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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  September 11, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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attacks on american soil -- families mourn 10 years after the terror attacks on american soil, families mourn their losses at a new memorial. >> my father, who i never met, because i was in my mom's belly. i love you, father. >> reporter: a ceremony at the pentagon for the 184 people who died there. >> : a parent should not bury a child. >> reporter: and bells ring for
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the brave passengers who storm the cockpit on united flight 93 that crashed in pennsylvania. >> good evening. at this hour, the annual tribute is limb newing the -- whom naturing the light's sky. two beams of light. randall is near the memorial with a wrap of today's events, a day to remember, and a day to reflect. >> reporter: the cameras were focused on the dedication of the new 9/11 memorial park, but right outside side the camera range were people who came here to pay their respects and to reflect on the profound impact of september 11, 2001 on america. two beams of light
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illuminate the skyline filling the void with the twin tours stood a decade ago. it capped off a day of remembrance at the transformed ground zero site. their families are now able to touch the names of their loved ones. >> our court -- court rage us son. >> rely lives -- relatives read all of the names, including those who died at the pentagon and pennsylvania. >> and my father, whom i never met, because i was in my mom's bell he auto -- belly. >> president obama and -- the collapse of each tower. >> god bless every soul that we lost. >> reporter: the public will be able to visit the memorial
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starting monday but the 10th anniversary opening was reserved for families of the victims. >> we missed you terribly and -- >> : mary lost her son, john. this particular anniversary has particularized the 10 years we've been mourning him. >> reporter: some wore ribbons marking each of the pass anniversaries. others left souvenirs. in men toes for those who were lost -- month -- the new me park has particular significance saying there was a hole in the ground 10 years before and now there is grass and there is water. it feels like a new beginning. reporting live. back to you. >> whatever happened -- what became of the heightened security, the terror threat
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that we heard about. >> you know, authorities never called the threat off, but what they did say was that they could not confirm that the threat actually existed, they could not find the people but they are still looking for three people who were identified in pakistans as possibly plotting to set off car bombs in new york or in washington and they are also in the new york city area trying to track down three vans that were stolen. hopefully that threat was not as credible as had been initially thought. >> clearly. in new york city tonight for us. thank you very much. military jets scramble today to escort an american airlines flight to jfk airport. flight 34 from los angeles landed safely. the reason for the scare, three people locked themselves in the bathroom. security officials interviewed passengers at the airport. a law enforcement source says the incident is not believed to
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be terrorism related. an intense situation at detroit. police detained three passengers of a frontier airlines flight from denver after the crew reported suspicious activity on board. again, two people were spending an extraordinarily long time in a bathroom. two jets shuttled the flight into atlanta safely. they taxied to a spot away from the terminal. three people were taken into custody. in addition, president obama paid his respects to the heros of the flights that crashed into that field in pennsylvania. >> reporter: president obama capped off a day of remembrance, praising the country's resilience. >> it will be said that we kept the faith, that we took a painful blow and we emerged stronger than before. >> he spoke at the concert for hope at the kennedy center,
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just hours after visiting all three 9/11 memorial sites. a military honor guard placed wreaths on the benches, one for each of the s -- 184 victims. her 30-year-old son michael was a member of the son nevada defensey working on -- 10 years and i just start crying. >> reporter: an american fly is draped over the pentagon just as it was in the days following the attacks. vice president joe biden and defense secretary led the morning tribute to the victims. >> the terrorists who attacked the pentagon sought to weaken america, but they failed. >> reporter: bells tolled 175 miles away after family and friends read the names of each person who died when flight 93 crashed in shanksville,
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pennsylvania. earlier in the day, the president and first lady met with families of the 40 victims and walked to the boulder that marks the spot where passengers helped bring down the plane. pentagon officials highlighted the contributions of american men and women since 9/11 saying millions of volunteers have served in the military since the attack. cbs 5. and here in the bay area, union city honors the passengers and crew members of flight 93. we spoke with jack, whose wife lauren, who was on that flight. >> reporter: ordinary ended for jack on september 11, 2001. everything lost when wife lauren's plane crashed in a field in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> well, i even who, the first five years were just incredibly
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painful and searing and time does heal. we still have the scar, but you just -- it's a pretty surreal time and anyone who loses anyone knows that. it's hard to go on. >> so as the world acknowledges the ten-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks, he will remember the day by morning privately. >> so i'm just going to lay low and like every year let it pass, because you live with it every day. you know, it's just a scar that keeps getting scratched off every year. >> in 10 years he's worked through his sorrow. he's found some comfort knowing she was with passengers who fought back, sacrificing their own lives. >> knowing that lauren was a part of a very courageous act was something that inspires and gives me comfort and gives me hope and strength to go on.
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>> he wasn't the only one affected by this act. one year after her death, the city of san rafael dedicated this area to her. he was -- he finished a book she started writing to inspire women to go after new challenges. in life, that's what she practiced, sky diving to celebrate her 30th birthday. he takes personal pride in the foundation he set up in her memory dedicating a hospital birthing room. she was three months pregnant with their first child. he comes here on some 9/11 anniversaries to find joy. >> to be apart of knowing that babies come into this world under lauren's watchful eye and to hear stories from friends who say their son or daughter or grandchild was born in
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lauren's birthing room. it brings brightness to the darkness that happened 10 years ago. >> when you see those babies, what happens? >> it's a reminder of what else i lost, of course. there is no turning things back, so you pay it forward as you will to see those babe is it makes me feel like there are at least new generations coming in that live in memory of the child that might have been. >> reporter: he is now focusing on the future and finally a new relationship. >> everyone says chaptersers closure, what have you. i think what the tenth anniversary for me to go back to being a private person and moving on with someone that fills out my life again. >> the 10 years, jack has finally found peace. the memorial events were held all over the bay area today, including santa clara
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county. bag pipes played and doves flew. >> reporter: it was decidedly main straight america in san jose where the captain of flight 93 is buried. bag pipes played as folks gathered beneath a huge american flag. in santa clara, it is somewhat different looking but still uniquely american. doves helped launch a kickoff. american flags were on every table. a 17-year-old must -- muslim-
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american girl saying the star spank -- spangled banner. reminding them that muslim- americans were also first responders and innocent victims in the airplanes and the twin tours. >> they lost their brothers, sisters, grandfathers. so if they can do peace work, none of us in the world have reason not to do it. >> they paused for afternoon prayers in the prayer hall, they also heard speakers from other religions. >> we condemn terrorism. it has no color, no religion. these people who do such horrible acts, i don't think religion or love even exists in their dictionary. >> wreath are were placed on a permanent memorial for all who died 10 years ago today.
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we are following a few other bay area headlines tonight. up next, an unexpected discovery after a fire is put out. why authorities believe it wasn't an accident. not just a day to reflect but for some, a call to action. how people are trying to make a difference and give to others. a mix of clouds across the bay area on this muggy sunday afternoon. thunderstorm activity moving on for now. we will take a look at what that means the rest of your week coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,
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where two people were found
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homicide detectives are looking into an early morning apartment fire where two people were found dead. it all right staked around 1:00 a.m. on coolidge avenue in east locate land. police say a man and a woman were killed. they have not been identified and investigators are looking into the possibility of foul play. the bodies appear to have injuries that are not related to a fire. witnesses also reported seeing several people running away from the building after the fire started. month key toes collected from south san jose have tested bo for west nile virus it will be begin fogging this week. it will take place south to foothill drive. it will last several hours wednesday night. they estimate that between 1 to 3% of the month key toss are carrying the virus. maybe you noticed it was a little muggy today.
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>> a little. it was muggy across the bay area today. the low clouds gave mix to upper-level cloud cover across the region and the threat of thunderstorms earlier this evening out between liver more and tracy. that's all winding down now and dissipating. should be moving off to the east here with no threat of thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow. we will see slightly warmer temperatures however as -- towards the ends of the week once again. the low clouds and fog will return to the region. today, the low clouds gave way to the mid-and upper-level cloud cover moving from east to the west. there was some blowoff from the some of the thunderstorm activity developing out there which cooled temperatures for most of the interior here. fairfield, 78, livermore, 81, warmer by a couple of degrees around the water. 76 in redwood city today. 72 over in oakland.
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and relatively muggy around the bay here today as mentioned. we will look for conditions tomorrow to be pretty close to this as once again we can expect some upper 70s to low 80s. the low pressure system that sparked all those thunderstorms across southern and central california is now moving inland and taking the thunderstorm activity with it so we will look for partly cloudy in the morning as the thunderstorms move north and east out of the state through the day tomorrow. still a chance of activity around tahoe, but as you see, the bay area will have thinning clouds through the day as the low clouds and fog reformulate in the week. we will look for our highs in the -- we will also again look for mid-to low 80s for the warmer locations, cooling into the north bay, but warmer than they were today. mid-upper 70s as -- taking a look at the five-day forecast
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here. conditions will warm slightly here through mid-week and then cool off again come the weekend as low clouds and fog return. but this week's warmup will be nothing compared to last week. we're not looking for any kind of a heat wave just back to near normal which will put us in the mid to upper 80s. thanks should be settling down here for the remainder of the week. >> good. thank you. the oakland system -- to our victims who died 10 years ago today and their loved ones. the concert featured music by mozart. dozens of flags were on display today along a highway
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24 over pass, the plaque -- flag brigade is now in its 10th year. organizers say it's the largest over pass flag display in the state. three large sections of steel recovered from the world trade center were on display. some people chose to honor the memory of those lost by giving back. there were people giving an important piece of themselves to others. i don't know what symbolizes the red, white and blew -- blue than to give your red blood. >> it's the way people showed their support and it's how they are memorializing the day today. >> i was so outraged 10 years ago by the travel city of what went on but i felt like i needed to do something i mean every year. this is the time i give back to all those who died.
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>> dennis brought his 10-year- old daughter to this blood drive. she can't donate until she's 16. she says then she will. >> i'm a very helpful kind of girl so i like to do that. >> i figure what better role model than a parent going, it's not a big deal. >> but in a way, it is. >> you're giving of your heart and soul and giving your blood line. >> it's the same spirit that brought people to blood drives in droves right after the 9/11 attacks. there were long lines at centers all over the bay area. today, there were less than 100 people giving blood but every drop counts. >> they hold a blood drive every september but this year they made sure it would fall on 9/11. >> what a great way to do it. this is something i can do and everybody should do it's. >> cbs 5. for 40 years. the money well, she's still intriguing even 75 years after her disappearance.
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the money spent for amelia earhart memorabilia at a bay area auction this morning.
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there were two people and then four and then 16. this three months it's a billion. that's where we are headed. contagion threatening the world opened with a bang this weekend. it's popularity video quickly with audiences, raking in more than $23 million. the film "the help" which has been the top grossing weekend the last three weekends was number 2. well, pictures of amelia earhart in a pair of her goggles brought in more than $31,000 this morning. the items were sold at an auction in oakland. they were recently found in a northern california storage unit. the offiator goggles alone brought in more than $17,000. also sold were 24 pictures of earhart, some show her making preparations for her first attempt flying around the world
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in 1937. her plane disappeared during her second attempt that same year. the dedication ceremony for the martin luther king memorial is now set for october 16th. it had been scheduled for august 28th, but was postponed because of hurricane irene. 250,000 people were expected to attend the ceremony. president obama is a expected to -- is expected to attend next month's event. we will be right back. we spend a lot of time together.
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better start. harbaugh fired up for kickoff. smith didn't put up haughty numbers, no turnovers. and this rushing touchdown. 9ers 15-0 at the half. feeling the love from his coach. fields the kickoff from 2 yards. once he gets going, he is not going to be stopped. 102 yards. he later returned a punt for a touchdown. they win 33-17. upset -- final of the u.s. open. she would be upset by samantha -- as well, who beat a brilliant match. giants and dodgers tied in the 5th. pablo -- can't make the play. scores and the giants win 8-1. they avoid a sweep. the a's have beneficially eliminated from postseason
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contention. bell tray hits two home runs. gentleman kobe ford -- gentleman kobe ford will open up monday night football tomorrow for the raiders. that's where exclusive -- is flying right now. >> she says i will call you at 1:00 a.m. when island. >> i said how about not, call me tomorrow. remember the news is always on. have a great night. director: discrep:
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