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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  June 16, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs55 on the cw. should they get paid? hired to do a job the governor says is incomplete. the burning question for state lawmakers. names and places matching dead bodies and crime scenes. how prosecutors say a suspected killer left his wife's d.n.a. on his victims. and bay area researchers extraordinary discovery. >> i'm not surprised. >> tonight an an alternative. this kid was arrested for refusing to pull up his pants. so what do you think should fly at the airport? we ask passengers to be the fashion police. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." will they work for free? for the first time in a quarter century with their own paychecks on the line state
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lawmakers yesterday passed a balanced budget on time. but today the governor rejected the plan and tonight robert lyles asks should sacramento still show them the money? >> this legislature has adopted an attitude of we are going to do what we want. >> reporter: the president of the taxpayers association does not mince words. he believes they accepted a budget that will fail just to keep their paychecks coming. >> they should hold their pay because the budget they submitted to governor brown was not balanced. >> reporter: that's what the comptroller's office is trying to do telling cbs5 they will be tracking every expenditure f they don't balance, he believes he has the legal ability to stop lawmakers' $95,000
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paychecks. >> we met our deadline. we met our deadline. >> reporter: but the senate president and speaker of the assembly. >> we clearly met the obligation to pass a balanced, on time budget. what's at issue right now though is much more important than pay. >> reporter: at any mention of side stepping prop 25. that's the new law that says no budget, no paychecks for lawmakers. instead, they blame republican lawmakers for the governor's veto. >> the majority party has the ability to pass a budget which they believe they did and so i guess we will see the legal ramifications of what happened yesterday. >> reporter: that's right. this could end up in court with lawmakers arguing he has no authority to stop their pay and he argues that lawmakers violated the constitution presenting a budget they knew won't balance. >> they wanted tax increases but couldn't get the tax increases so they had to do something. >> reporter: and surprisingly he will get no argument from
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democratic senator leyland ye. >> absolutely. overall there are still problems within the budget. we have to raise rev few. >> reporter: he agrees new taxes were wrapped into the budget proposal but does that suggest the budget proposal wags underhanded? >> we stand by our work and the work of our colleagues. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> reporter: in sacramento, robert lyles, cbs5. another arson fire tonight in an antioch neighborhood. there have been five in the past two weeks in the fields behind homes on point doom court. the latest just a quarter acre burned before the firefighters got it under control. a homeowner near where a similar fire started on saturday told investigators he saw three kids running away from that area. all of the fires started near a walking path on a park. so far no homes have been jeopardized but fire crews are worried the conditions are ripe for a much bigger blaze. for the congressman caught sexting it was just a matter of
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time. >> today i am announcing my resignation from congress. i had hoped to be able to continue the work that the citizens of my district elected me to do. unfortunately the distraction that i have created has made that impossible. >> anthony weiner's denials then admissions that he texted lewd photos of himself finally took a toll. everyone abandoning him. >> i think he would be very in effective. >> he has so much political garbage around him now. >> you have had politicians do many, many worse things. >> he was a liability i think. >> thank you. >> the 46-year-old weiner hinted he is not finished with public service. he says he wants to find other ways to contribute my talents. arrest documents for a suspected serial kill, shows some of the goalish contents found in his home including some notes that he kept about
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some of the women that he is accused of killing. don knapp has details. >> reporter: the names of four murdered women were on a handwritten list of 10 women's names and locations found in his reno home. one woman found dead in 1977 in marin county. according to court documents investigators also located numerous photos of women nude or wearing lingerie or in bondage poses. some of these women appeared passed out or deceased. dn a testing was done during the testing of the wife of the accused was found on the panty hose around a woman's neck. another woman killed in 1978. a partial dna sample was gathered. pamela parson's body found in 1993 in yuma county.
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during a search of the accused safety deposit box in reno photos of the woman. he admitted he had taken photos of parsons. another alleged victim found dead on the side of a highway next to a cemetery. investigators say the last entry on the list made reference to a girl from marysville with cemetery written next to it. investigators are not talking about the fate of the other six women. >> when they get to the paperwork to that one it will go on four weeks and weeks. >> it will be interesting. don, thank you for that. the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years has a new home. he has been transferred from the el dorado county jail to the central valley. he will have some notorious cell mates near him including charles manson. killing two people and
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wounding two others during a botched robbery at oakland's sweet jimmy's restaurant and bar. investigators are not releasing the suspect's name but say that he walked into the bar just after midnight on april 25th and began firing on customers with an assault rifle. one of the men he killed was a teacher's aide at an elementary school. the mini metro was shut down today. there probably won't be service until tomorrow morning. the trouble started late this morning when a train damaged a power box and ripped down wires and pulled concrete supports from a wall. all the underground muni metro lines were affected for hours. commuters had to flog onto buses just to get around tonight. a headoncollision on the golden gate bridge shut down several lanes just as the
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afternoon commute was getting underway. a northbound driver swerved into the oncoming lanes hitting two cars. two people went to the hospital with minor injuries. the road was cleared in about 45 minutes but the traffic tieups lasted much longer. >> well, the college football player arrested for refusing a flight attendants request to pull up his saggy pants is still in jail tonight. the 20-year-old man from san francisco was trying to fly back to the university of new mexico after attending his friend's funeral. tonight his coach says the school plans to support limb and help him move forward. elizabeth cook is at s.f.o. tonight. liz, just what is fashionable at 30,000 feet? what do they allow you to get on the plane with. >> reporter: very good question. well, u.s. airways did issue this statement following de shawn's arrest saying while u.s. airways does not have a specific dress code we ask our customers to dress in an
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appropriate manner to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our passengers. so we asked travelers at bay area airports what exactly is appropriate? >> reporter: it wasn't too long ago that people dressed up to fly. women wore dresses and their finest jewelry. men wore full suit and tie. >> traveling used to be an exotic adventure for which people dressed up and treated it as something special. >> reporter: today traveling is a necessity. you'll never know what you'll see at the airport. >> i think everyone has a right to wear what they want. and it is just like freedom of expression. >> reporter: as de sean's mom points out. >> is there anything in the rule book that say how you have to dress to board their planes? >> reporter: so what is appropriate? >> everyone has their own definition you know what i mean. depending i guess on age and culture. >> i don't like seeing their underwear. >> people treat you
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professionally if you look professional and if you look like a slob you're likely to be treated poorly. >> i think when she saw de shawn with the dreadlocks, the saggy pants and black, her red flag went on. it truly, truly was a racial stereotype. >> reporter: but even his mom admits -- >> had he pulled up his pants when the lady said pull them up, i probably wouldn't be talking to you. >> reporter: and de shawn is currently being held in redwood city accused of trespassing, not leaving the aircraft, battery on a police officer and resisting or delaying arrest. his mother said the airline has said that he is banned from all future u.s. airways flights. >> he is still in jail tonight? >> reporter: yes. we are still waiting to hear from the d.a. whether or not he will be formally charged. >> elizabeth cook at s.f.o. thank you. a new face at the top. the next leader of al-qaeda has
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been named. what we know about the man stepping in to fill osama bin laden's shoes. it is a yearbook recall why anyone who holds onto it could be charged with a felony. 20. 20 degrees cooler today in some neighborhoods than yesterday. now the areas that will continue to cool forever your friday with the pinpoint forecast. the low cost high tech tool developed right here in the bay area. coming up next.
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ayman al- zawahri, who spent en's deputy, osama bin laden's successor has been announced now. he spent decades as bin laden's deputy is now the terror group's new number 1. he appeared in a video last week eulogizing bin laden and calling for a worldwide muslim rebellion. he is considered the brains behind al-qaeda but intelligence officials say that he doesn't have al-qaida's organizational skills. >> he will try to keep the group cohesive, focused on its strategic goals and certainly focus on attacking the west. >> he like bin laden raised in an upper middle class egyptian family and trained to be a surgeon. he joined militant groups in egypt and eventually fled to afghanistan where he met bin laden and began planning attacks on the u.s.a. cole and u.s. embassies in
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kenya. no radiation required and a way to look inside a person's body. dr. kim mulvihill will show us that mice are lighting the way. >> reporter: in a lab tucked into a basement in a science building shedding light on a problem. >> i didn't know it would look like that. >> reporter: what did the grad student and her team do? using a laser light and infrared camera and small particles they developed a way to look deeply and with greater clarity into the workings of a living, breathing body. in this case a mouse. first the mouse was sedated then seen from above the mouse was injected with tiny particles called nano tubes. if you shine a line on the mouse the nano tube circulating
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inside begin to glow. as they continue to circulate they grow more and more brightly provide ag clear, crisp image of the animal's internal organs. >> you have the lungs then a glowing signal from all over the mouse. they go to different organs and start flowing through the blood. >> reporter: using a special software the scientists then came up for a revealing anatomical map. >> we were even to distinguish organs that you couldn't distinguish like the pancrease. >> reporter: ct scans and x- rays reveal more in the body, this method has one advantage. >> you are not using radiation which is an upside. >> reporter: not only that the technology is less expensive. the stanford team hopes glowing nano tubes will beret tract the effectiveness of cancer drugs and research and may one day help patients in the clinic. >> for example, if we use nano tubes for drug delivery we will be able to flow where the drug is going to in the body. >> reporter: and while the safety of nano tubes is still a
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big concern -- >> we have not found any toxicity in the mice and the mice have lived happily after receiving the nano tube. >> reporter: allowing scientists to say cheese. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5 health watch. >> they are calling it nano sun out there today. yes, more sun in the bay area. and cooling off a little bit but not too much. still pretty nice inland. >> okay, depends on what you're referring to when you say too much. okay, inland a good 10 degrees. look at this. san jose. currently today we will a high of 78 degrees. other notable numbers in the 50s at the sea shore to 84 degrees in concord. we worked the 26-degree temperature span today but the numbers did come down due to that seabreeze. san rafael most notable. 22 degrees cooler today than in comparison yesterday. san jose 76 degrees. 10 degrees cooler than on
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wednesday. tomorrow forecasting a high 75. so we are going with cooler conditions for your friday due to a robust wind 10 to 20. you'll need a sweaterror light jacket. this is the area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area that continues to chip away at this huge dome of high pressure. it enhances that marine layer and the cooler air a lot rushes onshore producing that strong seabreeze. tomorrow is the first game of the bay bridge series. giants visiting the as. expect a temperature of 62 degrees. clear skies with the return of the low clouds and fog for the evening hours. that marine layer will deepen by saturday morning and that will allow additional cooling to take place on saturday. sunday high pressure rebounds allowing a warmer day for dad's day and then we begin to enter a warming trend for the last day of spring on monday. summer officially arriving on tuesday. warmer conditions on wednesday
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an thursday. kerry and jeff sent us this picture from mt. diablo. they climbed the mountain. thank you. keep the pictures coming. a little bit of down then we go back up again. >> just in time for that. >> just in time for sunday. >> it is not dad's day. it is father's day. not daddy, not, dad, not ken, father. it turns out you're going to love this. using facebook is not just a waste of time. shocking. a new study reveals that those who use the site have more close friends, more social support, are more trustworthy and are more politically engaged. experts aren't entirely sure why but they say it could be a
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result of interacting with large groups of friends in a diverse setting. myspace users are likely to have multiple points of views compared to other social network users. a picture in big bear high's yearbook shows an apparent sex act. the photographer capturing an image showing a boy and a girl at a school dance. the two are not in focus, they are in the background. so the yearbook editors didn't notice it. >> his hands were a bit up her skirt above her area. so it was not the best picture in the world. >> well, most of the students did what they were told returned their yearbooks to be edited with a g-rated replacement page. big bear sheriff deputies are now helping collect the rest. well, before you dip your
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toes in, it is good to know what might be in there when you do. ken heads into the bay in tonight's good question.
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sense to ask before getting into the water. lisa romero wants to kno those murky waters would be perfect for a scary movie so it makes sense before getting into that water. lisa wants to know are there any octopuses in san francisco bay? that's tonight's good question. the giant pacific octopus can weigh up to 600 pounds. he also likes the night life which explains why he hangs around san francisco. >> yes, there are giant octopus in san francisco bay. but they can live at a variety of depths and they seem to prefer really deep water so most of them are outside the golden gate. >> reporter: aquarium of the bay worker says they are quite elusive. >> they are probably the most
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intelligent. they can be trained to open objects and go through mazes. all kinds of interesting things. >> reporter: despite what you learned in science class octopuses do not have eight legs. >> they have six arms and two legs that have different purposes. the legs help them to push off and get them going and arms are used to capture things and manipulate objects. >> reporter: one other thing there is an octopus out there that can kill you. the blue ring octopus. it injects a neurotoxin that is fatal to humans. you don't have to worry, he lives in australia. go to click on "connect" to send me your good questions. the u.s. open tees off at congressional and the giants rally back in the desert. could they complete the sweeps? the minute is next. fee court is now in session.
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u.s. open. my guy isn't do so well. how is the band doing? >> the band will come next year because it will be in our backyard at the olympic club. >> it is. >> it is pretty cool. u.s. open supposed to be the most difficult of golf for majors and if that's the case imagine where rory mcil roy would have shot on an easy course. phil mickelson has work to do hitting just five fairways. nine shots off the league. >> rory made it look easy in round 1. three birdies on the front nine and three more on the back nine. he shoots 6 under to take a three shot lead the largest
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after 18 holes at a u.s. open since 1976. as and royals. weeks hitting .344 since being called. he had two more hits this afternoon including a two-run triple. they win a series for the first time in three weeks. giants tied it in the 9th diamondbacks ending it in the 10th. justin upton with a walkoff. 12 of the year. giants have to settle for two out of three a game and a half up in the west. barry zito's rehab tour made its first stop in fresno. he gave up four runs in six innings. still no word from the giants when they will be reactivated. we know he won't take ryan's fault because bruce boche already said no way. if he doesn't throw another pitch for the giants this year. he threw 211 pitches. $93,000 a pitch. nobody is going to take that salary. >> giants will pay it out. >> i don't know. that's a lot.
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that's a lot. 18.5 this year. >> 18,000,500? >> yes. >> we are coming back at 11 p.m. more then? captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: n ! get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. i could do everything faster. it's a shame mckenzie's too young to buy me one for father's day. we'd play games on it together, listen to music, watch movies. she'd want me to have one. and what kind of father would i be to get in her way ? i'll just sign her name on the card. give dad a gift he'd give himself, like the new, more powerful than ever droid x2, or the droid pro for $99.99, and get unlimited data for just $29.99. verizon.
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