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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 22, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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people camping out overnight. a theme-park so big it would dwarf is a man's. we bay area developer wants to build the northern california. did waves they look at you and some what is a camel doing wandering around the bay area backyards. the ibm deking can as the night off. it's a chicken sandwich mandibles where it is the best fast food around but for others these days that same sandwich is a pretty bad taste in their mouths and consciousness. you guessed it six fillet csi reporter kid still on my people are camping out at a drive-through near you.
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one person described as a whole since held a party hands covering a few of the is while living in the plant said they are dancing into the night out here and what each had filet like doorknobs are making a political statement. the inquiries the first six plays at the open tomorrow are questions might of been much different. assemblies leaving chifley and they will do a hitter but you think? that being very i don't think that people should be judging a customer based on what he or sheets. by dusk dozens of people set up camp to be part of the so-called first 120 when coupons good for a meal a week for a year. it was a full day of festivities and lots of free food to the grand opening is not take place over a cloud of controversy ever since the see of went on the record of opposing gay marriage reaction
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was swift on both sides protesters took to the streets and marisol the restaurants they weren't welcome in their towns. but then the wind for jigs lay appreciation day in many locations-the ran out of food. these nuggets are live from have an insane. which brings us back to san as they were some customers are trying not to mix food and politics. did we see is in the food taste good and you don't care. i don't care. whenever. richard cooley has been to 79 grand openings and dozens aboard gay marriage but has been friends who are married. a ton to prove the ultimately that's what they have to answer for the all have the one they answer to god in and they're going have to deal with that on a personal basis with god. they're well fed in the goods. they've given away all 100 to get so don't bother coming down here doors open up by 630.
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630 in the morning for some chicken. or it can't thank you. it recall for some can be made in the bay area of red wines blackleg greyish the state says it tested the twists and found unsafe levels of lead in fact twice the recommended daily limit for kids. kids are particularly vulnerable their bodies are actually difference in their brains are still developing. the licorices may union city going down it is only the black read minds. now the red ones. tonight is the bay area has its own creature that people are flocking see. it's been spotted roaming a hill near haole foreign heads are. reporter lynn he shows us the exotic animal that comes out this when the sun goes down. people say it appears
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several nights when the kids are calcined they've never seen anything like it. it was grazing lands moving about. so is just uprising. jaques is that everybody in this apartment complex talking. from the bathtub. meanders down a hillside maybe about a half an hour is so limited to the fans close to the streets and set the neighbor and gathers up there to check out the amazing spectacle. did waves that spectacle is a camel. and the neighbors that plenty of pictures of this of looking creature in the suburbs of have before. did we and he came close enough to the fence where you can practically touch him. one of party workers said the camel belongs to the developer who owns the land cbs five has learned to the camel does the evidence of wooden huts and his name is couscous and will wear fur offices say it's unusual but
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not illegal to own a camel hearing come to costa county as long as the owner has the permission of state fish and game and an exotic animal license. in the spirit of full disclosure we never saw the camel the snake. will this have to take everyone's word for it. and the uncertainties cbs five. we found out something new and important about losses in today. the aid to the father at the time of conception could raise the rest. then tracy shows us a can help explain the rise of autism in this country. the study's senior author a scientist and iceland rights conventional wisdom has been to blame the developmental disorders of children on the aged mothers but it is the age of fathers it appears to be the real culprits. this study shows that's new mutations are frequent enough as men age that
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father is 18 alone can affect the rise of nazism. 30 percent of cases of autism and perhaps other disorders like schizophrenia as well. this study shows that when these diseases presents the origin is in the sperm of the man. and that their risk goes up as the man ages. dirichlet's the latest numbers from the center disease control indicate the rate of autism has doubled in the last six years from one in 16221 in '88. the study is the first to quantify the consequence of a father's age for every one year of age to genetic mutations were discovered in offspring that could be traced to the father. but to 65 mutations in the offspring of four year-old men. the average number of mutations traced to the mother was 15 the matter what trades. there researcher steven sanders says a
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this one fan and not the main factor. i think it's fair to say the increasing the father is a bit does increase the incidence of autism but the effect is still relatively small. one expert suggests that the findings hold up young men and storing their sperm for later use could be with a call ay's individual decision. cbs news and york. a 17 month old baby does became sandras days lettuce homicide victim. caugh it wasn't considered an honest man ramirez tells us that some of the mayor to do morning to stop the killings. did police this is a photograph of the last hours of the commandos as life. his family released it to cbs five to show the rising murder stats are not abstract number is a real human beings. the 21 year-
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old was shot to make head by a drive-by shooting last week and died the next day as the 27 murder victims and as a this year the hand on the shoulder belongs to pastor sonny lara. it was terrible there like thirtysomething people in the hospital crying and weeping from those little children all the way to the parents. since then five more people have been murdered or have their deaths classified as murders the latest happened last night in sight a safeway store. a hispanic man was stabbed in the present area and debt at the scene. and in the because we don't have to have these people being stabbed in the precious store. we don't have to be afraid to come and grandchildren and the reason getting fed up they're scared and increasingly blaming city hall. using race in burglaries' grow up. city councilman claims mayor chuck greaved hard-line
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stance on pension reform was led to layoffs low morale and an exodus of officers are sandras a to apartments. in two years the mayor has had taken two decades to build the american tents things only be worse without pension reform. perhaps as a line they can only see because if they hadn't taken action is the counsel hadn't taken action would do 100 less place upstairs and had today. the mayor the city council in police department tried to sort things out and regain control the committee is an for monday evening at 7 and furnace and as a city hall. in san is a limit as cbs five. it was a wild night on the cal campus. suspected drunk driver slammed his currently door the driver was arrested for dui and hit and run by the crash
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suffered a gas line and forced evacuations. first day of class for a son of a serious alcohol- related incident at uc-berkeley while a car driven into a dorm nobody was hurt this time the police say it's a more mundane emergency call that has been consigned to uc berkeley tells cbs 5 there have been 11 alcohol overdoses this month there'll name for reports in august the year ago. the waves part of that culture is party and that alcohol is involved in party so is an issue for us every year. that's a big part of the message. sr. 7 matthew helps run party say if a project educating students about the dangers of collagen game. you can god and have fun.
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risky things that went on as well. and just be saved. the folks at party safe say what drinking in college is what a long-held tradition and by the way not just here uc-berkeley they've noticed a disturbing trend in recent years in the old days it was mostly beer and cheap wine. now students seem to be drinking a lot more shots of the hard rock hall faster than the body can handle them. and once they get drunk they really drunk. talk to folks on campus there seems to be an agreement there is always some as the police are peer counselors can really do is up to individual students to make good decisions. in berkeley joe vasquez cbs five. how china mickey and minnie could have some competition the plans to build the new theme-
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park four times the size of disneyland near the day. and that somehow this vehicle on the plan is the new mars rover takes its first test drive. third
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hist have been thousands of complaints about dog's getting sick or dying from treatment in china so why are the street is still on store shelves? reportedly what and how china were to the fda? it reads it was like a member of the family. janet carroll was talking about her beloved benji who died a painful death. she is one of thousands of americans is a loss
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for nearly loss of four legged family member after feeding them jerky treats made in china. degrees it is criminal. compliance to the fda about to enter and treats date back to 2007 but it wasn't until april that in spite of the five plants his pot products are linked to many of inspectors did not find any significant health violations according to the newly released and highly redacted inspection reports the fda never tested any of their treats because of the refusal to sample unless the samples were tested in a chinese laboratory. and one of the most outspoken is someone who tells us the fda is an indefensible position of not protecting the public and their beloved pets we should immediately recall those products but the fda points outs if it can't legally recall a product best based on complaints alone and despite numerous test
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has yet to identify the specific talks in responsible for the ellis says so it continues to issue warnings and points out there is no doubt this point the company but they should do one better. based maker ever made them eat them themselves. one of the most surprising findings of the ft reports officials of the plan say they have received no complaints relating to the onus for death plica this exhibit is trevor and alertness they contend the trees are also say to feed as directed and and and as the happiest place honor at the disneyland not be california's largest unleaded developer wants to build in a debate. from her front porch debbie miller would
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be posted but there was deferred trace the ferrier movie fun for people. but i don't think would be nice. or cause problems for old people out here. tracy's city leaders negotiate exclusively with the bay area developer who is on a mission to transform the 600 a. of city- owned land into a theme park reportedly complete to the casino convention center racetrack and much more. this longtime resident has a traffic congestion concerned with the plan's expected economic boost i'm forgetting get people back to work. this has happened. the site is close to the city's sports complex being built right now the owner of a truck stop has already seen a small spike in business and knows that only grow the billion dollar part comes to town. did waste it degrees america. maybe it would
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stop here to see. there is the plan and then there's reality. the project is just a proposal use years away from being anything more than a dirt field. it's in such the beginning stages to my knowledge. that it could all be next. the developer has to prove to the city that he has the money to back the massive projects before any decisions are even made. douglas next month in tracy and german eddie's cbs five. it has been 16 days since the curiosity of government is spectacular landing on mars and since then it is mostly been taking pictures but today nasa took it out for its first span bench crazy shows us it was one small move for a broker one giant relief for nasa. dear wastes in the control room it was a relief when they saw the rover
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make its first trucks on mars. this new animation shows a small but successful to test drive a 120 degree turn and then eight feedback. over the next few months curiosity will pack the time the site of a mountain analyzing rocks tried to determine if the conditions for life ever existed on the red planet is. nasa has named the spots where curiosity touchdown bradbury land area to the late martian chronicles author ray bradbury who would have been 92 today. bradbury inspired a generation of science fiction fans who had been thrilled to see that this mission to mars has been much more than a curiosity. this hall is sell video made about the landing has now been lost more than 6 million times. john that created it. dick waves this makes them want to be a scientist. he equates we felt the space shuttle program and with funding
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cuts many wondered if nasa could remain relevant. did waves this and video with 2 million hits on line shows nasa is not on the relevance b borderline cool. dirichlet's decrees they travel at 350 million mi. to get to mars and after going a few more feet already left some pretty big tracks to fill. and tracy cbs news los angeles. prince harry is back in england tonight with some explaining to do. to naked photos have gone viral discipline to the woman after losing a game of strip billiards and as yet the royal family has not commented on the photos but the bbc reports there plenty embarrassed as he might say the crown jewels run this place in
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vegas. as we all want to know. we do have not so friendly skies up there right now of the clouds lots of fog and the impact it's going to make on thursday as to jump ahead. then one forecast as eyewitness news continues.
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wednesday august 22nd highs across the bay 61 degrees and san francisco 80 degrees in concord a now we do have the low clouds of 5 million toward quick shower and sending over 800 ft. tall and you can see the top of this house certainly have been lowering at this hour temperature was we're into the 60s now redwood city it is 16 degrees and sent as a after realizing a high today only 74 degrees to 9 to fall into the 50s across the board from vallejo through the nation into martinez upper 50s announce a deal of care whether headlines lady to yell as your said had to bentonites pat defog the never nine hours with localized drizzle otherwise a misty morning commute to follow up by
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seasonal highs america's cup winds southwestward to 25 knots as far as savages their concern for mikey anywhere from 1 to about 8 degrees below normal for the some of the year should be ready around 86 degrees in livermore and all these bion but everybody else a little cold dishes area of low pressure that continues to anchor off the northwestern corner to the state californian so they're for tomorrow number wise '50s and '60s to the beach 60 '70s, across the peninsula and putting belmont's into millbrae also all the way into woodside 84 degrees in morgan hill otherwise 79 in downtown san as 888 degrees in brentwood which is close to normal as 78 degrees and sandras of low 60s and i'm sterilant otherwise also tell of also on the low 60s the extended forecast does call for a weather pattern tuesday would be anyone
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back up again that is what's up with sports? this third program a joke or is it actually working the a's found out today and too unlikely giants are heroes. here's just in kristen amid a catch on never guess said five runs batted in. cartel alone has
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been suspended for the rest of the season for testing positive for testosterone just one week after the giants maliki cabrera was busted for the same thing. these reactions are as the minutes. it's shocking. things happen. about him for taking the
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mound and sister does policy in all sports. and therefore they're catching people sell i think a so you can do. paul with this template of the air. candid that looks like. double the lead sense to me today to one year of five runs batted in and one home run. that is enough for big daddy kane. seven strong one month struck out giants this with the dodgers for the first time and l.a. since 2007 so they
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have a two and a half-game lead in the west muggees absence is back at 11.
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