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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  April 22, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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music and prayers' this weekend to honor the victims of the shooting attack in the east bay with the memorial service one day ahead of the reopening of the white university. hundreds of vessels on the bay paying their respects to the sailors that died in a yachting accident. what experts say this could be the most expensive presidential campaign ever. thanks for joining us. of the had a lot of news to cover and i next hour. it earth day today. let's not forget that.
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it's going to be the most expensive probably next until the next presidential race. class is set to resume tomorrow in oakland that the university. three weeks today after seven people were killed in the worst shooting rampage at a california university. yesterday a career and truck from santa clara held a service outside of the school remembering the victims that died a six students and a receptionist. a solemn moment for me see it to the tv the coming year it comes to me more deeply. the student with its trough for the seven murders and most classes' will go on in the same building with the shootings happened. the nursing classes' will be ok
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at sparing them having to go back. the attorneys for zimmerman hopes to have about on bill midweek his allies having trouble coming up with the money he still in the county jail in florida. as he tries to cope with the one and $50,000 in bail another concern don't find in the same place for him and his relatives while he is awaiting trial. they allow concerns over security and the family as well. i'm looking forward to a successful conclusion of this and for to get back on track. an elite group of peacekeepers right now working with churches and community leaders trying to reduce tensions and so far the citizens are glad the case being tried in the courts and not on the streets. and said the fiscal they friends held a memorial for the sailors lost and killed in the
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yachting race accident near the islands. dozens of boats came from all over the bay area to be part of the procession yesterday. the yacht and a crew of eight sailed on a weekend race last weekend to large waves reportedly knocked several crewmembers into the water and the yacht was tossed on the rocks and one person was found dead and four lost at sea. last night dozens watched the memorial from land. it's a very sad and tragic event. but i think the coast guard did everything they could get everybody did everything they could. fake is what is is. only three crew members survived the accident. the cost of higher education will be a major theme in the campaign trail this week. asking republicans to help students go to college by extending the industry tends to loans. its a big difference in the lives of america's working a
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deadly center kids. the most important thing a family can do in our country can invest in research children and their education. president obama can pin it is our universities in three states to push for an extension on the student loan interest rate. now mitt romney is the near certain republican nominee attention is turning to the general election. this year's presidential election is shaping up to be the most expensive in history. in today's report anthony on what could be the estimate out to be a billion dollar campaign. mitt romney campaign has spent $77 million but that's not all restore our future the super pak supporting him took another 45 million. mostly for ads taking down his opponents. also the supreme court decision two years ago, super
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packs can receive and spend unlimited amounts of money. so far 17 billionaires' had donated to the pro mitt romney group. charles schwab is the latest. the house president steered $500,000 to the pro mitt romney surpass last month. if the bidder hotel brothers have now given $1 million each. and william coke and energy company president gave 2 million. and all the super pak now has $15 million donors. to have a few very wealthy billionaires' calling the shots. finance chairman for three democratic presidential nominee's john kerry and bill clinton and michael to caucus. he believes the republican challenger is in good position. mitt romney has gained the nomination and as the race tightens greta the super pak
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supporting president obama is off to a slow start but the obama's campaign is in good shape after the president attended the hundred and 23 fund-raisers and has $104 million. if the money is roughly even doesn't matter how much they spend. @ it is and appoint and diminishing returns to the beginning of november when election day comes everybody will be sick and tired of the negative ads. already projections that a billion dollars overall could be spent on behalf of each candidate. cbs news in york. in the bay area of the ethics commission hearing starts tomorrow for suspended share if. the sent the fiscal mayor wants him out of office permit the. lee has filed a court order to get his former campaign manager
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to testify and to hand over cellphone records. police said the records may reveal attempts by him to dissuade a witness from talking and a domestic violence case. he pleaded guilty to domestic violence involving his wife. the board that oversees the oakland coliseum complex has decided to pursue a plan by company based in los angeles to run the complex. the joint powers authority voted 4-3 on pratt to enter negotiations with aeg. they have extensive experience in running stadiums but some board members wanted more time to decide. those voting yes say it's important of the management company in place as soon as possible. the taliban upper east peace of mind to seven california. speaking before a big crowd of the faithful at the long beach convention center yesterday. the theme was peace of mind in
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troubled times. also talking about spreading peace and kindest about the world off the cultivating humility and generosity. the campaign season under way in france right now why the president is fighting for his job. supporting that anniversary of earth day and other national chains are jumping on the green bandwagon today. bust your online reputation examined by potential bosses. the conversation with the assembly woman coming up next. fog en la cloud cover returning to the bay area to knocked the edge of the of the warm temperatures yesterday.
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fog is patchy around the bay area this morning and cooler and noon early next week as the coastal airconditioner works.
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the french president is political career is on the line. voters are now headed to the polls in the first-round of that country's presidential
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election. he also cast his ballot today the conservative president faces a tough battle in his frustration over the inability to turn around a stagnant economy. this round of voting will shorten the list from 10 candidates to two. i ran today has begun bullet a copy of the u.s. during the capture last year. their military experts have extracted data from it and they say they've access to details on the drowns past missions. u.s. officials a meant losing the drone the say the measures up been taken to limit the intelligence value of any aircraft flying over hostile territory. your hands on the tickets for the london olympics this summer a million tickets will go on sale this wednesday sold on a first-come first-served basis but not all the maclennan still run away. some of the most sought after ones like soccer tickets will be
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sold special booths in the weeks leading up to the games. in other big world events people celebrating earth day today. more than 40 years ago designated as her day to show respect for the planet's intense than the local organizing groups of health beach cleanup some tree plantings and earth day is about keeping the planet tilts the and vibrant but also reason to shop. score free reusable shopping bag from target origen's trading of bottle of skin-care products for sample of cleanser and arsenal was a 20% discount on earth friendly toys and games from their online store. attend all men and 97 national parks for free and next sunday. one more week to do that.
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as far shop in dose if you go out today looking for things what's it going to be. a good day for shopping. the warm temperatures yesterday are also a good excuse to go shopping the clinic down today as the fog and low cloud cover is returning to the coast looking for good 10 degrees cooler today as the onshore breeze will be with us into and through next week with cooler weather pattern to take place here. the patchy fog as removing into the they will knock the edge off of the temperatures as we see more low eighties and less low 90s across the warmer locations. continuing to cool to next week and once again we can look for the temperatures to fall back to near normal still above normal by a few degrees but as of last year we have a nice bump into
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the upper 80s to the '90s been set any records but we did get close. it was indeed in another warm day and falling back off today another 10 to 15 degrees across the area as the wind flow ships in the jet stream remains to our north but the high pressure moving off to the east allowing more of a sudden breeze into the area and with it comes a surge of fog moving up the coast and that too will continue the air conditioning across the area through the week. a weak disturbance across to our north tomorrow could bring buildups in to the mountains dry thunderstorm buildup mainly out of the valley and as we continue cloudy and cool to most of all of next week with the low cloud cover in fog touch and go with the coast cleanup by midday with the potential for buildups is mentioned and mandate over the higher terrain and in late wednesday to thursday it could
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see a light shower or to living by to ourself as we see another weak disturbance approach the area not a big rainmaker for us if any at all but it will cool the temperatures of from yesterday are we saw upper 80s and low 90s for the warmer locations. not so many for today as it will be lower 80s across the warm response. upper sixties to low seventies across the water areas as the fog and low cloud cover will be with us. lots of warm air across the central valley and up in the sierra near record levels and for tahoe and yosemite. before they to be in the cool down to next week. the cooling trend will be with us all week long with a slight chance of showers best chance thursday conditions will dry out and warm up again just in time for next weekend. a little variety in the meantime.
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and move in sacramento to stop california employers from getting access to people is activity on social media covering employers and job applicants so why is it a good idea to stop employers from asking for your loved information? the put the question to the assemblywoman the author of the bill. one of the things we need to start doing is as the social media continues to become a big part of our lives our laws have to reflect on how to protect individuals so that their employer doesn't have access to their social media network or site just like when you interviewed in the past an employer could not ask to see your family photo. i'm hoping with this passing that it would preventing employers from having access to your user or password to get on to your social networking site. of people have been talking about this but it seems like who
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is actually asking about for this will cut jobs with the request this. added a number of jobs and employers are asking for anything from law enforcement and anyone from a tech company and they think one of the things that we're not sure about is that we know that it does give employers the ability to do it because there's nothing that prevents them from asking. do think employers to try to find if respective put employees are like a loose cannon what's the purpose of it? could be anything as a woman to see if you have young children and we be able to put in the hours in the time that is expected for that particular job. so i think it is important because people should be judged on their merit and qualifications not what they do in their private life. but that private life especially on social media has
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been the cause of people to lose their jobs teachers that have been bounced out because they've been found drinking are carrying on on facebook and other facebook postings or social network postings have cost people their jobs. what it wouldn't do is it doesn't prevent an employer from going to one special shall be a sight. but what it will do is focus on protecting the individual and not allowing the employer to have access to your user name or password which means that the employer cannot go beyond the wall. there are finer points in the law firm landor stand dealing with coercion where an employer can they simply asking you the right to say yes or no or if you're unemployed or jesus had no choice? if the employer cannot even ask cannot have access cannot
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and they can't even ask we please log on to your social me a site with your password and user name. so it will eliminate the provision in the employer will not have access and not have the right to do that. is there any opposition what you see happening? currently right now been working with cal chamber and other entities we don't have any opposition at this point. the people know that the time is now to start looking at privacy laws that protect social media off to people are open and will continue to work with anyone that may have questions on what may prevent them from being able to look or how we can continue to strengthen this. what are the ideas and sacramento strengthening it is 20 became think of it if this passes the assembly woman told us that the flip side is game
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provisions there that would protect an employer in the litigation that the world if somebody had something on facebook a member of a question of grouper something that came up later and said widened to check that out. suddenly they could be charged with discrimination to this would protect them from those lawsuits as well. the most interesting thing is that there's absolutely no opposition to it right now in sacramento and we will see if that fact stance. when we get down to the details we will see but happens and also with those laws we wonder why it's not all against the law right now. the whole thing seems weird to me nobody ever said that anybody is actually ask them for their password i would find that the start apparently it's happening. a bad day at work or school there's a place read and smashed computers furniture and more the so-called angry room up next.
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a perfect day for the chicago white sox the player that pitch to 21st perfect game in major league history up next.
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coming in * a view gone so angry they just wish to could break something. check out the anchor room in dallas tx people come here to take out frustrations by smashing things. the more money to pay the mortgage times to have been there in more than set it to destroy it. the creator, but the adapter been surrounded by violence. when guys get into it with their croat friends and stuff like that they literally would punch holes in walls and it's something i've felt there was a need for and wanted to supply a solution for the need. via voice for better than when i came in. in frustration enter description could be dangerous to shattered televisions and computers can be toxic the customers wear protective gear and also sign a waiver. stanley cup dreams over for the san jose sharks but they weren't
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the cali was struggling yesterday. the a's and the giants and the warriors also fell to deliver on the wind but gary has it all in sports. good morning. stir it up the guys the sharks were in control look like they're going to send the series back to san jose but everything changed about 45 seconds. the sharks led one not in madrid to the third but they scored twice in the 45 seconds to take control of the national the series in five games winning 3- 1. giant and the mets tied for the ninth and brandon comes home with that to get the force but the throw back to first and step down the right-field line and ruben scored the game winning run in the mets beat the giants 5-4. the summit of four year anniversary the indian second baseman had four hits and drove in three runs in cleveland
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winds five-one calling for the sweep later today. the white sox pitcher joined an exclusive club is today in seattle. prisons, is gonna throw it down it's a perfect game for felt. the rockets beat the warriors 99-96 the state has lost eight straight games. usc won 45 jones beats evans in a unanimous decision with five rounds. have a great day. coming up of veterans sent senator forced to run off on a primary the first time in three decades and a tea party impact on the presidential race to the matter anymore? ships lightened up to say goodbye to five sailors killed by powerful waves will be right back.
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>> class is are set to resume at the side of the largest school shooting in state history. >> family and friends bang their final respects to the victim of the so-called speed freak
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killers. out a convicted killer may stop working with authorities >> if he can get the money he can get out of the jail. the judge says george zimmerman can be released on bail. welcome back to the early edition. it is april 22nd, happy earth day. >> we're glad you're here with us. george zimmerman was going to be released earlier this weekend but his family is having trouble coming up the bail money >> on the presidential front we have questions about the tea party, are they as relevant as they were a few years ago? >> we have a lot to get to >> class as are set to resume in oikos university in oakland >> 7 people there were killed in a were shooting rampage in a college in california. ♪ ♪
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>> yesterday korean church from santa clara held a service outside the school. the 43 year-old suspect awaits trial for the seven murders and nursing is the apartment most affected, they will be meeting at offsite locations. friends held a memorial flotilla for friends lost in an accident in a yachting race. the yacht sailed out for the race last weekend and to large waves knocked several crew members over board and possibly not onto rocks. one person was found dead and four were lost at sea. more than a decade later a family finds closure and the victim is laid to rest. cindy van durkheim was murdered by the so-called speed freak killers. nearly 14 years after cindy
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vander hyde had vanished, she is finally being laid to rest. >> she was the youngest of two >> in february investigators under her remains at the bottom of a ravine in calaveras county. cindy was only one victim murdered by the speed freak killers. one of them led investigators to the remains of their victims. cindy was found on his family's property >> when she disappeared vs. your parade and wish for her safe return. today at her memorial service she says that the hope came flooding back >> i just want her home and i know she is home but i miss her so much that i wish she was here with me. >> after years of heartache, a
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family is done waiting period but they may never stop wondering why. >> i had never seen my father cry and it was really hard. >> sherman time revealed more burials through letters to local bounty hunter of leonard padilla. in his last letter he said he'd wanted to stop working with the fbi because he does not trust them >> search crews in the south bay are searching for any new leads in the case of missing teenager sierra lamar. the county sheriff's office led a refined foot search through areas of morgan hill san martin and gilroy. they previously looked through the same area on dirt bikes. sierra was last seen more than a month ago getting ready for school. in florida, reporters and photographers are staking out the seminal county jail waiting for the man accused of killing
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an unarmed teenager to be released on bail but raising the bail is just one of the problems for george zimmerman supporters. security is also a concern >> george zimmerman is still in the seminal county jail but he must first post bail. >> that is a lot of money to come up with and that is a lot of collateral. >> another concern is finding a safe place for him. zimmerman is accused of murdering 17 year-old trayvon martin after the judge declared bail. they say they're not happy with the decision but they're being patient >> to what the legal process to black out >> so do many residents here in stamford, they want this case to resolve >> i'm looking forward to a successful conclusion of this
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and stanford to get back on track >> there is still some tension here. terry jones, the pastor who gained notoriety for burning a karan, who led a group of demonstrators supporting zimmerman. the department of justice is keeping an eye on potential trouble spots but citizens do not want violence. >> we don't take care of business that way >> they want the case tried in the courts >> how many of you agree that the judge made the proper decision to set bail for zimmerman? not on the streets. >> simmons attorney says he will have him out on bail by no later than the middle of the week. this year's presidential election is shaping up to be the most expensive ever.
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>> mitt romney has spent nearly $77 million to win the republican nomination and it the super pak supporting him has chipped in another $45 million following a supreme court decision that does not allow outside groups to accept unlimited funds. it is conceivable that $1 billion could be spent on each candidate. >> we have a few very wealthy billionaires' calling the shots. romney has gained the nomination and as the race tightens, i think his supporters will rally around and i think he will get plenty of money >> the super pak supporting the president has only $5 million in the bank but obama's own campaign has more than 4 million after he attended fund-raisers. five states are holding primaries on tuesday including new york and pennsylvania. john edwards expected to face the jury next week >> he stands accused of the
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misusing campaign funds while running for president. prosecutors say he used nearly $1 million to hide his pregnant mistress and have her living in high style. his lawyers expect to argue that it was a trusted aide who siphoned off the money to build an expensive dream home >> the federal open market committee will hold another policy meeting. reasonably solid growth made for a positive first quarter. investors are keeping a close eye on the upcoming meeting. several companies including apple are expected to report earnings next week. next on the campaign trail, does the tea party still matter? how it may or may not influence the presidential election. >> a veteran senator has been forced to compete in his first primary in 36 years >> the bay area lawmaker honored
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for putting the country's first national aids memorial on the map >> low cloud sneaking back into the bay. we will check the status of the stratus coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome back. students at uc davis celebrate picnic day but without any actual picnics. it has been going strong for 98 years. hundreds hit the bars and downtown davis. drinking is probably the main event but there is also live music and socializing >> you meet lots of people and you eat and drink and do whatever >> shops and music and bars like this one. >> police officers were also out in force keeping an eye on them. they say there were less arrests this year compared to last year. summer has hit the bay area or at least that is what it feels
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like. >> this is a writer park in san mateo yesterday, one example of the temperatures that had bay area people out in droves. san francisco topped out at 80 degrees, unusual for this time of year but enjoy it while it lasts because changes are coming >> today we have a drop in the temperature >> changes are already here as we see many of you supporting sunburns out there today but the temperatures will drop off dramatically because of the low clouds and fog sneaking back into the bay. the wind has shifted to more of an onshore component which means the fog is back. we have lots of sunshine across the area and temperatures are warm. 68 over livermore so it will still be warm over there today.
9:13 am
yesterday's warm up was well above normal as we saw temperatures in the low eighties to low 90s across the region. a few degrees short of the records for this time of year but well above average. we will remain above average for today, cooling even more tomorrow as we see the onshore wind flow from the neck system approaching to the north. all the rain will stay to the north and we will catch the tail end of it which pushes high pressure to the east and allows more of an onshore breeze to develop across the shoreline and that will continue the cool conditions through the week. we will look for a slight chance of showers by late in the week and until then, the fog bank giving us lots of sunshine
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for most locations except back at the beach. >> a chance of an isolated build up in the north bay and then a better chance of rain by late into thursday as most of that energy will slide to the south. yesterday's temperatures on the warm side. what the '90s show enough out there, sacramento in the '90s as was much of the central valley. today temperatures will drop off about 10 degrees. in the '80s for the warmer spots. back into the upper fifties to low '60's at the beach and a cooling trend continues on the shore with temperatures in one remaining warm.
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a nice bit of variety as we warm up for the end of the week. >> senator orrin hatch from utah will be in his first primary election in 36 years. he fell short of the nomination by 50 votes at the state convention this weekend >> i am a tough old bird and i have never felt more eager for more excited or energized >> the 78 year-old lawmaker will take on a tea party back challenger. if hatch winds it would be his seventh term in office and he says it would be the last one. the nominating convention in utah the tea party was a big deal during the early rounds of the republican race >> now that mitt romney is on
9:16 am
top, one of the questions we asked our political insiders is, is that the party still as vital as they were on the national front? >> i don't think they are, i think they've left the scene along time ago. the best they had going on was probably five or six months ago prior to the real debate and when the real debate starts that is not necessarily >> does and it set the tone for the impressions? everyone had to go to the right >> they're big storm was in 2010 and whether they have that again is the big question. they will try to show their clout but with mitt romney, a guy who they have this respected all through this process, it will be interesting to watch >> the tea party was not uttering conservative values, they were talking about a lot of
9:17 am
other things that were reposed in some cases like a populist movement. >> also, a number of the tea party founders said they are not necessarily republicans. what they're talking about is certain questions regardless of the party but the republicans picked up on it. on the flip side is occupied and 99 vs one which is becoming the theme of the democratic side. >> be occupied seem is going to the general election for the democrats is important that the movement itself is another movement that has we'll challenge is figuring out how to be relevant. they have been on the download now for a couple of months and the question is, how does obama track with them? >> can obama win on a 99 vs one theme? >> he will not be stuck on one avenue to gain victory.
9:18 am
99 vs one is important to 18- 30, the activists, particularly some on the environmental side of the aisle. he will pay some attention but he will not be like their spokesperson on any occasion that will cost him votes in other places. >> these two movements have been high profile because they got the most attention. as we turn into the space of the campaign, what do you see on the horizons as the issues that americans will be thinking about as opposed to say what f. the media will talk about. both these parties have drawn a line in the sand. the democrats say we stand for the working people and the republicans stand for growing
9:19 am
jobs >> i can assure you that mr. obama will be about making you believe, you'll be able to call his cell phone and get it yourself a job, that will be the real deciding factor in the election >> it certainly does appear to be the theme on both sides, are they creating jobs? or are we losing them? both sides are hammering on that and blaming the other side >> those numbers are difficult to follow because some of them are outdated and it really only matters to people when they see themselves or their family members get a job >> there is only one number that matters to most and that is the number that affects you >> nasa scientists want to make our planet more sustainable >> we want to take you inside what an agency calls the spaceship earth, when we come back.
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>> the nation's first aids memorial paid tribute to the bay area lawmaker who helped raise awareness about the disease. the national aids memorial commemorated congresswoman nancy pelosi of 25 years in office. a new section of the growth was named in her honor. the nancy pelosi need leadership pathway. it will be built during the summer and finished in december. >> you have to see the serenity and the look on the faces of families of lost loved one to aids when you come here. >> she also planted trees that grow on her 10th and 20th anniversary years in congress. for decades, they have solved
9:23 am
the mysteries in faraway galaxies >> but withkraft, nasa is turning its attention to problems on earth. rocket scientists are building a more sustainable planet >> it turns out that it does take a rocket scientist to make the greenest buildings in the u.s. government's >> we wanted to make this building very special and unique and we wanted to bring aerospace technology back to planet earth and benefit the people directly. >> it is no surprise that the company's greenest building is located at the ames research center in mountain view. >> this is living proof that what we have done here can be done by others in a very cost- effective way >> it would take a rocket scientist to design and build this moon shaped facility. at the beginning of a new era when space travel has been cut, nasa seems to be moving in a different direction >> if we can do that in space
9:24 am
why can't we do that on planet earth? >> standard stuff like computer- controlled windows, a solar roof and fuel cells. it is totally self reliant >> the building is connected to the earth like a tree. it has roots and we can have free cooling from the ground >> nasa wants to license the technology so builders can use it. an effort to keep flying high in an era when they are grounded. >> coming up, one last look at the morning's top stories. class's resume tomorrow after a shooting rampage that kept
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>> here is a look at this morning's top stories
9:27 am
>> class is at oikos university will resume tomorrow three weeks after a mass shooting that left seven people dead. most of the class is will be held in the main building where the shooting occurred except for nursing class's which will be held in fremont >> george zimmerman might be free on bail in a matter of days. the lawyer for the man accused of killing trayvon martin says the mint's family is trying. >> friends held a memorial flotilla for friends lost in a yachting accident last weekend. one person was found dead and four were lost at sea. >> it will be another lovely day but a little bit cooler >> we will take the edge of the temperatures as fog and low clouds comes back into the bay. low 80s across the interior and warmer locations. at the beach we will see much cooler temperatures, upper fifties to low 60s as there is
9:28 am
lots of sunshine to be had but you need to travel a little bit farther to find it. fog and low clouds will be with us into and it may be through next week keeping us on the mild side >> falcons living in a san francisco highrise are getting a visit from scientists >> researchers will tagged three babies tomorrow at about 1:00 a.m.. there nest is on the edge of the 33rd floor of the pg&e building. you can watch it live via a web camera hidden just outside the nest. that is it for the weekend early edition. we hope you enjoy your lovely sunday around the bay area >> the next newscast is at 5:00 over on cbs five.
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