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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  May 26, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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in shot three times and nearly kelp's now the police dog is out of hospital his chance for going back to work a funnel part of u.s. history passes through at the golden gate this weekend of the uss iowa will spend her days in retirement caltrans says in the seismic retrofit of the dumbarton bridge on schedule parent the bridge closed until tuesday morning don knapp has a progress report. it will take another year to
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finish the dumbarton bridge work began this week and makes the rest of the work possible the closure provides time and space to refit expansion joints and install the latest and greatest in earthquake bridge technology sizing and bearings want to next to the deck and other can get connects to the foundation it allows the debt to move independently from the foundation it gives the bridge the ability to dance and be flexible in the event of a seismic event rather than putting strain on the legs. crews worked through the night last night and continued to that man tonight to let the deck one to 5 in. to make room for the bearings. making sure it can sustain what geologists say historical patterns of ground motion the bridge designed for the historical ground motion we have seen in this area the last 1000
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years that work includes maintenance and paints containing of the work but cannot be done when traffic is flowing. highway 92 is and how to route as of tonight everything is on schedule it reopened tuesday morning 5:00 p.m. for the commute done at cbs 5 golden gate ferry service resumes tomorrow after a one day strike. support workers had been working without a contract for one year today they picketed at the larkspur terminal. the system closed down between marin county and san francisco about complaints about pay job security and working conditions not yet resolved but officials said the ferry will run tomorrow and additional service for the golden gate bridge celebration. that is because tens of thousands of people expected to
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be in san francisco tomorrow for the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. events are planned all weekend long with a music festival and tours of the bridge. you are encouraged to take public transportation. it will conclude with a fireworks display, the bridge close to foot traffic at 6:00 p.m. cars halted for one hour at 9:00 p.m. the main event the 930 fireworks show expected to last about 20 minutes. for list of all festivities and is the historical footage go to cbs s f dot com the white house says it is horrified by the brutal attack in syria that killed more than 90 people including 32 children. the government denies it was behind the attack and blames armed terrorists. susan mcginnis with more.
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video shows does embodies lining up a mass grave in a syrian town. activists say people died when government forces shelled the town on friday. mourners surrounded united nations observers who are investigating. the team investigates more than 90 people including 32 children under the age of 10 are dead. this is unacceptable and execution an attack on the syrian people it sparked protests on the streets of damascus the white house released this statement saying these acts serve as a testament to an illegitimate regime that response to political protest with in human brutality during hundreds of u.n. monitors on the ground trying to salvage a ceasefire
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agreement between president asides forces and opposition fighters. the violence has not stopped, the u.n. estimates more than 9000 people died during the 15 month anti-government uprising. susan mcginnis cbs news when we key was shot several times by a suspected car thief, after several surgeries the sacramento canine its' home checkey beckford with more. the fare well as bodie the sacramento police k-9 shot three times what it's out of rancho cordova hospital. and never been so happy everyone jumping up and down his doctor is sure help make a full recovery and back to work for the year is over as a medical professional is 50/50 but as is dr. a hill get
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back to work the cast not stop him from walking on his own and jump into a squad car sound and that is a second home. k-9 units from other agencies made an appearance to see their body off. we train together and see each other and cover each other at is good cnn that perry complete strangers like this little boy who brought his piggy bank for bodie's said he had to be here how long bodie to feel better and have a great time the perfect sendoff for this canine hero. a new visitors' center in the east bay dedicated to a heroine of the world war two era the grand opening of the rosie the riveter education center. rosie represented the women who work male jobs like riveter and while men were at war in the 1940's.
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from alabama to south dakota to richmond we have exhibits that highlight the diversity of the home front experience a great place to come and learn about your history and see the original artifacts volunteer guides trying for weeks to staff the center is open daily from 10:00 a.m./5:00 p.m. after two this morning the uss iowa as under the golden gate bridge it left the port of richmond this morning to begin a four day journey to its new home. the u s s iowa and her stake in the bay i never thought this day would come. 23 years i've seen the ship she is enroute to southern california 14 stories high and 800 ft. long she fought hard to
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keep our country save a nonprofit group fight to preserve her legacy. all of our bulls 2 save the ship and turn it into a museum or the public can see it as some the things it can offer from education platforms to repositories of technology and culture the u.s. as i will another whether tough battles from world war two to the gulf war. a monumental part of u.s. history. and i grew up on the ship i serve 49 months on board in active duty it changed me d.o.j. transformed to an interactive museum so it can be appreciated for years to come people tend to forget our history the need to know where we're coming from for former crewmembers the memories are not forgotten camaraderie, we had a crew
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second to none, don't care what the rest of the navy says a reunion for always served aboard the iowa on the fourth of july and three days later the grand opening of the new interactive museum. a leak at the vatican and they think the butler did it. secret documents released from behind vatican walls and and naysayers feel about the scandal. a successful grocer run in outer space by california and based space ex ship dragon and the gold it goes far beyond the space station geology catches up to frustrating exercise the catch a bottle. the new invention that takes away the anticipation. we have fog and low clouds in the bay area and on the eve
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of the opening of the golden gate bridge will fog does not spoil the show. we have fog and then something different. details after a break.
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and mr. wright at a hollywood movie allen dizzy shows us the solutions like the great old movie cliches the butler did it or did he the man in the front seat of this oldsmobile serve benedictus 16th his meals and helping him dressed in the morning the
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dollar is in detention in the vatican accused of illegal possession of secret documents. in a scandal doug that leaks documents alleging cronyism and mismanagement awarding contracts to the friends of the vatican appeared in an italian media. by striking nine religious he is privy to the secret conversations behind walls of vatican city. he could get up to 30 years in jail. many watchers question why a man deeply religious had served quietly and faithfully would risk his career and the privileges family enjoys as residents of vatican city. the italian journalist has published many leaks says none
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of his sources have been paid and declined to name them vatican watchers might respond to that with " take your pick " the secret club that is the highest circle of the catholic church described as written with rivalry and plots when church historian calls it a nest of vipers. the dollar may have done and but the more enticing mystery is whether he acted alone. allen is the cbs news a new invention may soon the brass from the pain of the catch up that will not come out of the bottle. jeannie most talk with the students who came up with something amazing who has not been guilty of an assault on the catch a bottle as technology caught up? hour-long national nightmare
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is over. mechanical engineering students at mit have come up with a coating that makes anything from ketchup to manny's leap out of the bottle coated with the stuff they call a liquid like. it works on everything we have tried so far. even toni's upon a would be beholden to the students look how annoyed tony gets at the ketchup clogged. sure there are techniques ranging from good fellas ball rolled to the heinz 57 trick gently slap at and at the sweet spot where the 57 is imprinted the lead will glide could make those tactics obsolete the idea is to apply the coating during bottle
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manufacturer this students say is it is nontoxic. this is stuff people already eat it is safe they've applied for a bunch of patents what are the secret ingredients? well it if ... this doctor and his students are talking to bottlers and food companies we asked folks at hines if they were in contact with the inventor's all they would say is we love the idea to make it easier to pour out heinz ketchup. there are traditionalists ketchup and i had the same satisfaction at the port quickly guess what the young inventors at m.i.t. are anticipating? wood is treated as a to millionaires i think cell
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they have a slogan " let go glide let it slide " no more banging with shoes or mallets. for traditional bottles this to be the last gasp. chino's new york let's see if brian hackney can top that. there has been so much heralding of the golden gate bridge and rightly so it has been functioning it open in november 1936 it was a federal project will show you that in a minute. there is the beautiful bridge, there is fog and low clouds and thunderstorms earlier in the northeast bay, and some in eastern napa county. all now quiet. we expect clouds to build an offshore more sense for some for
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tomorrow. and especially the past couple of days. uncharacteristically in the south bay that overcast skies most of the day. temperatures in the mid 50s most locations. you can see @ was picked up by radar some light drink mostly drizzle in the south bay, all i shared by low pressure that is headed to the midwest that leaves us with mostly sunny skies on sunday. we'll have low clouds in the early going. clouds of filtered to the bay area there is sunrise clouds mid day, would top the lead on overcast and by tomorrow evening at 10:00 p.m. some fog of short that might affect the fireworks performance at the golden gate
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bridge tomorrow night. for tomorrow cloudy start at the coast and sunday afternoon. load to mid-seventies for south bay more sunshine tomorrow than today. for east bay temperatures low seventies for the most part in the north bay 61 degrees at stinson beach 71 at bodega bay. we have a warming trend will be in the mid to upper 80's by wednesday and thursday. between now a push to get the numbers in the mid-70s. chisholm it will feel like summer this week the private supply ship docked at the international space station and un loaded today when small step for the first commercial stations in space. elaine quijano with more
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official at hatch opening time for 50 3:00 a.m. central standard time american flight engineer became the first astronaut to enter a privately owned space ship the space ex ship dragon it is room premiere than a sore use his cell it would not be an issue shares on the capsule docked with the international space station friday after caring over 1,000 lbs. of supply to the six astronauts on the space station. a lot rides on the mission for the billionaire who started the company california-based space experts holds a $1.6 billion contract to launch 12 other missions but he is thinking far gone to the resupply trips. he envisions a day when human space flight is routine.
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it makes the things in the future and that things were moving towards much more likely nasa retire the space shuttle last year, no american spacecraft that can transport asked not to the space station and back instead the u.s. pays russia $60 million per flight aboard the soyuz system, nasa hopes to bring down the cost by partnering with private companies like exxon for nasa the game is to use u.s. hardware and u.s. labor to launch astronauts from u.s. soil the gunman flight has been a success, the company says the dragon could ferry astronauts into the space station in three years. elaine quijano cbs 2's new york stopping bird strikes on airplanes, which the plan that
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reflects with a multimillion- dollar effort to restore wetlands as nature lovers upset.
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in a tradition dating back 50 years the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno decorated with american flags for memorial day. 3000 volunteers placed flags at each of the 112,700 graves. the golden gate is one of the largest national cemeteries in the country. the birds around york's jfk airport draws fire the department of agriculture three things the strategy the plan allows killing of six species of birds within a 5 mi. radius of jfk to curb the number of bird strikes on planes. critics say it clashes with a federal program to restore nearby wetlands for migratory birds. the stray dogs in china earned fame for his amazing perseverance after a cyclist
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tossed in a drumstick the dog followed the writer for more than 1,000 mi. the journey lasted 20 days and that up never let up. he got arrive from time to time and the straight earn a new master and admiration of the entire country. giants' defense lets them down again can be a snap they're is losing streak against the yankees sports next.
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help is on the way for the a's, manny ramirez and ran an inch could rejoin the team on the next road trip. the bronx bombers continued to live up to the nickname mark to sheer and homered twice and hit
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three of the six yankee homers during the series. the a's have lost four straight. giants defense lets them down marlins scored two runs on what could of been an inning and a double play they lead the majors with 50 errors this season miami wins 5-3. softball super regionals cal player hits her 23rd homer cal peace washington five-01 win away to the college world series. nba playoffs game 7 boston rolando took over and finished with his third triple double, the celtics beat the 76ers', and take on the heat in the eastern conference finals. jason dufner a one-shot lead going into the final round at the colonial. you needed more than a minute that's it for eyewitness
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news the news always on cbs s f dot com good night.
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