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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 6, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. the county will not play ball. the criminals about to be let go in a standoff with the feds. a welloff renter is buying ask his choices coming off underwelming. what mark zuckerberg's new house means for the neighborhood and for silicon valley. and a lock at the world's first smart pill bottle. >> sometimes i say, did i really take it this morning? >> how it reminds you to take your medicine. you are even keep tabs on a loved one far away. >> it helps me. >> fire destroyed their home almost killing a teenager. she was saved by the family dog. why five months later no one will give them a place to live. good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. san francisco is telling the
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feds back off. the city is cutting illegal immigrants more slack. grace lee on the criminals who will soon be let go. >> it could be a little roomier in san francisco jail come june 1. that's when sheriff michael hennessey will begin allowing illegal immigrants out of jail who are caught for misdemeanors even if immigration and customs enforcement officials want to detain them. >> local law enforcement is trying to prevent local crime and get people to come forward as witnesses, come forward as victims and not get mixed up. >> american citizens would not be held in jail for low level crimes like shoplifting and neither should immigrants whether they rleal or not. they won't stay in jail if they are charged with having less than an ounce of marijuana, driving without a license, or for an open container. >> under our own rules we don't set out misdemeanors who are charged with anything to
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deal with violence. anything to deal with sex offense. >> meaning anyone charged with a felony will stay in jail. it's yet another chapter since san francisco became a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. in november of 2009, laws were loosened for undocumented workers who drove without a license. if they are stopped, they are allowed time to find someone to drive their car and avoid getting it towed. since then the number of tows has dropped dramatically. >> the policy is illegal. >> howard is the former chair of the san francisco republican party. he says he is fine with legal immigration but believes this time the sheriff has gone too far. >> you have no right to be in the country to begin with, so they don't have the right -- the same rights as i do or you do to get out of jail free
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card. >> reporter: this move by the sheriff is a direct swipe at the federal secure communities immigration act. we aren't alone. there is a statewide effort, a bill is going through the california legislature that is authored by tom amiano and just as wednesday, illinois opted out, this seems to be a trend. >> all right grace lee in san francisco with the latest. thank you grace. the elite navy seals team got a personal thank you from the president today. visiting troops in kentucky and he told them job well done. and he told 60 minutes their safety was his top priority during that raid. >> you had to decide, this was your decision whether to proceed or not and how to proceed. what was the most difficult part of that decision?
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>> if i send them in, can i get them out? and a lot of the discussion we had during the course of planning was how do we make sure there's backup? how do we make sure there is redundancy built into the plan? that's point number one. >> you can see steve's entire interview with the president this sunday at 7:00 here on cbs 5. president obama also thanked other troops just back from afghanistan for their service. >> hello fort campbell. >> he told the troops that because of the incredible skill and courage of countless military professionals, the terrorist leader who struck america on september 11 will never threaten america again. everyone knew it was coming, but today al-qaeda vowed revenge on the united states for bin laden's death. on an islamic website, the
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terror network called on muslim people in pakistan to quote, rise up and revolt. though it doesn't make any specific threat. we already knew that the seals came home with a treasure- trove of intelligence taken from bin laden's compound and tonight we are learning just how much. 2.7 -- that's a lot. bob ore breaks it down. >> since 9/11, al-qaeda's number two has been just as illusive as osama bin laden. but now an intelligence source has documents recovered in the raid on bin laden's compound have revealed positive intelligence that is helping the u.s. narrow down potential locations. the information is creating new leads and they are likely on the run. this is not as easy as going to an address, the source said.
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the unprecedented hall of evidence confirms that bin laden to the very end was right at the center of the al-qaeda network and plan. scrolled notes spell out a spectrum of plots. sources say the terror leader dreamed of another 9/11, targeting major cities and infrastructure targets on key american holidays. there's no evidence that any of this produced a concrete plot. but analysts are digging into a massive volume of captured intelligence. sources say the navy seals grabbed 2.7terabytes of data. 800 hours of video, or 600 million pages of computer text. >> cia is working as fast as possible to find intelligence to identify solid targets and the u.s. is poised to strike again. bob ore cbs news washington. >> police say a career burglar
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turned a foreclosed and vacant home into a storage place for stolen goods. the stash was at a home in oakland's monteclaire neighborhood. officers hauled away two truckloads and there's a lot of stuff left behind. a realtor knew the house was for sale and called police after finding lee craigo there. he and his pregnant wife and child were renting the place. >> we thought a family was moving in and we were happy. >> police say that they found goods from at least ten different burglaries. he is arguably one of the most famous and richest 20 somethings in the world. mark zuckerberg, founder of facebook and tonight our first look at the relatively modest house that he just bought and what the purchase could mean
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for property values in that neighborhood. >> the titans of industry may portray images, but billionaires living beyond bling. like this $70 million home built by oracles larry ellison or this seven bedroom 24 bathroom bill gates hide away so massive it has its own online virtual tour. when it was leaked that fellow billionaire mark zuckerberg bought a home, the world expected a mansion. instead, he bought this refurbished five bedroom, five path in palo alto for $7 million. and tabloids started wagging. >> mark zuckerberg leaving his new house. >> complete with polls, did zuckerberg get ripped off? absolutely no. >> there is a trend going on right now. what we are seeing in our area, we have basically newly minted high level executives. >> the palo alto real estate
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agent says zuckerberg's purchase is a sign silicon valley is hiring again. >> google is continuing. >> and who are they hiring? >> this is a younger crowd and they like to be in the mix. >> late 20 somethings who would rather walk to local bars and host backyard barbecues by the pool and that's exactly what zuckerberg got. they are also paying cash anywhere from $2 to $12 million. that's driving up palo alto real estate values. >> as long as prop 13 stays in effect, we are okay. >> zuckerberg's new neighbors worry about the spike in prices, but listen at how they plan to capitalize off the newest celebrity on the block. > we'll start having more garage sales because we will get this traffic coming by. >> in palo alto, robert lyles cbs 5. it is a tail of two economies in one country. the u.s. added nearly a quarter
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million jobs last month. why at the same time the unemployment rate increased. this dog helped save the little girl and got her name canine of the year. but now why prejudice against this hero dog is stopping one family from getting their lives back together. >> she's not going nowhere. it's the world's first smart pill bottle. how it helps anyone remember to take their daily meds. why it can save billions in healthcare costs. coming up next. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move. thousand jobs in april. and yet unemployment rose from 8 - point - 8, to 9 percent.
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the u.s. economy gained 244,000 jobs in april and yet unemployment rose from 8.8 to 9%. now here's how that's possible. unemployment numbers come from two surveys. the payroll survey asks businesses and governments to report how many people they employ. the household survey asks people if they are unemployed and if they are looking for work. people who are not looking for work are not considered unemployed. do you sometimes forget to take your medicine? do you worry weather an elderly parent took their heart medication and so on. the new technology helping patients remember to take their prescription drugs. >> takes medication for high blood pressure, but with no symptoms it can be tough to remember that daily dose. >> sometimes i say, did i really take it this morning? >> now don knows for sure
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because this cap won't let him forget. it's called the glow cap. the first internet connected pill bottle. >> it's a tiny little processor with a tiny little wireless chip. >> mike designs and writes about cutting edge technologies. he tested an early version of the glow cap to remind him to take his allergy medication. >> i think it is a really great system. >> here's how it works. over the internet by e-mail or by phone, you set up a dosing schedule. then -- >> when it's time for you to take your medicine, light goes on. >> the glow cap and a small wireless base station pulses orange. after a while, the cap starts to gently chime until you open the bottle and take a pill. if that doesn't work. >> if you haven't opened it, it will text message you or send you an e-mail or dial your home phone. >> the device sends data wirelessly. need a refill? it will contact your pharmacy.
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every week you and any designated family member get a report. >> my dad has to take a will the of different medicine. he forgets sometimes. it would be really valuable for me. >> and very valuable in cutting healthcare costs. patients who don't correctly take their medicine will increase spending. it's a big problem. >> on average six months after being prescribed a medication, about half of people who receive the prescription are not taking it. >> dr. arnold of stanford university say forgetfulness plays a role. if you can help patients remember to take their medication. >> i think it's a big opportunity to both improve health and to lower healthcare spending. >> as for glow caps the company is trying to work out a price for the device. don was involved in the trial and asked if he could keep his. >> i think it's a great idea. it really helps me. >> dr. kim for cbs 5 health
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watch. fabulous. >> i like the deeping. i would never see the light. >> roberta. >> you aren't going to see much sunlight this weekend. take a look at this. swing, batter up. at the rec center in san francisco. they are playing ball tonight. but listen, can you? that's the wind. let's take a look at the current wind speeds in and around the bay area. there you have foster city wind gusts up to 37. napa at 19. liver more at 48-mile per hour wind gusts. 14 to the south in santa clara. temperatures today in the 50s, 60s to the mid 70s. this in comparison to yesterday was anywhere between 16 and 24 degrees cooler. and the cooling trend will continue through the weekend. tonight overnight with increasing cloud cover, numbers tumble into the 40s and 50s. winds will continue to blow out of the west at 20 miles per hour. we have this area of low pressure to the north of the bay area, it is squishing up
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the ridge of high pressure. enhancing that marine layer as well. we have the low clouds and patchy fog pushing on shore. partly cloudy. also partial clearing of the skies in sacramento. we do have a 10 to 30 percent chance of rain showers over the weekend. we will have cloud cover at the coast with even some localized drizzle tomorrow morning and then partial clearing in our inland areas. upper 50s to mid and upper 70s. a slight chance of a stray shower. it will be mostly cloudy and unseasonally cool. we will begin to rebound with sunshine, but not until tuesday. so really a cloudy, breezy, cool weekend on tap. >> that's cool. >> okay. >> thanks. >> we mentioned earlier that president obama met today with the navy seal team that raided
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osama bin laden's compound. they are the elite of the elite and the fittest of the fit in the u.s. military. david martin tells us very few who try to become a navy seal actually make it. >> navy seals are known as super fit, super tough with a little rambo thrown in. the seals who killed bin laden operate on a whole different level, literally. they are what is known inside the pentagon as a tier 1 course, reserved for only the highest priority targets like bin laden or a loose nuclear weapon. >> they are the force to be called away first. >> a best seeling author was the first commander of what came to become seal team six. a counterterrorist force founded in the wake of the 1980 failure to rescue americans held hostage in tehran. >> it's been 30 years they have been practicing and doing counterterrorism missions. you really have a well oiled machine when you send them out.
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>> howard was a member of seal team 6 in 1993. shot three times in the infamous black hawk down fire fight. but then he has been through the tough seal boot camp which is about much more than just extreme fitness. >> those classes routinely start with 130 people and graduate 25. 25 that graduated have one thing, mental toughness above the other guys who didn't make it. >> that was good enough to make a regular seal team. after several years of experience there, he volunteered for team six. 16 of us applied and two were accepted. >> it was snipers from seal team six who picked off the somali pirate holding an american hostage. seal team six is not invincible. brisht aid worker was accidentally killed by then in a rescue mission gone wrong in afghanistan. every mission balances on a raiser's edge between success
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and failure. seal team six goes into every one of them the same. >> stone professionalism. controlling your emotions. the difference from being afraid and being a warrior is controlling that fear and using it as a tool and accomplishing the mission. >> the 40 minutes those seals spent on the ground at bin laden's compound were 30 years in the making. david martin cbs news the pentagon. well she's a hero with credentials, but she can't get a place to live. >> i'm not willing to give her up. they won't let me rent with her, then i'm not moving, period. >> why the dog named canine of the year is being forced to live away from the family she risked her life to save.
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free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. from a fire. even though ven though the dog a hayward father credits the family dog with helping to save the life of his teenage daughter from a fire. even though the dog has been nationally recognized for its special deed, grace lee tells us that the animals making it nearly impossible for the family to find a new place to live. >> no crate or kennel when
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this canine takes to the skies. >> she traveled in style, didn't she? >> in the plane right next to us, first class. >> what do you expect from a dog named diamond. a plane that was all their own. she had the run of the aisles because she was being honored. the spca in los angeles gave her a national award for being the hero dog of the year. >> she slept in my room and woke me up with one bark. >> last october, darryl and his two daughters were nearly killed when their apartment caught on fire in the middle of the night. >> it was fully involved. there were flames coming out of every window. >> darryl dropped his daughter out of the second story window to save her. firefighters broke a window and pulled him out. he was trapped surrounded by fire, but she wasn't alone. >> they found diamond actually on top of the mattress. my oldest daughter was under
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like she was trying to protect her. she had completely passed out. >> the dog in the back room could have hid from the fire. it's atypical to see a dog in a protective mode like that. >> make me feel like she loved me a little more. just a little bit. >> the family spent weeks in the hospital recovering from burns. the problem now, nay cannot find a place to live. darryl says 30 places in the heyward area have turned them down because they have a pit bull. but after diamond saved their lives, he says he's not willing to compromise. >> she's not going nowhere. nowhere. i'm not willing to give her up. if they won't let me rent with her, then i'm not moving. >> now they're living with his sister. the only thing though, hoping no cats. diamond is afraid of them. in heyward, grace lee, cbs 5. >> the sharks have never swept
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the sharks came into tonight one win away from getting back to the western conference final. bill start the clock. the red wings jumped out to a 3- 0 lead in the first putting the sharks in catchup mode. early in the third they tie it on the first goal of the series. under 90 seconds to go. darren blast home the game winner. the red wings win 4-3 to force
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a game five sunday night back at the tank. baseball now and geo gonzalez picks up his fourth win of the season. the a's did all their scoring in the 5then inning. andy laroche rips an rbi single. the giants back in their ten game road trip celebrating willie mays 80s birthday. kept the party going with a game tieing double in the 8th and freddy sanchez just did a walkoff single. the giants beat the rockies 4- 3. phil jackson trying to light a fire under this struggling -- the defending champs are on the verge of getting swept. durk scores 32 points. the mavs win again. the golf world loses a legend. he passed away in his home in spain. he had a neurological disorder as a result of the surgery. five majors he won.
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>> all right. we're coming back at 11:00 on cbs 5. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia.
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