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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  December 2, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight, live, windemere, florida, superstar, golf phenomenon, tiger woods leaving his home bare foote after thanksgiving day celebrations. driving out of his million dollar compound has a head on crash with a tree and fire hydrant. his wife hears it from inside the house. runs out and beats out the windows of wids cadillac. woods refused to speak to police
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not once, not twice, but three times. why does the neighbor have to call 911? we have the 911 call. woods pulling out of a golf tournament. hours before the so-called crash. bombshell tonight. after police charged tiger woods and the alleged mistress gives her side, woods still in hiding, not allowing his face or his injuries to be seen by the public. releasing a statement, apologizing for quote trance gregss. this as more alleged mistresses come out of the woodwork including a 24-year-old cocktail waitress. a voice mail, allegedly of woods, asking the waitress to alter her taped phone greeting because his wife is on to him. also, tonight, police release
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photos of the crime scene and a diagram showing woods twists and turns that night. was he under the influence or fighting off an attack by golf club? in any event, if woods were an ordinary joe, would bt the charges be more serious? especially in light of an alleged cover up not only to his wife, but to police. all that money, all those trophies. he's the first athlete to surpass $1 billion in earnings. what really happened to tiger woods? >> my two officers arrived at the scene and noticed tiger woods on the ground. >> this story doesn't make sense. you don't get out of your bed at 2:00 a.m., drive your car and run it into a tree. >> there were reports there was a domestic dispute before tiger
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woods left his house in the suv. there were reports that what actually happened was that she struck the suv with the golf club. her story was she used it to get him out. >> tiger woods regrets his transgressions. tabloids speculation. he's apologize iing for persona failings. >> this apology is coming the same day "us weekly" had an affair in 2007. jaime grubs says she has text messages and voice mails from woods including one three days before he crashed his suv in florida. >> whether the voice, in fact, belongs to tiger woods.
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>> if he had come out, say the monday after the accident or whatever, acknowledged his problems and said i'll try to do better, please leave us alone to solve our problems, then i think things would have not gotten to this point. >> live to missouri. a 21-year-old mom disappears from a local sports bar, leaving a beautiful 6-month-old baby girl. tonight, where is christina whittaker?
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the search is on for 21-year-old mom, christina whittaker. she vanishes after a night out on the town. >> she has bipolar disorder and needs medication. her cell phone was reportedly found a block from the bar where she was last seen. >> searching for christina. knocking on doors at places she has contacts and questioning family and friends. police broadening their scope in the desperate search for 21-year-old mom, christina whittaker. good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. bombshell tonight. after police charge tiger woods and the alleged mistress gives her side of the story, woods still in hiding. not allowing his face to be seen by the public. releasing an apology for
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transgressions. as more comes out of the wood work, photos of the crime scene and a diagram showing woods twists and turns. was he under the influence or fighting off an attack by golf clubs. if he was an ordinary joe, wouldn't the charges be more serious, especially in light of an alleged cover up. not only to his wife about an affair, but to police. >> the investigation has determined that mr. woods is at fault in the crash. this afternoon, fhp is in the process of issuing a uniform traffic citation of careless driving to mr. woods. >> the facts don't seem to hang together about the story of what happened that night. the incident occurred hours after the story hit the stands. the national inquirer front cover that tiger woods is
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involved in an affair with a party girl. addressing tabloid speculation about the accident in florida. apologizing for personal failings. >> tiger began an affair with a los angeles cocktail waitress in 2007. jaimee grubs says she has text messages and voice mails from tiger woods. >> cnn has not confirmed the authenticity of the recording or whether the voice belongs to tiger woods. >> hey, it's tiger. i need you to do me a huge favor. can you please take your name off your phone? my wife went through my phone and may be calling you. please take your name off that and just have it as a number on
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voice mail. your telephone number. okay? you have to do this for me. huge, quickly. >> he is such a private person, i'm sure this is agony personified. he's guarded his privacy over the years. i'm sure he's hurting right now. >> joining us from wdbo, drew, near tiger woods' home, a lot of the focus on other outlets is tiger woods had an affair. you could lock up about 50% of american men for that. i'm concerned about not a cover up to his wife, but to police. what more do we know? what has taken place in the last 24 hours, drew? >> well, let's get right to what came out today from fhp. we have a diagram of what actually happened. he was going 30 miles an hour, he cut across the street, through a median, hit the fire
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hydrant, across the neighbor's driveway and hit a tree. he was maneuvering a lot. he initially stopped after the first contact. >> drew, joining us from wdbo. clark, you have the diagram. there are a lot of crazy twists and turns, clark. makes me wonder, was he under the influence of drugs or alcohol? we don't know if his blood alcohol was taken by police or was he under attacks by golf clubs, specifically a wedge. >> he had a long way of traveling there. tiger woods turned out of his home. the first spot he hits is on the green median, runs into bushes, a wide turn on the right side, he then cuts back left and runs over a fire hydrant, adjacent to his next door neighbor's home.
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he runs it over, plowing straight into a tree. we have heard a lot about the replacement costs, we spoke to orange county. it will cost about $450. >> don't care about the cost of the fire hydrant. what i care about is the diagram doesn't fit with tilger woods' story. the police seem to be turning a blind eye. to ian drew, senior editor of "us weekly" you are breaking a story. what is it? >> we found another woman. not the one everyone thinks he had an affair with, jaimee grubb came forward with evidence of the affair. >> what about the voice mail? >> it's intriguing. it's the proof in the pudding here. you can hear him, a few days ago
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talk iing about how he wants to cover it up and how he regrets it. what's interesting is how stupid he seems. i mean, he needs to erase that from his phone. she can't erase that her name is programmed into his phone. >> what i thought he was asking her was to go into her phone greeting that would say hi, i'm ian drew and erase. you know what, take a listen to the voice mail now. >> mm-hmm.
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all right. i can't confirm it's tiger woods' voice. can you? >> i can. we went through it over and over, comparing the voices. we determined it absolutely has to be him. >> you are seeing video of the cocktail waitress that's come out of the woodwork, we are taking your calls. we'll be right back. >> lacerations to his upper and lower lip. blood in his mouth. he was conscious. >> what did he say? >> nothing. he was mumbling. that was it.
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a full-blown tiger woods scandal. he's apologizing to his wife, family. we have a voice mail from tiger to a mistress.
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this is all coming from the entertainment magazine "us weekly." this other woman is a cocktail waitress. it's not the same woman we talked about yesterday. >> no wonder the ladies call him tiger. >> we are taking your calls live. out to tracie in maine. hi. >> caller: you are totally awesome, by the way. >> thank you. i'm going to record that and
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play it back to the twins when they turn teenagers. >> caller: i have a son who is 25. >> god bless you. >> caller: my question is, how do we know he wasn't returning home. who leaves home at 40 miles per hour out of the drive way? >> let's look at the diagram. the car is pointing away from the home. according to him and his wife, don't they both say he was leaving the home? plus, where did he go barefoot? he was barefoot, wearing a pair of shorts. clark, explain. >> here's another important point we learned. the weather condition that is day, dry. roads clear. there was no possible confusion because it ruz raining or anything like that. he comes out of the drive way and heads straight down --
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>> across a median. >> in a zigzagy way, plowing into the tree. that's what stopped tiger woods. >> tracie in maine, i completely understand your reasoning. join i joining me now is a special guest, chuck pimbleton. he's an accident recon instructionist. he's a professional accident reconstruction specialist. thank you for being with us. i'm sure you have seen and heard about the diagram. what do you make of it? >> caller: well, we have to take into consideration, it wasn't drawn to scale. we don't have an idea of the dimensions of how far it traveled from the time it came out of the drive way. it collided with the bushes and continued. >> we know it was not going fast enough to set off the air bags. >> caller: that's correct. >> what do you make of it?
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>> caller: well, the impacts were out on the front corners on both sides of the vehicle, outside of the frame rail. the device that activates the air bags change velocity. if the car hits something really solid and causes a jerk. >> wow. take a look at this car. chuck, i don't know if you can see the screen, but this car is really damaged. are you surprised they did not give woods, tiger woods, a sobriety test, a breathalyzer or blood alcohol test? he went to the hospital? >>. >> caller: no, i'm not surprised. once they got to talk to him they got close enough to check his demeanor. >> they said he was dazed and mumbling. >> caller: yeah. you smack into a tree and knock
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down a fire hydrant. if there was a domestic situation that may have, you know, led to all this. so, you know, everything is excited, his nerves were on the edge and he's upset. now, he's demolished this new cadillac suv. he knows it's going to hit the news media. he's got a lot on his mind. >> according to to neighbors, he was passed out cold and his wife was over him trying to comfort him or administer cpr. hi, jane. >> caller: how are you? >> i'm good. what's your question? >> caller: most men do cheat. it's in their nature. >> i know that's not a question. we all know the answer to that. what's your question? >> caller: these other ladies, why would they date a married man? >> i'm going to have to throw that to the shrink.
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of course, we cannot independently confirm it's tiger's voice. "us weekly" has investigated it and says it is him. andrew, another woman came out of the woodwork, a cocktail waitress. i want to talk about the neighbors. the neighbors of tiger woods. what they heard that evening. what have you heard? >> one thing that's interesting is that tiger has had sleeping problems. several friends and neighbors say he doesn't sleep. he's up all night. he's admitted he takes ambien regularly. >> ian, ian, ian. don't care about ambien. what is your point. >> you were talking intoxication, some people are
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pointing to ambien could have caused this. when you stay up on it, it had drug-like effects. >> did neighbors hear shouting that evening? >> they did. they did. we spoke to several neighbors who were sure there was an altercation at the house. >> it's my understanding. let's pull up the quote one more time thchlt is a quote from "us weekly." now. look. i don't care if they fought all night. this is what i care about, ian drew. if the neighbors heard them fighting, having a domestic argument, that means the story they both told police was a lie. she said she heard the crash. this is two houses down from inside her home and ran out carrying a wedge and beat the car in to save his life.
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>> yes. yes. >> if that is a lie, then there's a cover up, not just to the wife, but to police. if you or i did that, we would be at police headquarters now. >> of course. sources are saying he's lying not only to help himself, but a cover up to protect his wife because she could be accused of causing the accident. 
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tiger woods is apologizing for his transgressions. >> just hours ago, tabloids released an urgent voice mail from tiger to another woman warning her his wife may be calling.
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let's unleash the lawyers. we are taking your calls live. susan moss, family law attorney out of new york. ann bremner, alan ripka out of new york. sue moss, weigh in. >> i guess tiger isn't the only member who knows how to swing a golf club. it looks like there could be an issue of domestic violence here. it's unacceptable, no matter what the circumstances. it might be another domestic violence incidence swept under the rug. >> another is the possibility of a cover up, not only attempted
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cover up to his wife. that didn't work, if it's true. but, to police, ann bremner, i don't care what you have going on in your personal life, you do not lie to police. you do not lie to police. the police down there don't seem to mind. >> they don't mind to come back and come back and come back. a closed mouth gathers no foot. he didn't give a formal statement. he got a lawyer. the lawyer said, keep your mouth shut. it's great advice he has. it's over. they issued the fine. there's nothing else to look at. they can't say it's a cover up. they don't know real evidence -- >> i know this much, ann bremner -- >> what, nancy grace. >> she heard the crash two houses away from inside her home and she ran out with a golf
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club. okay. other reports are that she said she came out on a golf cart. it's a big inconsistency. neighbors say they could hear the arguing just before the crash. that means their story is not true, if the neighbors are not lying. >> what is the under lying charge? domestic violence. she's got tiger by the tail, so to speak. he's saying my wife was courageous. she saved me. who can disprove that? he's put the lid on it. the name of his yacht is privacy. he wants it. he hasn't succeeded in that. he's succeeded in having this matter closed. >> alan ripka, what is your take on it? >> tiger woods has done nothing unlawful. that's why the police are not interested. the car accident did not involve anybody else or anybody else's car. the police have no business being involved nor does anyone
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else. >> i'll tell you what alan ripka? >> excuse me. >> if i was the cops and thought i was being lied to, that is not okay. i don't care if you are tiger woods. and i'm a woods fan. >> we don't know what the questions were. what did he lie about? cracking his car on his own property? >> he's not on his own property, number one. number two, if it's false, d ssh there's no charge of domestic violence. >> if there's no charge there's no -- >> i'm going to remind you of that. if there's no charge and no crime. you want your cake and you want to eat it too. i can hear you. >> if there's no one alleging a crime, there's no investigation. >> alan, alan, alan. how many domestic violence victims have not wanted to go to
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court? a million. out to the lines. susan in south carolina. are you with me? hi, dear. what's your question? >> caller: if he was found unconscious outside his vehicle, why didn't she call 911 and how did she know to arrive with a golf club? >> it doesn't make sense. i have one answer, according to a neighbor, she called out to them to call 911, which is not unheard of, if it's true. allie, how did she know to rush out of the house with a golf club? >> there are conflicting reports out there. there are report that is there was no sign of a golf cart. however, one of our affiliates in orlando has photos of the crash that show a golf cart nearby. this version of the police report that's released does not
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include witness statements. we still don't know exactly what she said to police. >> see if you can pull up that photo of the golf cart. >> to karen stark, joining us out of new york. earlier, we had a call from jane in florida, we wanted to know why women date married men. >> it's wishful thinking. >> why do men cheat down? it's another question i might throw to you. >> what did you say? they cheat down? >> they cheat down. this wife. there's a shot of the golf cart by the crash. i don't know how you could miss that. karen. >> yes, nancy. elin woods is no idiot. her parents sit on the cabinet in sweden. he pursued her. she didn't want to date him.
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she didn't want people thinking she was a gold digger. she doesn't need him, all right. all this happened. then these other women. you know, back to jane's question. why cheat with a married man? >> the women believe something will happen. they have hope he might leave. if you look at this married man, this is a man who could give them gifts and celebrity. it's appealing to date tiger woods. >> out to the lines, laurie in utah. >> caller: hi, nancy. thank you for taking my call. >> thank you for calling in. >> i have a question about the diagram showing earlier about the -- how he left his home and how he crashed. it seems if someone were chasing you, you would pull out of your drive way, skooch around the corner and go as fast as you could. it seems fishy that he served right and left and through the fire hydrant and the tree.
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i agree with you that something doesn't seem quite right with that. >> maybe he was swerving to avoid one of these? okay? clark. let's go back through the diagram. a lot of people are e-mailing in, why didn't the air bag go off and how fast do we think he was traveling? do we know? >> reports 25 to 35 miles per hour. he comes out of the driveway, hits a median it's a concrete curb. smashes off the hedge. zigs left, mows through the fire hydrant. he's still going and is stopped by the tree. also important, road conditions clear as was the weather. nancy there was not a box checked if he was wearing his seatbelt. it appears he wasn't. >> to chris gerrit.
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how did it spin so far out of control? >> it's a case study. it's better to get out in front of an issue to frame it your way before you get back and forth speculation, allegations we are hearing in the media and blogosphere now. dealing with high profile individuals and celebrities, they have to prioritize factors. you have legal considerations, family and personal issues you have to work through. all that takes time. that's what's brought us to this point today. >> i want to go to dr. titus duncan. he's with the atlanta medical center and expert in his field. what do you make of the alleged injuries and why would tiger woods refuse to be seen in public. even at his own golf tournament? >> he suffered minor injuries. >> remember, at first they said it was serious injuries. >> they weren't.
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at that level of crash, it's minor injuries. they wanted to make sure there wasn't serious injuries like head injuryings. that's why he went to the hospital. >> the 911 caller said he was unconscious. >> right. you can have several levels of consciousness. all you have to do is have a verbal response, motor response and there's a level of consciousness. then, you can go back out, again. again, anytime you have those levels of unconsciousness, you want to get them to the hospital. any small amount of injury to the brain can cause significant damage long term.
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now, we at hln cannot confirm it's tiger woods' voice. "us weekly" says it is. what can you tell us about the messages. >> he was telling her to be naked. >> put him up, please. 300 what? >> text messages in all. >> from who to who? >> both of them, back and forth showing he was asking her all the time to see her naked body, to take pictures. they were all sexual ly.
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they are section messages. >> it has nuting to do with an alleged cover up except it could be the source of an explosive argument between the two and possible domestic violence. out to bill, former nypd, thank you for being with us. bill, what do you make of it and what do you make of the police work on the case? >> nancy, i want to say this. i'm not going to use the word cover up, but it sounds like they extended a courtesy to tiger woods based on celebrity. you may smell alcohol, which they may not have. his eyes could be watery. he may be slipping and sliding. how about controlled substance abuse. you may not see it ready. not only that, but the police have an obligation to look and
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conduct a domestic violence investigation, even if there is no complain tent. they don't need one to conduct an investigation in domestic violence. they should have looked at it closely and found out what she was doing with the golf club. >> i can tell you this much, bill. if the roles were reversed and the man was suspected of going after the woman with a golf club -- >> thank you, nancy. >> -- there would be an investigation. >> somebody would be wearing handcuffs and on their way for a booking and arraignment. we have to look at this and found out what was actually going on here. it sounds like there was domestic violence at hand. it looks like it resulted in these type of things going on with these cocktail waitresses
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and such. this is what chased him out of the house, no shoes, jumping in the car. road conditions were clear, dry and he goes flying across the road and flying off fire hydrants, landing against a tree. it requires an investigation that should have been conducted by the florida state police and it looks like they dropped the ball. >> everybody, we are taking your calls live. i want to switch gears immediately and tell you about a 21-year-old missing mom. take a listen. >> law enforcement desperately searching for 21-year-old mom, christina whittaker when she vanishes after hanging out with friends at a sports bar. her mom says she would never leave her 6-month-old baby daughter behind. how does she vanish after hanging out with friends. >> her mom says she has bipolar
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and needs medication. >> straight out to brent engle with the courier post. brent, what happened? >> well, whether it was a kidnapping or disappearance by choice, christina whittaker is in grave peril tonight. this 21-year-old mother was take ing medication for a bipolar disorder. her family said she has not filled that prescription since she disappeared november 13. she may be suffering from post part em depression. they are treating it as a missing person's case, but have not ruled out foul play. there's controversial developments tonight. >> such as? >> caller: such as the latest in this case is that there have been unconfirmed reports and
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sightings of whittaker last sunday morning in illinois. it's across the illinois river in peer yoria. a waitress there, at that cafe said she was 110% sure she waited on whittaker. her hair was darkened from red to a dark brown or black. >> to our producer on the story, is it true her cell phone was found discarded? >> that's right. it was about a block and a half away from the bar where she disappeared from in hannibal. we understand the cell phone was on a sidewalk, close to a hit and run accident. we say hit and run because a vehicle that was parked there was hit and run. her cell phone was found along with family and police say a key chain and possibly a man's hat. the items are being tested.
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miss young, where is the 6-month-old baby at night? >> at home with her dad. >> miss young has christina eve disappeared before? >> no, ma'am, never. >> what you tell me about her post paratum depression? >> he's been on medication since she had the baby. different types of medication. i suspected she had post partum depression. i looked it up online. she has ever symptom on there. she's not being treated for it. >> she's only 21 years old. has a 6-month-old baby waiting for her to come home. 573-221-0987. as we go break, we stop to remember south carolina friend of the show, doris robinson.
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the only woman of her time to score 100% on an insurance exam. she watched the show every day until she no longer could. she leaves behind a son, two daughters, and one daughter kathy is a big fan of the show. three grandchildren, one great grandchild. you are missed, doris.
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breaking news. the sthere a break in the desperate search for 21-year-old mom, christina whitaker? she may have been spotted at a restaurant in illinois. the police are questioning the witness. investigators continue to work the case. >> there is a reward tonight. ann, do rewards work, in your experience? >> absolutely. i think national attention, like from your show, which everybody watches, helps. rewards help a lot.
8:55 pm
they get people to come out and give information. >> do they work, alan? >> they do. people are not going pick up the phone and call the police or follow somebody they know they've seen on tv if there's no reward. >> susan? >> the bigger the better. >> i want to go back to cindy young. christina's mother. you believe she is suffering from post-partum depression. what is your message to her tonight? >> if anybody has her, you know, just, we don't -- we're not interested. nay could have done something mean to her. we want them to release her and send her home. if she's gone on her own, we love her unconditionally. there's nothing that would make us not want her home. we'll get her help. we want her back home. >> leaving behind a 6-month-old baby waiting for mommy to come home.
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shooe here's a shot of christina. tonight, i want to share a letter i received from parents of fallen marine. the step father and mother of this soldier write, he was an extraordinary young man. he volunteered on a second mission to protect the younger, less experienced marines to iraq. he was based out of nashville. ten days before his return. we wait for life to become normal again. it never will. please accept our appreciation for the consideration and kind remarks given to our fallen hero. we are grateful. sincerely, bob and elaine.
8:57 pm
marcus golczynski. leaving behand a step father, mother, father, and a son, christi christian. in our prayers. and our prayers to his family. thank you to our guest but especially to you for being with us. isle see you tomorrow night. until then, good night, friend. next on "the joy behar show." tiger's troubles continue. as an alleged mistress releases a naughty text message to the press. then, he's ban s.e.a.l., a no nonsense governor. jesse the body ventura will join
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me. and howie mandel. haul that and more, next. eeee
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