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by the suspect was supposed reported years ago in the local the set free. the bay area woman gets three speeding tickets and our the excuse he gave the chp. income and say good luck. to moderate jackpots at the same bay area stores what one winners tried to claim all the money thing is off tonight good evening and can best to get friends joke that tears as they remembered one of the victims from last week's killings in san francisco's inside district they gathered at the lounge in chinatown to remember 65 year- old who worked at the restaurants and was shut for 18 years. the restaurant's owner says
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the victims are husband and wife and their daughter and son he believes the fifth victim is the son's girlfriend. tonight we learn that the suspected killer should not have even been in the bay area at the time the killings sharon shannon on the louvre level the police say lead to a massacre. they suspected the killing five people at the san francisco home was ordered to be deported in 2006. some neighbors are stunned. it's a tragedy that because of the floor on the system we would have things like this happened. look at convicted in 1998 armed robbery of a chinese restaurant in san jose after serving eight years in san quentin prison from 1998 to 2006 and immigration judge ordered him deported back to vietnam but was released in the bay area. in 2001 u.s. supreme court ruled the u.s. cannot hold lawful
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immigrants indefinitely after serving a sentence the candor of the sector six months but their home country will not take them back and federal immigration officers determined that they pose no danger usf law professor building. presumably the gentleman that was arrested and there was a review and he showed signs he was rehabilitated in brawley had a job and family and to the left mouse he says it is not unusual for vietnam to delay or not sent travel documents to take back its native citizens. vietnamese man entered a long time ago as refugees and they fled the country. so the and now may not be sure. prof. hang says the u.s. and the temples, new crimes midtown other murder suspects is here in jail and a house under
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observation apart from the general population because of the high-profile nature of the crime. live from san francisco sharing chin cbs five. it's been 10 days since your lamar went missing and now volunteers are starting an all-out search the morgan hill 15 year-old was last seen leaving to catch the bus against the school as organizing committee searches the 12 year- old daughter polly was kidnapped and repel the home. the biggest things can look their the midst this j.c. de guard is the santa to sanchez is to some. time to come home to the lives back on the only clues investigators have found are folded clothes inside. the volunteer search efforts to the
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city as i said stop, coming some numbers. they joined a wave of national malaise to remember the death of the don martin some of those said frank costa were were he's like martin did as they called for the rest of george zimmerman is a man who is a florida man who claims he shot the 17 year-old in self-defense exactly one month ago today. duckweeds every community needs to stand up a special in oakland because of like this has happened for example the oscar grant case. stuff like this happen the city of oakland. zimmerman has not been arrested because of a florida law that allows the use of deadly force in self-defense. campaign 2012 republican frontrunners held the bay area is good to them could them financially especially irani held a fund-raising dinner tonight in redwood city while on thursday rig santorum will hold
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an event and alamo all as well as visiting the jelly belly factory shows us many in the bay area are writing checks. deadweight that is what former government army is hoping to get the some hotel and its fund- raising dinners range across my thousand $25,000 there are protesters here is not about 75 and they're hoping to discourage gas and here's what's surprising while most of the california as primarily democratic if you look at the numbers the republicans do pretty well at the top 10 fund-raising's the codes in california for are here in the bay area and he look at of redwood city the the numbers are closed between democrats and republicans to raise more money for democrats the republicans still get well over $100,000 from both of those it codes. and at california been known as a cash cow ron is not ending his fund raising here in this movie
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on the stockton tomorrow what he'll meet the chargers' owner then on to the ioc and loss angeles. in redwood city race lease cbs five. a reporter for the new york times and tonight he's making no apologies. cbs news cameras captured the key exchange and wisconsin. it said iran is the worst trouble in the country is that true? when speech did you listen to? there waves stop lying. i think he is there a first force republican to run the issue obama's care could distorting our words. the priciest is b.s.. today on fox news santorum said that if you haven't curse outing york times reporter during the course of a campaign you are not really a real republican. president obama's is
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offering an explanation for a comment, i know and like he was talking with the russian president of missile defense issues. the president now says it was a single comment about how the is bogged down with domestic concerns until after the november election and republicans pounced saying the president has an agenda that included concessions to be election if he is reelected the supreme court has taken the challenge to the health care law been a matter what the court decides many americans have already ruled on its. the poll finds that 47 percent of americans take approval lot. 46% approved jim crawford on the first day of deliberations. did waves that coral confront fundamental questions about congressional power in american life. the justices will take up
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the so-called individual mandate allows controversial requirement that americans have to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. john roberts today politely. the command and mandated a command under the constitution's commerce clause congress has the power to regulate commerce. but opponents say that it doesn't increase congress by forcing people to buy things they do not want. otherwise the government could force people to buy fuel- efficient cars are health food. the obama's administration says it isn't creating commerce but regulating the existing health care markets. saying uninsured people often use health services they cannot pay for which makes health care more expensive for everyone. but today the justice focused on a basis to question is it too soon for the court to decide the case? the issue is complex but the justices were engaged in firing questions. how likely is
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it that government is going to be defending the suits an issue in today's arguments is whether the penalty people have to pay for refusing to buy insurance amounts to a tax is so the argument goes the court would have legal jurisdiction to hear the case and tell someone actually pays its which will be until 2015. on this narrow issue the administration and states are opposing the law actually in the same side and what the court to hear this issue and decided now. it will go head-to-head on tuesday when the justices hang up the big constitutional question of the individual mandates jan offered cbs news the supreme court. a woman from the bay area's out of jail tonight after police cotter's beating three times an hour officers arrested 53 rolled in k. l. gomez from hayward on saturday night in yuba county. for some officers caught you're doing about 100 free miles an hour. i have a 7020 minutes
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later they say she was clocking by one of five about 40 minutes later officers say she slowed down a bit she was still going 76 in '85 and nipples are over the officer arrested her finally for reckless driving. i didn't know i never driven 100 mi. an hour so i didn't know my car could even go 100 mi. an hour by its i wasn't worried about that i was worried about my mom. and she told the officers she was being held for 79 year-old mother who had fallen on her bad knee. she had to pay $400 just to get your car back and will have to pay more in fines. dirichlet's the woman who embezzled millions from the giants has been sentenced to 21 months behind bars. robert o'connor was the team's payroll manager who led the mid she still more than $2 million from the team she says she spent on
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cars this economic trips to the spot she has also been ordered to pay back about two-thirds of the embezzled money. the mega millions jackpot is now $363 million. the drawing is tonight and of course the odds of winning a ridiculous bus in tel that two one a day area woman not only has she $1 million a few months ago last week she buy tickets at that is worth more than $250,000. did those shows that this is where it gets complicated. at a record tobacco more non dui story about how more money can mean more problems a lot invested there is examining the purchase of a winning lottery tickets. remember back in january issue $1 million at the same exact store and use most of the winnings to pay off medical bills from a tumor that pattern, for two months with no health insurance this
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surveillance video shows that after people in the store recognize family to buy beer and lottery tickets for everyone the footage shows her actually handing over zero to add to be the lucky ticket. to is later happens then the blue shirt is the same man from four and now is delirious after finding out he just won $260,000. he has not had yet come forward with a winning ticket as far as family concerned if she says she paid for its chooses those winnings are hers. stork clerk selling tickets and says emily is a nice and generous person that has no claim to the winnings. she paid the ticket right? if i give it to is your ticket, i take it anymore. cheese a sweet girl of the gramm much a matter long time ago by right now of doing that
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is too bad. did waves lottery fever has since struck the store in customer reactions were mixed. choosing generous that day system is all that. it's a gift rights? to is not a plan on that. did we and they should split honestly the lottery commission will hold on to the winnings until a judge decides what happens next. did police summary did not want to talk to the camera the did tell us that the guy was getting hurt a sob stories in the gas tank was empty and he was down in his lack even the use standing in line to buy beer says to give them under dollars mushy pressure ever more she bought a few lottery tickets to the that is not the story that she gave the san jose mercury news newspaper reports that when family reached into her purse she says that she accidentally grabs the lottery tickets and give it to the man. live in mountain view kid does cbs five. critics called the wild west now the feds are cracking down and new rules
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that will let you see who is keeping tabs on you online that of being put on hold? the clever new way of to skip the long wait time on the bone. in the deep sea plunged what james cameron's of were almost no one has gone before.
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today the federal government took another step to try to protect your privacy online. the federal trade commission and a report outlining practices the web sites were followed or sanctions are report was released after recent privacy bridges at google face of an
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apple the ftc it expects that by the end of the year most internet browsers will have features to block the marketing companies from jacking your online activity been put on hold any call customer service and there is a news service that promises consumer watch the dispossessed. . and 10 times each day i was donald a minimum of 10 minutes. unlike many will not along for customer service deli pushed by wilcox over the edge reservation agent police as a society now we demand a greater sense of immediacy and waiting on hold for 10 to 15 minutes a time is unacceptable. that's why the courtesy phone. a service that waits on hold city on have to. they say is like a personal assistance been losing to the test is pretty simple. first slice the company want to call in then enter your number and is it
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patches you through. we chose united airlines because like birds of america earlier this year and reservation over hollis driving away * sunset awaiting we had star star and lucy takes over. now this is waiting on hold for me i will take my phone and a workable other stories. but was working in this was waiting something unexpected happens. united disconnected before losing to push it put us through so we try again. the more detailed message for lucy to introduce us with. it turns out that is all it took. i went back to work and a short time later i was chatting with united representatives. is a scarce as disconnects
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happen from time to time because agents hang up not yet familiar with the service. in addition to airlines is to get many calls for cable companies apple unemployment benefits and right now she's getting a lot of tax related calls. julie what cbs five. director james cameron has returned from his record-setting journey to the bis as john black sun shows us he shining a light on part of the world that looks like in other planets. james cameron go to the bottom of the sea in what he called a vertical torpedo. it's seven years to design. the two and a half-hour dissent aloud cameron three hours to explore challenger deep. it was very soft almost gelatinous flat plain. almost featureless planes. challenger deep is this lot with the pacific tectonics played slides below the marriott place if mount everest or dropped into the slots the summit of the
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world's highest mountain would still be more than a mile below the water. did waves will summaries squeezes down almost 3 in. in length this year than in actually shrinks. the window that looked out actually put his hand toward me and their 16,000 lbs. per square inch of pressure. dick weis the life he's our shrimp like creatures less than an inch long. did we do is very lunar. third desolate place. very isolated. my feeling was one of complete isolation from all of humanity. the last time humans reached the challenger deep was 1960 recently there's been a race among well debentures to return his billing as of that either richard branson had hoped to refers to get back to about bottom. is a good bill and his machines were the people who want to take into the bottom of the ocean but it drives them? curiosity i guess a huge
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curiosity. returning from is by james cameron made it clear his curiosity was unsatisfied. this is just the beginning he said of the exploration of the most remote place on earth. especial honor the state capitol today for one of our own are eager danny king was named a woman of the year. she was selected by assemblyman jerry hoffman of cells lead tell guinness shares grandkids that advocates for equal opportunities for children. the old will be right back. from the
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cbs 5 with a sense we have our and the storms let's get down to it this evening with a are live high death dr. renner looks ominous at this hour when you see a little bit of red on the screen that actually this is a whole lot of vertical moving ashore the raindrops evaporated in as it hits the dry air mass and four hits the land mass but offshore we see the darker shades of green that is a bonafide rain will be pushing is a bay area yes as gwen so let's take a look our future cast any
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see the presentation to the north that the pocket of more moderate to heavy rainfall this is the morning commute where everything is north of the golden gate bridge once time we have rain across the central brae dragging gradually to the south the evening commute everyone will be with pockets of heavy rain around the santa cruz mountains and all this is going to stick around until your wednesday morning as well and then we'll see clearing between wednesday afternoon with more clouds rolling in on thursday with a chance of that precipitation moving in and friday so as to view the numbers so we can anticipate how much rain to expect a very impressive was the rain starts tomorrow through wednesday morning nearly 2 in. of rain and santa rosa so obviously up to two and 3 in. of isolations checkup pleasanton to the east still a full inch almost a quarter of an inch in san jose and over half of an inch in san francisco this area of low pressure has lots of wind associated me well your is your
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forecast winter weather advisories in effect since lows forties' tomorrows the semis '50s and '60s distended forecaster you have its rain all the way through wednesday morning and another storm by saturday that is the ban. forecast dennises next with sports. the stanford women
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became the third team to make good his five straight final fours that starts the clock. the ball coach david shaw and his wife man found a replacement for any luck club here. the deep pass where the easy layups to finish with 29 points stanford beats them 8169
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does it on top ranked baylor in the final four. did police will throw the going to denver had a lot of pressure on me because my mother bought tickets to is in boulder my mother bought the tickets three months ago and she paid a lot of money for them and i said mama for going is to the ticket she says now want to have these seats. their way to the said days the major-league hitter for the first time this spring give up one run in two and two-thirds to be the world's four to two and walked off homer by apollo and the sharks continue their playoff push this score the first seven days three goal in the second hearing colada they're now won three straight to take over the lead in the pacific division with six games to go and if you of lives to the talk-show circuit on the radio they had seen buried three weeks ago. not made. did we listen to reverse creameries and this court. chisholm like going home.
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israel bans such a bad mood. that's live for us.
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