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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  May 28, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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0001 a warning tonight for drivers who use the bay bridge. another lane shift going into place. how drivers will be affected this time. smoke and flames after a jet makes a rough landing and passengers were hurt. the dispute over what may have caused the incident. two women, including a model, plunge to the ground from a high rise hotel. what they were doing before they crashed through the window on the floor. and it's not just the cost of filling up tank put be a damper on things. the cost of barbecues. if you're driving across the bay bridge from san fransisco to oakland you will have a slight detour. crews are reconfiguring the lower deck. we're in oakland to explain how
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the new configuration is going to work. >> reporter: the s curve, the cracked eye bar, traffic delays, and frustrated motorists with past detours. we're assured this time things will go better. >> drivers paid little attention to those newly paved lanes on their right but starting tonight they'll begin driving on them. >> probably around midnight you'll see us take lanes eastbound coming off of the bay bridge coming into oakland. we're going to be moving all five lanes of traffic to the south. >> reporter: caltrans put this animation up to show how it will work. drivers will jog a bit to the right on on to the new thousand long foot stretch of lanes. selected eastbound lanes will be shut down overnight from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. but traffic is expected to move smoothly. >> the reason we're doing this
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is to gain time on our construction schedule and open the entire bridge at one time. by moving all of the traffic to the south with this detour and one next year, we can put a construction team in and complete a part of the bridge that would take an additional six months to do. >> reporter: what about traffic heading west. nothing for them, but wait until next year. >> we'll shift traffic over next year and once we made that traffic shift we're going to surgically remove part of that structure and that's what's going to give us the space to give us a construction crew between the two bridges. >> reporter: after big closures on labor days, caltrans is taking no chances on what is a jog in the row. >> whenever we affect main line 80 we have to take extra caution in making sure people understand their route will change. we've been under construction with the bay bridge for a while.
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the alignments don't change own. we want people to know. >> reporter: they'll stay in place for two years until the bridge is completed, sometime 2013, maybe late 2012. >> 2012, 2013, we'll hold our breath. thank you very much. the flight was fine until the very end. something went terribly wrong when a passenger plane landed in atlanta today. it caught fire and four people were hurt. tonight conflicting reports over what sparked the flames. >> i just thought we need to get off the plane. >> reporter: a fiery emergency on the tarmac, flames and black smoke spewing from the jet. fire views rushed to delta flight 2284 from pittsburgh. it experienced trouble with the landing gear. >> they tell us they're expecting a situation and fire broke out. we went down the emergency chutes. >> 49 passengers were on board.
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they were evacuated on the taxi way and bussed to the terminal. >> by the time the plane stopped, there was smoke in the cabin and you could smell burned rubber. >> firefighters extinguished the flames in less than a mine with foam. >> i'm going home, but there are people who were flying to paris and other places and it's going to be a long time until they get their luggage. they're saying it's a national safety board investigation. >> the faa things it was a tire that blew on landing. it's being taken to facility to be examined. >> no one had to go to the hospital. a 30-year-old model celebrating her birthday plunges to her death from the 10th floor of an upscale hotel. another woman who fell with her is in critical condition tonight. witnesses tell police lashawna threat and the other woman were
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play wrestling. they headed for the window and out they went this. is in atlanta. police do not believe they were fighting. but it's a tragic accident. one week since a deadly tornado wiped out parts of joplin, missouri, the death toll has been lowered to 139. but it's not clear why. 100 people are still missing. there are signs of progress, as ben tracy shows us. >> reporter: these are the sounds of resilience. just three days after the tornado, darren thought it was time to be mofrg. moving. >> get the girls back to work. >> reporter: his wife's beauty salon was torn down by the
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tornado. >> we have to move on with our lives. >> reporter: some are moving on the hard way. today 59-year-old dean wells was laid to rest. >> wish it was him. i wish i was with him. >> reporter: even as one life ends a new one together begins today in joplin. >> there has been a lot of obstacles but we finally made it. >> reporter: e-ron and brock were high school sweet hearts. he shot this video through the streets on sunday searching for his sister. >> it was pure chaos. >> reporter: they found her and grabbed brook's wedding dress from a tailor on main street. they thought about cancelling getting married today but thought this is what the town needs. >> i think everybody is ready to do something happy. you know, we had half the people
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helping us out in the church lost their houses, my sister, her brother, a bunch of people attending the wedding and everybody wanted to do it. >> we're going to rebuild and it has to start somewhere. >> reporter: and they plan to build it quickly. they actually expect to have this business finished in 45 days. ben tracy, cbs news, joplin, missouri. president obama travels to joplin tomorrow for his first look at the destruction. he arrived back in the u.s. this afternoon following a week-long trip to europe. his last stop was poland where he promise help for the country's missile defense, upgrading its air defense system and to boost energy security. this weekend is the traditional start to the summer travel season but not everyone has decided to take off for that long weekend. terry mccarty shows us soaring
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gas prices to keep people at home. >> reporter: it is pretty simple math. when gas prices go up, consumers have less money to spend elsewhere. for many this holiday weekend that means skimping on vacations. >> stay locally because of the expensive gas prices. >> reporter: last month the average family spent $369 on gas, a huge like from the $201 average in 2009. these days spend more in their tanks than they spend on cars, clothing, and recreation. a complete reversal from last year. >> travel is down $100 compared to last year. >> reporter: speculation in oil futures and trouble in the middle east have contributed to the high cost the gasoline and have led to eight straight weeks of falling demand here in the
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u.s.. prices should drop 30 cents but for many drivers it's still too high. . >> you can also blame higher gas prices on an expensive holiday weekend barbecue. gas prices are causing food prices to rise, the average memorial day barbecue will cost much more this year. the total cost for a dozen guests is $200, $45 more than hast year, and that is just for food. it doesn't include soda or alcohol. hundreds of thousands of bikers converge on our nation's capitol. also coming up, honoring our heros, a traditional salute to the bay area men and women who died in the line of duty. why the feds are saying closing parks, not so fast. and they paid their dues. they're to have to live their golden years in comfort and style. . the showers have moved on,
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but we still have windy conditions to contend w i'll have your pinpoint forecast coming up.
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32-year old tech sergeant kristoffer s . an air man from northern california has been killed in afghanistan. tech sergeant christopher solesby died when a device det knead in the kanadahar province. he had been in afghanistan since january. he was due to return home this summer.
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american flags were placed at the graves of soldiers who died in the line of duty. there were 138,000 graves here and every fallen soldier was honored. >> we're showing how much we care and what they've done for our country isn't just looked upon and looked away. they are true heros to us. >> 2500 boy scouts, girl scouts, and cub scouts helped decorate the grave sites today. the groups have been doing this every memorial weekend for more than 50 years. . hundreds of thousands of bikers are converging on washington, d.c. for the traditional rolling thunder ride. the honor ride to honor mia service members takes place tomorrow from the pentagon to
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the vietnam memorial. a wreath was placed at the navy memorial today. >> it shows respect to honor the service men and women who gave their ultimate sacrifice for their country. >> former alaska governor sarah palin plans to ride along with rolling thunder as she launch a possible presidential campaign. but rolling thunder says they'll keep their focus on honoring service men and women. a bit of a snag, federal officials say parks can't be closed on the governor's list. castle rock state park and candle stick point in san fransisco get money from the federal government.
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those parks are vital to communities. >> that would be a shame, that would be. taking away from the community. we need something an outlet to go to. this is a beautiful sight. a lot of people would be hurt by that. >> if the state choses the parks, the national park service could declare california ineligible for future federal park grants. hopefully you have some time this memorial day weekend to enjoy outside. >> it's great to be here. we did see those showers working their way over the region but they made their way south and east out of here so what we can expect for tomorrow a sunnier day on tap, mostly sunny conditions for tomorrow. as we take a look at what we can expect as far as the temperatures go, we can see inland conditions reaching mid-70 so warmer for tomorrow and monday. highs 60s or mid-60s for the bay area. here's the hoe working its way
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out of the region. expect the high to reach sunday into monday and showers will make their way in lingering through thursday as this low making its way in from the gulf of alaska moves down and brings us moisture but clearing out nicely for the weekend ahead. i have that coming right up santa rosa, low 63. pacifica your low tonight 49 degrees. conditions will be breezy as well. take an a look at what you can expect tomorrow. south bay, low 60s or high 50s into the high 60s so we're going to see 60 in half moon bay, and palo alto seeing a high of 67 degrees. make our way into the east bay, see conditions getting warmer. 73 for antioch and 74 for brentwood so overall tomorrow is definitely one of the best days
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for this memorial day weekend. and as we work our way into the five-day forecast, conditions will be nicer. tuesday, the low will work in, hanging on through thursday, but then clearing up nicely for friday and for saturday. we've got a high of 70, stay in the 70s for friday and 72 for saturday. and we'll see mostly clear sky conditions. here's a quick look at our memorial day forecast. partly cloudy, 56 to 72, no showers. so that is a good thing. we have to deal with the showers today but overall not that bad. >> not bad at all. thank you, erica. they are always a choreful cast. today thousands of costumes fans
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converged for amame. gaming tournaments, art galleries, martial arts, even dance parties, this year's event raised money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. the event runs through monday. [ music ]. . no rain there. lively carnival celebration in the mission district. the first day included food and music and dancing. there will be parade tomorrow, mascot lucille and costumes. the parades begins at they and bryant street tomorrow morning. food for thought: people going hungry where you might not expect. . >> there are a lot of people who find themselves at pantries who never thought they would be at pantry. >> people living one in the most affluent areas in the state are finding themselves at the food
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bank. the unlikely place here in the bay area where new pantries are opening.
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the "cove fire" broke out . a wildfire near bakersfield is about 2/3 contained tonight. the coe fire broke out yesterday. residents are back home and there are no injuries or properties lost. a retirement ceremony for two valued members of the san fransisco police department today. >> column right, march! . >> hawk, the dark brown horse, is 25 years old and has served with sfpd since 1998. he's tired. hunter the reddish brown horse has served since 2004. he suffered an injury and he can no honger run. they're headed for a ranch. >> and so this is the ceremony
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that we do to retire these horses, is to send them up to these ranches to give them some freedom and pleasure at the end of their career. >> san fransisco is one of the few police departments that still uses horses. they work in golden gate park and do demonstrations and parades. the economy might be bouncing back but there are still a lot of people struggling to get by and without enough food to eat even people in affluent bay area. the need in the marine county and the help available. >> reporter: the bad news here is there are a lot of people find themselves at pantries who never thought they'd be here. >> reporter: the good news, they have a new place to go, the fairfax community church, the number of people coming has doubled since it opened. >> i was happy to know it's here because i live two blocks away. i don't have to get a big box of stuff and figure out how to get
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it home. >> reporter: this unemployed mom used to hitch-hike five miles to the nearest pantry. >> i can carry the food back to my place. >> reporter: his place is a tent in the forest. then there were the seniors who can't make ends meet. >> right now i'm waiting for my ssi and just a few more days. this will tide me over until then. >> reporter: marine county has been known as an affluent community. unemployment rate is 7.6% the hoest in two years and the lowest in california but still there's lot of people who need help. >> that's the stereotype and then there's the reality. the reality is something different and i think that all of us have to wake up to the needs that are here. >> so many people competing for jobs right now that i find that that makes it harder. you can't just walk into a place any more and ask for a job. >> reporter: the food bank hopes to open three more pantries in
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marine county this year. >> we want them to be accessible to the families to need it. this was originally going to be a graduation prank but then students in minnesota had an explosive idea to put their small town on the map by combining mentos and coca-cola in a bottle. students from this minnesota high school attempted to set a world record for having the most eruptions at one time and if their plan to set off 3,000 coke geysers is judged as a success they will be in the new guinness record book. the a's explode with 10 hits. and the brewers catch the giants by surprise. that's next in sports.
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there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. . . less than 24 hours after hitting a dprand slam at his major lee dab bu. crawford was back on the bench. burriss got the start at short stop. start the clock. bottom of the 9th, base the loaded, one out, and the brewers get the suicide squeeze. the winning run comes in: the
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a's hoz. beat the orioles. the homer of the season, kentucky is beaten 1-0. yoke vetchdjokovic wince the wins the french open. barcelona has a third champions league title. they beat man u. 3-1. do we get to hear more from the fans. >> unplugged, coming up at 11 on cbs 5. >> you haven't seen it, have you to tune in. he's extremely entertaining. >> he's whacko.
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that's it for eyewitness news at 10. see you at 11 on cbs 5, good night.
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