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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 16, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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we're live at the scene of that standoff. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. we'll begin with what witnesses say is an absolutely horrific scene of the famous reno airrays -- reno air races. >> a plane crashes into spectators. we have new video for you and we warn can you it's a bit graphic. 2 spectators and the pilot. ere are likely many mo it happened in just an instant. three people are confirmed dead, two spectators and the pilot. witnesses describe the scene where body parts were strewn across the tarmac. more than 50 injure, half with life-threatening injuries. this happened at 4:3 the in the afternoon at the reno stead airport. don knapp picks up the story from there.
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>> reporter: casualties and aircraft debris littered the tarmac after the world war iifighter plane spiraled out on control slamming down on the tarmac. the plane crash killed the pilot. one woman told the associated press she saw an arm and leg and people alive with body parts missing. the announcer crowd told the crowd something appeared to be going on. >> it looked like he must have been pulling real hard to get as far away from the scene as possible. >> he started going up in front of me. i wonder how many people got hurt. >> reporter: the pilot was describe as an experienced flier whose medical records
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were up to date. >> there appeared to be a flight problem the with the aircraft that caused it to go out of control. we all know what the end result was members were at the races and presumely saw the crash. they call it a galloping goat. they flew very close to the ground, often as low as 50 speed with speeds up to 100 miles an hour leaving no room for error. four pilots were kill there had in 2007 to 2008. they are considering whether or not to allow children's field trips to the event. and he has worked as a movie sun pilot. she said he didn't want to tell're pilots how fast his plane could go on.
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>> are they looking at mechanical errors? >> yeah. >> don knapp, thank you for that. and now to the developing story of the san jose area. police are calling him so dangerous and a one-man crime spree. they are look for this guy, seen here in this surveillance video. at a gas station this morning, he shot a man at that gas station and an hour or so later, carjack add -- carjacked someone. >> reporter: we have been breaking you breaking and developing stories since early this evening. right now, police helicopter still circles above me. a small number of them are outside here and an even larger amount of police are inside the complex you see just beyond where the police have the intersection locked off.
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and they are in a desperate hunt, first to locate a missing mother and radio host. then they are hunting for the carjackers who allegedly took her. some were inside these town homes. >> we're focusing all our time on them. >> reporter: they locked out residents for blocks in a door- to-door switch. those willing to hide him or watching the newscast. >> we didn't just put his name out there in the air. we believe it could be very available, something they need to get off the streets immediately. >> reporter: the unidentified suspect is responsible for carjacking and kidnapping. a 5 is 1 -- a 51-year-old, a well-known radio host.
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>> she made the last call to us from here. she called to say that a person would help. >> reporter: police say that the suspect was on a robbery rampage nearly turning motor rows. when they didn't turn that over fast enough, allegedly the suspect fired a shot into his stomach. >> it was real loud. >> reporter: witnesses say he sped away in the stolen nissan at the plant's shopping center where he allegedly found wynn in her disabled white lexus es350. they beat cops to the parking lot, making it a very desperate attempt to find her, but by night fall? >> the owner of the week we're looking at is the carjacking victim. >> reporter: but san jose officers did locate the stolen lexus. official reports suggested that the subject fired at officers.
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police are not confirming that fact. >> i don't know if he is armed, but there was something that transpired in that initial contact where the officers felt threatened. either in their defense or on the suspect, they fired. >> reporter: now the door-to- door search continues for the suspect. he's described as a hispanic male, five feet eight, 180 pounds, louisiana seen in a black athletic -- last seen in a black athletics plant, light blue t-shirt and a large white t on the front. back out live, police, they will not say if the individual they are looking for had gang ties, but they do tell cbs5 that this individual has a well documented crime past. of course the big question right now is where is she? no usage of her cell phone and no trace of her when they found her lexus inside the town homeses. we'll continue to follow the details and bring you much
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more. for now back to you. >> reporter: i wonder if police said anything about the car, the condition it was in, whether or not there was blood, whether it appears there was a scuffle. anything about this car? >> reporter: they are not releasing any details about what they found at the actual crime scene. we do have unconfirmed reports that police did find a weapon inside that vehicle, but they won't say what type of weapon. and again, they won't describe what the conditions of the car was when they discovered it. >> right, they think the location is just a random location, no ties to the suspect or the victim? >> no, whether or not there are ties to the suspect or individuals that know the suspect, then that very well could be the case as we mentioned at the top of the story, police fear that those watching the new cast, that -- newscast that they might be tries to hide them. >> all right, robert lyles,
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thank you. the car theft suspect is hospitalized tonight after police fired shots at the stolen car he was driving. san jose police say that they found to men inside the stolen car just after midnight. and that was all in san jose. they fired the shot when the fleeing suspect accelerated towards them. the 31-year-old driver has been identified as -- driver has been identified and he was not hurt. we have been telling you about a spike in a certain kind of robbery out there. thieves are ribbing jewelry if people's necks. the latest victims, an oakland mom and her 3-year-old daughter as they were walking through the district when two suspects attacked. they ripped a gold necklace off the mother and then took rings off the little girl's fingers.
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patrols are being stepped up here in this area. >> we are asking the community if you are wearing jewelry to please conceal it under your clothes. >> gold thefts have been happening as many as four times a day. the crimes have climb right along with the price of that precious medal. other bay area headlines, the san francisco mayor got a look at why they started businesses that being inspected. they pointed out electrical problems and structure issues, all reasonses that the building is deemed unsafe, forcing about 50 companies to move out. the project is to shore up the bay area's oldest dam underway right now. it's east, forming a -- it sits directly out here and the $416 million project is suppose to keep it from crumbling in a
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quake. grass fire in venetia started this morning. crews had it contained within the hour. the california republican convention is underway in los angeles. and just within the last 90minutes, michele bachmann spoke. and david brian with how bachmann tried to rally support both political and financial. >> michele bachmann? >> reporter: big foot is like the texas governor, sliding in a poll and fighting to show she's still a viable candidate for president. the minnesota congresswoman brought her request for the nomination in -- brought her can request to the nomination. >> we will make barack obama a one-term president. [ cheering ] >> reporter: bachmann has fallen to fourth if many most
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recreants gop polls, but she still knows how to fire up the republican aid cent by delivering the red -- fire up the republicans by delivering the red meat. >> i will apologize for our great country. >> that line brought the audience to its feet, giving bachmann a standing ovation. she delivered what has become her standard sub speech. and calling on republicans to take back their country. >> we need a conservative republican all across america. they cannot wait to take their country back, even in maroon station. >> reporter: they say that rick perry is taking a pounding, which may cut him down to size, creating an opening for bachmann to win the republican nomination.
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in los angeles, i'm dave ryan, cbs5. >> one candidate not at the convention, mitt romney. instead, he's on a fundraising swing through the state. earlier today, he attended a $500 plate lunch at home of -- earlier today, he attended a $500 plate lunch at the home of the bay area. hillary clinton gave a keynote address at the economic summit in san francisco. her message, women and business make businesses around the world a lot better. >> women spend more of their earned income on food, health care, home improvement, and cools for their children. it in short they reinvest. that kind of spending has a multiplier effect. >> clinton called for increasing women's access to finance, education, and roles
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in leadership. the asia pacific economic cooperation summit was the largest gathering in the the city since the u.n. was founded 66 years ago. americans are sending a message to elected officials. and they are not happy. a new cbs news new york times poll shows president obama's job approval rating has hit an all-time low. 43%. the public opinion of congress though is worse, only 12% of those polls in congress is doing a good job. voter say they would like to see congress and the president work together and to get things done. well, the palestinians are going to ask the united nations finally, to give them a state that they can call their own. today, the palestinian president, mahmoud ahmadinejad. the united states says that they will veto that resolution. and the official u.s. line is
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at the palestinian state should emerge from peace talks. coming up, why california's schools are sending 1,000 middle and high school students home. too tired to hit the gym? why you might get the same benefits from exercising by eating chocolate. for the cbs5 weather center, it's interesting to note we're still able to capture the full moon in the city of san francisco. that means the marine layer has not moved in yet, but it will. we'll continue in just a moment.
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the vanishing wild west this weekend. bay area horse lovers will get a chance to take home an icon of the vanishing wild west this weekend. 30 wild mustangs were trapped today. the animals will be on display as part of the annual napa mustang's day event. among the attractions will be an actual horse whisperer who tames them using an intuitive approach that makes them better suited for trail riding. >> it makes them able to survive with their strength and endurance. and that's what makes the the mustangs so awesome, number one that they are bred that way. number to, no one has touched them. >> folks interested in taking home a mustang will need to pony up a minimum of just $125 to enter the bidding. and they also need to be qualified by the bureau landing management official on site. dozens of bay area students
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are being banned from class. the new state law requires within 30 days of the first day of school that all 7th through 12th graders must get a whooping cough booster shot or file a signed personal belief exemption. yesterday, the san francisco schools turned away about 2,000 students. >> they were given directions to various clinics around the city, and they called home regarding their parents to come pick them up. and they came here to the central office with an all-day free clinic, got their shots, went back to school. >> many kids did get their shots over the summer, but they have not filed the correct paperwork with their schools. a guilty pleasure that is just as good for you as exercise? well, that's what summer is saying about dark chocolate. researchers at wayne state university claim there's a compound in chocolate that tigers the same muscle response
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-- that triggers the same muscle response. the same compound saw the same health benefits as mice put on a treadmill for half an hour. now at this point, experts say it would be a leap of faith to think that it alone would be the same taste for humans. but one can hope. [ laughter ] >> about five pounds. i'm not going to the gym. >> no, no, at least a month. well, the satellite is on a collision course with earth. that's coming up in about two minutes.
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nasa scientists say the 6-ton well, it's a dead satellite. >> yeah, nasa scientists say that the satellite is expected to enter the earth's atmosphere next friday or saturday. there is good news. it's expected to break up into pieces as it gets closer. the biggest chunk is expected to weigh around 350 pounds, but the odds of any of those pieces hitting anyone is about one out of 3,200. in fact, no one has ever been hit by any fallen space chunk.
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>> it's like one out of ten million that would make me feel better. >> yeah, i know. better odds at winning the lottery. >> yeah, way better. >> all right, we've got a shark's game to go to next saturday night. that should be lots of fun, hey lots of fun going around the city. we can still see them get the moon out there. that has not yet penetrated the bay, but it promises to move inland tonight. 51 to 54 degrees. turns out to be a warmer day tomorrow. up from today of 61. and 78 degrees in san jose up from 74. take a look at your future cast. watch the clock. and you'll notice the bank of the clouds, moves through during the daytime. but still, 58 degrees, due to
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the westerly 10 to 20 miles per hour. across the valley, they will realize the 70s to around 80 degrees. low 80s in morgan hill and gilroy east of the bay where we will find the warmest temperatures up to 84 inbrentwood. 83 tomorrow and then as we move north, it looks like temperatures will move up to 78 degrees. san francisco again, 65, down from the average high of 70 degrees. now that's on saturday. let's talk about sunday, some football. 4ers are playing host to the dallas cowboys. game time temperature is 73 degrees, plenty of sunshine. in fact, sunday will pan out to be the warmest day of the two coming up. and then we'll have a warm trend for these last final days as summer with autumn officially arriving next friday at this time. a little reminder, this sunday i'm partaking in the mile run. what they do, they put us on a ferry, they drop us off and
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they say swim back to shore. and we're doing it to raise money for hospice, so we hope to see you out there on sunday. water temperature will be54 degrees. that's cold. >> you better swim fast. >> i know, right? or have a very thick wet suit. >> yeah. winterize. >> thank you for the booties. >> you're welcome. enjoy. watch out for the monsoon. the score board and the tigers are coming to oakland and they will clinch the division for the first time since 1987. the minute is next. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back.
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is year it was the last year, the rangers clinched the al west against the a's and this year it was
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the tigers celebrating a division title at the coliseum. kristin, start the clock. >> got it, it's friday. >> the 1-2 pitch, ground ball to 1st, he's got it, throws to 1st, and the tigers are the central division champions! >> the tigers beat the a's 3-1 to win the al central, their first division title in 24 years. the giants offense has lit up more than brian wilson's new shoes over the last week. brandon bell hit his 2nd homer in as many days and the giants go on to beat the rockies, 9-1. they scored 34 runs during their six-game winning streak. the diamondbacks lost again, including a three-game set at arizona next weekend. and finally, raiders, the wide receiver, ford has been ruled out of sunday's game after injuring his hamstring monday night against the broncos. lewis murphy will misanother game with a groin injury, but
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the tight end is expected to return. of the four teams that play on monday night, the raiders are the only ones on the road. >> yes, the nfl don't like the raiders. >> they just need to win, right? >> yes, and then they will play the jets. i mean you win and you get a better schedule next year. >> i would like to see the giants go four rounds. >> and i would like it. >> yeah, they got in on the last day last year. you'll never know. >> all right, we'll see some luck. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney we're giving you a big thank you this friday & saturday with the simplest way to save extra. just use your jcpenney rewards credit card and get an extra 20% off all apparel, shoes accessories and home. no exclusions.
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