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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 16, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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a controversial debate. does oakland need a city-wide curfew. the costs are tough but the prices are right. how 75,000 students are taking a course at stanford for free. good evening. >> everywhere you look. worries about a mounting debt crisis in europe. >> tonight, a new sign of just how tight money is here at home. customers are even staying away from wal-mart. the world's largest retailer says traffic is down as shoppers face economic challenges. numbers out today show home building dropped. fewest on the books in four decades. and the president is plowing through the midwest where today he asked farmers to brain storm about how to get the economy moving again. here in the bay area, tonight local members of congress went straight to the unemployed to get their ideas on how to get the country back
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to work. here is the invitation that compelled hundreds to show up and share their stories. >> the last two years i've only worked about six months. >> reporter: he is an electrician laid off. an air traffic tower control project was grounded to the halt. >> i was happy to get on this job. it was close to home. it was only for about three months when the lockout happened. >> reporter: green was one of hundreds who lined up to tell their stories to house democratic leader nancy pelosi, bay area representatives barbara lee and mike honda and a colleague from arizona. all members of the congressional caucus. they told leaders a lack of job and violence are directly linked. >> violence took my mother when i was a year and six months. to this day i wake up crying an all type of random stuff. violence has hurt me, taken many friends, my uncle. >> reporter: hundreds packed
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into the gospel church in what is called a speak out. the meme of congress promising to take the stories back to washington. >> it is a time in our country when the american people know and we know in washington that serious job creation must take place. >> reporter: but don did not want the other side of the aisle not represented at tonight's event so he stood outside all by himself. >> we are protesting the fraud of having a job senate by democrats like nancy pelosi and barbara lee that are busy killing jobs than they could create by this summit. >> reporter: democrats know they have a very tough fight on their hand once congress reconvenes after the summer. a lot of talk about decisions, what impact it will have on the jobs picture. of course, ken, everyone wants
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jobs. >> good to see people out there, mark, actually talk to members of congress directly. >> very involved. no question about it. >> thank you. the body of a 3-year-old child was laid to rest today much the private funeral was held at an east oakland church not far from where the toddler was caught in the cross fire of a driveby shooting last week. although the public was not invited some showed up to offer support for family. >> i'm just here for the baby. it is is a. like i said, it could have been anybody's baby. it could have been one of mine or someone else's. >> late this afternoon the d.a. filed murder charges against the two suspects. two city council members say that we are beyond enough is enough in the wake of this funeral of 3-year-old carlos
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nava. the councilmen say the city needs to pull out the stops to stop violence on city streets but their public efforts may hit a roadblock. we go now to oakland city hall. >> i'm afraid to be out here by myself. >> reporter: kids afraid to walk to the corner store fearing they will be the next carlos nava. >> it is too much going on. it is just hard. >> reporter: an parents incredulous. >> don't care about going to jail. they are going to get out. >> reporter: too gripped by the fear of perpetrators in oakland but fear and violence have formed an unholy marriage in oakland so a council member wants to stop it. >> we are going to really force a debate. >> reporter: tired of civil libertarians shouting racial profiling they say they are pushing ahead with a city wide
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curfew, suing gangs in both east and west oakland to secure new injunctions there. the mayor's office says the councilmen are using an innocent toddler's death for political gain saying both councilmen are -- >> grand standing. >> you see this as grandstanding? >> our concern is that the statement talks about residents carrying weapons. >> reporter: she is referring to the statement they released which reads "the criminals in our city do not hesitate to use their weapons. we shouldn't hesitate to use ours." the weapons are curfews an injunctions not guns he says who challenges where is the mayor's plan. >> we have to make them accountable. if you don't support injunctions then what are you doing? what is the plan. >> reporter: curfews and or injunctions have divided the council with the two joining quan against and three others seeking the green light.
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>> reporter: in oakland, robert lyles. public defender jeff adoche participated in his first mayoral debate since joining the race. one of the exchanges was initiated by chew who wanted answers from the mayor. >> you told me you looked at yourself in the mirror, you didn't have the fire in the belly. you didn't want to run. but that you were having trouble saying no to willie brown and rose pack. [ applause ] >> could you tell me what's happened? what's changed in your mind over the last couple of weeks? >> i changed my mind because we -- my working with you supervisor chew and with all of the rest of the supervisors had given me some great hope that this city can succeed in the things it wants to do. if we continue the high level of civility we have accomplished an set the tone
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since january. >> our own phil mattier moderated the debate. he questioned candidates and the political rivals were allowed to pose questions to one another. a 2-year-old child and her father reportedly died of carbon monoxide. that's what the little girl agrandfather is saying. he told a sacramento bee reporter that his son killed his daughter and madelin after he saw his lost full custody of her. they were found in his suv on saturday. new debate over kids and guns after some photographs surfaced of children being allowed to touch and hol semiautomatic weapons much . of it all part of a demonstration on saturday by the santa rosa police department. pictures circulated of the event via e-mail then through
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the local paper then the debate began. >> at what age is it appropriate to start teaching people about gun safety? because for some people maybe they didn't encounter guns until maybe later in life. other members of our community, children are seeing them at a muchishing age. >> while some community members are outrage police and event organizers say the display was part of their community outreach to demystify law enforcement and its s.w.a.t. team. >> checking other bay area headlines now, the cell phone shutdown prompting this protest which disrupted last night's b.a.r.t. commute is being investigated now by the feds. b.a.r.t. temporarily turned off wireless service at survive stations last week to foil another planned protest. b.a.r.t. maintains what it did was perfectly legal. a unanimous vote in santa clara. tonight the city council approved a plan to help the city hold on to the money intended for the 49ers stadium project. the state has plans to
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eliminate all redevelopment agencies. so in order to hold onto the program and its accompanying property tax revenue the city plans to play the state a fraction of the take. $11 million this year and nearly 3 million annually after that. there is no mistaking the circus is in town. eight asian elephants stepped off a circus train today in san jose marching their way to the hp pavilion where they will perform this week in what is always known as the gettest show on earth. more than 100 kids from around the world are in the bay area tonight for a very special summer get away. these kids have gone through more than most of us could ever imagine. sharon chin shows us how they were showered with affection when their planes touched down. >> reporter: a vip welcome to special passengers to s.f.o. 150 children traveled throughout the u.s., canada and israel for a week long
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adventure of a lifetime. the children are chronically ill battling leukemia and other illnesses requiring constant medical attentions. but for travelers like this 19- year-old, the vacation means he can forget he is fighting cancer. >> a lot of other things most people are doing i can't really do in the hospital. i'm undergoing chemo right now. so to come out here, a medically supervise trip, this is great. >> reporter: the trip, the biggest journey organized by kids of courage, a new york- based nonprofit that takes seriously ill children on adventures. >> this is huge. this is the largest medically supervised trip for really sick kids that has ever been pulled off. this flight has 120 sick kids on it. we have 31 children on oxygen and two on ventilators on this trip. >> reporter: medical experts and counselors accompany each
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patient. >> they usually don't have an opportunity to do this. it is amazing seeing them happy. >> reporter: for the families back home this adventure means a rare chance for rest. for the patients a rare chance to sightsee from alcatraz to aamusement parks. >> i never would have imagined it. it is unbelievable. >> i just want to say thank you so much. >> the first stop on their adventure wednesday morning at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo where they will have private shows of elephants and killer whales. >> what do i do with this? the unlikely place the ir replaceable treasure turned up. >> i'm stuck with a late fee when it is not my fault. the dmv playing hard ball. the late fees that some didn't expect. stanford university is
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offering classes anyone can take for free. i've got that story coming up. i have been watching and monitoring the clouds just spill into the bay tonight. now the amount of these clouds. how much they will retreat for your wednesday. as eyewitness news continues on the c.w. vip. vips. so the jury has rendered its verdict --
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guilty. [ cheers and applause ] i'm here with the defendant. sir, the plaintiff claims she changed her travel plans, paid the difference in airfare, but you added a 150-dollar change fee. oh, boo hoo. who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? me. well, she says she's going to fly southwest next time because they don't do that. they love customers, i love cash. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees. a 350-year- old stolen rembrandt turned up today at a churc it appears an art thief may have been looking for a little forgiveness. a 350--year-old stolen rembrandt turned up outside of
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a church in los angeles. it disappeared saturday night from the ritz carlton where it was on display. investigators believe the etching was dumped in an unlocked church building only 20 miles away. >> to be honest why us? >> he was a former counties deputy sheriff. he contacted authorities and a curator confirmed the artwork is authentic. the department of motor vehicles is warning don't be late because if you are it is going to be very expensive. many car owners in california face heavy fines on registration renewals. they sent out renewal notices a little late this summer because of budget delays by the legislature. the d.m.v. did give drivers extra time. it mailed a special notice to tell them about the grace period. >> what we want customers to know is you don't have to panic. you're going to have 30 days
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from the due date in order to pay your renewal without any penalties. >> but on day 31 if you use up that grace period, you might think that you only have to pay a one-day fine. no. you're going to have to shell out a 31-day fine. that is a huge penalty. 60% of your religion administration bill. many drivers were confused by the special notice. the d.m.v. says no excuses. tuition for one year at stanford costs nearly $40,000. but a handful of professors are inviting anyone with an internet connection and an interest of their field of study to take some courses for free. here is one of the classes that already has tens of thousands of students enrolled. >> this is the free online and warner brother version. >> reporter: artificial intelligence lab at stanford a bold new level of education is taking place where the classes
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are tough and the price is right. >> we want to help the world. >> reporter: peter and seb ashian, two of the brightest minds in their field are teaching int row to artificial intelligence on the web to everyone for free. >> they have this idea that they have knowledge and they can share it with as many people as they want and they don't lose anything by sharing that. rather, they gain by sharing. >> reporter: the video lessons follow along at the same pace as the actual class on cam puss. you'll need to know higher math like linear algebra. will you get a statement of accomplishment. slackers need not apply. this is the real deal. there will be deadlines an homework and for a lot of people this will be the closest they will ever come to actually taking a class at stanford. >> this model i could see help spread education much far than than in the past. >> reporter: more than 76,000 people have signed up from
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teenagers to retirees in 175 different countries. what's more two other online classes are being offered for free. machine learning and int row to databases. >> are you an ideaist? >> i am an inknow vator which means i'm constantly frustrated about how the world is and want to change it. >> reporter: a bold experiment indeed. spreading knowledge far and wide and will see what happens. >> nothing artificial about it. the real thing. real weather 101. no homework. >> i'm always doing homework. i am always studying the clouds especially like the ones surging into the city. can you see a little bit of the grey out there? that is a very shallow marine layer that just poured into the bay by the evening commute. right now we do have clouds lining the coast and into the bay but it hasn't reached 40, 50 miles inland towards the tri-valley. overnight everyone becoming overcast with lows in the 50s. we will kick start your morning with a little hint of drizzle
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at the beaches otherwise the clouds burn off very rapidly especially into the interior valleys. watch the clouds tick on by in the pinpoint forecast. roughly in the early morning hours 1200 feet deep. compressing. we will see burnoff all the way back to the beaches for your wednesday. right now looks like the area of high pressure over the four corners state is the one that is kind of building and expanding and will cause it to be the warmest day of this workweek. especially in our inland areas where we will see the temperatures pop into the low 90s. pinpointing your neighborhood forecast kick starting with the north bay. 62 degrees. 30 degrees warmer towards the delta. 20 degrees warmer in napa at 82 degrees. 84. east bay a westerly 10 to 20 miles per hour. very dry relative humidity dropping to right around 20% in brentwood at 93 degrees. otherwise 88 in dublin. 60st and 1r07s the closer to
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the bay and water. san mateo and redwood city cooler temperatures because of the bay influence. otherwise low 80s in the silicon valley. 85 wrapping around towards the valley. then back in all the way through morgan hill and gilroy. extended forecast. dropping the temperatures a couple degrees on thursday disp friday. a deeper marine layer on friday leads to cooler temperatures all the way around for the weekend. clouds at sunset. thanks, john, for sending this from pine mountain. keep your photos coming. dana, ken? >> rob ergta, thank you. turning your home into a solar powerhouse. that's ken's good question tonight. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else?
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panels on your home's roof with seems like the ultimate in green technology installing solar panels on your home's roof with a little help from the state. solomon in union city wants to know what is this thing called the california solar initiative. it is tonight's good question california has been going solar
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for more than 30 years but in the past couple things have really heated up. >> i can tell you in the past 4 1/2 years throughout the life of the program we have seen over 500 meg awatts have been installed. >> 2.$2 billion that the state has set aside from rate pairs to get you to install solar on your house or business. the p.u.c. says the average home needs to generate about 3 to 5-kilowatts in solar to be sufficient. >> you would get a recent of up to 1,750. >> that just comes in a check? >> a check for an upfront rebate. >> a number will kick in their
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own rebates. low income families. multifamily homes. the goal is to again rate 3000 megawatts onto the grid by 2016. >> so all of the kilowatts are added up and will bring us closer to the 3000-megawatt goal. >> go to and click on connect to send me your good questions. >> well, just when you thought it couldn't get worse for the giants it did. the latest injury and the game next. ,,,,
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r carlos beltran and pitcher sergio romo were placed on the disabled list..and it got
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giants injury list continues to grow tonight. outfielder and pitcher place on the disabled list. worse when they took the fields in atlanta. jonathan sanchez sprained his left ankle and he had to leave the game. he is now listed as questionable for his next start. the giants were being dealt a no hitter but cody ross broke it up with a solo home run and it tied the game at 1. singling . brooks conrad doubled early in the inning. if anyone could cool the diamondbacks it would be roy halliday after a 14-strikeout game. he was looking for a complete game. but instead lyle overbay two r.b.i. doubles in the 9th inning. and the giants fall three and a half games back as the braves take a strong six-game lead over the giants in the wild card. it is not looking good.
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as hosting the orioles third inning. josh willingham launching his 20th home run of the season. that made the score 4-1 at the time. and the as are 8-4 winners tonight. >> the giants are leaking a little bit. >> a combination of no hitting and injuries. >> exactly. >> everything kind of came together last year in that magical season. very difficult to have two years in a row without injuries and they are feeling the pain now. >> nobody got hit last year. >> the injuries started early in the season and they just continue to roll on. >> it looks like it might get worse. >> not over until it is over. come on. >> that a boy. that's the attitude. >> we will see you at 11 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: turn left.
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