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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  July 8, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. i was very comfortable going public with my addiction and going to treatment. >> a statement you'll rarely hear from a public figure now. yet alone from a first lady. the other highs and lows betty ford shared with the nation. >> a community that wanted help got it, but now that it has arrived, their tone has changed, why community leaders are fighting a federally gang task force. no surprise unemployment is up, but you don't know why. here's a hint, it's not entirely the recession. >> and colors are about to be muted. why six months later the owner of an eye catching business is
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choosing to be subdued. good evening, i'm dana king. > betty ford passed away. best known for the treatment center baring her name. included a series of highs and lows. sandra hughes takes a look. >> betty ford never expected to become first lady, but she was thrust into the role when richard nixon resigned. she modeled and then married twice. the second time to a young lawyer just entering politics. 28 years were spent living in washington as congressman gerald ford's wife, raising their four children. >> so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> just weeks after her husband was sworn in as the 38th president of the united states in the wake of the water gate scandal, the new first lady found out she had breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. >> it came as a terrible
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shock, of course, to our family and to me. breast cancer had never entered my mind. >> at a time when cancer was spoken out of in whispers, betty ford's discussion was credited with saving thousands of lives. >> i always think well, when i go down those stairs with my husband, they are probably wondering, now which side did she say it was? >> in the 2 1/2 years she spent as first lady, she was candid about her opinions and didn't shrink from controversy. mrs. ford favored the pro rights movement and admits she would try marijuana if she were a teenager. suffering from the stress of her public role and after effects of her illness, mrs. ford became hooked on pain killing drugs and alcohol. after leaving the white house, she entered a california hospital to kick the habits. >> i was very comfortable going public with my addiction and going to treatment.
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i had been very public about breast cancer and that had helped a lot of people. >> afterwards she helped found betty ford treatment center. one of the most prominent facilities. mrs. ford spent three or four days a week counseling patients. work she said contributed to her own sobriety. >> i have always been open about my life. probably sometimes too much so. >> but betty ford's openness turned out to be her greatest gift to her country. her frail presence at funeral services for her husband of 58 years served as a poignant reminder of a woman whose reign as first lady while brief and totally unexpected was remarkable. sandra hughes, cbs news. two children are among the four people killed in a watsonville plane crash. a passer by video taped the aftermath last night. this is outside an unoccupied building outside the hospital. now initial reports were two
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were dead, but while examining the wreckage, the bodies of two boys were discovered all from the same family. the single engine had just taken off from the airport. federal safety investigators are still looking into the cause. federal agents are now helping san jose police stop gang violence. now nobody really disagrees that the city could use some help, but not everyone is happy that the help is coming from federal immigration agents who are going after gang members who are here illegally. asked a grown up of protesters tonight what's wrong with that? >> reporter: more than 100 people attended a prayer vigil tonight to say the agents are not welcome. >> bringing in ice agents, federal agents from operation community shield is not the solution. it's a trust breaker. >> church leaders invited police chief chris moore and he showed up. >> let us raise our hands in prayer for chief moore. >> they prayed for the chief,
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but in the end he didn't budge. >> the agents will be there, very carefully supervised. >> san jose layed off 66 cops for the first time last month. the city's homicide rate has doubled. mostly driven by gang violence. >> city is broke. we are laying off police officers, what are we going to do? >> well i wish i had a solution to that. >> the chief promises the agents will not deport innocent people and is asking for a chance. >> it's them giving me an opportunity to succeed or fail. i think that's all i ever asked for. give me the opportunity to do something well and we'll reevaluate to see if we need to change. >> church leelders say a federal agent is still a federal agent. >> why not give the police chief the benefit of the doubt and let them try? >> because he did not consult us. he made the decision without consulting us. he would have said heck no. >> in san jose, cbs 5.
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>> lawmakers on capitol hill will work all weekend to try to come up with a compromise to raise the debt ceiling. president barack obama told both sides to bring their proposals to a meeting with him on sunday night. the president today blamed all the uncertainty for keeping businesses from hiring and causing the unemployment rate to inch up. mr. obama wants to raise the debt ceiling, slash $4 trillion in spending and close tax loopholes. >> i doubt many people would argue with the president that says it will only get worse if congress does not find a way to raise the debt ceiling so the government can borrow the money it needs to pay its bills. but he got a double barrel reminder of how hard it will be. >> democrats will not accept cuts in social security. republicans don't believe that the two sides are close to any agreement and if they don't reach a deal soon, the united states will default on
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government loans for the first time in its history. >> the unemployment rate has gone from bad to ugly. it's now 9.2%. the highest since december and we can't blame the recession. anthony mason shows us why the problem is much deeper than that. >> for more than 14 million unemployed americans, june was a discouraging month. private companies added only 57,000 jobs and with state government struggling, minnesota shut down nearly 40,000 government workers lost their jobs. after three months in which the economy looked strong, averaging more than 200,000 job gains in may and june, it just flat lined. > businesses froze. they are not laying off workers, but stopped hiring. >> economists mark sandy believes higher gas prices stalled out in an economy still trying to get back to full speed. >> the size of the economy is bigger than before the
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recession hit. however, we were lucky if we got a quarter of the jobs back. >> economists sees a fundamental shift in the economy that affected our ability to create jobs. >> i think a lot of people think the jobs problem was caused by the recession. >> no, something was ailing our economy before the great rescission and the jobs market. >> in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, the u.s. economy created more than 18 million jobs during each decade. but from 2000 to 2007, the economy added only 7 million. >> the seven years before the great recession hit marked the worst business cycle we have on record as for as job creation goes. >> we have now faced about 11 years of really weak jobs growth. >> mean while so-called under employment rate which includes those who have given up looking or been forced to work part-
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time is back abosser 16%. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. a soldier whose name means victorious died in afghanistan. 36-year-old army sergeant the fourth was killed tuesday in a fire fight. he joined the marines straight out of high school in campbell and later joined the army and served 16 years in the military. friends say he was due home in a few months. he leaves behind a whiff and two sons. >> after decades of trouble and intense international pressure. an underdog region will achieve something few movements ever achieve. independence. and in san jose tonight, those known as the lost boys in the 1980s who escaped the atrocities of civil war in sudan have reason to celebrate. don knapp on independence day for the world's newest country. >> dancers here in san jose
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celebrate a historic day. the creation of a new nation of south sudan. it is essentially a line in the desert sand that promises peace and an end to the civil wars that killed 2 1/2 million. >> i love many of my family members. >> wars that led to the lost boys of sedan who fled to avoid -- by marching thousands of miles to other countries. gabriel was just six at the time. >> something that looked like a nightmare, but it is here and we have another country within sedan. >> used military force to take the oil and mineral resources of south and bought weapons to repress the people. when peace efforts failed, a separate nation. it is hoped hospitals
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development and schools. >> i think now this outcome should be effective. it should be effective and it should look into the future as two sovereign states. >> the lost boys and other immigrants say they have hope for the future. >> they all want to go back if they can and bring the toin towns and gifts their perspective into a new country. >> in san jose, don knapp, cbs 5. well you know you can't make a zebra change its stripes, but you can pressure a restaurant to dim its hugh. why after taking a bold visual stance, a rest rant is bending to the will of some people. >> we don't care what it was, we want to know if you remember. how keeping an eye on what you eat can help you eat a little less. >> thanks to your debit card, the cleaning press has slowed a
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bit. the one bill was not printed at all in the last fiscal yore. >> summer heat is winding on down. how much cooler it will get for your weekend coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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was ugly. after that, it first the critics didn't like its name. then they said that the building itself was ugly. after that, it was targeted by vandals. now elizabeth cook shows us a pizza parlor is changing its colors. >> when you eat at a restaurant named pizza orgasmica, you can be confident
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subtlety isn't on the menu. >> it needs to be vibrant. it cannot have black and blue. >> the colors of the building are hotter than the pizzas and the customers like it that way. > it's really energetic and brings you in. >> yellow is one of the colors that people want to eat when they see. it's one of those -- >> it gives you appetite. >> not everyone thinks it's appetizing. since taylor mya opened pizza back in february, he battled the city and other businesses over the color scheme. they were even vandalizedded with graffiti. >> you can't please everybody. >> taylor is tired of fighting and changing the colors he chose to match his soccer jersey to a more mellow yellow. >> tone down some of the areas. really compromise. >> it isn't the only restaurant that is making a statement with color.
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just around the corner, it isn't exactly understated, but are they being asked to change? >> yes, in a letter to the restaurant framed on the outside, a customer said the color was garish and ugly and they weren't the only ones. >> it's a little much. >> only pizza orgasmica has to change because it's a historical building. his opponents are missing the bigger picture. >> hey, i want beige and brown and close here or have something and people come in to the business. dot math. >> physicist can conduct themselves as needed and if they are bringing in the business, it's good for the community. >> elizabeth cook in san rafael tonight. you heard of food coma, how about lunch amnesia. if you don't remember what you ate for lunch, you are more likely to pig out at snack
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time. british researchers fed identical lunches. some were told to multitask. others were told to focus closely on what they were eating. an hour later, the students were presented with a cake of cookies. those that focused on their lunch ate half as many snacks. >> having amnesia about that. did i eat a cookie? >> go ahead and have one. >> you may want to forget the next seven days. we have that nice summer heat, but things winding down now. high pressure is weakening. low clouds and fog, it's going to be pushing on shore further each day. probably temperatures below normal. tomorrow, some pretty nice weather. 70s and some 80s. mostly sunny inside the bay. but it will be comer. and then as you make your way
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around, 69 in liver more. a cool 54 in san francisco. it looks like high pressure is moving out of town. it's been a slow commercial. diving in from the gulf of alaska. we have a cooler weekend in store for the bay area. not a real cold one, but the temperatures are coming down, i think much cooler temperatures as we head in toward next tuesday and wednesday of this following week. all right temperatures looking like this. les let's plan on numbers up to 78 degrees. 85 bun of the warmer spots. 77 in milpedis. bundle up if you are headed out there. near 60 degrees. afternoon breezes is going to keep you cool. 67 in berkeley. 66 in richmond. 80 showing up in some of the valleys. you get the idea. temperatures are coming down. north bay looking at cooler
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temperatures out toward the coast. a few 70s and 80s in the intier yay. this is where it gets interesting. the temperatures keep diving and diving and as we head toward the middle of next week, we struggle to get to the mid 70s. maybe even some drizzle too. so yeah,icy weather you said, we have that in the forecast for you. >> i was being polite. >> sorry. >> i have many other names for it, but it's a family show. thanks lawn. >> british royal newlyweds began their tour of california today. the duke and duchess of cambridge landed in l.a. this afternoon. they were greeted by antonia villaraigosa. they met with tech and new media leereds while fans outside hoped for just a glimpse. >> their romance is a true
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fairy tale and i love it. i want to believe in it so much. >> nice to the best of my recollection ara there. the couple later attended it with local politicians and dignitaries. tomorrow prince william plays polo in santa barbara. >> got a few chuckers in. it's concrete and metal. >> but there are also some strings attached. some very heavy strings. what is being pulled up the new bay bridge.
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department did well, it appears the use of cash is on the decline. the treasury department did not print any new $10 bills in the last fiscal year and production to $5 lost to its lowest levels in 30 years. people are using credit and debit cards more. despite the trend, cash will not likely disappear for good.
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experts say many prefer it to pay the babysitter or tip the waitress. >> looks like two giant streamers left over from the fourth of july, but they are a glimpse of the future, setting the stannel for an epic high water act. there are cat walks and there are cat walks. draped from the top of the tower, this is our first look at the scale and shape of a brog that will be the only one of outs caned in the world. >> the cat walks are almost in the footprint. four feet lower than where the cable is going to be installed. these are 600 feet. the ones on the other side will be 1,060. these weigh 16 1/2 tons. the ones on the other side is 29-tons. >> here, hundreds of feet abaf the bay.
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a giant shoe has, it had stretch from the eastern end of the suspension span through a socket on the tire and wrap around the corners. >> what you see is the deviation on the end. that's going to allow the turning of the one single cable to wrap around both ends of the bridge. >> from there, it's back over the top of the tower to be anchored almost exactly where it started. and that mile long cable is coming together. more than 17,000 steel wire strands. each issue strong enough to hold a hummer. millions are squeezed together. 187 bands are scwiewzed together to make this. the weight of the bridge. lack for that cable early next year. as for the final product -- >> 2013, that's our goal.
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>> we talk a little money here. the estimated cost is about 3á 12 billion. the original by bridge cost $77 million. adjust that for inflation, it would come for twin 2009. >> retiring at the oij f 30. and scott and gibbets once again, the min is next. plap
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a day after rangers fans shannon stone died from a 20- foot fall. his widow told team president nolan ryan her biggest concern is the impact this will have on
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their six-year-old son. >> hearing that little boy screaming for his daddy after he had fallen and being home with my kids really hit home last night. >> certainly want to express our condolences to shannon stone's family. this is -- >> before the game, a moment of silence for shannon stone. both teams wearing black ribbons. less than a week after being named to the all star game. grand slam tops off a five-run first. seven runs in four innings. the rangers beat the a's. she doesn't fear the beard and neither does harrison. off brian wilson breaks the 2-2 tie. the mets take the opening game of the series 5-2. >> u.s. women's open has plenty of rain the last two days. he was an 8 time.
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hopefully he'll make the hall of fame. >> one big dude. >> all right. see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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