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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  January 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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and lawrence says this may not be the last of it. it started here and has spread nationwide. what a staurant chains will have to covers don't count? >> not to me. >> started here and spread nationwide. why restaurant chains will have to share starting today. >> we have less police out there. >> a decline in crime despite layoffs. how one community is interpreting the statistics. she couldn't wait to ring in the new year. meet the first bay area baby of 2011. dpoong, and happy new year. if you made it out of the house today, you were likely dodging raindrops. the new year ended with gray skies and scattered showers. it's another in a series of weekend rainstorms, and it's not over yet. let's get a quick check from
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meteorologist lawrence cardo with what's in store. >> showers on and off today. now more rain is moving in. it's thickening up a bit. lighter showers in here toward santa rose is a. you saw the video of the snow. guess what? you're seeing the wintery mix. seeing slush, sleet and snow develop in parts of the mountains. very cold temperatures out there. nice dusting tomorrow morning. in across the bay, there is more impressive stuff going on in the peninsula here and in the south bay. the monterey bay is getting pounded good. we'll have more details coming up in a few minutes. >> great, lawrence. thank you. the bay area led the way, and tonight it's the law of the land. dawn napa on the new item fast- food restaurants will have to add to their menu. >> reporter: when the smith
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family orders chicken at the kfc they'll know what it costs both in dollars and calories. the new law is effective on this first day of 2011. >> i think it's pretty good. i think everybody should know what they're eating and consuming. just for -- you know, health is important. >> reporter: but tony mitchell says he'll still eat what he likes and won't count calories. >> doesn't seem like the calories matter. to me, calories don't matter. >> calories don't matter? >> not to me. >> i think this gives the public an opportunity to know what they're eating, understand what's in it and make their own decision. we won't make it for them. >> reporter: supervisor nist was behind the law four years ago. it later became state law and
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is now part of the federal health care reform law. at this mcdonald's, there's a menu board inside listing calory counts, but none visible in the drive through lane. california's leadership may lead to a delay in implementing the new law. according to a report in the orange county register, differences in federal and state law create confusing and expensive problems for rest launts, which have to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars designing and printing the menu boards. the law may not be in force for six months. cynthia said she knows the food is high in calories and the boards help. >> i guess it makes me more conscious as to what i'm buying and eating. >> advocates hope the boards could lead to fast-food restaurants to compete with each other by lowering their calory counts and providing healthier food for all of us. another new law taking effect today in california. this one over pot possession. now if you're caught with less than an ounce of marijuana, you
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won't be arrested. instead you get a ticket with a $100 fine. the law reduces the penalty from a misdemeanor to an infraction, the same level of punishment as a speeding ticket. >> this is the first time in 5 years that we've had a reduction in penalties for marijuana in california for anything other than medical. >> the consequences stay the same for people who smoke pot and drive. the courts treat that like driving under the influence of alcohol. there are new laws involving students and parents. as of today, all middle and high school students are required to be vaccinated against whooping cough. moat most children are given a vaccine around the age of five, but the immunity eventually wears off. older students will need to show proof of booster shots before starting school next fall. parents are responsible if their child has excessive absences. parents could face fines, even
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jail. new fares took effect, raising caltrans rates 25 cents per zone. a one-way ticket from san francisco to downtown san jose is now $8.50. that's 75 cents higher than yesterday. also this year, caltrans plans to add three pay by bullet express trains to its service on a trial basis. something else more expensive starting today, traffic tickets in california. the state is now adding a $4 surcharge to every traffic ticket. and the revenue, an estimated $34 million a year, will help pay for emergency air transport services. the program had been facing a financial crisis because of a shortfall in medicale funding. the chp says dui arrests statewide were down this new year's eve. 499 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence between six last night and six this morning. that's down from last year's total of 527 arrests.
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during the same period, there were four fatal collisions in the bay area where alcohol may have been a factor. >> think ahead. spend the night at a friend's house, or take a cab. there are so many other options rather than drinking and driving. when you mix the two, there's a possibility you could end up killing yourself or someone else. >> the chp will continue the maximum enforcement period through midnight sunday. a grim start to the new year in oakland. a teenager killed just minutes after midnight. but homicides in oakland have dropped for the fourth year in a row. >> remnants of crime scene tape still sits at the scene of the city's first murder of the year a few minutes after midnight. >> very bad. very bad. >> reporter: believe it or not, this story contains good news about crime in oakland. it's down 14%, according to
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police. last year saw 90 homicides after 102 in 2009. >> i think that's great news. >> reporter: but it depends on who you ask. >> 90ty murders last year. >> oh, my. >> reporter: one is obviously too many; but for a city that was just named the fifth most dangerous in the nation, a reduction is a plus. >> i'm not sure what that's attributable to; but if we've got less police out there, how did that happen? >> reporter: he's right. the city laid off 80 police officers in 2010. couple that with retirements, and the force is down 100 officers. >> a lot of people are raising consciousness about the violence, and i think that's probably responsible for the impact of that. >> reporter: while oakland has seen a drop in homicides, there's still a serious battle against other violent crimes, like armed robberies and burglaries. >> pretty scary to go out at night. >> maybe there's more break-ins because people need more ready cash. and there are less homicides
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maybe because they didn't get that much. >> reporter: at the start of the year, the people have more hope. >> we have to be careful and more street-smart. >> reporter: in oakland, ann mackovick, cbs 5. >> there was also a significant drop in the mortar rate last year, down 20%. the first homicide of 2011 came an hour into the new year. a 15-year-old boy was shot to death. no information from police on arrests or suspects. police are also looking into how a woman's body ended up on highway 101 in san jose. she was found in the northbound lane near tooley road around four in the morning. at least two cars hit her before one stopped. it's not clear if the woman was walking on the highway or had fallen or jumped from the tooley road overpass. a rough start to the new year for dozens of people in
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san francisco. fire tore through their apartment building overnight at montgomery and pacific in the financial district. 45 tenants were forced from the building. some were injured making their escape. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. authorities have identified the since at a house fire in oakland that killed three people. ruth nunoz, her three-year-old daughter and ramona florez were killed. the three-year-old daughter was rescued, but the man died when he went back in to save the little girl. the fire was apparently sparked by running an extension cord from another apartment. investigators say florez's power had been cut off. another person has died in the wake of a series of tornados. the threat through arkansas and missouri yesterday. half a dozen tornados left dozens of people homeless. >> reporter: survivors of fast- moving storms in the midwest and southeast dug through the remnant of their possessions
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saturday. >> i don't know what to say. i'm in a state of shock. >> reporter: heart lan stands perused emotionally and physically. he dove under his tractor for cover while the storm destroyed the building around him. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: his wife ran inside, only to get knocked down by a refrigerator. it may have saved her life. >> this is where i survived, under here. >> reporter: missouri governor jay nixon heard stories of survival as he toured the damage. >> ran into that door. >> reporter: the family told them they merged from the basement after the storm barreled through, and nothing was left but the foundation. the governor described the path of the tornados. >> the tornados stayed on the ground 6 or 7 miles. other than that, it was like it was bouncing along the way. when it touched down, the devastation was complete. >> reporter: the storm that produced a half dozen tornados was deadly in southwest missouri and northwest arkansas. residents made progress cleaning up many neighborhoods. the curbs now look like hedges.
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but blowing and trees still standing, what looks like cobwebs or cotton candy is actually the insulation torn out of dozens of destroyed homes. >> we have a lot to be thankful for. >> reporter: now residents of miscellaneous and arkansas are leaning on each other. >> i have lots of friends and help. i can take it in. >> reporter: as they come to terms with a new year's they'll never forget. cbs news. >> the storm also knocked out power to 20,000 homes. tragedy aboard a russian jetliner. the panic among passengers as an engine catches fire. >> many of my fellow boomers are getting sick, having open heart surgery, going through cancer. >> doctors bracing for a tsunami of sick patients. what they predict is ahead for millions of aging baby boomers. what experts say happened to a confused creature in the bay.
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snowy siberian runway....killing ree people on board. s a passenger jet caught fire and exploded on a snowy siberian runway, killing three people on board. some of the 119 survivors say one of the plane's engines caught fire as they were taxiing for takeoff. . the rush to escape the smoke and flames was chaotic. 40 people were injured. the u.s. capital and congressional office buildings were evacuated today when air traffic controllers lost radio contact with an inbound jetliner. the plane was flying from hilton head, south carolina, to reagan national airport. fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the jetliner. but 15 minutes later, the pilot responded to traffic control. he had apparently dialed into the wrong frequency. the first of the baby boomers will reach a milestone birthday this year.
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more on what boomers turning age 60 could do to the nation's health care system. >> reporter: kathleen is a retired teacher, a grandmother and one of the very first baby boomers. she was born just after midnight on january 1st, 1946, one of 3 and a half million americans born that year. >> it is a full-time job, to stay healthy. >> reporter: today kershling turned 65, an age typically linked with retirement, medicare eligibility, or just plain growing old. >> many of my fell low boomers are getting sick, having open heart surgery, going through cancer. >> reporter: time is starting to catch up to the generation that brought more than peace and love to the world. when they went to school, they overcrowded classrooms. boomer women flooded the workforce for the first time. now that 10,000 of them are turning 65 every day, they're set to overwhelm the health care system, too. >> i don't know how we're going
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to sustain the system. >> reporter: dr. camillo already works 60 hours a week and sees about 20 patients a day. >> bring your arm up here. >> reporter: that's common in an industry severely short of primary care physicians. he estimates over the next 10 years, there may be 40,000 fewer doctors than needed. >> i don't see that we're going to be capable to take care of all of these patients coming into the system. >> reporter: fifty% of boomers have some chronic disease, like diabetes. with thousands of them now eligible for medicare, health care costs are expected to skyrocket. the price tag is estimated to grow from $500 billion a year today to $929 billion by 2030. that's when the tail end of boomers will reach 65. bernice is in good health, embracing the next phase of life, along with millions of others. seth done, cbs news, new york.
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it's a girl. the first bay area baby to be born in the new year delivered. azaria born at summit medical center, weighing 4 pounds, 5 ounces. doctors say she is in good health despite being born a few weeks early. >> i didn't believe it. it was hike she can't be the first baby. but she was the first one. >> yes, she is. the baby's mom says she chose the name azaria, because it means help from god, and haiti means female battle warrior. a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. >> 2011 looks a lot like 2010, wet and rainy. >> yeah, wet, rainy and cold. doppler radar has been picking up on some of the activity already. you have chilly temperatures, the precipitation, and it continues all around the bay area. right now, heaviest in the north bay with some good cells
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making their way in through the bay, down along the peninsula and more to come tonight. chilly in fairfield, 40 degrees right now, 50 in san jose. fairly mild there, and 49 degrees in wedwood city. on the big picture, a cutoff low spinning down the coastline, spinning up trouble in the bay area, at least for rain as it looks like it will continue on and off tonight and more for tomorrow. expect it to be wet, a period of showers, a possibility of isolated thunderstorms. see if we can time this out for you. overnight tonight, heavy amounts of rainfall stretching across san francisco as we head to the middle of the night. look to tomorrow, showers on and off. maybe a couple of breaks in between. not a complete rain-out; but it will be cool and a bit damp around the bay area. temperatures will be down again. numbers in the 40s and 50s for the highs for the afternoon hours. that's as warm as it will get. likely to see more snow on the mountain tops, especially in the north bay.
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how about the next few days? looking out to 2011, we will dry things out. high pressure sneaking back in toward the middle of the week. that should be just enough to warm up the temperatures in the bay. valley fog developing inland toward tuesday and wednesday. >> i'm looking forward to the sun now. >> me, too. it would be nice to see that again. thank you, lawrence. the beta breakers isn't until spring, but a few hearty souls turned out to mark the centennial of the first run. the first beta breakers was run on new year's day, 1912. back then it was called the cross city race, open only to men who were members of running clubs. >> not very often we get to participate in something that's hahn years old, not much less something running a hundred consecutive years. this is not only one of the oldest road races in the world, but one of the oldest consecutively run road races in the world. >> today's runners were from some of the original clubs that
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took part in 1912. a building comes to life. >> we can plant ventilation, filter storm water. we can create a statement of art and ecology. >> what was once concrete construction becomes an organic structure. rthern california
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a grey whale een putting on a require siting in tomales bay. a gray whale has been putting on a show for kayakers. over the past three weeks, people spotted the whale diving and splashing. it appears to be a male 25 feet long. it is the peak of migration season, and experts believe the animal may have come into the bay searching for food. whale watchers are advised to keep their distance.
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cool. coming up in sports it's all about the bowl gamesment tcu had a lot to prove in the rose bowl. and the warriors started the new year off with a game in miami. i'll tell you this much, lebron and company had all they could handle. the winner coming up in sports. [ alarm clock buzzing, indistinct conversations ]
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the team. not bad. miami turned up the heat in the second half, holding the warriors to 35 points. he broken and dwayne wade each had 25 as the heat come pack and win 114 to 107. devin celebrate his birthday with the sharks' only goal in los angeles; but thanks to a shutout, that was all they needed. the sharks beat the kings 1-0. tcu playing in the rose bull for the first time ever. wisconsin ran for over 200 yards, but called a pass with a game on the line on a 2-point conversion, the horn frogs leaped up and nodding it down. 21-19 the final. tcu finishes a perfect 13-0. finally head coach surban meyer left a winner. he is retiring at the young age of 46. all right. thank you very much. you've got it. a northern california architect is bringing life to buildings of san francisco literally. vertical gardens can make even
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the most urban areas green. >> the thing that the san francisco academy of arts and sciences building, it's the roof. it's alive. design of the architecture is taking the roof vertical, creating outdoors of living walls. >> it is an astonishing resource. this is a way in which we can plant vegetation, we can filter storm water, we can create a statement of art and ecology. >> reporter: also helping to insulate the buildings and soften the city noise. living walls are already seen around the world, from paris to canada, even thy land. now a san francisco neighborhood once kephart's help, bringing their walls to life. >> our goal is that for the next 7 years, each year we will have a living wall in a different location in our district. >> you can see why the south market district want more greenery. besides a few trees, it's
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mostly streets, steel and cold concrete. but it could look like this: lush and full of ventilation that looks and smells good. >> we know that it acts human well-being, which can equate to productivity, a loss of absenteeism when people are surrounded by plants and vegetation. they feel good. >> reporter: there is one challenge to the beauty, the cost. around $50,000 per wall. >> well, we've raised the funds. we've raised 90% of the funds, and that comes from the community benefit district. that also comes from our community and our neighbors. >> people will look at this internationally as an icon, a place where vertical vegetation is not -- it's not just a statement, but it's a way in which we express our love of nature. >> reporter: the neighborhood's first live-in wall is planned to be completed by summer of 2011, and will look something like this. in san francisco, zack hayne,
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cbs0. and that's it for this edition of eyewitness news at ten. we have a whole lot more sports at 11 on cbs0. happy new year, everybody.
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