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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 23, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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teams groups close to our bucolic one school district says there are extra antoninus the extras are off the table. extreme cuts school leaders say are necessary. president obama's here appealing to bay area denison mines lie even for those you want to hear what he has a say they're bursting with excitement. frats and promises of retaliation during the meeting is aimed at keeping the peace occupied oakland's make another trip to city hall. and for anyone ever thought about trying in response and dad to his kit consisted in a washing machine what happens at the machine suddenly started sports
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brands at the air and clubs all cancelled from an area high school to save money parents and students are just now finding out about its and they're fighting madeleine de on an emotional discussion tonight. there were tears engram and frustration some parents' friends to pull their kids out of the district's business fall its game over for all high- school sports and fairfield. the district is already cut $42 million from its budget in the past five years it still putting money in the student after its worst nightmare is coming true. it still doesn't make sense to everyone in this community and it's just throwing his hat on the streets many say that they depend on sports to get a college scholarship. he
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attended english class the sudden death. volunteered for the library down the street and that's not one to get into college. this isn't the first time the district has done to expressway to keep sports programs in the schools but this time even the principal at are real high school is ready to throw the towel. the district has cut deep and a protected things as long as they could as to a point now where no one wants to see what happens but some points because it. did waves and is not just sports after-school leadership clubs the theater and dance are gone to. want to give it to marry and uc-davis is a prestigious school and to get into that that program i need more than just a 4.0 or 4.5 and 1/2 to get in there and read the bill and any the leadership and all those
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skills to be not to six successfully getting into college but to be successful in life the principal estimates about $450,000 needs to be raised to save any of these programs they cells will not do it in weismann night they had a school board meeting and parents say it will be there. did ways the minister is to say where the whole the is pleading is coming from in terms of the money that the district a is not getting? the equates they're not getting the money because from the last five years they've been cutting back and cutting back their friends the sports before the world able to raise some money but not the end of the line this is a depressed economy and no one can afford it. dissuades it is depressing end to a depressed economy linda thank you. also in the news tonight president of, and at redwood city bristled out a rally at moffett field is up to six this
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evening for a fund-raising blitz in the bay area premium seating for the event of the fox theater starts at $8,000 president walked onstage wearing round of applause and talked-about cummins together to reclaim the middle class. did waves this represents that idea that if you're willing to work hard used to be able to create life for yourself where family and my good job if you're willing to the responsibility spills to start business strikeouts and at a new idea of sending the kids rig is cool. give them a chance to do even better than you no matter who you are in the matter will come from matter what you look like. a matter of we love. predellas in redwood city's ninth for both france and protesters are gathered. he rolled in net 99 hear
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the fox theater to wild screens in cheers he decided talking to a lot of people would pay a lot of money and as far as the crowd at here and now a lot of middle ground at the they love him or hate him. when the president comes your hometown of that first time in 80 years get off to camp in tears. is the sinews spectators boards in an election year? certainly for redwood city and the the president hasn't come your sense of a hoover so it feels like a big event the last time they came here was 1932 it was a well-kept secret and because of the great depression and it got little press. today however was a magnet for all kinds of protesters who would not or could not buy tickets would start getting thousand dollars a month to 12,000 dong gunman had a tall sign and it came because he opposes the president's advice we every issue from gay marriage to the economy. did we to think is
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working? we do we can't get the message out and if enough people can gradually study has actual record munsey actually standing for the newbie defeated please shut down the streets for blocks and the multiple barricades' under extremely tight security people waited all evening and this probably wouldn't even catch a glimpse. it feels like we're on the mat. after six hours a redwood city got a came for. degrees and the president is silicide there he'll be staying overnight at the a hotel in san jose in the morning to beat me with asian- american leaders back in washington. and back to normal in redwood city kids don't thank you. investigators in the sierra lamar's case are now searching for links between the suspects and a number of attacks against young women is this i expect garcia thorez could be connected to a rape in december 2009 and
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nike is a young woman was attacked when she was jogging on miss in the road in morgan hill investigators say dna evidence has not linked garcia thorez to that attack was also learned garcia thorez will have a public defender would make his first court appearance tomorrow the case is moving forward largely due to help from the fbi and canceled local investigators not to focus on local sex offenders in said the device was to look for someone who may have attempted something similar in the past. they sent their county sheriff says dna evidence from sierras clothing found in her discarded purrs eventually tagged tigers the taurus the crime also today died teams or back out of at the reservoir looking for any signs of the missing teenager not clear if it's run anything meanwhile
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lamar's mother joined dozens of volunteers and a high-school in morgan hill to kick off their own search. did waves as if the slump in stock price wasn't bad enough for face book now is being sued by investors possibly dozens of lawsuits and the company in seattle are accused of sitting lampoon by misinformation about how the stock would perform and more it morgan stanley the bank that helped put face the market's is accused of tipping off its big banks about the company's true financial situation schoolteachers mom and pop investors pension plans that are buying stock on the fpl these books as those suits are without merit it is a fizzle hewlett- packard is chopping its work force by 2014 and it is almost a
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10th of its worldwide work force and the biggest job cuts in its history. in three and half billion dollars year is reorganizing 8 p amid lackluster personal computer sales yelling kerseymere chanting at a meeting aimed at protecting people and not violent protesters screamed at the top of funds a council member considers banning things like shields and hammers that protests that plan never mated to a vote because this volunteers shows us the shot and shutdown the meeting you and other rights for our breasts me because you think i may commit a crime. you don't have the right. to arrest me because he thinks that i may commit a crime. i could go on and on
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because this ignorance. did we this is just a case of loss as public safety meeting where oakland city council members tried to discuss an ordinance that would allow police to arrest protesters bonds carrying shields clubs hammers paint guns and the like occupy protests to try to make it as a little bit safer form love for some officers. but the occupiers said the analyst your bride. this is only one law that operates in this country and that is the law that is rights they also warn that if you take away the seals and you take a rare chance of being on the defensive so when we should back i will use a holler. did waves things really got heated when someone stood up to speak
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out against the occupiers tactics. i said it borders on terrorism. oakland's city hall is still in a bit of shock about last night buds is not the first time that there had confrontations like this would occupy and is not going to be the last you can expect the next 11 is ordnances rewritten and resubmitted for the consideration in oakland's cbs five. the never doubt the power of a customer or in this case tens of thousands of customers a safeway employee is back on the job after a suspension that have shoppers said the boycott his been taken to task twice and now he is telling his side of the story of but that but the police chief as saying about the investigation into his son's still in iphone. it's time to
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teach your kids to board like grown-ups without a lot of families were furs. 9% is eliminated tonight's good evening we're able to see the moon because of a lack of fog the fog and where it has gone and so our forecast will blow you away as we continue.
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galt fire burning stove and now has more than doubled in size today is now more then 6,600 a. and has destroyed two homes in a televised lake area and is threatening a least 120 more investigators said today that it was caused by people possibly by
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a bonfire fire crews expect full containment by saturday that safeway clerk to save the pregnant customer from being beaten will go back to work rent unprotected women as safeway is suspended him without pay after reviewing surveillance video of the incidents now all managers decided to reinstate young with back pay. and at the close was bought brought this situation and return to the outcome please call the young hero for stepping in to stop the attack and on- line petition to get him his job back as it did its he got almost 200,000 signatures. partly as police chief defense the use of 10 officers to search resounds stolen cellphone cheese michael meighen and use the officers including three detectives and a sergeant to look at fall last january. the
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offices of the two hours of overtime each in his search that took them into oakland's the chief says these investigations involve the superior and multiple officers depending on the circumstances of the case and the location of the signal just as the somewhat summer travel season is about to take off a traveler to families find the world's largest airline may not enjoy an experience as much as of cup on the turf that is been grounded. in: a three year- old daughter libby after the friendly skies about once a month she admits she doesn't travel light. snacks at tuesday's madison's band-aids games to waves strollers. travel per cent few and far between and it was super. it was really helpful. united has now taken away the preboarding
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option for passengers with kids. they'll have to wait in line like everyone else. travel expert chris mcginnis says it's only fair. especially in the summer how the plane can be families with children sell you have a business travel that is paid significantly more than a vacation traveler and then get on the plane and oliver has basis taken these days travelers pay for everything from the luggage to their in-flight food there is a new hierarchy been traded by the airlines and those that pay more denmark shootings by not letting her get on first and will only slow the boarding process it's a bit unfair but it doesn't deserve a seven thirty line when you have kids waiting. did we see a united airlines isn't the only airline to end its preboarding option for families with young children american airlines also doesn't have a specific time designated for the families of young kids
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they only asked in the beginning before everyone gets on board if there's anybody who wants to get on the flight earlier because they needed extra time to board meanwhile u.s. airlift airways allows families with kids to board the plane after sunsuit and for general boarding and all those kids are born from san the cranky and start crying that went to is the had the old policy back still be is in see how this all works. of will laxities year for everyone. because the kids don't care they're not thinking about that the this one suit what they want when they want is. did waves william always allow you to preboard for whether i get in trouble with my bag this week fell behind. did we 12 i hope it's not cranky. could be nearer but we still have a clear skies and we will continue to enjoy the clarity of along the windows
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of the way to the deck of low clouds and fog down toward quick tower was 61 today and have moved the animated to the high 70's and some are in locations the more now 59 and the winds and now beginning to, except at the airport as fl with wind gusts up to 35 mi. an hour deadly the west are microclimates the intent and 50 m.p.h. west northwesterly everyone's been talking about the conditions asking was pulling on high-pressure here of low pressure there this will take a nose dive toward our area cause the pressure gradient tomorrow there will be increasingly in order to say and then by friday whether they have a chance of showers the extended forecast calls for mel holliday. with the very windy conditions the allergies the pollen count of the charts again tonight overnight to present their ideas for overnight lows of '50s and oakland alameda low 50s in mountain view all the way
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through los altos temperatures along the coast marl '50s and '60s in the '60s there on the peninsula and the '70s and the press these numbers and not averaging two and three degrees below normal live at the up the #77 degrees in brentwood and are talking about the mid-70s and sonoma the extended forecast the outside chance of rain showers and friday and pretty seasonal for the holiday that's the pinpoint forecasts will be right back. synthetic pish and
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happened on his watch. today he told congress would tilt the had the secret service spoke publicly for the first time about the prostitution scandal that tarnished his agency's image minty was there. longtime secret service director told senators he is more convinced than ever that the case was an aberration. did waves i distinct as between the alcohol and i don't know the environments these individuals
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did some really dumb things. but the committee's top republicans whose idea the circumstances suggest this was part of a pattern. did we don't try to conceal their actions in any way answer that suggests we that they weren't worried about sex being caught. almost every single senator shared view wisconsin's ron johnson. it's hard to believe this is just one time occurrence tried in the committee skepticism was a report in the washington post citing unnamed current and former secret service employees to says sexual encounters during official travel had been condoned under and unless in cold for years as part of a culture they jokingly referred to as the secret service. the notion that the seventh behavior is condoned or authorized is absurd.
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sullivan did knowledge that is used similar cases when on duty agent was arrested in d.c. in 2008 for soliciting in police officer posing as prostitutes at the winter olympics in salt lake city in 20023 agents were caught partying in a hotel room with alcohol and underage women. we have zero tolerance for this type of behavior sullivan told the committee that to the nine agents who are forced out in the wake of the incident are now contesting their punishments that is a sign that the agency is not going to be able to put the scandal behind it anytime soon a dad put his son in a washing machine and this is not the beginning of a joke and it was all, the surveillance tape the man put the boy and a washing machine and then close the door the machine then starts automatically the men in this from panic and try to open the door. the boy's mother didn't snow and thing about it and tell
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us that she saw the video news and confirmed the baby sitter the saw blade was not hers no charges will be filed against investigators say there was no purposeful endangerment the family services will be investigating. canberra's new continues magical season and can the celtics closed up to 76 years. third and additional
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resources as of friday it president of marriott vigilance of this set back in milwaukee and his image and i an aris 46 it was and furnace the bases are loaded and is from mrs. harris is no santa up into the gap this course 6 and ending after batting around paris the burrs win 85 is indeed will stay tight until the 11th alberto and down with jordan river -- runners score and ham winds through the one with two out of three from the a's. how about the earthquake? in the '90s minutes alan gordon stocks the l.a. crowd and the earthquakes still win. how bad? the former 76er is on hand for the phillies game 6 showdown with celtics under with a one handout the 76ers' win so we became seven. game 7 in the gap devils and rangers series headed to four minutes left in a tied game ran carter on the one timer doubles lead the series
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three games to two. this a lot going on right now. coming back 11. is this ,, ,,
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