeah. so whistling is that she? yeah. so catcalling is verbal, is it? is that the difference between you? check me out yet? you sent me out. do you? i've never done these things on the colonies, darling. there's also a thing a chirp thing. okay? yeah that's a bit more diverse . that's when bit more diverse. that's when you kiss your teeth. oh yeah, yeah, yeah . it's. yeah, i liked yeah, yeah. it's. yeah, i liked your description is the golden age of wolf whistling. it's oven age of wolf whistling. it's over, but it might come back. thomas that's what i. when men were the worst thing a man could be was a candidate. but, yeah, the my ex—girlfriend said that she liked whistling, not that i was doing it at the time, but many women actually do. this one was no different. now, some don't , but that doesn't don't, but that doesn't necessarily mean it should be a crime dua lipa saying you crime mean dua lipa saying you know it affects your mood and people embarrassed how people get embarrassed about how they it they dress but doesn't make it a crime, it? i think there's crime, does it? i think there's three categories as that
11:43 pm
three categories as women that like those that don't get like it. those that don't get what like. what we're saying, don't like. then of real then there's ones of real integrity who get so but integrity who don't get so but still you be still think you should be allowed anyway. not that allowed to anyway. it's not that serious. part of the attack serious. it's part of the attack on men. the problem is, this ongoing on men, you'll ongoing attack on men, you'll end up with andrew 2.0, end up with andrew tate, 2.0, won't the men won't you? because the more men are corner are pushed a corner and criminalised for being men, the more they'll have to making exactly fight. you exactly that fight. you go across creating an across the we creating an environment in which andrew takes rising naturally as a takes are rising naturally as a sort of counterbalance to the yeah a lot of destabilisation i do think m&s food philomena from . what see seems to have . what i did see seems to have been surgically enhanced to the point where catcalling would be oh, look oh, did you look at the pictures? yeah, i looked it up onune pictures? yeah, i looked it up online she diligently online and she has diligently read the order to encourage cyber subscribe. now you take $10 a month, so notice i'm not only apart but i get let's move only apart but i get let's move on to the daily mail and the grand old new york. they hired 10,000 men. they were paid more than their female peers. and now they're up the creek again. that was quite elaborate, but good. yeah. so university of york
11:44 pm
founded social justice, founded on social justice, combating inequality, but pays black women 41% less than white men. and of course it doesn't. but that's this is a male being woke again. simon yeah but i actually went to university of york and obviously they're all marxists. there's marxists. i wouldn't say there's any of them being these any worry of them being these horrible racist people. this horrible racist people. and this is nonsense so idea that women are paid or certain races are paid less. as jordan peterson famously said to . cathy newman famously said to. cathy newman it's not the case. the multivariate analysis has been done. . yeah, yeah, done. you know. yeah, yeah, exactly. there's many factors. they're not two equally they're not saying two equally well qualified, professor, of course, course all course, are not of course all but be you have to go but there may be you have to go quite the article to quite deep in the article to that that's actually that and that's actually birmingham and you have to why don't more black don't they have more black professors? all that's professors? well, all that's happened is so obviously is a much smaller percentage of the population. black people population. i mean, black people in britain with 3% in 2011, i don't what it is now. it's all opposites the diversity opposites and the diversity targets, impossible have targets, it's impossible to have perfect everywhere . perfect diversity everywhere. and advertisement perfect diversity everywhere. and do advertisement perfect diversity everywhere. and do versus advertisement perfect diversity everywhere. and do versus no advertisement perfect diversity everywhere. and do versus no 100% rtisement perfect diversity everywhere. and do versus no 100% thereient perfect diversity everywhere. and do versus no 100% there isil is to do versus no 100% there is no there are no couples anymore
11:45 pm
. i did see one because the bloke was a. there you go. yeah, i'm the canadian. won't get euthanasia. alcoholism euthanasia. alcoholism euthanasia. yeah, it's a wake i like if he's selling something, like, palatable . but my point is like, palatable. but my point is the point . there's criticism the point. there's criticism about diversity quotas. so of course they can better have some people, but then they're not automatically going to be senior professors suddenly. so of course less and they course they pay less and they them just it just gets them seniorjust it just gets you . you're right. these things you. you're right. these things are i did look up are happening. but i did look up some could like for some where could say like for like said there is only one like they said there is only one top university boss think they call it the dean if you run the university and it's women go baroness minus shafik and i then found another table where it gave the pay of the top chancellors. actually charles is the head of the universal is she is in the top three and the other two in the top three were all women as well. yeah. and is the same. these are the ones at the same. these are the ones at the same. these are the ones at the same job. she earns nearly half a million quid a year. as the boss of elysee not is the boss of the elysee not is not bad to one on
11:46 pm
not bad to make one point on that since mentioned london that since you mentioned london the fact that this is not some evil is shown by the fact that london has the greatest disparity. it's disparity. so you think if it's a of racial says two a some sort of racial says two things. one, it seems equality of outcome is good thing, of outcome is a good thing, which two, it which is not. and two, it assumes that some malevolent reason there reason behind it, which there isn't you're absolutely isn't no and you're absolutely right about york york is a lovely where they're doing lovely place where they're doing their no, an their best. no, york is an incredibly racist in drag your children unless children out of there unless you want the kiki. what i want them to the kiki. what i mean what's to happen is no because they're so worried about being accused anybody being accused of and anybody going is going for a of seniority is going for a of seniority is going if they can get anybody going to if they can get anybody of any sort a diverse background, they're going to grab luck grab them. yes. so good luck if you are a white guy in the education see what does education system, see what does happenin education system, see what does happen in next few years, happen in the next few years, the guardian next and people giving themselves do i want medical treatments which medical treatments at home which i the problem i've i cannot see the problem i've been on up been making me on buffed up viagra yeah yeah. viagra for years. yeah yeah. well call it viagra. yeah and well i call it viagra. yeah and you don't need to drain the whole bathtub people the whole bathtub and people in the uk turning to diy treatments uk are turning to diy treatments amid shortage . gp appointments amid a shortage. gp appointments apparently . and so almost one in
11:47 pm
apparently. and so almost one in four people have bought medicine onune four people have bought medicine online pharmacy to treat their illness . mean, online pharmacy to treat their illness. mean, is illness. i mean, this is basically what you do. i mean, you go to the pharmacy, the pharmacist is actually a very qualified you go to qualified person. you go to boots any any boots and any time, any pharmacies that's are pharmacies yeah that's those are the supposed to the support you're supposed to do going the do that instead of going to the gym then you it obviously gym and then you it obviously then get convinced you've then you get convinced you've got ailments a lot got 17 different ailments a lot of don't even exist of which don't even exist anymore. went to the anymore. last time i went to the patch all the last time last patch and all the last time last time was good, but the previous time was good, but the previous time she did google went time she did google i went looking like you're going to build a taxi on my phone i could fake signature. yeah but fake the signature. yeah but yeah survey you know yeah the survey found, you know we earlier so we were talking about earlier so a one in one in six people have a one in one in six people have a difficult to getting a doctor's appointment an 11% of people have paid for care from private so this private medical service. so this is of care is privatisation of medical care coming in by the back door i tried to make notes and cycle. i just end up writing failed state and block capitals. all of this give up. i mean you can't you give it up. i mean you can't you call you get an hour long call doctor you get an hour long queue then you can me a doctor in two weeks over the phone not
11:48 pm
even them. it's even meet them. so it's a totally failed state just basically got the basically you've got to play the lottery 830 every morning. yes. the way get. anyway, the only way to get. anyway, that's for part three. that's it for part three. calling after for break calling us after the for break the dry january the benefits of dry january drinking how faking drinking water. and how faking your death guaranteed to your own death is guaranteed to solve all your financial problem. in a couple problem. stay tuned. in a couple of .
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and welcome back to headliners tuesdays times. now finally, here's sporting tournament. we can all express an expert opinion on with some confidence . it's the world cup of words shenanigans wins world cup of words. and i thought that meant it was but actually it means the word shenanigans has won the world cup of words is kind of appropriate. yeah absolutely beat codswallop . this was beat codswallop. this was created by lev purkey and who started a twitter which became a whole competition and there were some heated rounds , but some heated rounds, but shenanigans got it beat. things
11:51 pm
like kerfuffle, skulduggery pandemonium. murmuration can chris liberty gibbet and some word we really can't say it it a bit like rollic so there were many words cloud came forth didn't it? absolutely. because i don't think we can we can't tell you it's your job. we can't been. i've been grilled by ofcom , so been. i've been grilled by ofcom , 50 l been. i've been grilled by ofcom , so , so shenanigans were in my , so, so shenanigans were in my face mean i like some of my favourites didn't make it verisimilitude i like assessor cheats there's some he said it was claimed i am interested in this and i follow live he's a really interesting guy. he's a bird watcher and a an orchestral. he's a very exciting quy- orchestral. he's a very exciting guy. a bird watching the guy. he's a bird watching the same but he is. he's very same sense. but he is. he's very it's informative. he's it's very informative. he's written stuff . he and written books and stuff. he and he own as well. he reads my own blog as well. i like it anyway. so i was quite interested from the get go and he's multi syllabic he's saying the multi syllabic words verisimilitude and words like verisimilitude and flippancy on. well the flippancy and so on. well at the beginning then and then the beginning and then and then the monosyllables started to come through and flounce. through like heft and flounce. yeah those. and yeah gong, i like those. and then were eased again then were eased out again towards the as it got to you
11:52 pm
know quite interestingly i was disappointed more robust anglo—saxon words didn't make it through because there are some great i don't mean swearing although those are good too. but you know like a word like you know do like a word like some is a good word, isn't it. well there's something about some people for increase. i mean he's bumped and 35 people voted for webinar wrong with these people this is being done on twitter so this is a right would have been popular if other thought yeah everybody's using the thumb and one piece please for shenanigans i think codswallop second place as is often the case with things, i think codswallop probably think codswallop will probably live to fight another day, you know. and it's a new word. well, 19705 know. and it's a new word. well, 1970s hoping jay is good hope eyesit 1970s hoping jay is good hope eyes it said bangkok bangkok tony hancock the who the writers of golden golden and simpson and nice but they it was popular this time and they were just repeating fantastic it. writer so tuesday telegraph next with good news for culture shock this houday good news for culture shock this holiday who like to booze holiday makers who like to booze it in the in the world it up in the place in the world
11:53 pm
yeah so dubai is scrapping the alcohol tax is to boost tourism this could possibly work for scotland as well but there's increasing competition from gulf neighbours. obviously qatar, all these other gulf states, even saudi arabia is opening up now and they've certainly sold uquor and they've certainly sold liquor licences to sell booze in saudi arabia. i don't know if this actually happens. you play there. you done gigs in dubai? yeah no, saudi arabia. it's not that hard to get a drink. i'm pretty i don't know i coming to dubal pretty i don't know i coming to dubai, they were irish dubai, abu dhabi they were irish themed could get themed pubs where you could get to yeah you can get to dubai is yeah you can get dnnks to dubai is yeah you can get drinks but they're quite expensive last time i was there it i mean obviously was it was i mean obviously i was just getting free drinks just getting the free drinks because a comedian, because you're a comedian, a cheapskate, to cheapskate, big year to buy a pint beer, which is like ten pint of beer, which is like ten quid . but only 20 years ago, quid. but only 20 years ago, everybody was, you know, some old are nursing the pints old timers are nursing the pints when. years ago, it was when. in 20 years ago, it was like a pound for a beer yeah then you know, the economy starts doing better and then the taxes us going say they've taxes go us going to say they've got of money, their got lots of money, their pockets. why people pockets. that is why people go there. there now
11:54 pm
there. i would go there now because know if i could mean because you know if i could mean from plus i did get from this job plus i did get skin cancer when i was there but at least i see a doctor. unlike here, i would like to out there for a few weeks getting a bit of sound. well, agree. move sound. well, i agree. we move on to the itself now. the to the sun itself now. the newspaper, sort of giving up newspaper, a sort of giving up booze going in the booze for a month, going in the opposite direction. my neighbours do enjoy gemma though she it when cools off she hates it when it cools off that i love that clarify the that i love that you clarify the newspaper the star like newspaper that not the star like i'm doctor this is what happens to body you give booze to your body when you give booze for january. does it for dry january. so this does it tell us happens and it's tell us what happens and it's better hydration look better sleep hydration look better sleep hydration look better pressure better get your blood pressure goes less reflux goes down you have less reflux and you lose weight and your friends. yeah that's, certainly true, isn't it? for a month you don't see anyone and my new rule, i'm not doing chatting to anyone. only drink on this anyone. you only drink on this show it down. yeah, show keeping it down. yeah, yeah. i'm going do it this yeah. i'm going to do it this yeah. i'm going to do it this year. and i've been. i've got a whole routine how miserable and sadistic do need to sadistic it is. but i do need to actually been drinking actually have been drinking a bit also, i was going bit too much. also, i was going to i do like the way it to say, i do like the way it seems to out a little bit as
11:55 pm
well, because the trouble is if you try and weight in the you try and lose weight in the winter, booze so much that winter, you booze so much that you will completely dissolves by about in the evening about 10:00 in the evening and you're fridge. i mean, you're in the fridge. i mean, booze, booze is the first thing that if you want to that has to go if you want to get anything else done. yeah. because finish the because you've got to finish the night a yeah, yeah, night with a kebab. yeah, yeah, yeah. it's ridiculous but cover the story last. night professor david a new drug is david not invented a new drug is like but doesn't get like booze but it doesn't get you drunk to him for you totally drunk we to him for a programme made ten a radio programme i made ten years had invented at years ago and he had invented at that time he was ready to go and he get licence for it and he get a licence for it and nobody quite here because it's an illegal drug yeah. an illegal drug anyway. yeah. i'm hoping it will, it will somehow funding. somehow get some funding. i think it big booze. it's think it is big booze. it's basically trying to close it down. you know the old firms they it. yeah. they they don't like it. yeah. they don't this escobar don't like this escobar cannabis. mirror cannabis. he go to the mirror now and we found a woman stingier our human stingier than our human resources. when resources. lady so when i inquired after some pay in lieu of so woman of holiday deals. so a woman been accused faking her own been accused of faking her own death on media to avoid paying a £220 loans she took out from a friend. i really respect this. i mean, like contentment . if you
11:56 pm
mean, like contentment. if you think through death . but then think through death. but then she she was found after pictures were taken from series of countries . well, the thing is, countries. well, the thing is, this is indonesia. so 220 quid is probably a lot more money there. it's probably like a girl also faking own death, probably also faking own death, probably a lot easier. but the mistake she made, she was still posting on twitter even though she was dead on facebook. that was big. finally the mail. we've got finally in the mail. we've got about 20 seconds to cover this. drinking lots water, prolong drinking lots of water, prolong your the reason your life. so well. the reason not do it yet she anti—aging not to do it yet she anti—aging drinking eight glass of water every can prolong life up to every day can prolong life up to 15 the bottom 15 years. the bottom is you'll them going a week and it them all going for a week and it says can slash risk of says you can slash the risk of heart not sure if heart attacks. not sure if that's or not, but who that's upon or not, but who knows? they always change their minds water. they do not minds on. water. they do not dnnk minds on. water. they do not drink a you won't have time drink a day. you won't have time for that for for anything. that is it for tonight. thank very much for tonight. thank you very much for tuning i been so and tuning in. i have been so and evans thank you to my panel. leo kearse nick dixon shown by kearse and nick dixon shown by the of the show. then it was the end of the show. then it was headliners be back headliners we'll be back tomorrow kearse tomorrow evening with leo kearse
11:57 pm
once here tomorrow with kerry marks and yours truly. i will see then to sleep well . also see then to sleep well. also water .
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
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good evening. first show of the year excess deaths are running at 1000 a week. what is it? is it the failures at a&e? is it the vaccine ? what's going on? the vaccine? what's going on? we'll have a look at the numbers tonight. nine out of ten civil servants working for the welsh office are still working from home. what does that mean for the taxpayer ? and joining me, the taxpayer? and joining me, i'm talking pints alex reid, he's been an actor. he's been a martial arts fighter. he was married to katie price . he won married to katie price. he won celebrity big brother. there's an awful talk about. but


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