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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  October 16, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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time in two weeks, a man dies after a confrontation with a deadly trend appearing in the south bay for the fifth time in two weeks, a man dies after the confrontation with police officers. more than a dozen cars slammed together in a fiery cash wreck in las vegas. one of indy's biggest racer killed. the oakland raiders honor the memory of al davis at their first home game since his death. what the raider nation wants to see happen with the team. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. it has happened again in one south bay community, a deadly police shooting in san jose. it happened during the lunch hour on the 400 block of wooster avenue. police are tight lipped about what happened. linda yee on what witnesses said they saw. >> reporter: it was just before noon when someone in the apartment complex reported a suspicious man with a gun. four police officers found the
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suspect in the back parking lot. >> something transpired, where at least one officer was forced or felt the necessity, i should say, to discharge his firearm at the individual. usually we do it for our protection, or to protect our fellow officers or somebody in the public, a civilian. >> reporter: they would not release any other detail, but one resident claims she saw the suspect ram into several cars. >> he hit a car, he was up in the corner, and he backed out, tried to put it in drive and he hit and put it in reverse and pulled out. and then he tried to get away. >> reporter: the suspect was shot and killed. this is the fifth officer- involved shooting in the south bay in the past two weeks, but police say they can only guess as to why there is a deadly trend. on october 6, santa clara county deputies shot and killed
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a quarry murder suspect in sunnyvale. then on october 10, san jose police shot and killed a man armed with a handgun in front of the school. >> nationwide i think that there is a consensus for law enforcement in general that have seen an increase in officers that are being assaulted or killed. >> reporter: resulting in a spike in a deadly use of force. it's something race car drivers hear every single time they get behind the wheel and today, the worse happened. a fiery crash claimed the life of a popular indy 500 champion. >> reporter: in a matter of moments, several indy cars collided and burst into flames. british driver dan wheldon was killed when his car was caught in a fiery 15-car pile up on
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the 13th lap. it flew over another vehicle and landed in a catch fence just outside turn 2. three other drivers were hurt in the pile up. wheldon was working his way forward on the back of the path. his camera, number 77 shows the crash as he approaches it. another driver's camera captures number 12, flipping over and catching fire. >> even if you are 300 yards behind it, you cannot stop the car. >> reporter: the 33-year-old wheldon won the indy 300 twice. this was his 143rd career starts but only the third of this season. indy car canceled the race. >> our thoughts and prayers are with his family today. >> reporter: fellow indy drivers were visibly shaken by wheldon's passing. >> one minute you're joking around, and the next, you know, it's all gone. >> we're going to miss him, a little bit of everybody in the
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indy car racing died today. >> reporter: they participated in a five-lap salute to wheldon, mourning the race's first death in five years. cbs news. security was tight tonight at stanford university, where silicone valley's elite gathered to honor apple co- founder steve jobs. the private service was so secretive that it is unclear when the service started or how many people attended. it >> reporter: surrounded behind dark tinted windows, they came by limos and in fancy sports cars. and for a few hours on sunday night, stanford university wins the epic center at silicone valley's money and power. >> it's pretty impressive. you must see a lot of people here. >> reporter: chopper 5 had the best vantage point since media was being kept back half a mile. a guest list, even the start times were being kept a secret at the memorial church at the
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center of campus. >> do you think he deserves all of this? what do you think he has achieved? >> yes. i think it would. >> reporter: jobs died on october 5 after the long battle with pancreatic cancer. and his family held a small private funeral just a few days later, and his remains are now at the nearby cemetery. apple planned a, "celebration of his life at the company's headquarters." but tonight it was meant for high-tech v.i.p.'s. >> of course, you know, for the community, and what they are doing today. and it is even more impressive. >> i think it's wonderful. >> yeah. >> i think it is just a wonderful thing for people. not just the product, but they will help people get connected, they will help people interact more. you know, develop the relationships. >> reporter: governor jerry brown has declared today steve jobs day, saying that to call jobs influential is an understatement. at stanford university, cbs5. a tribute today at the oakland coliseum where there
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was the lighting of the internal flames. raider's owner, al davis, was honored at the team's first home game since his death earlier this month. >> and a moving ceremony, taking place in honor of the late al davis, featuring a number of former raider players and coaches. and they will score out here. and many others, raiders are showing you the honor. and it is cultivated with the raiders champion head coach, scott madden, lighting the porch in a poignant previous play, who passed away last week at the age of 82. >> well, the raider nation also paid respect to their leaders today before the game and on the tailgate tribute.
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>> from here until now, you know, big al, yay >> yes, al davis in the house. >> reporter: a toast to the man credited with fathering the raider nation, changing the nfl. >> he's the man, you know, he's the man. >> reporter: fans say commitment to excellence and that his tailgate party, where his flag is flying low. >> it took it a while to get that down. >> reporter: for the first raiders home game since the passing of al davis. >> i try to get them going there. and with the crowd out here. yeah. >> reporter: him leaving is just, you know, like a relative. a relative sign, an era. >> reporter: davis has memorialized it all. he's on t-shirts and on twitter. and hash tags r.i.p.
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al davis shows a stream of comments from all over the u.s. along with the partying and the mourning going on here in the parking lot of the coliseum, there is also an air of wondering what's next for the team. >> it's almost like a matrix of the family leaving. you're wondering who's going to step in now and are they going to take care of our history and our family? >> reporter: there are some things most can agree on. >> i hope they never go back to los angeles. >> i hope that people will do it the al davis way. >> reporter: and speaking of hope. >> i even think that building a new stadium would be right around these premises, somehow, somebody will come through. >> al davis! >> reporter: it's the new era for the raider fans, one where davis' memory will always hold a place. in oakland, cbs5. oakland is climbing after three fatal shootings here on saturday. and that's on the heels of the much hype area to crack down on violence. tonight, police are searching for several people believed to
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be involved in a double homicide. just before midnight last night, officers found two people shot on the 1300 block of mcarthur boulevard. one person died at the scene, the other died at the hospital. this brings the total number of murders in oakland up to 94. in 2010, there was 95 for the entire year. the search is on in san francisco for the suspect who fired shots at chp vehicles. officers say the chase started after the driver refused to pull over after running a red light. in the middle of the chase, the suspect started shooting at chp officers. after the suv smashed into several cars over the transamerica building around midnight, the suspect then ran. they shut down several streets in the financial district as they searched for the shooter who got away. don't be alarmed if you saw natural gas. that's what san mateo county officials are telling residents in one neighborhood tonight. they are doing a pressure test
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on the natural gas pipeline pipeline. the smell should go away quickly that service will not be interrupted. well, he's the first african american man to be honored at the national mall in washington, d.c. tens of thousands attended the dedication to the martin luther king memorial. the touching words from king's family. new guidelines for dying and treating children with adhd -- diagnosissing and treating children with adhd. >> against all odds, a 52-year- old boxer takes the outcome for his life, a man who had been through the ringer. and we'll see these temperatures all weekend long and a warm up in stored. i'll tell you how hot you're going to get all over the bay area in just a bit. ,,,,
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washington d-c today. tens of thousands of people --- including president obama -- were tens of thousands of people including president obama were there for the dedication of the new martin luther king jr. monument on the national mall. we've got more on the memorial's special meaning. >> reporter: president barack obama toured the martin luther king jr. memorial and then dedicated it to a man who changed history. >> a man who helped make our union more perfect. >> reporter: he calls on the nation to make dr. martin luther king a historic march on washington 48 years ago. >> without his glorious words, we might not have had the
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courage to come as far as we have. >> reporter: it's the first to honor a black leader. the dedication included music from stevie wonder and aretha franklin, and speeches by members of king's family. >> here i am overjoyed and humbled to see this great stage where my brother, martin, would take his symbolic place. >> reporter: thousands of people attended the dedication here at the national mall in washington. and many came to remember and honor dr. king's legacy. >> this is so important to the country, you know, and to our society. >> reporter: his daughter says that the memorial represents a movement. a social change to help redeem
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the soul of america. >> reporter: he called on americans to keep working towards dr. king's dream. cbs news, washington. now, doctors, they may now find it easier to diagnosis and feet a child with the attention deficit hyperdisorder or adhd. the american academy of pediatrics rolled out new guidelines here today. and what they are and what parents need to know. >> the 10-year-old will take medication for his adhd. doctors diagnosed him from the attention deficit hyperdisorder when he was just 10 years old. >> he was having trouble focusing any sounds he would hear. and he would be distracted. >> reporter: the hyperactivity, lack of impulse control and lack of attention, all classic signs of adhd, but treating pre- schoolers who exhibited the similar tolls used to be tricky because there were no formal guidelines until now. the american academy of
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pediatrics just released recommendations for treating the disorder in children as young as 4. more than 5 million children ages 4 to 17 have been diagnosed with adhd at some point in their lives. and almost 3 million take medication for the disorder. >> it is just something that you need to do. >> reporter: under the new guidelines, the first treatment should be behavior therapy. doctors should consider medication. >> the hope is that with earlier identification and the behavioral intervention, a first point of the treatment that children, they will be able to function better, better be accepted by their peers and ultimately when you move up to grade school. >> reporter: he struggled during kindergarten and had to repeat the grade. his mother wishes she would have gotten help sooner. >> you know, at 4, had he been diagnosed with adhd, then i could have, you know, saved myself and my son a lot of grief. >> now he's doing well in
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school. >> i hope you got out to enjoy another beautiful autumn weekend wrapping up. we'll have your workweek forecast coming up. well, we enjoyed beautiful temperatures this afternoon and still pretty pleasant outside right now. we'll see more cloud covers surging into the inland locations this evening, mostly cloudy at the coastline inside the bay. we'll see the clouds as well, in addition to a little bit of the patchy fog, where we should be clearing up into the overnight hours if you are in the inland spots. temperatures sitting in the 50s and the 60s for the start of your workweek. it will be a nice one, bumping up the temperatures in the inland spots, sitting at the 80s there. mostly sunny skies, partly cloudy conditions if you are at the coast. you should get some sun breaks there as well. now, they are showing you that you will see the cloud cover into the early morning hours tomorrow. you'll be able to see them stretching out there and also at the coastline in parts of san francisco. and now by the afternoon, clearing out for the most part, we should see, well, mostly sunny skies, still some lingering crowds along the coast, possibly parts of san francisco as well.
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but that high that is holding here, it is bringing us this day of additional degrees, looking at 5 to 20 degrees of warming up in some locations in the far inland locations. big changes later on in the week. the area of low pressure is sliding into the the bay area, dropping temperatures, bringing them more to a seasonal side. still pleasant weather in stored. just not quite as hot. around northern california, tomorrow looking pretty good, lots of sunshine, 84 is the high here in redding. lake tahoe topping out here and fresno at 88. lots of sunshine right here in the bay area as well. here is what your highs will look like, 76 for oakland, topping out at 83. and 81 is the high in santa rosa. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the workweek and we will actually sit to see the cool down as we make our way into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and now those temperatures, they are still pretty nice. looking at 70s and 80s in the inland spots. holding on to the warmer temperatures for friday and then saturday and sunday, well, we would like to take a look at
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next weekend already, looking pretty nice. you'll see a lot of sunshine and pretty pleasant temperatures as well. that's a look at your forecast, back to you. >> all right, thank you. well, 20,000 women hit the streets running this morning. the annual women's side, 50% marathon, benefiting the leukemia lymphoma society. and since 2004, participants have raised more than $105 million to help fight cancer. $12.5 million were raised this year. well, a man who spent 26 years behind bars for a murder he insists that he did not commit is making headlines for you again. and the 52-year-old who has lost more than what he has won in his life, rises to be the winner. we have more on how his story is an instation for many. >> reporter: when he slowed out to the ring, it was a dream come true. the professional boxing match that he had always wanted. but at the age of 52, facing a man 22 years younger, it seemed like an impossible dream. >> i any that it is something that god always wanted me to
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do. and you know, i'm willing to give my all, my all. >> reporter: and he did. pounding the 30-year-old to a unanimous decision victory. a champion just as he dreamed. it felt real strain. >> reporter: it felt strange because for most of their life, he was the the definition of the loser. and born on the rough side of brooklyn, he saw his father, beat his mother to death, lost two brothers here to murder. and at the age of 18, she was accused, tried, convicted for the murder of the 92-year-old woman. getting 20 years to life for a crime that he maintained that he did not commit. he was offered early release, if only he admitted his crime, he refused. >> i could have been out 19 years earlier, but for what? i said i would rather die in prison than tell you i did it. so i had to learn how to take myself in a bad situation to make it a better situation, so i found my old piece.
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>> reporter: he became a prison champ. now disciplined, he earned two college degrees. boxing, he says. >> it was my freedom. >> reporter: eventually lawyers working pro bono won him a new trial to prove he was innocent. after 26 years, he walked out of court a free man. and then, he went to pursue his dream. he applied for a boxing license in august. >> but i failed. i mean, i didn't get a chance to live out my dream. >> reporter: so he trained harder. he won his license, and then last night, he won his match. >> and you truly are an inspiration to a lot of people. you're an inspiration to the president of the united states of america who called him, wishing him luck. >> believe in your dream, believe in yourself. you know, don't let anyone tell you what you can't do. >> reporter: he says this is his first and last fight. he stands undefeated.
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---starring hugh jackman as a former boxer who fights robots -- was champion at the box or the second week the disney movie, "real steel," starring hugh jackman as a former boxer fights robots. it took in more than $16 million. the new movie, "footloose" brought in a little less. another news coverage, "the thing," brought in over $8 million followed by "the eyes of march." "and dolphin tale." >> she was a super asian in hollywood, tonight, her clients are mourning her loss. she has died in her beverly hills home following a series of small strokes. she was in the company of friends. her claims included cher, michael cain, and joan collins. she claimed to be 78, but other sources list her age as 81. hey, if you see smoke billowing over the skies in the
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south bay for the next couple of days, don't worry. they are planning a control burn, happening tomorrow and tuesday at the henry coast state park. that's about eight miles northeast of morgan hill. it could be as seen as far away as interstate 5. cal fire says that control burns actually help improve the wildlife habitats. what a game, you lose your quarterback. i'm dennis o'donnell. the game that turned out to be the warm up, but what happened after has everyone talking about jim harbaugh.
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adversity after the death of al they'll have to win the raiders were forced to win after diversity and death of al davis. now, they will need to win without their starting quarterback who could be done for eight or maybe more games.
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john madden lit the eternal flame. he could miss eight weeks. third quarter, 17-7, it's a fake, field goal, completing the pass. raiders win, 24-17. 4ers in detroit. 4th down, alex smith throws a strike, delane walker for the game-winning touchdown. san francisco wins 25-19. nobody was more excited than jim harbaugh whose celebration after the game did not go too well with the lion's head coach. the coaches had to be separated by several team members. >> tom brady to aaron hernandez. improving 5-1. they escape 20- 16. cardinals needed one win to get to the world series in milwaukee tonight. albert pujols makes it 6-4. cardinals win, 12-6, advancing to the world series where they will meet the texas rangers, game one on wednesday night.
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