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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  April 28, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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demand is the inside and set it that is a car in manhattan. he
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had his face looks sides that had pictures of nothing but a happy perfect american family. rights
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three days before. the reconstructionist whole time the demolition began at 5:00 friday night and is moving fast. 3,300 ft. of concrete is coming down. will keep at it and they're trying to get it all done over the weekend and most important thing is that the demolition the critical areas and their kind of a way to others a we can dry on his monday morning. there is another of overstretched yet to come down. and do more to most bills. the completion is scheduled really
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2015 but already with the work this weekend it is going to be a big adjustment for doyle driver dealers. people going to the brand new bridge and into this new tunnel and on to a new temporary acrid the toward and also headed new intersection at the palace of fine arts. so that will all be new end to it takes people a little while to get used to think so we expect a little bit of a delay. officials are hoping for a mother like traffic tomorrow and some of the most critical work has to be done before they can beat the deadline at 5:00 a.m.. thank you. until a new road is open i got a bridge traffic has to go to the park presidio and has is not mentioned for the first time ever drivers coming into this city are allowed to make a left turn onto those california and gary this weekend. here's a live look the traffic at the intersection of part presidio in gary right now despite predictions of gridlock traffic appears to be moving along except for one their satellites they're curious when
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was slow going. let's check in with elizabeth leonard to see what traffic is moving drop the bay area tonight. we really avoided the big the gridlock that some had feared even anticipated. some things a looking pretty get across the golden gate bridge if you're heading out tonight in fact: the bridge traffic was down by about 50% according to the golden gate transit district underwriters miters ship was up about the to present the people let up the message they stayed away from the golden gate in fact the whole area alsthom and san francisco. some of your alternates of a bridge for example did get back up at times and for right now though it is nice and light on the upper and lower decks. so here's a look at other alternates across the bay area but much in the green says said sensors are peaking at top speeds across the bay area including across the bay bridge enrichments and fell bridge and just another reminder for tomorrow fix things between
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sausalito and san francisco so a great idea if you plan to go to the jets' camp tomorrow back to. we will be here all weekend to help to get along the closure. of the demolition and also for traffic updates. so don't forget to tune in to radio partner kcbs for updates when you're in your car 7:40 a.m. and 1 06 0.9 fm with traffic updates every 10 minutes. because guy hasn't reported another family of the accident and says three crewmembers and is still but are found dead for this missing after their boat ran into trouble. it's not clear what happened to the 37 ft. yacht was taking a place in a raise from newport suit and sonata and a race that began hot nights. did waves a body found of the seven islands in is one of the bus scene from a daily
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upper is accident crime board her pet 25 year-old darden bombs body was recovered thursday the three other crew members are still missing and presumed dead from the crash two weeks ago. police a looking for two brothers in connection with a fatal stabbing in san as a friday investigators say johnson and brian best fled the scene before they arrived. 9 hour standoff between police and other people inside the house and when they cannot peacefully both brothers are wanted on suspicion of murder. did ways to reward for the safe return as your lamar has now more than doubled and is up to $25,000. volunteers are out again today is searching for the morgan hill team who was last seen on march 16th. if the previous reward was $10,000. the money for the reward fund is coming from fund- raisers and community nations recent surges by the santa clara county sheriff's office in the volunteers have not produced any new evidence. did least two
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teams to died in the tragic accidents for remembered today their high-school. and mackovic shows us the memorial their friends say was designed by one of the victims. is a ground-breaking soared more than a year after to las lomas has will students passed away. they were just these goofy wild spirits. that would lead this today to see everyone going at the roots and getting all dirty. complete like trees a moral tiles designed by students. it's an honor 16 year- old matthew miller and 17 year- old gavin paul. they died while rafting he and denise a creek stolen by a minister in an m-1 for the students that has unsealed. it's not as heart wrenching an opportune moments but it's very hard for me
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because gavin was basically a brother to me. the design for it was conceptualize by matt miller it was the damage she projects if it is a hodgepodge right now we want to volunteer your time is just a really beautiful experience. including $17,000 in free materials and labor from several east bay businesses. and and everybody here would agree that we would prefer that this remained a patch of dirt forever. i know mean a lot sooth to see that everyone is just gathered together. they brought people together. if cbs five. turin face up to now essential tools for movements is occupied but will be very careful about what you post. the woman to the social media giants
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is to make cases against demonstrators. they're under arrest. when occupy wall street argue by the brooklyn bridge last october police arrested 732 protesters. virtually all charged with disorderly conduct. neither a crime or misdemeanor but a violation. like littering. third 22 year-old malcolm harris is among those arrested but he was one of just a handful who is twitter count was subpoenaed. the d.a. maintains the harrise'' public tweets prove his intent to defy a police orders to disperse. it's a fishing expedition and going fishing for whatever information they can dry up. reverend mike this harder on people were going out there to protest. the subpoena of trees it is not even the crime is much ado about nothing. ice is sitting here with the subpoena
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this smashing him and not with a sledgehammer. it's absurd. judgment the surely that is agreed citing the orders user agreement that is authorized to make your treats available to the rest of the world. he ruled that the tories that defended defendant boasted or not his and therefore he has no standing to challenge their subpoena. terrace plans to keep up his fight. to remain a major organizational tool for the occupy wall street's movements its power figures to be on display again next tuesday. when he made a rally is planned for this park. cbs news new york. one bright side to a troubling situation when adopted man who was also once listed as a missing person found when he began digging into his own past. we pass health care reform and my second term that is held pass again. and that of making fun of politics in the media and
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president obama's chicken tonight and will correspondents dinner in washington d.c.. and a few clouds rolling in tonight's but they all enjoy plenty of sunshine there but they're going to roll up and cool down for the at the start of the workweek. phil is startling discovery for
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a man who found out he was reported missing more than 30 years ago. susan on our island installed his own missing persons case. steve carter says he is live happy life. thought to running when u.s. forces had
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little reason to search for his biological parents. i didn't really care where else i came from. yet he always had some nagging questions about his past. did way to a six month old he was put in an orphanage in hawaii but he never knew why. and then he saw a cnn story about a woman who discovers she was a missing child and started his own internet search. and why male missing for years ends met a marzipan moriarty burns had been reported missing by his father and why after his mom left to their baby and never came back. the report included a sketch i would might look like a grown-up. i thought that looks like me. really does. its premise is the image. he contacted authorities to the dna test and took a boat called. third man
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he is the missing child he learned his biological father lives in california haven't yet met the spoke by phone. he was convinced that my mother had taken me and taken in raised as a moral sense i think one of his first questions to me is where is your mother? and i said that's a fantastic question i haven't seen the same feel and i think he was dumbfounded by the response. did ways he hopes to begin in person this year. did we think it face- to-face meeting is definitely one to be a very emotional. he is still not found his mother and still doesn't know how he wound up in an orphanage one of many confused aspects of his life. three bursts of tickets and to birthdays. i do so by both burke days. it's been a real nice plus. did we just because it is ban a week or month or year tenure as or even 34 years there is hope. they're more missing children out there in who it can be identified and
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can be brought home the lead to have hope especially about missing people. carter says he is always known who he is an thanks to the sketch now knows more about who he was. susan candiotti reporting carter now lives in philadelphia who still wants to know what happened in a three week period between is reported as a parent and his arrival up online orphanage his father lives in santa cruz and no one knows where his mother is. one person died and more than a dozen were taken to hospital after a storm overturned a tent outside a sports bar in st. louis. the bar owner says the guy was hit by lightning jelly that tells us the people inside had no idea and well powerful weather approaches. it transported injured baseball fans to the hospital after fierce winds authorities say the this one person is dead and one person is seriously injured.
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the injuries were in the cuts and bruises and twisted it ankles and it may be broken arm. witnesses say this storm lasted only a few seconds powerful winds whipped that chairs the aaron said heavy temples crashing into patrons about 200 people were at the bare garden celebrating the st. louis cardinals went earlier in the afternoon. the music was loud and people had been in attendance at all the mall afternoon and i don't think there were really aware of a serious situation. dozens of people were treated at the scene for minor injuries portage year-old gina cbs news. thrusters coaching a dolphin out to sea near huntington beach are frustrated tonight. the six furlongs stray was spotted in a channel of the chico woodlands friday while the experts convinced that to move to open water but it was built by two other dolphins and quickly headed back. the dolphin
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is part of a small pods seen in huntington harbor the other five men also had to be encouraged as well. did waves elizabeth we're joined this now with a look at the forecast and so far the weekend has been gorgeous. did we think will even be worse marcel in some parts of the bay area i should say will be warmer in some parts/libya little bit cooler because the attitude of millions that he expects tonight to a difference between you and spots on the coast and inland will be mostly clear but concealed a patchy fog and a few clouds along the coast and days at temperatures in much will be in the upper '40's to very low 50s across the bay area of and tomorrow will see plenty of sunshine for the most part we will notice the spread of temperatures along the coast regionalist '60s and then inland over its low 80s sell it depends on where you are and how warmer grant gets an we're going to see a try satellite reiter says the high pressure is building and it's keeping as high and dry of the next several days in blood forecast overnight lows not too
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bad we mile for the seven year 52 no clinton during conquered the degrees in san rosette and since once again for tomorrow maria seal those oranges and yellows that '70s the charges are 80 sell especially as in the spot to early winter warmup places like fairfield, kurt and livermore and then a little cooler and places like san francisco on the region have about 69 degrees for tomorrow otherwise the mid '70s on the peninsula if i did forecast c can see over the next several days we are staying dry sunday will be slightly warmer at least in some are in and spots a little cooler along the coast monday that was when we start see the beginning of a cooling trend in to that: trend continues monday to wednesday wexler when to drop temperatures each day at of 35 degrees and we are keeping a chance to rent a forecast many for thursday it's just went like rain not much else looks like it is stay north of the golden gate. and then friday and pretty mild still in his sixties to low 70's across
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much spots and stains dreyfusards of the following weekend and a quick heads up of a looking for something fun to do tomorrow we have the pacific coast dream machines over a half moon bay airport were expecting partly sunny skies. out there with highs in the low 60s specific " clips joyner. president obama's delivers some zingers of the white house correspondents' dinner tonight the annual event is traditionally hosted by comedian and this year was in the camel the president also shut off his committed jobs be but a congressman rummy and even a secret service. , i certainly had differences. did not take any cheap shots. the glades of an especially think all of the members took a break from their exhausting schedule of not passing any laws to be here tonight. third it's great to be
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a this evening in the magnificence hilton ballroom. or will the men around would call. but the event to the hockey mom and apple? the the ball is delicious. have a lot more material prepared i have to get the secret service home in time for the new curfew. among the seven guests were george clooney linda london and came crashing in. they had a reputation for being loud that an obnoxious how they're stepping up and making a difference in oakland schools.
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the others and parents cannot to the basidia cemetery in san francisco to clean thousands of headstones members of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints national cemetery
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contained graves headed payback 1854 and after the iraq war the clinton crew is part of the mormon helping hands which mobilized thousands the public service projects in california from eureka added to the set. after a decade of dormancy unilineal at the golden gate park is spinning once again. the market when military today is part of the queen's day festival at the park the festival is a national event in the netherlands to celebrate that country's queen at the 107 year-old windmill has actually been able to spend for six months after be refurbished by its officials thought they would be appropriate time to fire up. apparently the oakland raiders care about kids 10 and every season ticket bought between may 1st and june 30th it will go toward open public schools with a cost of season tickets between $260.1500 dollars for seats in addition to the schools could be substantial and schools need help the district manager cut as much as $100 million from
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his budget of the next three years. the nba playoffs underway eight teams play today and one team lot was a key player to win as the injury timmons, tonight giants and cadres coming up in sports. repent of, yet russia's
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said o'clock with and an assortment. anthony of the padres in a perfect game going into the six innings and hit a solo and nothing in the seventh one went to the gap that lesson of bill this one once run scored in nature and kimmel around.
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paul los angeles and streets. the second inning alone run its liability to run single a's lose tens one. in the pleasant way in the top team in the east chicagos their gross tore his left a cl is some of the air every consolation bulls and the sixers in game 1. oklahoma city down one to the mat scavenger and one second left. under 9998 winners over the defending champion. dissuades saw their it like to read the three of the road half and had her second goal is the game winner over philadelphia to the one to stay in first place in the west. that is your very fast sports minute for this evening. does this mean the to the back? he's back to look good tonight. did waves of laura said your about panda. a certain
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. that is a news at 10:00 news is always on cbs at the thought comes to 11.
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