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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 28, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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and unless and we're are not happy. is it we are just outraged. that's the governor who ushered in collective bargaining in the state has now taken a unilateral action to bypass collective bargaining rights and to impose this one size standard on the entire state of california's public workers. the plan was passed by legislative committee will go to a vote before the full state legislature by friday. and new details tonight
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about the water main break in san francisco's edition valley reporter linda yee has learned the pipe was installed just a few months ago. the breakout and this morning about 1115 on forestry's. in it they are cleaning it up and are trying to find the cause of that break. in the meantime they're hoping to bring power and water back by midnight to the 14 homes who remain evacuated. who is lured into the night's clearing of the deer and trying to find out why a 42 in. main ruptured. some of what they discovered it shocks the water department. we know is that new airlines that were installed about eight or nine months ago and so that 21 of the biggest seems to figure out what exactly happened and causes watermen to
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break. her breath install dates nine months ago fails. and that is baffling to us. a multimillion-dollar projects turned neighborhood streets into rivers. just after 11 this morning the main burst destroying other pipelines and the torrent of water down sunnyvale avenue and forestry to. the neighborhood is flooded and taken up taken much. one intersection no showers no toilets. no gas for cooking or heat. in word about my mom and from my grandmother's 87,000 biggest concern was to get her out of the house. churches and schools of the most damage. they're taken place sabres staging area to their parents the principal says the lady of visitation valley school will close down until saw timber 10th
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for repairs. and tonight the red cross is working with those 14 families that are still homeless tonight even though they have been promised that they should get and sometime after midnight some of choose to go to hotels. reporting in san francisco lindi cbs five. health officials say and albright of the virus in yosemite is unprecedented and tonight we're hearing from a woman who was sick. the stockton woman went to the doctor after staying in the tentative '70s curry village never once did she someone knows what those particles. we didn't see. and she asked that she bills very lucky and she is from december these e-mail 1700 visitors to warn them that they it might be exposed. when ramirez went up to
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assembly today to check out crowned 0 this outbreak the 10 degree village. like the breathtaking views of half dome est. the iconic tent cabins as part of the assembly experience in but staying in the cavan's may be making people sick and worldwide call for cases of the virus is under way after three recent visitors the contract of the road and borne disease two men had died and a woman is recovering. based on the fact that they stayed in the cabins and were here about the same time in mid june we feel pretty strong indication that they may have contracted the virus in yosemite. park officials are now in the process of notifying visitors that they may have been exposed to the disease and are warning current guess is the check-in. is the one and a thousand chance gene offered from san diego says is not enough to make him cancel those plans the virus is believed to be spread by tiny deer mice must like squirrels
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which seem to be everywhere. he scurried back out. there are no plans to eradicate the - one visitor said rodents, the territory. your kind of and within their territory area to airways so by putting this on were basically trying to eliminate any of the gaps. the city's concession is now retrofitting and deep green tent cabins to avoid any new cases. to question basically being clean and wash your hands thoroughly trying to keep areas ventilated and just being aware. as a result of the call for case is a possible fourth instance of a man getting sick from anti virus may be linked to be a summit cavan's but it has not yet been confirmed. i estimate national park land and is cbs five. the recesses board will be consulting conducting inspections to ensure that
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truckers are complying with state air pollution laws but we have discovered a loophole. the law says truckers waiting for a load at the port can idle only for 30 minutes. that is to keep losing to a minimum but truckers can and do i look pours four hours and it's time. and coming up at 11 the look at why and how this still happens and the effect is having on bay area neighborhoods that is coming up tonight to allow the clock. and is still to come on this special newscast ever get a ticket for running a red light how drivers could get help fighting those fines. plains stock updates passengers stranded at airports lines of what cause is nationwide nightmare today. the losses parents a on a charge bay area boy transforms pain into private so is there
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anybody out there who likes those red light traffic cameras? a san as a woman who was wrongfully taken did certainly does it in her complaint inspired a proposed new law. reporter joe vasquez shows us how will help drivers fights defines. it's not gonna stop red light cameras but a new bill signed by the legislature yesterday will regulate them significantly. it's just frustrating and painful. the bill was the brainchild of san jose who answered it shows a
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midian's annual there ought to be a lot contests. eliza's plan never was one letter different she says five red light cameras in southern california to give every few years ago. the problem is the tickets were furnace to be she is never owned nor has she ever driven. it is frustrating because you get the letter and you think it is obvious it was not me i look at the videotape. and you think it should be so easy should just be able to make the phone: clarence her bills signed by the senate and the assembly now makes it easier for folks who were wrongly ticketed to dispute the citation. it also requires requires them to be chosen on city considerations. reds revenue requires air at the i am at adequate science. did waves and will not be considered hearsay evidence and the kind of evidence now makes it
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easier to find guilty the offense. the senator insists he's just following the law that computer considered evidence unless there is evidence they been tampered with. did waves there'd be a base senator lott last year he has 30 days to decide whether to get this bill the green lights. joe vasquez cbs five. the nationwide computer glitch stranded thousands of airlines' passengers this afternoon united stick a desk at sfo was absolutely swamped. is it more than three hours just to see and agents the carrier says at least 200 flights were delayed was a lot of information. the communications are sparse but i think this system went down around noontime. and
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we got here at 1215 so it 3:00 now also passengers were given free vouchers to but new flights to the airline says it's not sure what caused the severe outage united experience several computer problems since merging with continental. neil armstrong will always be remembered as the first man to step on to the moon. but december fell away sharing is far more personal connection with them john remo's tells us about the essay that touched the legendary astronauts just weeks of war is death. sometimes when i look up at the moon i wonder if my mom and dad are watching me this 11 year-old rode his as say when you look at the moon two years ago trying to cope with the death of both his parents key roads with the eloquence of an old soul. since space is a mystery to us like death it can be dark and
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lonely. but it can be beautiful to. psa ends with max's wish to meet strong. calling him the world's number one space hero. so on max's new mom had an idea. i'm going to send its neil armstrong. going to find him and make a copy. she did and on august 1st of this year just three weeks before his death the first man to step on the moon e- mail this reply he complemented his riding in western good luck and success. i was thrilled to receive it because he's my hero to. amount is part of a different generation and well he can admire many world away his greatest inspiration may come from someone standing right beside him. i couldn't do anything without her because of the need is heard to help me and make me succeed just like strong did. and with a little help he
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well. even if there big shoes to fill. in december fell john ramus cbs five. and for the weather set% term it to occur today in the bay area. 16 degrees a half
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moon bay was seventy in san francisco 91 degrees in livermore and still tonight to of clear skies and were able to capture the 92 percent waxing davison on its way to becoming a full moon on friday august 31st which is called the blue moon is debatable whether or not you want to use that term but i'm going with its the second full month of this calendar month of august. now as far as to whether hemlines are concerned we certainly do have tomorrow some coastal clouds to pick said the morning in a tide conditions during the afternoon hours balloon on friday we should add a clear skies and as well but
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clouds will gather at the coast is a very slow cool down into the '60s 16 degrees in redwood city earlier today are span seventy in san francisco and that is where we should be for the summit here 79 which is seasonal and fremont spot on in san jose live-'80s and '90s east of the day and 85 and cinephile is pretty typical for this time of year tonight will drop into the 50s from santa rosa all winter mountain view here's the set up for you high-pressure right there gradually sliding to these allowing the little bit of cooler air mass in freer wednesday and certainly by friday went to see that 70 forecast but first things first peaches our 50s and 60s for mid- week '60s and '70s around the peninsula located in afternoon sea breeze out of the west and 78 degrees mid-70s and he reduced and the rents of 86 in pittsburgh meanwhile down from 91 to 88 crosses every day and 80 degrees this push realize
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marlin santa rosa. the extended forecast calls for the close day on friday and and will gradually trend back upwards by sunday and as we roll into the hall at holliday on monday that is your intent when forecast and dennis and the a's. the airwaves roberta i know you'd like to go streaking cleveland is exactly what the a's are doing right now the collision that ,, fifth he has rejoined the giants
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after a 100 game suspension for failing baseball's drug tests. children's cough medicine.
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start the clock. in a jam against houston in the eighth inning its curve ball goes through bluster posies legs to the backstop to 21 astros in the wild pitch and what kane. use the words for his catcher buster cozy. feinstein denied the men had to sanchez walking scores the giants win and lead the west by three and a half games. and it gets worse for the dodgers to a loss not can tonight in colorado the crowd started to the wall later came out in the contusion. a's hitting coach willie davis are live and live in cleveland grandma's cobbers one to the center of the indians a 2 run shot for maas is when five to nothing they have pitched 22 straight scoreless innings. thomas malone gets the wind. the u.s. open. and right turns 30 in today's body handles ryan williams in straight sets in advance to the second round. and 19 rolls on stevens upset former french open champion
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francesca also when the straight sets saarinen venus williams were also winners tonight is.
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