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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  April 26, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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a prominent tried highest during hate mail. behind barbed wire and steel doors and million dollars fraud operation what else police found at a fortified bay area warehouse. the help of her supporters in the bay area's nice the to word term that refers recalled. good evening they say cheers never prosper but what if their parents filed a lawsuit. the bay area father is demanding a second chance for his teenage son who was kicked out of an honors class for copying classmates work. and why they say the school had no right to enforce its own policy. this day his son may
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terrible mistake during a two- minute texas city. tried to keep up his spurs on an urban per student he copied some of this work and turned in the summer the senate. the warehouse will came down hard the the sophomore and have kicked out of the class ban him from all 80 in this class is and will be denied and international diplomacy. penalties seemed to much too severe for the crime. but it turns out he is an attorney and found a major discrepancy in the academic honesty pledges unsigned. on page one you're given one strike zero tolerance before you're out and on page 2 you're given two strikes before route the school told birdhouse there was no appeal city filed this lawsuit claiming that he did not mince his words. degrees and slaking record to the on the
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issue is to get a confession from you and then issue the death penalty. the kids at the honors program being kicked out of the death penalty the superintendent declined an on- camera interview but according to the daily news he says the cheating is strongly discouraged many rewards students for not following the rules it devalues the diplomat and takes away from all the hard work that other students do. we said the school should go easy on him. in which to build this in the program i think he's smart and definitely has learned his lesson and a site for shooting and to get a second chance he has gotten people e-mail's and phone calls and says to carry on in the interest of society as a hall that a court appearance may 17th in redwood city kid does cbs five longtime bay area sailors say they rarely seen anything this of the air before the coast guard is taking drastic measures meant we could be deadly of an accident to the fair lawn islands robert lyles
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explains why california coastal waters have been essentially put off-limits. to the best of my knowledge it is unprecedented this is the publisher has seen many things on sentences goes coastline. the only other times harbors are close like this is unlike common security after the law is not a slow speed chase is well above what is believed to be waived during a race and a 14th killing five sailors on board the coast guard quickly acted today. their clothes in the ocean to organize the ocean racing. seeking offshore racing organizers but to the surprise. is an accident is a sense the rare. is this the decision? because they're 1000 races a year northern california and the last tragic accident was 1982 but early this month home video world as a huge wave crashed into the 68 ft. yachts it was
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400 mi. from san francisco's severely delaying rescue efforts by the coast guard couple that with the slow speed chase and even sailing enthusiasts admits. you'll have to stop and say is there and then easily change? kozyrev refused an on- camera interview tonight seemed to suggest that's the standout is the college will only last 30 days affected areas this coming saturday and another on may 12th we expect to learn more depressed conference scheduled for tomorrow. dissuades robert lyles thinking. tonight is the will drive's final night of service. this is a time lapse video showing the brand new presidio parkway going up along side it 75 year-old predecessor beginning at 8:00 tonight all bridge traffic and san francisco will be diverted onto highway 1. caltrans engineers left out of themselves will room for error there is to stick to our program
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factor in to the demolition is deadline of 5:00 monday morning. up to date on the latest conditions of the golden gate bridge can go to cbs as f. dodd,. about two dozen trash bags that is where it takes to hold a million dollars' worth of marijuana the warehouse oakland police hauled out of business wants to look out from the outside but kristen their shows us the pot was just the beginning of what was on the inside. a million-dollar marijuana operation grew in this east oakland ballet. this is one of the largest marijuana recoveries in recent years in the city of oakland oakland police raided the fortresslike warehouse behind reinforced steel doors there found 2500 marijuana plants 55 lbs. of processed potter and $45,000 cash. and authorities say
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closely guarded one. to keep intruders out along with high- powered weapons assault rifles and handguns and body armor including ballistic, bulletproof face masks. neighbors who spoke tuesday were surprised they say the girl had been in operation a year ago when thieves broke in instils a marijuana plants and the smell of marijuana was heavy in this valley. please state confirms that this was no licensed medical marijuana facility they say was an illegal operation being run the business there was reportedly a break from inside any space where workers can play video games and their down time they arrested 11 people who they believe were helping to run the place they're not yet identified them in oakland kristen mayors cbs five. the home of the north bay was sprayed with bullets while two women sat inside. nevada police say the more than 10 counts of appears that homan avenue had drive near olive avenue last night's a
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chiropractor who lives there says several of those shots came through the window, he was at work in the time his wife and another woman who lives with them were home when the shots ripped through the living room. the latest phase say is often hear doing homework is not been sitting in the counter they're so it was reported that she was not in the room at the time. nobody was injured luckily police are still looking for suspects and a motive the prostitution scandal that rocked the secret service is spreading. a government subcontractors says agents had sexual encounters of prostitutes and all saw their last year terramara dinner with more on these latest allegations. cbs affiliates cairo traveled to el salvador to investigate that the secret service agents hired prostitutes there. reporter chris hall stay spoke with u.s. government subcontractor who says last year he parted with agents at a san salvador strip club days before president obama's and his family
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arrived. our witness tells us he repeatedly saw the secrets of service agents exchange sexual favors and then the club at least two occasions those agents took escort's back to their hotel rooms. the source agreed to speak on the record in light of the recent colombian prostitution scandal. any statement the secret service says it's aware of additional ports and that any information assess is credible will be followed up on inappropriate manner. the let us declined to comment on the new allegations but said the president expects high standards from all government employees traveling overseas. jan and the pellets, told lawmakers wednesday that it was an isolated incident. did we would pass to a half years the secret service office of professional responsibility has not received any such complaints at least one lawmaker says the new report raises additional questions. it does concern me
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which is why we needed a thorough investigation the senator says the agency doesn't get to the bottom of what happened congress will. for cbs news the white house. taking bay area headlines a daly city man is behind bars accused of torching a car that he thought to belong to at&t employee investigators say hugo, was angry because he couldn't get his impounded car back they say it turned out that the car did not belong to the employee that crowned says accused of targeting one other car was also damaged. depilate and we now know what the new bart cars will probably look like the agency showed of these images today and asked the board of directors to award the contract for new cars to a canadian company, cartier. the company had the lowest bid in and earned the highest score in a competition to build the new cars cars will be built in the united states. hundreds of
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football fans turned out to the draft party at the santa clara convention center today the actual draft is in new york but fans watched all the action on the big screens so hooted the niners take with their first- round pick? and gillette dropped in to say dave letterman. the newest member of the indianapolis colts did this segment hours before this evening's draft on the late show luck talked-about his future in the nfl his graduation from stanford and his nerves in the bright spotlight of late-night tv. i enjoy every minute of this is never vote went to happen again alive. i was more nervous to come out here than to go me to the commissioner. he can catch the full interview after i win this year's 11 on our sister station cbs five. the thing they have in
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common is clutter by quarters gathered in the bay area tonight and what they say is the worst thing someone can offer them. it's already a popular place a holliday box retailer could also help you buy a home. i'm always hungry. and so i always ask my mom for food. but it's his appetite for famed that would put in the national spotlight see this bay area boy worked as: a magic. the
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images are all over cable-tv clutters back to the ceiling
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clouding people and of their own lives. but recovering quarter say you won't really get the real story from reality cd. juliet goodrich and how people are planning to dig themselves out from underneath this disorder in the bay area and the one thing that you should never offered to do to help them. we've seen images of orders in decide devastating yet come can be pellets been some face-to- face in the image softens. the do complete misunderstanding. sanders stark live that nightmare for years. again on the someone qishm myself but that is part of a larger group according and cluttering conventions and help them understand and recover from a mental illness. recovering
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collectors. i applied for my daughter. i collect for the neighbor and ally of former the manager of my house for everybody. but a lot of democrats to give to them. i times it takes a crisis like eviction or divorce the four quarters see cal. it back to life in a negative way there is no known drug to cure the disorder making treatment difficult and they say someone offering to clean out their home is a worst possible solution. it's devastating. psychologist randy frost offer of stuff is one of the speakers at according conference. we know for instance that there is a genetic component this year runs in families conferences like this bring voters out of isolation. people
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are merging of status. their land letter but is to help them through and the elements they will always be collectors just in control. in millbrae juliet could read cbs five. it turns out costco could be the next place in the you refinance your house. the big box store is partnering with first choice bank and 10 other lenders to offer new loans and modify existing ones. similar to landing tree costco will let customers choose their lender from a variety of quotes and get this the higher your level of cost the membership the lawyer fees. some car loans posted in the into it. there is double as most of the banks have. we're doubts during a yearlong child. 10,000
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people took out their home loans at costco. modern medicine is giving its southern california fire fighter and a new grip on life. tim lesson is one of the first two men on the west coast to be fitted with a new bennet clamp it's called michelangelo hand and the way it works sensors attached to the forearm so manufacturers of residual muzzles the hand moves as you wanted to. larsen was injured in an explosion last year. what makes the michelangelo different from previous prosthetics is that's the michelangelo that to do a gripping motion and suggested pinging motion. it costs about $100,000 and some insurance companies do cover it. his only eight years old the bay area boy with a passion for food has already turned a healthy
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appetite into a career as a the cup on how the skill in the kitchen just made a start. dissuades it's not every morning you have any year-old teaching how to make breakfast. ran a check a pancake like this but sandino isn't your typical kid. dissuades were going to pour the syrup and here because, like mom likes to call it is the banana of love and the final touch a gun to put this french toast on it and are going to put some of the bananas on to the french toast. been very good. delicious. can you make at this for me every morning? maybe. he learned his way around the kitchen at the ripe old age of five. and always hungry so ellis asked my mom for food and see this is set up to teach him how to cope,.
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and start with breakfast because it is easy and he does want to know what was going on and an that two with some eggs. and this list a signature dishes continue to grow. french toast and scrambled eggs breakfast guredo's he showed up for auditions and he was selected out of a group of kids. sandino it's great. above that part. sandino became the newest and youngest cast member on the show. is kind of hard for someone to imagine in april to do it so have the kind of come from its the real deal. and you can watch santee he kids let's cut on caseous mn nationwide on pbs stations the season debut on april 17th. how is the banana french
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toast question i did waves and makes advil little jealous and i went to live. from the csi was sent to air at the have a buddy and taking a look at the neighbor heads and no more rain and
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forecasts. however it's just sense it is a chance the by next weekend. it will not rain on my parade. kurtis ming tamayo. it in your buddy lists and head out the door is this the tri valley that 586 city corridor where currently across the board tend to mature into the cities except for santa rosa now reporting 49 degrees winds continue to get
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that on the breeze that out of the northwest tend to 50 m.p.h. tomorrows sunny and warmer and more easy in it will be had to be warmer than friday. many calls for dry weather pattern to continue with the passage of the numbers into the '40's from santa rosa into the san clara valley. a tropical moisture lived in the south dropping about in half an inch of rain and bread with then we had a cold front slice through this this morning those two elements after the high pressure is now trying to build in a pressure gradient giffords in the high and the low in no way of getting away friday and throughout the interior portion of the state of california into the '70s and those '60s the monterey bay of the seven degrees in the high sierra where dry conditions of weekends how tense locally 56 season on the seashore to 70 in sunnyvale at morgan hill also in
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gilroy and in santa clara. springtime day east of the day with those northwest winds up to the low '70's in tracy and oakley as well as discovery bay 68 cruzeiros at which is pretty close to normal and mid-60s and drug mill valley the extended forecast calls for the worse they began to be on sunday tenders and 60 to 80 degrees will hang on to that the pattern and bring down the temperature is ever so slightly and tuesday and wednesday only to drive up from thursday big doings in pleasanton on sunday that japan planned forecast results dennis. appear that the reporting errors first-round draft pick has a touchdown at&t part on his was a name and the giant rocher a and an honor hut in cincinnati. it targeted to a
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site in the nfl draft in the bay area have the 30th pick in the reader is left on the clock until the end of the third round soap set the clock. the aborted under selected a jade dinkins said illinois a and rejected as that goes 6 for 188 lb. wide receiver and did catch 90 passes for nearly 1,300 yds last season snow will see there were no last-minute surprises at the top is that angela with the no. 1 pick he becomes the first topic at stanford since john l. in 1983 that were doubly well. did we did all the reds 5 to 3 heading into the ninth inning by
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the end of the gun made sure everybody will enjoy the flight back to san fran and gentle and 65 and the vote warriors started this was this same price no partner over for the spurs for the death of former 34 points and focuses the spurs went 1 1/7 to 11 in the playoffs came seven in florida the devils beat the panthers in double overtime to advance to the second round were not going to get much rest as they get ready for a second round after a double overtimes. the 49ers have a wide receivers and above the gulf recall briefly the tide in the stamford the we love improvements of that thing was there a week is. also thought they go for defensive linemen but that did not need it. it's baseball season. but as a
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talking football. the this banter is not their boston and on that note tonight. premier
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