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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  October 3, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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beautiful building to places available only to the justices and their staff. watch c-span's feature documentary, "the supreme court." it starts sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. . . nauert activists from around the nation gather for a summit to voice their opposition to health
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care policies. we will hear from newt gingrich. we will hear from senator jim timmons and john funds. this is part of an annual conference hosted for -- hosted by the americans for prosperity foundation. it is just under four hours. [applause] >> good morning hello community organizers. -- fellow community organizers. i think we can all run for president. last night was a tribute to read in general. a lady outside of st. louis missouri, walked up to me and said tim, i was going to miss this weekend. my grand kids were coming in and
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my husband and i talked it over and we said we're going to do something better than spend a weekend with them, we will go protect the country. [applause] i was thinking about that last that before i went to sleep. i thought that is what you guys are about. that is what we're about at americans for prosperity. we make sure we take time away from our lives jobs, a busy community activities, churches, all that you hold dear because you care about freedom and our great country. i just want to say thank-you on behalf of asp to you guys. i was in arkansas, a great refining and energy time in southern arkansas. it was about 137 degrees out
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there. it was like walking into a dry cleaners. it was hot and humid. me being the great logistical planner, our rally was on a blacktop parking lot with no shade. i had a father walks up to me with his three kids. he was holding them and he said i have never been to one of these, but i wanted my kids to know that my refinery job this cap and trade issue, their daddy is fighting for his job. that is why i came here today. there are a million more stories like that in america. only half of that refinery worker because of the cap and trade -- on behalf of the refinery worker and a grandmother, a we are going to win. make no mistake about it. [applause]
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we're getting people from all walks of life who love freedom to come together to stand up and tell their elected officials to do the right thing for the country, to protect our freedoms our individual rights. that is what the americans for prosperity is. when our board came together -- you will hear from some of them when they came together, is exactly what they had in mind. it is exactly what you are doing. when you look at what is happening in washington, d.c., and capitals across the country if you really do see the challenges we face. i mentioned the cap and trade issue a moment ago. it really focused on health care
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last night because the clear brett right now. -- we really focused on health care last night because it is a clear and present threat right now. i want to talk about cap and trade. these guys do not get it. in the face of job losses, we have unemployment almost at 10%. it is the highest in over to the rio decades. in the face of these job losses, what is a prescription for our country, it is to ration energy. we need cheap, abundant energy to get our economy going again right? [applause] we do not need the government picking winners and losers. when did solar, i am for this. we should be for as many alternatives as we can get but on liberal clownsgrounds to say we're
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going to stop oil and kill jobs, we are not going to let that happen. [applause] i do not know on the road how many families i have talked to and we were talking about the issue and they say my utility bills are pretty high as it is. i was in montana and it is such a great state. that state is the size of france. it is a great place. the winters are cold up there. i have had family say that my senator wants to see the utility rates go up 30, 40, 50%. we're not going to let that happen. i go down south where i am from and i talk to families whose fight through the long, southern summers when utility bills go up. i face that.
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i grew up in south carolina. i know what utility bills are there. the thought that these guys are going to drive up utility bills on southern families and western families in these hot summers we're not want to let that happen. we're joined to win on cap and trade just like we are in health care. [applause] -- we're going to win p on cap and trade just like we are in health care. sometimes these things are so crazy it helps us to talk about it. think about this on cap and trade. under their plan, their scheme, it will ration energy, cap how much energy our economy can admit, which will kill jobs, then it will have the government run a market where energy permits are traded in seoul. think about this -- the same guys who brought you cash for
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clunkers, who could not run a $3 billion program to subsidize car sales to try to help of the union friends they blew that one. how on earth are they going to get the government -- how are they going to have the ability to run a market that will actually control our energy emissions? think about that. if millions of americans depending on the government-run market for the cheap abundant energy we need. had you heard of the earmarks? imagine the number of earmarks and the wheeling and dealing. we will have special interest groups going to congress. imagine the back scratching and the good old boy dealings. we see it in washington every day. imagine if r. bennett -- imagine if are very energy is dependent on this. we will not let it happen.
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we're going to win on cap and trade. [applause] few are going to hear from silk curbin -- phil curbin. pyi to doubled when he came into the building a few years ago. -- the iq doubled when he came into the building a few years ago. he was sure about the things he is doing. he will talk about that later on this morning. play close attention. there is a third issue. how many have you have heard the card check issue? i thought so. think about this one -- to help out the unions, the unions that really drive their elections the other side is actually willing to use of legislative process to take away the right of the secret ballot from
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american workers when they try to decide whether or not to join a union. in pursuit of their level -- their liberal, left-wing ideology, they are willing to support legislation that will kill the secret ballot for american workers. what is more cherished and valued in american history than the secret ballot? it is one of the foundations for our nation. it is wrong to think that president obama and speaker posey and these guys are unwilling to take that right away from american workers. -- speaker pelosi. we're going to win that issue. [applause] early in the spring we launched a say the secret ballot to wherur. we went to pennsylvania. we started in pittsburgh. we wanted to go to the heart of
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for the unions were. we saw firsthand the in tempted -- the attempted intimidation. some of you from pennsylvania per probably there. we did events in harrisburg where they were tried to shout as down in travel are rights to free speech. we were not intimidated. we were not intimidated. [applause] i want you to think about this. here is what is at stake on card check. we were all in the open. we had fellow activists like you with us. we were going to be ok. we had the police there as well its things got crazy. we were going to be ok. we were not going to be intimidated. go to a factory to floor. where one individual worker that is where the intimidation
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will occur. it will come to the working mom or that data or the individual trying to make it fresh out of school and they will intimidate them. they will go and pressure them and they can go to their homes and back to them to sign this. -- and badger them to sign this. what is about is the one person on the floor of the prison -- of the business somewhere. we will not let it happen. we're going to win on card check. [applause] the assaults on the economic freedoms are coming from all directions. have you seen that advertisements for michael moore's new film? capitalism, a love story. i think that is what it is called. it is ironic that he would denigrate and spew his usual brand of ridicule and hate on an
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economic -- on an economic system that has pulled more people up from the misery from the grinding poverty -- poverty and despair than any other history -- any other country in the history of mankind. [applause] if he really hates capitalism so much maybe he will give all of the millions away. what do you think? [applause] by the way while we are discussing michael moore, she is the same gentleman who did a movie on health care last year and he implied that communist cuba has better health care than the united states of america. that is the same guy. we have people here from michigan and california and new jersey. three states where the other
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side the government, all else spending. we know in california, michigan, and new jersey -- 3 states, states with hard working people, we have seen what happens when the other side gets full rein in government. we have seen the spending and debt and the crushing of the entrepreneurial spirit. we have seen what happens. michigan has not had a positive job growth and almost a decade because of that. california, one of the best dates we have -- best states we have think about the condition there today. the same ideology that has brought so much difficulty in michigan california, in new jersey they want to bring that to the entire nation, and we will not let them do that. [applause]
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i want to point out three people that are really leading an effort in these three states. i believe the states can be turned around for freedom. about 100 activists from michigan got on buses and they literally drove all night. they got here at 9:00 friday morning. you guys with great. harris predicts, a toothbrush. -- hair brushed teeth brushed. there is a guy named steve lawn again in new jersey. -- laughhnagin. i get these late-night calls from steve and he is always coming back from an event.
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you are going to turn new jersey around. you will bring the growth and prosperity that that great state and the people there deserve. you are going to do it. i even look at california and i think about david spade and the people we have met from california. they are going to turn the states around. we're going to win these battles around. i have never been more optimistic than i am right now. [applause] we are going to turn this thing around. we are born to win these battles. these next 60 to 90 days -- this is our challenge for -- we have won the month of july and august and early september. -- we are going to win these battles. we have seen the tea parties.
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many of you in the room working with groups. we want those months, but our challenge is to make sure we win october, november, and december because their plan is to stretch this thing out and to hope we lose interest, to hopefully become weary, to hope we move on to the holidays or something else. let's not do that. can we all agree on that? let's not do that. [applause] three years ago i attended, and i have been working in this arena for 25 years now a 20 ft. weight and -- my 25th wedding anniversary is this year. i started at the same time. three years ago in manhattan i attended the dinner that is the most memorable dinner of my life. it was on the floor of the new
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york stock exchange. it was hosted by the congressional matter rigid metal honor society. -- it was hosted by the congressional medal of honor society. many of you remember the movie "we were soldiers." the helicopter pilot who was so prominent in this movie, she was there. he was a medal of honor winner. being in the presence of these patriots who did so much for our country, i was struck by two things humility and how the police thought about their bodies that did not come back. at the end of the night i walked over to a gentleman and shook his hand.
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-- i was struck by two things, humility and how they always thought about their buddies that did not come back. i had the chance to speak to one of them. i said i just want to say thank you. he said sunon i got that medal for what i did on one dead but what i am most proud of is that for one whole year, all the way across europe, i thought every day -- i fought hard every day for year. i know i got the metal for one day, but that is what i ito am proud of. let's make sure we find partght hard
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for freedom every day. thank you. [applause] in 1986 i was a young staffer on a campaign that had no chance of winning. we were the washington redskins of the nfl. no chance of winning. we were being outspent but it was a great free market guy that was working for. i was so proud to work for him. every week we would get these tapes and they would come in the mail from some guy named newt gingrich. we would put them in theirre and
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i got one of these hand-held cassettes and i would drive around the district with this little cassette player listening to this new pingree skype. he would give us practical ideas. -- i would drive around listening to this new logging bridgt gingrich guy. fast forward. i am helping to guidea guy and we have the chance of winning. every week we would work and fight. we lost that race. eventually we 11. i went to washington as a chief of staff. these appear -- the sky became
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the speaker of the house. he did amazing things. do you remember welfare reform? do you know what it has done for the country? he fought the good fight on government spending. he did everything he could. he did the right thing. as for another decade and i think simply put, he is the best minds in our movement, period. [applause] he is such an ally and friends for americans for prosperity into better to kick off the day the new dean bridghan newt gingrich? [applause]
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>> first of all i want to thank all of you for taking time out of your lives to be here and for helping to make americans for prosperity one of the great success stories in citizen activism around this country. you have already made a difference this year, and it would not be changing without people like you doing this. thank you for coming here. i want to thank him. the nice introduction is proved that if you send a guy takes a long enough you can get him to believe anything. [laughter] the truth is in 1994, we won a resounding victory with the contract of america because
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millions of americans got engaged in a positive way. so when i had a chance to come this morning to share a general sense would you on where we are and where we're going i want to start with that spirit. i think the two analogues are for where we're today is 1977 and 1993. i want to start with this understanding that the republicans failed to deliver badly enough that they lost the 2006 election. then they fail to deliver during the wall street crisis and they lost the 2008 election. the country actually wanted change, but as my daughter who writes a column wrote, people voted for change they could believe in it and found out they voted for someone who wanted to
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change what they believe. [applause] where president obama had a remarkable opportunity to bring the country together and at the time of his inauguration i thought he had a great opportunity to reach out to be genuinely bipartisan and work together in a slow, transparent, and creative way unfortunately the socialist wing of the democratic party understood that this was the great moment. the people like henry waxman was first elected in 1972 as a hollywood liberals and anti-for left winger has spent 37 years -- anti-war left-wing there has spent 37 years. they ended up in a situation where this was their moment.
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we had enormous pressure on the president to do what his underlying beliefs made him comfortable doing to try to pass legislation so far to the left that you could not allow the american people to read it. the first warning signal was the stimulus package, which was $787 billion, which we had to pass immediately, so rapidly that no one could read it. members of congress voted yes without knowing what they were voting on to find out later that most of it would not even be spent this year. they promised us if we pass the stimulus package, we will tackle unemployment at 8%. the president may have noticed on the way back from copenhagen that it went to 9.8%. that means that we're throwing away $787 billion and politicians spending. our children and grandchildren money in a way that is totally at control.
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at the same time we now have a country where the largest insurance company has been run by the government, banks are being run by the government, two of the three biggest auto companies are being run by the government, and you could go down the list. what was amazing this week is "the new york times" had a story about the collapse of socialism in europe. last sunday the german socialist party got the worst results since world war ii. [applause] only 23% of the german people voted for the socialist party. in italy the socialist party
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has been defeated. in france the president is a conservative who defeated the socialist canada. hasn't the world changed when we end up applauding the french president? [laughter] there was a very interesting story, which you can imagine from their perspective, they did not quite make the direct contrast to the u.s., but i am here to tell you that the socialist wing of the democratic party is going to lead the democratic party to a massive defeat comparable to 1980. [applause] but that means to learn one of
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the great educational learning moments, that is what happened in 1987. we made a movie on ronald reagan. when you watch 90 minutes of ronald reagan and you see him on the screen rather than read about him you realize what an extraordinarily effective teacher he was. he was not disagree commuter -- communicator -- he was not just the great communicator, she was a great teacher. -- he was a great teacher. people move dramatically over the carter administration. carter entered office with higher approval ratings than president obama. in 1977, the poll numbers were higher for jimmy carter. somewhere around 13% inflation a 22% interest rates the soviet
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invasion of afghanistan and the gasoline shortage created by the federal government in which you could only buy gasoline every other day based on the last digit of your license plate -- how many of you remember what that was like? a total the government created a shortage -- @ totally government created a shortage. i developed -- here is a good test you can take back home for your friends. you contest where they are a liberal or conservative. if you are conservative and learn about a government program that 13 year-old starting taught how to get around it, you want
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to repeal the program. if you are liberal ensure that story, you want to have your a license plate police for every gas station. [applause] -- if you are a liberal and hear that story you want to hire a license plate police officer for every gas station. by developing these ideas you are setting yourself up as a citizen to do these things. the first thing we have to do is we have to have candidates at every level who are dedicated to new solutions and to applying the principles that have made america great not just for presidents not just for the congress, not just for governor. there are 513,000 elected offices in the united states from school board to city
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council to county commission, and we need commitment that is it that -- that if an incumbent is not doing the job we need to crreplace them. [applause] the reason is simple. real power comes from the ballot box. it's the people who want a socialist country begin to realize that we're willing to take them on on every level -- if they are in a swing district you may want to run as a republican -- this is a non- partisan commitment to citizen involvement to make sure that every single office as someone who is dedicated to america's future and there are enough people in this room that if you
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took your e-mail list and went out around the country you would be shocked on how many people you could recruit. when people tell you how busy they are, they're telling you how they do not value the country. the time has come. [applause] we need an absolute citizens' movement to achieve this. except per second thing we have to do is learn how to campaign effectively. we have to be as good or better as our competitors on the left at getting messages out and organizing people. there is no neighborhood in america that we should write off. there is no group in america that we should write off. even a hard core liberal democrat might wake up one morning and suddenly decide that they would like prosperity, they would like 60, they would like freedom. -- i remember her lady thatcher
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after winning a great victory she said you get to party tonight at 10:00 in the morning we go back to work. we have to have that attitude that our country is work -- is worth a commitment to make sure that everyone is in gauge. the last thing i will say is we have to win the argument. it is very important to understand this. lady thatcher said it. first to win the argument, then you win the vote. -- first you win the argument, then you win the vote. the president is willing to make the argument so starkly that americans look up, start to pay attention and say that is wrong. the president is actually helping us educate the american people. we should encourage him to go on every talk show that he can. [applause]
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there is an old rule that good advertising tells of that product faster -- kills a bad product faster. that is what is happening to the president. they want to have an energy program based on punishing the american people with $1,800 in taxes and the average american looks up and says we have 9.8% unemployment and you want to increase the cost of energy in america? [applause]
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the veterans of administration cannot get out the checks for the additional $3,000 voted for returning gi's to go to college so colleges are having to borrow money. the federal government cannot organize the vaccine for flu but they want to take over all of our health care. the average american looks up and things, what planet are you living on that you think this would work? someone who believes you can organize a national bureaucracy for 305 million americans to take care of their health is a person who will believe almost anything including their ability to go to copenhagen and magically turn around the boat. -- turn around the vote. [applause] ko'dlet me make a serious point
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about what happened yesterday. i think it is a serious indicator of a fundamental danger of this administration. i remember when atlantic at the olympics. it was an extraordinary moment. i remember the drop and that the ambassador did. for months working to make sure that the case for atlanta was made to every member of the committee. the atlantic team work for years to do that. if this administration had a consistent, steady, disciplined plan for six or eight months, chicago might have won yesterday. i would love for chicago to have the olympics. chicago is a great city. you cannot lead the world on the spur of the moment, changing your mind at the last moment, rushing in and thinking that smiling is a substitute for work
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and preparation. [applause] president eisenhower was the first american president to go to summits with our competitors in the soviet empire. there was a firm rule, months of preparation, developing the case. president reagan spent months preparing before he met with gorbachev. he knew what she wanted to accomplish. he laid the basis for it. very dangerous in a dangerous world to try to provide leadership on a random basis of your hip pocket because you think that a smile will substitute for success. i think this is a very serious problem. [applause] let me give you a bold example of winning the argument.
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we're trying to get a sign that says the economy is stupid. i personally think the president obama would be well served to put that sign in the oval office. when you have 9.8% unemployment so that the actual number in california of all three groups combined may be as high as one at of every five people you have a genuine need to develop an economic policy that will work. this is actually a burden. that does not increase economic growth that weakens the economy. [applause] let me suggest to you what a
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real stimulus to create jobs might look like. starting with the premise we're in the world market, competing with china and india we want to create permanent, long-term good jobs based on productivity that can compete with anyone in the world in making sure the world for us is the most productive in the world and the investments in new technology is in the best -- is the best in the world. let me give you ideas that we have developed at american solutions because we have started working back from -- what is it worth winning the argument for? but the first thing that i would do is -- [inaudible]
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allow every small business to start hiring people, do it without any bureaucracy or any government involvement and it would mean if you work you would get a genuine tax credit. in the process every american would suddenly learn how much taxes they had been paying because it would suddenly see hip-hop -- because they would suddenly see it. we could talk about how we receive the program and we now have an educated populace very interested in what the future was. the second thing i would do is i will match any liberal in america and my desire that the united states can create jobs competing with china but i want to create them competing with china and not hide them. there is a simple step you have to take. let's match the chinese capital gains tax which is zero.
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[applause] if you have zero capital gains in terms of the tax code, you will see billions of dollars poured into investment, billions of dollars open up new factories, billions of dollars invested in new technology and we will have the most dynamic economy in the world. if you really want american companies to compete in the world market, then the answer is not to pass something that will take away their right to a secret ballot, the answer is not strengthening trial lawyers, the answer is matched the average corporate tax rate, which is 12.5%. [applause] when you combined federal and
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state taxes the american corporation pays the highest tax rate in the world. if we suddenly were competing at the irish tax rate level, we would see an explosion of productivity and american companies and an orvis -- and an enormous increase in market share. make permanent abolishing the death tax of people who are -- [applause] people who spend their entire life working and saving and developing should not be punished when they die and have their children and grandchildren lose the group of their lifetime of work. -- lose the fruit of their lifetime of work. [applause] we need an american energy
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policy using american sources of energy to return money to the united states. [applause] gallon to a saudi king is not an energy policy. - bowing to a saudi king is not an energy policy. [applause] if we had 300 or $400 billion per year at energy purchases in the united states instead of going overseas, the economic momentum the revenue momentum of that would make this a healthier, safer stronger country and be as significant
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step back to being the most productive and most prosperous economy on the planet. you may say how would you pay for all of this? first of all, if you looked at the economic growth differentials between the socialists big bureaucracy obama model and what i just described the big difference between 4% unemployment america and 10% unemployment america is a substantial revenue difference. i want to go a step further and i want to go back to what tim was saying about i am very comfortable saying to you, we can balance the federal government reduce the federal deficit because we balance it while i was there. [applause] haduring the four years i was in
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government, we cut the growth to 2.9% per year. we doubled the investment for medical research. restrengthen the intelligence budget. we work very hard to set priorities. -- we strengthened the intelligence budget. those four years are the smallest growth rate in the federal deficit since: coolidge in the 1920's. we know it can be done because we did it. in order to pay for the 50% reduction, i would transfer in money from key places. i would take back most of the politicians stimulus package that has not been spend and save that money to return it as a tax cut. [applause]
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we should immediately sell all of the government ownership of every company taken over in the last year. [applause] by the way, the program i just outlined for you allows you to go to every neighborhood in america and talk to every person who works. it allows you to go to every small business in america and talk to every person who works. it allows you to go to every person that saves and invest in america. it allows you to go well and have a program where you can literally reach out and offer a better future through better
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policies with more jobs, higher incomes, greater opportunities so that every young american who made a mistake last year can learn there is a better future. [applause] i sometimes think we should just captured last year slogan and it should be yes, we really can but not his way. [applause] i want to close with one story. [laughter] [applause]
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i just want to warn you because this is a great educational moment -- never tell a half i wish to speak -- never tell a half irish college professor to speak longer. the temptation is so great. for my third hour i would like to share with you -- [laughter] i do want to share an important story. a year-and-a-half ago my two co- authors -- we look to what was happening in the country, we looked at the challenge of the economy, we looked at the likelihood we would end up with a left-wing president and we wanted to find a moment in
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american history to remind all of us what freedom requires. so on october 20, we have a new novel coming out called "to try man'sen's souls." christmas day 1776, the american army has been concern -- has been defeated consistently across new york and new jersey. it has shrunk to enlistments expiring and desertion. one-third do not have boots. washington is based with the reality -- facesd with the reality if they do not win a victory -- if they do not win
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it will have to give up the war. french and indians were going to shoot from behind trees and were going to wear camouflage outfits. braddock explain to washington that as a colonial he did not understand european professional fighting. when the ambush occurred and 1755 braddock was killed almost instantly, most of the officers were killed. one officer was left. the tallest man around. george washington that day had two horses shot out and had four bullet holes in his coat but he rallied the british forces -- rallied the troops and got them out of there. a few years later he ran into
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an cheap and he said we were all shooting at you. we all knew you were important. i personally fired at you 11 times. [laughter] washington had written his brother that he felt that god had intervened and saved him. a feeling that both ronald reagan and pope john paul ii felt after assassination attempts. here is washington, his generals were read. he comes up with the plan, we will have three units crossed the river at night during a snowstorm. they will surprise the germans and captured and win a big victory. all of the generals are timid. they are saying it is a really big risk. washington finally says if we do not win a victory, the army will
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disappear in a few more weeks. winning disappears and we will have lost. they will hang us when we lose. nobody in this room has anything at risk. [laughter] [applause] should the elements that are not with washington -- washington's units get across the river. they then marched 9 miles during the night in a snowstorm so severe -- it was one of those moments when god intervenes -- the snow storm is so bad that while they are tempted not to continue with a half to take cannons down an icy hill and then a mile later do the same thing again but the very same snowstorm has convinced the
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germans no one could possibly be out so they pulled all of the guards in and they are all sitting around fires. that morning that capture 800 german professional shoulders -- soldiers with one american loss. the revolution has been saved. the password that night was a victory or death. the men wore red. as i got onto the boat, officers were reading the pamphlet out loud that in a free country you have to know what you are fighting. i close with the story to tell you this, when you start looking for candidates and to try to raise money and say to people i
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need to forward -- eni due to work a weekend for the selection -- i want to to look them in the eye and say if men can leave a trail of blood for 9 miles so we can be free, tell me again your excuse not to be an american? thank you. good luck and god bless you. [applause] cao[inaudible] >> when they ask me to speak they told me who i would be introducing, not who i would be speaking after. now i know why.
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[laughter] the person i am introducing is equally worthy of your attention. the dictionary defines courageous as someone who deals with danger or fear without flinching. the woman you are about to meet was courageous on many levels. she grew up in canada believing her government was going to take care of her health care and she had a very rude a reckoning when she was diagnosed with the brain tumor. she all the sudden realized she had to fend for herself. we in america we understand we are personally responsible for our own health care and that the government cannot take care of us. ok there may be some who have never gone to the post office and believe that the government can take care of your health care but actually she saw after
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her experience that americans were buying into the mess that government can take care of your health care -- were buying into the myth that government can take care of your health care. she questioned tercel, she said maybe it was just my story. then she found out it was not just her story. she is here to speak today about her story and for all the canadians who are being denied health care. first we will show you an ad that will show you why the left is so afraid of her. >> i survived a brain tumor. if i had relied on my government, i would be dead. i am a canadian citizen. as my brain tumor got worse my government health care system told me i had to wait six months to see a specialist.
8:58 pm
in six months i would have died. >> government run health care in canada care is delayed or denied. many drugs and treatments are not available because government says patients are not worth it. >> i am here today because i was able to travel to the u.s. where i received world class treatment. government health care is not the option -- is not the answer and sheit sure is not free. my advice to americans, as patients, it is your care. do not give up your rights. >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome shona homes. [applause] >> angry mobs, settle down. i am so happy to be here with
8:59 pm
such an angry mob. i would like to introduce you the canadian bogyman. i never thought that it would get to this level. i did grow up in canada. i grew up in a very secure environment believing that my government would take care of my health care because it is all i ever knew my entire life. my father came from scotland wanting a better life for him and his family. we develop the rout in which you are planning on going. i am here to tell you to be very cautious. something came to me last night. there was a wonderful dinner put on and as i was watching this wonderful three course meal being served, i started to compare it to health care. i realize that that point that we can all go out for fine meals to get near rich


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