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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  June 15, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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or itunes, your bill is going up. the change impacting every online purchase from sto . if you buy from amazon or itunes your bill is going up. the change impacting every online purchase from stores that you can only find online. pink slips as a get out of jail card. better yet for criminals no jail at all. the message community leaders say is being spread to the wrong crowd. what is good for the goose is not good for the gander that's if the goose is a sea lion and the gander is salmon. the fight that has other states out to kill one of our noisiest attractions. >> i'm dane king, good evening. >> i'm i'm ken bastida. is it a real solution and will
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the governor approve of it. the assembly approved the bills to cut into the remaining 9.6 billion deficit including raising local sales taxes by a quarter of a percent. cutting $3 billion from schools. >> given the tools at our disposal we are doing our jobs. >> what you'll get is basically a band-aid. >> if they did not make it lawmakers for the first time would stop getting paid. governor brown says that he is going to review the plan before deciding whether to sign it. well, if you buy stuff on websites like amazon or overstock, be aware. that budget plan would also end a long time benefit for online shoppers. sharon chin reports we may soon pay more for everything from merchandise to music. >> reporter: just like a face-
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to-face purchase get ready to pay sales taxes if you buy online. >> some people shop on just to avoid the sales tax. >> reporter: the sales test measure was passed as part of the state budget that awaits the governor's signature. it should generate $200 million a year. so this 142-dollar tax free purchase of shoes from zapos would cost $150 with tax. that 1.29 lady gaga signs from itunes would be 1.41. many shoppers say the online sales tax was just a matter of time. >> i have been expecting it for a while so not like it is anything surprising. >> if it impacts prices it won't be great but it won't change my buying habits on amazon. >> reporter: it is new for seattle based amazon cutting ties with thousands of advertising affiliates in some states that have passed online sales tax laws. in fact, north carolina got rid of the online sales tax because
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they figured it did more harm than good. cnet executive editor molly woods. >> amazon won't pull out of california they may not offer affiliate agreements with people that sell through amazon in california. >> reporter: california lawmakers passed an online sales tax requirement in 2009. but governor arnold schwarzenegger vetoed it. expect the battle to go to court. amazon argues the online sales tax is unconstitutional because of a 1992 supreme court ruling saying companies can't be required to charge sales taxes if they don't have a physical presence in the state. dana? >> this will be one to follow, sharon. thank you. the political got personal in the state capitol today. a confrontation between lawmakers before they hashed out a budget deal. california lawmakers came from a
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statement made comparing a budget proposal to a shakedown theme from something from the sopranos. the lawmaker demanded an apology on baffle of italian americans and when wagner made a confrontational apology it started. saggy pants you see guys wearing got one college student in trouble at the airport today. elizabeth cook shows us what started as a flight back to school ended up with the guy in handcuffs. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after deshawn spoke at the funeral for his best friend high school football star david henderson who was shot last month deshawn finds himself behind bars. after donna doyle dropped off her son at s.f.o. she got a frantic phone call. >> i'm in a police car and i'm going down the freeway. for what? why? they said they arrested me
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because i wouldn't pull up my pants. >> reporter: police escorted him off a u.s. airways flight because he refused a flight attendants request to pull his pants up so no one could see his underwear. >> they told him to step off the plane and he refused. and that's where everything just kind of got blown out of proportion. >> reporter: the crew ordered everyone off the plane. but police say when deshawn got off he refused to be put in handcuffs. a scuffle ensued and an officer twisted his knee. deshawn was handcuffed and restrained. >> had he pulled up his hands when the lady said pull them up i probably wouldn't be talking to you. the fact of the pants i don't like it and my sons know it. >> we should be able to come in as long as we come in not disrespectful. >> reporter: passengers had mixed feeling. >> they don't have a right to pull up his pants.
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i mean, then they would want children whose diapers might be showing also. >> reporter: deshawn has a full scholarship to play football at the university of new mexico. he hopes to go pro one day. donna fears her son's future is now in jeopardy. >> with these type of charges, my baby could lose his scholarship. >> reporter: u.s. airways would not comment on deshawn's arrest this morning. he is being held at san mateo county jail in redwood city on $11,000 bail on three very serious charges. trespassing. not leaving the aircraft. battery on a police officer. and resisting or delaying arrest. now deshawn is expected to be in court tomorrow. >> all rightment we will stay on top of the case. elizabeth cook, thank you. a 9-year-old boy arrested in the killing of several chickens over the weekend. we talked to you about this story last night. it is the second arrest in the death of 11 chickens in an alameda community garden. a 12-year-old was arrested
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yesterday. the two boys accused of breaking into a tool shed stealing a shovel and then beating the chickens to death. both suspects were visiting relatives in alameda at the time. they were released into their parents' custody and ordered to face charges of animal cruelty in juvenile court. >> how did you get in here? and a rape and robbery suspect recorded on video by his alleged victim is under arrest tonight. oakland police found the man hiding in a doghouse yesterday near the house where the woman was allegedly assaulted last week. officials said mcdaniels has been on the run since this cell phone video started airing in the media. police describe him as a career criminal and a parole violator. with murder after murder lately in san jose the city still faces a tough task. cutting violent crime with fewer police officers. tonight the city took the knowledge is power approach and informed neighbors about gang
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activity. but the city is still cloaked in fear. >> reporter: it has become the council chamber of worry. last night's worry how many cops will be laid off. tonight -- >> they ain't going to change us. i ain't giving up on my community. >> reporter: who is going to stop the swelling spike in gang violence. >> the word has gotten out amongst the criminal community. >> reporter: cops with pink slips in hand and the criminally minded are seizing the opportunity. the mayor's ante gang task force says there have been 27 murders since new year's day. >> onwards of 13, 14 gang related homicides. >> random shots like pop, pop. >> reporter: that's how a 24- year-old was gunned down sunday night. a 19 year old would fall to a gang member's bullets 24 hours later. >> if they decide that you have the wrong color on and they happen to have a weapon they
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will use you as a target. >> reporter: so the pastor of the anti-gang task force used tonight to turn parents into gang cops schooling them on the signs of gang life. tattoos. clothing. gang grafitti marking buildings and billboards. tonight's meeting was to power and elate fears. >> has no rhyme or reason. >> reporter: with the mercury and murders rising but cops falling, few find it easy to hide the fear. in san jose, robert lyles cbs5. a risky plan approved by the feds fell apart when an agent was killed. today those responsible were asked to answer how the a.t. f. explained gun battling. sea lions versus salmon. the issue that has our neighbors to the north seeking permission to kill freely. if you already thought it was a three ring circus it is time to make more room under the big top, what's brought one of the state's most well known
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attorneys into the anthony weiner scandal. by the time the sun set tonight we had a 31-degree temperature span. now tomorrow the neighborhoods that will cool a good 10 degrees. when we come back.
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for the practice known as "gun walking". it's a program that intentionally let guns slip the bureau taking a grilling on capitol hill today for the practice known as gun walking. it is a program that intentionally allows guns to slip into mexico from the united states. agents hoped the weapons would lead them to gun cartel but earlier two of those guns were
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found near a murdered government agent. now congress wants some answers. >> reporter: six months ago today border patrol agent brian perry was gunned down. today three sitting a.t.f. senior agents sat beside terry's cousin, mom and sister and said their agency may be to blame. two of the guns found at the scene of terry's murder were part of thousands the a.t.f. alleged gun traffickers to purchase. the a.t.f. called it yeting guns walked a tactic that they hoped would lead them to criminals. >> it is an idiotic move. >> reporter: after the murder first reports of gun walking began to surface. asked if they were true billy
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mcmullen told reporters, hell, no, surprising those who worked for him. >> i was appalled because it was a blatant lie. >> reporter: muell didn't respond to our interview requests. also under attack the justice department which overseas the a.t.f. the assistant attorney general says the agency is cooperating with congress but a representative says information is being withheld. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. the pages go on like this forever. how dare you make an opening statement of cooperation. who authorized this injustice? >> i don't know the answer to the question. >> reporter: he did say intentions were good. >> it was a serious, profound disagreement about strategy but a common goal of all the agents is it stop the gun trafficking to mexico. >> reporter: when brian perry
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was gunned down last december he already mailed christmas gifts. >> the gifts that brian had picked up with such thought and carrigan to arrive in the mail the same week. with each delivery we felt the indescribable pain of brian's death. >> reporter: terry's familiar wants someone's family to accept responsibility. the department of justice inspector general is investigator and any gun walking that was taking place has been halted. cbs news, capitol hill. it has been called a new low in dirty politics. >> give me your cash so we shoot up the streets. >> a group that opposes los angeles democratic congressional candidate posted this ad online this week. it shows hawn as a stripper dancing for gun wielding gangster rappers. both democrats and republicans including hawn's opponent
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quickly condemned the ad calling it sexist and racist. the group calls itself a federal political action committee. back here in the bay area sea lions are a tourist attraction and protected by law beloved by many citizens. up in washington and oregon some people view them as a big nuisance. don knapp is stand by pier 39 where a plan to make it easier to kill sea lions is horrifying many. don? >> reporter: yes, folks don't want to hear that, ken. here at pier 39 folks are still delighted by the sea lions but up north they are wearing out their welcome by eating the salmon. california sea lions are still a big draw. people like it when there are big groups of them on the docks and worry when there aren't.
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>> i enjoy them. i was talking to my friend how it is really sad because there used to be a lot more here. >> but in the waters of the columbia river the national marine fishery service wants them to go away. california sea lions have been eating a big chunk of the spring run of threatened chinook and stealhead salmon. in this 2009 video the government captures some big eaters. in a time consuming process they are individually identified and if they can't be scared out of the area they are captured, taken ashore and most are killed. now a house subcommittee has been discussing a way to simplify the process and make it easier and quicker to kill as many as 75 sea lions eating salmon. >> i know that the salmon are very important as well and our last few seasons have been awful. so i think somewhere we have to find a compromise and i don't know if that's it. >> reporter: in january of last year bay area residents worried about a sea lion. despite failed attempts the big
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mammal was eventually brought in, given surgery and released to the sea. killing california sea lions up north at the columbia river doesn't sit well. >> for those of us who work with these animals, some 800 volunteers, vetrinary staff who work to get them back out in the wild. they might die at the hands of humans. that's hard to swallow certainly. >> it is a tough choice. save the sea lions or save the salmon. >> it is not about us, it is about protecting the animals. it is a shame. >> reporter: advocates say it is not just the sea lions that are harming the fish runs, they also blame dams, loss of habitat and overfishing. ken? >> not an easy problem to solve. don knapp. thank you, don. >> we will return to roberta. we have got some great weather and it is wednesday. >> it was so great. >> middle of the week.
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>> i think i saw ken sitting with brandy a little bit earlier, wasn't it, ken? >> writing a song maybe. >> tonight's sunset. we had a 31-degree temperature span. we topped off at 94 degrees in livermore and concord for the warm spots. 86 in san jose which is 6 degrees above average. mid-80s in vallejo. but tomorrow a nose dive in the numbers from 7 to 15 degrees. down from 90 in san rafael. 75 degrees. down from 86. will be 10 degrees cooler in san jose. in fact, pinpointing your neighborhood forecast. 50s, 60s lining the coast. 70s and 80s away from the bay. your morning commute might want to grab a sweater or a light jacket. into the 50s and 60s. this is an area of low pressure to the north of us. this is what is going to adversely affect our weather. just chipping away at the ridge of high pressure that is in command and as we see that erosion begin we will see the
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marine layer form more prominently by tomorrow night but never theless we will have a little bit of cooling taking place beginning with tonight. 50s, 60s across the board. tomorrow we will have the pollen report. juniper count on the medium side. grasses coming into play as well. here is your five and seven-day forecast. beginning with tomorrow leading into the weekend with additional cooling by saturday. we do get warmer by dad's day into the first day of summer which is on tuesday. thank you. thank you very much. >> i'm going to be here all week. try the view, right? >> looks good. >> i'm glad you approve. >> don't start. a former porn star weighed in on new york congressman anthony weiner. >> i think that anthony weiner should resign because he lied to the public and to the press for more than a week. >> the woman ginger lee
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appeared with attorney gloria allred today. lee says she and the congressman did have online exchanges and that he asked her to lie about them which she says she did. meanwhile the congressman is facing some pressure to resign. he is supposed to announce a decision after talking to his wife. she has just come back from a state department assignment overseas. floating empty spaces ready at the drop of a dime for anything any city may need. ken is going off the bay area shoreline for tonight's good question.
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but san francisco has several you may have a multipurpose drawer at home or room. but san francisco has several multipurpose ships. what are those strange looking ships docked at pier 50? when ron wants something i try to answer that good question. >> reporter: it is 750 feet long as tall as an 8-story building and goes by the nickname row row.
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>> they are what they call row row ships and that means roll on, roll off. on this side a large ramp that is brought down and then you can drive trucks, tanks, ambulances, whatever they need can roll right in. it is like a giant parking garage. >> reporter: san francisco has got three of these monster ships as part of the nation's ready reserve force. the city's deputy director of maritime peter daly says they have to be able to deploy anywhere in the world. >> in haiti, at katrina and rita a few years back, they supported desert storm in our military efforts in the middle east. >> usually tied up at pier 50 just behind the ballpark. daly says they also provide a measure of safety for san francisco. >> having them in san francisco is kind of a good thing because they can provide emergency power. they can house people if they
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have to. they can supply portable water for people. nice to have in the earthquake zones. >> there are 49 ships strategically based around the u.s. they can be loaded with supplies and ready to sail in 96 hours. go to and click on connect to send me your good questions. [ female announcer ] celebrate dad at the jcpenney dad's day sale this friday & saturday! find neverending options with 9.99 men's tees... and sportshirts... and 9.99 polos and shorts! or surprise him with a new watch -- they're up to 50% off! plus, with jcp cash earn 10, 15 or $20 off. no exclusions! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get in at 9am for 9.99 gifts for dad! and so much more. go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees. won three game sevens in one postseason.... until tonight... wayne t the clock.... no team in the history of the nhl had ever won three game 7s in one post season until tonight. wayne, start the clock. >> clock is running. >> canucks had never won the cup. bruins hadn't won in 39 years. patrice bergeron gives boston the early lead.
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>> they score. >> then later in the second wrapping around the goal. 2-0 bruins. they win 4-0. tim thomas makes 37 saves and shuts down the league's highest scoring team. he gets the colin smythe trophy for mvp. singling home. aubrey huff. breaking a 2-2 tie. giants win and go ahead 2.5 games. as and royals. cliff pennington breaking a scoreless game in the 6th with an r.b.i. single. they win for the sec time in the last 15 games. cal baseball team left for omaha this morning from elimination to title contenders hoping to be fan favorites on sunday. >> the story is great. i mean, we actually joked about it at the start if we make it this far maybe they will make a movie out of it. >> what a movie that would be. >> make a movie out of it. absolutely. >> they play at 11 a.m. and they are playing virginia fittingly the number 1 seed. >> if they make a movie they
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can keep the money and keep the program running forever. >> good business model. >> always thinking. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ♪
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