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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  November 21, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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>> witnessed by hundreds that became a rallying cry for thousands. how uc davis students are responding to an apology from their chancellor. >> they had just one job and today they told the president and the rest of us they will not be able to get it done. why the so-called supercommittee says it failed. and california lawmakers not at work in sacramento. they are at a five-star resort on maui. all expenses paid. >> you can't have cameras. >> but we did. see who they met and what those people want. >> and kids in one bay area city have a drinking problem. they are apparently too close to too many calories. enormous problem that is still growing. >> good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. you have seen the images and tonight thousands on the uc davis campus are demanding
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their chancellor step down after campus police pepper sprayed protesters. elizabeth cook on the protest that is continuing through the night. elizabeth. >> dana, it started off as a protest of solidarity for the occupy movement on friday. but it began a war between the students, campus police, and administrators over the use of force on the protesters. take a look behind me. there are about 20 tents set up in a field near student union. for now, the crowd is peaceful and they are confident they'll be able to stay here after what happened here today. when uc davis has a protest, they are lucky if they have 20 people show up. but today an angry crowd of 5,000 students and faculty rallied behind the students who were pepper sprayed as they sat peacefully in protest. >> at that point, i was in a world of pain. it felt like hot glass was entering my eyes. >> students circulated a
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petition demanding that john pike seen here holding the pepper spray be fire department. two police officers and the police chief have been placed on leave. the crowd yelled at the school's chancellor to resign. >> i'm here to apologize. i really feel horrible for what happened on friday. if you think you don't want to be students at the university like we had on friday, i'm just telling you, i don't want to be the chancellor of the university we had on friday. >> the chancellor left without speaking to reporters. >> did you get to say everything you wanted to the students? >> yes, for today. >> now a general strike is planned for monday and dana, according to a campus administrators, the school doesn't know what it's going to do. >> elizabeth cook in davis, thank you. >> it was sell first, ask questioned later after the
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congressional debt supercommittee announced that it had given up. the dow plunged 250 points to its lowest level in a month. nasdaq fell nearly 50 points while the s and p dropped 23. >> while the dust from this debt battle has yet to settle. politicians on both sides are already gearing up for the next war. this time over the automatic spending cuts now set to kick in in 2013. those cuts were triggered by today's announcement. they slash a trillion dollars across the board with no government department untouched. some lawmakers have vowed to prevent them from taking effect. president obama says he won't let that happen. >> my message to them is simple. no. i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts. >> the president wants those cuts to stay in place to keep pressure on congress to find a compromise. >> there is no so-called
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sleepout at cal tonight. occupy cal's general assembly voted down a plan to camp out on campus for one more night. it was intended to protest cuts to public education and what critics call excessive force by police against peaceful protesters. occupy san francisco is still going strong after two months. and businesses are looking to the city to put an end to it. the city cleared out other tents that popped up along market street. but the main camp remains untouched. in part because mayor ed lee sympathizes with the message. businesses nearby say they have had it. >> the vandalism, the theft. the public urination. the unsanitary conditions that have been created at market street. your businesses, your businesses in the ferry building. they are all suffering. >> the fact is that the first amendment does not place limitation on how long people can be out there. >> they will continue to meet and determine how to handle
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demonstrators at justin herman plaza. >> a teenager who killed an ice cream vendor was sentenced to life in prison today. 17-year-old peter montanegro pled guilty to shooting him in the chest during an attempted robbery in february of last year. he was 15 years old at the time. but he was tried as an adult. he'll be eligible for parole after 17 years. man accused of killing a veteran vallejo police officer made his appearance in court today. henry albert smith charged with killing officer capoot. fatally shot thursday while pursuing smith following a robbery. smith did not enter a plea. his plea hearing was delayed until next week. >> a tribute to a fallen marine today in his hometown of danville. hundreds of community members turned out to support the family of 19-year-old josh
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corral. juliette goodrich shows us why friends call corral an inspiration. >> it was a patriotic show of support. hundreds of friends, family, and former marines lining this quiet danville neighborhood where fallen marine, 19-year- old joshua corral, known as chachi lived. >> overwelming. >> his mother and father just returned from dover, delaware. where they received their son, a marine of less than a year killed in combat. >> thank you for coming today. it's a bit overwelming. we know with all of you here that -- how much josh reached out and touched all of you. we can't say enough about the support we have gotten.
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>> friends say he was a born leader who knew as a teenager he wanted to serve his country like his grandfather. he even inspired at least ten of his friends to do the same. >> our friend group was always extremely patriotic. that was our thing to do. when it came to our country, we wanted nothing more than to serve and give back. >> this procession stretched for more than a mile. a visible message of love and support. >> it is really important that they understand that they are not alone. >> tomorrow everyoning, community members will gather again to honor this young man with a candle light memorial. his body will be flown back home next week. in danville, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. >> coming up, location, location, location. the real estate mantra applies
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to obesity. an unconscious driver, a car engulfed in flames. how witnesses rescued the man behind the wheel. currently 47 degrees and clear skies and downtown san jose, but when the south bay and all of us can anticipate the rain with the pinpoint forecast. thousands of bay area protesters were camped out in tents, these powerful state lawmakers were wined and dined in paradise. who is paying the tab and what they want in return. coming up next.
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igh unemployment. california, you might argue
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is in a mess right now. occupy protests, high unemployment, new talk of more budget cutting. so what does a group of state law lawmakers do? they head to hawaii on a trip that lobbyists paid for. we decided to follow along. supporter dave bryan showed up and asked the politicians, do you think this is a good idea? in the same week hundreds of california college students were protesting tuition hikes, thousands of californians took to the streets to protest corporate america. and the state announced a $13 billion revenue short fall. we discover add group of california's most powerful lawmakers not in sacramento addressing the crisis at hand. no. instead these lawmakers chose to spend five days at a resort. more than 2500 miles away in hawaii where somebody else was picking up the tab.
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welcome to the california independent voter project, the caivp business and leadership exchange conference. where the state's most powerful lawmakers are wined and dined in high style by the special interests. leaders of the voter project say the conference addresses the most pressing problems facing california, aiming to break the log jam in sacramento. but undenounced to lawmakers, we were there too with our undercover cameras at the hotel on maui. where the legislature bills are paid by the voter project. at the conference, we found state senators and assembly members from across california. north and south democrats and republicans, about 20 of them attended according to the organizers. it's not illegal for california politicians to accept big freebies as long as it is being paid by a nonprofit
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group. when we tried to find out more, our cameras were shut out. >> there's a guest here who asked you if you were coming and he saw you filming. >> no one asked me. you're the one who asked me. >> aapproached assembly speaker, john perez. >> good morning mr. speaker. sorry to crash the party. what do you think your con stitch constituents would say if. >> i think they know i'm here. we have talked about the fact that this is an opportunity for us to get together and have a wide range of conversations in a bipartisan basis. >> this is underwritten by the most powerful companies and powerful labor unions in california. it's hard to convince people that you are doing what is in the average person's interest. all expenses paid and the reality is, that you have to evaluate legislation. quite frankly, there's not a group here that i haven't had serious disagreements with. >> can you ask them to see
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what's going on? >> but we never got in. so where does the independent voter project get the money to pay for all this? it's funded by big companies like pacific gas and electric. chevron, cigarette maker, southern california edison, and big labor groups like the powerful state prison guards union. about 50 donors in all. special interests charge who expect special favors in return from the state legislators. >> why are people paying their way? because people think they will get something in return and that is access, information, and getting to know these legislators. >> former state legislator is the leader of the independent voter project. >> why isn't the news media invited? >> you're here. >> we crashed the party. >> what good does it do to have a congress if everyone is going to talk to the camera? we want people to be candid and open and in order for the
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conference to perform its function, you can't have cameras. >> but why maui? >> of course california is full of conference centers, maybe even meet with real californians who are suffering. >> it is an attraction to get people here. no question about it. >> in the interview, he embraces the fact that it is funded by special interests. >> my answer is yes and i'm going to continue to give money to special interests. you're making them spend it on good things. >> if he is sincere in thinking he wants to promote dialogue, then let's come back to california, if this really is a front for special interests to funnel their money to gain access with a couple of key legislators, then i cry foul and i think there needs to be an investigation. it's outrageous that these legislators don't see a problem
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with it. >> reporting from maui, cbs 5. >> there is no evidence that lawmakers broke any laws, but government watchdog groups say the latest trend in political reform laws is using nonprofits to steer expensive gifts and vacations from special interests to those elected officials. waiting in line at the dmv can be pure torture, but the wait time has gone from hours to a few minutes. at the oakland coliseum branch, you can renew your registration. they are printed instantly and there you go. >> get out of here. don't worry about standing in line anymore. two or three stamps and your
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registration comes out of the machine. >> the machine can't do anything. if you need to reknew your license, you'll have to stand in line or possibly do it through the mail. so far, this is the only automated machine in the bay area. the city of san pablo has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in the country according to a new study. robert lyles heard from the city's health director who says he knows exactly what is making san pablo's children so fat. >> it's cold, it's thirst quenching. >> it's definitely lethal. >> the doctor didn't mince words with the city council tonight, saying the waistline of kids are climbing. >> average higher than the state of the average. >> the director says slide shows don't tell this tail. the streets do. >> 90% of the population is within a five minute walk of an
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outlet. >> to understand that in practical terms, for every one grocery store in san pablo, there are six fast food or convenience stores. and clustered around helm's middle school. >> there's an average of over nine sugary beverage outlets around each school in san pablo. >> county tracks 5th, 7th, 9th graders and they consume a lot of sugar. >> 256,000 calories is like 20 or 30-pounds of weight gain in a year. >> it is reprehensible and a soda attack. telling cbs 5, obesity is a serious problem, but limit taxes do nothing to keep children and their parents about the importance of physical activity and moderation in the diet. in this minority community,
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grocery stores aren't lining up to build here. >> driven grocery stores out. >> and likely driven parents into unhealthy choices. >> is this vent. it's easy to go down to the corner instead of going to a big grocery store. robert lyles, cbs 5. >> all right roberta, a big week here. a big forecast. >> and we have a lot of big weather changes, beginning with tonight. clear skies. overnight tonight, temperatures will dip between 39 and 49 degrees. the coolest location to the north toward santa rosa. to the east, also in livermore. now, meanwhile, these are the headlines you really need to know about. just wrap your mind about. first off, we had the clouds moving in. it's becoming mostly cloudy. we'll have areas of patchy fog. tomorrow, mostly crowdie with the possibility of rain and we
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will certainly have room over the area by wednesday night. notice the rain is playing tag with the santa rosa area. just flirting with the north bay. wednesday morning commute, we have the rain developing in north bay. sliding across the entire urban area during the afternoon hours. this is the front itself. by night fall, by this time wednesday night, rain fall. and thursday morning when we put the turkey in the oven, we'll have lingering scattered showers. same holds true for thanksgiving, too. temperatures 53 to 61 degrees. not the abundance of sunshine tomorrow. with the clouds bring an advancement, temperature wise into the 50s and in the 60s. similar to what we experienced today t. up to 15 to 20 miles
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per hour. notice pretty uniform. mostly clear skies on wednesday until the rain develops. barely any sun for the next seven days. gray skies. so 3/4 of an inch of rain. >> we'll be eating. >> thanks. >> it has become tradition, danger, chaos and all. >> but one store is taking a stance. why taking a run is the fastest way to get nothing at target on friday. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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unconscious, in a burning car is alive today thanks a san francisco driver who was trapped unconscious in a burning car is alive today thanks to some heroic strangers. witnesses say he slammed into a light pole near folsom and 13th. his car then burst into flames. bystanders used a fallen road sign to smash the car's windows as a police officer coted cut through the man's seat belt.
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police believe he was intoxicated. >> all right, these are the rules. walk or walk out? that is the message from target stores tonight as it gears up for busy and hopefully safe black friday. the goal is to prevent the stampede of eager shoppers from swarming the store the second those doors are thrown open. their goal is to make it a better shopping experience for everyone. get out of my way. also new this year, metering. >> metering is, we're going to let in 30 people every 15 seconds. it will break up the crowd, so it's not massive chaos. it is giving them a chance to experience black friday. >> hey, that's mine. all store managers also receive special training this year in controlling large crowds. >> get an early season showdown on the hard court. stanford versus uconn. an update on darius heyward. the sports minute is next.
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winnin last december, stanford ended uconn's win streak. huskies were looking for rephren j. making one last push for that national title. second half, takes the hoop. she had 22 cardinal up by two points, but the huskies were too much in the second half. the freshman gives uconn the 13 point lead and they win 68-58. mike montgomery, the former stanford men's coach keeping hydrated in kansas city where his bears faced off against georgia. all blue in this one.
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razzle-dazzle. he had a win by 24 points. sydnie crosby playing his first game since suffering a concussion. finished with two goals and two assists as the penguins beat the islanders. in baseball, tigers, justin verlander becomes the first pitcher to win the mvp award in 1992. and raiders wide receiver, darius heyward is doing okay after injurying his neck yesterday against the vikings. in fact, hugh jackson has not ruled him out for sunday's game against the bears yet. bears quarterback, jay cutler had surgery on his thumb. he is going to be out. he could be out for the season. so the raiders will be facing backup quarterback this sunday. >> could use another win. >> they have a one-game lead and hopefully expand that sunday. game is not sold out. tickets available. >> you betcha.
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we'll see you at 11:00.
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