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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  February 4, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. an east bay city known for its low crime rate now seeing a surge in violent brawls outside bars and restaurants. the warning by the city, behave or else. >> mitt romney wins the nevada caucuses. the front runner is celebrating back to back victories in the race for the republican nomination. >> i'm also in recovery now and i used to bartend. >> getting their lives back on track and in the work force. the job skills workshop for those down on their luck. and good evening. extra police patrols in one east bay city known for its upscale restaurants and high end stores. they are responding to escalating violence. don knapp is in walnut creek to explain what's going on. don. >> that's right, a surge in
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that alcohol fueled weekend violence has police very concerned and taking some steps to do something about it. how do you get to bad eggs without harming legitimate businesses? >> nordstrom, and neiman marcus, the attractive downtown continues to go up scale. >> walnut creek is the gem of the east bay as far as i'm concerned. >> also drawing interest are some of the town's bars and what happens when some patrons hit the streets. later, a fight of a nearby restaurant used pepper spray to break it up. lost a window to an earlier sidewalk fight. now walnut creek is clamping down. >> i don't think there's a bar problem, but we have experienced a rash of issues lately and we are stepping up our efforts. last night and tonight to get a handle on it. >> daniel says walnut creek's
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appeal draws trouble. >> a lot of people are coming from worse areas to come here and cause problems. >> intentionally or get drunk? >> just getting drunk. >> linda is with the children's theatrical group. >> we are keeping the people coming out of the bars away from our kids. it should be safe. >> the captain says the city is working on measures that would give it more power to limit hours of trouble bars, serving too much alcohol is an issue. cops will keep up a presence, give warnings, and make arrests. >> they come and experience the vibrant night life and go home. the ones that don't, unfortunately, we have to deal with them. >> now besides the police camp down. the city itself will get together on tuesday night to consider some changes in the bar rule, meanwhile, business owners, people who own bars say they'll have a news conference on monday to give their side of the story. ann. >> don knapp in walnut creek. thank you. >> a disturbing story out of
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redwood story. a special education teacher has been arrested, accused of abusing two four-year-old boys. iowa lex yay surrendered to police this morning. she teach at roosevelt elementary school. the abuse was physical and occurred over the past few months. teaches developmentally disabled and autistic children. a big victory in the nevada caucuses today for republican presidential candidate, mitt romney. inspite of romney's double digit victory, a defiant newt gingrich says he's in the race. more from las vegas. >> reporter: mitt romney is putting nevada in the win column. cbs news projects he has won the nevada caucuses. >> this is not if the first time you have given me your vote. i do understand the economy. i do and i will. >> this is two in a row for
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mitt romney. on a roll after florida and head to four more contests in the next week. newt gingrich worked to convince the voters, but fell short. >> i'm not going to withdraw. i'm pretty happy with where we are and i think the contrast between governor romney and me is going to get wider and wider. >> ron paul promised a strong showing. >> the revolution has already come to minnesota. >> rick santorum had another disappointing finish, but told colorado voters he has what it takes to win back the white house. >> money is not going to buy the presidency as a republican. ideas, principles, trust, that is the currency that will win the election in the fall. >> in entrance poll, nevada voters said the economy was their top issue. the most important quality is he can defeat president obama. and there weren't many late
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deciders. more than half chose their candidate in 2011. cbs news, las vegas, nevada. >> ron paul and rick santorum bypassed the nevada caucuses. campaign in states that have caucuses. he came in a strong third. rick santorum who came in fourth in nevada was in colorado today saying that state is quote, wide open. kcbs radio reporter has been covering the nevada caucuses. he explains how romney won nevada, what that victory means for him and what comes next for the gop nomination? >> romney expected to win in nevada and he delivered big time. supporters outnumbered those, about 25% of the voter said they were mormon and more than 90% of them voted for romney. he also won big among
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conservatives and those who want to nominate someone who can beat bough. this gives romney back to back wins. sets him up as the inevitable nominee. even casino owner, the richest man in las vegas, and an newt gingrich supporter is sending signals he is ready to put millions behind romney. president obama carried it four years ago and needs to do so again. but romney hopes that the winning organization he built here will switch to silver state into the gop column in the general election. from here, the race moves on to colorado and minnesota next tuesday as well as missouri and maine goes to the polls a week from today. in las vegas, cbs 5. >> san francisco could be losing a piece of prime waterfront property and quest to host the america's cup. the chronicle reports the city agreed to hand over pier property to a development group headed by larry ellison.
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the group would partially cover the cost to recondition some of the cities piers. as of now, pier 29 and four others, the final draft will be reviewed by supervisors on tuesday. well the latest report from the department of labor reveals some gains against unemployment in the last month. despite the optimistic signs, economic recovery is coming too slowly for some looking for work. giving them a boost back in the market. >> i know there are jobs out there. >> george bonds does. >> pretty much like the work, you know. >> his life has been off track lately. he's the uncle of the toddler killed in a gun battle. a month after hyram was taken off of life support, he lost his job. >> he is here at this 8 week jobs program for people who
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have fallen on hard times from homelessness to drug and alcohol abuse. >> i'm also in recovery now and i used to bartend. >> so loretta scott needs new skills. >> people have good jobs are out of work and me coming from the restaurant and bartending industry is not -- >> it's intimidating. >> yesterday's january jobs report was surprisingly positive. unemployment fell to 8.3%. the lowest in three years. it's been dropping for five straight months. the first such stretch since 1994. >> the hope is to be able to gain the confidence and the tools to be able to compete with everyone else in the market. >> so the group, courageous women association, set up this program with free resume help, computer classes, and practice interviews to get these people ready to get out in the world once again. >> any time you can wake up
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with all your body limbs working, there is hope. >> to learn more about this particular program or an employer that may have jobs to offer, go to and click on links and numbers. in oakland, cbs 5. >> other bay area headline, the search for a missing crab fisherman has been called off. the 6 64-year-old took off near half-moon bay. his capsized boat was found yesterday morning, but no sign of the man. >> a dozen fremont residents forced to evacuate. flooding happened shortly after midnight when crews were performing tests on the pipeline. backyards, garages, and interiors of homes were flooded. the department of water resources says it will work with homeowners to restore properties to their previous conditions. today san francisco mayor ed lee and hundreds of volunteers celebrated the
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chinese lunar new year. today was the first of the city's community clean team event this year. seven more cleanups are scheduled throughout the year. new tensions tonight in the middle east. the gas pipeline between egypt and jordan under attack. what jordan said it had to do to cover the cost of rising fuel prices. intentions still high after the deadly soccer tragedy in cairo. lingering violence claims more lives. europe is in a deadly deep freeze. the area is seeing snowfall that rarely ever see it. >> what a gorgeous day all around the bay. what does the rest of the weekend hold? plus, there's changes in our seven-day forecast. we'll tell you all about it after the break. ,,,,
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cities-- to protest deadly government shelling. more than 200 people were kill hundreds of demonstrators in the streets to protest deadly government showings. more than 200 people were killed in the assaults. syria's third largest city. it was one of the bloodiest episodes in the uprising against president bashar assad that has gone on for 11 months. the regime denied the assault. president obama and the united nations are calling for assad to resign. a third day of violence over soccer rise in egypt has claimed more lives. the stampede after a soccer match on wednesday killed 74 people. now since then, protesters have accused security forces of failing to prevent the bloodshed. an additional 12 people have been killed. today's security forces fired tear gas from armored trucks in
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downtown cairo. 2500 people have been injured since protests began on thursday. and there's been an explosion in the gas pipeline running from egypt to israel. the pipeline supplies gas to jordan. it happened west of the mediterranean, close to alrish. the pipeline has come under attack a dozen times. egypt doubles the gas price for jordan in october. jordan has to raise electricity prices to cover the rising cost of fuel after losing regular egyptian gas supplies. and farther north, severe winter weather is spreading across europe. it's the continent's worst deep freeze in decades. this is video from ukraine. sub zero temperatures caused the death of more than 120 people. and more than 1600 ukrainians have been hospitalized with hypothermia and frostbite. snow, ice, and sub zero
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temperatures are covering the black sea and places like london and rome are also seeing rare snowfall. >> well, tonight people in this country are basing themselves for winter as well. the midwest is seeing its biggest storm of the season and pretty late in the season. drew shows us how people in colorado and nebraska are digging out. >> nebraska got slammed saturday as the massive winter storm sweeping across the plains paralyzed part of the state. in grand island, about an hour and a half west of lincoln, plows were out in full force trying to keep the roads clear. 8 1/2 inches of wet, heavy snow fell friday night into saturday morning. it stuck to trees and made for a beautiful picture. but in several areas, the weight was just too much for the branches to hold. broken limbs filled front yards, blocked parts of roads and knocked down power lines leaving thousands in the dark.
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part of this tree crashed on top of a pickup truck. many people spent the day digging out their cars. and clearing driveways in parking lots. in hard hit colorado, where the storm reeked havoc the day before, the state's main highway, interstate 70, is open again. police shut down much of it from the kansas border to denver thursday. >> ron was stranded for two nights at a motel. >> we were in florida coming back and thursday night, fog got so bad, we pulled over. >> heavy snow soon followed, leaving up to 6 feet in the rocky mountain foothills. the storm is moving east, dropping snow and causing headaches in its wake. cbs news. and ten there's the bay area, which seems like we're in eternal spring. >> it really does. doesn't it make you glad we live here? >> absolutely.
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>> accidents, nothing like that here today. it looks like we are staying dry the rest of the weekend. here's a live look from our cam. clear, a little chilly tonight. you will need a jacket if you are about to head outside somewhere, but overall, temperatures not as bad as the midwest. temperatures in the 40s and 50s across the bay area. 44 in livermore. and 50 degrees out in san rafael. so later on tonight, we'll be on the chilly side. clear, cool, mostly going to dip into the mid 30s in some spots. low 40sa along the coast and bay. for tomorrow, more sunshine, a similar story tomorrow to what we saw today. sunny, mild, and check out some of these temperatures. we will get close to 70. things are going to change. checking our future cast, a few clouds roll in on monday and check out tuesday. by the tuesday morning commute, we are going to get a good chance of rain, and spreading across the entire bay area, kind of a few sprinkles
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lingering. going to be a short lived weather system, though. it looks like the rain is out of here by wednesday. satellite and radar shows high pressure is what we're talking about. the dry, mild temperatures. they are going to continue through the rest of the weekend. so if you have outdoor plans tomorrow, if you're with those that aren't watching the football game, you should have nice conditions outside. pretty good temperatures as well. pinpoint forecast, lows overnight tonight, once again in the mid 30s. check out livermore, 34. some spots in the mid 40s. and 46 is your overnight low in san francisco. pinpoint forecast for tomorrow, climbing to the upper 60s. 64 in fairfield. and 66 out in redwood city. sunshine for tomorrow and mild temperatures and once again, a few clouds roll in on monday and we are going to dip temperatures by a cup obviously degrees on monday. on tuesday, that's going to be our big change. it looks like a rainmaker
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comes in. and spreading across the entire bay area by the afternoon. wednesday, thursday, really the remainder of the workweek. >> it's a real quick rainmaker. >> yeah, in and out and pretty much by tuesday, late in the evening it should be out of here. >> and spring resumes the next day. >> looking good. appreciate it. all right, san francisco's pier 35 received a new visitor today. the cruise lines, queen elizabeth. take a look inside. the ship is part of a four month world cruise. next stop, honolulu. the original queen elizabeth ship was in san francisco in 1942. it came for retrofitting. >> new york giants fans getting ready for the big game tomorrow. today, san francisco giants fans look ahead at the upcoming baseball season. tens of thousands came out to at&t park for the team's annual
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fan fest. fans were allowed full access to the field, dugouts, and clubhouse. activities for kids included taking swings in the batting cage. it was the autographs that prompted some to stay overnight. >> we got here at midnight, 1:00, freezing cold. very exhausted, but now that it's close to time to go in, well worth the wait. >> worth the wait indeed. buster posey attended. i'm manuel in indianapolis, it's the night before the super bowl and it's a big party here downtown. we'll have that story coming up.
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downtown indianapolis tonight. the super bowl is just hours away. manu the excitement is heating up. the super bowl is hours away. manuel on how fans are going all out to get a piece of the action. >> downtown indianapolis feels more like mardi gras than the midwest. [ cheering ] >> locals say it's the best
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it's ever been. >> i mean, i work down here for years and something different. i never seen it like this. this is nice. >> with a winter chill, indianapolis is definitely not miami, but out of towners are getting a warm welcome. like at least half the crowd here is hoping for a giants win. his son-in-law is giants defensive end, dave tollison. >> it's neat. everybody has been friendly and there's a lot to do. it's a good place to have it. >> indianapolis is trying to show the world it knows how to throw a party and it doesn't want hosting the super bowl to be a one-time deal. football fans are expected to spend a record $11 billion enjoying the game. that includes new tv's to super bowl snacks to official merchandise. in indianapolis, the nfl experience adds up. $40 for a cap. $199 for a football.
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patriot fans shelled out around $800. >> buying for my dad, my mom, my three nieces. >> and some fans have all the luck. jill cat is here for free. >> wow won your tickets? >> i won my tickets through the ellen degeneres show. i'm here now to celebrate. >> a free trip and priceless. manuel, cbs news at the super bowl in indianapolis. >> not everybody got in for free. records could be set for tomorrow not only on the field, but on couches and living rooms during the big game. a national retail federation survey predicts $11 billion will be spent on food and merchandise for super bowl xlvi. and that is an all-time high. and among the things americans will chow down on, chicken wings. thealso put down 11 million- pounds of potato chips. get ready to go to the gym.
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the average fan will consume 1200 calories. vegetables, the number one snack eaten on super bowl sunday. americans will go through 15 million cases of beer. that i believe. and if you are feeling lucky, a third of u.s. adults feel they are likely going to bet on the big game. pretty good, huh? >> i'm wondering what we're going to be consuming here at the station tomorrow. >> maybe not that many potato chips. >> and no alcohol. diet coke. jim harbaugh joins the exclusive company and could the warriors come back and make it two in a row against the kings? the minute is next. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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first head coach to win the nfl's coach of the year award. round two between the warriors and kings. golden state erased an 11 point deficit to force over time, clay thompson hit the game tie with 9 seconds left. sacramento scored his first nine points in the extra period. the banks stayed open late for demarcus. a 114-106 win. monte and the bears taking on arizona state. cal would lead by as many as 31 and cruise to a 68-47 win. allen led off fours with 19 points. stanford shot a season low 25% and managed only 43 points against arizona. the wildcats win 56-43 for their first road trip of the year. the sharks had their three-game winning streak snapped in phoenix. martin handles scores.
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