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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  August 20, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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ed again in oakland. not coming home anytime soon. a stiff sentence for the two cal grads being held in iran. it happened again in oakland for the second time in less than two weeks. a child is hit by gunfire. a health threat in the south bay develops. good evening. breaking news. two separate shootings at canned -- candlestick park where the 49ers and the raiders were playing a preseason game. >> reporter: we are at gate a, where one of the two shooting victims ended up. two males were taken to the
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hospital. what we saw when we came up were police officers standing around. there was a bloody shirt on the ground. one officer told us a man drove up in a car, got out kind of wobbly, flagged down a security guard and it was discovered he had been shot. he was taken to san francisco general. also earlier in the parking lot, near the rv parking area, another man had been shot. we understand one of these two men is now in san francisco general with life threatening injuries. the other man with non life threatening injuries. cbs5's sports reporter kim coyle was also at the game and she said during the fourth quarter there was heavy fighting going on in the stands behind the raiders bench. she said the fighting was so severe some of the players were looking up and seeing some of the fighting going on. we don't know if it was related to the shootings, she said also there was a second fight in the stands tonight and clp officers
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were apparently in the stadium who went to help break up some of that fighting and rested the one person. a couple of fights were in the stands and two people shot in the parking lot after the game. how much of it is related we don't know. well, a major setback today for the two cal graduates detained in iran for more than two years. three weeks after their trial ended the men have been sentenced. drew levenson on why the pair may spend many more years behind bars. >> reporter: instead of a pardon, the government sentenced them to eight years in prison for illegally entering the country and spying.
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minnesota senator spoke with bower's mother. the men claimed they were hiking in iraq in 2009 and mistakenly crossed the iranian border. bower's fiance was arrested with them was was recently let go. >> the burden we are carrying arounding the fear and the unknown, it gets heavier and heavier. >> reporter: the families had also appealed here in the united nations. the state department said shane and josh have been imprisoned too long and it is time to reunite them with their families. the americans's attorney felt a pardon would come during this islamic holy month of ramadan and now they are hoping the iranian government would
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overturn it. >> no word yet if the two years the men have been already behind bars will count toward their eight year sentences. drew levenson. >> the hikers's ordeal is now in its third year. the men were first detained in july of 2009. their mothers were allowed to visit a year later. in the east bay tonight police have investigating a shooting that sent a two-year-old boy to the hospital. the incident happened near international boulevard in oakland just after 3:00 this afternoon. the child was shot in the arm. his wounds are not life threatening. last week another boy, carlos nava, was shot. a five-year-old was hit by a car while crossing the street with a family member at about 11:30 this morning on silver
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avenue. the boy's injuries are not life threatening. police are searching for the car and driver. the vehicle is a 1980s dark green hatchback with a missing passenger side mirror. a week ago a nine-year-old boy visit frog pennsylvania was hit by a drunk driver. he is back home now, continuing his treatment. in an update to the woman hit and killed by a san francisco muni bus friday afternoon, the examiner reports the victim is 23-year-old emily dunn of san francisco. the incident happened as the bus was turning from 18th street on to hartford street in the castro district. the woman was in the crosswalk. the driver of the bus is said to be cooperating in the investigation. dead birds in a summertime raised red flags. in the south bay, the threat turned outside to be real. birds and mosquitoes have tested
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positive for the west nile virus. glenn ramirez on what happens now. >> reporter: workers are walking door to door, and delivering 13,000 notices that the potentially deadly west nile virus has been found in this south san jose neighborhood and that widespread pesticide fogging will begin next week. >> it is an unpleasant surprise. i have known it is around but that brings it awfully close to home. >> reporter: jim holt lives on agatha way. dead birds were confirmed to be victims of the virus there. mascot toes also tested positive for west nile. >> the estimates are that somewhere between one in 30 and one in 500 mosquitoes are carrying the virus out there. >> that is enough to pose a significant health risk to humans. people can catch the flu-like
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west nile fever vector control workers will be using these machines to treat low doses of a natural pesticide. >> the way it works is a microscopic droplet. it gets enough to knock it down. >> the fogging will be one night only and should be finished by morning. >> residents can call at 1-800-314-2427. people are wondering how concerned they should be. the office says the pesticide poses no threat to humans and pets. >> i'm trying to figure out which is worse the spray or the west nile virus. a teen is under arrest after
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he reportedly threatened to kill the vice principal at his high school. according to police the vice principal had suspended the 15-year-old after the boy was found with marijuana. college students around the bay area are moving into dorms this weekend. for about 200 returning students at san jose state, home will be the clairian hotel. all freshmen have to live in dorms and there is a record number of freshmen this year. the university ran out of rooms and had to scramble to find housing. >> i'm optimistic. i think you have to make the best of it. >> the hotel offers a pool, hot tub, cable tv, plus weekly maid service. but there is no cafeteria students will have to commute
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to classes. it was also move in weekend at uc bank of americary. this year an estimated 6300 undergraduates will be living in on campus residence halls. this year enrollment by out of state students is up 23%. the university admitted more out of state students because they pay higher tuition. it appears the days could be numbered for libyan leader moammar ghadafi. >> libyan rebels launched an attack. their strategy for moving into tripoli. flash floods powerful enough to float a dump truck. the toll on one pennsylvania city trying to dig out of the mud. it was an unseasonably cool day around the bay area. by this afternoon, to see those clouds rolling in overnight, will we warm up at all for
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[ sighs ] i gotta get back. [ male announcer ] the most innovative cars are also the most available cars. nissan. innovation for all. washington believe. there are t that gaddafi and libyan dictator moammar ghadafi's grip on power may be ending. that is what officials in washington believe. there are reports gahdafi and his two sons may have left the country. this as rebel troops advance toward the capital city of tripoli. alex crawford was there. >> reporter: this was a battle they couldn't afford to lose. and they brought everything out to try to finish the job.
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street by street, inch by inch, they pushed forward. and forced gahdafi's men into the street. with gahdafi troops in martyr square, their advance stuttered. they couldn't see their enemy, so they had to give the bait, even if it was themselves. knowing gahdafi's gunmen were at the end of the road. >> they have lit a fire to try to create a smokescreen so the snipers don't know what to shoot at. and now they are trying to finish the job off to move into the square. >> reporter: once inside the square, they have to hold it. and hold it they did.
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the gahdafi men were out numbered and outmaneuvered, and the wounded were abandoned as they fled they have waited since march for this moment and she savored every second. the green flags were torn down. they will be on their guard for gahdafi retaliation. they faced a weakened gahdafi military this time t may not be the same on the road -- it may not be the same on the road into the capital. >> reporter: hundreds of egyptians continued protesting outside the israeli embassy in cairo. three personnel were killed while hunting for the gunmen responsible for attacks in
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southern israel. egypt is withdrawing an ambassador, pending the investigation of the incident. thousands demanded political freedom, despite assurances by president assad that the government's crack down was over, the violent response called for assad to step down. not even a heavy downpour could stop a massive celebration of catholicism in spain. thousands listened to the pope in madrid. the pope was covered with an umbrella as he spoke to the crowd and eventually, the weather got so bad he had to stop speaking for a time. grief counselors will be at schools attended by two young girls killed by flash flooding.
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dave shows us the damage. >> reporter: the sudden storm jumped just over two inches of rain in an hour. but suddenly, in the highland park section of pittsburgh in the middle of the afternoon, water started rising. within minutes washington boulevard was a nine foot deep raging river. a river with 18 cars in it. >> the water was so fast -t dragged me right out. i hung on to a red truck and then my daughter got taken because it totally submerged. >> rescuers in boats plucked 11 trapped motorists. >> water started coming in my doors and that is when i knew i was in trouble. by the time i got out of the car it was well over my head. >> reporter: high winds ripped through, ripping a trailer from its moorings. >> he was doing my -- a good deed, helping my dad. >> reporter: the national
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weather service says the storm probably was a tornado. cbs news new york. let's see what our weather is shaping up to be. it just seems really cool. >> reporter: it is really cool. already seeing drizzle asker as 6:00 -- as early as 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. patchy fog throughout the bay area this evening and continuing see the weather. inland we are going to be clear and then we'll see the clouds build in, making way to partly cloudy conditions along the bayshore. it will be completely cloudy in those overnight hours. at the coastline tonight we are going to continue to see the drizzle and fog and increasing cloud cover. the temperatures sitting in the 50s for the most part for our lows. good news is for tomorrow though, we will see sunshine, especially in the inland locations.
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temperatures making their way into the mid-80s. around the bay a mostly cloudy start and some clearing. mostly sunny conditions by the afternoon. the coastline a different story, drizzle in the morning, staying great through the afternoon. only partly cloudy. a little bit of sunshine, but not a whole lot. clouds filling in, in the bay here. parts of the north bay already cloudy. another cool day all around the bay area. this low is keeping us cool, the trough still in the picture. that means once again conditions well below average for this time of year. highs up to 10 degrees below average in the inland location. drizzle, flip op windshield wipe -- on the windshield wipers tonight. sacramento 90, 96 in redding. 90 in eureka. here's a look at your highs for
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tomorrow. 78, 75 in sunnyville, and 75 for palo alto. a few degrees warmer for walnut creek tomorrow and 80 for san ramon. alameda a couple of degrees cooler side than that and berkeley. favored will break into the 80s tomorrow. definitely cool in san francisco, only 62 there. same story for sauce lito. tuesday is the day to look for, when we start to see a little bit of a warm up. the area of high pressure sitting to the southwest of us right now. bringing numbers up to the low 90s. definitely closer to where we should be for this time of year. low 90s later on into the week. the rest of your weekend overcast and definitely cool. hold on to your jacket for the rest of the weekend. kids are getting summer
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once school starts. >> confusing, for sure. detroit is known for many things. motor city, mow town. the -- month town. organizers is to draw 5000 participants to be able to break the world record for the largest game of dodge ball. well the jobless rate just jumped to 12% in california. but there are two places in the bay area holding job fairs this weekend. the people looking for those part-time jobs to be zombies, and ghouls.
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today. they're celebrating today. they're celebrating the city's pride festival. this year's theme is "moving forward together crowds gathers at meadows park today, celebrating the city's pride festival. moving forward together.
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it has been 40 years since the first gay rights rally was held in the area. the summer theme park season almost over. local theme parks are now hiring for halloween. big crowds showed up to afly at great america even though the jobs will only last through october. the creepy clown laugh won't get your foot in the door everywhere, but in this economy the jobless aren't picky. this is the line of job seekers outside of a job fair saturday at great american theme park in santa clara. they are hoping for a temporary gig to help pay the bills. >> most of the people in line are working part-time jobs while they try to find full-time work. >> as of right now, i just keep looking and keep looking out there until you get something. >> it is really difficult
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actually right now. i have been looking on the internet for a long time. despite the long lines and high demands for jobs, there are new and encouraging numbers here in the south bay. >> reporter: silicone valley employers have added jobs over the past year. santa clara's unemployment rate was 10.3% in july. san mateo county's rate was the second lowest in the state. >> a lot of people have full-time jobs. >> most here have a need and a want. >> it is a really fun job. you are able to enjoy yourself and make a living out of it. >> having a job would be a really great experience. six flags in vallejo is
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also hiring for halloween. today they held auditions for ghouls and other creatures to perform during the month long fright fest. they are also hiring singers and dancers. auditions will continue next saturday. the giants scored for the first time in three games but was it enough to get a win? and only one team found the end zone in the battle today. in the battle of the bay. ,,,,
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starting defense did force two turnovers in the first quarter... christian, start the clock there weren't too many positives for the raiders tonight but their starting defense did force two turnovers in the quarter. alex smith completed eight of
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13 passes for 126 yards. edwards incredible one handed catch set up a david akers field goal. edwards had two catches for 40 yards. ricky kendall hunter breaks free and 53 yards later the niners have their first touchdown of the preseason. they beat the raiders 17-3. it just keeps getting worse for the giants, taking on the worst team in baseball. j.d. martinez homers in four runs. the astros have a chance to sweep the series tomorrow. fortunately the diamondbacks have also hit a rough patch. they lose their fourth straight. the braves now have an eight game lead in the wild card rate. finally gonzalez won for the first time in six starts and josh willingham hit his 22nd homer of the season as the a's beat the bluejays 5-1.
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our big story is the fight outside candlestick. >> i was at the game and there were a lot of fights in the stands. it was surprising. teams don't like to see that, for sure. absolutely. >> don: nap is still out there. we'll have the latest for you on cbs5 at 11:00. until then, have a good night.
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