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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 3, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. police believe they have just cornered and arrested the person who shot to kill one of their own. how it started and ended minutes ago. if it takes me 17 years more until i get this. >> a year and still no answers. what the mother of a murdered teen says gets her through the day. >> and they look eco friendly even labeled biodegradable. >> i think it's great. >> but -- >> consumers are being duked. >> why most of these knives, spoons, and forks still end up in a landfill. and it's a flawless mission that almost wasn't. what went wrong during the raid on osama bin laden's mansion and how torture led u.s. intelligence to that compound. good everyoning, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. a suspect fired multiple times
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at a pittsburgh police car and now hours later, officers are swarming around a house where they believe the gunman is held up. it started as a chase and came to an end near railroad and atlantic avenues. the suspect ran into the neighborhood. elizabeth cook is near the house that police surrounded. elizabeth, what's going on if. >> nearly four hours of pursuit, police made an arrest. roll to that tape and i'll show you moments ago, a man came out with his hands up unharmed. police quickly put him in handcuffs, then a team of police went into the house to check for safety. the man who was arrested is now in an ambulance truck. they could not confirm if that was indeed the suspect, but meanwhile the people who live in this area are breathing a sigh of relief. patrol cars, windshield is
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riddled with bullet holes. it looks like the suspect was aiming right for the driver. the side rear window is blown out. the officer is okay, here he is taking off his bullet proof vest. it's the end of what police say was a chase through pittsburgh streets that started when the suspect refused to pull over for a routine traffic stop. the suspect's car, a gold cadillac, had crashed into a retaining wall. after the gunman opened fire, he ran off into the neighborhood. police and sheriff deputies scoured the area preventing people from going back home. >> it's crazy to get out and they have them coming out and going from house to house. >> evelyn moore is trying to get home to breast-feed her eight movant old baby to see if her family is safe. >> i don't know. you know. it's kind of like, i hope my kids weren't outside because i have a four-year-old that just learned how to ride a bike.
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>> now evelyn was escorted back to her home by police. again someone, we aren't confirming whether or not that was a suspect or not. we're waiting to hear confirmation from police. a man came out of that house where police activities still going on right now, came out with his hands up. he was quickly arrested. a team of police went into the house and checked for safety. they were armed with guns. the man who was arrested was taken off in that ambulance truck and right now we're just waiting to hear on the condition of that suspect and again his identity. dana, back to you. >> i understand this is a fluid situation, but it looks like the person who came out, the suspect was limping and had something tied around the knee. did they say whether he was injured? >> right now police are not saying anything right now. we are waiting for confirmation, if indeed that was the suspect they were looking for. there is some indication the police activity died down a
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little bit. right now his condition is unknown at this point. >> thank you. well he was a murder that ended one teenager's life weeks before his high school graduation. today, on the one year anniversary of his death, the family of samuel gathered with a purpose. mark reports from heyward on the attention they want for this unsolved crime. >> samuel was just 17 years old and five weeks away from graduating from high school when he was shot and killed. tonight, family members and friends of sammy marched along mission boulevard where he died one year ago. they went to honor his memory and keep lis name in the public eye in hopes that someone with knowledge of the crime may step forward. >> more than words can describe. it means what sammy was all about. >> a passenger inside a car when witnesses say a gunfired here at the intersection of
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mission and industrial. there was an argument and a woman may have been targeted. >> he was my son. i carried him for nine months and i brought him into this world and did the best i could for 17 years. if it takes me 17 years more until i get this. >> nava was awarded his high school degree. earlier today, nicolette attended the cemetery where her brother is buried. >> it's very hard and it is very surreal and it still feels like a bad dream. >> now heyward police say nava was not a gang member, but cannot rule out the possibility that there was gang involvement in the shooting. heyward police say they consider this an active investigation. they are still getting new leads even a year later and
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they have their most veteran homicide detective assigned to this case to try to save it for this family. >> someone out there knows what happened and hopefully they will come forward. thank you mark. former president george w. bush declined an invitation from president obama to join him at ground zero on thursday. the president will be in new york to meet with families of the september 11 attacks who marked the death of osama bin laden. grace lee reports tonight that we are learning what information the president had and what he didn't know when he authorized the raid on the compound. >> flushing out and killing osama bin laden was a huge risk and now we are learning why. much of the decision was based on satellite surveillance. video showed a man emerging each day for a walk. it was impossible to tell his height and no way to see his face. the family was about the same size as the al-qaeda leaders,
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but none of them ventured outside. the evidence was purely circumstantial. there was a 60% chance that bin laden was inside. but the president gave the green light. that's when two black hawks carrying 25 navy seals took off 160 miles from the compound. the seals were supposed to drop down from the choppers on to the roof of the compound. instead, near disaster. one black hawk got caught in its own roader wash and forced to make a landing. the second landed and the seals had to blast their way in, losing the element of surprise. 25 minutes went by without news. tension was thick in the white house situation room as they waited for word from leon, the cia director was inside the command center in virginia giving updates to the
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president. the seals shot their way up the stairs when a woman attacked them. >> a woman rushed the u.s. assaulter and was shot in the leg, but not killed. >> then they reported back that bin laden's code name, the enemy was killed in action. today we have learned he had no weapon, but he resisted capture. >> persistence does not require firearm. >> one black hawk took off, the other was blown up. returned to pick up the remange seals. the body of bin laden and what could prove to be priceless information multiple hard drives and computers at the compound. >> i think one clear message has gone out to the world. there's no place to hide. >> the white house has said that there are gruesome pictures of bin laden's body.
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today, cia director said in two separate interviews that he believes those pictures will eventually be released to the public. there's been a lot of talk about this. a lot of speculation, we just don't know when. >> what we also don't know is really exactly what happened. i doubt we ever will. >> absolutely. >> all right grace, thank you very much. now some of the intell that led to the u.s., rather led the u.s. to the pakistani compound where bin laden was found came from so-called enhanced interrogation techniques. president obama outlawed those techniques and when asked if that ban should be lifted, the head of the cia said no. >> obviously there was some valuable information that was derived through those interrogations, but the question that everybody will always debate is whether or not those approaches had to be used in order to get the same information and that frankly is an open question.
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>> director pinetta went on to say that the order was to disrupt, dismantd l al-qaeda. the pakistani town is generally a quiet one. no one gave a second look to the walled compound that hid the world's most wanted terrorist. elizabeth palmer gives us a better look inside. >> in the full light of day, no longer a hideout, but an empty cement house. this the compound where osama bin laden lived and died is now infamous and everybody wants a look. inside evidence of a violent baffle, along with a passport. now that the police are allowing access, half of the neighborhood marveled that they have been living next door to the world's most wanted man
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without knowing it. after a last sweep, the house has been sealed and there is some suggestion now that it will be bulldozed to prevent it from becoming a shrine. there is curiosity and also frank disbelief. >> i live here more than 35 years. >> and yet here it is. a fortress flanked on all sides by family homes. its high walls scorched by the fire fight. so how could a 6-foot 4-inch celebrity terrorist make himself invisible in one of the most secure towns in all of pakistan? some 120,000 retired and active duty army personnel live here. and pakistani officials insist that not one of them noticed when osama bin laden moved in. they are now desperate to put this huge embarrassment behind them. >> what we are trying to do
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here is to look to the future. this issue of osama bin laden is history. >> but american officials want to know were the pakistani's just incompetent when they missed this hiding place or did they collude with al-qaeda? elizabeth palmer, cbs news. airlines do it, banks do it, cell phone and cable companies do it and now so might your doctor. the additional fees and why they say they have become a necessary evil. and new advice for dog owners. what the garbage folks say is the best way to dispose of you know what. >> do you have to have a big smile. it's a funny answer. you think they are eco friendly, but why are most compostable utensils being dumped in landfills? >> consumers are being duked.
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what's your story? citibank can help you write it. notice extra fees from their doctors. a lot of people are starting to notice extra fees coming from their doctors. a growing number of physicians are charging patients an annual fee. it's mainly for things like phone consultations and dealing with insurance companies. all expenses a doctor say have been coming out of their own pockets. >> all the things that we asked the patients to pay in our annual administrative fee are noncovered services. if the insurance companies paid for these services, then we wouldn't be in this discussion at all. >> insurance companies oppose
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these annual fees. the cost of administrative services are already covered in insurance premiums. these days many companies are trying to bolster their green credentials by selling everything from environmentally friendly cars to cleaning supplies. jew by watts found out not every product is as green as you might think. it's a labeling tactic critics call green washing. >> diners of this outdoor cafe like more than the food. they also like the cutlary. >> it's compostable. >> this is what happens after going through 60 to 90 day composting process. >> waste coordinator says these pieces of table wear, the same brand and kind used at the cafe were fished out of a finished compost pile at this facility. >> basically intact. >> he says they are not the
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only green utensils not living up to consumer expectations. >> consumers are being confused. there is so much mislabeling. >> biodegradable. >> if it's labeled biodegradable, those words are meaningless. >> environmentalists say everything is biodegradable given enough time. that kind of labeling green washing. >> making your product look green when it really is not green. the consumer believes there's an environmental benefit associated with that product. >> and scott smith line of californians against waste says even utensils aren't breaking down under commercial composting conditions. >> i'm not aware of any composter that wants utensils. >> one reason. >> they need to have a certain thickness for function, but that acts as a barrier.
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>> utensils are certified compostable. they break down within 180 days. so why the discrepancy? it's about money. >> a composter's goal is to make good quality compost as quickly as they can. that's how they make money. >> what happens to all those utensils that get sent to composters. most get screened out at the very beginning of the process and end up going to landfills. these diners were hoping to avoid. >> now its utensils will break down by 30% in the landfill over three months and while we're still trying to figure out where to toss these, environmentalists are calling for new more realistic industry standards for compostable standards. julie watts, cbs 5. leave it out in the sun
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long enough and it will dry up and blow away. >> just eat with your hands. we are going to have an abundance of sunshine. high today topped off at 61 degrees. 65 san francisco to 81 degrees in gilroy. we are seeing high pressure. clear skies this evening. people were out and about, dining outdoors. we're still on the mild side. tomorrow we will have a wind shift out of the northeast, which tells us we are the recipient of an offshore flow. high pressure continues to build. we are talking 90s in southern california from los angeles to san diego and for us, we are talking about temperatures 12 to 14 degrees warmer than what we experienced today. example, san jose was 75. tomorrow 89 degrees. 84 in oakland. san francisco at 79 degrees. that is up from today in the mid 60s. so unseasonally warm. we will be near or will see
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some record temperatures. palm report, doesn't look quite as bad. still on the medium to high side. speaking of highs, north bay numbers up to 88 degrees in santa rosa. east of the bay, a dry nor east wind to 91 degrees in antioch, tracy, discovery bay. now the peninsula numbers will top off in the mid to high 80s. otherwise flirting with 90 in zap jose. 60s and 70s, and it looks like the extended forecast calls for a performance on thursday. friday we are all the recipient of an on shore push. that will make the numbers crash and burn over the weekend. take a look at moms day. rebounding by monday and tuesday. >> sold. >> there you go. enjoy. >> thanks roberta. >> endorsed by moms
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everywhere. >> absolutely. stamp of approval. you know, not all that's natural is good for the environment. there's at least one natural by- product that needs to be handled with care. what you should really do with your past poo.
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be goo you don't want to touch it anyway and it seems like it would be good for earth, but things are not always as they appear to be. gary wants to know what is the environmentally best way to dispose of pet feces? that's tonight's good question. >> the bay area produces more than 6500 tons of the stuff every year. well we don't produce it, they do. as in doggy doo. >> what's the story on dog poop? there's a lot of it. we have a lot of dogs, particularly in san francisco. believe it or not, there are three dogs for every child in san francisco. >> and disposing of all this pet waste has become a real problem for a lot of
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communities. most responsible pet owners are at least picking it up now. >> most people put it in a plastic bag and put that in the garbage. that's one way to handle it. the question comes up a lot. what is the most environmental way to handle it? >> the answer to this good question is almost too obvious. >> you have to have a big smile. it's a funny answer, but the answer is put it in the toilet and flush the toilet because it's fecal matter and that's what the sewer system is set up to handle. >> the folks at the city's waste treatment plant back that up, but say it's only good for dogs. turns out cat feces has other components in it that most waste treatment facilities can't process. that's not the only thing they can't process. >> any kind of bags in the toilet or in the sewer system. >> go to click on connect to send me your good questions.
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giants. he hadn't pitched a complete game in his career before tonight. the big apple for the mets and giants, ball games tied in the 6th. giants up 1. bring on aubrey huff, tie game. 10th inning. coming into that at bat. tell it good-bye and the giants win 7-6. >> indians trying to win their 7th game in a row in oakland. rbi base hit off of brian. and lebron james with one of his jaw dropping highlights. the spin move followed by a two hand slam. he wins, they have a 2-0 series lead over the boston celtics. remember? the heat got off to a slow start and it's not walking. it's lebron. >> tv has a different set of rules. but the heat are hot. they are about to take down the
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celtics. >> that's why they call them the heat. >> we'll see you at 11:00. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations
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