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tv   Headliners  GB News  January 27, 2023 11:00pm-12:01am GMT

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channel good evening. i'm tatiana sanchez in gb newsroom, the chancellor has insisted the best tax cut for the uk is to cut inflation as he sets his long term plans for growing economy. with inflation to a 40 year high. jeremy hunt has written the government's pledge to halve this year. he's promised to brexit freedoms to boost growth and reverse what he calls a decline ism attitude towards the economy . now the met police says economy. now the met police says a 21 year old serving member of the british army has been charged terror offences. daniel
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abed from beacon side stafford is facing two charges. one in 2021 off an allegation he attempted to elicit information useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism . preparing an act of terrorism. the second, from the start of this year where he placed an article with the intention of inducing the belief that the said article was likely to explode or ignite and cause personal injury or damage to property and is in police custody. and he's due appear at westminster magistrates court tomorrow . the chair of westminster magistrates court tomorrow. the chair of an independent review into an nhs trust maternity care says hundreds of families and staff have raised concerns after it was fine d £800,000, admitting was fined £800,000, admitting failings in the care of a baby who died 23 minutes after birth. nottingham university hospitals trust pleaded guilty to providing care is highest fine ever issued failings in maternity care . winter sophia maternity care. winter sophia andrews died in 2019 at the
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queen's medical centre centre . queen's medical centre centre. now the labour leader will address london's labour's annual conference tomorrow. sir keir starmer is to say that the work of never again never stops , as of never again never stops, as he used his speech to emphasise how his party has changed under his leadership. sir keir will also vow that his party will put country first and party second. he is also due to speak on a number of issues, including need to tackle antisemitism , support to tackle antisemitism, support for nato and . the king and queen for nato and. the king and queen consort have lit candles at buckingham palace to mark holocaust memorial day . king holocaust memorial day. king charles and camilla spoke with dr. martin stern , who survived dr. martin stern, who survived a concentration camp during the second world war. also met a muna adam , a survivor of muna adam, a survivor of genocide in and western sudan . genocide in and western sudan. today marks 78 years since auschwitz , the largest death auschwitz, the largest death camp was liberated . and foreign
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camp was liberated. and foreign secretary james cleverly has condemned the attack on a synagogue in jerusalem that killed at least seven people. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been visiting the scene this evening. police the suspected attacker wounded several others before he was shot and killed officers. the shooting amid heightened tensions along west bank. and just a day after deadly raid that killed at least nine palestinians. no one has yet claimed responsibility , though . claimed responsibility, though. tv, online and the plus radio. this is gb news say that the headuneis. headline is. hello i'm andrew doyle and welcome headline your first look at saturday's newspapers . and at saturday's newspapers. and joining me tonight are two of the uk's most high profile on onlyfans it's dapper laughs dan
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o'reilly and dapper titter . onlyfans it's dapper laughs dan o'reilly and dapper titter. nick dixon first let's have a gander saturday's front pages and we start with saturday's mail which is running with pensions shake up to keep over 50. in work saturday telegraph has the that clears the duke over bath sex. we'll be getting to that in just one moment because it's very confusing. saturday's guardian uk for sale offshore linked to thousands of properties that's a guardian investigation into some of uk's billionaires and of the uk's billionaires and then saturday's mirror then on saturday's mirror profits of as millions suffer oil giants cash in with profits of as millions suffer oil giants cash in wit h £160 oil giants cash in with £160 billion bonanza. saturday times next i will boost business to fix economy vows jeremy hunt and daily star priest comes from the dead and reveals hells demons tortured with eternal reread karaoke. i think that means rihanna and those were your front covers . am i going to kick
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front covers. am i going to kick off with this remarkable front page of, saturday's telegraph? nick, what's going here? well, andrew, the photo that andrew, it's the photo that clears the you cover bath sex and if you've seen the photo it's two people in a bath with stuff like the faces over their faces it's kind of a shallow fake it's old fashioned way of doing deep just put bit doing deep fakes just put a bit of paper the person's face of paper with the person's face over and what it is, it's over face. and what it is, it's basically ghislaine maxwell as brother ian claiming the bath , brother ian claiming the bath, they couldn't possibly done they couldn't have possibly done anything wrong in this bath because too for any because it's too small for any sort frolicking. not so . sort of sex frolicking. not so. why did the prosecution hinge on this idea that there was a sexual intercourse a bar? sexual intercourse in a bar? remember o.j. if the remember the oj. trial? if the gloves acquit. gloves fit, you must acquit. it's the trial here. it's a it's the oj. trial here. it's a bust, too small frolic. look bust, too small for frolic. look at there it is. it's at that. there it is. it's clearly too small for any kind of. i think you'll agree. and i know this is what i mean. this a hugely popular saying and because jeffrey, however , because this jeffrey, however, say of course, alleged that say has, of course, alleged that this where things went on this is where things went on with andrew. she said there was a started there that
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a bath and it started there that led to the although my led to the bedroom, although my question it started question is, if it started there, does it even have to be that bath well also that large. the bath well also so i don't buy that picture mean the man spreading in the the he's man spreading in the bath a lot in that bath you could do a lot in that bath you could do a lot in that bath if you really put your mind to it. well, listen think hang to it. well, listen i think hang on. is these lawyers, a lot on. this is these lawyers, a lot of me this show, they just of me on this show, they just make up i go along. they make it up as i go along. they got no idea going on got no idea what's going on here. these two people, here. look, these two people, clearly, i've never sex ever because that's not even a position i recognise. no, you know, mean, little bit know, i mean, with a little bit of four, six people in of four, five, six people in that having a good time. that bath having a good time. but yeah, it's ridiculous and but yeah, i, it's ridiculous and it's, it's, know, the it's, it's, you know, these the same that up with to say same that come up with to say you can't. yeah that so you can't. yeah it's that so you don't you know the don't sweat you know they, the glove so you can't glove doesn't fit so you can't get bath. yeah. yeah. this is get in bath. yeah. yeah. this is absolutely ridiculous. this smacks, desperation smacks, smacks of desperation a little it. it reminds little bit isn't it. it reminds me of sounds episode with the chewbacca if chewbacca chewbacca defence. if chewbacca doesn't he doesn't make sense, he must remember i remember that from the cold. i can that kind of level of can that that kind of level of thinking and also interesting part of the article it talks about the convicted sex about seeing the convicted sex offender his own offender who later took his own life. very key to
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life. so it's very key to remember definitely remember that definitely happened. not. okay. happened. epstein did not. okay. we're move on quickly we're going to move on quickly and going go on to the and we're going to go on to the front cover of saturday mirror. so, dan, what's going on on the mirror the prophets gloom mirror the prophets of gloom millions suffer. i oil giants cash in with hundred an d £60 cash in with hundred and £60 billion bonanza oil . giants make billion bonanza oil. giants make an obscene billion bonanza oil. giants make an obscen e £5,000 profit an obscene £5,000 profit a second. while millions of us struggle to heat home. five of the world's biggest oil companies are expected reveal profits are just monstrous . this profits are just monstrous. this is ongoing. we keep getting these stories about, obviously, these stories about, obviously, the people in charge of these companies are making a mint. they always have. that's not going change just because going to change just because there's living crisis. there's a cost of living crisis. but does feel bit galling, but it does feel a bit galling, doesn't what i don't doesn't it? what i don't understand is because i'm understand is, is because i'm not clued this not very clued up on this subject the government and subject with, the government and the everything the oil companies and everything like there no way like that. but is there no way they step in and relieve they can step in and relieve some profits and it some of these profits and it back the people? yes, there back to the people? yes, there is called socialism, right now what you're after. well, if it bnngs what you're after. well, if it brings price down to the. brings the price down to the.
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hey, let's do it. what do you think yeah, i was going to think next? yeah, i was going to say i'm no social, but where these company where they benefit from think that's from the war. i think that's a circumstance just circumstance if it's just general profit then is harder general profit then it is harder to the case. although when to make the case. although when they're being well, they're not being taxed well, you feel like they're not being taxed when we're taxed enough. when we're all being brutally, highly, being taxed so brutally, highly, i tax for everyone, being taxed so brutally, highly, i we tax for everyone, being taxed so brutally, highly, i we shouldtax for everyone, being taxed so brutally, highly, i we should see or everyone, being taxed so brutally, highly, i we should see would yone, being taxed so brutally, highly, i we should see would calle, being taxed so brutally, highly, i we should see would call me but we should see would call me an idiot because the other day he said that people who want lower the moment lower taxes at the moment idiot but be limiting but surely that must be limiting votes a cap the votes putting a cap on the extent these bonuses we're extent of these bonuses we're talking millions. talking millions and millions. no one needs that much money. do they know? well, would do a they know? well, you would do a windfall which was windfall tax, which is what was being before, it? and being before, wasn't it? and that like reasonable that seemed like a reasonable good, reasonably idea. good, a reasonably good idea. but kick in but it's just a heavy kick in the for everyone that's the teeth for everyone that's struggling out there, isn't. it's right. it's really it's not right. no, it's really not. okay. we're going not. no. okay. we're going to move front cover now of move to the front cover now of saturday's your saturday's guardian. nick your favourite have favourite paper, what have they? the guardian and they've got some nonsense michelle some nonsense from michelle williams, sol williams, they've got sol campbell by football campbell who's been by football fans main fans over a decade. but the main story uk for sale offshore story is uk for sale offshore unked story is uk for sale offshore linked thousands of linked to thousands of properties tory properties and this is tory donors properties more
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donors who properties via more than 150 offshore firms. so you've people like the you've got people like the reuben brothers you've got nick candy who's a uk based businessman who owns a £160 million flat and other properties through companies based in guernsey . mohammed mse. based in guernsey. mohammed mse. sanjeev gupta and was worried sanjeev gupta and i was worried it russian oligarchs. it was russian oligarchs. sanjeev it's not. it's sanjeev but it's not. it's a sort of mixture british and sort of mixture of, british and indian i feel a lot indian oligarchs. i feel a lot better personally. we've got lewis is ian lewis hamilton here as is ian that in there as well. the that he's in there as well. the thing guardian says, you thing is, the guardian says, you know, a public interest know, there's a public interest in things, but in reporting these things, but as it does it for labour as long as it does it for labour as long as it does it for labour as well, i don't mind. obviously not. it doesn't feel does not. it doesn't feel great does it, america? just go, yeah. it, america? they just go, yeah. and know and because they know everything's funding everything's done to funding the right and this is one of these things isn't it. you know they're going on about these billionaires evading, not evading fair evading tax. that's not fair because everything they're doing is yeah, it's legal. so is legal. yeah, it's legal. so surely they to stop surely if they wanted to stop this offshore shenanigans, this of offshore shenanigans, they the they would just close the loopholes legally. they would just close the loopidoesn't legally. they would just close the loopi doesn't government. they would just close the loopidoesn't government say, why doesn't the government say, actually, say actually, we're going to say that sort stuff isn't that this sort of stuff isn't allowed. benefiting allowed. it's just benefiting from how they get it from it. that's how they get it from it. that's how they get it done. is isn't. yeah, exactly. i
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mean something itself like you said illegal some of it said this an illegal some of it they're signing it is to keep keep celebrities you know their interests quiet as well so a lot of this stuff and like we were talking before about the multibillion dollar ceos of oil companies and stuff, it's this idea we to sort of idea that we need to sort of attract these people, to attract these people, need to keep sure they keep them happy, make sure they don't too much, sure don't pay too much, make sure they've that they can they've got these that they can sort paying too much sort of avoid paying too much tax. but does it is this does is it the case, nick, that if you do the rich proportionately do tax the rich proportionately and stop and implement measures to stop getting they will getting more money, they will leave? just go live leave? yeah they just go to live in monaco and the cayman islands and whatever it is. but do they really mean, do you really i mean, do you not notice. go off to dubai notice. and they go off to dubai and that. so that the and places that. so is that the fear? just not. it actually fear? i'm just not. it actually happens. really? no that's what the rich do. and it always, you know, private in dubai know, in private jets in dubai stuff. got no idea. i've i stuff. i've got no idea. i've i go briefly one said he go to tell briefly one said he went mean that's went to prison i mean that's that's closest to knowing that's the closest to knowing the rich. i thought you were in with set. briefly had with the jet set. no briefly had a didn't work out. a chance. it didn't work out. it's a shame. anyway, we're
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going to on next paper. going to go to on next paper. now, this is the front cover of saturday's mail. dan, what saturday's daily mail. dan, what are running with? pension are they running with? a pension reforms lower over fifties reforms to lower over fifties into workplace are being into the workplace are being examined ministers a major examined by ministers in a major speech economy yesterday, speech on the economy yesterday, jeremy older jeremy called for the older people who dropped out the people who dropped out of the workforce the pandemic to workforce in the pandemic to return to help ease return to work to help ease chronic labour shortages . so chronic labour shortages. so basically they yeah their answer to everything is get the old people back out in but that's quite young to retire isn't it. around the sort of 50 mark. well oh no but if you , you've worked oh no but if you, you've worked to your life and you've got the money retire when you retire in, you know, that's what they think they get the old people back cheap instead of paying the current money. yes, current people. more money. yes, i but happened i think nick. but what happened is during the they like to say the pandemic. to say the the pandemic. i like to say the lockdown actually lockdown has also actually caused all these things during, as said, what, as people said, tell you what, i don't working much. i'm don't like working much. i'm going retire early. now they going to retire early. now they want them back. and want to get them back. and jeremy britain you. jeremy saying britain need you. and he's completely because he probably start the probably saw that start the
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other day over half of people in the country more from the the country get more from the state they tax. so state than they pay tax. so obviously need people. our obviously we do need people. our economy won't function otherwise. the otherwise. there's also the related whether the related issue of whether the which is not quite the same issue, but whether the issue, but it's whether the state should go up state pension should go up because expectancy lot because life expectancy is a lot longer. everyone's living longer. yes, everyone's living longer. yes, everyone's living longer. in longer. yeah. so you say so in 2033, this is quite to retire so he's trying to entice them saying we desperately you saying we desperately need you to what do think to fix the what do you think about like during the about that? like during the pandemic the pandemic and during the lockdown. true, as nick lockdown. it is true, as nick there's loads of stats telling that young are that even young people are saying actually quite enjoyed saying actually we quite enjoyed not going not working and we're not going to i think there to work at all. i think there was a survey said one in ten millennials were they millennials were saying they don't job because don't want a job ever because they to find the they just used to find the x—box. they want to be youtubers. they want to be a lifelong bit. yeah, yeah. inclu says. an way to says. yeah, it is an easy way to live. yeah, yeah. you don't have especially you put your influence money tax havens influence of money in tax havens offshore. yeah that's why you've heard that you comment heard that you no comment further we're further comment about that we're going on now if that the going to move on now if that the front pages completely picked apart join us apart but please do join us after behind after the break for some behind the action with nicholas
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the fold action with nicholas sturgeon the sturgeon getting cranky the train definitely don't train that you definitely don't want wait for and why the guardian may have to cancel its own see you in 2 own subscription. see you in 2 minutes .
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welcome back to headline is your first look at saturday's newspapers. i'm andrew doyle and you may know comedy chums by their nicknames dapper laughs because he dresses well and makes people laugh and big dog because his parents remember his name. there go. nick dixon over there looking . a bit grumpy at there looking. a bit grumpy at me for some reason. kicking off the segment with saturday's telegraph and nick has nicholas sturgeon managed out sturgeon managed to figure out what is yet know andrew what a woman is yet know andrew and a new in a series of and it's a new in a series of stunning lows for nicholas sturgeon this is awful. so the headuneis sturgeon this is awful. so the headline is nicholas sturgeon gender opponents use women gender law opponents use women rights as cloak to be transferred . she accuses people transferred. she accuses people of being misogynistic, homophobic, possibly . why not
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homophobic, possibly. why not throw that in there as well? well, no misogynists like rosie duffield, rowling miriam duffield, j.k. rowling miriam cates, these well know, misogynist you're misogynist now or homophobe or a racist if you don't want a biological man raping people in a prison . raping people in a prison. that's where we are in 2023. absolutely appalling. she says that's where we are in 2023. abs(bizarreappalling. she says that's where we are in 2023. abs(bizarre statement she says that's where we are in 2023. abs(bizarre statement as; says this bizarre statement as a general principle. many general principle. so many rapes. should not be in rapes. a woman should not be in a prison. yes. a woman's prison. well, yes. i mean, it's a man. yeah mean mean, if it's a man. yeah mean as a general principle all as a general principle in all cases. yeah. let's say cases. really? yeah. let's say that's madness. i mean , she say that's madness. i mean, she say the danger of blanket approach the danger of a blanket approach , having a different , you end up having a different effect you want effect to the one you want because catch cases that because you catch cases that should with in should be dealt with in a different way, just pure nonsense. don't put biological men end of men in women's prisons. end of story. done really yeah. story. done really well. yeah. i mean, it's interesting mean, it's really interesting because basically because she was being basically grilled hollyrood douglas grilled in hollyrood by douglas ross, the leader of the conservative scottish conservatives, he had to ask conservatives, and he had to ask a four times, is this you know the that we're all the rapist that we're all talking at the moment, is talking about at the moment, is this currently this rapist currently in a women's the women's prison, which is the case? the prison has been case? so the prison has been remanded . they this risk remanded back. they do this risk assessment and out and nicholas
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sturgeon say, look, there's way he's in women's he's going to be in a women's prison. and douglas ross kept saying, yeah, but is now. and she course, that's she went and of course, that's exactly this. this madness, exactly this. this is madness, right? mean, so right? yeah. i mean, just so i can my advice on this, did can get my advice on this, did she remove him as she removed him? now no, but but she she was. well within her rights to do had the power to do do so. she had the power to do that. she's saying is, that. but what she's saying is, yes, was definitely the yes, it was definitely be the case won't be in this case that he won't be in this prison. but the is the snp could have done something about this. but she in this case, but if she does in this case, it's of like she can remove it's kind of like she can remove the sell for a day but the right to sell for a day but if anyone else does transphobic. right. right it's weird vetos right. right it's a weird vetos to yeah. it's like in to do it. yeah. it's like in this occasion, she's going this one occasion, she's going to going to do now to do it. she's going to do now because situation that because of this situation that she said wasn't going to happen and not going to happen and it's not going to happen again. already again. but it's already happened. there's other happened. and there's other prisoners pertains. so prisoners that this pertains. so if going an if she's just going to make an exception, this this particular rapist, was a big rapist, because it was a big pubuc rapist, because it was a big public outrage about rapist, because it was a big pu itic outrage about rapist, because it was a big pu it should outrage about rapist, because it was a big pu it should be outrage about rapist, because it was a big pu it should be artrage about rapist, because it was a big pu it should be a blanketiout rapist, because it was a big pu it should be a blanket point it, it should be a blanket point to and by way, to nick court. and by the way, if nicholas sturgeon, who has been saying all along trans women women. clearly
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women are women. well, clearly doesn't that because doesn't think that because she's just isn't. just said that this isn't. right. that's what right. exactly. that's what i mean. madness. and the mean. yeah. madness. and the it's thing it's the lowest possible thing to terms, these slurs to use these terms, these slurs against who worried against people who are worried about women's safety who are worried about children's safety when the gender when it comes the gender recognition bill and you just call misogyny call the misogyny and the homophobia, basket homophobia, it's like the basket deplorables that hillary clinton, disagrees clinton, anyone who disagrees with be some with our weird policies be some sort bigot. what do you make sort of bigot. what do you make this done? because i worry about this done? because i worry about this with politics. i think it's the of twitter style the lowest kind of twitter style politics. anyone disagrees politics. anyone who disagrees with me is a fascist, is a racist, is a homophobe i think a slightly. i was to name calling, isn't but it's like isn't it? but also it's like you're being for having an opinion. i actually had this today a little on my today done a little video on my instagram. was a little bit instagram. i was a little bit shocked by the middle aged shocked by the of middle aged men women on tok that are men as women on tik tok that are aiming at aiming their content at children. of two little children. a father of two little girls in china and i was girls and i'm in china and i was called all sorts of things for being about my children and the fact that the content was was coming from. well, that's all because of what it you know is if you brand someone a homophobe or transphobe or whatever, you
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run the argument and you don't you disappear like yourself having to that person having to talk to that person because. you might as well just say person say sinner, right? that person is and you must. is a heretic and you must. but for nicholas yeah, the for nicholas sturgeon. yeah, the first minister to be stooping to tactics, she says who tactics, she says anyone who raises legitimate raises sincere legitimate concerns misogyny , homophobic, concerns misogyny, homophobic, possibly racist about the black lesbians who have raised these concerns, how do they fit into this. there's no thought here. like it's stupidity. dug herself into a hole because how can this ever look good in the long term? how can she ever win? well, she can't, but a lot of people are now of saying she's really scuppered her plans, hasn't she, because she's staked much on this agenda this hugely unpopular agenda reform bill, which was which was two thirds of the scottish vote were against it. and she railroad did it through anyway. and so she's it's not gonna work for her and she's going to have to down think, i think to stand down i think, i think it shows how dangerous it it really shows how dangerous it is worry too much of is when you worry too much of offending you that's what offending people you that's what this was about. well do you know what i mean? that. they're what i mean? that. well, they're worried about her in
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worried much about her in people's people people's and offending people about when about certain things and when he's really far he's pushed really far situations this can happen situations like this can happen but mean there might be but. i mean there might be something to but she's something to that but she's she's managed offend. she she's managed to offend. she actually , which is actually believes it, which is even more disturbing, if she actually cause, actually believes in the cause, which apparently does, which which apparently she does, which is it's very possible that she does, been particularly does, the snp been particularly captured they really captured in way, but they really do there in way. do need to get there in way. they're a par with labour in they're on a par with labour in terms they are when it terms of have they are when it comes to this particular issue but i think it could now it's become constitutional become a constitutional issue. i think could really her think it could really her a political legacy anyway if she ever happened. we're ever happened. anyway, we're going stay with going to move now and stay with the and this a story the telegraph. and this a story more failures. safeguarding is related this issue, isn't it? related to this issue, isn't it? yeah, horrible. my yeah, this is horrible. my classmates front classmates tipped off in front of transgender they of transgender rapist. they didn't trial. didn't know was awaiting trial. so bryson and he's basically so i bryson and he's basically this a.k.a adam graham this guy with tattoos we've all seen face tattoos on twitter he went into a class there was a beauty skills course in ayrshire my cousin lives in very disturbing for anyone and he was or he she
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this let's say was overpowering and disruptive accused people of being homophobic . and the girls being homophobic. and the girls in the class are saying they're this really them to realise that actually those are convicted rapist in the with them and they would getting change absolutely appalling and disgusting and it just shows how mad the not as out as a man is and it reminds girls this is the meriam case talking about this today and she was saying we have this thing we have social contract where have this social contract where of course people shouldn't go into bathroom and into the wrong bathroom and everyone that. but we everyone knows that. but are we going impose when if going to impose it when if you're say a young lady you're let's say a young lady working in a in working on a saturday in a in some of large department or some sort of large department or whatever and someone goes whatever it is and someone goes into the wrong bathroom, you're not them to not going to challenge them to say, see your birth say, i need to see your birth certificate, which can now certificate, which you can now change retrospectively in some cases are we going cases anyway. how are we going to it's policed by to police it? it's policed by the contract and it's the social contract and it's completely hence completely breaks. hence you get horrific this. of horrific like this. and of course, you know, a lot these people are identifying into people who are identifying into the class can be the opposite sex class can be quite you look quite intimidate. you look at the of guy, he's the photos of this guy, he's scary. women aren't. scary. yeah, the women aren't. i'm challenge that
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i'm going to challenge that person. they're just going to leave and not going to leave face and he's not going to be safe for them. know, this is it's to be kind of a it's incredible to be kind of a serious about when you've serious about this when you've got kind of extreme got this kind of extreme example. but on the other hand, this sort this extreme example has sort of scuppered it's scuppered the snp's and it's forced realise the forced everyone to realise the insanity we're doing. it insanity of what we're doing. it is insane and we're is absolutely insane and we're going to on now to saturday times like enough times dan and looks like enough to take the megabucks after all of the how you as to of this. yes the how you as to will reach central london insists jeremy hunt. so jeremy hunt sought dispel the hunt has sought to dispel the reports rail line will reports that the rail line will will insisting that will be cut down insisting that it into central london. it will run into central london. speaking journalists on speaking to journalists on friday, any any friday, he said it see any any reason why it won't get there it was after a report in the sun come out suggesting that they were stop the progress were going to stop the progress . it's going to be . yeah and it's going to be a big big delay on it but but let we've been and forth on this all the a lot of people the time and a lot of people saying white elephant saying it's a big white elephant lots people saying let's just lots of people saying let's just scrap because of scrap it you know, because of the sunken cost fallacy, we put so much money into it, we should. if it doesn't into should. but if it doesn't into london, what's point of it? london, what's the point of it? i that was the point,
11:23 pm
i thought that was the point, yeah. go to old yeah. they'll still go to old oak i mean it's no oak mean. i mean it's old. no offence but it's not offence to old, but it's not like a big stop. london as a hobbit places. yeah that's exactly it. yeah. they can't make to euston because it's make it to euston because it's going expensive. going to be too expensive. they're to delay till they're going to delay it till 20, let's just go to old 20, 38. so let's just go to old oak. so this ultra fast to get to london won't even go to london completely pointless. it's to get it's already very fast to get from to why from birmingham to london. why don't birmingham don't they just make birmingham better? suggestion better? that's my suggestion then. obsessed then. wouldn't be so obsessed with london. so if with getting into london. so if you improve infrastructure, you can improve infrastructure, want to go to north of want to go to the north of england? know places england? you know the places that it. this not that really need it. this not the infrastructure. the brexit of infrastructure. it's mess by the it's an absolute mess by the sounds what's going on. but the thing with this is a lot of people questioned needed people questioned if we needed it, was big enough it it, if england was big enough it to that's now and to not. i mean, that's now and now they're not even it now they're not even pushing it to its extremities on it. it seems it's a waste of time. seems like it's a waste of time. i did 11 years of going around the doing stand comedy the country doing stand comedy gigs and birmingham london gigs and birmingham to london was best route. was on the best route. everywhere people everywhere else. these people can get manchester to can get from manchester to london sunday, leeds london on a sunday, leeds any time well, even time to anywhere. well, i even now, want to live in
11:24 pm
now, if i want to live in swindon, some crazy swindon, say for some crazy reason and, like i didn't have any you can't after any money. you can't get after 12 when we finish a show out of london to places like that, you can't get a train. so why can't even get a train. so why is the priority between is this the priority between oxford and. that's nightmare. oxford and. that's a nightmare. you windy yeah. you have to go windy bus. yeah. when your posh when you're doing your of posh university. posh university that's that's that's priority that's that's that's my priority in anyway they've gone in the too anyway they've gone that the guardian nick is that to the guardian and nick is this about the this another story about the uk failing. really it's failing. well not really it's the andrew so the guardian. andrew so uk failing systemic failing to address systemic against people warn un against black people warn un experts. so we had this sewell report 97 pages. it proved there was systemic racism, although of course individually course you may individually expand persuasive. this expand its persuasive. but this is the guardian saying that there actually is and we should address it. and this comes from the un and they're saying it's things like stop and search they're talking about and how that penalises certain that kind of penalises certain people and search always people stop and search always very controversial, the idea very controversial, but the idea is actually you actually is you actually you actually save doing it as well. save people by doing it as well. it's a resources question, it's also a resources question, sam harris, before he went mad , sam harris, before he went mad, made comparison. he said made this comparison. he said that in and that if you're in airport and you to, you've only got
11:25 pm
you want to, you've only got a certain amount of resources and you want to search. you're not going search an old midwest going to search an old midwest lady. like lady. you know, fit like terrorism . yes. so but of course terrorism. yes. so but of course it's controversial. but yeah, this is just them claiming that there is systemic racism . there is systemic racism. problem with this is that whenever is a claim, whenever there is a claim, systemic which systemic racism, which i think is a serious and ought to is a very serious and ought to be taken seriously, they're needs to be evidence for that claim. i too often the claim. and i think too often the assertion is enough for people to say, well, it must be there. and like to see specific and i'd like to see specific evidence talking evidence mean they're talking about difference in outcomes about a difference in outcomes in
11:26 pm
11:27 pm
stonewall. yeah, but then they backed out the guy and then kind. yeah. well according to this at least that the concerns so yeah well according to this at least tha'always the concerns so yeah well according to this at least tha'always funa concerns so yeah well according to this at least tha'always fun when. zrns so yeah well according to this at least tha'always fun when. the so yeah well according to this at least tha'always fun when. the lefteah it's always fun when. the left eats itself. i mean this thing about slavery, i mean we also are the country ended are the country that ended slavery. instead we have are the country that ended slijust'. instead we have are the country that ended slijust constantly nstead we have are the country that ended slijust constantly hateid we have to just constantly hate ourselves over, know ourselves forever over, you know , and just we're in this endless
11:28 pm
loop of self—loathing. there are more alive than at any more slaves alive than at any time in countries. no, time in various countries. no, that's interesting to that's less interesting to the guardian . it's easier to pull guardian. it's easier to pull down a statue than actually deal with slavery going on the with the slavery going on in the world. you know, this is. but like you say, it is, it is people eating themselves and it is a logical end point this is a logical end point of this stuff tied to stuff because anything tied to something problematic the something problematic in the past. absolutely as a whole past was pretty problematic the was pretty problematic in the past past should be past proper. the past should be cancelled. exactly. we should just zero. it's all just do a year zero. it's all again. start again, fresh in mind . let's again. start again, fresh in mind. let's move on. this is actually we've come to the end of part two now. oh, no, we haven't we got one more story. sorry about that. is the sorry about that. this is the times. what's this one about it? well, yes. alan cummings well, yes. is alan cummings returns obe in protest to empire's toxicity . so now alan empire's toxicity. so now alan cumming is to comment sorry the actor you may well know that things plane sitcom the high life yeah i think so yeah he was in i briefly you know top actor he received the award in 2009 and he was shocked and delighted
11:29 pm
but it's a very different time now andrew now it's a toxic empire, basically. and i was just yeah. at the just shocked. yes. yeah. at the time he was saying, you know, it was good for the lgbt community, but outweighed by the but now that's outweighed by the pure empire pure toxicity of the empire basically world changed basically the world changed become and more woke. and become more and more woke. and if you're someone just likes to fit and adapt whatever fit in and adapt whatever circumstance because sort of a go on with the times kind of cowardly you just then cowardly person you just then you tide you your opinion with the tide and that's in my opinion what's happened returned the happened so he's returned the obedience . i don't want to obedience. i don't want to because it's connected to the empire and guess what he lives in new why don't we in new york, so why don't we just get rid of this uk citizenship? it was done. is it new york? doesn't a history of colonial pipeline is new york state do you make of state fine what do you make of this he just read this one off and he just read harry's like don't harry's book and was like don't want anything to do with this probably sold a bit about harry want anything to do with this pro losty sold a bit about harry want anything to do with this pro lost this.d a bit about harry want anything to do with this pro lost this.d a lplace ut harry want anything to do with this pro lost this.d a lplace ut h the we lost this very place and the drug use and everything. so i'm not some i'm just thinking this is it's nonsense isn't it really? i mean , 82 i don't know really? i mean, 82 i don't know if you're that passionate it fantastic put himself five in my
11:30 pm
and i'll be i'll be keeping it call this i'm turning on itself again you got it in 3009 for services to acting and activism so at a time got it for his activism but now activism turns against you not know . activism but now activism turns against you not know. in activism but now activism turns against you not know . in 2009 against you not know. in 2009 that the empire involved a bit of indigenous peoples because everyone knows that. and i always that it's going to be very tenuous. his claim that he had chats about it since and it's opened fire it's putting his eyes to the history of the british empire. it's a netflix documentary with documentary is just the one with harry meghan. that's how documentary is just the one with ha people meghan. that's how documentary is just the one with ha people notjhan. that's how documentary is just the one with ha people not knowthat's how documentary is just the one with ha people not know what how documentary is just the one with ha people not know what the how do people not know what the environment. i didn't buy this we all anyway okay. i'm exasperated it for this section. join us literally for an incentive to get divorced. a racist theme park ride and you better tell kids to not drink school. join us in a of minutes
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11:33 pm
okay. welcome back to headline your first look at saturday's papers. getting straight back to it, don, is saturday's daily mail giving you ideas ? no, i mail giving you ideas? no, i just got married parents going through a divorce could soon be given time off work under a new scheme backed by tesco's ad store and natwest like this parents going for a divorce could soon be given time of work under new schemes. bosses will change our policies to basically give them a little bit of time if they're getting divorced . and if they're getting divorced. and my take on this is it's a very stressful time , i think, stressful time, i think, divorce, especially men, given the circumstance and how they can be left and can lead to suicide and really bad mental health problems , which is health problems, which is a massive, massive for men in the in the uk. and this might ease burden a little bit and plus a bit of time of work means she's going to get less anyway at the end of it. so it's a win win. i
11:34 pm
mean i do think is a really good idea. i mean, i think people kind of underestimate when your life partner leaves you when that end. yeah it is like a bereavement like can be worse. yeah. here's problem yeah. so here's the problem though. always going to be though. i was always going to be before. once i was saying, you know, no, they should get back to work. know, they're being to work. you know, they're being lazy. was i was lazy. whatever it was i was saying, be care saying, you know, let's be care and should have time off. and they should have time off. what missing. is that what both are missing. is that if divorce so harrowing, which i believe it is, people kill believe it is, and people kill themselves, know, especially themselves, you know, especially then we it easy in then why we made it so easy in society, why invented fault society, why we invented fault divorce costs. nick staying together loveless marriage together in a loveless marriage is equally. no, no. but in together in a loveless marriage is epast,r. no, no. but in together in a loveless marriage is e past, andrew,, no. but in together in a loveless marriage is e past, andrew, we. but in together in a loveless marriage is e past, andrew, we made n together in a loveless marriage is e past, andrew, we made it. together in a loveless marriage is e past, andrew, we made it . we the past, andrew, we made it. we made marriage a serious made the marriage was a serious commitment divorce was commitment and divorce was a thing do. and that thing you didn't do. and that encouraged people to make the effort to stay together. that was than what have was better than what we have now, no fault. divorce. now, which is no fault. divorce. i say tomorrow. like i say tomorrow. feel like getting that's it. getting divorced. that's it. then start legal then we can just start legal proceedings. can take half proceedings. i can take half your versa. the your money, vice versa. the problem you problem with this is how do you tell i mean, do you say tell that? i mean, do you say you seriously want to criminalise divorce again? you don't want to criminalise. i want to discourage it. so you
11:35 pm
want to discourage it. so you want it to be sort of like a taboo? no, no. we've we introduced no fault divorce. there be fault a there has to be some fault in a divorce. you can't just, you know, some of contact know, enter into some of contact that you can just get out of it, you know, emerge. no, no. because why would i, with no fault, divorce in place? well, i was say, if you are was going to say, if you are married, you would realise that women can find fault. really so l, women can find fault. really so i, mean thing i find i, i mean the whole thing i find really a problem because it's bad because what bad for kids because what happens up with these happens is you up with these legal coming house legal letters coming the house listing, other was listing, why other spouse was such terrible or it such a terrible mother or and it really generates a lot of and people just come up with reasons because get the because they want to get the divorce done you now divorce done you know but now you say on a whim i, i you can just say on a whim i, i make this deal till death us part that's out the window. i fancy getting i can just take off. i want now sweden at off. i want it now sweden at least double down on least has double down on progressivism you progressivism and they said you just to half someone's just get to take half someone's money. have make own money. you have to make your own money. you have to make your own money very after short money after a very after short period. we have in england period. but we have in england is you can just leave for any reason and you can get half the other person's. yeah it's, other person's. yeah, yeah it's, it's, put it this way, it's i
11:36 pm
personally think it's heavily leaned men especially. leaned against men especially. okay a pre—nup okay well why not have a pre—nup like that i really, like then. not that i really, i actually into this myself actually looked into this myself personally. yeah, yeah, personally. i don't. yeah, yeah, but don't. yeah, they're not, but i don't. yeah, they're not, they're not good. it they're not very good. it comes down the judge at the end down to the judge at the end of the you know, have to the day, you know, you have to have legal advice. you'd have equal legal advice. you'd to legal for to pay for legal advice for yourself and her. then that means that you've paid for someone her legal someone else. give her legal advice. enforcement advice. right? okay enforcement like america. like some states in america. they're okay they're not in england. okay we're to move to we're going to move on now to the telegraph next. nick are they for a ride now? they taking us for a ride now? this is a well, you can decide if you think this is wokeness. so this is why disney's racist splash ride had two splash mountain ride had two close inverted commas. close races in inverted commas. there it's so is there many say it's not so is the ride . splash mountain had the ride. splash mountain had something song of something to do with song of the, which some are saying was tied to slavery era arrests , we tied to slavery era arrests, we should say. this is the film famous disney film with zip a dee doo dah. yeah, sara knows this and all this this and a rabbit and all this stuff and other people are saying, well, look, it's got it doesn't doesn't celebrate doesn't it doesn't celebrate slavery. no direct role slavery. slavery no direct role in except others are in it except but others are saying, have to get
11:37 pm
saying, no, no, we have to get rid of the right anyway. it's going. so that's happening it's being replaced by tiana's you adventure the princess adventure based on the princess and and so gone and the frog and so ride is gone it costs millions and now it's gone forever. just because gone forever. it's just because a appears as a model on a rabbit appears as a model on the ride. i think it was the whole theme, the riders theme song the south and also just song of the south and also just a little amusing. i think those people selling from the ride people are selling from the ride on ebay in jars. you get $150 for four ounces. but because they've closed it down and because it's closed forever. ham blimey done. any thoughts on the whole? not i don't know a whole? well, not i don't know a lot about slavery again so all of that but maybe about disney. i about disney . yes, do. i know about disney. yes, i do. i've got little girls i've got two, two little girls that watch all films and stuff. you know, it seems like if you got to change the name of something to please a few people and if it is linked to stuff that's offensive in the past, then it's not a big deal to watch. but it sounds watch. still goes, but it sounds like very ride because like a very good ride because was here from a lady was a tweet here from a lady that went on it. she said i've written up the front three times
11:38 pm
today and it was the most wet i've got on. it's clearly i've got on. so it's clearly a pretty good right. that sounds sounds. thing about sounds. i mean, the thing about this surely i mean actually this is surely i mean actually i should point out in fairness just balance has been trying just for balance has been trying to suppress this film song of the south for decades so they got of the videotape you got rid of the videotape you can't watch on tv it's never repeated they pretend it repeated and they pretend it never but the never never. right. but it's the same gone with the wind. same with gone with the wind. you know, this is a film that still it was made. it's of its time. can't just educate children this was children and say, look, this was a film was made in the forties. yeah we don't think way yeah we don't think this way anymore, artefact. anymore, but it's a artefact. kids much smarter than you kids are much smarter than you think with think and they can deal with that. although we've established we need raise the whole past, we need to raise the whole past, start again, out all the start again, wipe out all the film. this is what were film. so this is what we were saying. to a year zero. saying. go back to a year zero. yeah, is it's a yeah, yeah. the past is it's a different country is harvey so alfie harvey helping harvey yeah the go—between you know the the go—between you know from the yellow pages of nothing that'sj r right but all relative though. yeah we're going to move on now to mirror a slightly way to to the mirror a slightly way to get kids stop smoking. yes
11:39 pm
school slammed by parents for barack hating to chew with time so the schools have decided to barricade the toilets during lesson time they've been branded disgusting by some parents. castle view school in essex took decision in a bid to stop anti—social bias but many pupils and have not been impressed. some them are even saying that it's a breach . some them are even saying that it's a breach. human some them are even saying that it's a breach . human thought it it's a breach. human thought it was quite funny here. 114 year old kid he even know who she even knows that she can't be trusted. she's like, look, we all children, we all children to be up. it shows an extreme lack of trust, which is understandable as. we are all kids still. i mean, we all kids, but they're going to get out of control. and she says, why don't you all the schools and you just do all the schools and use thermal cameras to see what we're to? i'm like, wow, all we're up to? i'm like, wow, all these it. that is a bad these kids do it. that is a bad , bad suggestion. but is this just because they're just really because they're annoyed kids keep going annoyed that the kids keep going to toilet during and to the toilet during lessons and not they're not learning? well, they're vaping are they? yeah vaping as well, are they? yeah but look, i mean, it's silly to
11:40 pm
stop. you're going to toilet. it's happened me on some it's happened to me on some film. like, you got to let film. she's like, you got to let people go live. but at this point, it's kind of already out control. the kids control. is it? when the kids are control, you've are so out of control, you've got to barricade toilets off. you've already lost. really. i mean, it's really the end of the grammar this on grammar schools when this on education, this education, you always bring this about it's already about too that it's already lost. you know, this is like just, really. just, you know, the end really. one lives that i should just one of lives that i should just say when the kids all in and sit down, they should do what do it with we go on with my children before we go on a journey and say, does a long journey and say, does anyone need the loo? it's all go now. although you know this is a problem. kids problem. the only time that kids can the toilet is during can go to the toilet is during lessons for my school lessons because for at my school you'd get to the in you'd never get to the in a break because the rough kids have been there and yeah a dangerous thing do i thought you mean you waste mean because you would waste a break because were break you mean because you were scared the kind of people scared of the kind of people that we do. that i know i know yeah. we do. you go to the during you ever go to the loo during a lesson? i think we were ever went away. i to go to the. i used to do the other way round. iused used to do the other way round. i used to to the lesson
11:41 pm
i used to go to the lesson dunng i used to go to the lesson during loo. so i was never during the loo. so i was never really there. i of your time we're move now we're going to move on now saturday's and it saturday's game next and nick it seems could sit you for seems that i could sit you for all those texts you sent me for some them could. andre some of them you could. andre yeah. face yeah. this is a laughing face emoji. says emoji. be defamatory, says hauans emoji. be defamatory, says italians is in italians court. so this is in lui? no, someone criticise someone's eyesight and they put several laughing faces it and the whether is the argument is whether this is actually and actually defamation or not and it very easy and they it went to very easy and they said is the milan said it said yes it is the milan said it isn't said yes it is the milan said it isnt and said yes it is the milan said it isn't and then it went to the isn't so and then it went to the supreme it is again, supreme who said it is again, this is what you wonder why italy's economy doing italy's economy isn't doing well, passing well, basically just passing people emoji people around about an emoji argument cool, argument because it's so cool, so that. so yes , the so asinine that. so yes, the courts talking about whether courts are talking about whether an like on an emoji is like hinges on whether damages his reputation in front of others or whether or not and i don't it uses other emoji examples so someone sent an image of a pistol to his girlfriend that is pretty i'll give you that but said another one where a couple in israel said to have undertaken rent of a flat because they replied with affirmative emojis. so that counts signature . so counts as your signature. so this is the new one. i saw a study that also on of emojis
11:42 pm
young young according to one study. anyway that the thumbs up emoji is really aggressive and they find quite intimidating they find it quite intimidating . something , they find it quite intimidating . something, you they find it quite intimidating . something , you know, man, . it's something, you know, man, i mean, like they need to get their heads to wobble if they're upset by emojis. i mean, what is going on with today? you going on with people today? you know, i in kids there's just very weak dudes. it very weak dudes. why is it ending court like the ending up in a court like the idea that i mean, don't know idea that i mean, i don't know i mean i mean , sticks and mean yeah. i mean, sticks and stones would break your bones will know emojis emojis to will never know emojis emojis to use level three dangerous stuff emojis we're going to take a break on this slightly depressing telegraph piece. dan, what's this i was beyond lonely. i rode the bus just so i could chat to somebody over 1.1. you're going to do the voice because it with this over 1.1 million old people rely on using pubuc million old people rely on using public for company here some of their stories so that's very poignant thank thank you. i want you to set the mood there because all people all afternoon to basically out and get on the bus to just seek some companionship and it breaks my heart reading it according to
11:43 pm
age uk's new research, 1.1 million older people rely on using public transport for company . and i think it's time company. and i think it's time they started to maybe create app where old people are going to for grannies , grindr for for grannies, grindr for grannies. yeah, but i mean not enough a sexual way. just like know let's get together. i think you should try that one on dragons den. thank you. and see how works. nick, what do you think? yeah, like dan says, heartbreaking article. really horrible to read the loneliness of and. it's a legacy of old people and. it's a legacy of old people and. it's a legacy of lockdown. it's like me saying, says it right saying, andrew says it right there paper. yeah. and there in the paper. yeah. and there in the paper. yeah. and the were of the fact we were told, of course, this we were doing course, this is we were doing this people, but this for elderly people, but okay, you're claiming you're saving them, but then you're you're lives. you're destroying their lives. yeah, depressing . and yeah, it is very depressing. and on that's the end of on that note, that's the end of that part. but see you in the final section when we'll be going through some stories. but we've got confirmation that there is a hell, that's a big news story. the dehumanising french and also boy george is biggest fan see you in a minute
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welcome back to the final part of headliners your first look at saturday's newspapers and nick has at saturday's mail found the sequel to dante's inferno. well, yeah , this is genuinely yeah, this is genuinely disturbing to me. so please to die says he went to hell. and so demons torturing him by singing umbrella. now he claims. he temporarily during a heart temporarily died during a heart attack america. temporarily died during a heart atta
11:47 pm
with them lyrics with demons who give them lyrics for the purpose of control . they for the purpose of control. they say this that actually i mean, as well as he said he he even a good for people he has unforgiveness his and you you know this goes back to all those mad priests back in the sixties who said that rock and roll reciter and all that stuff. don't give me this. i believe him. you know that really me worries me. he's a priest going to hell. i mean, if you know, what's that? what's going to happen to me, if i do go to hell and i mean. i mean , when he said and i mean. i mean, when he said something, i because it's pretty bad. i mean, i it's pretty bad. hell is just a newsnight. bad. i mean, i it's pretty bad. hell is just a newsnight . on the hell is just a newsnight. on the can. and again, i've been telling us a lot. yeah. okay we're going to move on now to the. dan, how you find a radioactive needle in a haystack. yeah. so this is this is actually really worrying because a tiny radio radioactive radio well actually done it in australian it's from an
11:48 pm
australian it's from an australian accident. oh, my god. look at that tiny radioactive capsule been missing on an 870 mile stretch of road. a tiny, dangerous, radioactive pill . it dangerous, radioactive pill. it sounds like a somewhere in the australian outback and a hunt is being launched and people are being launched and people are being told not to go near it. if they find it, don't pick it up. don't take it home. because till it's right nation is like having an x rays hour and a year's worth of natural radiation straight away the women who go nearit straight away the women who go near it this fell a truck. it could be anywhere on this 870 mile is actually because it says it's about this big and it was on a truck and it fell off it but like you'd think story a little bit more safely wouldn't it. yeah this is the problem. it's eight millimetres high, six millimetres wide, but it's in the outback. so although the other i noticed it said other thing i noticed is it said this tiny capsule cause this teeny tiny capsule cause cancer burns. so can cancer and skin burns. so can the outback outback that's where you get those things as well. yeah i mean it a worry though
11:49 pm
isn't it. yes, but you already the australian outback searching for would also give you for that would also give you skin cancer while looking for this point. this face. very good point. and why attacked by? why even get attacked by? kangaroos and stuff? oh yes. just australia scary. full of spiders and poisonous. b i wouldn't go no avoid australia is our advice . anyway, we're is our advice. anyway, we're moving on to this story. this is the telegraph. and nic, is this true to the french have a sense of humour so french poked fun at news agency for suggesting the french is dehumanising the associated had to associated press had to apologise for this what they said we recommend avoiding said was we recommend avoiding general dehumanising general and often dehumanising labels the mentally ill labels such as the mentally ill the french, the disabled, the culture educated at it's pretty funny and eric zimmer he's a sort of well—known political figure in said we are the french in response and they talk about wokeism which their version of wokeism which their version of wokeism and yes it's common but one person said instead of the french they should be called people with frenchness. it's an it is this weird idea this happened one of my neighbours said oh the kids and was said oh the kids and it was nothing pejorative about it. i'm
11:50 pm
just saying watch out, that's some that and some gloss that by that and people you say people say, can you not say the turkish because like it's turkish because i'm like it's a no you should have an no i think you should have an empire it's not it's not derogatory to say the name of the country but isn't it the of the country but isn't it the of the definite article if you say if you say the gays rather than gay people. it sounds like that doesn't apply to the french you don't say french meeting you offended the british. the outrage maybe the irish because you think there's some sort history of the irish who's offended by the british. what do you don? i mean, just. you think, don? i mean, is just. yeah, it sounds it sounds like that they they had issue with that they they had an issue with the french boy even thinking about didn't they didn't about it, didn't they didn't mean meant. single the mean what they meant. single the french. that's the french. that's the that's the issue i'm why wouldn't it be i issue. i'm why wouldn't it be i think there sort of think there is some sort of microaggression on here microaggression going on here they're french they're right about the french going to set it up but we've got to have balance and consider that are just bit that the french are just a bit weird and is dehumanising to weird and it is dehumanising to be it's we have to be french. yeah, it's we have to consider that but it is very interesting. wokeism really interesting. wokeism is really kicking in france is kicking off in france is also is a culture war issues going on
11:51 pm
over there wokeist is the over there live wokeist is the wokeism doing the accent and the but you know it's interesting you reason we have you know the reason we have i think victor hugo's statue there's big round going on there's a big round going on because the council sort of had it re colour restored and they made him black. and of course victor hugo wasn't black. so now people think that was wokeism 9°, people think that was wokeism go, man. there's a big debate about it. it's weird how this cultural you cultural stuff spreads. you think just the english think it's just the english speaking world, but it it seeps out. it's taken over the whole west. i think you should write a whole book. it i should probably go to. what would you call it. i'd call it the new puritans have a place to get to the west . well, now and you put on amazon places the very reasonable price for hardcover anyway we're going to move on now to saturday and dan , what's now to saturday and dan, what's this fancy night out at the local airport yeah brit feel pressured to have a point at the airport even if they don't want airport even if they don't want a fifth of all brits feel pressured into drinking at the airport ordering a frosty airport while ordering a frosty glass of log. our hot air to
11:52 pm
keep on the telephone. keep company on the telephone. and feel like one of the great and i feel like one of the great british not british traditions. not everyone's with this everyone's on board with this practise for me practise i'll call for me because sober, i don't because actually sober, i don't dnnk because actually sober, i don't drink alcohol. now i yeah it's funny because i normally wouldn't but no. yeah, i'm i don't drink anymore. but i personally every i got to the airport no matter what time of the day it was it could have been off all false three in the morning. it's like know you're allowed drink you're like allowed to drink you're like it's if you're going it's tradition if you're going on got on a stag on a normal if you got on a stag do you got in the way if you do if you got in the way if you got me a mrs. or even if you're on a work trip because it's a cultural it's that cultural thing and it's that thing going to be in the thing if going to be in the air flying, know, it's doesn't flying, you know, it's doesn't count. is that count. yeah, yeah. is that a problem? i'm also like i problem? i start i'm also like i stopped for years. i've started again because there's no way you can i have noticed can fantasise but i have noticed you really really because you get really really because i've been in your house now you get really really because i'vemeen in your house now you get really really because i've me with your house now you get really really because i've me with ther house now you get really really because i've me with the binoculars. now you get really really because i've me with the binoculars. butn it's me with the binoculars. but i've it's me with the binoculars. but pve your i've been looking at your twitter like output lads i've been looking at your twit i'm like output lads i've been looking at your twit i'm like .ike output lads i've been looking at your twit i'm like well utput lads i've been looking at your twit i'm like well as»ut lads i've been looking at your twit i'm like well as»u startlads i've been looking at your twit i'm like well as»u start ups and i'm like well as i start up so early it's because you don't. yeah that's right. well i still
11:53 pm
we up at that time we used to be up at that time but different reasons but for different reasons but because drinking it's because i was drinking but it's still but i'm still low enough. but now i'm up by. for me it's just. yeah, every of my life without alcohol. coming to alcohol. but coming back to this, just think i think it's this, i just think i think it's crazy. generation crazy. i think the generation below society as a whole below us so society as a whole now starting move away now is starting to move away from little bit. yeah. from alcohol a little bit. yeah. a away from they are from a move away from they are from this, drunk culture this, from this drunk culture and i'm i had a good and i'm glad i had a good innings in it because well the younger generation now they dnnk younger generation now they drink sex they have less sex they they don't have they have less they don't have drugs of never drugs they're very kind of never really you heard really depressed. have you heard i'm depressed this i'm really depressed this statistic. this statistic. have you heard this dawn ? if weren't married, dawn? if you weren't married, then on doing date then you could go on doing date because you get up at dawn. they're now. it's they're doing dates now. it's there's pressure drink and there's no pressure drink and hang so and meet hang out too long. so and meet aduu hang out too long. so and meet adult meet hot adult you meet really hot romantic imagine romantic yeah and imagine people's morning people's breath in the morning breath see them in their breath and you see them in their full know want somewhere full you know you want somewhere a a bit so a bit shadowy, a bit shady so that you your best. is that you can look your best. is that you can look your best. is that not? sounds like dogging . i that not? sounds like dogging. i think oh, that think that's it. oh, is that right? think what that's right? yeah, i think what that's is, frowned upon . i would is, that's frowned upon. i would no not anymore. he's no i do not anymore. okay. he's given lot to reinvent
11:54 pm
given up a lot to reinvent himself. that's why he's here. okay, we're moving on now. this is the debut star. and, nick, do you really want to make me cry cry ? it's that. well, i'm. it cry? it's that. well, i'm. it was. how wouldn't you said it was. how wouldn't you said it was actually the genius of so i spent 20 k on surgery to look like boy george andrew, but it didn't work. luckily though, but the headline says i spent £20 surgery boy george. surgery to look like boy george. but is but then my mistake, which is surely a tautology. i mean, that is mistake did that is the mistake that you did that i mean sentence is almost i mean that sentence is almost meaningless. maybe the meaningless. i mean, maybe the photograph . yeah, let's photograph. yeah, let's i apparently so we had 20 grand on surgery to look like surely that's before that's the foi which is that the guy a boy george problem was he chose decent but why did he choose 2023 boy george the before shot that's there you go i still could've just bought a house and it's like 20 maybe that's what only surgical applied have 2420.
11:55 pm
is that the guy or is that that's the guy he looks up for george and poor george. yeah there we go then. pay paid off isn't it. money well spent my friend. money friend. so actually the money works there's lot works out. but there's a lot of this stuff of people this sort of stuff of people sort to look sort of having surgery to look like selves. and you know, like their selves. and you know, we've had olly london the we've had olly london on the show thousands of show who had spent thousands of pounds i mean, pounds to look korean. i mean, do at point you do you think at some point you just be happy with who just have to be happy with who you ? i mean, you're you're you are? i mean, you're you're blessed natural you spend blessed with natural you spend a lot, well, luckily, lot, but no. yeah well, luckily, none this isn't none of this and this isn't quite everything about quite natural. everything about me natural. i wonder what me is natural. i wonder what they getting a the they consider getting a the noise reduction part, but i live with it you know i just i just accept. i think that's the best. you should be comfortable, but sometimes can see some of the celebrities who have too much botox. it so easily go wrong botox. it can so easily go wrong and start looking almost and you can start looking almost synthetic sounds. you look surprise it down a bit doing even botox has been getting out of hand. what me? yeah. so i'm not always like when i was, you know, injecting just know, you saw me injecting just before the show. yeah yeah, it's got have to give my got a bit mad. i have to give my left you know. yes, yes no it
11:56 pm
doesn't you've got to doesn't happen. you've got to work what you work at it. you have to what you . don't understand expected . don't understand that expected of you. yeah. well of dolan not you. yeah. well anyway a oh we've got anyway that is a oh we've got time for i believe . i think so time for i believe. i think so anyway. yes but thanks very much for joining us tonight for headliners we're going to just quickly run through the front covers before we end is saturday's male tension shake up to keep over fifties in work saturday's telegraph has photo that clears duke over bath sex saturday's guardian has uk for sale linked 1000 properties today's mirror proof do as millions suffer oil giants cash with 160 billion bonanza and saturday's daily star. we discussed this earlier priest comes back from the dead or reveals hells demons tortured . reveals hells demons tortured. but that is all we've got time for. thank you very much to my guests, nick dixon and dan o'reilly. tomorrow night, leo kearse is joined by paul and diane spencer. and if you're watching the 5 am, repeat at the moment, please do stay tuned
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for the breakfast show, which is just the you're just after the and if you're watching late tonight just come back tomorrow. oh watch the repeat it's repeat keep watching it's headliners night at .
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good evening. i'm dawn neesom. i'm identifying as laurence fox tonight because we can never, ever get there. let me back in the studio. it's friday night, so brace yourselves tonight , so brace yourselves tonight, we'll be discussing how the trust between the police and women an all low. but the met women is an all low. but the met commissioner, sir mark riley, estimating 2 to 3 officers a week, will appear in court, facing charges including sexual violence against women girls. they are busy policing us and
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