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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  September 9, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. a gorgeous california hairstylist karen wright, drives south to her mexico vacation home and disappears. varnishes. only clue? her two beloved basset hounds found left alone. unattended in karen's white hummer with food and water left for them in the vehicle. but why does it take her husband three long days to report her missing? and is hubby hiding a girlfriend? and how does that factor into this scenario? tonight, where is california stylist karen wright?
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>> the case of the missing merced, california, woman is now being declared a homicide and authorities are calling her husband a person of interest. 50-year-old karen wright was last seen at a vacation home she shared with her husband randall 4 wright, in san felipe, mexico. police aren't elaborating on what led the case to be declared a homicide but did say there were several inconsistencies in wright's statements. >> with some of the information that we're gleaning from the mexican authorities coupled with what we have and some of the inconsistencies of stories -- karen wright was murdered. >> earlier this year, randall wright was arrested on auto theft-related charges police discovered while investigating his wife's disappearance. and tonight, breaking news in the search for a 2-year-old florida girl. six months of searching
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culminate when skeletal remains found in a heavily wooded area 15 houses from the anthony home confirmed to be caylee. a utility meter reader stumbles on a tiny human skeleton, including a skull, covered in light-colored hair. the killer duct taping and placing a heart-shaped sticker directly over the mouth, then triple bagging little caylee like she's trash. bombshell tonight, what tot mom says behind closed doors when she bonds out of jail so damning, the defense fights tooth and nail to keep it out of court. they failed. tot mom caught getting a big laugh at the police timeline of caylee's disappearance. setting up former fiance jesse grund, making damning and inconsistent statements about the anthonys' backyard pool. was it the murder scene? and revealing admissions about a
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shovel that may factor into little caylee's murder. tot mom's face-off with grandfather george when he angrily presses her for the truth in the middle of the night. tot mom obsessed about her own celebrity. what should she wear? should she sell photos, autographs? should she appear on the howard stern show of all places and of course, she's all about making money off caylee's disappearance. and tonight, torpedo to the defense. duct tape wrapped around caylee's head matching duct tape in the anthony home determined to be extremely rare. and of all the people the fbi asked to take polys, the only three to refuse is george, cindy, and lee anthony. behind those closed doors, did tot mom's lawyer coach her to
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sew emotion, to act distraught, to pretend she had no appetite while at the same time she was wolfing down special homemade meals all prepared by cindy anthony? tonight, the defense revealed, will it try to blame volunteer workers or former lover tony lazarro? this as an informant appears on scene claiming he knows who murdered little caylee. and it's not tot mom. what was she saying about herself? >> i think i should sign pictures and get some money for the defense or maybe we could take it on the radio and go to the howard stern show, but he'd want to know my bra size. and if jose was hitting it. >> if you want to talk to me like a cop, get out of my house. >> the first morning i was there i woke up to -- i couldn't hear
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casey but i woke up to don't put your [ bleep ], screaming they could have heard it out across the street. don't [ bleep ] lie to me. don't do that. screaming at her, she was going no, no, you have to believe me. don't treat me like a scumbag cop. you act like my father. act like you're my father instead of a cop. i'm not listening to your [ bleep ]. quit [ bleep ] lying. >> she says, well, hello. they didn't even have the time line right. her mom says no. casey said they didn't have the timeline right. and then her mom said yeah, they didn't know what they were doing. she goes hello, using it to knock the bamboo down and she said get the ladder out of the pool. >> never once did i see her eyes turn red, shed a tear, at any time. >> we said if she couldn't trust her own family to raise her kid, i don't -- that's just his
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words, maybe he's believing -- i just seriously think that no one knows what happened and they want to take anything she says and believe it, but they're -- i mean, what i think he was asking her, i don't know for sure, where's the body? i think he was saying where is the body? good evening, i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. california police announce the disappearance of a california stylist. this case now shifts from missing person to homicide. take a listen. >> police are now declaring the case of a missing merced, california, woman, a homicide. and her husband is being called a person of interest. 50-year-old karen wright was last seen at a mexican vacation home she owned with her husband, randall wright. the wrights had been married for 12 years when karen filed for divorce last october. police say the couple was
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separated when she disappeared. they also say randall wright was in mexico at the time of the disappearance and is he reported her missing. since the case began, randall wright has been charged with several crimes, including perjury, theft, and embezzlement, but he says he did not kill his wife. >> right now, straight out to blake taylor, the news director at kmj 580 news radio joining us from fresno. what can you tell us about karen wright? >> nancy, thanks for having me back. karen wright as you mentioned in the open, a stylist by profession. she had been married to randall wright for a dozen years before filing for divorce last october. went down to mexico, san felipe, mexico, where the couple -- the estranged couple shared a nice, sprawling vacation home estate. she went down there to check it out. that's the last time she was seen.
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that was back in february earlier this year. again, the two had filed for divorce in october. so just a few months. >> hold on, blake, with me is blake taylor. kmj 580 news radio. we're talking about the disappearance of a gorgeous california hairstylist who was heading south to mexico to one of her mexico vacation homes. she has never been seen again. the only clue left behind apparently her white hummer was left with the windows rolled down and seen in the car, in the hummer her two beloved basset hounds where she had apparently laid out food and water for them but left them unattended. highly unlike her. back to blake taylor, do we know the route she took to mexico? let's see a map, liz. go ahead, blake. >> that would have taken her straight through central california straight down and toward the baja coast of mexico toward san felipe where the
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couple had that vacation home. like you said, the two dogs her beloved basset hounds left in that nice, pricey white hummer outside of the home. her neighbors, the last to see her and those dog ace parentally. >> now, what can you tell me about the husband allegedly having a girlfriend? >> yeah, good question. her name is hut, that's her last name. i apologize i don't have her first name in front of me. but the alleged girlfriend here has been mixed up in this from the get-go as the investigation got under way into her disappearance. >> hold on, hold on. we're showing a shot of teresa hut is, the alleged girlfriend of the still-married husband. go ahead, blake taylor. >> yeah, and that's randall wright is the husband. like you said, they are still married, but karen wright did file for divorce back in october of 2008, again she went missing in february of '09 so a few
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months later. now, the last time we heard about teresa hut she was still in mexico, allegedly randall wright's girlfriend. allegations surfaced that she was hiding out that mercedes, a very pricey $100,000 mercedes that randall wright was accused of stealing from a dealership here in fresno coincidentally enough. they tried to extradite her on those charges of potentially aiding and abetting in that theft of the automobile. she has not been extradited, could not get that done according to local authorities. >> come on, blake, blake, hold on. take a breath. blake, we can hardly get mexico to extradite on a double murder case. much less stashing a mercedes you didn't make payments on in your garage. mexico doesn't care about somebody's mercedes up in the united states. let's unleash the lawyers. we are taking your calls live,
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mek strict her, international attorney, renee rockwell, joining us, defense attorney out of atlanta. former fed turned defense attorney, doug burns joining us out of new york. come on, renee, mexico, extradite, the girlfriend to the u.s.? over somebody's mercedes? that's not happening. and i guarantee you this girlfriend to tell the police a thing or two. >> yeah, nancy they're going to start leaning on her for other reasons, perhaps being a party to some kind of homicide. i don't see how mexico is going to factor into any kind of prosecution in the united states nancy, if any crime appeared to have been committed in mexico. it's not happening over here. >> to doug burns, doug, this woman takes off to visit one of her two mexico vacation homes. she's never been seen again. and i understand the husband has changed his stories a couple times. >> yeah, it's going to be tough. what's crazy is the jurisdictional aspect like renee was saying. if the crime happened in mexico,
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they have to go through a full-blown extradition and you're right, that's going to make it a lot tougher. >> out to the lines, lisa in new york. hi, lisa. >> caller: hi, nancy, how are you? >> i'm good, dear, what's your question? >> caller: i just wanted to know were they together at the time when she disappeared? >> to matt zarrell, very quickly, matt, do we know for a fact they were together at the time she disappeared? >> no, they've been separated since may. >> were they physically together? >> yes they were together the last time she was seen. >> everyone, we're taking your calls. we'll be right back on the story of karen wright, a california stylist who disappears en route to mexico. right now, breaking news. we are headed to baytown, texas. we need your help. police issue an amber alert for 14-year-old samuel blake kirtley. please take a look at this little boy. he apparently has been stolen by his father, neil hanes roberts. listen, normally you wouldn't think there's a problem with the father, but this father, hanes
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roberts, has been accused of abusing this boy. this little boy. samuel grabbed sunday evening from his grandmother's home in league city. he's believed to be in a 2004 kia sedan, texas license plate 178 h, happy, y, wyoming, v, victory. if you have information, please help us. call police, 281-420-6622. this boy's life may depend on it. ever worn your clothes in the shower? if you're using other moisturizing body washes, you might as well be. you see, their moisturizer sits on top of skin, almost as if you're wearing it. only new dove deep moisture has nutriummoisture,
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woman, karen wright, to declare she's been murdered. police are calling her husband, randall wright, a person of interest in the disappearance of his 50-year-old wife last seen in san felipe, mexico. police aren't disclosing what prompted them to declare the case a murder investigation but they do believe the husband knows more than he's let on. karen wright filed for divorce hat last october after 12 years of marriage. relatives say the couple was separated when she went missing. >> what we're gleaning from the mexican authorities, what we have is so many inconsistencies. we believe that wright was murdered. there are some kmomalties to
10:18 pm
that. wife, ex-wife, money, all those. >> straight out to matt zarrell, our producer on the story. matt, what more can you tell me? give it to me in a nutshell, matt. >> essentially the husband randall wright says he was down there. the wife showed up. the wife was checking on the house. apparently he was not allowed to work on the house as part of the divorce agreement and she went down there to check on if he was working on the house. >> so the last known person to have spotted her is the estranged husband. joining me right now special guest sheriff mark pazin with the merced county sheriff's office. sheriff, thank you for being with us. sheriff, this case has gone from missing person now to homicide. why? >> well, we believe that randy wright has earned the scrutiny with some inconsistent statements as mentioned earlier in your show. things just aren't coming together as he would like us to believe.
10:19 pm
case in point, we go back to february 12th. he had gotten back from mexico, and i can share with you this. there was immediately a suspicion about it when he called our agency to tell us that there was something suspicious that his wife had not come home. it was almost like he was wanting us to verify a certain aspect of his story. right away, we knew that there was something amiss, and we immediately called our major crime unit. >> sheriff pazin, what i don't understand is he calls you and says something suspicious, his wife hasn't come back home. why did that pique your interest? >> well, normally you would think as a normal course of events and having done this for a number of years, that he would want to have listed his wife as a missing person immediately, not just to tell us, oh, by the way, i just got home from mexico
10:20 pm
and i just wanted to let you folks know that there's something just isn't right and i'm suspicious that she's not home yet. >> i understand. now, i understand what you're saying. joining me now in addition to sheriff mark pazin is karen's sister joining us out of stramt toe, california. marsha stewart. marsha, thank you for being with us. tell me about your sister. this seems highly uncharacteristic of her to just disappear, fall off the map. >> it is. it's not like her to just take off and drive through the middle of the night to go to mexico. it's my understanding there was a gas charge on her credit card in the city of el centro, which is a city that's right before the border. nothing in between. she has a hummer that gets eight miles to the gallon. there was no gas-up in merced. she would have had to gas up several times to get there. she called mom the next morning or that morning, which was
10:21 pm
february 9th. and said she was in mexico. she would be home on the 11th. next thing i know i get a call from the sheriff's department on the 12th at noon saying randy came back and said karen went missing in mexico. and so we went down to the sheriff's department. they had stated fbi was involved. but i had been in contacting with kate barton of the consulate, and she stated fbi is not involved in this. >> miss stewart, hold on one moment. everyone, with me is karen wright's sister. karen wright goes down to mexico to check on her vacation home, and is never seen again. we are taking your calls live. we'll be right back from break but right now breaking news. we are headed to baytown, texas. we need your help. police issue an amber alert for a 14-year-old little boy. here he is pictured. samuel blake kirtley. police say he has been stolen by
10:22 pm
his father neil hanes roberts. here's is the problem. the father is accused of abusing this boy, physically abuses the little boy. now he's got the boy. he was snatched on sunday evening from his grandmother's house, league city. samuel believed to be in the 2004 kia sedan, texas plates 178 hwv. please help us. if you have information call 281-420-6622. decisions, decisions.
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police are now declaring the case of a missing merced, california, woman a homicide. and her husband is being called a person of interest. 50-year-old karen wright was last seen in february at a vacation home she shared with her husband, randall wright, in san felipe, mexico. earlier this year, randall wright was arrested on auto theft-related charges police discovered while investigating his wife's disappearance. >> the police and the district
10:26 pm
attorney thought there was enough evidence to charge him with anything else, we would. >> we are taking your calls live. out to pauline in texas. hi, pauline. >> caller: tennessee, dear. >> excuse me, dear. what's your question? >> caller: i have two. are there any children from this marriage? also, was either one or both married before? >> let's go to karen wright's sister, marcia stewart joining us tonight exclusively. what can you tell me? i don't believe they had children together but did they have children previously? >> karen doesn't have any children at all. randy has children from a prior marriage. >> how many times had he been married? >> i believe karen was his third wife. >> third wife. and what about the other two? are they alive? >> they're alive. yes. >> miss stewart, what can you tell me about what he, the husband, told you after your sister goes missing? >> actually, the sheriff's department didn't want any family members speaking to randy. so we have not spoke to randy.
10:27 pm
>> what was this about him claiming she was wielding a bat at one point? >> this is what he claims down there. they went to the house that's under construction, new cabinets were in. karen did not like the cabinets. and he says she took a bat and was hitting the cabinets because she did not like them. >> does that sound like your sister? >> no. no.
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the case of a missing merced, california, woman is now being declared a homicide and authorities are calling her husband a person of interest. 50-year-old karen wright was last seen at a vacation home she shared with her husband, randall wright in san felipe, mexico. police aren't elaborating on what led the case to be declared a homicide, but they did say there were several inconsistencies in wright's statements. >> with some of the information that we're gleaning from the mexican authorities, coupled
10:31 pm
with what we have and some of the inconsistencies of stories and -- we believe karen wright was murdered. >> earlier this year, randall wright was arrested on auto theft-related charges police discovered while investigating his wife's disappearance. >> straight out to the sheriff mark pazin with the merced county sheriff's office. what ratchets him up to become a person of interest, sheriff? >> well, again, like you mentioned earlier in the show, there's just been inconsistencies and let me say this for the record also, as the normal course of events, you know, we may have listed this as a missing person for the time being, but we don't want to be timid about how we handle this. suffice it to say we have another interesting point that led us to this. karen loved her two dogs, as you've already alluded to earlier in your show. the dogs, the basset hounds came home, karen did not.
10:32 pm
so we start to total up the, again, the inconsistencies, the fact that randy wright has been less than truthful, hence his no contest plea to the embezzlement and the grand theft charges. we want to go ahead and pursue this with vigor. we need to do this for the family. we need to do this for ourselves to make sure that justice is served. >> sheriff, are you telling me the husband brings the dogs back but waited three days to report the wife missing? >> well, and that's, again, another inconsistency, nancy, is that he never truly called us to tell her to report her missing. he called us on february 12th, because i remember it was a holiday, lincoln's birthday. and that he just had this funny feeling that something suspicious -- >> yeah, there's something suspicious all right, sheriff.
10:33 pm
my question, how did the dogs get back to california? >> i'm with you. try that again, nancy? >> how did the dogs get back to california? >> evidently he brought them back. >> okay. he@ú brings them back, doesn't report wife missing. unleash the lawyers, meg strickler, renee rockwell, doug burns. doug burns, why is it nobody can seem to locate the girlfriend and she is apparently not cooperating with police and now the husband has clammed up and he's not saying a word either? >> and you have a crime that probably took place in mexico and you have him throwing in by the way, she came at me with a bat. the police have to keep their noses to the grindstone. and by the way, where is her body, nancy? >> to meg strickler. weigh in, meg. >> i agree with doug. this is an interesting case to be sure. if he gets tried in mexico, that's going to really muddy the waters. it will be interesting to see where the body gets found. >> tried in mexico? fat chance they'll ever bring a
10:34 pm
prosecution. i want to go to dr. michael arnal, board certified forensic pathologist. joining us out of denver. the last place she is seen is at this vacation home in mexico. now, if that were the crime scene, now months have passed. do you really believe mexican authorities are going to take it upon themselves to go process a crime scene? >> i think it's possible. i think they want to look at that -- >> do you think it's probable? >> well, it depends on their motivation. i would certainly collect that baseball bat and see if there's any hair or blood from the woman on it. >> to lillian glass, three days the husband waits and then when he does call in, it's not to make a missing persons report, but it's to kind of cast blame on her for not returning. >> nancy, that is very suspicious because somebody that would be concerned would immediately say i'd like to file a missing persons report, something's wrong, i can't find her, but this is not what took place. so that's very suspicious.
10:35 pm
>> not at all. out to the lines. lakisha, indiana. hi, lakisha. >> caller: hi, nancy, how you doing tonight? >> i'm good, dear. what's your question? >> caller: i'm fine. your daughters -- i mean, your children are very nice looking. >> they really are. >> caller: i'm a mother of one myself. she's 12 months old. but i got two questions. >> okay. >> caller: my first question is, who was the last person to see randy before he went to mexico with karen? >> okay. what will do we know about that, marcia stewart? >> randy was already in mexico. and supposedly karen went down and arrived there on february 9th. >> it lakisha still with me, elizabeth? lakisha, what was your second question? >> caller: okay. if randy, when or if randy is found guilty, what charges will he be facing?
10:36 pm
>> well, right now all they've got is a missing it persons case. they've got to develop more evidence before a homicide case can be brought. and right now, he's not been named a suspect in the case. if -- i doubt at this point they're going to find a body. i doubt it very seriously. so it's a long shot. there's got to be forensic evidence or some type of admission. that's where the girlfriend comes in. to sheeba in illinois. hi, sheeba. >> caller: hi, dear. it's been so long, and thank you for the book, baby. i just love it. >> thank you. now, don't give it away. don't give it away. >> caller: oh, i won't. >> did you figure out who did it? >> caller: not yet, but i will not give it away. >> what's your question, love? >> caller: my question is, if she's in mexico, her body, and they ever find her body, if someone stumbles across it, can they prosecute him in the united states or will he have to go
10:37 pm
down to mexico and go through all of their -- >> absolutely not. renee rockwell, he would have to be tried in mexico where the crime occurred. >> and nancy, it's a very novel idea to prosecute somebody in america without a body. i don't see it happening in mexico. >> everyone, we are taking your calls live, but right now, damning evidence uncovered against tot mom and it all comes from her own mouth. what she said behind bars after she was bonded out of jail. take a listen. >> she didn't realize she was going to be a celebrity. is it cloudy? the choppers won't be out. maybe i should take pictures and autograph them and i can sell them. >> she said that? >> yeah, he mentioned that either he or tracy mentioned that one day she had said, i should take pictures and autograph them and sell them. i could make a lot of money. >> what was she saying about herself? >> i think i should sign portraits or sign pictures and
10:38 pm
get some mean for the defense or maybe we could take it on the radio and go to the howard stern show but he'd want to know my bra size and if jose was hitting. >> i hold her i didn't come 3,000 miles and leave my chihuahua behind to listen to this [ bleep ]. >> if i would really hammer for caylee's name and not about what happened and not -- a couple little things she said is, but i would try to bring up, we go in the bedroom she's showing me i'm putting my acute case and there's pictures all over the place. there's pictures of caylee all over. and i said, oh, this is cute and oh, yeah, we did this but on my birthday one time, and she pulled out a photo album of when she was little. went on and on and on, this thick photo album. it was competition. she wanted the limelight. >> and we also learned she is now pointing the finger at volunteer searchers for caylee and former live-in, tony lazarro.
10:39 pm
drew petrimoulx, wdbo, in court today. where are we getting all this sound today? explain it to me in a nutshell. >> this woman named tracy mclaughlin lived with casey anthony when she was let out of jail last summer. this is an interview she did awhile back with investigate serious just now released by a judge and then by the state attorney's office. >> well, drew petrimoulx -- >> it's very interesting because she was actually inside the house with casey. >> now i understand why the defense is fighting so hard to suppress it. so a jury never hears about it. but they failed and tonight we have the rest of the audio. breaking news, everyone, to baytown, texas. police issue an amber alert for 14-year-old samuel blake kirtley. samuel taken by his father, neil haynes roberts who has been accused of abusing the little boy physically. samuel snatched sunday from his grandmother's home, league city. he's believed to be with his father on the run in a 2004 kia sed dan. texas plates 178 hwv.
10:40 pm
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george had gotten upset, come into the room and said, i
10:44 pm
want to know what happened to my granddaughter. the response from casey was, quit acting like a [ bleep ] cop and act like a father for once in your life. >> we had leonard come in the house and question her. we were sitting on the couch and leonard starts saying, okay, what happened? and she started explaining that okay, well, i took her to the apartments and i dropped her off with zenaida and leonard said, don't start telling me that crap. no, that's what happened. no, don't do that. i'm here to find her, don't pull your -- i'm not going to believe is your lies. you can't tell me what happened. you don't know what happened and you need to leave. she got real upset going i knew it, he acted like a scumbag cop. the first morning i was there i woke up to -- i couldn't really hear casey but i woke up to don't -- quit your [ bleep ] lying. screaming. they could have heard it out across the street. don't [ bleep ] lie to me. i'm not putting up with your [ bleep ].
10:45 pm
don't do that. he's screaming at her. she's going no, no, you have to believe me. same thing. don't treat me like a scumbag cop. this is before leonard talked to her. you act like my father. act like you're my father instead of a cop. i'm not listening to your [ bleep ]. quit [ bleep ] lying. just boom all over the house like that. >> george had gotten upset, come into the room and said i want to know what happened to my granddaughter. something in a violent fashion. and cindy had attempted to get him out of the room and couldn't and therefore, she called for jim, his cop buddy, to come help. and at the same time, the response from casey was, quit acting like a [ bleep ] cop and act like a father for once in your life. >> i also understand, out to ellie jostad, our chief editorial producer, that she is behind closed doors already
10:46 pm
setting up jesse grund and tony lazarro claiming one of them had keys to the car and this is after she learns human decomposition was in the car? >> right, that's right. that's when the those reports were first starting to hit the news that human decomposition was found in the trunk, also that a hair showed signs of decomposition and tracy, this bodyguard said jesse had a key to that car. that's the first thing she mentioned. and leonard padilla also said that jose baez mentioned to him, showed him a card that jesse grund had given casey. talked about how much jesse loved her and he thought that they could be considering him as a suspect as well. >> let's take a listen to what tot mom had to say behind closed doors trying to point the finger at ex-fiance jesse grund. >> jesse grund. jose had brought him up, showed me a card that kind of scared
10:47 pm
me, it's like, wow, this guy is not only in love with casey, he's in love with caylee. like, he refers to her as a woman. you're the two greatest women in my life, et cetera, et cetera. and i thought it strange, but the attorney showed it to me and i said, oh, okay. >> why would he show that to you? >> i think to, now in hindsight, just aim me in grund's direction because he'd make a great suspect if you're looking for somebody that kidnapped a little girl and did, you know, hid her away or did something. i mean, jesse would be a great suspect. >> and ellie, you're talking about claiming that grund has the key to her car, right? >> that's correct. she said a lot of people had access to that car, and jesse had a key to that car. i guess she's trying to suggest that somebody else may have put a decomposing body in her trunk. >> okay. here she is on the car. >> after the news of the
10:48 pm
decomposition, the air-samples break the following day, she says, well, jesse had a key to my car. >> uh-huh. >> now, was she trying to suggest that there was a dead body in the back of the car or was she trying to suggest that it could have been caylee in the back of that car? >> i would take it as just a dead body. because she's not ever going to -- she knew zenaida had caylee. she's not going to back up from that. >> to leonard padilla, she also makes a stunning admission about the shovel that many people think is linked to the murder. >> well, look, the part of the shovel that i got basically was -- i'm talking to tracy and talking to the neighbor that loaned her the shovel. i believe she told tracy that they didn't even have it right. somehow she used the shovel to scoop the ladder out of the pool or sometime there was the discussion about it was used to knock off the palm pods back there.
10:49 pm
there was several explanations. >> leonard, you're absolutely correct. liz, let's let the viewers hear what tot mom had to say behind closed doors about a shovel many people believe is somehow linked to caylee's murder. >> she starts talking about the shovel and she says, well, hello, they didn't even have the timeline right. and the mom says no, and she, no, the mom, casey said they didn't have the timeline right. and then her mom said they didn't know what you were doing. and she goes, hello, i was using it to knock the bamboo down and then she said and get the ladder out of the pool. and as soon as she said that, i'm sitting like this and her mom looks at her like shut up. george walks in from the back room shaking his head getting in the cupboard like just drop that so that's when she said getting the ladder out of the pool. that's what she needed the shovel for. >> out to bill schaefer, former prosecutor and wftv legal
10:50 pm
analyst who was in court today. bill, also, it's been suggested and now we hear it, that her defense team has been coaching her to show emotion. >> yeah, not surprising. the defense team is as well as casey herself will go to any lengths to cast doubt to others and shift the focus away from herself. it's not surprising that she is coached to show emotion. >> we'd get in the car and i'm so full and we had cbs brought in olive garden and i ate 20 hot wings and doing all this stuff and i had rob get us wendy's. jose would coach her to talk about caylee and act like you are upset and she would say i didn't eat all day yesterday. i have been so upset.
10:51 pm
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she just sat there and looked at me. looked me straight in the eye and said you want to talk to me like a cop, you get out of my house. she pointed to the front door. i said okay. >> she accused you of being like a cop? >> talking to her like a cop. you want to talk to me like a cop, you get out of my house. >> making money, appearing on the howard stern show and having food catered by abc, cbs. you name it. those are the topics tot mom was discussing after she bonds out from behind bars. nothing about her missing
10:55 pm
daughter. to natisha lance, how long does all of this go on? how much more is there to learn about what she said about her missing child? >> nancy, there is three hours of audio tapes. this is leonard padilla and tracy mac lachlan and the fbi. we had thousands and thousands of pages of discovery to come out. this is the tip of the iceberg. >> author of cyber liz, what do you mike of it. >> jesse grund didn't do this. she was the last one seen with the baby. she was the one who her mom turned in and now they are coming up with all this. by the way, the statements made should be in court. that attorney made that mistake a long time ago of letting the people live with her who didn't have the protections. >> let's stop and remember john style, 38, highlands ranch, colorado. studied at the college of denver
10:56 pm
and served marines. as a coldier, risked his life rescuing three fellow soldiers and lost his life after talking to his wife of eight years. leaves behind parents lynn and linda. sister natalie serving in the air force and brother charles serving in the army. grandparents maxine and kenny and widow lana. jon styles, american hero. a special good night from georgia, tennessee and south carolina friends of the show. martha, kathy, stacy, lisa and michelle. aren't they beautiful? i will see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend.
10:57 pm
>> i'm aj hammer in new york. this is a "showbiz tonight" news break. this is some of what we will be covering. the brand-new battle over jon gosselin's new bombshell about his love for his 22-year-old girlfriend. the startling sments about whether kate may have had an affair. are jon andicate both hypocrites? jennifer anston's explosive new love confession. "showbiz tonight" goes on one about finding love. >> i don't think it's something you can control or really choose. >> whether she blames herself for her break ups. new family secrets and antonio banderas about his wife's trip back to rehab.
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