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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  January 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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o's trying to stop take your pay and increase it by half. who's trying to stop it and why. for some it will be too little to -- too late. what was rotten in san mateo and how they are trying to fix it. a dog shot, a person killed, and suspects in both cases on the loose. the series of events that help heyward police busy tonight. the only tv station allowed inside a very closeup look at what's happening in the tunnel. the third rate hike in five months. for some it adds up to a 59 percent increase. blue shield of california is facing pressure to delay that rate hike. there is only so much the
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commissioner can do. >> reporter: what a way to start the week. to put this into perspective, we talked to a family. patrick was laid off two years ago. his wife is a part-time teacher. this rate hike is really hitting their family hard. >> yeah, i'm very angry. >> reporter: another health insurance rate hike. that is the last thing patrick expected from blue shield of california. but he just got a letter that says he will have to pay more in march. >> it's just going up crazy. well in a couple of years, we won't be able to pay. >> reporter: according to the calculations, premiums have gone up 73 percent in the past year. a year ago, he paid $447 a month. in march, he will pay a whopping $777. he's not a loan.
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this could affect nearly 200,000 people in california. >> doctors and health insurance are in this together because they have every incentive to charge as much as possible until government stops them. >> reporter: dave jones says he wants to power to control health insurance rates. >> i would like to have that authority for health insurance. i'm asking the legislature to give me that authority so i can address situations like the one here. >> reporter: until that happens, commissioner jones has asked for a 60-day review. but that may not be soon enough for his family. even if the rates drop, he says he cannot afford for anyone in his family to get ill or hurt with an $8,000 deductible. >> what are you going to do if your child gets sick? if it's payor die, you're going to pay. you're going to be bankrupt if your kids get sick. >> reporter: blue shield released a statement earlier today and said our individual
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costs are rising rapidly due to higher provider prices and the fact that healthier people are dropping coverage during a bad economy. they expects to lose tens of million of dollars. a spokeswoman says that 30 percent is the average that most families will see. as you can see for some families, it's still going to be very painful. >> wow, that family's annual bill is almost $10,000, then to add the $8,000 deductible. >> they are scared to death of getting sick. it's just the latest move that seems to suggest that free checking could soon be a thing of the past. bank of america is testing a menu of fee for checking services. monthly fees will go as high as $25, the most basic one with the checking account and debit
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card is about $9, that's waived if you maintain a $1,500 balance or do direct deposit. well, if you didn't have the luxury of staying inside today, then you know it is really cold outside tonight. these people were stuck outside after the sun went down in san francisco this evening. our meteorologist is along to explain exactly what is happening out there. temperatures in santa rosa last night set a record in the upper # 0 -- 20s. it's even 3 degrees colder tonight than it was last night. 46 in san jose. in the city, we're in the low 40s. temperatures are going to drop again tonight. tomorrow morning, widespread fog which has already forming in the east bay tonight. temperatures will be in the 30s
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as we look ahead, high pressure keeps us dry for a while, but not forever. we have rain on the horizion. >> we will see you in a bit. frustrating and a whole lot of waiting, that's how people on the peninsula are describing their new garage collection. a -- garbage collection. a new company has taken over and many are not pleased with the service. >> reporter: in the more extreme examples, the garbage cans haven't even gotten to yet. in some cases it's just some transitioning. this company says they are still working tout kinks for their new service to some 92,000 customers in ten cities along the peninsula. >> very frustrating. >> reporter: tom can't see to get his garbage picked up properly. >> see how narrow it is down
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there. >> reporter: he says a sizeable portion of the trash stays at the bottom because of the size of the bin and the truck doesn't finish the job. >> the arm picks it up, flips it upside down, but it didn't dump all the garbage. >> reporter: he is one of many customers dealing with problems from the new company. they began service monday taking over from allied waste. >> anytime a major transition of a garbage service happens, there are bound to be growing pains. >> reporter: they stay they have been preparing for this transition for five years. >> 97 percent of the service experienced has been on time. >> reporter: that 3 percent amounts to hundreds of people. 92,000 new customers means there are many new routes and pickup schedules and he says the old company didn't pass
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along all the information about special preferences on the part of homeowners. >> for example, if you had backyard service, we wouldn't know that unless it was in the file. >> reporter: they say they have hired more staff, they are collecting more information and they are asking folks to be patient. meanwhile, the stack of problems, like the garbage, collects. >> we've been waiting for our new cans over three or four days now. they picked up about 6:00 p.m. tonight and it used to be before 10:00 a.m. >> reporter: the folks say they are confident they will be able to work out these problems perhaps within the next few days, maybe by next week. and there is some pressure on them. as it turns out, all of these new customers are about to have their rates increased. the average increase will be 15 percent but some will be up to 40 percent. >> that stinks.
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an influencal study that led a wave of parents from getting their kids vaccinated is being called a fraud. autism being linked to vaccines, the journal that found those facts were altered. five of the 12 kids had previously documented developpal problems before they were vaccinated. today the author of the study depended his findings. >> the most worse evidence of all, did you have some sort of precon received notion of the link before you conducted this study. >> absolutely not. please, i urge you. go and read my book. you will understand it. many people don't. the parents will understand it. they get it because they have lived it. the claims to whether the
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vaccine caused their children harm or not came from the parents, not me. >> reporter: last year, wakefield lost his license to practice in britain. the medical junior that originally published the study has since retracted it. police in nevada want people who live there to hear this message. gang activity is on the rise. the police issued a three-page public letter. it describes the growth of gang populations in the north bay. this comes just two days after two men were shot in a parking lot. they are saying they are not just seeing rival gangs fighting but subsets at war with each other. >> we've not experienced in the past, it's causing us concern. i think it's certainly a wake- up call for the community. >> well police did arrest a man
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in connection with monday's shooting. a killer is on the loose tonight in unincorporated alameda county. a 24-year-old man was shot and killed around 6:00 tonight. that shooting happened near a gas station at garden avenue and a street. that's just outside heyward city limits. the victim had been hit by several bullets. >> the person is not in custody so there is somebody out there that has a firearm that apparently is not afraid to use it. >> so far police do not know what led up to that shooting. the the bay area's largest -- church has beefed up its security on one of the holliest nights of the year. this ortho conversation church in hayward, a check point has been set up to screen everyone for midnight mass. the sheriff's office has also increased patrols in the area. it's all in some reaction to
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some general threats of violence online worldwide after the new year's day bombing of a church in egypt that killed 21 people. >> that's the time we're living in right now unfortunately, but it's very important for one to be careful. >> nearly all cops in california are egyptian. it's home to several thousands families. in other headlines, a dog was found shot to death. it was found at the corner near dixon street. police don't have a suspect or possible motive. a party could soon be over at a popular san jose nightclub for scenes like this. they have pulled club west's entertainment license for 30
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days. the club has a history of refusing to report violent incidents to police. city leaders hope to close that club permanently. a clear sign of tough times in berkeley. this may look like a newly paveed road or garden, but it's actually a community pool. willard pool was shut down in june after voters rejected measure c that would have imposed attacks to help maintain swimming pools. you know the good feeling when you hit a series of lights timed just right. it's no longer just for drivers. they have found fossils and struck oil by accident. the real gold is to ease the bay area commute. our exclusive look inside the fourth bore of the tunnel. he's off drugs and off the streets today. another dream come true for the man with the golden voice.
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literally the signals between 16th and 25th streets are timed. so, if they are giving the green light to psych i willists literally. they are timed. if you're riding your bike at 13 miles an hour, you will hit all the green lights. the transportation agency says san francisco is the first to provide one that goes in both directions on the same street. am sister dam and copenhagen that one way systems. the fourth bore of the tunnel, a story you will see only on cbs 5. we took our cameras inside to answer the question, what's going on with the project? ast side of the tunnel. ================== ================== ===== nat/vo >> reporter: they have been going at it non' stop for five
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months now for the first time we can see the new fourth bore of the tunnel taking shape. >> it's a very slow and deliberate process but we've been working all night, all day almost every day and we're about 600, 700 feet into the mountain now. >> reporter: the spokesman says the work has been going well. it's noisy, muddy and it's wet inside but they are on schedule despite running into a few strange road blocks. >> there's been a lot of interesting things that have occurred on the project. they are finding lots of fossils, over 500 specimens. they actually struck oil. they hit a big petroleum deposit. >> reporter: the tunnel will be about 2/3 of a mile long. >> reporter: it's not straight and it's actually going downhill from the east side, which is a bit of a challenge
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because the water from the process flows to the front of the tunnel, but they decided early on it was easier to tunnel from the east side first and then start on the west side. >> reporter: he says that tunneling in the west end will begin in a few short weeks. >> it looks big but it's going to be much bigger than this. that is just the top part. they tunnel through the hop -- top half first. then they come back and do the bottom half. >> reporter: the the money is coming directly from federal stimulus money. they expect traffic to be flowing by the fall of 2013. >> everyone will be partying that day. the motorists will be happy. go to our website to send me your good question. brian in for roberta
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tonight. i got to work this afternoon about 3:00. what time did you get in? >> i had to make a stop but i got in about 4:30, 5:00. there's somebody who has been here since 3:00 this morning. and that is my ace weather producer. >> oh, billy, wow. >> i am not worthy. he's the guy who has done all the graphics for me because it's been a long time since i've been at the computer. he was here for the morning show. he's here at 10:00 at night. let's look at the numbers which he put on the map. 29 degrees is the forecast low for tonight in santa rosa. that would come close to a record. it will be near freezing in livermore. we've got an offshore flow that is bringing cold air. this is this huge footprint of
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fog that forms every year this time of the year. look right here, see all this getting swept out. it's being pulled offshore so you've got this cold air that's being cranked through the gate. the temperatures are cooler than what we expect. that's why when you wake up in the valley that you're getting overcast skies in the morning. that's going to ease a little bit tomorrow because that offshore flow will re-series -- reverse directions and push it back in. forecast highs for tomorrow will be mostly in the 50s. it's going to be dry. high and dry right through the weekend. there is going to be no distinct temperature trend. it's going to be pleasant enough with sunny blue skies after the fog and then we look for our next chance of rain coming in on tuesday. in the meantime, high and dry. >> billy does a good job. i've heard a lot of people saying this week saying the sun feels so good. >> yeah, a little bit more
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between now and the weekend. >> thanks. well, don't feel sorry for him. that's what a michigan woman says about her husband caught snooping in her e-mail. he faces five years in prison. while snooping he found out his wife was having an affair with one of her former husbands. she says her privacy was violated and she is blasting those out there who feels sorry for her husband. she says he is making it all about him. what a marriage. he says he peaked because he was concerned about the effects of the affair on their daughter. he wants -- wanted more. what the so-called golden voice wanted that took 20 years to deliver. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now he's an internet sensation with a long list of job offers. but there was something ted now he's an internet sensation but was recently homeless. there was something he wanted more than a steady paycheck. today he got it. we have the story.
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>> reporter: this casual moment captured between pan handler and passing motorist has turned ted williams from a homes man with a golden voice to a national sensation. >> first of all, congratulations. >> reporter: he's gotten more than 13 million hits on youtube. and job offers including one with the cleveland cavaliers. there is talks of movie deals, new homes and trips to hawaii. but for ted there's one opportunity that tops them all. >> that's the one thing i'm looking forward to is coming to new york city to see my mom after 12 years. >> god has answered my prayer. i prayed that he could live to this this time when he would do well. >> hi, mom. >> reporter: just this afternoon, the moment game came. hi, mommy. >> reporter: a reunion in front
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of cameras for the early show. he was proud to tell his mom he finally got a job. >> i've the official voice for craft macaroni and cheese. >> reporter: but fame hasless -- has also brought focus on his past. >> good morning -- >> reporter: racing questions about what this attention might do. >> i'm choked. i get too emotional at this point. being a recovering alcoholic as i am, it's just like, oh. >> reporter: the world is hoping this man with the golden voice doesn't blow a golden opportunity. >> yeah, so that craft
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lebron james will not have to share the spotlight with harbaugh. harbaugh's agent is based -- it's being reported that the dolphins have now decided to keep the current head coach. so is stanford the front
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winner to -- runner to win the that you but sweepstakes. if you can't beat him on the score board, use your fifth. saint mary's, they win by 23 improving to 13-2 on the year. landry and robin lopez. josh owens off the turnover. stanford wins 55-41. the sun devils have scored at wells fargo arena in 36 years. the stanford women beat arizona women by 33 points. >> whew. >> mr. harbaugh we don't know his whereabouts. >> i think he's staying withstand ford. >> really?
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