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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  July 16, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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francisco. the suspect, accused of not paying a muni fare. the conflict in stor a deadly shooting by police officers in san francisco. the suspect accused of not paying a fare. the conflict and story between what witnesses say they saw and what police say happened. another deadly shooting this weekend this time at a east parkway gas station. she's a free woman tonight. less than an hour ago, casey anthony walked out of jail. the fear surrounding her security. >> that's the least traffic i have ever seen in l.a. >> reporter: it didn't live up to the hype. the deserted streets of southern california as the traffic continues around los
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angeles. tonight a man is dead after san francisco police shot him several times he was being questioned for not playing a fare for muney. joe vazquez reports that the witnesses tell a different story. >> reporter: julia, we are trying to sort that out. witnesses heard 7 of 8 shots as officers opened fire on a man trying to jump a train fare. >> reporter: it was in front of dozens of people. the man was running from police, and they shot him from behind. >> they shot him there behind in his neck and leg and they just left him. >> reporter: two officers signed to the silence reduction were completing a fair instruction. for some reason the man took off running.
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that the point we fire the department fired backwards at the officers. the officers returned fire in self-defense. >> reporter: the man later died at the hospital. the witnesses are so furious, they loudly shouted down on the news conference. >> they are telling lies. >> the investigation is ongoing. my homicide, internal affairs investigation. >> i don't think he got on his knees. >> hey, hey, hey. >> reporter: did he fire at police. >> several neighbors say it wasn't the case, so was a weapon ever recovered? >> reporter: have you found his weapon? >> i don't have any information on the evidence found at the scene at this time. right now police said if recoried on the weapon, juliete, they said there's a
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shell casing nearby that doesn't belong to police officers, and saying it leads them to believe it came from the suspect. but without a weapon, there's folks at 3rd and oakdale who are storming with alcohol. late tonight, san francisco supervisor, malia cowen said the shooting is an ongoing investigation, and i urge anyone with any information, notify san francisco police meetly. senseless violence will not be allowed to continue in our communities. later the supervisor said my heard goes out to the family as they grave the loss of their loved one. 2.5 years after the shooting beth of his best friend, austin grant. john caldwell was murdered. the 25-year-old was shot to death yesterday while he sat in a car at gas station in
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hayward. someone walked up, fired several shots, and then the suspect walk away. police don't believe the shooting was random. >> it happened no broad daylight. that's crazy. it's just dumb, i think it is. >> caldwell is sheen in the video flat form on oscar morning. that was 2009. in fact that was him hearing the gray hoodie, approaching officers, and then walking away when he was ordered to get back. moments after that, he was shot. he sued grand for $5 million saying he was mentally and emotionally injured but fought the lawsuit caming he had a significant criminal background. >> right now, casey anthony is a free woman. she walked out of a florida jail less than an hour ago. karen brown with more on what is next for the mother
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acquitted in her daughter's murder. >> reporter: after more than 1,000 days behind bars, casey anthony is a free woman. but the freedom comes comes with a price. released into the population who largely believe she is guilty of killing her 2-year- old daughter caylee. a probe even her attorneys about acknowledge. >> she will not be free like you or i or anyone watching will be free. whose face is better known than hers? >> reporter: once she is released, law enforcement will not provide security unless there's a variable threat. her release has bryant turned into closely guarded secret. her charges are far from over. she is facing a lawsuit from
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zeniada gonzalez. cash donations were flying into flying into flying into flying into the her bank -- cash donations were flying to her bank account, and she has received hundreds of places to say. >> we don't have a way to background check who the people are. >> reporter: meanwhile, crowds are gathering across town to start for the death of the little girl who started it all. families of kissing man says they search is not over yet. they are considering unofficial options by air and sea. they are also considering hiring a dive team to find the boat. crews battle the 3-alarm fire earlier this morning at a private school in oakland. it's on webster street in the downtown area. when firefighters arrived, they
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found the building filled with smoke. they had trouble finding the location of the fire, so additional units were called from two other fire stations. >> it sounds like it was sort of a small like utility room, room, and it's near the heating and ventilation area. that pushed the smoke throughout the building, and then there's a basement area we had a hard time locationing. the back of area is the area where it started but now they are looking into the the cause. friends and family of a missing nursing student from san matello spent a sixth day looking for michelle le. the 27-year-old was last seen in hayward. she was leaving from a break. police have reason to believe she was murdered, but so far no
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body, and no suspect. the city of vallejo will scale back the cost to develop a playground. two north american tripes have been there for months blocking constructions. they must must sign off for restaurants, trails, and other amenities. tribe members said they will not leave until they feel the deem is done. 300 volunteers spent the day picking up trash. lee said he has been so busy he has not had time to think about launching a campaign for mayor. give yourself exfrom time across the gold -- exhave a
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time -- extra time across the golden gate bridge. the close jury a $1.1 million project to make it safe during the earthquakes. workersers will complete the tran in addition to the new term in the route. everything will reopen tomorrow morning at 11:00. the car pool lane is supposed to encourage the idea of driving with others but it's fading away. census data shows more and more drivers are commuting alone, especially in the south bay. 10 personality of drivers are car pooling come -- 10% of drivers are car pooling. experts say the trend could be more people working in the suburbs where they live, not
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the major downtown area. the road not traveled tonight, it's been nearly 24 hours since the cal tran shut down the 405 in los angeles, but candice gibson reports, carmageddon turned out to be the crisis that never was. >> reporter: the massive construction project on 405 in los angeles has shut down 10- miles of the expressway and shut out more than hoof a million -- more than half a million drivers throughout the weekend. >> it's an absolute breeze to get around. >> the lightest traffic i have seen in l.a. >> reporter: it's been hyped for weeks in the driving obsessed city. boom sayers said everyone should buckle up for road rage, and other disruptions. >> continue to stay home, out
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of the car, doing exercise. >> reporter: good karma is prevailing here. the demolished half of the bridge is moving along smoothly. the 405 is expected to reopen in time for the monday morning rush. some had fun with it. >> welcome to long beach. [ cheers ] >> the local time is 20 minutes after you left. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yet blue offered 20-minute flights. >> it's silly who would fly? >> well, i would. >> reporter: eventually the other half of the bridge would go, forcing the sequel, but motorists will bin fit out had had -- but motortists will benefit. some ask say at least they got the t-shirt. >> i wore my carmageddon shirt. that's your shirt? >> yeah. just how quiet it was? there was a good old fashioned
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los angeles car chase at 8:00 tonight. really ignore the pursuit for a second, and look at the freeway. it's wide open, and this is actually in the area of the 405. not only was there no carmageddon, there was no one on the road, period. >> just days after they were told to turn in their badges, some san jose police officers are finding work, being welcomed with open arms. >> it's like a dream, a dream right now. >> reporter: not just any dream, the american dream. how some of your neighbors just bought it for pennies on the dollar. and it is the final installment of the harry potter saga, it shattered box office records. we will see thick dense fog for sunday morning. clear skies lie ahead. i have the pinpoint forecast,
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back at work, for different depart dozens of police officers layed off by the city of san jose are back at work for different departments. estimates by the police union show more than half of the 100 officers who lost their jobs to budget cuts have found jobs at other agencies. most have gone to smaller agencies, and those departments typically are more financially stable. it sounds like good news for the housing market, foreclosures slowed for the first half of the year in
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california, but analysts say it's likely because of the backlog in the foreclosuring processing, and for buyers there's plenty of homes on the auction block. >> you will own it when i'm done. >> reporter: with the fast- talking auctioneers and investors, there's people like beverly hypes. >> don't i purchased the home. >> i fell in love with the house. >> everything was out of my price range. >> reporter: once valued at $219,000, she paid 115, cash. >> i have been saving a long time. don't buy unnecessary items. all homes were available for viewing before the auction. this home in richmond was once valued at $324,000, and today's starting bid was $25,000. it sold for 62,000.
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the buyer has to play tens of thousands of dollars depending on the property. there's plenty to choose from in california. one in 51 homes got a foreclosure notice other the last 6 months, over 263,000 homes. >> the banks banks will lose an arm but don't want to lose a leg in the deal. >> all the pricing has to be put in prospective. >> prices in california have fallen by almost half. prices started out so high in california. even now it's twice as expensive to build a home here than anywhere else the country. but the auction can be an opportunity. >> it gives the people who lost a lot a chance to come and purchase something for a reasonable price and maybe get a second shot. >> it's like crime. it's like dream right now. i have a home! i got a home! >> reporter: in oakland, ann
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macvick, cbs 5. i'm counting on wednesday. wednesday, we have to definitely warm up. on tap by wednesday, but a few days to get. there i promise it will get warmer. as we look outside, what we are really seeing low clouds making their way onshore right now. the clouds pushing in moisture. coastal fog for the early morning hours. it's making its way into the region right now. it will linger along the coast. because it is so thin considering, we will see dense fog. lasting for the morning hours, and for the most part, we will see the fog along the coast. low 50sto high 50s. we are warmer than we saw last night. for tomorrow, temperatures ranging 50s to the 80s. the sea breeze is make its way
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onshore. sun prize, 6:00 -- sunrise, 6:01 atm. the aids walk tomorrow, temperatures maxing out at 65 degrees. we have 50s and 100s on the coast. brentwood, 83. we will max out in the inare 80s inland. napa, 74 degrees, and 71 is the expected high. we got the low pressure system that is pushing in. the high pressure ridge is making its way, regressing a bit. as it expands, we will seat warmer temperatures by wednesday. we have cooler temperatures for the next couple of days, and we can see here, there's a gradual warmup on the horizon, but really juliete, we have the cooler days to contend with. one quick slide for tomorrow.
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game time, 1:05 p.m., visit oakland a's. -- we have the oakland a's. i'm not that familiar with sports, so i will toss it over. >> here we go. movies now. harry potter has cast the biggest spell ever with a record-breaking first day at the box office. harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 conned up nearly 20 million dollars more than the twilight saga, new moon. it's expected to break the opening weekend record of 154.5 million. we will have to wait and see what happens. from fuse apology all
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around. a media leader. what the leaders around the world will be seeing tomorrow.
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weekend. he's trying to defuse the phone hacking uproar in his corporate emprie, on both si media leader, ruprert murdoch is giving an apology seen around the world. >> reporter: an apology to a nation, major british newspapers today carrying full- page advertisements for the company news international. embroiled in police hacking and it says we are sorry for the serious wrong doing that occurred. tomorrow, promising next steps including help from two doucets expect lawyers to "put right what has gone wrong." he is struggling to save his company. yesterday he accepted the
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resignation of rebecca brooks. hours later, the ceo resignation of the dow jones. gone on two executives executives who were firing walls. >> the thing about firewalls, they eventually burn through. they just delay the fire, they don't stop it. >> reporter: one of them to grill them, tom watson. >> i want to know if he was aware a crime had taken place. who gave him the advice and though those thingings. i would like rupert to tell us what he knows as well. under pressure to explain his leadership, records were forced to show 26 meetings or their employees since taking office, and he also hosted james and rebecca at his official country
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residents. cameron courted them knowing that their hill careers could be made or broken. dana lewis, cbs news london. the a's and the angels playing two. he did flash leather. sports is next.
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came crashing down to earth tonight in san diego... bill, st barry zitto has been flying high since coming off the disabilitied list, but he came crashing down tonight. struggling right out of the gate. giving up the 3-run homer. the former giant prospect,
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jesus guzman, giving up the 3- run shot, and he's knocked out in the 4th to give up 8 runs. the padres pound the giants 11- 3. the a's and the angels playing 2 at the -- playing two at the coliseum. game 1 for the 12th win. aye -- ayebar going deep. the walkoff single in the 10th his 15th rbi since joining the a's in june. they won 4-3. dustin johnson tied for 2 under, 68 to move within one shot of the lead. darren clark tied with glover. he ends it all alone in 1st, 1 under, 69, dropping clark to 5 under for the turnment. he tees off bright and early at 6:15. >> that was your clock going off. >> i know you're staying up to
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