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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  August 19, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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a massive wild fire forces thousands from their homes in northern california the latest on the size and progress of containing it. we need higher standards make sure this never happens again getting to the bottom of the chevron fire the next that in the investigation gets under way a fun turns to fair bay area roller-coaster comes to a sudden stop the investigation reveals on the state's ability to protect the public from emerging from recreational park emergencies in chest and tehama counties thousands of residents forced to flee and thousands of homes threatened seven have burned,
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evacuates had close calls trying to get out. i was on the road there flames on the road either side i looked up everything was black. i drove through it i could not breathe there is fire everywhere on all sides. more than 1200 firefighters tried to get a handle it is only 5 percent contained fires burned beyond california and in other western states. dru levenson on the strand of a drought written summer. helicopter water drops are helping firefighters in the battle against the taylor bridge fire in washington. firefighters stood on the line 20 yds apart looking for spot fires
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we're holding the line and make sure nothing gyms across nearly half the 23,000 a. fire burning out of control, nearly 50 houses nearly destroyed or damaged this couple among the hundreds of residents forced from their homes, their house still standing many of their neighbors' homes are not. we barely got out he came back today and found everything on some residents not allowed back in. i feel for everybody else in the town of that their bill, idaho residents were taken what they could in some places it was so thick visibility reduced to 10 ft.. nationwide 40,000 wildfires have burned 6 million a. this year that is 1 million more than
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average dru levenson cbs news news from halloween director tony scott has committed suicide by jumping from a los angeles bridge is brother read this got directed top gun and beverly hills to a suicide note was found in his car tony scott was 68. the search for missing uc-davis didn't draw volunteers to the american river near sacramento. linnea lomax 19 years old missing since she walked away from a mental health facilities several weeks ago organizers plotted attraction may have taken volunteers to part in the search among the volunteers mark klass who founded class kids after the abduction and murder of his daughter polly klass. in anaheim memorial service for the two young brothers who died at a church outing in yosemite.
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the two boys were swept away in the merced river the body of the younger brother not recovered in the mother was injured trying to save her boys. to think of losing a child yet along to the love and sacrifice for her to go after her children the boy's mother cannot attend the service she remains hospitalized with broken bones. the head of the u.s. chemical safety board expects to visit the chevron plant in richmond as an investigation into the recent fire don knapp with how the investigation is headed the chevron refinery lem's along at 65% capacity, investigators examined the damage crude unit number four. the safety board update says investigative work continues through the weekend at the unit where a corroded pipe leaked vapors spewing hazardous gases
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over richmond 5 workers barely escaped with their lives. if that vapor cloud ignited sooner it would have been a more serious incident the chemical safety board is working to make sure the plant is safe for the arrival of the chairman the smoke sent an estimated 9002 hospitals expected to be the filing of many lawsuits against chevron alleging hardships for residents workers at the refinery began cleaning up bridgman city parks and playgrounds. wanted to make sure students come back to a clean playground and environment. someone to go beyond lawsuits and get the company to invest in richmond and its people there needs to be more investment in the community of richmond and its people, and the
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general poverty and negative indicators of the community we see we cannot trust them to operate safely even under normal circumstances we have to have higher standards and make sure this doesn't ever happen again. there has been criticism of chevron safety practices a report and contra costa times chevron employs 50 record has been consistently better than average. don knapp cbs 5 a different start to the school year for california kindergartners tomorrow transitional kindergarten is offered its targets kids to do not turn five by october 31st to cut off date moved one month a fall of 2014 students must be five by september 1st to enroll in kindergarten this gives them an additional year school before
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starting a traditional kindergarten. 125,000 kids eligible for the new class this year. san jose police deal with the city's 28th homicide this year and fourth murder in one week. just after 5:00 a.m. this morning a man was found shot, investigators say the killing was the result of a confrontation no details released and no arrests made. a half billion tax measure in santa clara county in jeopardy the water district submitted a description for a parcel tax on the november ballot which was two words too many. the revised version missed the deadline attacks groups that threatens to sue. berlin game leaders decide tomorrow to spend $20,000 on new infomercial the five men and video will appear on the cable show hosted by terry bradshaw
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some city leaders say the chance to make a promotional video would be good for the city, others: a scant. in an attempt investigators said the associate tried to alter the web site to make it appear the outfielders positive test for testosterone the result of accidently taking something he ordered online kerberos suspended for the rest of the season and his days with the giants could be over. plank in williamsport, pa. on national tv as good as it gets, for the second game in the little league world series
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petaluma packed two movie theaters with fans. it is amazing and really good the home town feel hundreds of people can watch their heroes on the big screen live from williamsport, pennsylvania. where there in spirit for sure the boys represents the western u.s. and went head-to- head against a team from tennessee. the other guys hit some homers as well ultimately the game was a loss. if they did have a few mistakes in the first inning it would of had the game board disappointed but they'll come back because of double of the nation that one more chance tomorrow to win or lose and fans will keep purchasing $10 tickets and team memorabilia all proceeds go to the team to help pay for the trip.
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they have the talent and will and the support anne mackovic cbs 5. call for a man caught in a tight stop horseback riders help save a man's life. stuck 150 ft. in the air how common are incidents like the one at six flags vallejo how prepared are inspectors to prevent future events. temperatures are cooling off but for how long. things are turning around will tell you the details in the forecast after
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and a harrowing 24 hours for a man in southern california he fell down a well trying to retrieve something this was in little rock near palmdale. horseback riders heard his yell and called for help the man was stuck for almost a day and he was pulled out it was taken to local hospital and expected to make full recovery. a nerve wracking rescue it as a people trap 150 ft. off the ground at six flags in vallejo tonight questions raised about the run and how men and is monitored on in and others across the state tony lopez from
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our sister station in sacramento looks at the challenge to keep thrill seeker safe. superman's ultimate flight came to a screeching halt july 29th leaving one dozen riders trap 150 ft. in the air for 90 minutes. no one was her the right went back in operation one week later the man of steel got stuck again. it came up here and stop and broke the bricks went on it and lockdown at the base i did hear there was a brief interruption cal osha spokesperson says they do not know what galls the stall but the first incident was an electrical issue there are confident it is safe. how safe are these amusement park rides as part of the investigation we collected
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incident reports from the past five years for three major california theme parks it reveals 38 accidents at six flags 80 at great america and 108 at six flags magic mountain. injuries include lacerations in flint ribs i injuries even a ruptured breast implants and dozens of report of the neck and back pain. when you look at the numbers and see what they are, the right moves fast or the trip and fall and of these incidents cal osha only investigated 78 if they tellez only serious injuries fatalities or mechanical failure to warn full investigation. cal a osha insists the staff does a good job of preventing accidents in the first place.
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we have experienced budget cuts would have been able to maintain the budget and maintain the number of staff in addition to inspections cal osha looks at maine's records to make sure operators are trained. eight inspectors conduct annual inspections including surprise visits on over 3000 ride state wide 1092 portable rights. like the ones at state and county fairs. divide the total number of brides by the number of inspectors and that's about 304 hour rides per inspector about six inspections per week. most gnome it is right at your own risk. if there is a concern cal osha will shut down arrived in definitely we will not allow an operator to put a ride back in operation unless we feel it is safe for patrons
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tony lopez reporting. the superman ride had been open less than one month when the incident happened july 29th. julian assange spoke to the public for the first time since asking for asylum he is trying to avoid a british extradition to sweden where he's wanted for questioning in a sexual assault case he told reporters the u.s. government after him for posting classified documents online. i ask president obama to do the right thing the united states must renounce its witchhunt against wikileaks. and officials said his status is between the governments of great britain ecuador and sweden. another rare appearance this in syria the syrian president bush
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on on statewide president at prayer service marking a muslim holiday it is the first time the has been seen in a month the syrian vice president who was trying to the fact that was denied by the office. another international serviceman shot and killed by a man in an afghan police uniform 10 service members killed in two weeks by people who appear to be afghan allies the shooting in canada are not the only deadly violence, three nato soldiers from new zealand killed in a bomb attack. in fremont at the sikh temple invited the u.s. attorney to visit the temple and speak at the service the sikh community is reaching out to law- enforcement and lawmakers to prevent the type of tragedy that occurred in wisconsin earlier this month.
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what happened in wisconsin made us aware we need to have professional experts to help us how we prevent this thing from happening in fremont. temples across the country reach out to law enforcement in a similar manner. our on-again and off-again heat wave keeps us guessing brine up next with the forecast. america's cup is under way in
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at that the french it celebrated in oakland the city celebrated its 1962 agreement with the japanese city one of the oldest sister city partnerships in the united states. the mayor's mark the occasion by dedicating a cherry tree and in japanese lantern as symbols of cultural and economic relationship.
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world-class racing makes a splash at the san francisco bay this week america's cup begins tuesday spectators urged to watch from crissy field to aquatic park in the afternoons pleasure craft are restricted from entering the racing area and could face penalties for violations. let's check in with brian we have changes coming up that is the only thing constant with weather is change. temperatures cooling down a little bed 5 degrees inland. along the coastline low clouds. 65 at concord with clear skies. the fog is screaming through the golden gate visibility down to a few hundred yards. san jose has 60. we look at cooler temperatures in and smiled through midweek.
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next week and it will warm up again. on the satellite the low pressure over northern california brings cool air so it will cool off the bed. look at the numbers for northern california 94 at sacramento tomorrow in fresno will be 102. the relatively cool air will help firefighters at shasta. for future cast, the low clouds tonight now watch tomorrow morning they pulled back to the peninsula. we get a mostly sunny day. for the most part sunshine but not warm up much. out the door to more morning low clouds at the coast the bay partly sunny inland sunny skies and temperatures by 61 at 830 in
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the morning sfo monday partly cloudy, new york chicago saree new york and denver thunderstorms. 86 @ los angeles sunshine in the southland. 53 at napa 55 at fairfield. 74 in sunnyvale. 80 at san jose. paper 87 @ walnut creek. 62 at bodega bay. the number stay in '80s for the most part seven is around the bay 60s at the shoreline. on saturday and sunday at the numbers come back up in the 90 degree range and land. and pretty nicely, dennis
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o'donnell comes to mind when we came home from houston this morning driving to the airport the rain was heavy and visibility 20 ft. he had have the wipers and hazard lights on that is why real estate is in the millions out here. the petaluma little leaguers look to stay in the winners' bracket can cocos begin another
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49 running back brendan jacobs underwent an mri on his injured knee report said no damage to the m c l.
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petaluma nationals and their second little league world series game tennessee scores petaluma answered petaluma leads 3-2 tennessee up 5-4 and petaluma ties said. it is now tied at 5. tennessee's jason brown comes up with a two run triple tennessee wins it 9-6 petaluma plays tomorrow and an elimination game preparing coco crisp another big day three run jack in the theft. a's win. a two run single in the first padre's crew said 7-1. the giants are one half-game behind los angeles. giants and dodgers tomorrow
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