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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  April 27, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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less than an hour ago this hit and run cry like listed oakland hills where the driver was found. stilwell's spotted off the coast of monterey. the worry for one greenwell singled and some nearby and was caught on video that humans rarely get to see. and a space shuttle riding piggyback on a seven thirty 7 riding into town. after years of talk about how dangerous the will drive in san francisco this
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demolition is finally underway. mr. neary like giant monster is eating away at the seismically unsafe roadway just moments after it was closed off for the weekend. elizabeth cook is right there shows what's going on record can at the construction of the will drive is is a major inconvenience but to be here in person to win is the spectacular images the bulldozers at presley's topple over massive chunks of the infamous road is truly remarkable. it's a show that rivals any friday night drama. and steve wasn't going to miss it. will drive is coming down at the big events were watching the destruction of the last two and a half years. we're happy to see that the day is finally here to get the roadster and that will drive has been steve's
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constant companion after years of commuting to the city from san rafael. in tonight's he wanted to witness its dramatic destruction. the equates look all the equipment is out there. there's 18 or 20 pieces of equipment so you're excited see how efficient they are. did we do think you could do it? plenta a horse race. there are similar feelings for the of the street as one of the chief engineers on a project he has spent countless hours choreographing this ballet of bulldozers. the one to make sure that everything you have planned is good to go well but the next 24 hours activities crews cleared out of the massive amounts of debris and make room for crews to rebuild the street and have the new road ready and open for traffic on presidio
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parkway but if everything goes well it will be much earlier than that. there's a kid sitting in his living room somewhere looking at that's going at want to do that someday i want to knock down a freeway. it's pretty mesmerizing to watch in is very cool. the acquittals of cut that will drive not down thank you for that. a lot of adults a want to do that too will take a look at some of the traffic conditions around the closure right now this is a very dark view of the golden gate bridge. and there aren't a lot of cards going north on the grades of traffic is moving along just fine. as we speak keep your fingers crossed. all over the day is moving smoothly at this hour is that is great news. now the dow will drive is close to transportation officials have one message for anyone hoping to get to the city
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this weekend. take the ferry. under the giants fans the bad guys tonight and can't at&t park for the game against the padres on sold out faeries in facts their reservations for all games this weekend are sold out. it plans to come to the game and then realized that we better get a fair because it would be crazy. and apparently this. from both sausalito and larkspur to san francisco. as dimension will be here all weekend long we went on to our web sites cbs sf dot com for the latest information on the progress and the demolition and also for traffic updates as well. and don't forget to tune in to our radio partner kcbs for updates when you're in your car. the driver takes out to
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bicyclist on the side of the road in berkeley and then takes off. when happened wednesday afternoon on tunnel road in berkeley near highway 24 share in san is an oakland tonight with new developments to this hit and run video the top of these cyclists are driving on tunnel road topless to cyclists and speeds off. hit and run was just unconscionable. one of the cyclists says please use the video to identify the car's license plates he shot the video on his handlebar and uploaded to youtube and their badly damaged berkeley police
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will only confirm they have seen the video and are investigating. sexless say gregory came from brazil to learn english as part of the language exchange program and to join the berkeley bicycle club the president of the berkeley bison book clubs says they have talked to a lawyer who has advised him not to speak to the media while the cases being investigated. many cyclists say the hit and run is a wake-up call for bicycle safety. i don't think people should be discouraged i think people do more and more bike riding. did with the video has generated more than 6000 hits on youtube. read police say the 43 year-old michael medallion the cars' owners say he reported the hit and run on wednesday it officers found a car this afternoon in oakland may be arrested and also this afternoon he is being charged with felony hit and run possession of heroin and ammunition he is on probation for a missed a
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misdemeanor from two years ago. live in oakland share in san cbs five. new tonight will experts encountered a rare sight while looking for june becquerel, and fishing line. this audit work as feeding on the gray whale carcass about 5 mi. of moss landing why that has scientist even more worried about june. i do looking all day in the monterey bay searchers found a few dozen of the great whales humpback whales and a lot of dolphins that after looking for what they say high probability areas there was no sign of a single web and now they believe that she is dead. and here's part of the reason why. these organs were spotted by miles of this spot of moss landing in a rare moment caption on camera at the hands of a different baby gray whales hours ago and are now playing with the carcass researchers believe there pushing up to the surface and showing off their guilt nor
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behavior that in humans rather get to see for any well this week and are struggling is one more thing to worry about. we they're beating on something because there were birds but there were only three killer whales and a one. pushed the greg will carcass out to the surface and so then we know that it was a killer whale. researchers spotted the work activity while of looking for june hasn't been seen since tuesday and is moving slowly north of the coast near big sur. she came from southern california still tangled and is in line dragging bullies and other debris they're calling off their own board and it aerial searches may never know what happens is a she hasn't been seen for three days and researchers are friend were and we were dolphin that made it plain to seven california wetlands area is resisting efforts the animal's body few feet from shore rescuers tried
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to corral and added back to see but the dolphins would let them close so they're going to wait and see if the dolphins can find some way out as being in the water with them the dolphin apparently was separated from its pawed by other dolphins remain in the harbor and will be rescued after this one is held out. a bill to keep interest rates low on student loans approved by a house of publican's today but the white house is threatening a veto with what is becoming the first contentious issue of the general election season. you have to go back to tuesday. when the president embarked on a trip to
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the university's urging congress to keep federal student loan rates for a doubling in july. did we stop this from happening happening should be a no-brainer the republican presidential candidate in an agreement house republicans that intended to all lawn. did we a big political fight that there is no fights is just silly. that middle-income students to land loans keep in the rates low for one more year would cost $5.9 billion. the bill is passed and the republican bill that passed now nellie today will take that money from you on this fund set up by the president's health care law minority leader nancy pelosi. what to do? they say okay we won't allow the double but we will take the money from women's
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health. were pushed republicans know democrats themselves voted to dip into that fund last year to pay for an extension of the payroll tax cut. john glenn of minnesota. they're using is/funds providing is a secretary to see how he sees fit to attract young people and women while democrats argue this bill should be paid for by closing tax loopholes for oil and gas companies. the senate hasn't announced on this yet. indecorous cbs five capitol hill. in new yorkers who are looking at today has the space shuttle enterprise over the city he and the world trade center enterprise actually never flew in space didn't know that the
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move to the smithsonian after washington last week the enterprise will now be part of the intrepid and space museum in manhattan. inside the home of one of the worst mass killings in bay area history and family member told cbs five what happens the next five people lost their lives. a harrowing fair for the bay area cabdriver's robb and thrown into a strong and taken for a ride how this frightening ordeal finally ended. 20 years after the riots in south-central los angeles a look at evidence that change the area for ever and is being down to done to prevent that happening again. when i got there the
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bloody gun around the cab driver of his money and is cellphone. the handicapped was found later this morning near 83rd avenue in oakland. the event one of the worst mass killings in the bay area history the crime scene itself with five people harbor a berlin murdered joe vasquez takes us inside the house to help there. steve chan is the brother- in-law of one of the murder victims. the issue of taiwan is the wife of vincent lay also
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that in the parents as well as a sister were also killed see this 12 year-old daughter was the one discovered the bodies of she rental vermont 5 people. overnights. is an eerie feeling being inside this house especially because it's still a mess and there are remnants of the murder everywhere. the floors had been cleaned a little better still pretty stake in the chemical luck. according to police after the murders the killer went into the bathroom and washed his hands and then spread bleach and pains in an effort to cover his tracks. the suspect in thai latkes charged with multiple murders. steve says luck worked with fins and a family construction business and once even did some plumbing work here at this very house. so what happened that night? steve says he is not sure but he does know
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four of the five family members were at home that evening. his puppy he says he hasn't stopped when the frenzy was out with vincent said dinner that night to says vincent got a phone call from his wife he abruptly announced his dinner companions that is live as telling to go home they had to leave because the anti luck was looking for him. his friends never saw then and again. joe vasquez cbs five. this sunday marks 20 years since deadly riots erupted in south central los angeles. after four white officers were acquitted in the brutal beating of rodney king. those riots left over $1 billion in damage egad sure bonn revisit some of the hardest-hit communities and shows us how things there have improved. held johnson is work to this los angeles creches are for nearly three decades. she watched in horror as the original market
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south of l.a. burned to the ground 20 years ago during one of the nation's worst race riots. the store was completely destroyed thousands rampaged the streets after a jury acquitted four white police officers who were caught on video beating rodney king. 55 people were killed in the riots and to more than 2000 injured. much of the rioting took place here in what was called south central los angeles. the l.a. city council change the name to south l.a. nine years ago in hopes of replacing the areas violent image. it's so bad the police pulled out after witnessing the violence is businessman started the nonprofits operation hope that helps address the use teaching them about business as well as providing loans to small business owners. the waves as stopped focusing on me myself and i answered a focus on being
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why and what we could do. it took five and had people in a bus tour to revisit what happened and celebrate the progress of the last two decades. we long way from where we were 20 years ago while there are plenty of reminders in the streets of south l.a. of those dark days there is also evidence is now a better place. cbs news los angeles. looking to recover from a prostitution scandal this secret service is laying down the law it came with tough new standards of conduct for its and police and another deputy reminded agents of the five core values of the secret service justice to the courage honesty and loyalty. the new enhanced standards of conduct include mandatory a ban on non edible establishments and our agents from green for nationals back to their hotel rooms. we currently have a clear
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skies over san francisco now the day this weekend that will come not to be the warmest. and when forecast as eyewitness news continues. across the bay area's
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is 61 degrees in have been day the 71 degrees haggai's. what's up. it was beautiful a gorgeous day. did waves his there's a lot to talk about what the mornings and that is going on this weekend not as glorious as last weekend but nevertheless still pleasance santa cruz city see it tonight the sunset at initially at 73 beautiful was the last time you take a look at that? so this would give a forecast for saturday 78 degrees as well as they 11 second intervals water temperatures of 54 degrees and sunny will pan as we were then saturday with the swells of 75 seats currently air temperatures it gradually coming down tonight into the 50s across the border and back to 20 really miles overnight lows in the 40's and
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50's there is a scene in san francisco this evening where we will have a starry night sunny and warmer for your seven day officials said it is a 618 and the extended forecast called for the return of feature that of first things first keep in mind of an area of low pressure to the north of us high-pressure to the south causing a pressure gradient that is the preconditions and it may be breezy albeit lesser wins on sunday. but that wind really turns up the holland the mulberry open grass campbell in the high said both days this weekend going evan comparison today 60 the beaches '70s santa clara valley's 77 degrees and morgan hello '70s in fremont and in union city 81 degrees for the outside #and rio vista ed and our phyllis wells in brentwood where the golden gate bridge temperatures in the '60s '70s and all the way 81 degrees in sonoma and will be 69 degrees and san francisco average has
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around mid-60s the extended forecast the warmest day this weekend will be and sunday and gradual cooling begins on monday with the return of a thickening marine layer better pinpoint forecast what's going on tonight? and a letter drafted by non with the 49 is taking on a college but also running backs and after wading through 94 picks the raiders finally joined the party will tell you who they pick in next in sports. this led
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to a 6 ft. 5 315 lb. offensive lineman tony bursar at utah with their round pick to start the clock. the 49 years took a running back in the second round jim harbaugh didn't even watch
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it had a bumper this james average to 176 yds in three games against stanford with seven touchdowns and reluctance had a familiar face in indianapolis they chose cold deflator with the 34th pick the total of seven players from stanford and cal was selected in the first three rounds. the a's in baltimore makes the stopped in physical evidence and he gets the added first the a's beat the orioles 522 to move one game over 500. the giants back home airpack army says first career start in san diego's nick family went 4 for 4 with an rbi double the padre's when hot six innings to take the loss. did we end up last is climb back to the draft to wrap up tomorrow. and
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in salinas is the inside of the raiders draft. the waves and the rigors that's a tiny cage. ,,
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