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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  June 9, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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a small plane misses the runway and lands on the fair wake in stead pond and extenuating circumstance at an east bay graduation four dozen seniors involved in a plant holder own ceremony. it started as a little fire until the sun came up how this massive fire jumped 100 times its size in hours. i'm brian hackney. supposed to be a pleasant saturday morning of golf instead a for some planned buchanan field of course site plane missed the runway and was headed straight for them cbs is done that with more. it can mess up a golfers concentration looking up and see an airplane had his or her way
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that is what dennis foster saw. it ran into a chain-link fence and was right at the chain-link fence at 935 this morning this plan head right for foster and his wife and two others playing the golf course next to buchanan field. and we did not cnn to let it get the grass which is about two loaded yards away the plan is a cessna with the pilot on board lost power over walnut creek and and glide towards buchanan field. and his choice was either hitting the seven vellum mall or hear it came short of the runway. and came on the grass of the golf course driving range. this hole here is about 250 to the red marker he got all the way to touching here and he glided into the fence. that is where foster and
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three other golfers were planning it comes the plan coming down aggression cannot steer the air plan he came right here the band this over and there's the whole for the propeller foster took this picture and. the plane slowed by the time it hit the fence the fence is the only thing that kept it from reaching the golfers i know people don't like the way i play golf but in thinking and what would pay an airline air plan to run down an investigation is underway. don knapp cbs 5 graduation day at heritage high school in brentwood except for four dozen singers involved in a prank lisa washington with more. the celebration of 12 years of hard work. never thought this day would come
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missing from the class of 2012 at heritage i were students who were suspended for participating in senior pranks. it included splashing paint on the campus and bumper stickers with foul language on the school walls. it happens as a result of the suspension some students not allowed to take final exam thank god my son did not participate and her son graduated from heritage high and thought the pranks went too far although not shirk out the administration should handle punishment they are just beginning a new phase in the economic race they should have the opportunity the students suspended were not allowed to attend graduation and had their own ceremony at home here in brentwood at the same time classmates' getting their
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diplomas. i hope they had fun and spent it to gather we had a nice graduation as well lisa washington cbs 5 on that subject to on the graduates of spring creek nevada high school get their diplomas a very important word was misspelled justin said the diplomas with the proper spelling have been sent to graduates at no charge. three suspects under arrest for the federal shooting of a man outside of a san jose bar. it happened early friday morning. three teenagers were involved in the death of a 25 year old man. there are arrested at their san jose home. jimmy hold and johnny lee face charges of murder and he held
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faces charges of being an accessory. the victims and not released it is san jose is 18th homicide of the year. after multistate man hunt an arrest from the deadly shooting in a vallejo park. four people shot at crest ranch park after somebody fired from a dark colored van, authorities traced the shooter gregory bethany jr. into phoenix and then los angeles where he was arrested. police say he admitted to the shooting. a 58 year old man died shortly after the shooting. 18 was critically wounded. this surge of two homes in vallejo connected to the suspect turned up a rifle believed to be the murder weapon. at home temperatures are rising and humanity falling wind is picking up and that creates a red flag warning in the bay
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tonight. those factors are in new mexico as well, fire in the gila national forest. lee cowan with more. they call the little bear fire was that, but stiff winds turn it into a monster that jumped 100 times its original size. 10,000 a. and growing. firefighters say flames leaped 150 ft. in the air and igniting the tender dry forest 2 mi. away from the main fire line. the area not heavily populated. to dozen homes damaged or destroyed. conditions expected to deteriorate. national weather service issued a red flag warning for much of mexico. there are several fires burning, including a blaze in
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southwestern new mexico. it has charred 423 square miles. the largest in the state's history. lee cowan cbs news los angeles crews in northern colorado battle a firefighter that has burned 5,000 a. and prompted evaluations. it broke out in the paradise park area near fort collins. 10 structures damaged. no injuries reported. in syria funeral for the victims of an overnight shelling held today. thousands of protesters vowed to avenge the deaths. dru levenson shows us the violence is spreading to the nation's capital. amateur video shows thousands of people protesting promising to avenge the deaths of 20 people killed in the
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southern city. activists say syrian troops shelled the area in an uprising against president aside first erupted in. the presidenviolence spread acre nation erupting concerns of a civil war. people say this weekend's tour of our attack represents the worst violence yet in the area. un observers are looking into the massacre. in this farmer says he watched as men in uniform shell the houses and those loyal to the regime executed 78 people including women and children. a u.n. spokesperson says it is difficult to determine what happened and who is responsible. many of the bodies are gone. in the muslim world the bear the debt immediately
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activists claim 13,000 people have been killed in syria and since the uprising began dru levenson cbs news growing calls for international intervention but with the growing violence some members of the u. n. security council are against action. it would amount to $2,600 for every man woman and child in spain, spain is still in something in that it would ever do accepting a massive bailout. spanish leaders asked europe to pontiac and 100 billion euros. the finance minister says they are ready to do that it amounts to $125 billion in u.s. dollars. it would provide a safety margin. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords attended a rally in tucson. they support democrat ron barber who hopes to succeed gifford in
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congress. blubber was the former district director for giffords'. giffords' was injured in a shooting last year and resign from congress. cellphones not the only thing plan for distracted driving and other stuff to. the kind of technology that comes with new cars what is being done to make sure safety before technology. debris washes ashore from japan brings a new war for the coast line what is taking a ride that scientists worry about the west coast. two guys play board game now have the date with the folks from guinness. we might be setting records the heat is on the bay area the winds are up, details ahead.
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tsunami debris washed up on the west coast and raises concerns foresee live. it could damage the local biology. and entire japanese stock landed on an oregon beach this week. stuck to it where shellfish crabs and starfish and sea weed not native to this part of the world. scientists worry more invasive species could be kitchen rides on tsunami debris. driven to distraction, dashboards of new cars resemble video games and the trouble starts when drivers pay more attention to the dashboard and
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the road. marx draftsman with more. ups driver retired last month with a remarkable safety record 50 years behind the wheel of his big red not a single fender bender. you drove 4 million of without an accident how is it possible? keep my space between other vehicles. in the tension causes accidents the department of transportation believes distracted driving plays a part in a quarter of all accidents. the new focus is dashboard distraction. some cars are worsened as hand- held cell phones. in guidelines we say the car companies if you put all this technology in cars don't allow people to use it while they're supposed to be driving safely new guidelines call for some
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options to be disabled during driving. limit the time a driver needs to look away from the road to two seconds. david champion directs automobile testing for consumer reports he showed as distracting technology such as gps system in this audi. we can punch in destination and address my eyes have been off the road for several seconds i have to rotate this to the list press list and rotate the list down that is a lot of steps as you drive or the real in this lincoln. all controls are a tad sensitive. it is very distracting to use your constantly fumbling and this driver growls that
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was bing gizmos on-board. you cannot multitasking and drive. the dot says distractions are a danger. the uss iowa now and its permanent home in los angeles. it left richmond two weeks ago and in southern california for two weeks or so. it sailed to berth 87 in san pedro the warship will become a floating museum starting next month. if you are thinking of adopting a at tomorrow could be your day. the adoption of the way it did more than 80 places in alameda county costa and san francisco. anne mackovic reports it could be a chance to bring a friend home. she is beautiful the beginning of a new life
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for madison and the dog going home with her new friend, lisa. for each happy new pet owner, theirs a wagging tail to match. her name is kiowa but i do not know what my daughter sat in store and we are waiting for a second cat this is perfect in all animals adopted for free this weekend for each animal adopted the ship shelter gets between $500 to $2,000 from addis fund a charity started by a billionaire businessman dave tough field. when i was relatively poor i promised her if we made some money we would give it back the goal of the adopt a thon is to find homes for 3000 beds.
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we have 3075 animals and the first person showed up at 4:30 a.m. we will clear out the shelter the animal rescue foundation in walnut creek one of 75 shelters participating starting something beautiful for pets and people and. she has added stimulation and peace and happiness, she's a beautiful dog if you'd like to adopt a new friend the adopt a thon goes on all day sunday you can find more information at cbs s f dot com. anne mackovic cbs 5. no business like show business. one of the highly anticipated pair of sneakers and history the way the day and night in san francisco to get their hands on the nike air easy to.
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designed by rap star kanye west. nike released your than 5000 pairs. one pre order pair sold for $90,000 on ebay. this sneaker's retail for about $250 to you by a board game for over 50 hours? two guys pitted and broke the world record two- step automatic fanatics made history. they play the game for over 50 hours. they played at manhattan's foley spun. if they plan to play until 9:00 p.m. tonight but they were to wipe out. i am really tired i'm glad we made it was set to go to accomplish were both competitive, we knew we'd be able to drive each other it is a great sense of accomplishment to done this they're going to play until 9:00 tonight but they decided
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sitting at the board and flipping diced to much work. they set the world's record anyway. temperatures are up and red flag warnings eyewitness news returns after a break. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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with citibank popmoney. easier banking. every step of the way. thousands cyclist at pulled into los angeles after running from san francisco in the eighth life cycle right. there were 545 mi. over the last seven years seven days the riot raises money and awareness for the hiv and aids services. it is the events 11th year. what we have a lot happening in weather. temperatures are up, wind is up, humidity is down. the national weather service raise the red flag a red flag
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warning pose for the north and east bay hills. warm inland and a when the east bay for the rest of the weekend. 69 at concord, 67 in san francisco, fairly clear and the red flag warnings posted for north and east bay hills. gusts up to 40 mi. per hour. high-pressure building over the coast of washington produces an off shore flow, it combines with high pressure and that is what is happening out the door tomorrow morning, expect sunshine and temperatures in the '60s, in future cast a map of what the world should look like
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in the bay area sometimes clouds coming in this this is a time lapse showing nothing to mark should be clear, sunday starts with sun and ends with sound. if you're heading out on monday san francisco expect gusty winds by 77 at the airport. los angeles sunshine and 77 degrees, san for new york denver sunshine and thunderstorms for chicago on monday. temperatures range at 72 degrees at half moon bay to the '80s in the south bay at morgan hill. low to mid 90's inland. pleasanton, ratings in the '90s, and sam for dublin mid-80s for north may 87 degrees at sonoma
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at bodega temperatures near 70. in the forecast things stay warm through monday, low clouds return tuesday, which cool off a bed and next weekend a distinct cooling trend. but nothing but sun shine for the most part. the a's take on a former all-star pitcher and the heat went in seve ,,,,
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i'll have another sideline but it did not mean the belmont could not provide is a thrilling finish.
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union rags and painter union rags fighting for the rail. union rags has done him union ranks wins the belmont stakes! pablos sandoval back in the giants' lineup. he gets an rbi single the giants beat the rangers 5-2. vols on kids the decision. miguel mancera with a grand slam off jerry parker diamondback speak the a's. eastern conference finals lebron jams with 31 points the heat out scores the celtics they went and advance to the finals for second year in a row. stanley cup finals the devils beat the kings 2-1 2/4 games 6 and los angeles then wraps up eyewitness news at ten back in 30 minutes
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on channel 5 i'm brian hackney we appreciate you watching. [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen is going for aluminum. cullen jones is in it for water-resistant thermoplastic. and amanda mcgrory? she's competing for carbon fiber. they're not just going for gold, they're joining with citi to give back to the programs that helped them along the way with bikes, kickboards. and racing chairs. join the movement at
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and help citi help our u.s. athletes give back together, every step of the way.


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