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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  April 10, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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press room shouting not in my backyard before robert while reports wait until they hear what the star wars creator is now proposing. my heart is heavy and emigre. thats a small group of people could ruin such a wonderful proposal in such a generous spirit. the marin county supervisor got an early morning visit this is from george lucas is representatives in their hands to the statements the plot of marin. the billionaire movie maker george lucas says that as of bitterness and anger by lucas valley homeowners convince them it is not worth fighting they will build this 270,000 square foot production studio somewhere else. is this a victory? i don't call it a victory. she is president of the homeowners' association and says it is his plan would turn your neighborhood and universal studios. and under state operating
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the fact that this was not part of the zoning of this area. he held by 20 per team these lands would and sound stages for several movies already in production so as the paris city like the wrestling and neighbors saying helsinki committee that seized studios as secretive assets and not the evil empire. do blame those people who were on the opposition? parsley. because the supervisor accuses homeowners of putting environmental card secret would be damaged by the proposed studios in claims millions in tax revenue would be lost. seems like we always get more jobs and recounted in the county side on a wider turn away of homeowners say the road can't accommodate hollywood semi trucks. did we don't have to attract it's a very small road. woolsey of its last laugh with his rights of everyone says it's a lesson in how philistia seems
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to just let the force be with you he is selling this tiny loss with plans to turn into low- income housing. the equally going to welcomed a large of low-income subdivision? they probably won't. in san rafael robert lisle cbs five. supervisor arnold says the singapore government has offered them free land as well as a plan to reroute the subway system to be agreed to build the new digital studios in that country. did waves people living near a particularly awful murder scene say it is high time they get some answers. investigators have kept them in the dark for about what really happened when a man allegedly went into the house in san francisco in will side districts and killed five people lindi he was there when neighbors came face-to-face with the police chief. for came very close to the police department. they're scared and want answers. it's horrifying to think so
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close to my house. this town hall meeting tonight they're hoping police and prosecutors would give them more information on why the murders happened and if they're safe. there were assurances that no reason to fear but could not get answers on why the particularly gruesome and bloody murders happened to police arrested 35 year-old ben lot less than two days after the bodies were discovered and the chief suspects he is the lone killer. is he capable of killing five people? without going into the details of the case at all would depend on the sequencing aftermath of that member that there were four crime scenes within the one home so there's a possibility that no one person knew that the other person was in any kind of peril. did we see a thing may became mama different times and they've been murdered at different times? i would think that there were murdered at different times. some here left temple and more frustrated because they believe criminals escaped the
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harshest sentences nobody feels safe in some francisco the d.a. why he personally doesn't leave the death penalty in this charge the suspect of five murders with special circumstances including lying in wait to he does allow the death penalty. in san francisco lindi's cbs five. the 17 year-old driver accused of slamming into a family of bicyclist is out of juvenile hall tonight's david rosen was driven away in the back seat of its minivan this afternoon he has not been formally charged yet so he had to release. concord police are still investigating saturday's crash to kill the father and his nine year-old daughter once they're finished prosecutors will decide whether to file charges meanwhile a funeral for the victims will be held tomorrow. tonight richmond police chief says he is focused on green his apartment in
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community back together this as the new mysteries says chief chris magness and his deputy did not discriminate or harassed eight members of the department's the officers accused of madness of creating a hostile work environment for black officers. the jury says there wasn't enough evidence to prove discrimination. it is our sincere hope that all police officers in the richmond police departments however divided in their opinions may be all work together under the direction of chief christopher magness to further the common goal of providing the best possible service to the richmond community. the federal trial in civil lawsuits is scheduled to begin in november. in the past year the city is as a has laid off at the bravest and the fineness. it's nice city leaders have left over budget money for another use marks there asks the mayor what is better for the people? more
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books are more officers? in a way to hear the library and recreation center you'll not find any books or librarians but you will find a big chain link fences around the entire building which was never opened due to budget problems. they're using a projected $10 million budget surplus + to open the library and three other libraries that are in the same situation. reported that idea that our community willie values we wanted these libraries open even if we begin to hire police officers and firefighters the proposal to reopen the library's comes on a direct layoff of 66 police officers in june of last year although some of since been hired to ask america was the difference between hiring library workers and cops a lot to hire people to work the libraries before we start hiring them will have a new retirement system in this heavily for new employees. is bullied down as follows ever seen it to jim on into the san jose police
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officers' association says his officers had no problem with libraries. did we remember its 10 million for one year cell i hope none of them get too far ahead of themselves buddy says he owes the public ways in when it comes to spending level extra money the city may have. thing is to let the politicians in committee meeting to discuss discuss the libraries and other budget priorities of the city also today state appeals court ruled that voters here and sit as a will indeed get the opportunity to vote on a measure that would severely limits public employee pensions. back to you. it's a tough when money's tight. the only candidate getting there from the any kind of serious competition for the nomination dropped out of the presidential race today. sahara well this presidential race for us is over for me we will suspend our
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campaign effective today we're not done fighting the decision comes two weeks before the primary in his home state of pennsylvania recent polls have shown him losing support santorum did not say who he would support for the gop nomination. the crash between a cyclist and a man who later died was apparently caught on tape. a source tells cbs five that's this surveillance camera at cash to the desk of 71 year- old pedestrian sue chee leave his post as head of 20 tavern at castro and markets police say chris mccarthy crashed into the we in the crosswalk and sandras leaders announced in new program to help elect to protect pedestrians and bicyclists. his
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office is determining which charges if anyone will be brought against carey. why they cannot represent a man accused of shooting and on terms teenager. about a year ago use of a reason to raise billing today was an address to the baseball game and san francisco. and is even worse than smiles. what california says is hiding in the all polished and the new rules for full disclosure. many people are hiding under their umbrellas today's game tonight the rain continues to pound the bay area now storm number to and when to expected as eyewitness news continues. , into attorneys say
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they can no longer speak for george zimmerman his neighborhood what volunteers who admitted to killing trade on martin as a man of things to reports that two lawyers say that he has to ignore their phone calls and to their legal advice. attorneys crisis honor and how uric city can no longer speak for george zimmerman. his chinese counts of as amended was contact with them at this point to that contact everyday he is gone his own. to lawyers in the neighborhood watch volunteer who says he shot trade on margin in self-defense has ignored their phone calls and legal advice. did we did contact as of sunday
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in the last couple of days lost his not return phone calls or text messages are e-mail's. to the attorneys as head of the web site to help raise money for his offense better the weekend is george zimmerman set up his own website the real george zimmerman. on nt calls the night the night he shot a 17 year-old a life of three events. you can imagine what it's like hiding in a room trying to save your life perhaps the pressure of that question a little over the edge in reach the point raised and his plan to take care of this myself. this dramatic shift comes just one day after special prosecutor announced she would bypass a grand jury and decide herself whether to bring charges against zimmerman for shooting martin the attorneys working to set a meeting between zimmerman and investigators but they're surprised to learn this afternoon that zimmerman had called cory's oba's himself. one of the things ever defense attorney tells his client is don't talk to prosecutors don't talk to the cops frankly don't talk to anybody until we get control the
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situation into a council. it's not unusual for clients to change attorneys we don't know whether george zimmerman has hired a new lawyer but is still early in the process and right now and he faces no charges. rid of things in cbs news in florida. did waves thousands of fans came out for the l.a. dodgers home opener today including it someone who found himself arrested after last year's opening day the man once accused of beating brine still had box seats for his first-ever docking in today dave lopez found you by ramirez and states. security was everywhere at dodger stadium as charlie beckwith collets a sea of blue. lapd blue. the fallout from the brine still being a year ago has not diminished accused but never charged eventually completely exonerated of having anything to do with the beating of prince
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del steal money ramirez was at dodger stadium today. as you're walking by in hearing you see all these police officers burst of the many did you see? i lost count. ramirez fresh at a state prison for parole violation not in his arrest in the still matter had a box seats behind home plate. he said this is the first time he'd been to the stadium. iran. delays in the never dodd stadium their telling the truth. this is it does once, and of the place. not a place that's because all the ruckus. symbol recognized immediately and even as for his autograph. is likely to be ok for you? the way things cell. no more jail. a more probation? aaron dunn know about all
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that right now. still figuring it out somehow. and her for them. he said the doctors didn't even know he was at the ball game. does a little over a month ago ramirez is sitting in a jail cell in state prison because of a probation violation he told me not in a million years to the ever dreamed he would be at dodger stadium on opening day and here he was. from that the city and dave lopez cbs five. the state of california today showed us what is really in no polish. this report found despite claims on many labels a lot of mainstream health care products sold in california contain hulls of hazardous chemicals the report is especially alarming for nils technicians to spend hours breeding those fumes. i had been very healthy
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until i came to this country and was working as a net manicurist in the family history nobody gets sick and the only one. the report's authors say that illustrates the need for better testing and accurate labeling in the cosmetic industry. i knew you'd go there. will be polishing are cars for the weekend. the wheel to wash the car. did we have doppler radar a lot of yellow and orange is lighting of your tv screen as is the bonnets in fact let's go live closer. in between he were in san leandro including san lorenzo will all lead after castro valley pretty heavy rainfall associated with pockets that continue to develop the pockets of this trap here meanwhile it is beginning to subside across the santa clara valley but look at peninsula we
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were still have two hours and 21 minute delays on some of arriving flights north beja some patchy areas of rate is well as some fog this is your future cast in the overnight hours to see their rain begins to diminish that still keeping an umbrella handle your wednesday with their scattered showers here and the possibility of a thunderstorm this is a thunderstorm #23 thursday that will bring more rain showers especially with the morning commute behind issue the colder air that will trigger showers all day long and even lower snow levels at 3,000 ft. by thursday night into friday morning. this is the recent area of low pressure and is going to be taking its precipitation all the way across the southland in los angeles with some heavy rain on top wednesday and thursday but as far as we're concerned rain to the doctor denied that a few scattered showers wednesday and thunderstorms are possible with more rain for thursday scattered showers on friday tonight to lead '40's and '50's to was a time i into the 50s and 60s it appears that the extended
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forecast is called for a dry weekends things revert it. apparently dahlin islam has a sounds wide area birds have taken it upon themselves to drown out the traffic in their neighborhood. a rather rude
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awakening this morning folks greeted by 500 lb. black bear out roaming the streets in york. coming some fences the department of fish and game eventually tranquilize the bear and to get back to the woods. have a language all their on. but you and i probably can't understand it. as the cover shows us the san francisco presidios screenings sparrows. if you ever take a stroll to the city recently chances are you've heard a bird song that sounds something like this. it is the call of the nettles white crown
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sparrow an expert in native san francisco wild life ended mixed into the burden aired. he was part of the original group began to study the local sparrow's evolution nearly 30 years ago will find is that spurred the this year actually have a song that is different then the coastal bluffs. or different then the headlines we're all the same species of different dialects. the white crown spero has called this area home since the days of the woolly mammoth and saber tooth tiger. nowadays they have neighbors who are scary piece of another kind. as our urban environment is getting more impacted more traffic noise that says it that relate experts have notice of these types of birds are singing a different tune. the urban environment around the city of the slaughter these birds are forced to speak up he
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says the birds have been evolving for thousands of years but this particular shift in their pitch is all about modern- day survival. did we get on think anything stop stalling is something stops evolving that's the end of the line. in san francisco is the cut cbs five. my manager is suspended and not for his record and to it wasn't pretty what they did play ball at the coliseum. cuban dictator fidel
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castro. dean told time magazine quotes him i love the castro i expect all castro and a lot of people have wanted to kill fidel castro for the last 60 years but that its is still here.
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president obama's was hosting an easter egg roll for kids of the white house would leave as i sank in eight of seven tries but it's his offense he was wearing a suit. keep us in the celtics' you just can't stop the run james and doing away in the open court it looks like a video game. they'll lose but there's still second in the east their aunt in the playoffs the president was wearing a suit and is definitely not wearing his converse. address shoes on a soft that's tough. that is hard enough to get to the oakland a's out there in the rain. also you was coming down really hard and i just came upstairs and is sloppy out there right now. pocket of heavy rain continues to plow across the bay area and lifting up in a northerly direction will continue to see the scattered rain showers through friday break. the giants. the police ,,,,
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