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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  May 8, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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night osama bin laden was killed. behind the scenes in the situation room. and what surprised him the most about where bin laden was hiding. threats cause the diversion of two airliners in the united states. what one man tried to do mid- flight that made people scream. protests in the bay area and across california this week... why teachers threaten to take over the state capitol in just a few hours... and the gas bubble may have finally burst. the price per gall in just a few hours. the gas bubble may have finally burst. why we could see the price per gallon fall just as fast as it went up. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. president obama provided new insight. the president gave a clear picture of how the mission unfolded on "60 minutes."
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>> reporter: p pre sident obama saying he has no regrets about killing osama bin laden. >> the up with thing i didn't lose sleep over was the possibility of taking bin laden out. justice was done. and i think that anyone who would question that the perpetrator of a mass murderer on american soil didn't deserve what he got need to have their head examined. >> reporter: he said it was the hardest decision he has had to made while being in office. he said there was no conclusive evidence bin laden was inside the compound but as national security advisors watched it became clear they were in the right place. >> there were big churches of time in which all we were doing wag just waiting and it was the longest 40 minutes of my life with the possible exception of
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when sasho got meningitis when she was three months old. it was a very tense situation. >> reporter: the entire mission was kept top secret for many in the administration and even from pakistan. >> if i'm not revealing to some of my closest aides what we are doing then i sure as heck am not going to be revealing it to folks i don't know. >> reporter: the president said he was surprised when he learn the compound was located right near a pakistani military academy. he says an investigation will be undertaken to find out who helped harbor bin laden. >> many asked now that bin laden is dead. what happens now? president obama says the information collected from the bin laden compound will provide leads to other long sought after terrorists. >> i have already committed to a transition when we begin drawing down our troops in afghanistan but it is important to understand that our job is not yet finished and we have to make sure that we leave an
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afghanistan that can secure itself, that does not again become a safe happy for terrorist activity. but i think that that can be accomplished on the time line i've already set out. >> as for the navy seals who got bin laden the president says they can have whatever they want. he adds they are pretty quiet and they are happy to stay out of the lime light. so then what happens to the bounty money set aside to bring osama bin laden to justice? two congressmen from new york city say that man should go to the first responders, survivors and families of the september 11th attacks. the rewards for justice program established a $25 million bounty to help bring bin laden to justice. in 2004 congress passed legislation upping that amount to 50 million. so far it is not clear if anyone is eligible for the bounty. security threats on two u.s. airliners caused them to be diverted to places other than their destinations. a delta airliner jet was
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heading from detroit to san diego when it was diverted to alburquerque. a passenger said a note was found in the bathroom with the word bomb on it though officials would not confirm that. the plane, all the passengers and their luggage were searched. nothing was found and the plane was cleared to fly again about two and a half hours later. later, an unidentified 34-year- old illinois man caused a commotion on a continental flight from houston to chicago. the passenger got out of his seat and ran to the front of the plane soon after takeoff frightening many of the passengers some of whom started screaming. the plane was forced to land in st. louis. >> everything was normal. and about 20 minutes out of houston the individual jumped out of his seat, ran to the front of the plane and tried to touch and open the l1 door saying i have to get off the plane. >> a flight attendant prevented the man from reaching the exit door. the flight eventually made it
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to chicago after an hour delay. the man was questioned by the fbi but no charges have been filed. >> one week after the death of osama bin laden a national security rehearsal in san jose and the timing was a coincidence. the exercise was planned before bin laden's death. it is called visible prevention. security officers from homeland security,, tsa were involved. >> it would seem like their presence would make them itchy or something or make them think about doing something else or moving on to another date. >> as we have learned from intelligence gathered at bin laden's compound he may have been planning to target u.s. rail systems. tomorrow california teachers kick off a week of
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protests by ascendndnding on san francisco. >> reporter: t tom orrow morning they will head for sacramento to put pressure on legislators while others around the state will hold sit ins and one planned for santa clara county. >> they will take that homework that they normally go on and grade on the kitchen table and will go to oakridge and eastridge and group together and say this is the type of work we do every single day after we leave school. >> teachers have lost 30,000 jobs in the past few years. they say then students lose opportunities when teachers lose jobs. >> we want every student to go to college yet we don't fund the schools to make sure those kids get there and on top of that there are not enough positions in our universities for all the kids to go to. >> reporter: don dawson says there are five fewer class days a year at his san jose high school. >> if this budget becomes an
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all cuts budget we could be having 20 days. that's a whole month of instruction our students will be shorted. that's the type of expenses. >> reporter: d daw son claims there is money for education. >> there is actually about $12 billion that will be there. they are there right now and if we continue the temporary taxes that were started two years ago that money is there. everyone will be paying no more than they are paying right now. >> reporter: r rep ublicans pledging to oppose taxes may want to brace for the teacher offensive. >> hundreds of us in sac next week talking to every one of the legislators about the importance of getting a lung on time that balances and continues temporary taxes. >> a week long state of emergency campaign. a massive rally on friday the 13th, the day teachers layoff notices go into effect. >> don, thank you. well, a san jose city councilman has been arrested for driving under the influence. he was arrested early saturday
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morning. >> he was elected in 2008 and is the first indian american to sit on the city council. today he released a statement saying i made a terrible error in judgment. i offer no excuses. i am deeply embarrassedded by my actions and am prepared to take full consequences for them. after 44 straight days of rising gas prices the national average dropped this week and that could be just the beginning of prices going down. the national average for a gallon of regular now stands at 3.98. it is higher here in the bay area with prices in san francisco at 4.32. oakland and san jose at $4.27. anne makovec on what's behind the drop in price. >> reporter: the gas price rollercoaster ride continues in the bay area and now experts think it could be dipping in driver's favor. >> that's a new one. i haven't heard that one. >> and do you believe it? >> no. >> reporter: a ana lysts are
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talking about a drop of up to 50 cents a gallon by the end of june. >> i await the day that it comes. i am really looking forward to it. >> reporter: some of the factors in the predicted drop oil which is used to make gasoline has tumbled 15% in price. also driving down the price investors who were worried about rising oil supplies an falling demands and the u.s. dollar getting stronger. >> i'm real skeptcal about whether or not prices will go down. if they do it will be 5 cents, 10 cents. you know what, it isn't going to happen. i just don't feel that way. >> reporter: the final gatekeeper when it comes to a gallon is the stays owner and some actually lost money when the price of a barrel of oil went up so quickly they might try to recupperrate that now. >> yes, it is coming down soon. i believe it. >> reporter: and not a moment too soon since january the average price rose 91 cents including 44 straight days of
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hikes. >> it is really tough. you have to budget it all in and everything like that. >> reporter: even with this. >> yes, even with a bike. >> it is emotionally draining and i wish things could stabilize so that we can have some type of normalcy in life. >> in dublin, anne makovec, cbs5. notice how close it is getting to the interstate highway. that's another concern. >> worries an sleepless nights for millions as the mighty mississippi turns into a monster river threatening record flooding. a special mother's day for some moms struggling to make ends meet and starting a new life. a san francisco legend that helped them get pampered for a few days. not yet old enough to vote but that's not stopping them from making their voices hear. their demand on the government to help save the planet. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. brisk and breezy mother's day around the bay area. still a couple clouds out
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there. getting chilly though. we will talk about and your next chance of rain coming up.
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rising flood waters forced them out. others are waitin more than 1000 people living along the mississippi river are homeless tonight. others are waiting to see how much higher the water will rise before they leave town. the emergency plans now before the river crests. >> reporter: u und er attack by the mist mississippi river. >> reporter: the rising waters
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creating havoc on the roads. an artery was shut down yesterday. the river expected to crest by tuesday morning at 48 feet. just shy of the record set in the historic flood of 1937. the mayor is now count on a complicated mix of levees, flood walls, gates and relief ponds to protect his city. >> we are in unchartered territory here so nobody should rely on what has happened in the past an say, well, i made it in, i can make it now. >> reporter: over the weekend memphis put its emergency plan into effect urging residents in low lying areas to get out. more than 1100 were evacuated. these mobile homes here is one of the areas cut off by rising floodwaters. this overflow from a tributary of the mississippi which is 4 miles away. some in the danger zone are repluck can't to leave fearing looters. >> we had numerous rumors that some of the people in the
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neighborhood and a bad seed said they are going to peak in. >> reporter: days off were canceled to put more officers on patrol but the greatest threat is here and growing by the day. tuesday forecasters expect 16 million-gallons of water per second will flow through parts of memphis. some of the water will end up in jane's home near a memphis marina. she and her husband moved out two days ago and the water already moved in beneath the living room floor. >> the water now would be directly underneath us. i mean, if we want to cut a hole in our living room floor we could be fishing right now. >> reporter: she told me her home was not on a floodplain and she does not have flood insurance. they will have to likely redraw flood mains up and down the mississippi river. cbs news, memphis. young people around the world including here in san francisco are finding ways for their top concerns to be heard. today a large crowd gathered in
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justin herman plaza. the i matter rally coincide with a lawsuit to have the federal government and all 50 states to enact immediate changes to global climate issues. >> i think youth are the only ones that have the moral authority to stand up and bring that message about because it really is our future we are fighting for and this is our movement. >> the group's main focus for the federal government to establish a maximum on global carbon dioxide emissions by 2012 and to commit to widespread global reforestation. winding down the weekend and, lawrence, we could use a little less heat. >> a little heat too. running well below this average on this mother's day. a lot of sunshine in toward the afternoon. winds calming down a little bit outside. still we have got some gusts over 20 miles per hour in spots but it looks like as we
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head towards tomorrow more breezy conditions coming our way. that cold front sliding in our way making its way into nevada. we will see some warmer temperatures for tomorrow but likely going to see those winds kicking up again as we head in toward the afternoon. still, we will catch a couple of 60s and 70s. inland lots of 60s inside the bay. keep it pool. patchy fog out towards the coastline and sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures starting to cool off in spots. 49 degrees in napa. 49 in san rafael. 50 degrees in san francisco. if do you plan on heading around the state you will find some showers possible in eureka and high country left overshowers there. they picked up another 1 to 2 inches of snow from this last storm system. all right. looks like things are finally going to settle down a little bit. this system will slide on by. high pressure sitting off the coastline. that is going to start to build in but ever so slowly. so it will be really a slow warmup as we head in toward tomorrow. more significant warming though it looks like as we move in
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toward the milling of the week. we will see some of the temperatures popping well into the 70s, near 80 degrees. still, it will be a chilly night tonight. 39 degrees in fairfield. 39 for an overnight low in santa rosa. 40 in napa. and 43 degrees in livermore valley. i think by day though we will be enjoying lots of sunshine in most spots. just a couple of passing clouds and temperatures will warm up as high as 70 degrees in morgan hill. about 67 in mountain view. toward the coastline expect those winds to kick up once again specially in the afternoon hours. and that will keep those temperatures feeling much cooler. highs there mainly into the 50s. as we look toward the east bay you'll find some 70s well inland by tomorrow afternoon. you get inside the bay and you start to see those winds picking up again. right through the gates. and that will mean breezy conditions into oakland possibly berkeley and alameda and richmond. mid-60s for highs there. up toward the coastline in much of the north bay 50s out toward the beaches. couple of passing clouds. but still sneaking in a couple
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70s. 71 degrees in sonoma. so as we look out over the next couple days tomorrow transitional day. few leftover clouds. breezy in spots. just inside the bay. by tuesday looks like high pressure builds in and then we will see more sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way as we will see a week offshore wind developing not going to make its way all the way to the coastline. probably just a couple of patches of fog over there. wednesday looking great. but by next weekend we do have a chance of rainfall. still way out there and of course this is very late in the season but a chance we can see some more showers. looks like a cold system moving in next saturday and sunday. >> got to keep you busy. >> yes. celebrating mother's day in style. a group of bay area women got the chance to be pampered today. the mothers received cosmetic makeovers from hair and makeup experts then taken to brunch. this is the 17th year for the
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annual event ant denton says they look forward to it every year. >> we get them -- they get spoiled for a couple days and it is really -- i just love it. >> the hamilton family center provides temporary shelter an transitional and permanent housing for at risk families. >> they are growing up playing sports with each other and i'm in the hospital by myself. the youngest faces of cancer. the great bay area adventure to help these kids escape their worries. ♪ you don't have to feel ♪ ♪
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rounding out the top five were two new comers. jumping the broom and something borrowed. animated comedy rio. one of television's former power couples is reuniting. simon cowell and paula abdul are back together. lawrence is delighted. the two had a love/hate relationship on the idol. something must have worked because she agreed to work with him again. the show debuts this fall. young cancer victims and their families enjoyed a day off from cancer at great america today. the annual event has been a tradition for more than 20 years. families dealing with cancer often feel overwhelmed and stressed. so the event called courageous kids day gives them a chance to forget that stress and enjoy being care free together and shows them they are not acrone and let's them share their story with others who can understand.
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>> we have been coming to this event for a few years. including as he was going through treatment and it has always been a treat to come and forget and enjoy the day. but also to be around other families going through treatment. and to hear their stories. >> more than 200 volunteers make this event happen. a big supply of little dogs has a local shelter trying to push them out the door. at the east bay spca they call it chihuahua palooza. the shelter says the overflow of homeless chihuahuas need constant care. the population has doubled in recent years. >> our efforts are to adopt out these animals that are currently without homes but also to make sure that chicago wawaownn -- that they know how
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to take care of them. >> during the campaign all small dog adoptions are 50% off. i already have two of them. okay. >> that's enough? >> that's enough. giants trying to complete their first sweep of the year. i'm dennis o'donnell. sharks try to stone wall the red wings to advance to the conference final. the minute is next. san francisco. a place with natural beauty and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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prepare your taste buds. that script could have been last year the sharks elip natured the red wings in five games to advance to the western conference finals. that script could have been written again tonight. fans enjoying their sharks up two goals to none going into the third period with just over 6 minutes to play. steals the puck from patrick
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marleau. stuns the sharks 4-3. there will be a game 6 tuesday in detroit. giants trying to sweep the rockies. goes six plus striking out four. didn't give up a run. allowing just one base hit. needed some offense and he got it from that man. cody ross. first home run of the year. two run shot. they sweep the rockies. royals and as. kansas city cuts the cut. kurt suzuki. fourth home run of the year. 5-2 the final there. lakers in desperation mode against the mavs. could have had it. 9-3. scores 32 of the 86. mavs blowout the lakers. sweeping the series and putting an end to phil jackson's hall of fame career. >> all right. dennis, thank you very much. >> okay. >> out of breath. >> yes, i am. one minute. i've got to get it all in in one minute. >> that's it for eyewitness
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news at 10 p.m. have a great night. thanks, you guys. happy mother's day, everybody. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comments@caption so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points.
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