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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  August 11, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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" a near disaster for workers how close some came to losing their lives in the chevron refinery fire. what could have prevented the whole thing. gop presidential hopeful mitt romney picks paul ryan as his running mate some democrats say the ticket is devastating for the country. another three day closure for a bay area bridge the dumbarton closed liberty weekend. i'm allen martin ann notorangelo has the night off. workers seconds from being killed i say to now questions some of the details out of monday chevron refinery fire it could shed light on the cause of
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the incident that as thousands of people filing claims. anne mackovic shows us recent maintenance work under scrutiny. this incident highlights the hazards of performing may not on a unit like this one the fire at the chevron refinery on monday sent hundreds of people to the hospital and to file claims against the company. the smoke came over my house i was rushed to hospital more lines at the clams help center today and anger towards chevron the federal department investigating the fire says corrosion could be a factor, after a refinery inspection last year and nearby pipe replaced but the one that failed monday to inflammable liquid was not. i understand that decision making process was the twelve
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inch pipe was corroded it begs the question was there groschen in that by this man did not give his name but board at the plant in the 1970's they was making money and did with the want to do that did not take care of the maintenance the chemical safety board said more than one dozen refiner workers exposed to toxic vapors and could have been killed when ignited the got out seconds to spare. we are aware of this once a full investigation we are cooperating with all regulatory agencies and to better understand the root cause of the incident the investigation will take months the mistrust of the company could take longer than that why wait until it gets worse do something about it now anne mackovic cbs 5 bay area drivers hitting card in the fallout of the refinery fire chevron says
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there's plenty of gasoline for demand prices rise, don knapp @ tells us what else factors into the spike at the pump no ignoring the connection between the fought refinery fire and the jump in gasoline prices 25¢ per gallon over the last week chevron and chevron critics say the firemen is not all story in the weeks since the major fire damage their refinery in richmond prices topped $4 a gallon on average. $4.50 in east bay and everyone has an opinion. my believe that is behind this bill in richmond and you think richmond a responsible for these prices but she has her doubts i do not think the supply and demand into something more underhanded behind it political probably the author of a journey of
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oil-price increases result from short supplies reality is with not seen change in the actual supply of gasoline get gasoline stations we have a find the amount of stock when the incident happened there's no reason for the same day gasoline prices go shooting up. chevron agrees on the supply and demand issued telling cbs 5 the market is supplied, and damage parts of the refinery produced as a land and the statement spokesperson says the fire at the richmond refinery to one factor in increasing prices a variety of economic situations affect what consumers pay at the pump. he suspects oil companies use any excuse to pump up prices would seeing quick to rise but slow to fall a very tight market in
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california a small number of companies controlled production they're very capable of acting in concert if not in pollution over the increase increasing gas prices and they have. if it was chevron i might believe that but 76 does it 2 i have to say they are reducing it. chevron says market forces demand forces but the critics says there are no supply forces. we made it easier to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood log onto cbs s f dot com and click on and on patrol. mitt romney's choice of congressman paul ryan his choice of running mate pushes the campaign into high gear manuel gallegos has more on the new dynamic of the republican ticket. mitt romney introduced his
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choice for vice president to chairman supporters in virginia congressman paul ryan from wisconsin. a person of great steadiness is integrity and question and word is good the republican ticket began a full campaign swing making stops in key swing states. if we don't get the 42 year-old male spent 14 years in congress calling for fiscal discipline he hopes the father of three can energize the gop. last year ryan proposed trillions and budget cuts and a revamp of medicare conservatives embrace the plan that democrats including president obama criticized it. it at the bombing campaign launched a website said the republican ticket is a return to a failed economic policies of
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the past. democrats echo the message at a rally in philadelphia. i believe there romney ryan administration devastating to american jobs together we will unite america and get this done. lie and and ronnie span the coming days on the campaign bus taking their message to battleground states. manuel gallegos cbs news joe touman says the selection of rye and solidifies the conservative base of the republican ticket he told me the key to winning in november is reaching the voters who are undecided. if romney is going to win the only way for romney to win is for romney to make the argument that barack obama has not been successful and cannot be trusted with the economy. he might get lucky if there's a bad jobs report the president will argue they're going in the
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right direction how those slowly the president will paint romney and lie and to benefit the wealthy few. who will the independence believe at 42 run would be the youngest vice president since dan quayle. a lot of americans as coo is paul ryan his family roots run deep in wisconsin he represented the first district since 1999, chip bridge shows us line has been at home in washington. two months ago paul ryan brought mitt romney to janesville where ryan went to high school and attends this catholic church. his family's construction business more than a century old when ryan was 16 is father died of heart attack at 55. george style was a law partner with ryan's dad. he still was the friendly
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affable type of guy but he became more serious after college ryan work for the family business but was drawn to politics here ran for congress at age 28. in congress ryan has made the federal budget his focus and for curbing the national debt his mantra. he advocates d pads in government spending and lower taxes. he confronted obama over the health care reform. this bill does not control costs it does not reduce deficits instead this bill and after the republicans won control of the house of representatives ryan became a committee chairman and wanted to freeze domestic spending. i don't think this will be kind to a president when confronted with the pressing
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challenges chooses to do nothing he's a divisive figure his proposals are to the right janesville gazette editor says ryan's budget proposals are controversial the newspaper has endorsed him and all seven of his elections. i would be surprised, he seems squeaky clean. paul ryan and his wife have three children ages 10, 8 and 7 for recreation he and steer with the bow and arrow and as a ranch in texas it likes to catch giant catfish with bare hands. jack reed cbs news investigators trying to figure out what happened when a woman was said and killed by a highway patrol motorcycle it happened at ten last night on west macarthur boulevard in oakland, these are pictures of the aftermath of the victim was from hayward. c h p says the woman was said
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when she ran from the sidewalk into the street she suffered major injuries and died at the hospital. the motorcycle officer treated for moderate injuries. bay area drivers have one less way to cross the bay on liberty weekend. caltrans will close the dumbarton bridge so crews can make repairs on expansion joints to make them stronger during earthquakes. the joints run under all six lines. the span between fremont and menlo park was closed memorial day weekend for the same type of work. they were in san mateo bridge are suggested as an alternate. a long night for thousands of people in tehran to major earthquakes level of villages of people protect themselves from the aftershocks. ends of course, loose paper all
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that stuff exciting time for students as well as retailers, the economy weighs on families and back-to-school shopping. active and warm weather in the bay area we have a mild night tonight, you can catch a falling star. the perseid meteor shower tonight
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three more marine shot and killed in a base in afghanistan. last night an afghan police
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officer opened fire on marines as they exercised on base that shooter has been detained. it brings to six the number of marines killed in the past two days three other marines can count and a separate attack and southern afghanistan thursday. tonight iranians slipped outside to protect themselves after a pair of earthquakes rocked the country the usgs as as 6.4 earthquake struck 200 mi. northwest of tehran, 11 minutes later a second quake hit the same area and. according to a irani in-state tv 250 people dead more than 2000 injured. so far 17 aftershocks have jolted the area near the caspian sea. skies above the index grew dark with dust it enveloped the city the massive sandstorm loom across the next the call the
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storms haboob. winds kicked up to 40 miles per hour. meteorologist say conditions have made these storms more common. brian hackney keeps an eye on things. things are a mild, and it is hot, we have a fog horn through the golden gate. the fog is so thick through the golden gate visibility reduced to a couple hundred yards. it is so thick it turns into raindrops' going up waldo great. it is still warm at concord. 56 oakland, 55 airport, 52 at santa rosa. it got hot today. temperatures top 100 at
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fairfield. the pinnacles 110. 74 oakland. 89 a high. tonight things go down we get into the '50s. we have the perseids tomorrow is sunday and you can sleep in late seem to stay at late tonight the meteor shower happens tonight you can see a shooting star per minute on average but you must be under dark skies. you must be under dark skies and you can see a shooting star a minute. this speaks after midnight when the earth rotates man hits the residual debris from the comet. you get the best and brightest between midnight and 6:00 a.m. with more increasing as we approach sunrise. you just looked up.
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what is a shooting star? we have low clouds along the shoreline that moves inland, it squeezes out sprinkles and result in an remains clear. remains mild out the door look for cloudy skies @ coast mostly sunny in the bay in an sunny skies at 64 degrees. it will be warm again tomorrow 95 @ morgan hill. 94 los altos. 99 antioch, 105 brentwood. readings mostly in '80s for north bay. at midweek the numbers fall a degree or to a day. and then pushed back to the low 90s. when you see the shooting stars would you see? you are saying
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the oldest material and the solar system is evaporating before arise. the size of these things is about the size of these tiny pebbles. they hit atmosphere at 160,000 mi. per hour the french and hits the atmosphere they burn up and you see a shooting star. after 4 billion years of existence is gone and the flash. now i must find a dark place with no fog. the time of year can be exciting for students, the can be costly for parents retailers cashing in on back-to-school craze. lisa washington shows us back- to-school shopping and a multi- billion dollar industry. she goes to ninth grade in
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just a couple of weeks i have not been to a school where there's a lot of people i'm kind of nervous but i'll get used to it. she shops with their mom looking for supplies, she's not sure of the cost the she spends more than last year. i need more binders pens of course, loose paper and all that stuff according to the national retail foundation back-to-school clothing supplies and education expenses totaled more than $80 billion second only to the holiday shopping season. last year like $200, 43 pants and three shirts and my sister to. a mother of two she spent more than $1,000 on school supplies and clothes. today she looks at pants for her son she'll come back next week
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to make purchases. he needs more clothing because they were out all his clothes are short. parents are spending more on back-to-school shopping in addition to notebooks' folders pens and paper that at added cost of school uniforms. something they must take to school and must have a uniform and supplies she says the manager of the camera and she sees hundreds of parents this time of year spending hundreds of dollars on their children. try to get a bargain were began. i tried to light, you know get best prices in best deals lisa washington cbs 5 to get help getting ready for classes' we have an on-line school
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southern california woman said she was denied a massage
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because she does not have a leg. melissa el dorado lost her leg in may it became infected following a fall. she went with her daughter to get a foot massage in los angeles despite being a regular customer she was shown the door. the plaza been to before i had two legs i get turned away. without question at all just know. open the door, get out. since the incident the messiah studios said it refused service because workers thought el dorado had surgery. anticipation grows for the grow closing ceremony at the london olympics the reason the music, rumor is the spice girls real and not for the event. they were rehearsing today in east london. also spotted george michael the
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pet shop boys and annie lennox all expected to perform. it will be called a symphony of british music. it will feature more than 4000 performers. the united states pulled in front in the olympic medal count 102 total medals 44 gold. china's second with 87 medals followed by russia with 78 and great britain fourth with 62. the a's and giants in the win column details coming up. you won't believe this finish petaluma looks for a berth i ,,,,
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that town of petaluma, could
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not be proper tonight let's start the clock. at a limit fans in full force western region finals and sent bernadine know. petaluma up 7-4. the ball gets by two runs come to score. the lead is down to one. hold on, petaluma plan this second runner did not touch third base bag that on agrees. that is up at lemans wins it. all man during the take on fairfield connecticut this thursday in williamsport. a's down 7-6 to the white sox. that eliminated of jonnie gomes giants rockies buster posey. posey goes jarred to run homer. 19th of this season matt cain gets the win.
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giants win 9-3. third round of pga championship rory mcelroy he's tied with the
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