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tv   Bay Area Focus With Susan Sikora  CW  July 1, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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sunset magazine highlights the best thereby vacation spots and the tastiest food. aaa shares sought to keep our summer driving a portable. on bay area focus up next.
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off welcome to the shelby. a road trip ahead. if so you might want to take a long kitchen last sunset magazine with a mouthwatering guide to the bus route food on the rest most popular routes. and remember our calories don't count on the road since the right here in the magazine. welcome back sunset editor at large peters-. why did you decide to do road food? we thought one of the big
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joys of a summer vacation is going someplace new and have been incredibly good food that was the super expensive. richard three of the most troubled about the baltic in the summer and west and found an astonishingly good array of places to eat. sort of all cuisines and to compel the summer vacation around eating well on the road. there is scant value for the money most of these places he would expect to go over and pulled over for a hot dog and a $15. " we tried to be cost-conscious for the story because in a the economy is tough and we do of wanted to san diego that's up skill mexican is extremely good at everything else is fairly reasonable. basically if your on vacation and not necessarily going to be up for $75 meal.
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let's talk about the three routes to chose. the first one phoenix to grand canyon national park the second one san diego and santa barbara the third was portland to vancouver british columbia. it said the most troubled and the west any inkling as to why? we contacted the months of transportation statisticians and the grand canyon is the ties to some of the innocent as the because of the national park trust was a year from southern california or phoenix to take that route same with the southern california coast. and then for the northwest on i five is just what a group of the drives whether your local or on vacation going to see seattle or mount st. helens and i 5 was the trick is because it's not a
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super prescript picturesque proud but there is incredibly good food on it. as a huge array of great ethnic food and love food surprises in arizona u.n. expect. we wanted to find places in new lots of people would be driving and say you should stop here because fill in the blank. when you stop here and thinking to myself is that something right on the main road in most cases or do you have to go off the path to find it. some of them are right and the main road be an outside limit of no more 5 mi. off the maynard most of them are within 3 mi. but try to make things easy. of aesir by decease steakhouses in that kind of thing that did one team or one person do everything and that person is not what watchers?
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it's really good writers a pulitzer prize-winning food letter and rebecca in seattle and they regularly for sunset. a person to put the package together was that i could lobby for a favorite cyclical last to leave seen the steakhouse and arizona and the talk " area and santa barbara which is a child's favorite talk replace. does that mean you got to go there again and try them? although this is were tested within the last year and i myself to practice in a couple of trips what are some of your favorites the half to salad of this kick-ass and williams on the way to the grand canyon on route 66 of the giant neon steer out front all of the masters on them
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and credibly could stick. if you want the western stake that's the place to go. santa barbara i love this place that has some of the most creative and tasty and inexpensive mexican food and possibly find really couldn't talk goes just everything there was fantastic. it's informal and their but in santa barbara goes there. a place to portland this just on fire in some type place that so- called religious open an outpost in brooklyn. thai food to die for very extremely authentic had a cult following in the northwest now moving to the northeast. there are trends then i assume it also traditions so often to find a lot of the places that you include in the peace have been in the family
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and generations of handed down recipes. there is a lot of that that is nice one of the nice things there is a place mrs. olson's coffeehouse or coffee hot and ventura counties it's been there for ever and a couple the fried chicken places in the northwest. there's a couple of places cafes and a northwest the same kind of thing where they've been family- run for 30 or 40 years and it's nice it's great to go to a place for you still see the family that owns it. reminded me as i was reading that a with the issue last night and think it will cut 2 lbs. heavier just gone through. iran to the kinds of places to see and cbs this morning the kind of thing where there's a story behind it. are taking a break but only come back to talk more about food and read in get a good buy in tahoe
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if you have and decided to your going some place to my when to go to lake tahoe for the summer.
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off welcome back. and sunset magazine this is the current issue on the new stance.
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there's a lot of good ideas in here and a whole piece of the whole food issue and then things about road food and the three most popular western drives in the list. the tell me this one thing this blaze and it's actually a dish. is there sick chicken stock stuffed with lemon grass and it's just delicious. most of it looks pretty good and i did see salads and some produce but i'm guessing most of this is not for them begin or the relief helping. we do have one v m place in sedona but i will say these are sort of guilty pleasures to mr. next center on vacation and you look the best hamburger or this
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clam chowder best piece of pie you never had that your 4 going to directed to that and the money come home if need healthy. a coca-cola souvenir eating. now let's move on to lake tahoe. a lot of people might think lake tahoe a lot of summer crowds. there is and that was the story we have in our july issue specifically directed toward that. a lot of people don't go because they think it's going to beans and the crowded so wanted to offer guidance about that you wanted to go there this summer have to deal with the and when many things to do is to time your vacation. if you can't wait to see don't have kids in school when to the end of august. especially the bay area some to schools they start classes' mid august, so anybody the family
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cannot go up to town house and is a lot of, but less competition for hotels and campgrounds. one good tactic is to avoid the july 4th weekend coming up and hit july 14th the weekend after that because there's candleholder everyones cannot for long weekend of the fourth and fewer people go for the weekend bombing. if you want to try to be with the campground a hotel room try that. i would assume the best hotels would be hurt on the slopes because there's no snow. so they love a hard time selling in july than they are in january. that's true allow hotel rooms will have better luck with the and some of the places red and the like. he can summon the like if your heartbeat but it is cold.
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if it's a last-minute trip that you want to do, driving i would think would be ok if you don't have to book an airline it is cheaper i think it's a classic thing is to probably avoid friday afternoon because traffic it's crazy and avoid coming back some afternoon because to get stuck in traffic jams and 80 and if you can do week to visit is better. what about stuff for kids is far as the road food what about in tahoe? to sue twitter at tammy if you have and have kids hiking trails and the love that tahoe maritime museum which is a good place for kids.
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and kids are tougher in terms of water than grown-ups are they'll be habitus black owned/the leg 4 hours even if you think they're insane. it's a classic summer vacation place for kids. tickets pleasantly hot in the navy's not blistering but nice. if not going to lake tahoe what else can you drive to that's the trouble trip may be a day or so. to recommendations for two national parks the people from northern california don't go to enough. i love the lassen go volcano park up near redding the hike is a hike that anybody can do is turn reasonably good shape and feel like if comte the top of the mountain. he did this and all of use all over northern california and southern oregon because it's
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less crowded camps antoninus jammed with a nice new cabins their the place to be so quick kings canyon national park. especially kings canyon is one of the great underslung wonders of the west the kings canyon itself is fully spectacular as yosemite valley and doesn't get the use and that the visitation that if somebody does. for people who want to camp out or have family that wants to anyplace that you recommend. abbott say the couple clinton mentioned would be good for that and you somebody isn't that if you get out of the valley. you can usually find camping spots but closer in lots of quick places in the bay area we can't get tough but the cemetery county coast and the big basin
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and santa cruz is wonderful. so lots of good places one area were featured in our august issue near quincy phenomenal area for camping which is ridiculous and it's less crowded. thanks for joining us it's always fun in the book is a sunset magazine and a belief that copy is the one have a my hand and it's all about food. sunset website is also weakened go to find out more and maybe go to get a subscription. you're driving but not what to keep the costs down as you drive and how to do that coming up.
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welcome back. good news this summer the gas prices are coming down and it could make a summer vacation possible provided you drive with a deal isn't keeping the road trip on budget meet the tripoli consumer advocate and spokesperson cynthia harris. in here just in the nick of time because people a probably seen summer has started an image they cannot go someplace to far away so they can drive. first of all gas prices are down will they continue that way? that would be speculating but basically yes we experienced a spike in the gas prices of the beginning of this year and there are specific reasons but not in
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the last month the gas prices of gone down 20 or a decent depending on where you left so this is now basically what we could expect definitely to the next week which is the fourth of july, and possibly this summer. we never know because to compete unforeseen event that happened in a global level or distribution issues or refinery issues here and a regional or national level. and that is so basically brings our gas prices up or affects them. the refinery issue we and the the the supply and demand the was thrown off. now what about other things in terms of state to state and town to town. especially out of state is there any way to tell. cow greatcoat you can go to aaa it websites and interiors of code and will take a tour home page and there you can navigate the web site and find dealt with the gas prices will be for
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instance to driving to las vegas or phoenix not bucket truck and also find gas stations along your route and decide when and what gas station new coat to. it's a very good tool to save money and also locally here you want to be a topic that gas prices the most affordable for you. doolittle research at a time i knew as a consumer can lower your expenses. it's up to us to do it with cannot control the global situation but we can't control address consumers' and that's were urging motorists to do. it is nice to have that feature a lot of times the also say the fastest where most direct way or maybe a scenic way. you can catch picture pot every wanted if you want to take a leisurely ride or a sightseeing tours it's a matter
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of your preference. let's talk about planning. some like to just get in a car and halved and the future. except for the fact she shouldn't meander on an empty tank of gas and and and that's what kind of thing should go into planning to make it affordable chip that will be pleasant and safe. good of the first thing especially the fourth of july coming up and people of all the left on vacation this artificially on friday threw out the week a lot of people will leave today and tomorrow and the day before fourth but the main thing to do is to be safe. a lot of people just forget to do it. first of all philip your tank don't leave on an empty tank to in a precarious situation there for you have control as to where you have bought the gas and
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registered amount for the fuel. lead to very early in the morning of with rush-hour and avoid the extreme temperatures that can cause it to burn more fuel as well tent titania in traffic. stay on the minerals and listing of absolutely where does your going to take the cedras because sometimes can get lost him in the but very little gasoline left in your tank and then you're in a situation where half to pull over to the closest station possibly you could be pay very high prices in the smaller areas. catalysis in my car is ok in good shape but many have put off some repairs are tuneups. ann lockett necessarily do that before will be better to rent sometimes that isn't good option if your taking four or five members of your family will recommend basically it's a habit he should get into as a
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consumer picture your car is an optimal condition throughout the year. first of all this for safety reasons and secondly you will save money by doing that of the basic things is that your tire pressure it can increase your full consumption. keep your car free of any items in your car that could turn into projectile even a simple kleenex box could turn into a project of could should you crash report on the brakes and it could seriously injured a small child or even an adult.
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the little things to a member of the zero key pieces of on the road. air-conditioning a lot of people are going to need it especially fill traveling and social california and use more gas. to try to avoid it if it can and that is another reason to should trouble early in the morning, later at night. travel after 7:00 p.m. if the long road trip or leave in the morning at 60 7:00 a.m. mr. already well under way by 9:00 a.m. and makes a huge difference in your road trip. if someone breaks down their member of aaa what does it cost to the member for year? different member shift depending on your need we suggest people go online and pick and membership a classic of plus or premium depending on what their needs are taken also include family members with the membership and it doesn't because no matter where you are you put get excellent emergency
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road service and battery service and if you have cast in its gasoline taken to your vehicle to proceed to a gas station. the most important thing is the peace of mind it gives you someone who comes to your rescue. and that's the most important of value of a triple and membership. we have to play at a flat tire one day and what they're and they're us. we're going to thinking first of all aaa to give me more information thank you for those ideas for our summer trip. a look of broadway ground way ground breaking musical a the san francisco theater.
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