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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  November 17, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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dead. the massive search for whoever's responsible. the vict is shooting was it started with armed robbery and ended with the police officer dead. the massive search for whoever is responsible. >> victim in this shooting was the veteran police officer, of father and coach. how officer affected himself and others. >> there's nothing else like it. some of the most interesting creatures on earth. today white voices are about to be silent. >> and 30 years later and accidental drowning seems less like an accident and more like the murder. the hollywood cold case being
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reopened and why. >> from everyone we talked to tonight, of vallejo police officer killed in the line of duty was the real thing. >> dozens of law-enforcement officers and members of the community watched as the band carrying the body of officer james capoot drove away in the procession from kaiser alejo. he was shot while looking for some bank robbery suspects. the suspects lead police on high-speed chase after robbing any bank of america branch in springtown center. >> robert lyles with more on how it happened in the ongoing search for one of the gunmen. >> already hear there is an outpouring of condolences and sympathies with flowers, balloons, candles and cards. vallejo police tell us that the phone calls here have been nonstop showing support for
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officer james capoot. authorities say that there is one shooter and the shooter is in custody and that shooter may have ambushed this decorated officer. >> at first glance it looked like an old teresa zone. >> i've seen a lot of police, people running around and guns. >> no chances were taken on the door to door search. the home was off-limits. >> and no plans for the barrier to police, and that enriched some residents. >> i'm sure they were looking for suspect but i don't think it was this where they have to do this type of thing. >> but to the police department or agency of the converged on the neighborhood, it was the single machine because one of their own have been claimed in the hail of bullets. >> sources tell us that officer james capoot was shot several times in the back.
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backup officers found him. >> was mortally wounded. >> here's what happened. three suspects were believed to have taste and then robbed the bank. one of the suspects raised from the bank and left in the silver suv. officer capoot was the first to respond to the call. >> he attempted to stop the vehicle. overload on the vehicle pursuit that was roughly three or 4 miles. >> that's what is swat training kicked in. he spun the suv, crashing it, but the suspects printed away. the suspect cleared up at the same beds momentarily too late capoot and in that moment the suspect and enough time to hide behind the house wall and then draw at handgun. capoot under the wall in the
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suspect opened fire. >> the officer was wearing body armor. >> that the shooters it was exactly not that it entered below his best, traveling aboard and stealing the 18 your veteran. >> blacks have been lowered to half staff in honor of the officer. police are not saying how they arrested the suspect and are also not releasing his name or age but they are telling us that there appears to be surveillance video at the bank that they are not releasing what is on that video. as for the number of suspects in the bank robbery, their believe there are more than one but sources tell me that there is just one suspect in the shooting. >> are it, thank you. >> during his career, officer jim capoot received two medals for courage and was well known for helping others in the community
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where he lived. >> he was not only about 10 police officer here in town, he was on the tour, father of three under coach here at vallejo high school. he didn't coach the girls are city basketball this season because he and his wife took in two small children after his parents were killed in the car crash. it's safe to say that he was the guardian angel to many. prayers were said for officer james capoot and his family and the very gymnasium he coached girls basketball. tough night to cheer, but may have heard the practice. >> prayers go out to him and his family late now because i know this will be of talk time. i will miss him because he was there for me with a lot of stuff with my family. >> he didn't need protecting,
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he would protect you. he was always there for you. >> it seems like everyone had the story of how this veteran police officer and father of 222 to help them. >> i've been on hard times, i went to jail before and at that time he was at total mentor to my son. he took care of him and offered to raise him. >> he basically helped raise me. he space-bar like family to me. >> with three grown daughters of their own, officer capoot and his wife took in two young children this year after their mother and father were killed in motorcycle crash. >> to take in someone else's kids after tragic loss is almost superhuman. it's like, if you can step up to the plate and do this with the family that needs it, what else can be said that i'm just
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very hurt. good people go to court. >> capoot received two medals of courage, to buy saving levels and the number of others throughout the department. he was mired in the door to so many and, so many people have said to me, he was such great guy with a few charge. >> thank you. it was the day of action for the occupied and throughout the country. but san jose protesters gather huge boost from labor unions tonight. hundreds of union members and occupies protesters marched down fourth street. but those of several unions including the federation of teachers and the american casualty association joined the cause saying they support occupied demonstrators because they are victims of wall street
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greed as well. >> labor brings a lot of bodies and obviously they have had their rights taken away and the bargaining taken away so we are excited and happy to see them in mass. >> the march ended outside city hall. over the past few days and don't like the city has cracked down on protesters including an new content. >> health inspectors toured occupies san francisco today and for the first time, instructors, inspectors declared the camp of public nuisance. including feces and urine on the ground and inadequate toilets. this is an previous violations have been corrected but no deadline was set for compliance. and they are back. occupy cal are back. officers in riot gear cleaned
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out the campsite over the early morning hours. the student and nonstudent were arrested that the group was backed by sunrise. the faculty at california state university campuses all over california join students into the one-day protest. here in the bay area they have blocked roads leading to the area. recent tuition costs have gone from 5000-$6000 for full-time student. >> and flash mobs are gaining in popularity and this popularity and misinformed tonight at powell and san francisco. students making their voices heard about the high cost of tuition. but while the flash mobs appear to be spontaneous, they are
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anything but. do much but are frustrated on. the transportation agency will replace its old seat with durable vinyl ones next year. new seats are much easier to keep clean. the move is costing part $2 million but it will save money and in the long run. >> porn in the bay area but known around the world as the big hollywood actress, she died in what police call an accident. but that was then. why after 30 years the police are reopening the case. >> at some of the brightest brains of the bay area facing off for bragging rights. students went toe to the motherboard.
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>> the story you have to hear to believe.
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an eclectic mix. but this >> if you take into account the families, the techies, the hippies, and everyone else, there's no denying the bay area has an eclectic mix. but this particular group might take the prize is the most unusual. elizabeth cook takes us to meet them in the story you will
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see only here. >> if you like in the east bay hills, you may have heard the strange sounds. >> they are coming from the hidden compound close to the public at home to the only colony of captive hyenas of the world. >> uc berkeley neuroscientist professor frederick tennyson is one of the few who were kids. he studied the highness calls. >> look at an animal who has the really sophisticated indication system is trying to see the system. he tried if you like the total grove, which is kind of vague way of teasing sound.
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>> the distance call. then came the famous giggle. >> that's when they get the little too excited. >> to the senate is compiling the database on the ground. but that's just the latest research going on here. i had this unique traits have attracted wide variety of scientists and even big us army is finding ways to test their immune system. believe it or not, these guys are resistant to anthrax. but the biggest thing is their sexuality. uc berkeley psychology professor steve glickman founded the colony 27 years ago and has watched three generations of hyenas reproduce. >> the idea was to answer
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question, what makes the mail, mail, and female to female. the females give birth for what looks like the. >> some of the most aggressive babies anywhere. >> it has a lot to do with hormones. >> turned up her ovaries were taking the whole lot of estradiol. >> it doesn't mean that they are not lovable. >> they are highly intelligent animals. all of us who have worked with hyenas up close and personal, whether it's in the field or in captivity, have come to really appreciate them and their unique characteristics. >> when i first saw them, they were just so enchanting.
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>> she says they love to socialize and play especially if there is water around. is that there's nobody to to talk about another research on. >> bought disney animators spent days of the colony to get inspiration for the hyenas and the lion king. with the man was concerned about creating the long stereotype for kids but he said the animators were very understanding. >> the script was already written, and they were not going to be able to turn them into benign creatures, but they would try to make them funny instead of evil. >> it costs money to maintain the high enough. at the moment is about $13 per day per hyenas. >> if grant still come through
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after three decades, the colony may have to close. >> this is the only place like this in the world and probably never happen again and they're so much love to learn. >> they are the unique animal and be painful to watch the study come to halt. >> zoos across the country have been contacted and will take the hyenas and is the colony closes. but everyone agrees, the chances of there ever being an active company are slim-none. >> amazing. thank you. >> is one of hollywood's most enduring mysteries, the drowning of actress natalie wood. tonight, investigators are reopening the case. the body was found 30 years ago in the water off catalina island. the death was ruled an accident, but she had had her
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head falling off the yacht. the case was being looked up again after new comments made by the captain of the yacht and revolution from the coast guard. >> she could have been alive for along time which means that she could have been saved. >> woods who was born in san francisco was best known for her role in west side story. she was 43 when she died. another wet, hollywood couple ending there marriage. demi moore announced she is divorcing her husband after six years. there have been rumors of cheating by 33 -year-old ashton kutcher. now the question, will she change her twitter name? currently her handle is this is
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kutcher. >> it's looking like winter on market street here incentives as good tonight. okay, i will know but the market street association has decorated 82 streetlamps with 162 energy efficient led stove legs. his support here and i arose at the decorations have let up and tomorrow is the leading of this building. lights go up and out and about and tonight we take them to fisherman's wharf where people have been out and about enjoying the evening even though it has been on the windy side. take the overnight low will drop down to 50 degrees, otherwise 39 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures in the 30's and 40s across the board. of little bit of mist up there tonight and that bit of drizzle and tomorrow it will be
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damp and if the chili or downright broad day. this weekend for an unsettled conditions and forecast. and this is the future cast, but computer model of what's going on tomorrow. light rain north of the golden gate bridge around 10:00 a.m. event though this looks ominous it's only amounting to about quarter of an inch of precipitation. then saturday mostly cloudy and cool but no way. then the secondary system, it's been more white wine, watch what the computer models do. they backed off the coast. so what if we wait until sunday for 49 or action at candlestick, i'm going with cool conditions at 56 degrees. tomorrow your temperatures will be cooler than today and 50's, unseasonably cool. 50's east of the day as well up to about 56 for 70 degrees
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outside the number. the extended forecast just calls the mac says, they only have brain to return to the area on wednesday. eyewitness news continues right after this.
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students from both schools had a common goal. beat the machine. top students from both >> cal and stanford fans went from their annual arrangement to the big game. both squared off breaking the jeopardy against the all- powerful watson. remember watson, the ibm computer that tested jeopardy's all-time winningest champions cracks in the school rivalry was on the mind of students, they say they just want to see someone take down this box of wires. >> there is hockey to be played, we are trying to beat stanford at those but, if stanford wants to be awesome, i think that's a lot bigger. >> cal finished second though and stanford finished third. >> what does it mean for the big-game? tiger woods used to carry
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americans on his back and now it's the other way around. and with the broncos have been up to table the jet? this guy is too much, coming up next.
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the n-f-l... that honor now belongs to tim tebow and the denver broncos... wayne, start the clocl >> v-8 and 140 niners are no longer the biggest surprise in the nfl. that honor now belongs to tim tebow and the denver broncos. people either completed nine passes 400 and 4 yards tonight late in the fourth he wanted with his legs. he scores 91 to cap up 291-yard drive. it's been the jets and are now four and one. since he became the starter
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they are just half-game behind the raiders in the afp west. high school football washington will have the chance to defend their round of the tricky game after they beat lincoln 21-10 to advance to the championship. they will take on the mission bears. high school football to here. sharks and winds, joe thornton, they went five-two over detroit. and tiger woods lost again at the presidents cup. team usa keeps it's two-point lead even without tiger. by my doctors at the national league cy young award so they have something to smile about as they continued the difficult transition. >> that's right, they will be for sale now. >> that's right. if the good thing for the
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giants. it have to have the south versus the north rivalry. >> while it you buy that team, you get the rivalry that comes with it. >> yes, and the dog. [laughter] >> see you at 11.
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