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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  January 7, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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interim mayor. the theatrics behind the well, it's almost official. ed lee will be san francisco's interim mayor. officers responded but so far no evidence of a crime. one officer is responding to a bank robbery. verizon's network getting apple's iphone. why at&t customers may benefit from not making the switch. they signed up and then opted out. why the kardashian sisters are being sued from walking away from a bad credit card deal. good evening. it's not official yet, but the san francisco board of supervisors has chosen who it wants to succeed gavin newsom
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for mayor. the board voted for ed lee. grace? >> reporter: it will not be official until the new board votes him in, so we will have to wait until next week to see if that happens. in the meantime, they believe ed lee will become san francisco's first asian- american mayor, at least for the interim. >> after months of speculation, the board of supervisors voted ed win lee as -- edwin lee as the interim mayor. >> it's emotional and it's a long time coming. >> reporter: one opposed the opponent. to become mayor, he will need to resign from his position at city administrator. this is his second five-year
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term. the outgoing mayor said he had no calms delaying his inauguration for this moment. >> if i walked away and we got off track, that would have carried me into sacramento and i would have had to answer that up and down the state. now i wouldn't have to, you better believe i'm glad i stuck around. >> reporter: even with overwhelming support, today's vote was largely symbolic since the new board will be sworn in tomorrow. it will make the final decision on the interim mayor. they say while anything is possible, the new board is likely to stick with lee. >> he's pretty safe, he's not controversial. he's good to everybody. >> reporter: as for the next campaign, he's not expected to run, but it does set the political scene. >> probably a better outcome because none offed people -- none of the people who are likely to run will enjoy that
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advantage. >> reporter: he will be sworn in on monday and be working in the city until the very last moment. he's expected back on sunday from vacation. expect to hear from him. >> come back and you're mayor. >> i know. well, monday the governor will roll out his budget plan which is expected to contain deep cuts. he has started by eliminating the secretary of education, a lee say on between the governor and the board of education. it costs nearly $2 million a year. also, governor brown is trimming four-and-a-half million from his own budget. the governor says it all adds up to $7 million but is a drop in the bucket considering the
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projected $28 billion short fall. did you feel it? the magnitude 4.1 quake hit 11 miles north of morgan hill, ten minutes after 4:00. there have been more than a half dozen aftershocks since then. this is what our digital computer picked up, no reports of any injuries or damage. >> thanks start -- things started shaking, folks were coming out saying, it's not just me, is it? >> most of the things fall on the ground. >> reporter: here's a look at the moment of the quake. this is a surveillance video from a liquor store. you can see everybody in the picture stops and looks around. they say the shaking came from the -- fault. there were reports of the possibility of armed robbers at a peninsula bank today. but the reported suspects
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seemed to have disappeared. a s.w.a.t. team -- the officers didn't see anything going on in front of the building. >> we were unable to contact anybody in the bank by cell phone or telephone. concern for public safety as well was the employees and the possible customers in the case, we initiated a s.w.a.t. callout. >> when they went inside the bank, they found all the employees and customers safe but the suspect were nowhere to be found. tonight, police are still looking for them and any money they might have gotten away with. an attorney is stepping up to fight gangs by going after members. he's issues injunctions against them. it's a controversial plan that is dividing the city. >> reporter: anti-gang and junction protesting have been going on the past year. protestors saying the city
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shouldn't spend so much money trying to catch the bad guys, but instead should try to prevent kids from becoming bad. >> gang injunctions, they work on profiling, they work on the idea of taking an entire neighborhood, criminalizing the entire neighborhood. they draw resources away from building up education. >> reporter: focusing on education, a stance oakland's new mayor announced last week during her inaugural speech. >> we spend about 6 to 7 percent on education. and about 11 % on prisons. what's wrong with that picture? >> reporter: but the legal wranglings continue on gang injunctions with the city attorney asking a judge to restrict 42 known gang members from hanging out together,
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carrying guns, dealing drugs, vandalizing places and wearing certain colors within a safety zone. the proposed zone is an area bordered by 21st to highs street. an attorney represents one of the alleged gang members. he was at today's injunction hearing. >> we hope to show the judge that these are not active gang members. these are youths that committed indiscretions when they were young. what they need is jobs and community centers and some rehab. >> reporter: the police chief has argued all along gang injunctions worked. when they were tried during his tenure, he says they worked. but opponents say it will only increase racial profiling, especially young latinos. this is still being argued in the courts about what to do on the streets. in oakland, cbs 5.
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investigators believe the package that ignited in a dc post alfacility today were sent by the same person. it went off after a worker tossed it into a sorting bin. nobody was injured. >> the package had been described as popping, smoking and with a brief flash of fire and then it went out by itself. >> it matched the two other packages that ignited in government billings yesterday. one was addressed to maryland's governor and the other to the transportation department. one had a note ranting about government antiterrorism messages. all three packages were shipped from southern maryland and the fbi is investigating. we are one week away from you being able to electronically file your 2010 tax returns, but an estimated
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40 million early birds are going to get a message from the irs this year that basically says, come back later. on the consumer watch, julie explains why. >> reporter: this year, the tax man needs more time. that means you may have to wait a few weeks before filing your return. they say the agency isn't ready to start processing certain 2010 returns. >> this is because of the late tax legislation that was passed in december. they need to reprogram their computers. >> reporter: does it affect you? well, it does if you itemize your did he ducks or if you're a teacher that pays for classroom expenses out of pocket. and it also impacts parents and students.
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>> it is a massive undertaking and that's why it takes a month- and-a-half. >> reporter: they don't expect their computers to be updated until mid-february. if you try to e file before then, you will find your returns rejected. something else knew this year, people who prepare faxes for a fee must have attacks id. >> and finally if you can't afford to pay a preparer, you can still get free tax help. the united way and some other people sponsor free tax slippics -- tax clinics in the area. we put a link to a listing of those sites on our website. click news and then consumer. well, you've heard it. we've reported it but it never happened. it still hasn't, but it will. when we're going to hear about
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the iphone move to the network. there is something in the water. the government puts it there, but now it wants a little less. signs that kids can have too much of a good thing. well, if you've tried running or yoga or anything else to get fit in the past, here's something new. here's a hint. remember recess? >> i think all those people were crunching up and down trying to keep warm jumping up and down. we will continue in a
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the fresno company that created those prepaid credit cards just keep coming back to haunt the kardashian sisters. the fresno company that created it is suing the women for $75 million. the sisters pulled their names
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from the cards three weeks after it launched. it immediately came under fire for its high fees. the company is suing for breach of contract. from iphone -- it looks like it could soon be here. verizon iphones. i'm so excited. a development could end up benefiting those who decide to stay put with at&t. >> reporter: we're live here at a verizon store just down the street from apple headquarters. a report confirms one of the worst kept secrets in high tech. any iphone customers thinking about you jumping ship may want to wait. it's the headline, verizon finally lands the iphone. >> i'm thrilled. i'm very thrilled because i can get rid of at&t. >> citing an unnamed source, the newspaper said the official
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announcement from verizon will happen in new york city on tuesday breaking at&t's exclusive hold on the device it's had since 2007. they believe at&t could lose 1 to 3 million users to verizon. but our analyst says not so fast. >> it's possible some people could get better coverage than with verizon. it depends on the cell tours and other things. >> reporter: they consume lots amount of data. >> it could be beneficial to the at&t customer to don't leave because if they do lose a lot of iphone customers, the ones that are left might have better service. >> would you be willing to break your contract and go to verizon. >> breaking an at&t contract
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can cost you as much as $350. >> are you going to switch in -- -- are you going to switch? >> i'm not sure. >> would you want people to stay away from verizon? >> no, absolutely not. technology will fix it. doesn't technology fix everything? >> reporter: by the way, if you're wondering, no your current iphone will not work on verizon. no word yet on when this magical verizon iphone will appear. >> let's tell the story a little differently then. you have to buy a new iphone to get on this network, is that what you're saying? >> wow. >> we figured out what that's all about. thank you. get you coming and going. look at this. it looks all dark here, we
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were able to capture this moon right after sunset tonight, otherwise we have quickly filled in with the low clouds. now, at this hour, the numbers are taking a big nose dive into the 40s. it's now in the mid-30s. peninsula, mid-40s. low 40s to the south. tonight, overnight, it will dip down to 38 degrees. santa rosa below freezing. notice fremont at 40 and low 40s across the central bay. we do have some significant changes. this area of low pressure departing to the north of us. a little dip in the jet stream. we will see the winds rotate to the southeast. you will already notice the winds are rotating to the southeast. 11:00 in the morning, you see a little hint of some sunshine towards clear lake back in through hills bearing.
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hills berg. meanwhile, looks like high sierra will have some very chilly nights ahead. we do have mostly sunny skies tomorrow. temperature-wise, a little bit more season al. it looks like we do have the sunny skies revealed during the afternoon hours on sunday and monday. then chances return on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and even into friday. but at least a little bit more mild air mass. lots of people complain about the weather, but wade says go get a hike. like to see you there. keep the photos coming right here. >> pretty. >> isn't it lovely? >> it's a good idea. >> thanks. well, the feds want to reduce the amount of fluoride
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in your drinking water. it has nothing to do with health, this is for cosmetics reasons. they are proposing to dropping the levels to the lowest recommended level. it's in response to a new study showing that a lot of add less cents have a streaking or spotting of the teeth. >> it does change the' appearance of the enamel of the tooth but it is barely noticeable by even dental professionals. >> experts are saying americans are getting more fluoride lately. it usually develops when a child's teeth are forming. it's typically at age 8 or younger. they stress fluoride is extremely safe and necessary for healthy teeth. listen up, guys, science
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agree that a woman's tears have power over you. it's in the brain activity and test estrone. they are not able pinpoint the exact chemical that triggers these effects. the study does not include men's tears. there's a place for the exercise that's just waiting for you to jump in. mike sugarman puts us to the test. ,,,,,,
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want airport security workers pe well, you might say it's choosing be between the lesser of two evils. think twice about wearing that underwear that hide everything. you've seen that underwear, i know you have. they are made with special ink that blurs out specific body parts. we can't talk about those on television, but wearing those under gar meant will get you a
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patdown. it's their way of getting back at passengers. they say no way, it's just security, dude, move on. another debate these days, how to stick to that resolution to lose weight and get more exercise. we are shown a different way some of burning those unwanted calories. >> every year people resolve to get in shape usually the same old way. same resolution, new activity. two words: trampoline dodge basketball. >> it takes the -- dodge ball. it takes the adults back to the days they were kids on the play grounds. >> reporter: there are adult trampoline dodge ball leagues. i showed up when there was mostly kids bouncing around.
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>> the game is relentless and exhausting. bouncing around, running around. it is good exercise. >> you're working out your legs, your arms are moving. your core here is nice and tight so you're abs will get a good work out. >> what was that, 45 seconds? i'm a little tired. good exercise. tired. >> reporter: for those of us a bit older and even in somewhat good shape, it can be murder. >> i tried it for two hours. >> two hours? >> and i sat about an hour and 59 minutes. >> reporter: people do get pretty good. you want to know what it's like to dunk? they don't call it the house of air for nothing. >> hey, you want a piece of me. >> i was getting a work out and black and blue.
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>> all right. three times is enough. i'm done. o far to get him... all right. big news for the 49ers. they have a new coach and they did not have to look too far to get him. the warriors at home tonight for a game with the cavs. stick around, sports is next. le do you have to save? texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down.
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turned out pretty well... bill walsh led the team to three ls... now it >> i'd say it turned out pretty well, wall s led the team to 3 super bowls. now it's harbaugh. >> i can feel the enthusiasm coursing through my vince right now. the chance to be a part of a team who goes after the highest in all the sports. in stanford university, the
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signature years, as i said before, and they -- i love them and they loved me back. there is really no sentence that you could put us in the same sentence as. i have a long way to go and a lot of work ahead of me before any comparison can be made. former warrior jamison looks to be pretty happy to come back to the bay area. he wasn't laughing when david lee went right around him for the dunk. 22 points. 14 rebounds for lee. the warriors knocked down 14 threes. the warriors blow out the cavs. 116-98. more importantly, the 9ers, they now have their coach and a gm. >> all they need is a quarterback. >> i have a girlfriend that
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says fans were on fire. did i say fire? >> fire. >> all right. we will see you at 11:00.
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