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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  April 25, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" on the cw. >> poised to be the first in the history of the state to outsource its fire department, the decision being debated in san carlos right now. >> well i'm glad you're going to test it. i don't want to be at home when we do it. >> we saw what happened to line 132 in september. now pg&e is testing line 132a. how it is determining if a high- risk natural gas pipeline can take the pressure. critics call it a training ground for violent crim nationals. but we played it. it's not exactly vicious, the ran core and the reality of dog wars. while the world is waiting for the main event we're taking a look back at some of the royal dirty laundry. the affairs, illegitimate children that helped make up the royal lineup age. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king.
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equipment failure caused a natural gas leak that shut down highway 92 on the peninsula during evening commute. the highway patrol shut down the highway from half moon bay to skyline boulevard before 59. traffic backed up as you might eye image eye inas crews shut down that line. the equipment that failed was a regulator that lowers the pressure so gas can be distributed to homesment about 8 customer lost gas service. now concerns about the age and condition of hundreds of miles of gas lines are on the minds of many bay area residents after last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. the first mandatory safety test is set for mountain view. we heard what pg&e had to say to the folks there tonight. >> reporter: the san bruno explosion which killed 8 people and destroyed dozens of homes occurred on what pg&e calls line 1232 in mountain view. in mountain view 132a connects
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them up the peninsula, and now that short half mile and a half section of pipe will under go what is called a hydrostatic pipe test. >> it's a safe method throughout the industry to validate an safe operating pressure from the line. >> reporter: they'll remove all gas from the line and fill it with water to 130% of the current maximum operating pressure and hold it for 8 hours. a similar test will be done on a section in antioch. >> any that doesn't stand it we're going to cut out that section and replace it with new pipe. >> tonight pg&e held the first of open houses to explain the process to residents. >> i live on top of the line to be tested. >> reporter: marry li nose is concerned about the test. >> i don't want to be at home when they test it. >> reporter: she supports the
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testing but wonders why it was not done sooner -- >> i don't want the entire san bruno, i watched the entire events of san bruno and i'm afraid of that. >> reporter: it goes by the school where parent mag delean a cas take rain a is concerned about her son. >> i just feel that i have to come and see and ask a lot of my questions. >> reporter: do you feel better about this test they are gonna do now or are you still nervous about it? >> no, i feel confident now. >> reporter: pg&e says it will have crews standing by in the event there's an issue with this line and there is say a water rupture. they say they will be ready for that. pg&e says it also does not expect that this test which can last for up to three weeks until they get all the work done and the water in and out, they do not expect it will interrupt any gas service to any customer, they'll feed those customers from alternate sources. dana, a specific date is in the minds of pg&e. they think they are gonna do it, they have not announced it formally. they will tell residents if
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they smell natural gas in the area too so they will get the word out but they are not releasing the date yet. >> it's a start though. mark sayier, thank you. oakland police searching for the man who gunned down 6 people at a jack london square night club. two people died in the shooting at sweet jimmy's on broad street before 1:00 a.m. about an hour later another man was shot and wounded in an unrelatedded shooting just around the corner, in all 7 people were shot in the two attacks. the police say the first gunman arrived at sweet jimmy's in a white avenger similar to a car we're gonna show you here. police say he opened fire with an assault rifles. >> it appears to be indiscrim nat shooting at this time. >> jean saskatchewan, oklahoma mayor, called the shootings repair occurrences that are both tragic and troubling. she said solving them is a high priority. the family of a juror -- german tourist killed in san
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francisco last summer will be back in the city this week. he was caught in a cross fire when two rival groups of teenagers opened fire outside of a union square club. she was in san francisco with her husband celebrating her wedding anniversary and her birthday. now her husband and two sons will hold a private memorial and meet with the district attorney. >> the district attorney tries as much as possible to meet directly with family members or at least to have a conversation by phone in cases where a homocide has occurred. >> they initially arrested an 18-year-old but released him for lack of evidence. now cbs5 as hernandez investigators have recommended charges against at least one suspect. the da's office would not bottom on the charges but has not acted on them. the violence in syria intensifies the united states has ordered all u.s. ebb dependents and some non- essential staff to evacuate. morning. wit thousands of troops with tanks op government forces stormed the southern city of dara this
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morning. witnesses say thousands of troops with tanks opened fire on civilians killing at least 11 people. the actions have brought threats of targeted sanctions by the u.s. and the united nations. meanwhile in libya three people were killed when a nato airstrike hit a home near the home of muammar gaddafi. that injured 45 others, gaddafi appeared in public later in the day to show his supporters and his enemies he was still alive and well. the airstrike came after bloody weekend battles between gaddafi's forces and rebel fighters. tonight the makers of a game that features dog fighting say they fear for their safety. the free smart phone app has an mallovers and police furious. the grace lee shows us the creators insist they are symptom me misunderstood. >> it's called dog wars. a free android app that allows you to fight pit bulls. you can teach it to bite.
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you can force it to drag a tire to gain strength. and then you go head to head with other players. >> i was hoping it was a prank. it's, my visceral reaction is how horrendous this is. >> reporter: jennifer scarlet says the app promotes real-life dog fighting, she has seen how it affects them whether they win or lose. >> they are in a month recollection douse amount of pain, they have multiple fractures sometimes, they have multiple lacerations and bruising. >> reporter: the app even allows you to buy weapons knives and guns in case of a police raid. >> it's basically a how-to guide on how to do dog fighting. >> reporter: that has the los angeles police ontario techtive league up in arms. >> gang members are heavily involved in that type of activity. theyre develop in the violence. >> reporter: even philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick is denouncing the app saying it is inappropriate. he served a 20-month sentence for a federal dog fighting conviction but the maker of app
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cage games says "people are entirely missing the point. we are in fact animal lovers ourselves. we cannot reveal much about ourselves for fear of our safety. we have received real and extremely violent threats. we tried the app out and you never see the dogs fight so it's wasn't as violent as we expected. also we noticed that the game keeps shutting down. cage games says it is still developing that game and they say the app is supposed to be satirical and they hope to educate people about the real- life horrors of dog fight going. that came out in a statement today. >> there are an awful lot of these games, what was the one we were talking about. >> grand theft auto. >> where human beings get killed. i'm not condoning this, i'm saying there's an awful lot of violence on these games across the board, animal or human aligning. >> i brought the same game earlier and they pointed out this is a free app so anyone
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has access to it. grand theft auto you have to be a certain age to buy that game. >> gotcha. well there is a difference, okay, grace, thank you. well maybe you've seen the billboards around town, an oklahoma minister proclaiming the day of judgment is coming on may 21st. he claims the end of the world will follow on october 21st. harold camping says that same- sex marriage is one of the signs of the end. he told our mike sugarman that his 50 years study of the bible leads him to that conclusion. >> just in case this doesn't happen can we do an interview with you the next day? >> i -- it is absolutely going to happen. there is no way that i could schedule an interview because i won't be here. >> well he predictedded the end of the world back in 1994 as well. he now says his calculations were off. an atheist group has scheduled its annual conference in oakland for the weekend of may 21st. in part of a counter campaign.
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he is cleared for takeoff and she is cleared to go watch. how gabrielle giffords husband is describing her recovery. for map wedding. >> and there is no guarantee of a a fairy tale ending even if you are king or queen. a few of the romantic foe pause preceding this week's wedding ba. >> back to march 19th. you got the weather event as we continue on the cw. map
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expected to decide whether to hire a company in florida to run its fire department. and down to the wire. tonight a bay area city is expected to decide whether to
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hire a company in florida to run its fire department. and people lined up to give city leaders a a piece of their mind. elizabeth cook is outside the meeting in san carlos right now. >> reporter: the meeting is still going on, the city council just extended it to midnight. now all throughout the night starting at 7:00 tonight they heard from dozens of fire personnel and people who live in san carlos, many of whom do not want to see their fire department contracted to an outside provider. the city council chambers overflowed with passion. >> fire to a contractor? a low-bid contractor? what happens if they fail? >> if we go with wackenhut businesses will burn and people will die. bottom line. >> reporter: the council had two primary proposals. one from redwood city which would combine city resources. the other from wackenhut, a private contractor. the wackenhut proposal can
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potentially save the city up to $6.6 million. >> we actually have proposed to put four firefighters in each station versus three firefighters at each station and put them on different types of apparatus that are more in tune to the types of emergencies that are ran in the city of san carlos. >> reporter: but many voiced concerns that for-profit contractor would jeopardize public safety. >> they are gonna work their employees 72 hours a week. it's not a safe schedule. >> reporter: the redwood city proposal would save san carlos up to $3.5 million, it would be a joint department hybrid system. >> when you look at the track record of the redwood city fire department as opposed to wackenhut. they have no experience in municipal firefighting, they did it one time in florida in 1977 and it didn't end well. >> reporter: if they do approve wackenhut to be their firefighting contractor they would be the first city to use a private contractor for the
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fire department. >> do you think by midnight they should know something? >> reporter: it's tough to tell. there is a lot of people here, a lot of very passionate voices to be heard, including some on the city council so it's -- we'll see what happens. hopefully by midnight they'll know something. >> okay. elizabeth cook in san carlos. thank you. gabrielle giffords is cleared to travel to florida to watch her husband's shuttle launch on friday. doctors at the congresswoman's houston rehab hospital set that as a goal for their patient. kelly will command the space shuttle endeavor when it makes its final flight. katie couric interviewed the astronaut before he went into quarantine to prepare for his mission. >> so her personality is 100% there, it's difficult for her to walk and the communication skills are difficult at this point. >> but she is still gabby? >> yeah, absolutely. >> what was her reaction when she got the final go-ahead? >> interview: i think he said "awesome," pumped her fist one
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more time. >> there are no plans for giffords to make a public appearance on friday. president and his family will be kennedy space center for the launch as well. al queda, anarchists, radical irish republicans. now these are the groups that police believe pose the biggest threat of an attack on friday's royal wedding. helicopters are already in the sky scanning for unusual activity on the wedding route. friday there will be snipers on the rooftops. the total of 5,000 police officers will be on duty, most unarmed. this last december demonstrators attacked prince charles and camilla's car in london. british royal marriages have seen their bumps in the past. in the years past. michelle miller shows us some of the many unions followed by scandal. >> reporter: whether it's the modern day tale of the commoner marrying the prince. >> the old love story.
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>> the 6 wives of henry the 8th, divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. >> reporter: the romances, romps of the monarchy helped shape the history. >> it's delicious isn't it. >> they keep doing it over and over again, there is a never- ending supply of them. >> leslie carol has written four books on royal love affairs. >> rarely is it happily ever after. consider the first meeting of george the iv with his wife caroline. >> she is a short dumb pea thing who is a stranger to toot powder and washing. >> reporter: he went on a 3-day drinking binge that ended when he stumbled down the aisle. >> it was a political alliance. >> reporter: prince marry second uncontrollably as she married women. the starts were followed by can scandal. james the 1st fell in love with
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the duke of buckingham. edward was nicknamed ed edward the cares or. and charles the 2nd had as many as 19 ill legitimate children. royal para hours received millions from the nation's treasury. >> they were given jewels and clothes and houses and castles and titles. >> but it's been the monarchy's strongest marriages on which a modern britain was built. now a new couple is marrying for love. not england. >> it's not a fairy tale, it's a proper love story and they are friends, they are allies. >> reporter: a partnership rewriting a millennium of royal marital history. for michelle miller, cbs news, london. i know somebody who is gonna get up at 1:00 in the morning to watch all that. >> why are you looking at me like that? i won't be getting up, i just won't be going to bed. that's the way it works. today around the bay area we
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had high temperatures anywhere from 60 in san francisco which is about 5 degrees below normal to 70 degrees in santa rosa and in morgan hill. there are the clouds right there. do you see them? they are trying to move out of here. tonight overnight we'll call it partly cloudy into the 40s and into the 50s, so we did have an area of low pressure. it did produce some light rain showers today and now in its weak we'll have temperatures in the 40s and 50s for your morning commute. go ahead and stash the umbrella for the first time since march 29th, we'll have at least 7, perhaps as much as 9 days in a row with no rain. high pressure is building in very quickly with the passage of that front. as it builds in it is gonna dry out the atmosphere and the temperatures will respond. 57 in citizen son beach to 70 in santa rosa, 60s san rafael through novato. winds will blow out of the northwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. 53 in richmond, 70 degrees in concord. back into hercules and pinole, 68 in pleasanton, numbers
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across the veil slightly below the average 70 degrees. 60s common around the peninsula and 50s, 60s around the immediate sea shore. there you have a warmer day wednesday, a glitch in the forecast, an area of low pressure going to bump up against the northwestern section of the state providing us with partly cloudy skies thursday, order wise high pressure fills back in again. friday, saturday, all the way through monday, this time next week, warmer conditions. beautiful photographs. a pet troll or even a hope punch. thank you lamont for sending this to us from the airport. keep the pictures coming to the cw. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ "eyewitness news" is brought to you by southwest airlines rapid rewards, no blackout dates. >> we will be talking hockey in a minute. you have seen them before, they don't get rubbed off or fade away. how are the lines and the logos painted on the ice at the tank? that's tonight's good question. i didn't even know you could paint ice but that's exactly how they put down the lines and logos at the shark tank. first question i got to ask you is what kind of paint sticks the ice? >> it's kind of like the old testimony pure a paint like in grade school. >> yeah, the same stuff you finger painted with in kindergarten. bruce has been painting hockey rinks for 37 years. it all starts with a coat of white and then the lines go in, all on just a 16th of an inch of a thick layer of ice.
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>> all the blue lines, red lines, goal creases are hand painted. we used to do all the logos hand painted but now we have sped up the joba little bit by putting the cloth ones in. >> the center logo, some of the ads are made of a thin permeated clot put on the ice and sprayed with water. >> sprinkle a little water on them and squidgy them and take the air out from underneath. >> then layer of water until there's an inch of ice on the top. they use a trick to make the colors pop. they run all the water through a ro, reverse osmosis, sheen, so when it hits the ice it is crystal clear. the entire process takes about 30 hours. >> these guys can do it, make a little mistake here and there, they can trip a little red paint and say na, it's just blood. >> go to click on connect to send me your questions. the sharks drew first blood
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in l.a. was it enough? could the a's wake up from their dream weaver? >> no fastball, no doubt, darren cooper calling low strikes. >> it's going to be metal. lexus holds its >> it's going to be mental. >> by by the office on the cw. that lexus has the best overall value of any brand. ♪ and j.d. power and associates ranks lexus the highest in customer satisfaction. no wonder more people have chosen lexus over any other luxury brand 11 years in a row. see your lexus dealer.
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sports minute brought to you by toyota. tank. todd mclellan's choice in net tonight??? annti niemi... antti niemi allowed three goals in five shots, tom mccolin's choice in net tonight, start the clock. mclellan goin' with a guy who won a stanley cup last year. sharks up 3-2, trevor lewis scores, the sharks would kill off a 5-minute power play. they go to overtime and it didn't take long to score in the extra period. joe thornton bangs in the rebound, sharks win 4-3. they'll advance to play the blackhawks or red wings.
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how we kendrick lines a single off gio gonzalez, jered weaver would make it stand. he pitches a complete game shutout striking out 10. angels win 5-0. weaver's sixth of the season. 49ers hall of fame running back joe perry passed away today. he was the franchise's first african-american player and still holds records in rushing yards and touchdowns. the jet was 84. break up the memphis grizzlies, the western conference 8th seed san antonio won 84-86 and now lead it 3 games to 1. they need one more win to close it out. the 2007 warriors are the only other 8th seed to have beaten a won. the sharks get some much needed rest after all those overtime games so it will be a good thing for them. >> tough a lot of penalties. >> a lot of penalties, they killed off that 5-minute major which shouldn't have been a 5- minute major in my opinion. >> this is the face of exhaustion.
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that was quite a series. >> yeah -- >> we'll see you at 11:00. people watch us here. i'm a curious seeker.
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i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.


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