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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 17, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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we don't want to be the garbage ground for the bay area. >> it's a war over waste. the fight to send san fransisco's garbage to neighboring counties get messy. good evening. >> 11 hours after police say he fired a gun, a suspect is still barricaded in a hotel. >> and a new traffic alert says there is at least a 107 minute delay for drivers heading westbound on the richmond san rafael bridge. the suspect inside a san rafael hotel room on francisco boulevard east. a nearby stretch of interstate 580 is closed down. don nap reports this is being treated as a hostage situation. >> reporter: police officers appear to be settling in for the night, taking up positions on neighboring rooftops at the hotel where a man remains holed up with his girlfriend. the man fired a shot from the room overlooking a stretch of
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inter state 580. the chp shut down the highway that runs past the hotel to and from the richmond san rafael bridge. that led to major backups throughout the day as bridge traffic was rerouted. the jams got worse for the evening rush hour. this man had allegedly stabbed a clerk on sunday when he was suspected of shopping lifting. police got information the man was staying at the extended stay hotel on east francisco. when they went there to talk to him he locked himself in the room with his girlfriend. after a shot was fired from the room, police moved in. >> there are s.w.a.t teams from marchin and sonoma county. we've had voice contact with him from the very beginning of the incident. so there's dialogue back and forth which is good. and these events sometimes can take a long time and we just want to bring it to a peaceful resolution for everyone. >> reporter: 40 guests of the
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hotel were evacuated. nearby businesses were advised to let employees leave early. traffic backed up. police have given no information about the hostage situation. >> she's not being allowed to leave or not coming out, so we're concerned for her safety and we're treating this as though it's a hostage situation. >> reporter: a long day for everybody involved, including all those motorists who were stuck in traffic. here is the bad news. the roadway will be closed again tomorrow morning unless this hostage situation gets resolved overnight. a spokesman rohrbacher says everyone should plan, get up early and plan for using this oh road or getting around this road some other way, but pay attention to muss media, cbs 5, to see if it's open. >> we'll keep updates either here on or our website, a busy car wash is in legal hot water tonight. tower car wash is accused of stealing wages that should have
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been paid for employees. robert lyle is on the owner's luxury that could be coming at the expense of workers. >> reporter: we've all handed them the keys to our car, rarely paying attention to that silent platoon vacuuming, washing, and drying our car to a showroom shine. but san fransisco labor officials say while your ride was being treasured, countless employees were subjected to an employee hell. >> workers have to report to a small, hot, dirty room with covered up windows where they wait, unpaid. >> the office of labor standard enforcement say they have evidence workers at tower car wash were holed up in tiny rooms like this for up to five hours a day. practice the city claims has been going on for the past seven years, and employees say they were powerless to do anything about it. >> we want to talk to them. they don't want to talk to us.
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they ignore us. >> reporter: it was an elaborate plan says the city attorney, during bad weather, put workers in a windowless room to avoid paying them. >> reporter: we tried talking to the manager. employees offered us the run around instead. >> i've been fairly paid. you know what i mean? >> that's the allegation. >> it's a very good company. i don't know why the city is doing this. >> reporter: so cbs 5 it our own running around and found while workers were allegedly cooped up the car wash owners vladimir and lisa seleksy are living in the lap of luxury. this is their mansion. a co-owner also lives in beverly hills but could not be located, perhaps because the city has sued the manager and all three owners to the tune of $3 million. >> it would be the largest back
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wage interest and penalty recovery in a san fransisco minimum wage case. >> the nearly $7 millioning mansion you just saw, so much more. we found more than 13 businesses after an online search linked to that same address. including the offices of a doctor and attorney. and this is more. tower car wash has reportedly received more than $153,000 in business from the city of san fransisco last year. >> wow. you know, regardless of the outcome, it's very brave of the people who have come forward. >> reporter: it is phenomenally brave. the group representing them says that virtually all of them are latino. many of them non-english speaking. so there was a considerable amount of effort they had to use in coming forward so they should be commended. the question now, what had happen now that this suit has been filed. >> it will be worth watching. >> absolutely. >> thank you. serving details from the autopsies of that 2-year-old girl and her father found dead
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in the tragic ending of an amber alert. the coroner says that mourad samaan died after shooting himself. his daughter, madeline, was also shot twice. samaan's family initial hi believe the two died of carbon monoxide poisoning. yet another success. that is the message hackers posted on line after their second cyber attack against b.a.r.t. this week. both times the group known as anonymous, but this time things got personal for police. >> reporter: they've marched through the streets, they've shut down train stations, they've even hacked b.a.r.t.'s passenger info. now this morning a group of hackers called anonymous has hacked into the police union's website and posted on line the personal information of more than 100 b.a.r.t. cops. >> i'm angry and upset. we have a bunch of criminals in
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my mind. >> reporter: this officer says the f.b.i. is investigating. he says there are 250 members of his union, 102 of them got hacked, including sacon himself. >> these officers have their residences, in some cases, known to the public, to criminals they've arrested, to people that they're going to come in contact with and may want retribution. >> bring it to the board. >> reporter: anyone who is upset about last week's cell devision sudden let b.a.r.t. know. they've received 9,000 e-mails already. >> what does this accomplish? they've gotten your riders information out there, now your police officer. what have they done. >> they've drawn attention to themselves and they're nobody. they're anonymous. so that's what they've accomplished. they've hurt innocent people, they've exposed innocent people. we cannot stand for that. >> reporter: anonymous has called for another protest monday evening. will b.a.r.t. cut off cell service again? we haven't had any intelligence
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that there's any need to. so practically i doubt it will happen, but as the deputy said, it's a tool. other bay area headlines, san fransisco police stepping up security after two campuses were hit by copper thieves. they pose as legitimate contractors and pretend to be working inside the buildings. two churches have reported copper thefts as well. pg&e saying it's not our fault. they blamed sept's san bruno blast on a faulty well done by an outside manufacturing company. city of san bruno are blaming pg&e for poor record keeping and safety practices. san jose cannot afford to run the golf course where green fees are $10 a round. it's costing the city $2 million a year in debt payment.
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the mayor wants to close the golf course, sell the land, and build homes on it to help the city's coffers. state haw makers will talk trash seriously and specifically your trash and who gets a say in where it gets buried. it's a debate partly fuelled by $100,000 of industry money. one bay area county may find their vote cannot keep a lid on the garbage. >> reporter: when you throw something away, chances are it ends up some place like this. the patorial hills landfill. it's first class when it comes to garbage, but the county residents took a vote and decided on a limit to trash. >> we don't want you to be bringing in 95,000 tons of garbage from outside annually. >> reporter: almost 30 years later that vote is causing
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problems. >> either city and county passed an ordinance saying we can't take waste from san fransisco that would be a problem for us. >> reporter: to avoid that problem, they're offering a bill that dechairs trash a regional, almost statewide issue. or as she puts it. >> my bill says that a local city and county cannot discriminate against waste from another jurisdiction. >> a place like san fransisco that needs to get rid of its trash has to rely on the counties around it. >> reporter: so why voters here want a cap on imported waste that philosophy might not work for the neighbors. and cities like san fransisco is such a neighbor. some folks in sohano county
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are -- solano county are feeling dumped on. >> it was an initiative adopted here in solano county. >> reporter: in all that garbage, environmentalists see money. >> the rest. the explanation for the bills are just cover for the fact that two big garbage companies want to expand a landfill. >> reporter: but the bay area has to take its trash somewhere and like most issues in the bay area, this one doesn't stop at the county line. >> it passes across state lines and county lines, and we're in the business of dealing with trash as a commodity. it's our business. >> reporter: a business that's not closing up shop any time soon. . coming up, an attack worse than columbine. >> i was shocked. >> how police uncovered the plot before the shooting got started. it just sucks all the air
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out of it. it's just so unbelievably devastating. >> children who lost nearly everything in the joplin disaster went back to school today. how they're getting a new start with helping hands from the south bay. and a situation for abercrombie and fitch. the reality tv stars it wants to pay to not wear its clothes. the day the big cooling occurs, we'll pinpoint that with your forecast as eyewitness news continues on the cw. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees. . police say they have stopped
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a high school bomb plot intended to be deadlier than columbine. tamper officers got a tip that the eggs peld student had something planned for the first week of classes. his mother allowed officers to search their apartment yesterday and they say they found bombs, shrapnel and something else. >> they found a manifesto written by jarrod that included detonating explosive devices in the school. >> that was when i think that the reality and the fear set in. >> police say cano had a pot growing operation at his place. his facebook page says he attends the university of
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marijuana. normalcy in tornado ravaged joplin, missouri. students returned to class. >> so many kids lost so much but a bay area woman helped make sure that she got them covered. >> how are you? >> reporter: there were plenty of hugs, a few tears, and a lot of new outfits. the first day of school is a rite of passage but here in joplin it's the biggest bench mark so far in the road to recovery. >> the first time we drove through there, it sucks all the air out of it. it is so unbelievably devastating and terrible. >> reporter: and you wanted to help. >> yes, everybody wanted to help. >> reporter: seamstress judith lives in kansas. >> i can't put a new roof on, i don't know how to drive a bulldozer. two days after the tornado it struck me that i always had a
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new dress for the first day of school and so i asked ladies to make garments. it's just the right thing to do. >> reporter: she reached out on line to the sewing community and in less than three months she got more than 1400 hand sewn dresses from all around the country, including this one from cindy smith in san jose, california. >> when you have seen that kind of devastation you say that's awful. how could somebody go through with that? and it's devastating for a child to lose everything. this is something i can do to give back and it gave me a chance to sew for little girls. >> reporter: last night smith's outfit with scooped up by sydney wheat and this morning the 5th grader wore it for the start of school. >> it's good that somebody would make something like this that that's pretty. >> reporter: exactly what susan stuart had hopped. >> i wanted to make girls feel like princesses on that first day of school. this isn't just something to
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cover your bodies. this is something to feed your soul. >> reporter: cross country kindness that is stitching the fabric of this community back together. . speaking of clothing, paid not to advertise. abercrombie and fitch is paying the cast members of jersey shores not to wear their clothing. there's no word on how much they're offering to pay the cast to wear something else. mtv is calling it a clever pr stunt. >> yo, roberta, what you got? >> i got me a situation right now. that's what i have me. [ laughter ]. >> i have a fountain in san jose. and tonight we have clear skies fl from san jose back into
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willow glen, into cupertino, campbell, also elm rock, and we have a temperature in the 60s. the average high temperature is 83 degrees. it was 80 in santa rosa. everybody becomes overcast tonight and will wake up with grey clouds and then quickly those clouds retreat out of our inland areas. bottom line is, your headlines suggests we will have clarity around the bay and inland areas by lunchtime but that deeper marine layer pushes on shore during the evening commute and it will produce some drizzle. your thursday forecast. far reaches of the east bay, clouds extend to the north and south as well. backing off towards the beach. and then what happens is we have this area of low pressure to the north of us and that's going to enhance that marine layer and that will be thursday night into friday. 81 in san elsamo.
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temperatures similar in comparison to today. 60s, 70s across the bay. winds out of the west 10 to 20. the coast will be socked in with just some partial late day clearing around half moon bay. extended forecast, deeper marine layer thursday with the drizzle into friday morning. deep a reason layer through the weekend, so temperatures only mid-80s in our inland areas with that cooler air mass so much cooler. then we begin to see high pressure rebound by the early part of next week. we thank you, ralph, for sending us this picture and keep the photos coming. we'll be right back.
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from d-m-v fee's can really add up. . at a time when the state could use every penny it could get, revenue from dmv fees can add up. how much is california losing to those residents who drive with out of state plates. you know who you are. that's tonight's good question. >> reporter: the dmv estimates that there are about 32 million
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registered vehicles here in california. and thousands more out of state cars running around illegally. >> you know, folks, sometimes maybe they don't know the rule or sometimes they just don't want to pay the california registration fees because we are a little bit more expensive maybe than the state they came from. >> reporter: dmv's jan mendoza says people have to reregister their out of state cars. the reasons they don't do it, registration and smog. >> they can't pass smog or their car is not compliant with all the equipment it needs to be legal here in california. >> reporter: the california highway patrol estimates that the state is losing tens of millions of dollars on these out of state cheaters every year and has set up a hot line and a website for you to help catch them. >> chp, they have a cheaters program where you can get on their website and you can report
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folks with out of state licenses. >> reporter: some students and members of the military are exempt from having to register but the free ride may be over for the rest. >> you're basically hurting the state you live in by skirting around not paying those fees. >> reporter: go to, click on connect to send me your good questions. >> another new quarterback for the 49ers. the latest in the giants soap opera, next. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, it's easy to create a new look for back to school with all arizona jeans on sale! night and day doorbusters make it simple -- the best styles and washes are under $20! so it's easy to have fun with flares... ...get back to basics... ...or slip into some skinnies! on top of that, with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot. no exclusions! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! go to to see everything on sale.
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people switch to state farm. aw, i could've gotten a falcon. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. [ falcon screeches ] . we've said it here last night. right here last night. it ain't over until it's over. forget about where they are in the standings. this is a team that doesn't give up. >> no.
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and they have a month and a half of the season. plenty of time. as long as they don't get hurt any more. you can't talk giants without talking injuries. wilson has been diagnosed with imflamation in his elbow. the giants scored 7 runs tonight. cabrera's base hit was part after four-run 4th inning and that was plenty for big daddy cane. he strikes out 9, gives up one unearned run in 8 innings. they beat the braves 7-5. more good news, the diamondbacks finally lost. they scored 3 in the 7th and 4 in the 8th to blow it open. the giants are now 2.5 games back in the national legal west. a's and orioles, bailey trying to protect a 6-4 lead in the 9th. base rit, right field. one run scores and gets away from jesus. here comes the throw, here comes davis, he puts on the tag, he is
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... out! and the a's win 6-5. finally the 49ers signed veteran quarterback josh mcgown. he spent last season with the hartford colonials. likely be the third string quarterback. you know, after alex smith, you had kaprinick and other rookies. they need veteran quarterback in there. >> what about the o line. >> they're fine. >> they were not prepared for the blitz. >> goodbye. turn left.
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